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File: tomoko.jpg (8 KB, 350x197)
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what is kuroki tomoko?
the daughter of wisdom
her brother is expensive wisdom
both of them are black logs
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funny relatable dork that turned into a boring l*sbian

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An loser.
An adolescent girl who struggles socially
nonwhite japan
File: 1664357714907.png (501 KB, 1821x1695)
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Tomoko has poor self-esteem and poor social skills.
Here are a few reasons why for you to choose from:

1: Adolescence is a time when a person is pushed and pulled by a lot of social forces. Such as the desire to fit in, the desire to be unique, the desire to rebel. Everyone is competing to climb the social pyramid, and so consequently, some are like Tomoko, and left at the bottom.

2: Tomoko's hobbies are more orientated to an isolationist lifestyle. This has possibly led to her social development being stunted, making it harder for her to speak and socialise with people outside her bubble.

3: Tomoko spends most of her time playing dating simulators and looking at porn, causing her to develop unrealistic expectations about relationships and social interactions. This gives her a harder time adapting to the dynamics of real life interaction, and can cause her to feel disappointed, rejected, or inferior when her expectations are not met.

4: Tomoko moved up to high school with no acquaintances from her previous school, putting her at an immediate disadvantage to the rest of her classmates, who all seemed to have someone they clicked with straight away.

5: Tomoko may have mental health problems, such as social anxiety disorder, autism, or aspergers, that causes her to experience a much greater deal of stress and discomfort when in a social setting.

6: Tomoko is a fictional character, created to be socially awkward on purpose so that people that might fit the above descriptions can relate to her.
arigato chatgpt-san
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I am way smarter than chatgpt
go ahead ask me anything
Why is seuss a nigger?

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i am in this post and i dont like it
So she's basically Ayanami Rei or Konata

Your fortune: Very Bad Luck
Unlike Tomoko, Konata has charisma, confidence, self-esteem and social skills.
Also, Konata has an extra year or two on Tomoko, meaning she has had more time to settle into her school environment and make friends. Konata's first friend was Tsukasa, a retarded girl. Maybe before this, Konata was a little more like Tomoko.
It also might have helped that Konata's father shares her interests, and introduced her to a lot of it, so she is more open about her hobby. Tomoko has never had anyone to talk to about her interests.
Unrelated, but because her hobbies are typically for horny geeks, it would be cute if Tomoko's first friend at school was a timid boy who perhaps caught sight of her H-game or doujin that spilled from her bag in an embarrassing moment. And they gradually start sharing more and more of their interests, and hanging out, and eventually having hote teenage sxe in places where they shouldn't. Both gaining social skills and confidence from each other, and becoming better and happy people.
I know that's not the direction the manga took, and I know most people aren't interested in child on child relationships like me... this is just my fan fiction alternate story.
File: Y _Anime.jpg (38 KB, 708x881)
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Doesn't Tomoko actually have a friend in the manga that is deeply flawed and open to new ideas?

Your fortune: Better not tell you now
I can only speak for the anime, as I have not read the manga...
She has a friend, Yu, but they went to different high schools, and she changed her look and became a social butterfly, quickly getting a boyfriend and being part of general normiedom. Tomoko was really hurt by this. Although Yu still loves Tomoko, she perhaps doesn't her difficulties. Basically Yu's development was exactly what Tomoko dreamed would happen to herself upon entering high school.
From what I hear, the continued story of the manga has given Tomoko many friends, but it feels unearned and unrealistic. More like a fantasy harem story than relatable struggles.
I think Yu is clinically retarded or something in the manga, she needs Tomoko around a lot to keep her out of trouble.

Your fortune: Godly Luck
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