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>Be me
>19yo virgin
>New family moves in next door
>They are from Greece and are really keen on meeting their neighbors
>Introduce myself
>Nicest family ever, talked for hours
>Find out they had a daughter my age and a son just two years younger but they were out with their aunt who lives in the downtown core
>The next day I hear a knock on the door and the most beautiful women I have ever seen is standing at my door.
>We introduce and find out she is their daughter (I meet the brother shortly after but thats kind of irrelevant to the story)
>Find out that we have a lot in so much in common
>I don't even hesitate to ask her out
>She says yes!
>ffw 6 years
>I propose and she says yes
>ffw to now
>We're getting married on august 14th
I can't believe it guys.
Good job!
Can't wait for you to meet the past she left behind in Greece, ankn.
Sounds like a larp to me. Has this pasta been posted anywhere?
Chuddie be seething
File: image-158 (2).png (116 KB, 406x408)
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116 KB PNG
I'm happy for you, Anon. Wishing you a nice wedding!
Ok now fuck the son
Thanks Anon! I appreciate it! Will be sure to tell the fiance as well!
I have never interacted with a girl of my age in my entire life. My only neighbours are a schizophrenic old lady whom i go buy medicine for and a fat war criminal guy who has 10 hunting dogs in his yard. I love living in the Balkans.

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