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>Season 2 of Mushoku Tensei is almost over and I will have to wait a long ass time for next season.
I aint reading no damn manga either so don't even say it I'm not entertained by that type of media. Every escapism is short man I want something to last forever. I've been watching One Piece but just after 3 short months I'm already on episode 752. This is what is hard about being a NEET if you have endless time to consoom you run out so quickly.
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Start playing MMOs (assuming you don't already), they're basically designed to be massive time sinks and are pretty good for escapism. A lot of players essentially treat it like its their life. As long as you play it leisurely and don't open your wallet for cash shop items, the grind should keep you busy for thousands of hours
I've only ever tried ESO but I never got that deep into it. I guess it's just not a genre that appeals to me I'm not a fan of the grind. Only games I play anymore are Rocket League and just single player games if any good ones comes out and this year has been pretty shit for those. The past few years it's honestly been shit for single player stuff there's been nothing game changing just the same formulaic stuff.
Have you tried using a larger monitor or even a TV? I've found it helps me immerse in a game and ESCAAAAPE.
I played Cyberpunk on a 32-inch (81cm) and literally spent hours just walking around the city, not even doing any gameplay. VR is probably even better but my PC is too shit to run it
I have decent monitors but not really big I wouldn't wanna hook up my pc to a tv either don't think it would feel that different. I am waiting for the Cyberpunk dlc though I'm not that excited about it but looking forward to it. I've also done a bit of vr best games I played in it were Subnautica and Half Life Alyx but vr makes me really sick and dizzy easily and there aren't many good games to play I haven't touched it in months it's also a pain to set up.
I fast forwarded through the last episode
The MC being dumb and not realizing a man is a woman because she is wearing sunglasses so dumb
>The MC being dumb and not realizing a man is a woman
I completely agree. From when she first appeared it felt retarded that Rudeus thought she was a dude. I guess it's just because of the art style of the anime and we have to suspend our disbelief but it's still dumb. it's probably the only complaint I have with the show so far but I still love it. The latest episode gives serious blue balls though I want them to be together fuck Eris.
I read the webnovel in Japanese long time ago. Not sure why I stopped. Still recommend novels over anime, much more immersive.
You can try old school runescape ironman. It's single player mode for mmo insane time sink. I've spent 140 days or so in game and still not even at endgame.
Stop being such a defensive faggot and stop being a stubborn dog. Go buy a big ass MONITOR in 4K and game like you are suppose to you dumb motherfucker.
unironically, go unlock every single character in castle crashers PC. some of them require you to beat certain levels on insane mode, so it should keep you distracted for a while.

Mushoku tensei is garbage. The characters are insufferable, and I don't just mean the fanservice or pedophile shit. That's whatever. I mean they actually go out of their way to cause needless drama. Making stupid decisions as if it were a c grade horror movie plot. Never listeninng to one another or thinking ahead. 0 emotional intelligence. It affects the plot in more meaningful ways the longer the story continues. Going from charcters falling into boobies, to characters falling into swords. But if you like pretty animation and fights, have at thee. I guess.
>pedophile shit
>nooo you cant be a 15 year old attracted to a 17 year old thats evil

That nigga rudy is like 40 years old. The whole reason pedophilia is condemned is because of the power imbalance between a young mind and a very old one when it comes to sexuality. Sexuality itself comes with many responsibilities and dangers so we should maximize individual agency when it comes to navigating sexuality. Minors are considered memtally underdeveloped/without agency. Also the fact that encouraging sexual thoughts about kids in the minds of adult viewers IRL can lead to rape and molestation of minors means it shouldn't be televised. There you go screeching retard. I wasn't going to delve into the pedo stuff but that pedo comment really got to you huh.

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