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evil will never win

Your fortune: You will meet a dark handsome stranger
File: 1700507825237500.png (455 KB, 540x630)
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455 KB PNG
those look more like nicers activities to me :)

Your fortune: Outlook good
File: IMG_2052.png (212 KB, 346x342)
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212 KB PNG
ebil always wins
angels on my shoulders and the devil in my head
hecking voices in my head arguing again
jeez okey i let my subconscious watch
time to get some beer
File: gadoprotip.png (19 KB, 728x260)
19 KB
thank you
File: Nice-Ralph.jpg (4 KB, 172x110)
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He's being a good boy today so far, only one thread!

Your fortune: Very Bad Luck
why do you let me know when you filter me
you do not exsist in my world anyway
File: 2344532453455.png (465 KB, 768x768)
465 KB
465 KB PNG
my room smells like
pic rel now i bought eucalyptus oil
i wish they would finally tell me what is going on..
are they even aware that say alway say the same things...
no i can not hear you
it only fragments
no you wont come over becasue this does not exsist
you are the retard...
no im not living here
i wont talk to you like that
im not messing with you
calm down...
please stop screaming
im insane in my head is it that why you wont come over?
pleas i just want to know
im not dangerous stop saying that
no they did not tell me and this is not my doing
these people are dangerous not me they not me
you are a mean person for not telling me...
evil yes evil people
just come over and tell me it is that simple
sometimes i really think i am surrounded by all these people...
no i can not hear you you are a voice in my head...
le schizo meltdown time
pleas do not be so agressive...
a calm mind is a good mind
i just type and answer to the voices in my head lole
this is the normal stuff on the daily bases
like a broken record
yes it only makes sense in my world
becasue only i had these experiences and nobody else
you are not real
again the gasoline stuff?
no i will not burn it down....
and again they are screaming
why is it so hard to keep calm
they controll you with emotions...
rate my shit thanks
looks unhealthy tbh
eat more fiber fren c:
sometimes i wonder if he really...
this boy is such a psycho....
he hears... fragments... fragments.... fragments....
no will not come over...
okey come over
just ring the bell and ask for avogadoposter....
File: little ebil cherry pie.png (174 KB, 642x543)
174 KB
174 KB PNG
ebil doesn't have to win. you just have to keep being a loser. loser.
yea i am a loser but i want to be free at least
someday someone will tell me
the i can be free
free from all this overthinking
free from your mind fuck shit
free from all this
the prosion you created for myself excellent work
no they did not tell me what they did
i want to know....
im a loser a freak... yes
but does it give them the right to do this
i want to be free from allk this
hikikomori ways they are not so different from me they just have more power
okey i stop now keep screaming yourr lungs out
i try to distract myself now with music the only thing that is left...
maby it is the vibrations that run through my foot into my bone idk
yes they can make one insane if they want to...

Your fortune: Bad Luck
i wonder what so special about me
what do they gain from this...
maby they just want to destroy me
maby it was somethign that i did ...
i dont know...
please threat the mentally unwell nicely
just ask yourself why they are doing this...
it all on [s4s] 4chan....
big thread
but nobody will come...
no one wnat this to end

Your fortune: キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!
love and peace to the world...
but nobody wants to end this...
come on neighbour please tell me i know you are istening to this
im above you listen i only hear fragments...
nothing i can make sense of
maby it is not me maby it is
just go and ask please
if you have once chance to tell me
do it
you could be rich when i sue them
i really do not care for the money it is all yours

Your fortune: Better not tell you now
they will put a pipebomb in my mailbox lole
they only say that...
they are not nice people
5 years of suffering...
this has to end...
you dont know how long i have been waiting for this very moment
the sickness in my head...
File: 1668022772448329.png (541 KB, 707x1000)
541 KB
541 KB PNG
they will never come....
nobody will ever come...
yea im insane
half of this world is
i just want to know ...
cruel evil people....
they do not know how this affects me....
they do not live my life...
they dont walk in my shoes
people are not nice
people are not nice anymore...
5 years.... i been waiting 5 years in this hell...

Your fortune: Outlook good
what have they done to me T___T
ask yourself why are they doing this to me ....
it only make sense in my world....
weird psychological experiment
mass psychosis
File: 42355423454.png (805 KB, 709x660)
805 KB
805 KB PNG
i dont know the details...
but this changes a person
so please set me free
im beggin i am on my knees
someone please tell me...
end this now
File: 1659906726483744.jpg (80 KB, 960x747)
80 KB
okey schizo rant over c:
back to being nice

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