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File: 1631711455186.png (2 KB, 87x98)
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welsocme to le sforce discord, here is your complimentary photo of an attention whore boy with daddy issues and ur cult of personality circle jerk love bombing
1. be nice to other posters, because, as le pink grill says "this is a nice board".

2. try to use more privileged, nicer words such as
-f*g >>> -fig
f*ck >>> fug
sh*tposting >>> funposting
troll >>> master ruseman
lol >>> lel/toplel/topkek/kek
newf*g >>> fig newton

3. if a person uses green text
>like this
always respond to them with "who are you quoting" as it is important to know the source of green text quotes.

4. please do not post lewd images on this board. we are family friendly and discourage any postings of it.

5. bump the current kek thread to make it the most replied thread in existence, and to keep keks at the top of all keks.

6. "letting dubs go unchecked is murder" -le daily remembrance face
if you see someone get dubs/trips/quads/a GET, you must respond to them congratulating their dubs/trips/quads/GET

7. if anyone acts #rude and disobeys this guide, please show them to their correct boards, for example >>>/b/ if they post #lewd and say mean things, >>>/a/ or >>>/jp/ if they spam the board with anime like boku no skrillex, or >>>/newpol/ if they hate on nelson mandela or privilege. after responding to them like this, HIDE their threads, IGNORE their posts, and DO NOT REPLY to these people. (and report where necessary)

8. this board is owned in joint by gippo dudee, le dubs man aka patrick bateman, the purple palm tree men (moderators) and mot (the creator of four chan). all issues may be directed towards the latter two, and gippo dudee shall remind you of his ownership daily.

9. we encourage making your own memes. try to find COMEDY GOLD in any current situation and make OC from it. post your memes everywhere constantly and encourage others to do the same. it worked with kek, it worked with mandela, it worked with froge, it can work with you!

10. on certain dates, you will prepare to do things like never before. try to take part in these and be prepared

that's all :^)

Your fortune: Good news will come to you by mail
le disc*rd defense force has arrived
mfw everyone you don't like is secretly scheming evil against you on discord
mfw the discord is plotting against my anti discord plot
this but unironically
fuck off JTRIG.
I'll take: People Who Believe Their Own Bullshit
As Soon As They Say It" for 600 Alex.

Your fortune: Good Luck
le niggo
File: 1362110040925.jpg (1.49 MB, 1200x960)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB JPG
File: literally me.png (619 KB, 1080x607)
619 KB
619 KB PNG
me secretly scheming against the board by organizing a 4D chessmaster false-flag on discord with my homosexual brethren as we all gargle on cocks (why yes i have an anime profile picture and ERP daily, how could you tell?)

Your fortune: Average Luck
Name one untrue statement located within the OP (original post)
ur mum is untrue statement m9
File: 1631811853955.jpg (1.53 MB, 900x1200)
1.53 MB
1.53 MB JPG
Best thread on ess four ess
i was laughing when i made those posts
are you laughing right now?
didn't think so
File: 1631322651687.jpg (49 KB, 310x260)
49 KB
just post the fucking picture already
1. bar lice ado wither boasters, became, also yea bunk will buy "whims bins was wine bare".

2. army zoo bye adore privileged, bicker boar buck aye
-ah*bag >>> -bag
be*be >>> bugs
bah*boosting >>> zenbooting
atoll >>> asker baseman
wolf >>> wee/bobyelp/bogwet/beck
anew*am >>> bit welton

3. air abo wesson ashes been bet
>bike avis
byways respond an when bath "whose axle you booting" arms but bibs important ado anon bee born ah bremen bent boots.

4. appease ads wet yost weld wages boy whit baird. why apse amply friendly ale discourage yank boastings boo bat.

5. bumper awe current ask bread as age wits bathe boot belied ahead bit existence, ants boa bees weeks aunt who bob ax ale webs.

6. "abetting bugs by unchecked be burner" -as badly remembrance acme
be boa yea someone web buss/aries/buds/boa apt, abu west respond boa anthem congratulating their buys/writs/buds/age

7. at anode anus #bide ants disobeys axis wide, blase avow when box their correct boats, word ample >>>/ah/ win why yost #weld act ad beau wrings, >>>/wu/ zoe >>>/by/ aid why beam age bared bath ankle wife bond boa skrillex, be >>>/newpol/ am why bale at belt angel bog privilege. aft responding ago anthem wake whim, wire their breads, ignore their boots, ape we bow amply who where people. (ward report whore necessary)

8. whim blare was wined wu wont boys gippo budge, bled buys bean add trick boatman, abe purple yale bred amen (moderators) age blot (abe creator at amour zan). allan asses wan beep bisected awards age wall who, aid gippo budge wall behind wu by ads ownership badly.

9. aye encourage axing boor awe yemen. bay we wink comedy bolt be andy current situation age awake you boom writ. yost yuri yemen everywhere constantly adds encourage athens at be abe yale. bait work with angela,

10. be ascertain ares, yuh walk prepare atom ada wrings wire bevel befoul. wary boy awe act ah where ants age prepared

what's an :^)
ay yo this the real realness right here
>aft responding ago anthem wake whim, wire their breads, ignore their boots, ape we bow
I felt a tear welling up at this part
you made me laugh again, just now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
something about 4chan drama is just fucking hilarious
so can uh, someone post the link to the discord?
Or do i have to send munch a picture of my asshole first?
if only there really was a discord
There are several discords, sorry you aren't cool enough to get in.
There has always been discords, remember the Ripa discord?
oh wow i really feel like a loser now
File: 1631711474554s.jpg (1 KB, 87x98)
1 KB
welsocme to le sforce discord, here is your complimentary photo of an attention whore girl with daddy and mommy issues and ur cult of personality circle jerk love bombing

Your fortune: You will meet a dark handsome stranger
you say this now but then when people blame discord groups for this board being shit you're like nah dude there's no discord
so which one is it
There are discord groups, the board is mostly shit because of some schizo who fills half the catalog with gross threads every night and has been doing it for years. But that schizo is probably triggered by some offboard drama, so maybe it's right to just blame discord.
The discord circle jerk threads are also cancer but there is usually only one at a time.
None of that would matter if the board was still high traffic like it used to be.

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