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>Talk to physicists about the other STEM departments
>"They are each good at their specific topic, blah blah blah"
>Talk to chemists about the other STEM departments
>"They are each good at their specific topics, blah, blah, blah
>Engineering, Math, Comp.Sci, etc, there is always mutual support
>Lots of accomplishments

>Talk to economists about the other soft sciences
>"Those assholes don't know anything"
>Talk to historians about the other soft sciences
>"Those assholes don't know anything"
>Every humanities department hates the others
>No accomplishments

Is it really this simple?
STEM departments and even subdivisions within departments rip on each other all the time, but it's always in good fun. The faculty and grad students in our department's plasma physics group almost have to allot for a good ~5 minutes of "snark" during talks because the fusion guys can't help ripping on the low temp guys, the low temp guys can't help ripping on the fusion guys, and the space plasma guys can't help ripping on the other two.

But humanities departments are straight up fucking vindictive with that shit. A STEM researcher will give you a ribbing over a poorly thought out acronym or a rough looking graphic - a humanities professor will destroy your reputation because you respectfully disagreed with a paragraph they wrote in a paper twenty years ago.
proves what we already knew
women are awful and mothers psychologically destroy their children
>Every humanities department hates the others
I have one major in each (not econ) and have taken a variety of classes in different fields for personal enjoyment, but haven't really experienced this. It's on more of a personal level with most feuds being intradepartmental; I did have a professor who said that sociology isn't a real field since it's just political science but he is still bitter about Goldwater losing and is hardly the norm (and yes, he was hated by half the faculty). Humanities are definitely more adversarial than STEM, which makes sense since the only way to be "right" 95% of the time is to out argue your opponent, so any academic who cares about being "right" has to defend their position against any and all challenges. That same tendency is entirely benign for most STEM professors since the majority of the time they're either provably correct or provably wrong.

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