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Why does everyone hate the dentist?

>t. starting dental school soon
its very painful for many people and very expensive for everyone. I'm a defense contractor so every year I need to get a physical exam. the doctor is a breeze. but most years the dentist sees the paperwork, quickly deduces that my employment hinges on this exam, and """regretfully""" tells me I need a few hundred dollars of work done before he can """in good faith""" clear me for the field.

what a racket.

and this is after his dental assistant who has done the job for like two weeks has poked my gums half to death with that fucking poker thing.
My former dentist was a scammer. He said I have gingivitis and wanted me to pay a lot of money for the treatment. I went to a different dentist who confirmed everything's fine in my mouth.
A lot of dentists are blatantly fraudulent, there's almost no medical evidence underpinning a number of dental practices, and the costs are kept artificially high by bad scope of practice regulations.
Mercury amalgams, unnecessary extractions recommended by default (wisdom teeth removal), flouride, excessive head x-rays.

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