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taking my coffee without cream or sugar for a week and i want to tell everybody
goin' with OMBB again, eh ???????? heh......
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She takes her coffee black...like her men.
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Are you back?
Taking my Ketamine without cream or sugar for a week and I wanted to tell everybody.
cute slut
unchecked doubles on the last page!
You are weak. You merely adopted black coffee. I was born into it, raised by it. I did not taste light roast until I was already a man, at which point adding sugar did naught but ruin it.

I used to drink two pots of death wish every day, along with a potent cocktail of antipsychotics, antidepressants and anxiolytics. I went cold turkey just for laughs. They said I might die. I did not, but fucking hell was that a hard 6 months. I feel much better now, but my cajun-grade caffeine tolerance remains. Even my grandma drinks a pot or more a day. It is rare that any Cajun grandmother be without a cup of black coffee in their hands at any hour of the day. A lot of cultures have taboos about drinking coffee at night. South Louisiana almost considers it taboo to not drink coffee. I swear my entire ethnicity has drank so much coffee over the past 200 years that we’ve developed a collective immunity to it. Well, that, and we cut our beans with chicory root so it’s more darker and makes you go zoom less.

discovering chicory coffee as someone who loves drinking black coffee was like finding the rosetta stone

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