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File: 1605853829816.png (23 KB, 607x306)
23 KB
i dont feel like finishing the next monkey image
ya cant have any pudding if ya dunt finnish
yooo that monkey looks like he has a dry butthole
needs to moisturize those cheeks
looks finished to me
no lollygagging
do i have to make the joke?
fine ill do it
no loligagging
shut up you fuckin fags omfg
bum that monkey
despite this stupid mochey not being finished i can still tell he ain't looking at anything
the discord monkey
monkey can't be finished
monkey hydration needs
monkey butt tickling non-profit
monkey bum check status: crusty
i crustt my monkey up the butt what what
no monkey for old manks
monkey butt
fucking slut
when u get turned down by a girl u come back fresher next time

Your fortune: キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!
fresh prince ofghcviyg
eat fresh old slice body wash
bell-ends v. fallopian-tubes (there can only be one winner)
dongers v. fallopian-tubes (there can only be one winner)
mango bingo
is to blow up
and then ack like I DON'T KNOW NOBODAYYYY
Seagull man in Budapest
what kind of person lets you get butt nekkid with them
tickle their butthole with your junk
and whisper, "no it isn't time"

Your fortune: Average Luck
the ones who love you

Your fortune: Outlook good
It happened to me FOUR TIMES

Your fortune: Good news will come to you by mail
tell us more

Your fortune: Godly Luck
o... rly?

Your fortune: キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!
no, seuus

Your fortune: Very Bad Luck
suess is sus
Can Can
my mango bout to simmer down and not make eye contact with nobody
shy ass mango

yeah : )
Cities by the sea
File: 100000-943799.jpg (115 KB, 312x317)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
who is the one that let it get in the way?

Your fortune: Very Bad Luck
the babylonians
psycho negro brain jus fuckin..
revving in the mud
for years
'ckin dirty plate on floor
crusty fork & knife
for days

ass fumes.
you huff 'em.
how do you not have that nigga filtered by now
File: sodaProtest3.jpg (232 KB, 960x505)
232 KB
232 KB JPG
nevermind monkeys gotta stay
revving in the mud hahahah that whole shitpile just made me choke on my peanuts
big titty monkey gf
File: 1609647617063.jpg (470 KB, 1080x1080)
470 KB
470 KB JPG
File: 1610879642501.jpg (424 KB, 960x720)
424 KB
424 KB JPG
not funny, try harder to make people lol
how come you missed out "big tittty monkey gf", is that acceptable?//!!! IS IT???
6000 images is a lot of content for an artist to have and never turn you on once

Your fortune: Good news will come to you by mail
discord monkey meme thread ded
even if the guy were gangstalking you and sleeping with your friends, his porn would still be mildly enjoyable

Your fortune: Average Luck
double retard type situation
people jerk off to anything, even stick figures, that is a lot of content for an artist to be drawing that doesn't even make you the least bit aroused

Your fortune: Excellent Luck
i'm starting to get sad because it's like
everything is super serious and nothing is funny
but everyone making militant porn to keep you inert is a hate crime

Your fortune: Good news will come to you by mail
Can you die please
natalya mars very famous in my country
bleeding already

Your fortune: キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!
broke brain nigga
when you're on the playground, you laugh at the other kids that hurt themselves
when you get older, you learn to interpret self harm as a mechanism of vulnerability

Your fortune: Bad Luck
broke brain nigga is my interpertation
these are funny

bee funny
any chance youd be willing to rap about it like at all dude??
no one is vulnerable

the amount attention i get is normal

everything is fine when people resort to self harm

Your fortune: ( ´_ゝ`)フーン
stfu discord tranny
yes thank you dr suess!! (sorry your childrens books got axxed or whatev)
no one is in danger, people are getting more upset because everyone is comfortably invulnerable to social justice

Your fortune: Good news will come to you by mail
you ask questions when you have a clue

Your fortune: Reply hazy, try again
tard on tard action
monkeys don't [italicize]get[/italicize] camp. they just call it retarded
too bad they're on camp board :)
yo this thread is so dope bro
you're welcome :0)
i want my cold sex back

Your fortune: Excellent Luck
im learning. im not as advanced as the other namefigs
this thread is where i get my news
this thread is where i get my big chungus memes
Monkey stares at women with a lack of comprehension
whatever happened to reddit meme poster yo reddit meme dude you around?? quick question for you please
monkey standing in the bathroom absentmindedly letting the water run over his hams
4gigabyte exhentai page and not a single image turns him on

Your fortune: Good Luck
it is time to donate money to the special artist on 4chan who never gives me a stiffy

Your fortune: Good Luck
seuss goes in seuss threads
you are banned from monkey
File: pushmonkey.gif (1.26 MB, 451x296)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB GIF
File: 1601378371989.jpg (158 KB, 640x480)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
RIP baby mank!
clear cookies
...lotta stuff to unpack with this one but i cant be arsed to do it
i've been fucked in the ass all night one more isn't gonna hurt

Your fortune: キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!
finnish monkeys


what they do

Your fortune: Good Luck
morneem :}
brand new day of MONKY~!!!!!!!!!!!!
and also that was pickler mane
100% off the bat immediately knew it was dogshit disney montage mane
easy pickins
.,.,..,.,,.,.., ,. ,. .. ~rumblerumble. , .. .,,. ,.
,. , ,., ., .., ., ,~tremoure . .,. .,. . .~tabletop pictureframe falls over
., ,. ,, ,, ,. ., .,. ,. , ,,. ,., ., .., ,.,. .., ,.., ., URBROOOOOOOOOOOOOWN
original Mecha-Monkey Poster Patient Zero ......................mane ................... ?
There's absolutely nothing anybody can say about this editing that's bad. :)


The Disney parts augment it. I know you only say "disney" as some offhand thing because it's offhand conflation with "kiddy." But to say Disney animation is bad is an outrageous claim. They're the top in the game, no questions or doubts. But yes, show more of your ugly tard-tier monkey drawings that will certainly be remembered for years over Walt Disney.

I think you just got a bias against walt 'cause of his alleged antisemitism maybe, don't know. Just throwin' out.
Aesthetically that vid is perfect. philosophically too.

*chefs kiss muah
throwaway schizo junk
no narrative, no direction, junk typography
auto-generated-tier tootbag status
and then lol cos mad :)
gotem :)))
gotem good :))))))
>There's absolutely nothing anybody can say about this editing that's bad. :)
disjointed. incoherent. you could swap any shot with one another and it would change nothing about the work. video communicates nothing interesting or credible about the human experience.
monhey mane the relative stiffness of ur morning chubpop thruout the years in line graf format if u may
more offhand baseless remarks :)

you can't find any other vids with stronger synthesis between shots than mine. you have trash taste in music anyways :) you wouldn't be able to appreciate the percussion or horns in that track.

all editing is disjointed.

>you could swap any shot with one another and it would change nothing about the work
totally baseless claim with lack of understanding of the principles of editing. All the continuity of the motion in each of the shots congeals fluidly. There's even tonal inserts with the water for the closeup of the woman coming closer. I never see anybody decide to compact their shots synthetically between opposing directions.
bro its an ass huffer wut dont u understand
but i am enjoying these tryhard shitpiles :)
premium crang
i love to crang at them :)
out&out delusion status :)))
>video communicates nothing interesting or credible about the human experience.
that's an outright lie. everything i like aesthetically is substantially better and more profoundly impactful than anybody else I know of.

you only dislike it because it's me :)
'look how i put the woman and the water coming closer and the shots and their synergy mraooou'
angrily explaining ur creation to ppl that dont like it
'yea well u suck anyway u dont know about the h'hoh'hoh'hoooorns oh man ....... whew oh man
had so much more MYSTIQUE about u in the fagin-era posts
now yr jus... crumblin
crumblin unda presha
~tippa tappen
. .., ., ,.. ., ., . ., MICROMACHIIIINES ~slap-down like blocking a basketball shot
in other news there is an image of a sweet little creature from "SOUL" on my banana sticker : )
heh heh cutie poop. :))

knock a lil dislike on the vid, 'kay? And do it for the rest of my stuff, hater.

ask me more about my music taste that's so much better than yours too :))
the view count can be the dislike
that'll do just fine
and then uh.....
hows ur..............
epic mujsic taste man///........... :)
i do like some of them jams so more pleas :)
sexy palm tree bossa nova viberts ples :]
~asking nonplayer shopkeep for a sampling from his small selection of goods typeviber
When you go after somebody with specific intent, it's pretty much a fact that you got a bit of harbored jealousy over. I think there's always been an aspect of me attracting people from /tv/ to me starting a movement a little back that made you have a distaste for everything I'd do. That as well as the whole pulling brandon away to lbg threads and then private discord taking him away from you. If none of these things existed, I don't think there'd be any vested interest in even mentioning me before I came to this board.
projecting much?
something about me draws haters :)

like they just absolutely refuse to give me props for being good :)
textbook projection????????????
textbook projection.........................

hehehehehe :)
all a ruse tho
using a playful little montage as an excuse to chat gubbins
'think he knows it's nothin special
probably not earnest about it
jus tryina get a rise out of mangoes :)



no :) still make better stuff than you, still more funny, and still more successful than you. I've worked on films nationally broadcasted.
maybe schizos shouldnt be on meds....
if hes just gna be petty about every new dookdrop of a video
instead of the larger-than-life biblical typevibers we used to get
maybe just..........
stop takin em
fagin-era picklermane pls come bac........
(meanin stop poppin da pillz
(thanks man
you...nothing but plunderphonic soundcloud with 30 listens probably and spends every day erp'ing as animal crossing characters in discord chatrooms :)
>spends every day erp'ing as animal crossing characters in discord chatrooms :)

you make these posts
hey guys you're both being pretty dumb and gay and boring right now tbh just saying hth bbl
How have you been sleeping?
bro the vids dookie is my point
but explain how it isnt again :)
~indian style storytime in library viber
You only specifically dislike what I make because it's me and pretty much nothin' else. It's why you like whatever lady gaga music videos brandon makes and says they're better than what I make.

It's all based on me and me alone :) And I love it
projecting much?
listen they're..........
they're sorta just... WHATEVER, okay?
they're not really ... ACTIVELY BAD
the music choice gives them..... A BIG BOOST!
but like............. what are they, in the scheme of things?
there's no room for it
no one's gonna make room for this stuff
so like...... just...... do better things okay???? gosh . . .
Who the fuck is Brandon
the lead singer of panic at the disco
People that name their kids Brandon should be put on a list
& its pretty CLEAR i wasnt calling DISNEY dogshite
"dogshit disney montage" .........
CLEARLY indicates that the montage is dogshit
but yr so PERSONALLY HURT by this
this cuts so CLOSE to the VEIN
that yr over there DEFENDING DISNEY
and then bashing the shitty monkey face
like we're tryina RUN UP on DISNEY over here
with idiot monkey face meme
'diculous . . .
DONT LIKE IT????? ~points2door
leaked audio of pickles mane working on his new masterpiece:
you and i both know that door has been missing since 1986
>clearly indicates I dislike it 'cause of you

Which is blatantly true :)

I'm easy to hate on.
idk bud you could just NOT be easy to hate on
thats NOT whats indicated at ALL
i gave an honest review in the previous shitpile
we've got no space to clear in the arena for this stuff
the "ants with tophats" paradigm
(ask me about it
it. . ,., >~ ><!>< ~! ~! ~! !
!!!!!! DUDE ITS NOT LIKE ....... ????????
"DO NUMBERS" and we'll talk
not "DOIN NUMBERS"?????????????
well, the people have spoken then!!!!!!!!
if it wasnt PICKLE mane i wouldnt even .......?
give it a MOMENT of my time
'should be FUCKING honored
in a class
where yr deconstructing a CHAPTER
of a BOOK
or some fuckin PASSAGE of text
some passage that probably means very little
and the whole class is like
focused on their interpretation of this one throwaway passage
cause the teacher thinks its important
thats what watching the vid is like
LITERALLY the same feeling
LITERALLY the same fuckin feeling
gotta concentrate on holding yr head up
cause there's just... NOTHING there
just so NOTHING there
gazing at a powerpoint bullet on a washed-out projector screen
'got 20 min left 'fore yr out in the quad . . .
dabg . . .
That vid's addicting to look at. I made the montage Disney originally had for Tarzan million times better.

I've been looking around trying to find stuff on youtube that's close to what I do in some capacity to see some what oher people are doing with editing if they're even trying to tie multiple sources or have synthetic cutting combining shots from opposing directions, and only stuff I found is this channel which I think has some good edits, but isn't on the level of what I do because 1) the emotions and philosophy being conveyed is less profound and 2) just formally the editing doesn't have synthesis of shots. The cuts are merely going lateral and jumping to new locations on the beat.


This whole part is just BETTER. It is. Like really, how can you even say it's not?

(saw the dislike...nice, you did what I told you to do :)
im glad for u man
when u revisit it in your personal archives you are free to "FEEL" all of these things
free to bask in the ingenuity of ur creation
'nothin wrong with that
it's just not.... "CONNECTING" with humanity as a whole
no offense dogg . . . .
they cant all be winners ........
sometimes ya gna get a STINKA .......
(u specialize in stinkas
". . .. just . .. . . ..buh'buh'BETTER . . . .
"its JUST !!!!!!!!!!!!! BETTER LOOK AT IT!!!!
fuckin bitter aging failed artist vibers??????
ALREADY man?????
nah ...
no pls no..
nows the time for humility .. . .
learning . .
growing . . .
learn & grow
best o luc . . .
~pats envelope in your shirt poccet
can you name anybody that even pulls from the Bible for their little montage sound inserts?

I think that's pretty profound which parts I emphasize with the motions.

"And I will write upon him my new name"

when Tarzan lifts in the air after seeing his mom and dad before their death as you're seeing him grow up, little fade with his new father Kerchek stoically against Tarzan but he's still alive and carefree.

It's all more impactful emotionally than the other lupin clip i linked. The only think holding it back would just be the style of pulling from something like Tarzan and John Wayne with some jazz playing over. That type of jazz nobody likes. It's not chill hop or pop music or edm or whatever. The jazz outdates it
>can you name anybody that even pulls from the Bible for their little montage sound inserts?

Thousands of films have done that, mate
Not true in the slightest. :)
you may have cracked the code and invented like 50 techniques but it's too bad that it's all wasted on videos that are shit and make no sense
its not impactful emotionally
its a minor detail that "checks a box"
but doesn't resonate in a practical sense

'minds me of REDBAR : ))))
k so redbar was watching two comedians on a podcast
"RIFFING" on some premises over a zoom meeting
and redbar makes this point
there was nothing comedically surprising about the whole affair
even if a joke 'worked' and 'checked a box'
it was not compelling for the audience
it was these two squirrelly jews half-laughing at when a joke "checked a box"
u need to do more than check the boxes, mate
boxcheck paradigm
can we go back to Wonderwall posting?
>'minds me of fag with curly handlebar moustache

no, i don't give a fuck about your comparisons to whatever faggy talkshow guy :)

you just have a hateboner for what i do, same with brandon because you guys don't like me specifically. that's fine by me though. i only wish it was outwardly said as opposed to any other hula hoop mental gymnastic sidestepping :)
boxcheck paradigm.

Brandon, please go back to your coomer threads. You already gave up editing a long time ago since you knew you didn't have any potential in it :)
if yr gna VIRULENTLY DEFEND something as plainass-nothing-junk-status as that then i mean im gna find areas of potential improvement whats the problem dude ..........
if your can't let your video stand on it's own, without getting into personal attacks, then it's not a good video
Go to hell, you fucking failure of a jin
'slike when yr tryina help a friend fix a thing
like maybe a essay or something
and yr really focusin on trying to make it better
but u kinda just wanna crumple it and start over
with minimal involvement from the original person
It was good standing on its own. Nobody would have disliked it unless it was posted here :)

Brandon and the animal crossing erp'er just find contention with what I make because of specific baggage over me :)
whatever you say
i didnt thumbdown it mate
mate??????????!! i didnt thumbdown it!
but independently of u ???
it is kinda just nothing
jus a buncha nothin pollutin the innanet
u must transcend dad's cd collection....
srsly maybe delete everything and set them to chill beates :))))
there's a surveillance record of my whole life you fucking caveman
failed animator, bro, whats ur beef over disney? pls share.

is your hatred of disney over some harbored mediocrity jealousy? :)
disney's aite
kinda k-worded as of late im sure we can agree
ur vid however......
'huffs butthole
gosh ...................
>chill beates
aesthetic trash bin reddit taste. just awful. don't even suggest that to me at all.

thank u :)
jebaited!!!!!!!!!!!! :silly twitch emote vibers:
when i leave, you can post all the dogshit music you want, mane :)
>when i leave
hi, brandon :)
I isn't brandon m8
hey pickle : )
ur vid sux
~runs & hides behind shrub
it's okay, i know brandon got the message earlier :)
File: based2.jpg (142 KB, 717x540)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
File: based.jpg (173 KB, 1024x798)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
File: based5.jpg (91 KB, 640x483)
91 KB
File: based3.jpg (95 KB, 664x500)
95 KB
File: based9.jpg (729 KB, 1620x1831)
729 KB
729 KB JPG
i looked up the gfx cut vids btw that u mentioned before too, and they're nonsense.
didn't glean anything from them. just mismatched chinese words and some old 2000's jumpcut promo inserts. not something I'd be even interested in looking at outside of you mentioning.

but i know it's got your chillhop so you're down with it. :)
your vid looks like a tarzan trailer with text poorly imposed onto it so I dunno if u should talk m8
stop scary
i know it be like that okay
so stop now it scares me
much rather watch shiddy viddy maker mane defend his dookdroppers

ah'hah'hah YEAHHHHHHH???
H'HEH HEH . . . .
they're not even rhythmically made or have any depth to the graphics. They're all very 2-dimensional and flat in terms of the images themselves. I could swear for sure they're just some repurposed jumpcut inserts
speaking of sam btw :)

that's a GOOD thing to hear. pro fading. I said the same to myself. It looked trailer-quality
people hate trailers anyways. not sure you wanna die on this hill m8
File: 152.png (337 KB, 960x540)
337 KB
337 KB PNG
hey picke :)
ur vid SUX
~runs furiousely fast behind nearby building peekin out from side
File: 158.png (365 KB, 960x540)
365 KB
365 KB PNG
pickAAAAAAAAAl notice mAAAAAAy
File: RAMFOURAUOOUHGE.png (58 KB, 960x540)
58 KB
File: 235.png (168 KB, 960x540)
168 KB
168 KB PNG
glean THIS, mothafuckaaaa! ~pie2face
first those rage comics now this

where you people get these images from man
I can tell this is you, Brandon. :)

Trailers are about the only things working with complex montage getting out ideas with text in quick succinct manner. But you're right in that it's a common thing people say they don't understand trailers, they're too vague. It's not just based on the trailers being teases, but it also comes down to people just not being accustomed to taking in montage altogether.

I was reading yesterday some critic reviews of Eisenstein back in the 20s and one of the things stood out to me as being relevant here. A critic said of the General Line that it was pointless and obtuse. That audiences wanted realism and an easily followable narrative. It's a weird criticism to throw at The General Line altogether when it's easily followable and realistic, but the emphasis on the montage flourishes, the form guiding it as opposed to having basic characters photographed in wide shots for long durations is what the critic was referring to.
animal crossing erp bro, ask me about some of your indie films you've been interested in lately. more like old joy :)
is that the type of narrative animal crossing bro likes. more like old joy...?
female-directed films with twink protags walking around sullenly in cities? more like that, animal crossing erp bro...?
idk mate, if you like making movies so much
you could just, go make more of them
and leave this thread
sure :)
ya sure why not :)
i liked the vibert of it
dont really remember it too well
it was just... a VIBERT!
and i only looked into it cause it was sampled in WHY?'s "THE FALL OF MR FIFTHS"
and ykno its like . . . nice shots of woods in full 1080 resolution!
cinema-quality woodsy scenes & such!
so like, just, aesthetically, it was a 'spectacle'
it seemed like.. valuable ... on the surface,... aestehetically...
truly a coming of age journey .. . .
more organic woodsy viberts like that :) ples
'wish i had strong opinions on movys cause id pick the kewlest ones
'was skimmin thru the movy folder
& fuckin..
the acting in CLERKS is SHIT from the minute or two i watched!!!!
soooooooo fucking shite!!!!! unnatural!!!!! boo!
more self-insert city guy with pink shirt existential angst mopecore yes :)
that shirt aint pink bruv
its blue
idk i remmeber they were trippen???
trippin on shroomes round firepit & gathering twigs & berries or w/e ???
just a woodsy vibert pls!
most ive said about the movy was quoting the one line sampled in the song
and then i asked for ur take
dont rly give a dook about it mate ..........
but then also i watched yr vid & it was poopie :)
gna cry bout iT??????? : )
shart yr dipe ?????
u left a dole dipper in yr diaper mate......
you want more portland to relate to. i understand you, man. you love metropolitan aesthetics. perhaps a man playing some bongoes with dreadlocks on the subway type of look with some distant pensive looks off into the sunset by a guy with a combover over a balcony

something along those lines. don't forget the chillhop and some pseudo primitive chanting backup vocals
everything I make is 100 percent :) I just like sharing it is all.

I'mma post it again just because I love it.

>everything I make is 100 percent
scuse me i said woodsy
'fck dont u understand
you couldn't ever relate to John Wayne. I know you :)
that f'huh'huh'huuuckin font
oh man...............
some ppl jus...........................
~trails off

some ppl.
just, some ppl, is all.
monkey in for a croaking, this much is for sure . . .
it's perfection, flawless :)
at being trash
I love that font. Godard uses a similar one :)

I contributed to this video :)
dont think so mate...................
mate?????? kinda doubting it...
dont think he does, mate............
THE keeper
'the' like 6pt bigger than keeper
how profound

THE keeper

mraooaoou laoaooaule

mraooaoaou laoaoaoule : )
movy :)))))))
is from movy!!!!!!!!
File: godard font.jpg (9 KB, 480x360)
9 KB
right here, silly, pretty much the same

no effort black background too :)
totally outta-yr-mind 'tarded
touch of 'tard
juuust the touch of 'tard i needed
look how goofy & cartoonish your e's are
you don't even know what to look for, to distinguish fonts like this
totally fuckin lost to be comparing your two-bit default OS font
to this .... MASTERWORK
'feel bad for ya, man............
Pi-nut Butter's online history circa 2019.mp4!!!!!!!!! :heart_eyes:
it looks preety much the same. if I used french text you wouldn't know the difference.

I wasn't even actively trying to use godard's font, but looking at his montage stuff of old clips I can see how he uses the most basic default stuff. I can't blame him though, I like the aspect of working with the core elements. Focusing purely on cutting and fades. I liked the same font given as well along with Times New Roman.
Ideally I'd like to move into this direction with more foley audio. Me personally, juss' saying, I find this a MASTERPIECE of montage :)

Best all around from Eisenstein the goat

uh oh, no link. blocked.

oh well :)
doesnt look pretty much the same
bitch it doesnt
trole tho
hasta be trole
that simplistic insistence that its "pretty much the same"
or just... idiot
absolute idiot
fuckin moron
it doesnt bitch you're a MORON!!!!!!!!!
this is why your content is going nowhere
just a simulacrum of why nothing you do will go anywhere
'luck with that (good
(and then u huff asscheekfumes too
it does look the same :)

but go into your autistic aside of how the corners of the letters aren't curvy enough by a couple degrees because you're so against anything I'm associated with :)

postmodern vernacular :)
ha cool............................
yeh? hm
i jus ... i cant
personally, i cant
too much better newer stuff out there
for me to be viewing such a thing
im sure i would have been utterly transfixed
had moving-pictures been a new phenomenon in my day

na its just completely different man
goofy cartoony shit
completely fuckin different dude
seemingly minute differences like that make a world of difference in typography
& say, drawing human faces
changes everything
you chose a shite font mate
probably didnt even choose it
just used the one that came up when ya made a text box
aesthetically inept... (u
tell me what you think about eisenstein :)
typeface designers would laugh u out of the room mate!!!!!
for this comment u make about the font!

old, stale
i saw a cute lady tho !!!!! :heart_eyes:
>aesthetically inept
wrong on allllllllllll accounts

but pls again, ask me for my music recs since my aesthetic inclinations are trash :)

this shirt has my font on it :)
You're too dumb to appreciate high art. it's cool though, museums aren't your thing. Soundcloud rapping is :)
if ur implying thats the font u used in the video it isnt man
and then trole
obvious trole
or just really solidly prototypical shit art maker singing his own praises in complete delusion
or the second thing but with a twinge of self-awareness
either way the vid u made blew chunks on the carpet so clean it now
It was the best thing I've seen. way better than gfx cut :)
'skinda jus....... boring, bro
bro its sorta just... not up to snuff with where we are today
im sure it was a marvel of filmography when u hadda physically cut the tape & wutnot

best thing uve seen??????????????????????
i believe it, man..........
i believe it . . .
eh'heh'heyyyyyyyyyyyyy ~snap, snap-snap, snnnnap
WOOH . . . .
lone lunch table inhabitant ass nigga
Monkey threads wouldn't have been moving this fast without me. When you want things to move fast, just mention me.

Any publicity is good publicity :)
I'm Just Fine With My Cats & Tats!!!!!!!
I just want to point out that the thread slowed down when I stopped posting :)
post more rage comics

To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the Tree of Life :)

And unto the Angel of the Church of Smirna, these things said The First and the Last which was Dead and is Alive :)

I know thy works and tribulation and poverty, but thou art rich :)
less post makey more med takey
Best day ever today so far and only getting better and better from here on out :)
posting another edit. if anybody cares to comment? they can certainly...

chill BEATE!!!!!!!!!! :heart_eyes:
i knew you'd love that track :)

something to do a little vaping to
i started the anti-jazz movement :)
look wut winsor dragged in.........................

a word, winsor??????????????
brandon's not here, wait wtf
Nicholas J. Fuentes | Analyzing Benny Johnson’s Slanderous Tweet Thread!!!!!!!!!
posting this one here because I like this one too. I come back to this one a lot.

the 1pt stroke / dropshadow paradigm......
talk about the content. tell me 'bout the bible verses and the editing :)
i just don't know how to talk about editing, okay, so i got nothin' for you, man...

also bible's gay so whatever
versatile midi keyboard
The font comments are just whatever to me. I like Times New Roman. It feels to me to fit with The New Testament. It was written during ancient rome
'tsuhh . . .
mildly transfixing
sexy 3d ladys & wutnot
times new roman carries with it a very strong association with default-setting personal-computing. plenty of beotifol seriffed fonts to peruse & use in its place. but nothing will truly elevate this beyond its mediocrity. 'swhatever. 'snice..... okay........ thanks.........
is that...... scofield
'mma go out on a limb & say SCOFIELD!!!!!
YEAH, RIGHT????? 100%!!!!!!!!
whats with your fixation on the font?

A font is literally whatever if it's not comic sans or papyrus. You can flip a coin and it'll probably be functional. I'm talking about the editing. You can't talk about the editing though can you because it's out of your wheelhouse. Can't describe motion continuity?
eh. neh. 'ever. ~toss
times new roman's better than 95 percent of fonts aesthetically. I can't back it up as a fact, but let's be honest. It's considered mandatory in school for a reason...
i rest my case :)
the stroke / dropshadow / font choice is so preposterous
that it borders post-ironic bad-on-purpose
takes me outta the moment
outta the spectacle
i am confronted by the reality of the video editing software
'shoulda found somethin classier
work on sizing
no stroke
no dropshadow
dissolve the edges a bit
subtle gaussian blur
export as transparent png
then overlay
"BAKE" it into the production
its such a ... BIG DEAL
it really is a BIG deal
your "not getting" why i focus on this———
is parta the prob'm
"wuts wrong wit da FONT????"
never even conceived of it as something to be considered
so basicly fix it thank u
Enter the Void - Intro Title Credit Sequence (1080p)!!!!!!!!! :heart_eyes:
Times New Roman is aesthetically better than 95 percent of fonts. It's not a fact, but it's pretty much consensus.

The placement's good. It varies between center to off-center all around. The font is the least of what the vid could be criticized on aesthetically. The reason I keep pointing out you bringing up the font is that it shows your lack of understanding of the rest, the editing itself, the delivery of the lines. What could be criticized more is the faux zoom on the can-can dance. the image is just resized in premiere so it doesn't have a full camera effect of a zoom. It'd need the camera in after effects to do that. But the font is like the most bottom irrelevant part.
But if we're just talking editing itself, the moment-to-moment cutting, I'm just better than most people. I have a formative effect with my cutting. Where you can tell something is being constructed, on the movement toward a building, synthesis of shots whereas other people focus strictly on cutaways of movement
aesthetically better————————— for reading
yea, for reading a document
its an excellent choice and a perfect default font for word processing

the vid is —————————
listen, okay?
if this is what you're trying to do.......
this is what you're "GOIN FOR", right?
then there's not much to criticize
theres a lot of movement from very bright scenes to very dark scenes
very different styles of videography
& mixing of aspect ratios
'kinda detracts from the overall cohesiveness

but i have a SERIOUS PROBLEM with the text!
everything about the typography is so.... pedestrian....
if that lone element was done competently
it would transform my entire perception of the "LEVEL" of content i'm watching
a shitpile, for u .... : ]

i hate shit like this

All the text is center and on a black screen. There's no dynamism. It's just hard flashing, insertion of off-color frames for split seconds. If you suggested something more animated and spun together I'd be more onboard. But this is the most basic indie shit design choice. I hate anything hard center.

personally i'd like this type of text animation. But not with their fonts, just stick with Times New Roman :)
tim and eric are funnier :)
my prob'm with it is that it looks like the photoshop "glowing edges" filter was used for some parts
thats not at all what id have in mind to replace your text tho
'ever tho
just, keep being bad at your favorite thing
'nt botha me . . . ~cig (doesnt
juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust dont ever take advice & keep being not good
Everything you suggest is trash tho! Why should I try to emulate something I think is....trash?
not a SINGLE song anybody ever linked here did I ever like. Yet people liked the stuff I posted. :)
Enter the Void - Intro Title Credit Sequence (1080p)!!!!!!!!! :heart_eyes:
im not suggesting the title sequence
not anything like it
i think WHITE was a good choice
WHITE is certainly a suitable color for your text overlays
but everything else about them is no good
i gave a very POINTED criticism
and u just fuckin.......
dook yr dipe over it
with no real pushback besides
on yr way to a couple hundred views
not that even the most PERFECT typography choices could save yr junk from obscurity......
to be honest...............
aite smog
lol :)
I watched Pickle Guy's video and it changed me. Moved me in some wya I can't describe. Outstanding. I am going to watch it again and again. I am going to change my life because of ti. I am inspired. My favorite part? The man holding the beer and saying cheers. Absolutely fantastic. Really spoke to me on a deep emotional level.
I loved that cut to the wedding ring. little match cut swap :)
Oh yes. That was amazing. You are truly talented. I wish I could be you. I want to see more of your work. I will lay awake at night thinking of it. One small suggestion - feel free to ignore as I am in no way as gifted as you. But perhaps you could set the next video to an oasis song (wonderwall) and include the following - a potato, a squid, and several smiling children. Think about it.
aite na smog im getting sad-cringe from pickel mane thinking hes serious
This whole thread was you arguing wiht pickle guy over a video. Do you feel happy now? Have you achieved you goals for the day? IS THAT MANK?? You are demoted.
demoted from what
scuse me dont interrupt the correspondence
demoted from cool nigga to bitch ass nigga
File: my font.png (756 KB, 918x954)
756 KB
756 KB PNG
my font :)
Times New Roman is aesthetically better than 95 percent fonts :)
waiting for the comeback on this one...really tho.

That looks pretty damn good (minus the ms paint rescaling at bottom since was just done in a second)
the drop shadow adds more and completes it :)

*wine glass clinc
dude ur vid huffed ass whats the problem here!!!!!!!!!
Perhaps you could experiment with other fonts. Yes, I think that would be the best idea.

So what's next on the pickle menu? Do you have more work planned? Where will you go from here? What are your hopes and dreams for this art of yours?
quite a good trole to defend such a shit decision tho . . .
I'm caught over the reverse thing animal crossing mane accuses me of which is just hating on things affiliated with me just because it's me.

doesn't change the fact tho that yes everything animal crossing erp bro posts blows chunks and gives me secondary cringe from three tables down when he thinks the stuff he likes is good
You only side with the animal crossing erp bro because he's been here longer than me and you've grown accustomed to being his lapdog :)
future threads will be on my paradigm referencing our exchange here because I make the threads move the fastest :)
the best day ever just keeps getting better, bros
aite the vid huffed ass man thats the consensus here. off u go . . . ~buttpat
Yes you're exactly right, about everything. I am the lapdog of animla crossing erp man. animal crossing erp mane, please acknowledge that I have taken your side about something!

God I wish I could font like you.
i don't see any consensus :smirk:
just..................... maybe if ur next vid huffs less ass we can 'ave a chat, mane
aite thanks mane : )
make better drawings. learn anatomy, try to make something like pic-related or disney. the disney rennaissance animators pulled from michaelangelo :)
why did monkey meme not blow up like pepe? what didn't it have that pepe have? even enbie caught on and is all the rage on /qa/ :)
File: aspie.png (83 KB, 600x600)
83 KB
>enbie caught on
no it didn't
no wtf
no my monkey face is the best.....! buerr! duer!
NO wtf my monkey face is the best!!!!!!!!!! ARRGHH

totally graspin at straws fallin flat on yr face banana peel on slippery floor style
just....... total fuckin embarrassment, man
(u , not me
(and i drawer realistic faces in journal!!!!!
(i lov to drawer stuf like this!!!!!!
(but better looking people
(not a ugly jew like this, hot ppl
('could get my shading game up....
anyway. thank U!
Why even engage with him its like discussing the ramblings of a street lunatic, its visual schizo scrapbook diarrhea finger painting status. You just encouraged him by even engaging at all, a literal discord level bullshit argument between you and your retarded discord detritus that for some reason you decided was worth being pals with
the general on /qa/ says otherwise. gets reposted on other boards and had ad banners too. so factually wrong
pickler man just wanna let u know
your enbie meme is shit
enbie is a failed abortion that no one will ever care about outside of qa
you got that?
i dont uhh...
i dont chat with the fella on the 'cord
bro i dont
and we aint friends dude
we dont CHAT OKAY?????????
i guess i just........
i am fascinated by how...
off base & without a clue he is.....
like it makes me feel comfortably superior seeing him flail & flounder
& post his junk
& insist its good
& just be generally brown........
u rite tho mane :) thanku
next monkey fresh diapey wipey monkey..................
*casually gives raised eyebrow
posting in /qa/ enbie gen rn :)
Monkey meme isnt even a meme. It's a banner, a logo that represents a cabal of like-minded people. People from all over the world, people of great wit and intelligence and a particular view of things. Learned, wise and important people all. We come here to discuss topics of great intellectualism, exchange ideas and expand our collective knowledge of the world. United under one falg - the stupit mocnhy that isn't even lookin at enything.
Now you know the true secret of monkey meme. If you are worthy, if you understand, you may become one of us. There will be initiation ceremonies that will scare and confuse you. There will be blood, and crying. If you fail, there will be nothing for you but endless oblivion. But should you succeed, there will be singing and rejoicing and juiceboxes, and the voices of the monkey will hoot louder than ever.
thank u monkey mann,...................
yes i want the monkey ..............
i want what the monkey has to offer......
thank u, MANK
File: letterS2.jpg (98 KB, 960x551)
98 KB
the maou / laoule paradigme : )
Gaybar replaced the elton john set and cardigan sweaters yet? :)
this is the place memes grow

Your fortune: Very Bad Luck
File: IMG_8581-copy-1.jpg (103 KB, 656x368)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
NOHP. cry bout it fag
mraoiooou lAOOooaoule : )
u are just...... : )
a absolute sweet heart :)))))))
no thats just the mould on the walls
o sory

Your fortune: ( ´_ゝ`)フーン
check out the HOTDOG MACHINE!!!!
h'h'he'he'h'eh'hell yeah . . . .
File: godard font and mine.png (17 KB, 198x424)
17 KB
I looked up right now 'cause I was actually curious if the font I use is the same since it always looked like it when I'd see his later stuff, and yeah, boom, pretty much the same 'S'.

Only difference is godard all caps a lot. Using all caps wouldn't work tonally for slides to me. All caps would more be something to hard cut to.
the curve is off by a little with the flat portion pointing up and down on his but in terms of the overall curvature and space in the middle, pretty much the same
Top looks better than bottom too
funy trole :)
hehe :)
funy :)

and then "na", if serious
then simply just a "na"
~said as if squirting a dollop of condiment as final touch on dish

outta ya mind, man
outta ya misfirin neuronass mind...

mister ransom letter collecten man pls come ridicule this schizcase with me man
ransom letter mane................

trole, fake
Top looks sleeker :)
top looks like 2 coy fish crossing each other

bottom looks more like a partial 8
posting nice little short here

in a cheap modern computing way maybe ......
not even concern trollin i jus feel bad for ya dude.......
gotta get real.......
gotta start gettin real dude
best o luc . . .
File: 1581379683988.gif (25 KB, 640x480)
25 KB
ok are you blind dude? bottom looks better. top looks unfinished even.
File: 1610585574577.jpg (9 KB, 225x225)
9 KB
~bacpat knowing his mentol ill will render the advice useless
You're blind, man. Top doesn't look like your pic font at all. They're both relatively the same. It's not like jumping from Arial to Times New Roman. The only difference like I said is the S on the top looks like two coy fish or 2 thumbs crossing while the S at the bottom looks like a partial 8. But that's only because the ends of the S are pointing vertically instead. Otherwise they're damn there the same width inbetween
dude u just suck okay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! golby mac!
soap carvin makinass bieiieiiietch
I'm specifically pulling out Godard's basic font to illustrate the similarity because the only thing that makes the top 100 percent dogshit versus the bottom is not whether the ends of the 'S' point up or down, but just because it has my name on it :)

he just posted RANDOM QUALITY FONT
u fag
'fuck dont u get fag
writhe & wrangle in dogshit territory mane
yll be there 4a while . .

maybe literally croak instead u suc! ~tomatothro
you smile all the time yet you're never happy

you are actually quite arrogant and unpleasant
yea thats what i need in my letters "two coy fish or 2 thumbs crossing" yup thats it. click + save as and uploaded directly to >>>/gd/ (playskool play-doh under yer fingernails kiddie) hey guys look at the two coy fish in my letters
pointed out the similarity between the fonts. :)

We can even break down the math down to the minorest degrees of the ends of those s's and we'll still see that they're relatively similar, not leaps and bounds entirely different fonts.

But yes, we know the top's bad because of me,just say it instead of pretending Godard's is a masterpiece and mine's dogshit :)
you love your faux-oriental aesthetics, animal crosser poster!

sam's all about them!!
huhhh my font is similar to a fukcin font used by some fuckin guy dude fuck your font
jungol mane :)))))
jugnol mane gets it :))))

'll make it simple for ya
since you'll never "GROK" typography
just parse thru a couple fonts next time man
jus do a lil parsin'

pls note the font samplings on the wall :)
as well :))))
hehe :)
I like that font though! It looks like Godard's, just a little bit better. The ends of the S have a sharper edge to them that slide off versus being flat-footed :)
I started the anti-Times New Roman movement :)
monkey MAN!!!!!!!E________MONKEYMANE______
u have showed a appreciation for fonts as well :)
right monkey mane?????????
check this CHUMP out defendin lucida grande !
wut a fag rite monkey men?????? .. .
right . . .

suit yrself
kinda blows chunks tho jussayin
nvm its worse
dollar store lucida ass n*gga
>lucida grande
Not the name of the font. But I like that one too next to helvetica :)
but then also the vid itself kinda sux so theres some issues to address there as well......

i think maybe if u renamed everything to the song you used it'd get more traction (SERIOUSLY!!!!!)
Lucida Grande Italic is a true, cursive italic based on fast handwriting by humanist scholars of the 15th century. It is closely related to Italian chancery cursive styles

sounds fancy :)

Rennaissance even. I see why animal crosser poster dislikes. He disliked Da Vinci too :)
all these fonts have their place......
'jus kinda loox like shite in yr vid, mate
explore em fucka
he likes the song, but not anything affiliated with my hands :)
-rename all ur vids to the songs
-remove extra dogshit audio that isnt the song
-sit bacc & relaccs
Yeah put whatever font you want on your video of random shit that means nothing to anyone except you, you are the next winner of Cannes for sure
but your chillhop tracks insert montage-y voice clips!! you like those!!

just not mine though :)
the bible verses are like holy water, don't vibe well at all with chillhop-listeners
yea the trax do
not the montage maker
seriously do wut i said
thats ur best bet for any sorta audience
4real 100% nojoke
Other people don't like John Wayne or Fantasia or Frozen or Tarzan?

They hate them because of me? I started the anti-Disney anti-John Wayne movement :)
aite next monkey no dogshit montage mane
~hands in circle pre-game pep talk vibers
>not the montage maker
wrong. tthat's been happening in montage since the beginning of sound with Ruttman. It went on to inspire the musique concrete stuff that then went on to influence watered down low-culture hip hop montage bs
adapt or die
and then maybe just do the second thing due to the amount of ballsacs that ur stuff sux
I'm sure lots of people like those things, but would not particularly be interested in seeing fragments of them in a jumbled and chaotic trash montage video that is literally the equivalent of shitting a bunch of random clips into a random order, it would have the same effect whether it means something to you or not
I started the anti-Disney anti-John Wayne movement in mank :)
maybe i shouldnt trash too much onna mans font. i exclusively used facelift font all throuout my golden-flower days. (just kill me now monkey mane..........but make it quick)
the mangoes have spoken man..........
~three x's on talent show stage vibers
come bac next year . . .
~armed moker guards are forced to see u out
they're augmented by being edited. If more people made edits with multiple media sources I'd be for it because I find it unique and free-reaching. I never liked the idea of just restricting to one source for your edits. It seemed boring and static to me. There's millions of things out there, might as well throw as much of it as possible together to represent what the experience of art and history is like today, taking it in bulk through retrospect, not just in single pieces of dedication.

This video is another person doing some stuff like me. But there's is better because 1) it's not jazz and 2) it's more faces with even more chaotic pulls from sources. Definitely more footage here than I use.

Because like other schizos, you make weird connections between weird things and think other people can see those connections that are only visible to you in your head. Some random things take on great meaning to you, but to anyone else, who can not see into your head, it's just a bunch of random junk
armed monkey guards to force a 3 year old girl out the building
what's the meaning of this video? I'd like to say I contributed to it since the channel came after em :)


is this random schiz junk too or are things I edit specifically schiz because you don't like me
what a high barrier to entry does to a m.f. . . .
anna karina and sora from kingdom hearts?

that seems like a random schiz connection :)
the apex of random schiz nonsense


no harmony, just a cacophany of trash
things u like jus kinda blow across the board
so now with all due respect u are banned
thanks for stoppin by tho man . . .
Its a fucking mess bro, your edited montage of stuff is a pointless fucking mess. A script that plucked random clips of "stuff" and shoved them together at random would produce something pretty much the same, whats the fucking point its nothing, Congratualtions you achieved the equaivalent of sharting on a screen
nah, everything i like is better than you. guaranteed. da vinci, disney, john ford, just all trash bin according to you 'cause my fondness for them has my stench put on them. :

i started the anti-Disney anti-John Wayne movement :)
I'm not interested in randoms chizo montages in general, the only reason your piece of nothing has come to my attention is because of this thread. Other wise, I would never have seen it. i dont go looking for random schiz compilations. I dont know how your random schiz compilation comapres to others, so I can only judge yours, which is wack and blows chunks
lady gaga is better than all
Now tell me why these are better :)



It's because they weren't made by me, isn't it :)
dude it sux :)
~run & hide behind fence ding dong ditch viber
I know that's the reason :)
the last one at least acknowledges that it's just a random collection of their favorite things

you have such a pomposity towards your work despite there being no evidence that anyone finds it appealing but yourself see the diff?
I'm not even gonna watch them, so yeah they're autoamtically better because I didn't waste my time looking at another random schiz compilation. They actively make the wolrd worse for existing, so not seeing them makes them better
the gfx cuts simply introduce the next sketch
they are either crediting artists or introducing the sketch
and then here u come
mad that ur stuf sux
keep lashin
~parp on ya
because it was made by me :)

hi, brandon :)
no the john black & white boring film makinass whoeverthefuck
sux : )
gna cry?
maybe leave a dole dipper in yr diaper for me?
Yes your stuff sucks because you suck, but you misunderstand. We're not just saying it sucks when in fact its really good, but we genuinely think it sucks. And you made it, so yes its becasue of you that it sucks
dont like schiz viberts
dont like stuff-schizs-made viberts
simple as
wrong :)

it sucks because you dislike jazz and every source put in there. :)

it's not british rock or chillhop or so on. things i like differ from everyone here. but are they bad, no. Disney animation is not trash because of me. Or maybe it is because I just have enough sway of opinion just for the sake of spite against me :)
I started the anti-Disney, anti-John wayne movement :)
Brandon told me you posted a theda bara picture to him. Once again, things bad because of me. :)
songz r kewl :)
u kinda just made everything blow
with ur schizfilter
reverse midas touch viber

& then please an outward admission of ur schizophrenia diagnosis just so we are clear????
thank u dude : )
just watch he's gonna shit out another "you think it sucks because i made it :)" post because he's a bitch nigga who can't accept criticism

I would say the video sucks even if I didn't know who made it. I would say this video sucks whatever font it was using. I would say this video sucks if I was the biggest fan of disney and john wayne on earth. I would say this video sucks with the sound off or with any other music over it. If this video was the video to my favorite tune in the whol e world, Iw ould say "i love this tune but this video fuckin sucks" . If someone showed me this video without context I would say "dude this video sucks, wtf is it, whoever made this sucks and should stop living"
sam's diarrhea splatter is more incoherent than the vid i posted. but yes, tell me the meaning of the gfx cut and why it's so impactful and life-changing :)
idk broh if it didnt blow you'd be right up there with the greats like junglermane & monkeymane ......
i'm more than willing to pedestalize any rando that posts here
might as well go with the argument that u hate everything i like
so i naturally dislike a thing u made
'makes more sense
its a collection of gfx cuts that introduce the sketches
strung together
so u see they are serving a purpose
& not just tickling some psycho neural pathway that resonates with u
& u alone
which is wut ur stuf does
okay!!!!!!!! gosh
So you admit you don't like John wayne :)
Good editing is good editing. I don't understand why it's so hard to just say it's well-edited :)
now WINSORS stuff . . . really KEEPS with the TIMES . . . REMINDS us of where we're HEADING... the BRUTAL ONSLAUGHT of a world run by SOCIOPAAAAAAATHES . . . . there's VISION . . . LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION! EUERKA!!!!!!!
thats what you took fromt hat?

>if i was the biggest fan on earth
im not the biggest fan on earth, but have no animosity towards john wayne in general

I would dislike this video if you put all clips of all my favorite things, in the way oyu do it you would make it suck.
that's like saying a drawing is good because it used high quality paper and pencils
i saw in the archives you dismissed his recent vids and showed interest in what I had to make before I came here :)
because the motion flow is just too good for your taste :)
pf gay

i dismis? no i dont dismis. i recall saying zoomer new wave promo had a spark of something. when i saw that shaved brown head in front of the monnitor ... the dookie in toilet... the close up of text across screen.... it really felt like something was about to HAPPEN... something we could get EXCITED about... get PUMPED for ...... but it burned out 'fore it even started....... any plans for a content with some sense o nARRATIVE? like epic brown man head moment?!!! because this montage junk is a fruitless exercise. its so... starterpack vibers....... so move beyond it please and give us something to FEEL, to LIVE, to LAUGH, to LOVE! brown man head momeNT!!!! HUZZAH
That motion was too good, too sweet, too swift and clean, too everything. But right when you realized it had my name on it, your pre-cognitive nerve impulse reflexes said "turn this off". Or probably didn't even look at it which is fine by me.
pretty safe to say that if your response to people not liking your art is "you just don't get it" or "you don't have good taste :)", then you simply should not be an artist.

that is all.
All targeted towards me :)

You have no interest in going after any of the other guys' vids I put in there, but you have an interest in targeting me because hey, it's me. You just hate me. Something about me just makes you say "fuck this guy". It's been like that since lbg for several years. You always had something against me. I irk you just that much :)
teh motion flow of my dumpsplash is more entertaining and visually interesting than your video, its not even worth this amount of attention, its just a random mishmash of things, its nothing, so what? No one would even have paid any attention to it at all if you weren't posting aobut it here...it would have just flushed away in the general sewage pipes of pointless content
ahhh... didnt realize it was a compilation of others' work
'ts how........ shitswirl most of it was
but even better
im saying that UR part of it was!!!! good potentially!
so like
actually make something then
& move beyond this montage stuf
how boout DAT, EH?
hehe : )
~stands prowd
the dumpsplash / shitswirl paradigm . . . .
basicly we are both envisioning dook-droppage when confronted with ur content, is the takeaway here
That's what sam would say about his gfx cut :)

You just don't get it.

And actually I do get it, but it's not interesting. Just repurposed ironic advert stuff. Not special but would definitely call it the definition of schiz nonsense with a penchant against ad companies :)
wasnt me.......
but i only invoked the gfx cuts as an example
asking u to approach the medium of a gfx cut, a bump, a short 10-30 second intro sequence, etc
'slike an .. assignment : )
that u woulda done
if u were studying that stuff
instead-a assembling movie clips into fuggen...
visual compost
in yr free time
gives ya some DIRECTION
cause dogshit disney montages.. . . .
' gettin a lil old, mane............
In that case its just filler, some random shit connecting one thing to another, a splash of stylized visuals like a little flourish between events. Something you could throw together without much thought, not meant to be the main course. It's insignificant. You're focusing on making insiignicant filler content and elevating it to something greater. It's binbag status.
~pickle mane earnestly considering feedback in thinker-pose vibers
ha....... 'magine..............................
aite nah sage tho
>if you weren't posting aobut it here
I posted it here in response to you because it was GOOD. The editing was good, the sound was good, the sentiments were good. You called me dogshit disneymontage mane without posting anything I made to just give off the air that I make some silly memey poppy amv trash. But aesthetically, my stuff is more profound and soulful and I have good editing skills with good taste in music. The content for my sentiments hits a deeper chord than anybody else's stuff. You're a midwit shitposter that can't enter into anything with emotional depth which is why your taste in music is terrible and I always get secondary cringe every time you post one of your tracks.
When you mention my stuff, please make sure to post it each time.

I have no shame in what I make and would like you to post more of it instead of searching for it in your free time and then talking about it behind my back :)
dogshit disneymontage mane
hi, brandone
(does he think that was me............

anyway . . .
genuine head-shake from me.......
like a slow "damn shame" style headshake
at this stubborn lil fella
small fish in a small pond
'll keep an eye out for improvement . . but . . .
'aint holdin my breath
It's like a robot talking about emotions..I have calaculated that these are the most emotionally resonant images, you will feel emotion now bleep bloop
is brandon... souples.. brandon??? souple brandon???
always background cosigning because he can't stand out from the crowd...


i can't stand how dudes in groups just huddle around one guy and cosign him silently just to get some secondary social satisfaction from being hugged around that one guy's nutsack. it's like a group validation thing, it's so stupid and neanderthal-tier determinist mind mentality. no cognitive action, no individuality, just background cosign...

oh man
maybe make montage to something other than a flitty little hippety-skippety bossa nova jazz fusion ditty
'sdude talkin bout "EMOTIONAL DEPTH"
how boutcha choose a jam with some EMOTIONAL DEPTH
'might be a lil bit more of a CHALLENGE
flitty nigga
i aint hugging no ones nutsack
madonna, mlp, and moulin rouge, yeah, that's what I should be aspiring for. Those are the big ticket items I should dedicate my time to trying to emulate.

I'm not trying to be a dick and I understand the difference in subjective preferences but like come on.
Are you actually an AI, you dont talk like a normal human being
now you moved onto hating the music because you got nothing left to go off of :)

I'll post some Schoenberg. Would like to go more into high art https://youtu.be/3gWorjgYrmI
Weird pointed criticism. I don't write passively enough? Don't write like everyone else here, stand out from the crowd too much?

Individualistic? :)
the musics kewl and i have always appreciated it
but u talkin about EMOTIONAL DEPTH
& that just aint wuts happenin in yr dogshit montages, mane!!!!!
'tseasy to make a montage for songs that would be similarly suitable in the background of a how-to tech vid
'could interchange any of the songs with any of the montages and it'd work just as well
so basicly u just keep huffing ass over & over
& im saying maybe do something that wont huff as much.......
ass that is : )
thanks mane : )
no just weird,, like the points you make dont seem to relate to the discussion, like your brain is broken and you're just saying random words that accidentally make sentences... like i said something about the way you were talknig abotu emotions being robotic, and then you referenced madonna and moulin rouge.. does not compute, weird things like that where you make some inference or connection that seems not to make sense, unless its soemthing just in your head again. It's not obvious to me anyway what the connection is, so I must assume its something only you can see. So why would you think it would make sense to anyone else, to make some reference when only you know what it means?
yeaaaa naaaaaaa he's referrin to winsor there
those are things winsor has put in his montages
i think he thinks we're one person

butt chutney
>suitable songs in a how-to-tech video

OH MAN, this burn was just WOW. oh man, im charbroiled. you know you can't even break down why the music i like is trash 'cause you know it isn't. :)

>swap song and it'd still be the same
Not at all, not whatsoever. You're ill-equipped to talk about editing. it's the same as the squiggly ends of a font, bro. The timing matters , the images have to connect with the mood being expressed, everything my stuff does :)
the songs're good im jus sayin its like background-tier jazz fusion. 'ckin gloomtube uses casiopea for their happening streams. filler. SNAZZY filler! but filler, & not emotionally "DEEP" per se

and then the second part is actually true i checked. totally interchangeable status. 'tsaite tho. just go for more emotional DEPTH next time and it wont be like that

thankes manke . .
>like the points you make dont seem to relate to the discussion
Now we've made the leap to picklebro doesn't understand English even though he's speaking it clearly?

>referenced madonna
that's brandon's MO

he's all about madonna
Godard uses easy listening music all the time in his films. People have a draw to it, same with chillhoppers sampling from easy listening :)
not emotionally deep
same with chill beate
'ts like...
wut u listen to when u DONT want things to get emotionally deep
anyway ur brown & mentol ill & ur stuff sux, is the lesson here
okay!!!!! so bugger off ur banned!
The point is invalid anyway. Babies sleep with beethoven on. doesn't immediately invalidate beethoven as unemotional.

Tie a better criticism, buddy :)
oh yeah that would explain it I guess if hes thikning its someone else, makes more sense, but hes still retarded anyway I'm not going back on that

I dont even know who the fuck brandon is pal, I now it might be confusing with lots anonymous people but still, you assumed it was some specific person for no reason.

Not that you dont understand english, but there is something broken in the resoponses like you are making connections and trhen answering what you think something meant or I dont know what. Suess does a similar thing, you ask him something and he answers but the response is like an answer to a different question, hard to explain but basically retarded.
'different story
flitty lil jazz fusion numbers aint emotionally deep
do u deny this?
they're flitty they're hup-bup out-on-the-town up&at'em numbers
so deny it if im wrong :)
pat metheny and arto lindsay are not what i look to when it comes to thinking of profound emotions.:)

I will say schoenberg is definitely on a higher plane in terms of emotional depth versus chillhop though. Yeah, classical all around has that locked down.
I know you're waiting for me to post my epic recs for you. :)
Check this out very emotion al depth

aite well yr using jazz fusion in the montages & it aint emotionally deep
pat & arto are bossa nova / jazz fusion adjascent as well so it stands to reason
theres nothing WRONG with music not being EMOTIONALLY DEEP
idk if i made that clear
sometimes ya want a flitty little ditty
'tsjust, yknow, ur montages will have a hard time being "EMOTIONALLY DEEP" when u are using this types of jams : )
wouldnt save.
& i only save da best
(music videos & such
wouldnt save , sucka : ) sry ~stamp
good video better than pickle guys video
feeling some strong emotions in my pants
all I can say is they're good, I have a good ear. they're better than yours and you want more recs :)
my ear for music. unrivaled.

File: floyd dance.webm (674 KB, 720x404)
674 KB
animal crossing bro's been going at it for nearly 10 hours straight with me :)
they're aite............
sorta entry level stuf........
the whole "BETER THAN URS" attitude is rly jus....
very immature.,...
wrong headed
closed minded
silly little man
and then it doesnt help that u are releasing these asshuffers every few weeks
(the montages
(they blow
File: 1613961087984.png (20 KB, 145x233)
20 KB
'least im not responsible for this catalog of asshuffers..............
imagine the webm ias the video to the song, its very poignant im in tears right now
>entry level
nope, nah, not at all. also surface level plug. not once any dig at quality because untouchable
aite sunsetting use of 'asshuffer' & all related offshoots
showt out to jungol mane for the fun new take on a old classic!!!!!!

uhm!!!!!!!! ch'yeah!
uhhhhh, kinda! yeah!
they're aite i was jus makin the point that theres no emotional depth in yr dogshit montages okay!!!!!!! so BUGGER OFF
BANNED i said
lazy animal crossing erp bro, got anything going on with school or your drawing? gettin' anywhere with that lately?

had thursday and every other day off coincidentally...

wonderin' where ur going bro.... no goals or nothin'...
hehe : )
(he picked up on the Thursday Question
i dont...... like..... care about drawing, man
and u know i didnt draw the monkey face right......
thats monkey mane......
~gazes up at giant golden statue of the monkey mane
you'd be better off saying herbie hancock or miles davis was something entry level. you're floundering with that one. coincidentally didn't mention anything else I pull from :)
idk where you're comin up with this EVERY OTHER DAY thing but
basicly :)))))
ur vids blow :)
hehe :)
dude they blow !!!! LOL
(now u get mad @ me now
(but be rly feminine & passive about it
(thanks picke mane :)
trying to think right now and I only have one vid with casiopea. But I understand why that'd be your go-to mention. They caught your ear and stuck in it
its just always a flitty little bossa nova / jazz fusion number, is the vibert
pick something w/ some emotional depth for once, wontcha!?
ur vids blow :)
hey, i like jazz. problem with it? not chillhop lo fi enough for you? :)
Monkey gon' give to ya
He gon' give it to ya
I have always felt that anyone who likes jazz should be killed, and I stand by that
my probm aint with the music im jus sayin whatever emotional depth yr pickin up on in the montages isnt translating

he dodged the school question...

furthermore, everyone who likes chillhop should be given 1 million dollars
File: fants.png (171 KB, 935x763)
171 KB
171 KB PNG
i don't even remember when or where i got most of them
>trying to think right now
lol don't hurt urself faget
yr vids blow :) wut now fucka???
thank ~U! #$~! LO L OL OLO LO L

All of these look EXTREMELY different from >>9553808 these S's

And exactly was the point I was saying earlier that those S's look pretty similar and wouldn't warrant somebody saying either looks a GARGANTUAN degrees better than the other. They're pretty much interchangeable.:)
My S's look better than any of those fonts :)
scuse me do not submit any more shitpiles cause monkey manes here but also ur wrong & thank u tho ~scoots u out
kicking your feet up for another do-nothing lazy thursday huh :)

after im out this thread, your shop's gonna be firmly planted here looking for the opportunity to mention me and get some traction going for the thread :)
10 hour+ monkeyshift :)
any pics of picle mane?
looking at it objectively, this was a pathetic showing from both of you
nah ur lazy
u been here defending ur shitpiles
so u lose
on its face, u lose
for me?
jus some second-screen hijinx
delegated to the second screen
dont matta
but then also the vids u made all kinda blow
just so we're clear
ah'hah'haite thanks mane
my vids are great and better than your ms paint monkey drawings :)

next time when you draw the monkey, don't make him so smooth. there's a reason people don't use them for the op's. you damaged his iconic look :)
the monkey drawings you did looked like some crayola four-year old children's book mascot versus how we like him :)
not may monkaaaaaays
dont care
me famous
u poopie
simple as
you gotta make that monkey look like a BITCH
plunderphonic soundcloud beatmaker !!

thats u...
behold . . .
the acne-scarred mess . . . .
xylophone a-b-c type of beat

once again. you
famouS :)))))
(most certainly not u
(never u

uhm scuse me ~doorknoc
~whisper in ear
famous :)
wooh, got me :)

im objectively better looking than you, stringbean mane. :)

I have athletic genetics :)
chin, jaw, brow, skull, eyes (definitely)

all better :)
yiiIiiiI I Ii i i I Ik k K K Kk k e E e e r R R R R R r z Z z
and then im famous too
drum up another done-to-death shitty-music-makin-man trope
i smile at them :)

cratered cheekskin mane?????
that u broh???
File: muankaaay.png (5 KB, 176x180)
5 KB
theres craters in yr cheekskin

and then you're brown also
omg hes really brown
craters in your loosey goosey poosey
my whole build's objectively better than yours. you simp after fat, sloppy, barely showering dudes with fucked up teeth :)

I'm overall better looking and more charismatic :)
i saw u shadowboxin in the otha vid . . . p. much same build
i shudder even comparing us tho
because u are like...
genuinely fuckin psycho
dissociated eyes
spare beard-strings u missed shaving
pitted skin entrapping excess melanin & d-~gag
darkening . . . .
totally out of it
totally deluded
really its kinda gross that ur even here man
so now with all due respect, banned ~stamp
Not doing much I'm skinny now, but just observation-wise I have athletic genetics :)

I already recognized it when I was on track and basketball years ago.

Inherited from my dad's build. He played for the Warriors back in the 80s and played internationally :)
so overall good genes and thankful for them.

you, probably no-nothing parents, no stake in anything. no dent, no strong excessive potential in anything. probably barebones average
hi brandon :)
u jus have a problem with me
i got yr goat
got it good
winsor kept mentioning me and u decided u had a blood feud against me
'aint about pat metheny
'aint about arto
its about....... me :)
i just dont care much for yr montages mane
now...... move on mate!

put a shirt on & use em then
get on out there & put em 2 tha test
yr stagnatin

psycho brown man blood feud
'braggin bout his whateverass parents
im famous
now u try
whoops maybe next life... (throwbac
brandon, care to share your bicep piccy with animal crossing bro?

show your crooked teeth in an openmouth smile perhaps?
more famous than you objectively speaking :)
File: PIkle.jpg (225 KB, 600x641)
225 KB
225 KB JPG
shotz in tha dark
diminishin returns
get 2 steppin...........
eh'hheh''he'heyyyyy ~SNAP
he acts like I'm here as much as him.

textbook projection.

economics major thats me. graduating :)
Will post shot of degree just like Saeed when through with it :)
hell yeah man.................
you gonna be a real good drawer too
pickle guy here. im trans btw. not sure if that matters tho
Even if just talking on 4chan, actually still yeah more famous on /tv/ than anybody here
dont care plus yr vids suk
because of me :)
File: unknown (8).png (467 KB, 365x563)
467 KB
467 KB PNG
my WIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
saying something mean about her
secondary cringe again from you thinking this was cool
"cool" is for fags who wear their caps backwards
cool is chillhop beats with vape pen ready to watch some gaybar with some funyuns on your double monitor all day :)
uncool is you
File: 1483060664967.png (1.19 MB, 736x899)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB PNG
my. ,. ,., ,. , ,.~chubpop~~ WWIFE~ -=! + !+~ !~!~! ~ !~!
for me its chimpout beats
————————————————————————————————————————————————YR FAAAAAACE
member that bros :)
that shit is sh'hoh'hoh'ooo brutal
just randomly
'say somethin that isnt quite up to snuff...
one kid just goes ...
"yr face."
Good True White Kid Humour
he's probably not even into vaping. not standard layabout slacker cool.

just computer programmer cool :)
baby tiger umbrella cool
bloodfeud :)
'sguy's got a raging bloodfeud & im jus over here like................. ~trails off
stop ur smiley
u are like elevated-heartrate straight up ragemode the entire day
u aint smilin
naaaaaaah u aint smilin
'tsmy intellectual property when used in mank thread
and u are banned
so bye :)
(u are being instructed to close the window at this time
i've been sittin' here passively typing with one hand on laptop

you're actually sitting up at a desk typing to me with both hands
lol schiztard never took typing classes in school
ragemode bloodfeud
'nything else, big guy?????????
desktop secretary with bent wrists :)
im jew :) btw :)))))
member im jew ????
'dont feel like this has been mentioned enough this time around
for my tastes
thats really gotta get ya goin huh?
jew :)
~shows official jew badge
i know this is the programming, loner board, but group affiliation does make it suddenly cool.

economics degree > computer science aesthetically speaking
only on your dad's side :)

mutt genes
File: 1599576266592.png (564 KB, 637x340)
564 KB
564 KB PNG
i giggled, brandon :)
econ > cs
so but jew is good then??!??? :)
also im not brown
like u
which sux
(4 u
(not racist___________!NOTRACIST
the browns just dont........ "GROK" it, sometimes
aint quite cut out for the first world im afraid . . . ~cigflick
ethnicity: brown
now pls...
the wellness check story.....
'sgettin HOT HOT HOT up here, h'heh!
springtime comin in STRONG!
WOOH wooh WOOH wooh ~fanning self with shirt
being black gives me the edge in rhythm and charisma, humor. probably why my taste in music is so much better. and im funnier than you. :)

just on an individual level though, my iq's higher than you. I doubt you could've made it to any higher level math courses. college algebra was the highest you got to. which algebra pretty much is for middleschoolers
I wanted to do a critical analysis of one of the most underrated s4s memes, "Introducing" .
Why is it underrated? There is so much here to discuss, but let's go through the basics.

1. The Title:
The name of this meme is "Introducing" . This serves two purposes. On the surface, it suggests that the meme is being presented as something new.
The second purpose of the title is meta. Because the title of the meme itself is "Introducing", we are constantly subjected to an introduction every time it is posted. Yet with repetition, we are left wondering, "Have we been introduced yet? What is this asshole waiting for? Is THIS the meme that is being introduced?" But the meta part here is that the title is a satire of the way in which people present their new memes. It is as if, by saying that we "introduce" memes, we are thus showing them off, or something along those lines. But memes are special because of their repetition, and no one really remembers where they begin. Something memorable doesn't need a fancy introduction, it merely needs to be served straight up, over and over again like we're dogs waiting for our lamb and beef. The "Introducing" meme makes this point clear, while also poking fun at the people who think good memes need introduction.

2: The Image
Once again, there is a dual purpose here. Yes, it is a monkey who appears to be saying "introducing" as we might read from the shape of his/her lips.
However, there is also some doubt as to whether or not this is really the case. Monkeys cannot talk. So is the monkey the meme? Is someone introducing the monkey, rather than it being the monkey introducing someone/thing else? There is no clear answer here.

3. The Message
Ultimately, the message is unclear. And Introducing proves that this is just AOk. It proves that meme-making is at its heart a simple endeavor, and we should all just have fun with it, rather than try to create the next big thing.

Your fortune: Outlook good
getting more of a ragemode vibe than "funny"
music is dads cd tier as we've discussed
and uhm
ur dum
not smarte
dum & ur vids suc
fullstop, mate
just overall I know I'm better than you in all areas. But what kills me is the social stigma against me here in just this gen to say nah, pickle gay's 1/10 in everything just because I'm new
& then ur diagnosed schizo which is important 2 note !!!!!!
'aarg better than u'
i just.. GOT the better OF u
and now ur bloodfeud mode
stay mad i gues, im famous & u make dogshit montages
dems da breakz
you HYPED UP 'cause you knew I genuinely know im better than you :)

that was QUICK
fifth-grade thinking
'ave some damn humility
'specially with that catalog of dogshit
(it blows, we decided
i know that you genuinely know it
because your 'genuine knowing' is a delusion
~points 2 me
~points 2 u
its not just because you're new its because you suck!
the "no u, ur just dum"

is a neanderthal comeback.

neanderthal codemonkey iq-tier is you :)
macroeconomics :)
cant even bear to have some nuanced final statement
"im BUILT better than u im SMARTER than u i RUN faster than u"

all true. highway upward mobility macroeconomics :)
i aint makin these sweeping generalizations about being "BETTER AT EVERYTHING DUERRR"
i picked a cooler thing to do
people pay attention to me doing it
you picked a shitty thing to do
no one cares when you do it
and then your face has craters in it & shit
& yr brown
so yea thats all :)
yeh picle guy sucks

t. everybody
use that big ol braaaaaaaaaaaaaain to not suck at your favorite thing ???
maybe have u considered this?
aite word
any year now......
making a-b-c beats with pirated music software is not unique. it's pretty generic when you get down to it. Me, I know I have unique tastes. :)
give 'er another shot!
'fore monkey croaks!
u got this, craterface!
obJECTIVELY better editing than your crayola kintergarden childrens book mascot drawings :)

also more unique than something everybody on /s4s/ does
>almost 600 replies
at least you're secure in your "unique tastes"
'tsall that matters

& then whoops ppl dont notice it
bac 2 tha drawin board
comparing dogshit montages to a monkey face op image
really graspin for anything in sight, eh?
gotcha on the ropes MOTHAFUCKAA A A A A A AA A A A
MRAOOAOAOOAOAOOU ~kingkong chestbeaten
nobody knows you anywhere on this site and not in real life 'cause we don't SEE you.

i heard your vocaroos before though, and you do have a squirrely nerdy voice. your persona's imaginary and i get it, everybody gets it.

there's some possible pics of you on deck and none of them are better than me. my genetic build's better :)
those voxxies were fuentes, p. sure
or redbar
this sux tho
'fuck is this?
absolutely without a clue
no, definitely not fuentes. i know the fuentes ones :)
& then just so we're clear the vids u made werent good
aite golby mac

File: pickleguy.jpg (41 KB, 1113x796)
41 KB
many will know this man when he goes full shooting spree
ha cool
redbar then

WAIT MONKEY MAN>?????????????????????
hell yeah dude : )
a hearty laff from me, mate....

the up-curl on the sides of the upper lip....
'sbaaaaaaaaaaad news....
pickle guy is a tard
my vids are great :)
my taste is great :)
my degree is great :)
my genetic lottery win's great :)
my parents are great and famous :)

me 100, you zero. bye bye
File: 1589109901169.jpg (133 KB, 504x493)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
i see we have another last-word type guy

but also ,
wrong :/
wrong & ur vids suk
seconding this motion
wasn't redbar. was definitely somebody regular and soft spoken

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