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File: 1642208593502.jpg (23 KB, 366x415)
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is it cringe or based to only be gay
for cute and pretty guys

a bit of a chaser's dilemma
I wouldn't move on when they hit the wall
personality matters afterall but without looks
its hard to get it hard and get attached

I kinda feel like I shouldn't date gay people
maybe it's just fetish left overs from my past
it's cringe
is it worth the risk of finding out one day
I am just a faggot and not the faggot

Your fortune: Reply hazy, try again

Your fortune: Average Luck
I guess we will have to find it out ourselves
you've never had sex so it doesn't matter
i think thats based but ideally you should only care about personality and nothing else sex isnt everything especially with gay men
I had sex only gay sex XD

and yes personality makes 80% the difference in bed

but then looks make you more attracted to personality aaaa
kinda funny how I tried to look my best
he did too
we fucked in a dark room
after sex we looked like dead
we started not carrying much about the looks
only the warmth of the words and the touch what was nice
woe woe but he is below my league
but he was based
but I had to since the ldr what was to come
oh my god fuck that shit
gotta bounce
and regret
not forget
not to blame ourselves
we fucked up
a little bit
but hes fucked
he wont find anyone willing to be
long term with him
does he know does he care
kinda sad do i care
i do a slightly bit
File: 35137141_p2.jpg (185 KB, 700x500)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
if your more attached to a persons personality youl eventaully like how they look no matter what im not even gay but when i met my boyfriend his personality was so kind i didnt care

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