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Hello robotard. I hope this finds you well.

Have you ever considered that you might be miserable because you're judging your self-worth by comparing yourself to neurotypicals? These people have never really had to try in life, even the men. Even if they don't get laid they still have a social life and have always had friends and such, and never given it much thought. They're still "successful" by western standards.

If you ended up here you're obviously different. Your brain doesn't function the same way as others, and that's OK. You are not weak or defective or a loser, you are trying your best to survive in a system that was not made for you and will never cater to you, because the neurotypical mind will simply never be able to understand. Take pride knowing that you will truly enjoy the fruits of life because you actually had to struggle for them, while the neurotypical has been handed practically everything.

We'll have our place again as the great thinkers of society again soon enough.
Well I appreciate your positivity, it's actually a breath of fresh air compared to the nihilistic doomer vibes this place has. But what about those who struggle so much they are never able to get the fruit?
>t. me
I can't answer that question but I will say this:

Nihilism is a copout. It's an excuse to just give up. Do with that what you will.
been miserable my whole life because i have no notion as to what you're talking about

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