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hop in dude
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i love spiders they are so le nice

the only time spiders have been not nice to me is when they get on my bed and chew on me a little when i am asleeping!!! but i never feel it so it's like it never happened lole

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I don't want to kill spider, but I also know that if I move spider it will lose it's web. Spiders are very efficient and conservative critters. They recycle their webs every morning. Without string, how can they protec me from worse pests?

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cute spider, orbeavers are good girls

it depends on the species. orbweavers are known for eating their web and spinning a new one every day, but some orbweavers don't do it and some don't make webs at all and instead fish for moths using little globs of sticky goo laced with fake moth pheromones. orbweavers don't want to live inside though, so if you see one indoors you should definitely take it outside. missing one day of web recycling isn't going to hurt spiders are tough cookies c:
nine times out of ten though if you see a spider indoors that means it's adapted to live in human environments and will struggle to live out in the outdoors. in that case all you need to do is move it to the basement or a vent or some other dark, isolated place where you don't spend much time. house spiders prefer to set up in parts of the house that don't see a lot of human activity and where the environment doesn't change very often, so the best way to keep them away from your living spaces is to not leave things like boxes or blankets lying around unmoved for long periods of time. back when i was a babby i lived in an old victorian house that had one of those huge walk-in closets behind the kitchen for boxed food and there were tons of spiders back there since no one had used in at least a decade but anywhere else in the house they were rare

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this is nice board

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highly informative post

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keep bumping the goode threades fren

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