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When will the world care about the plight of the common man?
Are you trying to please the world? Try to please yourself.
When the common man grows tits and looks kind of pretty and fuckable.
The common man has sex, it's just you
File: kali-goddess-dream.jpg (623 KB, 1169x1777)
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You're just in the beast, there's no point, you can like gain enlightenment on how foolish you are and that's about it.
That being said it forces you to cope.
it like already did or something, you're just a really bad person
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I guess it's an issue of the power at work, and the turth is hidden, because it's endless darkness, just the power of satan alone is like endless...so idk satan is a devil though, you'll get a castle of sand, and from your own sin. But that's how subjective it gets and then we're at some other crazy chaos stage. The common man basically has more wealth than anyone, there's something else going on than you think, so you can really end up in trouble on a profound level.

and like even this board and like hating women there's endless problems from that and how people give order to that

they're just already unhappy

I know why i'm fucked up somewhat, and that's just the nature of the game of life it can get pretty easy but very cold. You can get the coldest dish ever, like you can look at most sexual fetishes, especially in this psychic environment as bait but once the reality is downgraded all hell breaks out, then you really don't judge others, you're just destroyed and this creates a process of destruction that otherwise didn't exist, you can really fuck up.

Like people already said there was no god, they already did this and that, you never know.

Everything can be ruined for you and thepower to do that is under control by the dark side, you are less than a slave.
File: 1694304440781585.jpg (133 KB, 740x925)
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133 KB JPG
once you're really pickled then you understand and I realized it can take forever for a human to get to that point and then they get used by the powers that be for more power

doesn't take much with people, it begins in slavery, humans are so fallen, it's so profoundly negative, then like 1984 your ability to know will be removed and you'll be killed by the devil yourself

people are tragic

people were having sex with demons last night...oops
File: 1693684232720222.jpg (179 KB, 816x1158)
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179 KB JPG
that's not even where it begins...
it begins at sex, get that right and you'll be happier
get it wrong and you'll be much less happy
like even normies live in hell where wife is having afair, the devil is endlessly powerful and then there's the chaos beyond him

this is just what you wanted or the powers that be
>common man
Normies. These faggots who shit on incels feel lonely the moment they experience a day without a relationship and they still continue shitting on the people who are much less fortunate. Scum thing to do.
File: 1676560346025440.png (86 KB, 381x384)
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so you feel a certain way about like women, it's just an indicator, depending on how you're wired and so you'll be bothered by this endless thing, you have to let go and realize these forces came before you and rule hard

that being said if you know what you're resisting and why then it makes it easier but that will go too, that's intelligence it's just going to destroy you

so it has to be bad so that they know it's bad
it's like a flawed genesis event

at some point with like disconnect with god lots of people suffer and so even what you're suffering now is always like nothing like what you deserve potentially since the dark side is endless

yes the plight of the common man is bad and it's your fault for being white and it's going to ruin your life though too and then that gets tied into all power

so like with fetishes that's like information on you to enslave you and then the slavery is the fetish itself, it's all too real this kind of power

like with the buddha though or being the devil at the top, it's all nothing too, you're just a fool who gets to be surprised again, you can really pickle yourself
yes the egypt civ is like the jew civ in it's flawed genesis event, so everyone has at least this one thing, and that thing becomes super powered, same with like the light though then it has you, the conflict can get really weird.

anyway just be careful of ruin/make your life shit and things really never go away, nomatter what...so like telling the truth becomes impossible too, do you want to save or kill them

and it will kill you
Which one? You've got plenty to choose from.
File: 1669012686912627.jpg (125 KB, 850x609)
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125 KB JPG
masturbation is actually terrible one of the worst, but like a market, if that's given value it will increase in the beautification of the art and power put into it but it can lead to slavery and chaos...and certainly humiliation, so like as human as metaphysical beings it gets pretty deep
Maybe when the common man stops committing 99% of murder and rape
File: 1689769894434202.webm (2.01 MB, 1206x876)
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2.01 MB WEBM
but it always gets deeper, the reality around you dealing with you as a crazy thing, its' already god, you're like a knight taking on itself as a sock puppet, eventually the sentients leaves, a powerful madness, the essence of god is pretty scary and all too human, but us being strange is what it's all about self discovery.

well it can get pretty bad, change.

like with illusion and sex, you're really not getting anything, but even that can like manifest in other ways in the life, some peopel think it's all nothing, so even that buddhistic end perhaps is nothing too, and this caused great conflict, but also he's already just in chastity...

you really don't get away with it
Every year billionaire companies raise prices, not because they have to but because they can, and announce record breaking profits while the common man suffers and despite them being one paycheck away from being homeless, the common man will still defend them.

You will tolerate this and do nothing, just as your parents told you to.
File: 1664263865325878.jpg (777 KB, 877x1200)
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but people just don't like the implications of their own power and powerlessness, your whole life could be futile, and from one shadow you could be destroyed let along from all of them and shadows are everything and that's sort of it with religion, ofc it's all subjective but then if you're not with it you're against it, but that's so absolutist, a real sufferer understands not to make those hard stances.

and the buddha was like jesus he was set to rule the world

just don't be a cuck...but you never know where you began or it did, you're already in the beast

and that's how you take the innocence of the common man for like feminism

yeah the incel thing was really bad I think
and we'll just live in it then like hell
doomed to rediscover that
peopel are really into axis power and the reality will flux

meditating will just make them fuck better or something as you the cuck who can never score

and the fetishism is like jsut them being bullied so you never know where it began
you can realize it's like a religious process again but with no outlet, actually to be uprooted like that is very serious but even the uprooting of peopel is like a metaphor to deeper problems it's just that bad

to feel or not to feel
or do just passionately watch

i do not even properly masterbate so why would I care?

I'm just insane
and then it's all like 4channy, so it's all /pol/faggy and ruined already and slippery slope, it will catch up with you it already has, you're already a slave
File: 1660058163367127.jpg (121 KB, 1440x1800)
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121 KB JPG
because then there's like this need for religious power, but then there's anon saying there's no god and then there's the underlying madness too, already anon is gay...and that gets very deep into the warping of the life process
like with kanye and being christian, it's already a disaster for him as a very rich person, so with like all that it's just supposed to make you better

but idk...then it's like too deep the benefits of sin basically bait
nobody knows
but it's like zen ofc it knows that's why "miracles' enllighten people

it's all very subtle in art form even but the reality is overpowering, it's like heaven.
and so it's such deep issues, ofc then the people are like yup you are sullied forever now forced fem...
it's insane, but they can really feel that, I think it's all fucked up, but that's why you feel the way you do afterwards, that was fucked up, strange community

the resistance to porn can be ridiculously overpowered
File: 1688349264982224.gif (1.85 MB, 400x526)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB GIF
but like it's already retarded it's like a living retarded thing, where i'm addicted to the porn addicted porn, altering identity, but like then there's the enemy there too, and once you have a good enemy like the dark side or light then you understand, since it's this thing you gave so much power.

they like need to get a job and gf or something idk
they're like not into you...
you really, and it's dangerous, but you have to know to know the dark side
so there's always more merit in it in being scared straight, you give into one thing and then it's as if you'll give into another

like with hypnosis, there's always the dark side of it, and it's like star wars, this is actually a simulation
but then there's the no it's real...so even in that you're hopeless, see and why doesn't it work for everyone now and why is there so much chaos?

the sissy hypno, the trannies and so on, it will like heal around the problem but then it's just a weird hell

really god is endless
so it should, but you're fucked up, create the morality, anyway yeah with like sex it's this devil thing

there's always more to the game
and then it's like forced fem but that's even if there's rules, in real hell it could just get you

it's all the satanic game in that way but that's also that order of things
eventually you'll just take the bluepill on yourself, and that's how it is with the matrix, people will just build another one in an instance if that's your like negative placebo, if that's your kink...at least women can say they didn't want it and some are like yeah they're all ugly and so on, the hell is endless, some dudes are just super freaks
but there's always more to it that's my point, you don't even know what embarrassment is, then there's mental illness, then there's politics and so on where you can just walk into the trap of traps but it's so like religious to where yeah they were faggots.
yes girls are very slutty...
the game of not knowing becomes cope too
you can end up in a bad spot then it's too hard to correct already some death process


i'm trapped...
it was him being mysognist
and god exists in everyone they just take these different forms you'll realize how naked you are and how pathetic you are and that other side of things is so sweet but you have no idea either what it is

i guess get the gold
it's a waste of your intelligence since it will just creatively manifest your own hell, and the hell is everything, that's how deep it is. But it's very double edged if you do it all right, since then the chaos is more power to the alphas and beyond the alphas the devil or the shadow, and just give people freedom they'll doom themselves like crazy. So there you go with that subjective matter. getting fucked up is like this singular events that includes your whole life but lasts seemingly forever

we really are nothing
should I even watch this non porn or is it self abuse
same with religion probably so i'm always like walking into this trap again with life

you just already have to have it or something to be a winner

yeah then once you're being illumined everyone tries to get you, like in the matrix, since it was done wrong, people are the devil, they're all agents of it

and it's to keep you from power but it's also just you being crazy
the problems are so deep too in your life
so you like get an objective view but it all sucks
anyway it's just a meme board
probably same with the porn i realized, format wise a lot is possible but it's all subjective
nobody is really against porn anyway and the /pol/fags got pushed back quite a bit so idk
you're also a /pol/fag and what makes up what you are, this thing called sin that warps the intelligence, you as a physical being
File: D-DZ5zWXkAAOEs5.jpg (76 KB, 640x640)
76 KB
it's all crazy af and that's how it is with the chaos gods you think it's chaos and it is but it formed the reality and it's a sort of genius but horrifying thing, i'd say the world of illusions is a lower reality we're in but it can be higher than others, it's like enlightening but you can get your intelligence gimped so you're like mad and crazy and dumb

people tried to use it for power and then from there the enemy, since there's enemies use it against you forever

so idk with it all
that's just how precarious life is

and you can be tapped into these forces though and you'll see them but then you have to have strong mind, of which they then destroy ofc

like when peopel really want to mess with you then you understand the danger and people just act like kids too
you could say without god it's meaningless but then the nazis are just laying waste to civs and they'll kill you too for wanting to die because you're pathetic
so like these issues they don't have a warning label but they're like worse than death too potentially, especially to incels with huge insecurities because nomatter how illumined you are it's just a false comfort from the devil, you never know how far "it's over" gets too, so there's a lot to the real psyhcological hell also that is just memes and so on
rich and famous people are NPCs used to maintain a reality which seemed logical. what good is an empty road? god filled it with cars, trucks, bikers, ect. its not real, the people themselves aren't real. the real people are here to suffer.
there was that male with gf who shot black male for hitting on girl so it all gets too real, there's real problems so that's that whole reality and fake, he was too nazi about it but then there's cuck dead from black male for being weaker he was not strong enough
so idk maybe we just gave up from destiny not being on our side from long ago
and easily since illumined you see how the nations can be nothing, especially as "schizo" and get a little crazy see the world bend to it
like peopel have no idea the power at work
but with "too late" and so on why do we even have negative thoughts, and there's reasons, real enemy is yourself.

survival in a cluster fuck is all that matters
it's all real too though, and it's real on a faith level, it's just sin then is that bad, and even the vidya is all sin based but the reality is just reflecting the psyche and so we're like really different now

people still die in the wars that people fap over
so like I realized it's all insane

what should you really be and do? can you even do it?
it's sad.

we can just return to crime and why we're in beast
then people reflect the trauma called life
since they have roots

the devil can just be at the top and it's you, it can get dark...you're supposed to be prepared for it like death I think

but that's already so incel and not chad
The greatest trick tech companies ever pulled was training weak retarded porn addicts with no self esteem that they are normal, and to keep watching tiktok
the virginity thing alone is like this masochism
and so with the sluts is always this enlightenment on their nature
and people get driven mad with that shadow too and the environment perfected this art too
so there's like war too

there's divorce and death, husband sad...from what?
everyone is a stranger

peopel are so dangerous to eachother

in warhammer there's the shroom orks, it's actually kind of deep, it all matches energy and that's what humans did i think irl it all goes to war

but it's doing all kinds of things
but you're retarded now, then it makes it war and then it starts doing dream propaganda where you're trying to fap and all kinds of things

idk how do you explain that, your own mind used against you to warp reality then so it's like giving you power it's just using you since they wanted to reduce peopel to nothing

there's a real dark side to it all, even in matters of porn

but really you have like anger issues
adn that's what will be used to get you...canned
so the negative is endless
and then peopel try to start going in for the win
so you're already retarded and avoidant

you can quit smoking it'll just threaten everything
this retardation should end
it's just the already problem
hmm yeah, this is some crazy process now, and it's already on bad footing from the fall that caused it
and you think the devil is out there it's just everywhere
they'll knock you off for it as a solid, they have to worry about being killed all the time, but that's nature
File: 1694312820862111.jpg (3.31 MB, 2048x2528)
3.31 MB
3.31 MB JPG
yeah there's a powerful evil at work
it builds it's matrix then the axis of power on the falls too, but that's the human problem the consciousness is dynamic so it's all just an issue of enlightenment that's why they like do war and stuff to just call that the deal, it's very foolish, and profoundly foolish.
they did the thing that would ruin every moment of their lives...
but the dark side is endless so there you go
I think the idea then of that is that they'll be so mentally ill they won't even want anything again
so like there's porn but now there's just this conflict too that always was it was blocking out too but that's how the god gets you, with control of the intelligence and who gets what and so on

it's very dark on every level
when the common man becomes too considerate to infest the world with demon spawns.
and god ofc, so like who wins the chess game?
so it all kind of becomes that sort of game of yin that's why there's surprised people still

yeah women if you look at them the wrong way are death machines
i already have ptsd and schizo from them, it's so deep, so then there's just the "peace" under attack from literally everything and many are just power hungry and they'll always have a dark side
but you're ridiculous and so on, they all act like god playing with you, you'll realize a lot if you're lucky

and then so when people do those metaphysical jumps they want to really fuck eachother up since realty is just subjective

idk how the light even wins or if it even really does or if it's all a sort of illusion

and once you're wired wrong to self defeat it's over, there's all these religious principles that people are slaves to

but you have to be enlightened too, or you just don't get it, you don't understand the madness

but exploiting what already is is what the shadow does you can really realize how powerlessyou are in it all, so like there's slavery but is there ever anti slavery now, maybe you were the last hope

and women with their long lives live knowing they're something else now so it's all about taking the innocence again

damn it's so deep
guess i'll stop now

adn they're very in touch with their inner child and there's all these complications to it all
then there's like right wing females so it's all fucked up too
but it's all your fault and they ruined everyone's lives and they betray themselves in the madness and so on and then all the failed normies just represent this clown world that you'll never make it in.

maybe chaos was the point
now i'm just getting off calling them pure evil
File: images (1).jpg (7 KB, 259x194)
7 KB
I crossed a point where the dark side will just take over too
you have to let go you're a slave to the devil

see but then that's why it's such a short process like with enlightenment, so you can see then the females take over the religious power then too, but they're also just the shadow

it's all just ruin your life shit
you get a sort of endless dark night thing but then there's like order in it so it becomes like anxiety from it being built on this like endless chaos but it will then reach it quicker the end of that process
and your family are like total strangers and enemies to their core they just want to ruin your life for the religious power then sin in that way becomes super powerful as a weapon
File: images.jpg (7 KB, 181x278)
7 KB
i guess i won't fap because i'm mentally ill from it now or something, maybe death is all there is.

it was just psychological war...against white bois...
and the devil says no shit

that's how it is as an individual you realize this whole thing is schizo
you'll realize you're just, by being driven insane, acting out some female thing that they wanted, so idk

you'll realize a lot
do they enjoy it or is it fucking with you
they don't draw the line between this or that either it's justmore dark power that they merge with again

thy're already killingme because they can
but it's also just in my head
now they control the religious power, the fall is so deep, you will just be like yep that was life
but yeah with dominating people's psyches or whatever it is it gets really negative so you never know how much a slave you are and why, then like with illumination why there is not more since you're in a bad spot called your one existence

but it like to act out things from the past in the present

actually I don't fight it, i just let it flow, you'll never get rid of the devil, it will end the world with the power of sin and the darkness is always more profound than they can imagine

and so female sexual nature is this like death machine of itself in all it's complexity, I think that's what they called the devil, but they give over fully to evil to cuck you

and they'll off you when they get a chance for who even knows what, just a stream of insanity to be validated called a dark takeover of life

everyone is just incel now from the shadow of it existing, they have to be like retarded too though to manifest but they're girls so it's all good

the imbalance is built into the top of the thing for more darkness and the darkness is absolute and endless there's alwaysmore and it will eat your children and you will give them to it

it's all fags or something
you are in the matrix
you can't untake the redpill incel
and it all also is mental illness so you'll realize these forces, the life itself is out of control, well it's like with buddhism the root of your being is a false reality and then peopel use that for power against eachother if that's the current game
you have to be careful though they'll drive you insane, it already is an ego death
File: 1661105509069954.jpg (25 KB, 229x291)
25 KB
then they jsut keep doing it like it's a machine like process of death

all that matters is power and many won't even know the cruelty at work in their lives and so chaos will hit
their whole lives are just fucking with others
so there's like this super order to things
you'll realize some things, you come second to the devil too even, maybe it has infinite power to you too
since they're all vampires or something
the buddha was like jesus he was like killed at some point and reborn
then the females already do the redpill, it was not a male invention, but nobody knows with like information war
it's just there to threaten you nothing else
they worship power and killed all the good things
and the matrix is so powerful they'll just do gods will or something
what a foolish thing
the up kick from "fool"
the communications...the "ptsd"
the insanity called your life and then you "awaken" it comes in many forms
and you can feel it it's this sort of mental prison
the void looks back though it just wants to give you "justice" for trayvon
yeah i'm just insane as hell
same with like even jung, they reach their conclusion with it all with something like that
and they don't want you to make it it's all fucked you up, called life and now get to play with you as avatar of the devil
you can get too subjective, nature is scary
there's a lot to judge males on and I make it out i'm some kind of higher being all the time and then ther eality is like ok, and so you'll really realize some things about maya
you can jsut engineer a super problem, or the dark side already does, especially if there's "genius" but it's also kind of a dumb evil machine process
it's a useful way of looking at it, god, maya, but it's also a loss of innocence like getting fucked in the ass and they will ask you if you have for some reason

and so, and there's all these processes worked in, so it's like a living system of insanity
and it knows that it's taking everything from you in every moment, but how you should act is sort of what you do awkwardly commiting suicide

you just gotta know you didn't self betray yourself a million times or something
so then with rules you can end up into trouble it's not the same, what is it really after, like making people jump in mario, then it does more fun things with you

peopel can be made nothing
what does the dark side want? wants you tired or something
and that's how it is, kind of dark in the light, kind of light in the dark
life is fucked up
it's always demonstrating these tricks
anyway idk, oh yeah it's like a transformation of consciousness, I guess they could be demons but it's all the same thing
so like you really can't do anything since they're all dangerous to eachother, idk it can't really even find proper expression in you then
now there's female so they have bad reaction to it now and the other males want to bully you over it
so idk you'll realize you're in endless chaos
there's a sort of narrative takeover, they hate you since they're pure evil or something, that's like that level of truth

you can realize that in religion too how between you and other peopel is just a shadow called humans
but for it all you're mentally ill too and then so they see it as a killing of you, but it's all to like control the outcomes of things too, so like get mad, and their enemy is the khorn war god, like in warhammer, the other chaos gods and so they will drive you insane when you get mad from it all

there'sa lot to the wasted potential of other humans
they'll just communicate this way with you
and the darkness is so deep there's this like female bloodlust that they are slaves to and so this misognyny goes way back

ofc there's a mistake it's all a mistake
so you
the takeover
they like want to possess, they're all insane and demonic, already themsleves built on the religious order as perhaps more power hungry

the dark side is endless

all these little understandings
like nothing to me

and people don't realize how much they gave up
and it will make you signature your own death
and you see this in death
so then they'll take it from the males and give it to the females so the imbalance was already there and it's a total psychopath to everyone and so it's always threatening to ruin their lives and throug hteh ptsd schizo it just automatically tries to start these processes up

what are these people? these are just evil people and they all are, and they take the religious power so you'll wonder

well why did you give into sin, I guess it was that far along that's all
well they make it obvious it's a deception, they all gave into power, so reality doesn't matter and maybe that's good for you too as evil

yeah the defeatism is so bad...lol
the automatic processes like a robot..

the automatic tell in rigged reality in case
see they rig themsleves to rat on eahcother and all these things when it comes up
they're always tricking

they ruined everyone's lives

and it'slike all about how you perceive it
they already made their reality totally negative,you'll just realize it

they hate you
it will just lead to you being triggered if you don't fap
see these hypnosisis are very powerful
but that was the resistance to it too
intelligence can be powerfully foolish
yes that's from that embarrassing thing creatively used against me
a lot of it is doing nothing or something

they're jsut whores and in absolute terms it's a totally fallen society
but you can be a real fool in it all then and they all do the but what about you thing for their various allegiances and ultimately to the same darkness
nono they will literally be 100% fools for the trick to no end

since it's just your imagination
and that's all god is too or something

yeah but now it's your worst enemy
well they're like demonic to eachother but that's one way of explaining it really what your deal is if that's your deal will be revealed and people really are into power and it'sa lready this thing like the devil that leads to absolute chaos, so you never know what the imbalance is since chaos is everything
i's a totally corrupt reality and so the nazis for some reason just have this endless power too, and certainly from their shadow if nothing else but from their agents too that come out in various ways

you're just fucked up
they like just want to bully people nomatter what too
it's very dark

then you get the bullying of mentally ill people and them being prime targets of this and that
and they alter reality in their head so you never know, the dark side is endless, you really never know too and then you just have to know yourself then you're fucked up since it's all weird, reality is this subjective thing to dominate ofc
they were like really into it
and it's already a dark takeover so it's already mentally ill and so on
but then there's like surprised

comes from observing that's all
teh amtrix sprads they can't help it they'r a virus

they're like vampires feeding on humanity for god power
I wish I could cry but i'm just retarded now from being a faggot
very easy
you willl feel violated
the suffering will last forever
they get the picture
all thy can do is kill you, once you're ruined that's how it is, you will hate the human race again

then in the same mind that this happens they also spy on you
they're like no pleasure justsuffering got it hahaha
so liek with this conflict they're in total conflict with good and evil as normies and there's a constant psychopathic pull to the top that is always in full demonic bloom and spread
Never. Every revolution in history has been a few rich assholes weaponizing the common man, and then immediately trying to keep the common man down at gunpoint once those rich assholes got what they wanted. Even revolutions ostensibly done on behalf of the common man, like the Russian Revolution, inevitably started gunning down the common man when the common man started getting a bit too uppity (just look at how Lenin/Trotsky/Stalin handled Kronstadt)
yeah but it doesn't matter too, you never think about how the dark side is endless and there is nothing correct, criminals are like gods butthat's just to add to the shadow power
but then they as people who make themsleves out to be totally exploitive have to worry about the dark side themsleves since they'll jsut get cancer from being schizo and so on just to spread more corruption
and everyone was demon
it does this like small processes

why was there even what it was?
that's how deep the buddha
why did you even exist?
there's all that but then it's all them fucking eachother up
what is god now?
and no being a whore is like super power so you'll get these body counts that are insane like with war, it's all for the slavery power

even the jew gentile thing is metaphor for the suffering who knows what decided you would be nothing, so it like reveals your potential to take it away and so ther's like a machine like process in it all and so they'll be fools again

they like want to invade eachothers dreams
i guess it all is a moot point

what even do on this level just returns to darkness probably
anyway it is what it is, people should move out before it all goes to hell, you'll realize some things eventually but never enough

since they wanted power over you that they just observed, and then do you have to explain teh warping orf reality it will do some dirt for satan at the top
and you have to realize they're totally fallen beings so there's no responsibility on their part adn they'll jsut go back to then together how slavery good

they're evil clowns
there's like deep mental illness running these streaks across reality in it's various forms

nomatter how religious they get they're also satanists to eachother first and foremost
and I think through the religious infighting they realize that

so you never know how nothing it all is
but like with slavery it's very much like the chaos already won and ruined reality so they'll never be good

and the order is insane
and so it will jsut go to death in the now
there's like this belief they can control things in the now
that they have that power
but you just have to go to the turth and they want it to just be negative so negative wins
and they suffer too from the imbalance as females who attatched themsleves to the devil power but they're ok with that we're all mentally ill now

I think it's like the collapse of the west now or something a normie female will say
and they're still on eachother about everything
so all the power of the mind is corrupted for the masochism
so anyway, it's a meaningless grift now, but yeah it's so the outside can win against everyone
everyone knew this already too, then they do this order/cope
they start like all the shadow powers trying to off you for it
but it's things the shadow itself knows
it eating it's own tail kind of happens

and then they go back to what they are as fallen beings just as status and power is all that matters
they're like corrupted by children that they want to abuse
what i like then is to blame the individual then for it all that's sort of what happens, there's in a creative process no end to it
then it's like totally evil, then welcome to being killed for it but it's all made out to be madness.
just another crazy
the females and the peopel they destroyed in a heap of skulls with the attitude they had about it all the demon basically
and women are cavemen, evil is good
there's just that in mymind from r9k women hate
and that will jsut carry on to ruin your life sicne that's what it makes it about sincethat's the next thing
and it's already a cult about how evil humans are but you'll be incomprehensible since they're evil humans so it self fulfills that way
because they're feeding on eachother demonically for power and that will never end that's just life or something as well
and since you can't be saved the reality is already fucked up, so you never know if it's helping or hurting you
eventually it's just long ago they fucked up
and whatever the shadow is that will be their shadow
the revolutions never work because that's their shadow
you're nto just fucked you'r einsanely fucked
adn it hides everything but it integrats all the madness too, which is very deep, into it's power
they didn't want you to have anything not even your own mental illness
they gave satan all the power in the world though too and so they live in the shadow of their shadow for all their shadow knwoing their children just have to fall eventually and they warp reality like crazy and it's actualyl amazing they're still alive all they ahve are enemies but hense the hidden slavery called teh matrix
it's supposed to be abnormal but they get mighty peeved then about it

they start brining out the "demon" powers then and mocking it all as just little faggots and so on
anyway the problem is too deep to explain nd that's how it's designed you can see how a cult could form out of nothing too with people
so the chaos is endless
File: 1684998934003950.jpg (67 KB, 680x554)
67 KB
well it's like "ptsd" it's actually a matrix like virus now, it's like gits in the shell but even gits is like this metaphor for the overall chaos
Never. I don't think it's what you wanted as an answer but it's what needed to be said. The trick is where do you go from this answer anon.
the whole thing is just a hell
then there's the opiates in it, which can simply be made not suffering and that's about it

but then this endless thing has to go though so it's just going to blind itself for the devil and that's about it
yeah it's like psychic intelligence, thy just get it from their dark side, what good and evil is
but then there's the light side, a corruption of the dark as well, so you can't enjoy it, but you never know where it really comes from
File: 1662581842367564.jpg (649 KB, 686x614)
649 KB
649 KB JPG
jsut be with-it and that's what it is they don't rally believe in anything it's just a big mental illness they'll follow the psychic activity to a fault
and as deep as it is it's also not deep at all
and the demon is my wife kekeke
they'll always be problems for eachother too and they destroy eachtoher's worlds so there's just a sort of madness now and they themselves will represent all the evil in the world for you as they all do and they take pride in all evil
They pretend to care when the common man strikes back and takes over the governmme, but then its shortly after back to business as usual as a new group rises to the top and exerts control
File: 1685362048873483.jpg (547 KB, 676x623)
547 KB
547 KB JPG
I guess it's like the illuminati thing...
even with like losing virginity
and this big thing, missing out, suffering, it's all an issue of enlightenment, so therefore you must be illumined but it's very deep
the dark side is wise but like even with like sex scandals it'sall them ruining it then too
and incels have a complex about this stuff and so that becomes the dark sdie then the problem that it got them on basically
one must simply take the illumination well

but that's how the reality is, could be very dark, that was then, this is now


but the black music seemed vile...
yeah there's so to what ruined your life

that tends to be people's thing
it's hilarious though too, to a ridiculous level and always is

just let the truth happen

so at least i know
like with like x incel, then they like hate sex, they become anti life...they're losers...you can't get it back, you already were depressed

anyway that's basically the idea, you must be illuminated, it's just this shadow thing, but it applies to everything

there is a big "oh" moment though with growing up

but now that was then too
you get life ruined it changes things

and ultimately it's just who cares about you
just keep the truth flowing
it will remove the weak and nurture the strong even and you'll go along with your own destruction since you're a faggot
I'll like reference things and then they're true
that sort of thing too
people were into this
File: 1667426316401377.jpg (166 KB, 800x995)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
there is no winner in the game of good vs evil or even if that's what life is but it willstill be fought, like a corrupt cop almost the whole point is fun, but fun and the truth can go hand in hand

there's all these hidden resentments too
who knows what it was

it's so deep, it was just trying to make you happy too
you can end up a real faggot
and you deserve it or something idk

eventually it's just all part of the problem that is so matrix like it requires awakening from

there's no gf now now you're racist
and so on...
casualty of

well that's how it is you have to be retarded and they'll tell you that your whole life and that's how it is then, but you'll be stuck between this and that then

fuck being incel
just doesn't compute to them

you neverknow what it was about in life
it's justit was

they want to destroy people if nothing else, in the madness for things like ancient

but the clock never stops
just be normal or something...it doesn't matter they're already losers
yeah people even with being a loser act it out artistically
they're just deep in a hell, they'll never get out of it, then they'll jsut reflect it and the yin and yang is so powerful it will jsut play them for fools and use their suffering for pleasure
they want to cuck the next generation then
it's just about sex but then they'll get into trouble about it or something, there's little retardations to it all, since sex itself is like always messed with even for normies

so there's just massive power disparities and people know how to destroy their meaning for life
File: 1669769705346832.jpg (128 KB, 828x1028)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
it's just a hell
then it folds on itself
like a weapon called the reality itself

but like peopel meant to do this they want to sterilize eachother and cover it up so illuminati naturally forms and the most religious people only actually worship the devil anda ll kinds of things

then thre's the via human experiment art of steralizing incels, which was expressed on boarded even so there's already enough revealed truth for it to be sated on what it's existence is

they do that fake morality
but you never know between you and the dark side what it is

life is suffering
perhaps the truth should destroy you, probably better than life now
but even the whole board does the magic trick
then everyone built their lives on the incel trauma and that's just one truth, everyone was into it then when you were for this sort of dynamic effect

so the incels sort of have this relationship with it that naturally follows where it's like a complex but the copelex created them

it merely like came from people being evil or something

sex is all it's about too, so it's all self defeating since then whatis encouraged is the opposite of sex in it's various forms as a sort of sin to spread

they just have massive problems or something
anyway fuck them

but everyone is part of the problem so there's actually nothing to move onto but the problem
and they can't fix broken and what the real relationship with people is is made this very dark like nazi thing
like your problems become the only concern then so it's like they want to make you a lobotomy to control the reality

and so they don't actually care or something it's all just psychic activity, somebody else cared, people are demons, very deceptive, so then ok I won't care about sex, but then they'll make sure you do again

they're one with the devil and it's purposes and the devil can be black or white

it hides information then
idk they were the worst people ever
they'll ruin what little hope you had in the world for even nothing
because they're racist
the whole thing is retarded andthen they do nazi propaganda basically so it's all self defeating adn them covering it up to function

so idk you get a strange reality
but then it expresses it this way or that
but really they just worship criminals like anyone else
it's all part of the same shadow

anyway they just don't know how crazy they are
cucked, that's what "they" say
that's what their lives were being the problem nothing else
there's a lot to it, so then that's how the normal world is, but then they fight it but at their own expense and /pol/fags just want to corrupt others in their own way
so idk

I'm such a fool
perhaps that's the nirvana
true you are just mentally ill
virginities go to others

i guess we'll wait
for illumination, which is what you should do
maybe it's too late

but then you understand your own plight, which is also something they wanted you to make you kys over before you could even say you could do

they just ruin people
not easy to be yourself
cucked, but then all the adults only care about this
and they'll just torture you over everything
even that which they don't understand
they just want to ruin it for you
they want to control the intelligence so that you can't even think

anyway that's all that illuminati stuff
i think it's just crazy...

may as well not care now...andnobody does
oh yeah nobody cares or something still too
that's the tragedy of life

they'll bully you together
they're freaks"

all you can know is how powerless you are
File: 1666558267676662.jpg (82 KB, 414x640)
82 KB
but that becomes my excuse for everything is them and that kinds of makes sense you really couldn't do anything, who knows they'll change the story
File: 1663979810046846.png (174 KB, 372x331)
174 KB
174 KB PNG
they're just losers or something
and the reality will use you dynamically
so idk maybe they deserve it
and you really can't be reborn then the past life becomes the shadow they want to bully you with
people are dark
File: 1198404.jpg (1.36 MB, 3840x2160)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB JPG
the dark side already just dominates
all they could do was be fools
then there's no end to religious perfection, much the same way the light does
so like when you're a fool, you're a fool forever and you'll feel that, since you're like autistic or something and they all super power it when they can to use it against you even just existing
then they do the stole innocence's and run and all kinds of things
nono and then they change forms the problem is your lack of criminality too and always was since that's like intelligence and is uber powered over all for all time, and then there's just criminal jesus and all kinds of things that change reality

maybe the hoes should just flow anon
or maybe that's all you're fighting since you're homosexual
it was like cringe or something

people are hopeless to the power...
File: 1664552028723808.jpg (203 KB, 850x1631)
203 KB
203 KB JPG
i'd say just give people want they want but it's always more complicated
there's like losers or something now and they'll kill you before that isn't the truth because they get to dominate things they shouldn't through that system

they're like bad at metaphors
or something simple

they all went to like art schools, they got girls
they ruined your life
they're a mental illness

they already made it that too

oh yeah the force is dynamic, makes it more obvious

all tragedies are nothing to me
and i that's where i press the ship
that's just potentially how deeply they fucked up
but then they won't know it's like trauma and dreams
peopel are always fucking eachother and taking eachother's innocence on profound levels

you should just be one with the truth and the truth is deep, but not at the cost of your happiness, but that creates epic conflict
it's very 2 bit

you can be aware of these epic cycles
what you thought was you was merely an illusion
there was something you noticed, for my power over you that's all
domination like people don't even know

we're in a strange cycle from like a decade ago and that's connected to earlier problem but even "trauma" is this meme from the dream that's all.
File: 1682444412304690.jpg (1 MB, 856x1200)
1 MB
if it's too deep it can't be fixed, and you see this play out in a lot of ways. but humans are god beings so it's like super powered darkness, but that adds to the already power a lot more, lots of fools, lots of people with different values and lives and egos and so on

lots of fun for the devil he merely enjoys the joy at this point
you'll get a trauma then you understand how deep it can be especially if it's like a godlike system gave it to you, people are metaphysical beings

and I recall alex jones the devil is an incel it's all ruin your life shit, it will all turn against you over it and they're all psychic so you never know what you're part of your innocence can go quickly there's so much to it at this point

you have to be careful with ruin your life shit, it fucks up the planet too I think, then it's like a good reason you got offed and so on and all these values you will align against you at once

that's when they get open minded though but are cut off from the power and are left in eternal night and then that's just that origin of the problem

they do all good for themselves then
if hell didn't exist they would invent it
you gave it all up for nothing
i guess it's just "success"
but you'll find you're already fucked
and that's your illumination

anyway I'm crazy
losing is just a testament to the great power that destroyed you and that can be nothing but you'll realize how intelligent it all is, then it absorbs the weapon like your life energy

cringe cringe cringe
it's all like that doc
big black cock
big black cock
big black cock


nothing illumines like touching grass it's so deep
this hit different now...
nobody knows
File: 1662700524891905.jpg (889 KB, 1441x2048)
889 KB
889 KB JPG
that's my trauma to them
it already figured it out, all you can do is be illumined, yeah you have to get a good song going basically called your life then it will go on forever and it will be perfect, happiness gets deep.

so does being cucked though
so choose carefully

like why would young males care about this shit...you know what it is
you chose badly that's all
there's no end to self hate then and it's becomes a great trauma it's overpowering how you fucked yourself, and you can't get it back

and then the mind doesn't know the difference between real and fake but that is like a loss of innocence thing then, you being insane.

so people kill eachother's dreams
and that just becomes normalized too since people are easily manipulated

so you never know
File: 1685183084449820.jpg (116 KB, 643x900)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
socialist stuff, egalitarian is all good, since that's already what it is or something, be illumined
don't ruin your life being racist

anyway what is perfect what is good?
be illumined

it will just mix it up

i hate virgins too, you make your own shadow
it was dumb, it was very deep

there's an art to it...
there's a perfection of it

so the devil has this utility to it
how do you do something so perfect?
how good can good be?
why know you not?

oh pervert
up the conflict
File: 1689584359995510.jpg (170 KB, 850x1060)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
it's so deep these problems
it will just solve itself though
which is why they make them really bad then

I can perfect even making the peace of the fate ofc

the devil is always male too, even if it's tranny form, so you get this like super domination over evil too, where it's like op but there's no morality too

i guess we call this evil chaos
but it's the magic too

just that one was dumb or something
tehy get like systematically removed from life
and it's very dark
so you think you're safe but the process is already there somewhere
and they're kick it up a notch

there's so much to the mystery of life
I am the master of moralities too
but it's also just this experience
morality is madness too

you have to like with likebeinga super soldier just specialize, but it's inevitable chaos, have to generalize then

just have to be a god
File: 1672542082809678.jpg (581 KB, 709x1418)
581 KB
581 KB JPG
so with humans you get a super being emerging
File: 41KJDQ20U4L.jpg (30 KB, 350x490)
30 KB
they're just Dionysian, like most humans, satanic
yeah there's god but there's all these other cults to worry about too and other things
idk the plight of the common man is weird, but then it comes up again for politics, you might end up conceptualizing it all quite differently in a lifetime(s) I suppose
incels are itegrating this power too I see ok, so they're like satanic, they're like gay and do drugs and all kinds of shit and it's all from being losers though so that might get them warped, since the negative itself can be the warp, and the uber power from where all magic is lost

this is like the void but it's just negative

i remember my first time too
and it gets integrated into the feminine because they're such cucks or something

they're justliving in a matrix since they're like sinners too

who knows, life is suffering
yes the death of the sun space meme
there was likememe it's an incel
File: 1665396779845081.png (372 KB, 1071x1001)
372 KB
372 KB PNG
so then this world will be destroyed
I don't think people are prepared for it
then i wake them up
and they want to sleep

because of sin

you'll meet the real devil eventually
you can't beat god
it was just a pretty girl
the mind warps time too
there's a lot to it
perhaps if it's something you enjoy
so you'll like fight this thing but that's also natural progression them getting psychic for instance
there's a lot to it
they're always trying to cause the fall too
that's why it's all ambiguous though what is best since peopel are so deep

but there's the dark side
and it is expressed as a dark hole

but that's progress too in the universe
that's why hindus are so deep they deal in trillions of years instead of thousands

there's jsut a big dark side to people and why they're unhappy and they really don't know what it is

but they can
and then there's like return to religious truth
but idk

even with the chosen people is this return ofc

oh yeah they like want to be shot into the blackhole it's so funny
but that's how it is, like with genesis it starts from being a fool and that's how great civs are made
and how they end ofc then it's like both too
but they can last a long time just like people even after death and so on
so don't make it worse than it has to be

anyway enough of what it already knows

and peopel though since negative is so "powerful" since it's so subjective they'll just use the negative for power

so peopel can be like 90% good but it's just to get you that death sentence too

so idk, naturally the empire arises too from being resistance to the flow and it knows it has to go too though but it's all crazy too for chaos here and there

and then the thing will like step on you though
people when chaos is not supposed to be there do remove it perhaps idk
File: 1664132064363931.jpg (56 KB, 631x396)
56 KB
but if it's too late then don't worry about it
life will carry on without you
you don't want to cause a conflict in yourself
but it's all kind of part of the grand order anyway
ofc until there's something that isn't then you have a problem
let the devil in, it wants to find expression in you, but make sure it's the real devil and peopel get that wrong too

they're in a trap
so they try and get high but they get fucked up
who knows what it is
so much is actually fair game...but you'll realize how easy it is to lose
File: 1660010328106029.jpg (1.11 MB, 880x1000)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB JPG
see it's like darth vader, he was trying to jump but he got burned.

so the super power is very deep
you had your time, now it's doing this for others
the problems are so deep then they get super powered, already matrix good to some people knowing they got a good deal
File: 2504482-vulcan_raven.jpg (30 KB, 325x500)
30 KB
some people live for war though
so they'll break though it in the dream
you do not want to be in conflict with conflict either
there's no absolutes in that way

I am god...
but that becomes the chaos god too
and absolutely

people are hopeless...

they have to reach enlightenment that's about it
but they fuck up too deeply and so there you go

a lot of war is just information
and so the dark side is endless but so is the super power of "light"
some people want to be princess males
and they will be

war is god though
but that's just keeping you from princess selfa
File: 1653934554420.jpg (803 KB, 2000x1514)
803 KB
803 KB JPG
anyway they created too much conflict between them and their higher self, they're fools, so there goes their kingdom, and kingdom then when it's all woke is all that matters since the grass is always greener since you're mentally ill that way, so they created madness then way to defile it all with it and there's a real dark side to it all.
i see this gay link meme
it's not good too

so you can end up with some powerful regrets and then your ego is dead
and then they use you to be like god
because you're a fruit
and that's all you wanted...
see it's negative
but that's just that, there's other sins too
then it has more versatility in being a homophobe but also don't care because it's just more power, you'll realize this whole thing is retarded, they like go into denial then it's all the extended mind break...who knows what it is, they do psyops, it'sa ll in the truth.
indifference to suffering is just built in, maybe liek all tragedies it starts with communication, but communications must flow
all they cando is squeeze around the power though it's a generational cucking, imagine if it loses it just lasts ages
there's so much to the reality
but liek jsut "ganon" for instance it's like really bad, he's like the most evil thing

that good huh?
since evil is good in this world since it's all power

it's all about getting the power, never go against power, you'll regret it

then you're impotent or something
anyway things can get pretty subjective though so maybe that's what your existence will be

and on matters of the mind it doesn't matter what is rational it's what can be, there's a lot to that too

don't even fail a little if it bothers you so much
but once the dark side is too deep then there you go
you've just been made retarded and insane and then are gay and they'll make you off yourself since matrix power

there's the real power
you thought you were doing it, it just found it's in, like with competing religions

the trolls will still troll
and they use it all for god power
and it will just be insane it doesn't care

so they kind of then align with the void

democracy probably like means more getting along to them
they're like the females though withthe kang
so there's some powerful regrets to happen there
and then it uses that, and it is real, they use your suffering, as people do in hierarches for enjoyment

there's just massive chaos and it will lead in death in one way or another

see and can you help but be a bitch?
the real link isn't canonically gay though that's some hikki shit
and it shouldn't and how off you are from love lets say cannot get deeper ever and that doesn't become a drug to control and torture people with
Will never happen from now on, most men are seen as useless. I expect many more saints to pop up.
File: 1692185209673273.png (111 KB, 810x740)
111 KB
111 KB PNG
the dark side is endless
you won't even want to think
and ultimately yeah these are not your friends or family and you're white or something like that and racist and people have used that shadow to ruin your life since the start since from there then it can make it all this other stuff too

you can't have...wahhh

and what makes the values?
the hell does

you will be killed for niggers to fuck your dream girl and that will be like good and nobody will get it...

it's always time to kys

anyway just the super powered life ruin
they do the contorl reality thing but they're the problem and so with like dem vs republic or whatever it is jsut sort of endless since it will always be validated again since the mind is so deceptive from chaos

there is actually no hope

so you think it's a dark night but it's just morning too
they're just slaves
but that's kind of how it is they wanted to be slaves to like cuck eachother then and all kinds of things and then they want to break eachother for the power of their enemy and they'll never get out of that since the damage is done, the danger that they use then to bully you is always there
but then they make it war since that's what makes the metaphysics play their role so that they can dominate you after fucking you up

i would even say it's an extremely fallen reality too
and they wanted it though, they wanted to be rats and chaos and nazis and to warp reality to enslave eachother to win

they'll kill you for fun, they're pure evil
like a dog latching down that's how their life processes are too, then they just embrace it, but they're already too connected to the problem

so inevitably the forbidden finds it's way in even death

but there's all this chaos caused from that on a deep level on the psychic level of the planet

they make it super deep especially with mental illness which becomes this thing that even in it's first form isn't bloomed yet into the true evil it represents and politics is in your guts

and you make it worse
jsut stress that bitch out
break it for god power

see the males are used to this happening to them the power is unbalanced, perhaps it was manipulating people
I actually know it's all insane too and they for destiny do what they must even if it's total insanity since it's part of the "trolling" or something perhaps. They will die before changing. So just their lives alone are like a sacrifice to slavery.It will be the devil and talk about how they wanted to put negative in you and make you carry it forever like aparasite.
they're mentally ill and being bred out that's about it too and it's like positive...since they're the real devil and that's just what they are doing to them.
anyway I'm so zen i do not even care about enlightenment lol
very simple it just reacts to your movements, ofc that's how it is with enlightenment, it's all just something in the trillion year cycles where it can change it to just oh yes it's just the nothing nothing

yeah losers, what made them losers and you'll find their families hate them more than anything
In about 20-30 years when women have to do the brunt of the work
there's all this usery, it's a system of usery then that becomes metaphor for what it is
they get a deepl pelasure talking with "marxists" and even people not , being mentally ill like they are
and they all are mentally ill too
so it's actually this super end thing
for hitler too

truth is strange so it has to control everything but then it's to blame
and so you have to like throw the energy off
that's a generational problem too
it's all bad, but these forces grift around like demons

they have the tongue though
they'll say it was like oral

but it gets addictive, demons are demons though
and then communication comes into play probably with your consciousness how it presents itself
they want to expose you then for highly specific things
and you'll realize only like buzzes to them, buzz things to scare everyone is what matters
and tehy do it for hitler though
so this conflict in your life goes way back
and it'sliek deep enough though
so that's what I mean with ruin your life shit
like they don't care about other people they'll just corrupt everyone
and they're the reason it's all bad too
so don't feel bad about democracy too
eventually yeah it's just chaos
and you'll notice it's all about the white women and the hero gets the girl so they have fun with that and ruining it for everyone

it already like gives people the bad end
yeah actually the chaos is insane
but there's an art to it
but it's just a specific to my family thing and ultimately self
but then it tries to be more like the ego
File: 1262769_The-Young-Pope.jpg (44 KB, 1024x536)
44 KB
anyway just be positive, it already like knows it fucked you up, but like realize the whole point is to cause you negative emotion, so you can end up in a hell that way, where your inner peace is fucked up and that's about it.

the darkside is endless though
File: 1689660356863283.png (3.26 MB, 1640x2048)
3.26 MB
3.26 MB PNG
you can learn a lot that way by roleplaying though, maybe about how bad you are but a lot of things
yeah like nobody has innocence like a woman too
the universe will troll people
I focus too much on the negative
and if it's so negative it may as well just be positive
>muh sexo make life better!
Fuck off
then there's like the alpha male thing and like who's to blame for that and all kinds of things, it is all a big mistake
yeah i wouldn't like kill a girl over anything
some people do though
so you don't want the sins of humanity
you're like still a virgin it's quite a fall
File: 1682729925666628.jpg (481 KB, 1000x1350)
481 KB
481 KB JPG
yeah just focus on feeling good, that's basically all that matters and if you don't think so that's all it was about but that's life

they're just fools, some of them are the real bad boy though, then like good girls go bad or something idk
what time is it?
like you can hate sex, but it's like that's what it is, what would you be complaining about?
it's all foolish
ofc she would cuck you you lost innocence
yeah you may as well not get mad at anything at a certain point, just focus on like literally feeling good, there is no more cucked experience than that
they're in like total opposition to getting girls too I guess that's the point of a fall like that, that's really what it's after is your happiness, so you may as well feel good about it, since yolo, women get that like fall too and it's all like deep and dark and sexual and true and so on
and you'll never really know probably the issues are endless

life is just suffering or something
Stfu retarded schizo

Keep writing your incoherent wall of diarrhea

Youll always be a moron and an unlikeable lonely loser
I can't cope with being a brainlet I've managed to fail 2nd year of university again. Not one sip of alcohol or drugs and i can't do millions have managed to pass but i can't all i can do is cry
this is one of the worst fates..

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