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File: 20230519_192240.jpg (709 KB, 2560x1920)
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NYPD stopped where I panhandle to further astroturf that I am a slave

They were acting

Same cop who stopped me for swinging a wooden sword math a few days ago as I was never married

They came again with attempt of acting as a scene as a movie with cop car number 3755

As they were trying to stand as if im legal to murder across the country as a slave

They basically legalized the homeless port defrauding my identity as I am a slave as its legal to defraud credit of my scientific properties with to use my name with government credentials and giving them a cover and a free pass to legally go through with murder

The atmosphere changed automatic from the cops spearheralding vicegrip enslaving me as I stopped recieving money from cars while panhandeling

White girls showing support to old black homeless doing war crime identity fraud of my identity to hold me in gulag slavery

Underage girls mimicking my superpowers with hands and gesturing they will give old hideous scheme encrypting niggers in ww3 in theft of my identity a blowjob and a place to stay

Meanwhile the nypd held me in slavery and legalized this

As more old nigger homeless dress in Bart colors try to loiter around me acting scenes as in attempt as a movie to do widespread identity fraud of myself
As I leave where I was panhandeling then later return to grand central terminal through the side near td bank

nypd cop car 5008 16 stationed in ripping of myself and identity to be held in slavery as nypd is rarely stationed at grand central terminal further astroturfing and continuing I am a slave with legal to murder with three hispanic officers astroturfing

as I stood near as one of them walked near me with his arms folded grilling me as if I'm legal to stab and murder

then I take off my sweater and reveal im more ripped with bigger then they all together

they back off as I smoke

as they were joined by a bigger non nypd cop hispanic and thought of him as backup to make it seem as if theyre more threatening together as nypd doing a skit to enslave me

as the single officer who grilled me approached me and walked with the hispanic who wasnt a cop to astroturf I am legal to stab as a slave as I shrunk my size to hide my mass as I reveal I was just as big as the big hispanic who gave them newfound confidence to continue to legalize my slavery as I am a victim

As I then put on my sweater and walked in grand central terminal

I do some moves and reveal I'm hiding thermal nuke energy with higher graphics with unlimited fast movement

I did an upside down spin as raiden then got up and spun around on my feet in a circle as antigravity

I then did a ki blast move using my hands as I could do the same fast arm movement and power as future trunks burning attack although I'm a slave and cringe

I was never married I am vicegripped as a victim by the nypd as a slave with legal to murder
Gurl, drink a Caipirinha, take a deep breath, watch a good Netflix show, and chillax. All of those ideas are in your mind only, they're not real.
I'm just updating my situation I'm of no liability as to what happens as the nypd vicegrips me in slavery with legal to murder

"I hope we brain fucked him harder he forgets he is jesus christ" they all must think
File: 9781714.png (220 KB, 900x597)
220 KB
220 KB PNG
Sir it is time for your medication, please have a seat
I'm a straight white man as your attempt of writing doesn't fit in with a reality of my grimiores nor my aesthetics
I don't need medication transgender
Guuurl, we all know only boss bitches keep grimoires.
As I always known my junction was similar to other math

Last year their was a warp gate pic posted here with 1940 50s graphics used to control me as the epic pic was a fake

With backend searching the image would have lead to some math with appearance as my junction although limited just with 35 math

Although the aesthetic of the image appeared to me in the summer of 2020 in a dream math

I was warned of the anubis race in space looking to invade planet earth

I was revealed they have two brains for telepathy with telekinesis 5

Their aesthetic was dark red with orange with navy

They appeared as we3 5 8 as some of them appeared as humanoid aids ducks with a webbed feet brain for a head

Later on in tbe dream I was given credit to my titles and introduced to the US military who was secretly just acting out my father with a we3 1940s with 1950s touch

As I was introduced to steam based technology more advanced than the 1940s in the present with a 1940s aesthetic

I then woke up and did a sky painting rendering of my dream with the anubis race in the sky from up high

I rendered their face and split brain head as I revealed they are prepared with a space shuttle to earth 3 as graphics for them considered

My dream was a premonition as the anubis race did a teleport trick although as cell teleporting to earth in a massive timegate wormhole in space to infiltrate as larva with invade our planet

As my junction math is for only me to use as it's personal includes my private for math with aesthetics
My dick is more giant than your head my father shrunken by at least 2 millimeters since last year as evidence you are going to hell
As I own the graphics of me as a super saiyan with dbz and more
It's over

The slavery is real as it replaces everything
Nigga that's not how copyright works
I never did anything gay before nor did I ever experiment as I was always straight looking for a girl to meet
Can I have a list of everyone you've made legal to stab?
As I'm not black as I am white as likenesses are protected with copyright in joint venture of business as toei is my partner
The pope with more
As Christian is a scam to enslave and rob me with fake graphics and knowledge in imposition as mine
I acknowledge I have vicegripped the entire nypd
i'm waiting for you. you know where to find me coward
Youre destined to kill limes anon. Travel to toledo, ohio and annex his schizo territory into yours. Only one can rule
You're further guilty of international fraud with conspiracy
the math with weight and pressure with holoclip5 aesthetic used as a sharp wolverine 5 slipped in7 of my snk7 of me ripping to shreds the entire nypd trying to hold me in slavery as I move and allign millions of pounds of pressure and weight as a forcefield countering them as a giant weighted handcuff clip7 ripping them to shreds with pressure with a wall of quick sand like fiber as a curtain of muscle is between me and them caught in a legal permanent vicegrip

As I am Super 17 eric+ as well from Dragonball Super with the same weight and feel as Android 17 against jiren always
As white girls 5 years from now will remember me and say they known me and not the guy they let in rape them claiming theirselves me knowing it isn't me meaning invite break and enter through identity fraud of myself to willful rape them in complete death to math

Just adding up fraud and continuing fraud with scum

As I never met them or will ever meet them as they're all going to Satan's Hell regardless of how little they believe I'm Jesus and whoever they let in as myself is

As I have no interest in girls who eat hispanic shit sandwiches done through identity fraud of myself7
Time for some Hell as real with transmutation

with hellfire burn felt in as proof that I am god
I could punch someone with millions of pounds of force filled with pressure as god I feel it7 and with nuclear 12 7

Thanks putin for always believing in myself although I'm not a blanket that sleeps on your lap
What do you think about 9?
You're a loser trying to defraud my 9 with 8 7 without knowing what it is
As forever meant 5 minutes to all white girls as I still haven't met them as we'll never meet as I hope this gives them cancer as I forever hate them
As all white girls are out of the question for me 8 as the US did lose cause of the nypd still trying to hold me as a slave as I can bring up some math with evidence to legally slaughter them clip7 along with the rest of them
NYPD gave me the evidence to implicate them in identity fraud conspiracy as widespread and with tactics as trying to hold me in slavery to kidnap girls.and for war crime terrorism implicating them with genocide and mass loss of life with international
Now whoever is in conspiracy to rob my identity is legal to murder along with whoever robbed it or attempted as I'm pretty straight clear and unable to emulate 7
All of team covid is legal to murder for international fraud with terrorism
As I advanced more as white people are forever disincluded math as I'm not doing business between here or in europe cause of massive theft of my junction in piracy as a mutiny caused by all white people who are really subservient to aids
Oh yeah I remember the equation

Counting those 98 math time add

As whites find a 9in baby yoda penis as hot as peurto rican they also find a little red aids penis or large as attractive as well

As they hallucinate an aids dick as automatically magnetic to them in sexual attraction rip hilarious as a beyblade let it rip look at what the nypd did to the girls in traffic
I feel like Kurama discussing the chapter black tape with the CIA

speaking of which as a matter of graphics such as this perspective as always real hidden the entire time stealth insane7

I have a chapter black compilation tape to use as evidence

here clip

and without further mention

aids multiplied by slavery through fraud as a conveyor belt for middle class white people sent by every third world government

And sent for disobeying me in traffic although I'm no cult leader I'm just private
As their is no magnet as they hallucinate for them in complete subservience
Isn't a fake version of the 70s carried by recent music in theft of my metareferential supposed to represent this affliction

Abhorrence in desecration forever relegated
another fake schizo larp thread imagine my shock. stick to trolling on twitter
File: Manhunters.jpg (70 KB, 653x525)
70 KB
Dammit man you need to get help immediately. Maybe a friend or fellow homeless guy. Get some weapons. Read some books on urban people hunting. Stay safe and don't let them get you.. Become the hunter not the hunted.
As these frauds try to defraud me further to make themselves hallucinate they're magnetically attracted to the homeless each claiming themselves as myself7 I killed you hilarious
>I killed you hilarious
You definitely did man because I'm dying of laughter
Only I can laugh in the situation you delusional tranny who hallucinates theirselves magnetically attracted to the homeless
You can't besmirch my fidelity from me7
As the white race is done gone forever by a virus

As I survive as a lone saiyan with some asian friends

As my voice is cinematic as a movie ad

It's done
I made some advancements some new aesthetics with clipin

As I have

giant axe swing
wolverine vicegrip slaughter
million degree pound density punch

to work on together as my power has no limits

As white females determined 5 minutes is forever for myself as they're legal to slaughter hilarious
Sparing my mother and sister
As yet again another night I'm by myself and homeless as I wake up with no money either as I'm starting to post less as I have no incentive as I'm not interested in used up raped trash
used up raped trash

that's the curtain forever between me and all white females as I was never married as I have no incentive as I lost all interest

that's all folks

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