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I think I have a crossdressing addiction LOLE
i wish i had a cute femboi gf (male)...
i wana do that...
hot if true
I Think The Jews Are Using You To Destroy White Civilization But OK

Your fortune: Good Luck
File: 1612450962973.png (107 KB, 236x334)
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107 KB PNG
I don't get why crossdresses exist when so many cool male clothing exists.
You're gay if you wear that stuff.
Society already looks down on you so you might as well wear the girly stuff too
File: 1616623461220.png (951 KB, 1100x619)
951 KB
951 KB PNG
No you're not. Thousands of girls throw themselves at guys like this.
It's a phase
Those men look like female lesbians and I've even seen them wearing clothes that look the part.
are you just upset that you can't pull it off yourself?
I'd rather not look like a lesbian woman if i can help it, yes.
Actually we're talking about fashion not the guys faces.
do you look like a lesbian if you try to dress fashionably?
What nobody tells you is that keeping 2 wardrobes takes up a lot of space and girls clothes are way more expensive
welcome newcomers :^)
please take time to learn the culture and etiquette of this board before you post. here's a nice guide to get you started:

User Rules of [s4s]
1. Check doubles.
2. Check doubles.
3. This is a nice board.
4. Don't be rude, [s4s] isn't /b/
5. Don't greentext, [s4s] isn't /r9k/
6. Birds are very important.
7. Birds are not that important.
8. Topkek is the greatest sneck.
9. Mods are gods.
10. Mods pls sticky.
11. Don't forget to check doubles.
12. Every thread deserves a reply.
13. Check fortune and privilege after posting.
14. All memes are equal (comemenism).
15. Moot is the best gril.
17. :^)
18. :v)
19. :>)
20. :<)
21. Any quotes must be inquiried about its origin, if the source is not explicit in the post.
22. Don't forget to check doubles.
23. The rules list is a meme itself.
24. You must masturbate to moot every Monday, this will be called: Monday Moot Madness
25. All OC is good OC
26. Impostering is a crime.
27. Stick the Peek!
28. Taking my coffee without cream or sugar for a week and i want to tell everybody
29. Cate owners must post cate (mandatory)
30. no #rudeposting
31. pls no bully
32. Ayy lemon line
33. Don't forget to check doubles.
34. If it exists, there is a meme of it.
35. With regards to rule 14, the Orlelian Principle: "All memes are equal but some memes are more equal than others".
36. if ur readin dis ur gay.
37. "Those are the gayest fucking rules ever." ~Anonymous 2015
38. [s4s] belongs to no one, it's a free board.
39. Never forget that "nice doge" is an anagram for "genocide".
40. Trips save the snek.
41. Dubs confirm, unless the post is by definition false or rude.
42. This rule answers life, the universe and everything. No questions.
43. Me on the left.
44. Don't forget to check doubles.
45. Stay hydrated
46. Don't wake up pizza, pizza is sleeping.
47. You don't get to bring friends.
48. Remember moot, forever.
69. [s4s] is nice board.
88. gb2>>>/pol/
hey pal you forgot your username
i wana do it!!!
You know what to do..
From left to right jimin jimin jimin jimin jimin jimin and jimin
They look like turbo faggots in either regard.
even twinks deserve to be shot in the face now lol

Your fortune: Godly Luck
File: 1637540825991.jpg (392 KB, 2172x1313)
392 KB
392 KB JPG
It feels SO good idk what miss firing is but it's ectasy i have porn fetishes that won't leave and somehow i jumbled them up with who i really am and now I'm desperate to be a sissy servant for children kek i want to go around telling them i love them i just want to be so soft for them i think it'll go away soon I'm just confused

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