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Women are fucking with zero consequences. They will never give this freedom up. Just look at the magical wedding Riley Reed had, after all those years of obscene porn videos, did she have to die alone? settle for some old weirdo? be treated any less? they will gladly sacrifice having a relationship with their dad for having the cake and eating it too. Chads and sluts are having too much fun, just because we are not doesn't mean things will go back to how they used to be.
eh? high status whores like her are of course gonna find cucks who orbit them. if you want an actual dose of reality just look at your local single motherhood rate or check twoxchromos for bitter anger worse than what incels put out lol
my aunt is good looking and fucked around for decades and still managed to marry a rich good man, he obviously doesn't know she has a 100+ body count
How much of a cuck do you have to be to marry a pornstar. Riley literally has drowned in a tsunami of cum by now. what the fuck honestly.
They get off to it. It's a cuckold thing as in the unironic fetish.
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why do you blame women tho, men are the ones giving it all to these women.
if any man is willing to provide for and marry an ex-prostitute, it means that men are actively rewarding women for being prostitutes by taking away the only "negative" that it had (not being able to find a man as a prostitute or a former one).
Surprisingly well-written character. Smart, independent, but can't help but fall for the powerful bad boy who chadbreaks her mind.

Eva was a treasure.
Unironically a lot of normal roasties will not submit and will not be grateful for the life you provide. Most prozzies are attractive and submissive which is leagues better than many other foids. Sure it is not true of all of the whores in the world but it is of many of them.

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