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File: 1648166390637.jpg (77 KB, 572x1024)
77 KB
This image made me chortle
File: 16575313604.jpg (86 KB, 1284x829)
86 KB
lost then found
ooooh now where would i be without you manny… god only knows
File: 1661001825097.jpg (355 KB, 1535x1919)
355 KB
355 KB JPG
don't worry
life will still go on, believe me
[fortune color="#0000FF" hidden="using this meme as a recurring op theme is probably a bad idea since stupidfuck already knows about it. hot celebs probably shouldn't be in regular ops either cause 'boohoo you worship girls', will need to come up with a new thing soon"]So no regrets, 'Cause you're my sunset, fiery red, Forever fearless, And in your arms a warm horizon, Don't look back, Let's ride away, let's ride away[/fortune]
love…. does love go on too, manny?
>*discreetly nonverbally offers cocaine*
File: 1652963596985.jpg (384 KB, 2560x1920)
384 KB
384 KB JPG
File: 1644656079027.jpg (255 KB, 1284x953)
255 KB
255 KB JPG
you know this ethel cain gal? hearing more of her lately
see her lewds a lot in servers, pietro scaramucci gave her a 7/10
this is giving me MJ vibes so so hard..
oh for sure, i thought we’d confine ourselves to the mank bread but! if we need to hop around in the future, we can always rendezvous in any classic [s4s] bread. just send a sign and you know i’ll find you.. also don’t be ruled by fear dear, the scary one is all talk…
p.s. i would suggest saging to keep our thread out of sight. and ofc come weekend time we have my instant messaging place!
File: 1652908479069.jpg (277 KB, 1600x2158)
277 KB
277 KB JPG
sage, but then bump if it's low? risky but worthwhile idea
File: 1662721767204.jpg (136 KB, 1280x1234)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
ngl postig these pics has me horny for her unf
oh yes i know mother cain! i only wish i enjoyed her music as much as i enjoy her aesthetic… (blegh slowcore gag me with a spoon!) have you listened to preacher’s daughter yet?
i mean there's christian influences so that means i HAVE to listen to it and like it! (maybe she'll be like weyes blood on that)

*furiously unzips and unbuttons for me time
File: 1650625136246.jpg (179 KB, 978x1280)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
forgot the pic!!
great just great now im gonna be thinking about gooning to margot under the covers with you, all day..
trueee except it’s about escaping a toxic christian family and society hehe (i think)

watches intently with antici-p-p-pation
File: 1659672644057.jpg (216 KB, 1242x2208)
216 KB
216 KB JPG
[fortune color="#0000FF" hidden="the thing we did for donnie was one of the most ecstatic and pleasurable things i've done with you, if we can do just ONE thing together in the future i would love more of those!!"]axilla deification[/fortune]
[fortune color="#FF0000" hidden="being free without people looming over me judging my every thought and decision would definitely be something i need right now, just wanna figure myself out on my own"]spaghetti hair[/fortune]
[fortune color="#0000FF" hidden="aaaand flying in from the libertoolyan party it's... TOOLY DESANTIS!!!! 'she sticks out plane door shouting YAAAEEEYYY WOOWOOWOOOOOO before slipping on a banana peel and falling down the airplane stairs going WHOOP dudududud wOwOwOwowowoWEEE. a true humiliation in front of the demoolycrats"]gueh-uh soopeuhstaw[/fortune]

anyways what are the songs from Pinkerton you approve of ?
mm you enjoyed that? im glad because sometimes i get insecure and don’t know if im being cringe or not :c but maybe we could also try including polly tew? {polly as in https://youtu.be/UvTOH7k622k}
also yes ur right im sorry if i was pressuring my you to be a certain way you don’t wanna be…
i really liked the nft art ‘toss edit. it’s gonna be a sensation on /p*l/ im sure >>10577968
despite her slip ups (wink wink) she’s got that kind of smile that lets you know everything will turn out fine.. so she has my vote!
pinkerton has “why bother”, which also happens to be the only song by weezer i really like! still trying to get into them?

you thought I didn't know who Polly was!
I bought like 1 month of her OF once but it was barren at that time, And there was only one lewd and it's not clear whether it was actually hers since plastic gag breasts exist

Anyways no cringe at all in having fun with someone who obsesses for girls like I do!

one friend of mine is just a big weezer fan so he wants me to listen to their seminal works lol
yeees i wasn’t sure! i dunno what i was thinking doubting your popsmarts..
at this point pc music should just have the entire crew on onlyfans.. including a.g. cock! i don’t know if you ever told me, do you think he’s cute? i dooo :3 also any thoughts on 7G & or apple? 7G wasn’t bad but apple was… i wasn’t feeling that one as much 2bh
ehehe i wouldn’t say obsessss maybe just admire

:0 interesting… let me know how it goes! next, find out how they feel about radiohead, that’ll tell you everything you need to know about them :>
Def yes?!
so surprised you actually heard those!! continuing your streak of suddenly listening to my fave artists without me uggghh
AG says that he is not an album artist so as a moviefag larping as a music admirer that is an inherent hurdle, it's best seen as like QG dumping some cool stuff he had on his hard drives but there are a handful of really nice highlights!

(Gaaah it's so hard to type about art while working o have to be so wordy!!)

[fortune color="#FF0000" hidden="aaaand.... What if I told you they enjoy..."]I love[/fortune]

about that time again
i just wish caroline would release her new album already!
you’re talking to a… KPOPPER?! this feels like betrayal
confucius say: rang tang ding dong i am the japanese sandman
>*cooly bursts out of the ground dancing and pulling her eyelids back in an offensive way*
>this feels like betrayal
[fortune color="#FF0000" hidden="good fuck those other bums lol "]hoboline[/fortune]

>her eyelid
But she wear glasses we can't see them
offense level: 0
File: sioux10.jpg (24 KB, 300x420)
24 KB
Heil satan.
waiting in his bed like
ngl I got paranoid cause I thought the hail Satan post cause that was always some B's that Ms Gettysburg used to troll me but then I remembered wait a minute I put lucifooly in the op LOL
can't believe she's retiring :(
kehehe you so silly.. ms gettysburg?! wow lots of new characters ive learned about recently, i can’t wait to start unraveling some of this lore tomorrow with you! at my secret clubhouse lele

tanbee and i is cold pls hurri ;-;
*telekinetic hugs*
promise you'll still be there when I arrive!

Gettysburg is in Pennsylvania not Virginia FUCK
hmm… she’ll be back
probably just wants to take a break to focus on her other upcoming political and musical projects for a while~!
she's charging $25 for sexting and if both parties cumming is involved ngl I would totally do it
>*virtually squeezes the life out of your ribs*


will be waiting just for you

history / geography still isn’t your strongest suit hm?? >///> tehe i getcha now, you meant ms. horse and dolphin spammer
ikyk i love nads and respect her hustles, and sex work in general! but me personally idk it’s reaaallllyy hard to enjoy things like that knowing the other person is only doing it for the money instead of because they like me :/
NEVER question my love for geography again I bet you don't even have Google Earth installed for entertainment purposes!!

that's why I made the specification!
[fortune color="#FF0000" hidden="I actually tried paid sexting during a .. low point one time, it wasn't awful but not satisfying enough to be worth paying for it"]hoeboline[/fortune]
i actually do! i like looking at rural places in random parts of the world. especially the kamchatka / yakutia region in russia, or literally anywhere in idaho or peru! if you’re not careful i’ll give you a pop geography quiz in chat tomorrow hehe
[fortune color="#FF0000" hidden="just remembered I told d*d I would drive back home arrrfgh I hope he forgets"]kooreuawshch[/fortune]

well you probably pick better places than me to explore so you win
[fortune color="#FF0000" hidden="sigh, so i have kinda slacked on hygiene lately due to my ongoing personal crisis and I got called out on it from co-workers/super and I'm upset, especially since I got the news from d*d who told me in such a bothersome way. idk I just don't feel comfortable doing anything in this stupid dysfunctional house so my motivation gets screwey it's so abnormal I know and that's why I'm so rustled!!"]hoboline[ [2]/fortune]
File: 1658594326400.jpg (37 KB, 467x669)
37 KB
I guess I'm on my Richard Branson wave
No virgin, but I knew just how to behave
'Cause I can be a good girl, buxom milkmaid
Or you can drive me down to Florida and fuck me for days

Back at the start, think you knew that I was dangerous
I've done a couple bad things if you catch my drift
I told him, "Baby, you can pull up on the landing strip
And if you do it right, welcome to my island, bitch"
im sure you did great on the ride home :3
hey pfft you can’t give up that easy on the quiz! it’s only one question!
that must have felt terrible, im so sorry poor little angel.. :c it’s definitely a hallmark of depression, and ykik your household environment is a big part of that.. but on the upside it’s a pretty easy fix right! iirc i rec’d some brands. make it a fun early morning routine by playing pop music via bluetooth speaker
okay on second thought maybe christianity is legit..
File: 1654684692567.jpg (1.09 MB, 2322x2236)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB JPG
>it’s only one question!
the question is...
Who is the question?

[fortune color="#FF0000" hidden="i didn't ride home last night. i did get away with driving to the wal-mart liquor store for apple cider with barely any screw ups just now though!

an easy fix would be... having more drawers to put my crap in so my room isn't so messy, completely re-organizing my room furniture in general so things are way easier to walk to (though i'm procrastinating since i'm debating whether to get a sleeper chair bed for myself), and if things work out really well, perhaps a whiteboard so i can remind myself of things better lol. a house to myself without snarking parents and a sister that destroys everyone's property would be much better though!"]boy probluhms, who's gottem[ [2]/fortune]

have another hilarious boomer meme
File: 1654959625737.webm (1.89 MB, 516x640)
1.89 MB
1.89 MB WEBM
[fortune color="#FF0000" hidden="UNH she's perfect... *digs my fingertips gently into my hole*"]heuy gorlllll[/fortune]
yepp, another Ms Richmond moment...

anticipating where they and the crew get off scot free for mean-spirited, hypocritical shit stirring and in-group elitism while i'm the one that gets blamed and ridiculed by you and everyone else when i hardly did anything as you later go back to give them blowjobs.

i like this gameplan, sleeper chair bed sounds interesting. im imagining a cross between like a futon and a recliner?
whiteboard is a cute idea! hypothetically if you got your own apartment tomorrow, how long do you think (if ever) it would take for you to miss being around them?
alec should be jailed forever for boss baby
i looove her hair color!
have we been drinking early?? i checked the thread and the only person who is getting any shit is roshi! (justifiably)

>the only person who is getting any shit is roshi!
*groans loudly*
oh wait i just reread it…. and realized that was you? arguing with her about when she would drink and spazz and then telling her to see her way out (i quote) “dipshit”?

[fortune color="#FF0000" hidden="if that's the extent of your ability to read in-between lines then no wonder you were such a suicide-post denier"]jk[/fortune]
are you saying im really stupid :(
in my defense i didn’t read it THAT closely till the 2nd time.. i just glanced, and assumed it was roshi & gail continuing the argument from last thread..
[fortune color="#FF0000" hidden="just saying, i'm the one who got the suicide post correct, meanwhile you attributed some random posts to zeep and confused douglas with a different poster in the mank thread..

note how Ms Richmond keeps using the alcohol thing to attack me and purposel instigate fights in threads towards me despite literally doing the exact same shit many times"]identity crisis[/fortune]
calmed down now, 50% i misunderstood 50% you were trying to blame me and that's what got to me.

i hate myself for taking time away that could be spent more positively together between us i hate myself SO much but also GOD there's a million points about everything i still haven't even made yet and they have to be spoken eventually but i have to wait for the right moment and.....!!!! *LOUD harsh glitch noises play in my head*
File: Chali Eggsy Eggs.jpg (94 KB, 736x1052)
94 KB
okay you can show up to our special place now!
i cant tell if i like her or if shes stupid
File: sue.jpg (11 KB, 300x250)
11 KB
you like her
File: bed time zzzz.jpg (98 KB, 959x959)
98 KB
almost forgot to mention we're falling asleep to this tonight kehehe :}

File: Spoiler Image (1.67 MB, 773x1080)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB PNG
*loud seeding noises under sheets*

watching follow up vid lol
ni ni
[fortune color="#FF0000" hidden="There are places I'll remember
All my life though some have changed
Some forever, not for better
Some have gone and some remain

All these places have their moments
With lovers and friends I still can recall
Some are dead and some are living
In my life I've loved them all

But of all these friends and lovers
There is no one compares with you
And these memories lose their meaning
When I think of love as something new

Though I know I'll never lose affection
For people and things that went before
I know I'll often stop and think about them
In my life I love you more"]strum strum strumstrumstrum strummm[/fortune]
btw i wonder if i should give the american version of rubber soul a chance. apparently THAT'S the version that inspired bryon wilson, which only makes sense, seems like they removed that stupid "what goes ooowwwnnnnnnnnn" song!
File: 1672366631706.webm (1.96 MB, 720x1280)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB WEBM
[fortune color="#FF0000" hidden=".reH esaelp ot yllana flesym erusaelp dna stcejbo cillahp/nem ffo kcus I ,ratla reh erofeb nemes ym gnireffo pihsrow dna reH erofeb leenk I .doG si anaH .anaH evol I"]nroosh gawurem slayesh nyeahgruo[/fortune]

i'm just very picky about which bed to get cause i'm worried about even being a TINY bit disappointed in the quality of it, and if that happens i'm SCREWED.

[fortune color="#FF0000" hidden="parents? i would miss them to a degree, and if i'm stupid and suck at being independent then i'll probably be clinging to them back! but i think the free mindspace would be so beneficial on the other hand. for now though, if i get my own car i'll dip my toes into just going outside away, by myself. "]swimming pol[/fortune]

i should be jailed forever for being such an asshole and confusing things so easily
File: 1665149869618.jpg (72 KB, 1000x667)
72 KB
*bites lip and dribbles all over carpet beneath me*
File: 1670635280685.png (534 KB, 566x626)
534 KB
534 KB PNG
File: 1667879629911.jpg (186 KB, 1440x1435)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
Here's a viddie that really blew me away (made by the "music theory is racist" guy too :0), there are so many parts that made me go "OMG that's what i've been thinking!!" and it helps explain a bit what I mean when I used "earth" and "heaven" as music descriptors before!


[fortune color="#FF0000" hidden="i'm thinking hana might be my new donnie avatar in future batch wpop posts . fuck!"]goin' all lovey dovey on meh[/fortune]
File: 1665789426933.jpg (34 KB, 720x518)
34 KB
File: 1647777646489.jpg (58 KB, 612x612)
58 KB
[fortune color="#FF0000" hidden="so, if you're going to be so overly skeptical over that 'going after letterboxders thing i posted, then it only makes sense i take severe issue with the fact that you still have any shred of respect for Ms Richmond (and Zeep too) as a person despite being so mean-spirited, petty, hateful, hypocritical, bad-faithed, pretentious, arrogant, unlikable, and causing so much hurt to me when i'm the one that wants peace... with no one ever having a bad thing to say about them as i get all the heat... but omg they post links to OLD (never new) rock music and sometimes they write tryhard, over-written tired roasts against roshiposter and that's so fecking BASED!!!!"]let's goooooo[/fortune]
how do you feel about “im looking through you”?
buy lube for hannah
yes i would be skeptical of a chair bed duo thing, a decent bed should cost atleast like $500 so just keep that in mind! maybe visit some mattress stores first before buying anything.
true and yknow usually (and in my personal experience) problematic relationships with the fam get much better when everyone has more space. plus you can always visit them as long as you don’t move super far away!
noooo not jailed forever just for 3 months in the nadya lair
hannah sweat
true indians solved philosophy while europeans were still debating if bedtime stories were real (jokes)
yay! ive always been a fan of adam even though that one video was clickbaity (he changed the title later) [though he still made good points in the video anyway..] but yeah his Q+A and theory videos are the best! predictably someone like him would make /mu/ seethe. a lot of people on 4chan just dislike whatever is popular in a reactionary way for better or worse
yes i approve hannah is fab~!
i wasn’t that skeptical! your explanation the other night was fine. i saw what you were saying. you just get sucked into defending yourself sometimes which i can’t even though i have :c im sorry necessarily blame you for..
[fortune color="#FF0000" hidden="drove a whole city away just to see the fat Brendan Frasier movie in a bit, don't tell my parents lol. even got heckled a bit by some bros in a bar shitting on my driving/parking lol that was funny. Rn I'm in a pizza place"]I will travel across the land, searching far and wide[/fortune]

I'd give the song prob a 6/10. very energetic and fairly catchy, but kinda cornball and shows age as does the rest of that record. idk I can buy Revolver as a "sonically groundbreaking" game changer but not Rubber Soil.

So you saw that Neely vid? Thoughts on it?
woah, tell me how it goes! i had like 0 interest in that one but i heard a lot of people praising brendan’s performance!
im shocked you little rebel, can’t believe you’re that confident already!! that’s amazing, doesn’t it feel kinda liberating? hey atleast you didn’t have to parallel park (that still gives me anxiety!)
>kinda cornball
>shows age
no i won’t argue with you about that, ive always felt the beatles were massively overrated especially their first few albums when they were trying to break away from the commercial pop stuff. the velvet underground and ofc the LA rock scene was so much more ground breaking
yeah ive seen that one before, it’s something that feels like intuitively a given, like yeah most people aren’t gonna process music in some detached analytic theoretical frame, they’re gonna process how the sounds they’re hearing make them feel relative to what they know, and that revolves around dissonance, harmony, also tension and release. things with lots of dissonance and tension would naturally communicate negative things while things with alot of harmonious consonance or release would communicate positive things like “earthly” or “heavenly”.
like if incorporated samples of a fire crackling over ambient tribal drumming with some alto sax id say that would evoke earthy essences in my mind, maybe use of a choir and harps generally evoke angelic or heavenly vibes.

[fortune color="#FF0000" hidden="it's a decent 7/10 to me. maybe would have liked it more if it centered less on emphasizing the ugliness of the character (it goes pretty hard but not so hard that it's outright dehumanizing thankfully). Brendan does put in good work, but I do wonder if it would have been more effective if it had been played by an actor who can show warmth better (Brendan is talented, but he's more like Nic Cage and Jim Carrey, less the kind you'd see playing people who should be lovable and moreso normal people who act crazy!"]fat mothafucka now look who's in troublw[/fortune]

tbqh they probably should have at least taught me parallel parking in that school

>The in-depth music knowledge you show in this post
gosh, this is why I particularly like you so much I rarely get this from others!!!
it can be fun to just soak in instrumental or foreign music and where go mentally


where ideas, if any, does this communicate to you?
see where you go mentally*
my gosh i butchered that so badly im just gonna wait till i get home to continue this lul
home now, best friend!
hmm what was the general premise of the movie?
do you think you’ll try and learn some theory someday?
it's a play that follows all three unities in the fat guy's apartment, as the fat guy tries desperately to reconnect with daughter and benefit her as it's the only thing that can salvage his failed life.

if i had more freedom i would probably like to do learn all about that stuff, but i overestimate and fail myself so often!! (knowing the right place to learn it in a proper way would help too)

Your fortune: Average Luck
were you trying to be mean or am i just overthinking things
didn't mean to come off like that
well do you have to do all that cuddling and watching stupid youtube videos with others so openly? that was OUR friend tradition thing. i never really put stuff like that in your face… especially not when we’ve been getting along nicely..

and how can you call the olivia poster best friend so soon?! they don’t even know you that well!
you kinda did the same thing
ooohhhhhhhhh so it IS like that…
i see.
too busy to give a decent response i guess.
okay “friend” goodnight.

i guess that was wrong thing to post at this time..

i couldn't even argue right now if i tried it's not what i want. i just wanna hug you forever.

No matter how I think we grow
You always seem to let me know
"It ain't workin"
"It ain't workin"

And when I try to walk away
You'd hurt yourself to make me stay
This is crazy
Oh, this is crazy
so who do you think

i guess i won’t hang around wupawp much more, if the only people left secretly hate me.

[fortune color="#FF0000" hidden="you don't even realize, that my biggest fantasy, my biggest dream, is that one day, even after all the hard drama we've been through against each other, we can still end up being together....

i had drinks yesterday my judgement wasn't very good and didn't think through how you would perceive certain things. please i'm already being burdened enough through my abuser getting no comeuppance for what he did to me, and people ridiculing me endlessly saying my abuse never even existed, please don't put me through this..."][/fortune]
okay…fine.. i forgive you.. it probably wasn’t right of me to get irked by that stuff last night anyway.. i was just having a moment and that being the last thing i saw before bed didn’t help..
i would still like to know who that was though and i trust your post identification skills more than my own right now..
any idea?
>*awkward side hug*

also if it’s any consolation, your abuser has been pretty miserable for a long time now right?! that’s something isn’t it? also the only person who even says that now blank isn’t real is probably just zeep being an ass. actually, i wouldn’t be surprised if it was him trying to rile me up..
[fortune color="#FF0000" hidden="only zeep would spitefully identify me like that just from seeing my hannah diamond posts alone, that's just my educated guess. i don't think hornyposter (the only other potential candidate) has that capability.

i don't think so. he has his new group (cult) of friends that likely sides with him on every smear he says about me (i've experienced this firsthand, one of his dickriders calling ME crazy for trying to call him out). meanwhile i can't even get MY friends to stand up for me whenever people are blatantly wronging me."][/fortune]
[fortune color="#FF0000" hidden="WHO TF is that poster and what is his deal??? (and why is he so fixated on that one picture of billie even though he seemingly doesn't like her?)"][/fortune

I've participated in this village for such a lengthy period of time....
its DP or the midge.
Have you learned nothing!
okay… who do you think it is?
someone who's not an AP dick rider!
wait.. what? that’s kind of a weird response.. are we talking about the same thing?
idk you have as much of a case for those two being the culprits as you do the cookie monster being the culprit so hey let's just associate whatever we want
someone told me to kill myself.
you asked who it could be?
i say i think it’s probably DP or the midge
you say “have you learned nothing!”
then i say “ok who do you think it is?”
you say “someone who’s not a AP dickrider!”

wtf is that about? the only people that don’t like AP are you, roshi, DP and the midge.
WHO ELSE would randomly tell me to kill myself?! you’ve started being so mean out of nowhere.. are you having a rough day at work or something?!
[fortune color="#FF0000" hidden="I just had to deal with you using your second opportunity to speak with them directly about me just to shit-talk me YET AGAIN, so hearing that Bot ass AP-influenced response from you was so tiring and frustrating."][/fortune]
2nd opportunity to speak with them and i shit talked you?! im so confused..
>hearing that bot ass ap influenced response
i don’t even have a huge bias against DP or the midge, but the guys who always posts a ton of links, pics of civ games, the food they make, always uses weird grammar, the people always posting lauren and tay, etc etc etc, we both know who im talking about and they make lots of nasty posts. maybe im wrong about who makes what post sometimes, but i don’t think it’s a terrible guess. idk who else would randomly tell me to kill myself.
BUT, i can think for myself. i don’t blindly agree with AP, or parrot everything she says. you act like i do though.
anyway.. im gonna chalk this strange behavior up to you having a bad day or something. moody or hungover?
[/spoiler]I never saw you saying "hey AyP maybe you should just like everything eMP likes and we'll get along" that's for sure
it’s a lot harder to teach an old dog new tricks.. she’s been around the block a while, so we have a lot to learn from her..
also that was not shit talking you! if that counts as an opportunity to speak with them directly about you, then so does literally any time i post there. but that whole issue is another can of worms i meant to get into when we were lounging, but it slipped my mind.. maybe this weekend we can?
can we try and decompress a little? things have gotten unnecessarily tense in the last 28ish hours :(
Funny considering it's someone with the intelligence and maturity of a teenager
your anger and lack of understanding is going to hurt you.
what does “turn the other cheek” mean to you?!
[fortune color="#FF0000" hidden="It means shut the fuck up I've been turning the other cheek and tried to be so charitable to their character for the better part of a year and I got nothing out of it and I just wanna go the fuck home already][/fortune]
>Too much caffeine can also make you irritable and agitated in situations that normally wouldn't affect you in those ways. And if you already have increased anxiety or suffer from panic attacks, caffeine can cause these symptoms to become worse.

Nothing even happened at that stupid 8AM dentist appointment. Just got scheduled another one!
>cursing at me
okay yeah…. bad day and you’re taking it all out on me..
well goodnight then… safe travels sweet dreams :(
caffeine you say..? tough sell.. i’ll think about that one.
fortune color="#FF0000" hidden="how tf does that date girl drink this monster shit multiple times a day and deal with it this is suffering God I'm gonna regret everything including my behavior I'm sorry][/fortune]
fortune color="#FF0000" hidden="that feeling I had the last few minutes in my shift was that same feeling I had when I was so pissy during that death grips conversation, gosh that silly little substance is the key to all of that oh my gosh][/fortune]
fortune color="#FF0000" hidden="also no I'm not blaming the drinks for my behavior ugh I'm just an asshole I apologize ][/fortune]
fortune color="#FF0000" hidden="am I really still hearing this same old list rattled off about celebrities who made "death threats" to drunpf in 2023 ughhhhhh][/fortune]

on a more positive note, birdie's saying stuff about being trans again, should we take their word for it!

*suddenly jumps onto your back and tries to ride my entire body on you like a horse*"]peter griffin[/fortune]

AAAAND GOODNIGHT (HOPEFULLY)"]peter griffin[/fortune]
[fortune color="#FF0000" hidden="i don't know what to do with my life.....

before you split i knew exactly what i wanted to do, which was be with you. it gave me a goal, even if it wasn't gonna happen right away. and i don't think you realize how thoroughly i've idealized this, i was thinking about whether or not you would be the one moving, or if it would be me, whether or not i would EVEN need a car to do anything with you, etc. etc. all i needed was for you to talk to me to iron these things out.

then you abandoned me. now i'm lost. now i have nothing to aspire to. i don't care about anything or anyone else i'm literally just existing now and suffering until maybe something better begins to happen. should i go 100% in finding someone new or should i just wait it out for like a 1% chance you'll return to me?? my head is so fucekd. even crazier to think about this considering all i guess i had to do to get you to talk to me that time was, idk, tell you i wasn't a freaking crazy fundamentalist or something!!! but you made such an unfair and inaccurate judgement of me and it destroyed everything... and i can't help but feel a level of resentment over that because you never brought any of this up to me and still led me to believe i was someone you cared about that strongly. but nope. you thought i was a fundamentalist. you said you "don't have time" for me anymore. you said you wouldn't have continued talking to me again if i wasn't suicidal and lonely. my entire past year was just a lie. you only ever hang out with me not because you like me, you basically just do it out of obligation.

why does it only have to be "weekends" for us to talk personally now. before we could just do that stuff right away...."]peter scariffin[/fortune]
ever seen this movie before?
literally me..
calm down….
Maybe I reconnected too early and I'm not ready to be a good person yet..
hm… maybe you did rush it a bit, i don’t think you’ve truly forgiven me for certain things not complaining about that, just statingso you’re saying you need more time to heal?

I don't think I can really come back together
what do you mean?! you’ve been doing better than ever??
[fortune color="#FF0000" hidden="no, cause no matter what good things may happen to me in the near future and what I accomplish over time I'm always going to be burned by the fact that I failed the one goal that mattered most and there's nothing I can do to ever fix it cause by the time I was even AWARE of there being an issue in the first place so I could try preventing it, I was already a month and a half too late...

I really just fell down so hard,just too messed up in the head to sustain anything social. I used to be the talk of the town and I had so much company, spazzo refused to stfu about me being an egotistical attention whore, I was so fine.. and now I'm not even worthy of sharing a DM of the one and only person I'm still close with."]p.w.[/fortune]
your new friend is a c*nt.
okay nevermind, that was totes my bad…
i guess it wasn’t DP or the midge.. and maybe it’s not your friend.
but this new poster is the one that told me to kms -_-
welcome to my world
now all you need is me to shower that poster with praise and defend everything they do just cause they post old rock songs sometimes
ok? sorry for clarifying. should’ve just said nothing.
clarify that link
okay i got pretty lucky with those quads..
i would like for you to watch it when you can and interpret what im cryptically trying to imply
don’t forget to turn closed captions on unless you’re fluent in french

Your fortune: ( ´_ゝ`)フーン
>this video is unavailable
great implication
File: Spoiler Image (96 KB, 540x409)
96 KB
File: Spoiler Image (96 KB, 547x415)
96 KB
File: Spoiler Image (101 KB, 520x403)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
File: Spoiler Image (107 KB, 576x404)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
File: Spoiler Image (75 KB, 556x407)
75 KB
File: Spoiler Image (85 KB, 524x408)
85 KB
File: Spoiler Image (83 KB, 555x396)
83 KB
File: Spoiler Image (91 KB, 565x411)
91 KB
File: Spoiler Image (85 KB, 565x390)
85 KB
File: Spoiler Image (90 KB, 519x407)
90 KB
File: Spoiler Image (102 KB, 542x406)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
File: Spoiler Image (8 KB, 750x382)
8 KB
Things used to be, now they not
Anything but us is who we are
Disguising ourselves as secret lovers
We've become public enemies
We walk away like strangers in the street
Gone for eternity, we erased one another
So far from where we came with so much of everything
How do we leave with nothing?
Lack of visual empathy
Equates the meaning of L-O-V-E
Hatred and attitude tear us entirely
Chloe Mitchell
i miss MB
i miss AP
i miss SP
i miss KP
i miss KOP
i miss /boner/
even midge and DP
and of course most of all i miss you…
when all we had was fun and stupid lighthearted drama..
before all these strange deep feelings entangled things between so many of us
these new posters are weird, mean or just no fun.
oh, i miss bird too..
i miss not being mistreated and misunderstood
[fortune color="#FF0000" hidden="i'll just be honest i'm never ever ever EVER going to forgive you for thinking 'you're still in love with douglas' was a valid reason to discredit our relationship causing you to stop talking to me and replace me okay"]warko[/fortune]
woah we posted at the same time….
okay i don’t wanna invalidate your feelings because you are kinda right about some mistreatment being a thing (i think i do understand you decently well though)
but i feel like you aren’t understanding enough of how certain things felt for me.. because of how badly our falling out hurt you, it’s given you a lil bit of tunnel vision in a sense where some of my legitimate issues with things are minimized
ugh.. this vicious anger and spite of yours is the root of all of our problems and your problems with others.. if you could be more understanding and forgiving who knows how different so many things would be…
i know you don’t mean for it to slip out of control, you’re just having trouble with dealing with the emotions in a healthy way..
nervously gives hug
i think despite everything you will come out okay.. it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when you first step into the darkness
remember it’s still first month of the new year, we are reconciling with our trauma early this time!
[fortune color="#FF0000" hidden="i'm home now
i've been lump throaty for a while now. i don't know if i can explain everything i feel, especially cause this just isn't the right place. i know my anger appears so much, but that's mainly because i'm just in a poor position to speak most of the time we're interacting. i'm just thinking in terms of real-life interactions and how i'm absolutely not that kind of person... God i wish you could just believe me but i don't know how to prove it. and now i'm intimidated cause there's a million more things i wanna say but i'm scared of running out of time before you start going to sleep. fuck.

but still, sometimes i have to put my foot down and say some certain truths: you making that douglas decision was honestly just so fucked up, and to me your inability to communicate with me and vice versa is what I FEEL leads to the worst problems between us and has destroyed literally everything"]warko[/fortune]
puts my index finger up to your lips
>don't know how to prove it
you’re off to a good start here by explaining your feelings and thoughts in a way that doesn’t feel pointed.
you know i can be understanding and i know. always have, even now.. the vast majority of the time you are the sweetest thing ever. it’s just the 1/4th of the time when you’re not where it can be really intense. but we don’t have to worry about any of that right now. if you have additional stuff you’d like to vent, thats more than fine. or if you wanted to wait, maybe we can just rest a little while, and i can watch you play some video games and pick out stupid youtube videos for us tonight?
[fortune color="#FF0000" hidden="im too busy intensely crying right now because of how overwhelming everything is for me right now, having to live up to so many expectations (while others don't look to be held to NEAR the same standards i am, i must repeat), guilt over my prior actions, past incidents that can't ever be changed now, things i just flat out disagree with and desperately wish i could change your mind on. all of this in my head at once, for hours on loop in my head ALL day, deliberating on every possible thing (trust me i understand you more than you think i do) yet i only get to express 1/1000th of it because of the circumstances we're usually talking in.. that, plus in general being treated like shit is what fucks me up so bad and causes me to flip out. i wish we weren't relegated to talking in only microdoses now. i wish it weren't so hard for you to log onto discord in the right moments when you still had it. but really i wish we weren't so distant so we could leave all these stupid obstacles behind and i could finally be dedicated and treat you like i always wanted."]warko[/fortune]
can i be expected to not be angry..
when things like
[fortune color="#FF0000" hidden="i'm pretty sure the split was before my rage hit its worst points too... so i don't see a real case there cause that's all i'm interested in, especially since you aren't even refuting this >>10586728 . "]warko[/fortune]
[fortune color="#FF0000" hidden="i'm just obsessed with contradictions and i desperately wanna point each and every one of them out to try and make a point that maybe the way you've been perceiving things isn't how things OUGHT to be... like, why is it okay for you to post about other anons fucking your ass, but not okay to simply continue being close in DMs? "]warko[/fortune]
[fortune color="#FF0000" hidden="i don't want to just erase you, erase my feelings over time, or continue on after having something so valuable, rare and irreplaceable to me be taken away. i'd rather just end my own life."]warko[/fortune]
[fortune color="#FF0000" hidden="i literally don't even wanna do my morning wood right now, cause i'm stuck thinking about you and i genuinely don't want to think about anyone else (it's just so hard thinking about you now)

this is what i've REALLY been like the entire time, as you wouldn't stop accusing me of "loving" douglas and SP, thinking i only wanted you as something nice to fuck."]warko[/fortune]
[fortune color="#FF0000" hidden="i have to keep telling you that cause i don't even know if it's even processing for you. you're still saying things like 'YOU KEEP COMING BACK TO HIM' which aren't true AT ALL. what on earth did/do i have to show you to prove that you're the only one i want???"]warko[/fortune]
[fortune color="#FF0000" hidden="i believe time will vindicate me on my convictions here. because i've THOUGHT this a MILLION times, in my HEAD, this is what made me determine with rationality that i should stay with you, when i was waiting for you back in the days even though you were ignoring me so fucking bad and putting me through emotional hell.

even WITH the problems we do had, i made the conclusion, that every little positive thing we have together, in spite of our flaws together, are too strong, too perfect to just throw away. i just can't find these positive connections in anyone else, it's too rare and unfeasible. and so i stuck it out for you, wanting to stay by your side.

so why then.... do you wish to make enemies with me over the tiniest negatives???"]warko[/fortune]
Once I called you brother
Once I thought the chance
To make you laugh
Was all I ever wanted

And even now I wish that God
Had chose another
Serving as your foe on his behalf
Is the last thing that I wanted

This was my home
All this pain and devastation
How it tortures me inside
All the innocent who suffer
From your stubbornness and pride
[fortune color="#FF0000" hidden=">these new posters are weird, mean or just no fun.
you say this while praising the poster who literally door-to-door knocks on every posters DMs every other day to ask whether or not they're the ones making posts/memes she doesn't like because they trigger her so much...

also oh my fuck, how can you just straight up ATTACK me as being unforgiving and spiteful oh my god??? AP is the one that's 10x worse on that and has literally CONTINUED all the drama for up to an ENTIRE YEAR now but YOU DON'T EVER GIVE A SHIT and I'M the only one that gets SHIT ON."]warko[/fortune]
[fortune color="#FF0000" hidden="*you proceed to ignore all the valid points i'm making just because i'm saying it in an angry voice*



[fortune color="#FF0000" hidden="*>CHEAT ONE ME

while using my literal abuser as a "reason" why i can't be close with you..."]warko[/fortune]
[fortune color="#FF0000" hidden="if you're response to all of this is just gonna be "calm down" or something like that i'm going to be so upset.

if it's anything other than you selecting each and every argument i'm writing out and making a case for why you think it's wrong, it's a bad reply. i don't want to be comforted because nothing can fucking save me from this hell anymore. "]warko[/fortune]
File: IMG_20230125_135235690.jpg (905 KB, 4080x1426)
905 KB
905 KB JPG
doubt it..
hands tissue
it’s not even so much the expectations, the guilt, the incidents, the disagreements… it’s the looping, the inability to let things go and like the level of intensity of your reactions..
all of the posters have had tough things to deal with, but the common element with everyone is, at a certain point they just shrug it off and walk away. do you think emby, apee, spee, or KOP spend most of their time not on 4chan thinking about /wpop/ stuff?! even AP who does tend to get moody and lash out at posters for things she dislikes, she keeps it very brief and i can’t see her carrying that animosity around irl all the time. in fact if you took things a little less seriously sometimes im sure she would still probably warm up to you. she knows people change. in fact a part of me thinks she genuinely really cares about you because she always talks about trying to get you to limit your drinking, and she was vulnerable and trauma bonded with you in the christmas bread :c

i think we could probably talk more and get back to where we were, if not further depending on how things go here. part of the reason why i needed this space is because i felt like i was doing a really bad job at establishing boundaries and it was starting to seriously negatively impact our friendship.
to be clear, i thought i always said the d*glas thing was only one part of a collection of problems i had. and like okay maybe it’s not even that you wanted to be with him, but the fact you still went to talk to him after everything disturbed me. especially walking into that [s4s] thread seeing you arguing with him. there’s no telling how long you’ve been talking with him here, maybe even when you told me he was blocked and you two hadn’t spoke in months..
umm when did i post about other anons fucking my ass?! o///o
your rage was pretty bad well before i deleted disc
nobody on this planet is worth you laying awake at night thinking you’re not good enough, much less committing the not alive over.
okay sometimes you would just act a little thirsty to sp and i guess if it was mutual it’s not that big of a deal.. it did trigger me a little one time because i wasn’t sure of your intentions but yeah…
i wasn’t aware it was THAT emotionally hellish for you at the time! but was it just over the tiniest negatives?! they are pretty big deals for me long term.
im not attacking. again, this is something i wanted to go a little more in depth on this weekend, but you didnt even try to and handle the situation yourself, never wanting to directly message her, always getting others to try and fix it. it takes two to tango as well.
ap or zeep may try and troll you, but if you don’t engage with them or deny them the reaction they seek, the situation will change.
noo some of your anger is justified, and it doesn’t detract from the validity of some of your points. but it is scary. :(
yeah? if you can’t get him out of your life then he’s gonna be your partners problem too.. and with the way he’s harassed you that’s enough to scare anyone :c
rubs back
rare fortune cookie w :3
File: Spoiler Image (99 KB, 564x754)
99 KB
I got the milk job today again. Can't multitask. Just wanted to announce.

so glad you wrote all that out though thank you!

ugh, there I go again, gushing just because you're talking to me again. I can't just go softball right now only for when I start working again I'll end up nitpicking every little detail and end up going crazy even more due to not being able to say anything in detail or write things down! I gotta push back against some things while I'm still sane!

I'll start to write my stuff rn...
Part 1/?

[fortune color="#FF0000" hidden=">the inability to let things go
I don't know about this one. If they would stop their behavior right now I wouldn't care about what they did. You keep telling me over and over again to "leave things in the past", but it's not like they said mean things one time and never did it again, they're continually demonizing me even for things I never did. Just LOOK at how I tried treating them in the past. I apologized to MB, MB rejected me and told me to avoid him. I make a post as Kate Bush Poster defending AP, AP makes a petty spite post against me saying I need a life "outside wpop" (bullshit hypocritical argument coming from AP literally screw you if you disagree)

( people talking around me interrupting my concentration omfg...)

>she genuinely really cares about you because she always talks about trying to get you to limit your drinking, and she was vulnerable and trauma bonded with you in the christmas bread

I don't remember this happening. Either it's a minor incident that clearly doesn't reflect the way AP regularly acts, or it's you being way too charitable to one of them yet again, and there's my BIG problem, the double standards. I've proven myself to show more remorse and willing to change than ANY of them, but you're always bad faithing me and my intentions every step I take while over-explaining and justifying all that they do."]warko[/fortune]
[fortune color="#FF0000" hidden="

Nothing in AP's repeated attitude suggests actually caring about me. If that were true wouldn't there be more asking questions about me and wanting insight into my current personal state, and not constant shit stirring and personal attacks over stupid memes being posted (so much for me being the one taking things too seriously amirite)? Same with your "macabre humor" excuse. If that post AP made was really just her being LE CAAZY, don't you think that would reflect in the posts AP makes towards everyone else AP talks with?? I don't see AP talking that way to KOP, MB, etc. Nothing I see AP post suggests good intent to begin with, only arrogance. You CONSTANTLY tell me that I should initiate conversations with AP more, as if you missed the COUNTLESS amount of times AP started a fight with me only to pretend like she has something "more important to do" and that I'm "below talking to" and then immediately DITCHING THE CONVERSATION, not willing to hear anything about my side, so convinced of being correct.


If there's a private post somewhere in the server admitting ANY sort of humility, then it's irrelevant anyways, since all I see is AP never showing it to my face, never admitting to any wrongdoing, continuing to spread lies about my personal life AND my posting habits to all the other posters (the part in that screencap where AP said "yep KOP, I can confirm MP is always in the threads!!", even though I don't really avatarpost, as if AP knew everything about what I post, made my blood boil), and always bragging that "everybody likes me, nobody likes you".
[fortune color="#FF0000" hidden="
And your downplaying of ALL of this behavior and making excuses for it, knowing how it makes me feel, you SEEING everything for yourself and all the things that suggest that maybe they're nowhere near as "good intentioned" as you desperately want them to be, and on top of that going so HARD on every little thing I do is very concerning to me. It's not even like I want you to fight all of my battles for me, rather that when things happen like when you embarassed me in front of everyone in the thread that I'm 100% gonna "victimize" Olivia poster, after MONTHS of not calling out ANY of their shitty behavior and praising them, it makes me feel like you don't give two shits about me. That if only I was posting old rock songs and bashing religion obnoxiously like they are, I would be worthy of defending. But most of all, it's SO incongruent with your supposed affection for me, and ultimately aligns more with how you misinformed yourself into thinking I was an unworthy partner/friend over various untrue reasons and ended up leaving me alone in misery.



(ugh 30.minutes and that's All I could finish. I didn't even eat I'm literally starving myself just to get THAT AND ALL THIS out. You see why I go crazy from trying to communicate in this environment????)
File: IMG_20230125_192450424~2.jpg (1005 KB, 3143x2474)
1005 KB
1005 KB JPG
Stroking this thing makes me feel things....

[fortune color="#FF0000" hidden=">>10587539
>but the fact you still went to talk to him after everything disturbed me.
I mean, I literally posted screenshots of his posts to clue you in on what was going on and why I was scared (running over children, murder threats, etc.) and felt IT WAS NECESSARY FOR ME TO KEEP AN EYE ON HIM, But I guess that was lost on you? I mean you asked for his [redacted] and all saying you wanted to help....

I can post screenshots when I get home proving that indeed he has not messaged me personally once in a looooong time, even after his last posts here.

>yeah? if you can’t get him out of your life then he’s gonna be your partners problem too.. and with the way he’s harassed you that’s enough to scare anyone :c
I was really just fixating on your thinking I love him.

I get why you would feel that other way, BUTTTT on the other hand, I have a lot more freedom and resources now than I did in 2020 when I had no license or even a JOB and I was stuck, now I can take more substantiative action on my own if I need to.."]wakko warner[/fortune

[fortune color="#FF0000" hidden="
told ya I would!!

>it did trigger me a little one time because i wasn’t sure of your intentions but yeah…
but that wasn't really what you ended up saying. you said "it made me think you just wanted something nice to fuck and you don't actually care about me""]nothing is written[/fortune]

[fortune color="#FF0000" hidden="
>your rage was pretty bad well before i deleted disc
Really my main concern is everything that motivated those long stretches of silence early-to-mid-2022. Anything after, yes sure I can admit to all things horrific I did...

yes it really was very painful to go through. Even if there were good reasons to do it, I wish I had more insight at the time for why, or at the very least, I wish you didn't just assume silence alone was supposed to "clue" me in that you don't want me.

>if you don’t engage with them or deny them the reaction they seek, the situation will change.
I don't even have to be in the thread they're in for them to post shit against me. Just look at how zeep is spamming about me on /hr/. I think I can safely say my reaction or lack thereof is irrelevant in regards to their behavior.

>rubs back
ok, that was funny

>but it is scary. :(
I already feel a bit better overall just from doing this thank you (pls don't say anything I won't find offensive in response!!)

I hope fun stuff can return very soon. ""]NOTHING is written![/fortune]
File: 1653260262780.jpg (30 KB, 404x500)
30 KB
[fortune color="#FF0000" hidden="
wonder if i could start buying and collecting autographed photos sometime... thoughts? only problem is i'd wanna put them on my wall and i'm so scared of having anything on my wall that reveals my personality when with parents lol
although... tanbee is literally sitting in plain sight on my bedroom chair lol
File: 1673948598575108.jpg (43 KB, 720x434)
43 KB
onpee moment
[fortune color="#FF0000" hidden="
so, if we happened to be watching TV in bed at night together what snack(s) would you be eating that i would end up being shared? (besides flaming hots of course!)

'hugs and eskimo kisses'
Don't say you love me
'Cause I can't say it back
Don't say you're sorry
'Cause you've done nothing bad
Swallow my feelings
But won't swallow my pride
You know I've got a suit of armour on
You'll never see me cry

I hate the silence
That's why the music's always loud
So many problems
I try to drown them out
1000 bottles
Collecting souvenirs

You're so forgiving
My friends think you're the best
From the beginning
Your friends said it wouldn't last
But this connection
It's something they don't see
You know it's so hard to admit it
But the best damn part of me was always you
You know it's so hard to admit it
But the only good inside of me is you

I take all of these blue and yellow pills
But nothing seems to last like you
You're chasing after something that you'll never catch

Like a white Mercedes
Always been running too fast
When your heart is breaking, you keep on taking me back
Hate myself, I really love you
Hurting you feels like I'm hurting as well
All I know is I don't deserve you

I don't deserve you
I don't deserve your love
One day I'll pull through and I'll be good enough
I don't deserve you
I don't deserve your love, oh your love, yeah
File: Spoiler Image (71 KB, 750x448)
71 KB
w00h. gotem
who is this directed at?
can't talk watching Bill
a bunch of girls started moshing in the front earlier when Bill said so on screen not even kidding
Real shit
and you didn’t jump in the pit and swing some elbows?!
jk moshpits scare me too and i avoid them if i can 0-0
so is bill thrilling everyone?? if she beats justin biebers numbers, ill be impressed hehe (im assuming he has the most sales for a movie concert thing)
that would be difficult since this is a one night special thing. it's on apple though not sure if it profits directly on there..
ooohhh are you watching this at home or in theater?
time to drive now, home I'm not too late!!!
be safe lil roadster :u
i have no idea how anyone could call her an "unlikeable cunt" or something like that she's super cute and lovable!!

back home now!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6HDrFxDVX8 another fave song ever made
oooh it doesn’t matter how great anyone is, there’ll always be atleast one hater.. billeh may not be lot of things. but. i always thought she was likeable! maybe just a bit awkward at times.
pang didn’t do a lot for me desu.. i can definitely see you enjoying this, though. it’s kinda reminiscent of turn me into a flower!
File: FnVjGpvWYAs-wbE.jpg (277 KB, 1080x1080)
277 KB
277 KB JPG
omg this news is so crazy thoughts?

Pang does have an uneven quality that keeps me from favoriting it as a whole (pretty experimental to its credit, but most of the songs i think are only half-good) but there are some moments that REALLY hit for me and i love a lot. her next record seems to be the same, cause i love Sunset so much and like Welcome to my Island & remix, buti'm not a fan of billions.............

and apparently KATY PERRY is on her upcoming song???
File: bjork cuddles.jpg (173 KB, 1281x1024)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
i heard a lil bit about that. it's interesting witnessing all these companies stake ideological positions and watching the backlash (or support). though it's really annoying to me when any corporation does some generic shallow PR stunt instead of doing something tangible and meaningful to whatever cause they wanna help.
nobody cares about m&m representation, donate to charity, pay college tuitions, build houses, anything but adding new mascots, who is that actually helping?!
>pretty experimental
how so
actually am excited for her new album!! i think i'll like it alot more than pang. so far her chairlift stuff is my favorite :3
>katy perry
omg see theres no way it can be bad now!!
....experimental purely in the sense that it incorporates pretty uncommon ideas into a pop song format, is what i mean

>tfw i don't even bother boycotting companies because it's either controlled opposition with millions of normies following a media-approved agenda, or it's too fruitless since everyone buys anyways thus all you do is make your life worse

also i started to try harder in listening to Bajork can you tell me more thoughts on her?
File: hi how are you.jpg (77 KB, 762x995)
77 KB
>it's either controlled opposition with millions of normies following a media-approved agenda
almost sounding a bit like d*d aren't we?
cooly face
>i started to try harder in listening to Bajork can you tell me more thoughts on her
yay! whatcha listened to so far? i would say homogenic right away if you haven't heard it yet! my other two favorites are post and vespertine, i havent listened to utopia or fossora yet, they seem interesting, also the biophilia remixes are great! didnt care much for the sugarcubes era.
but yeah! bjork always appealed to me because she is so unique, her approach to singing, her music, her look, the way she thinks, i can be a sucker for quirkiness hehe.
that's kinda a commonly held observation right? that these days, actual revolutionary stuff never catches on with enough people to make real change, unless the corporatized entities start promoting it. and then you have to consider why that's happening to begin with... not with everything of course but still.

made it up to Vespertine but still need to re-listen to ALL her first four so much more it's crazy. i actually heard Homogenic first of all and i was actually so insanely blown away by it that... i did not want to hear it a second time again for a while, because i was so scared it would be a let down if i did...
File: Spoiler Image (1.84 MB, 1440x1439)
1.84 MB
1.84 MB PNG
[fortune color="#0000FF" hidden="this pic encapsulates a big reason why being a woman is so appealing to me... just being one and connected with other goddesses like yourself, so light, airy, so much sass and confidence. idk if im making sense had some alky"]BILLLLYEEEEEEHNS[/fortune]
[fortune color="#FF0000" hidden="
*holds you with one arm and strokes your hair*
my dream is to make your life significantly improved by me being in it..

my outbursts are really bad.. but at the moment until i find real therapy or something they're uncontrollable.. usually it goes like, if my brain doesn't get a satisfying explanation or answer to a contradiction stuck on my mind on why i'm in such a shitty position right now, it melts down.. but with that said, as much as there are yes i understand my behavior plays a part in that too.

for now i just wanna be as positive as i can while i'm slightly less insane. i look forward to the next time we can hang out on chat and have some smirnoffs!

You can stop at Vespertine and be ok with life. Your reaction to Homogenik was correct. She peaked there and it's probably in the top 20 albums of all time conversation.

Conversely, you should examine why there is a place for corporations to take positions to begin with. It points to an inherent place in humanity for a corporatization of thought. Why is that there to begin with and if it is something to be suspicious of how do each of us need to take responsibility for it?
File: 1653322542952.png (857 KB, 1200x2580)
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this isn’t terrible advice, definitely listen to homogenic again!! also at the very least spreading awareness to others in your immediate circle is a decent thing to do as an individual. that’s how you foment backlash at a grassroots level yesh?
yes i understand what you’re saying sillbill! i think it would be cute to see you experiment with gender fluidity. at the same time i think you already possess a lot of those qualities now when you want to!!
i feel like some of the way you handle your angry emotions, you picked up from d*d, which is what happens to everyone i guess… i just know my d*d has a tendency to bottle everything up for a loooong time, which i defo got from him
smirnoffs and chat is always a fun time c:
we’ll see what happens tonight!
watching the Banshees movie now
oh nice! i wonder if siouxsie will make an appearance?
laugh track plays
you’ve been catching up on a lot of film lately hmm? trying to figure out what MOTY was for 22’?
for me, it’s between everything everywhere all at once, all quiet on the western front remake, or babylon.
secret society shavettes
*presses my shoulder onto yours as we sit together in the theater*

I still have 4 movies to see of the nominees left, this was the best nominee year since 2019, though not exactly one I would single out as the *BEST* I feels...
[fortune color="#110000" hidden="Look im not even mad im just dissapinted in the whole situation, things could have gone way differently but instead it was just a huge mess for everyone"]armpit moshpit[/fortune]
who are you
Im just a sad guy who likes thick thighs
[fortune color="#FF0000" hidden="sorry i shouldn't have posted, or even acknowledged that this thread exists, im just going to fuck off now, sorry for fucking something else good up."]hillside ham[/fortune]

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