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File: 0050-DJeQ7iq.jpg (34 KB, 466x400)
34 KB
FSA #448

The "The Cold Stormy Winter Aftermath" Edition

Dirty talk, audio masturbation, vocal smut and shenanigans all recorded on vocaroo or other sites and posted.

Be as tame, as romantic, as sensual or as filthy as you like. Record your masturbation, try some scripts, improv, sing, play music, talk about your

favorite sexual fantasies, or just look for requests on the thread.

All content is welcome here, but please keep in mind:
>Please keep long scripts and extreme scripts on a text hosting site.
>Name and picture requests are generally ignored. Contactfagging is also generally ignored and discouraged by the /soc/ rules unless given

permission by the performer.

Please remember to use the "Name" field in your posts, and include the request link and/or title and type of work (song, fap, script, etc...)


Prior Thread:>>29797354
Do you play any instruments or have any special talents? Try your hand at some scripts, improvise scenes, play music or just talk to us.

NEW GIRLS please feel free to answer the SFW and/or NSFW questions!

SFW Questions for New (And returning) girls

NSFW Questions for New Girls

Many of your questions are answered here.
FSA FAQ https://freetexthost.net/abFgrFQT

Questions for Experienced Performers

Have a look in here, if you dare (it is a bit of a mess)
The original script and link archive: https://freetexthost.net/dswvTZhSFS
Requesting a nubile woman to say she wants me to creampie her and get pregnant. Artistic license appreciated and encouraged.
Updated Links


Main https://pastes.psstaudio.com/post/f023881275e64e4f9cb97ff5df6023bc
Any new age play request?:)
I've got one, if you're interested in trying something a little different: https://psstaudio.com/post/4b07767324bb42aa9872b6c60a5c20a7
File: Brooks138.jpg (10 KB, 220x271)
10 KB
I'm going to wait patiently for you to do more of that prior list I posted, which I am shameless enough to post again.

We need to explain 'establishing' to you.

Anybody around to demonstrate?
Establishing? And yes pls post the list again!!

If you are online and taking requests, please tell us. You can do a big and elaborate panel of likes and dislikes and your pastebin links or whatever you want. At minimum. Your Vname, and that you are taking requests. This also establishes the thread ID, which should stay constant for the life of the thread.
ONLY Performers and Writers for FSA need to establish here.
I"ll just post the undone bits

Time Travel with Daddy by VK
[F4M][Mf] [Daddy/little] [Ageplay] [incest][First Time][Creampie]
Visiting Daddy's special places with him gives you a chance to give him what you really want him to have.

Ming Plays with Aura by VK
[F4M][RAPE][Flash Gordon 1980s][Incest][Father/Daughter][Emperor/Princess][Magic]
Ming turns his ring on his own daughter and turns her into his fucktoy. Hail Ming!

And I don't write huge long absolutely ageplay scripts (Well exept for the ten I did about that teenager with the

crush on her teacher which technically are) but I have done afew things that could be?

Hypno-Cream by VK
[F4M] [Rape] [funny ice cream][van][Hypno] [Abduction][Age]implied[Mf]
You have some odd-tasting ice cream and end up in the van. Best part is that you will have no memory of the event.

Naughty Cheerleader Candy by VK
[F4M][FM][AGE]implied[Cheerleader][Role Play][Pictures taken] [stripping] [Gymnastics] Oral,Audio Script][BJ]

[Straight Sex][Creampie]
You are a cheerleader who really wants to sell more candy than anyone else in the squad.
I suppose I'll go ahead and establish.

Hello FSA, I'm Lewd Literate and I write long, detailed, ageplay scripts. I'm fairly new to the community, but I've managed to compile a dozen scripts so far, with more on the way.

You can find all my scripts listed here: https://psstaudio.com/u/lewd_literate

I welcome any and all performers to take a stab at whatever scripts catch their eye.

I'm also open to requests and suggestions if you have any. I'm not into blood, bestiality, or bathroom stuff, but just about everything else is on the table.
>Breaking the Pedo [audio] Extreme Age] [Rape] [Daddy] [Incest] [anal][creampie][breading][rough and forceful] [Too Many Triggers] [Not for the faint of heart]
I was hoping you'd do this one someday Sunshine. Glad you got around to it despite what I'm guessing is a huge request list. Excellent stuff as always.
File: 1464119048018.gif (644 KB, 500x514)
644 KB
644 KB GIF
Window into the Scriptorium...


FSA on Defense https://pastes.psstaudio.com/post/6b3add703c0b4569baccd9d462309c2a
Misogyny https://pastes.psstaudio.com/post/f9b22ce8cfff47009adfd8059918efba
Asian Raceplay https://pastes.psstaudio.com/post/c921490568244376b04e18b354c4078c
Birthday Transcriptions https://pastes.psstaudio.com/post/1097e5affba24e578a28065e135f5f14
Footplay https://pastes.psstaudio.com/post/6d5ae4af40b04af5a129c6fec79e38b7
Old Stuff Found https://pastes.psstaudio.com/post/077ae4e6546c4df4b7523228d2ae5048
Futanari https://pastes.psstaudio.com/post/2d737d225a0f49f7b1af9849636f6954
Cock Related https://pastes.psstaudio.com/post/fb2b1c148c7c4479ad214460da79061b
Robots,Gynoids, Simulants and Aliens https://pastes.psstaudio.com/post/3dc6316ae8e740abb9bf9f2a79760874
Feels Good, Man https://pastes.psstaudio.com/post/6ee471bed841442e8f4825e53099a370
Cock and Ball Torture/Cages https://pastes.psstaudio.com/post/41c3268789ef44a58f3ec9a68a930083
Femsub https://pastes.psstaudio.com/post/81023cc4375f44259cc38c0a70ec1afa
Girl on Girl https://pastes.psstaudio.com/post/d2966b0271e5436cbc64085c16e065fc
Femdom https://pastes.psstaudio.com/post/bdc74a2a61dc445eb369d174ac716c21
Super Shorts https://pastes.psstaudio.com/post/023860c16aec49d2a5e15f551b0165d4
Rough Trilogy https://pastes.psstaudio.com/post/e560d5fcfc47445bb43a2c6ff828000e
Transcribed https://pastes.psstaudio.com/post/ac5da1ba8fc04617ae6664525f6cd4ad
Weight Gain https://pastes.psstaudio.com/post/2034003fc05b425b93511772cf2625a9
Challenges https://pastes.psstaudio.com/post/ec3f910e5a0b47448d4e6a1ecbe46892
Collected Scripts and Bits from Prior Threads https://pastes.psstaudio.com/post/458877d395ee4f3eb718f160eed3a745
Wincest and DDlg https://pastes.psstaudio.com/post/f4bd05573f6b44c58e20923664d6188b
Memes, Shenanigans and Shit https://pastes.psstaudio.com/post/65137f774595400b87a9a90edc5c5e71
Yandere to Psycho https://pastes.psstaudio.com/post/4cb1169d2dee42819a86e33d9350e1c7
JOI https://pastes.psstaudio.com/post/4be7a5a4d1dc47e382089d0ea2891030
Non-Con https://pastes.psstaudio.com/post/519784c5c6d14365807d53bad2c9b24e
Teacher/Student Bin https://pastes.psstaudio.com/post/6db63556c2a045fea6170317c1358a91

Poetry https://pastes.psstaudio.com/post/9809a25c24a64a7c85ea723d849e927f
Drama https://pastes.psstaudio.com/post/d6dac9a80623450b8df5217e31650491
Quotes https://pastes.psstaudio.com/post/a41e16a784744e8bae0e933e3853944a
Sweet Talk https://pastes.psstaudio.com/post/2daa170ecb0841d288e732dc6f399292
Thank you. I was too busy working >>29843170
out to do a good job on it.
Could you write a script where the little girl makes daddy jealous? The scenario would be something like she finds her Daddy's secret stash of age related porn and how he wishes he could do the same to her, but he's trying to be a good father. He'll never touch her but he keeps fantasizing about her being in those videos he watches.

That's why she goes out and meets all those perverts to make a video, hoping one day daddy will find it and watch her get mauled and abused by all those bad men. She'll call them Daddy so he knows she's thinking of her real daddy

PLAIN MASTURBATION--Mostly wordless, but not necessarily completely wordless. Different people have different taste in masturbation style, some people prefer it when girls don't moan, but just start breathing shallower and shallower, others love really loud moaners/groaners, and so on. Whatever you do, there's someone out there who prefers it.- Why try this? Because people masturbating for themselves tends to feel intimate and raw.

100-1 COUNTDOWN MASTURBATION--Either get warmed up before or start cold, starting at usually 100 count down at whatever pace feels natural as you masturbate, trying to get off at 1. Getting off before or after reaching 1, or seriously fucking up with the counting is not an issue, as doing it "perfectly" is not the point of the recording. The attempt is the point of the recording, and any fuckups just add to it. Or do it in GOD MODE where the number you stopped at tells you how many times to spank yourself STOP at 13 = 12.- Why try this? Some listeners like how people's voices get increasingly or suddenly unsteady, being vocal without the distraction of scripts, and the anticipation of the countdown.

DESCRIPTIVE MASTURBATION--Masturbation with either descriptions of what you're doing, or what you'd like to do to someone else, or what you'd want to have done to yourself.- Why try this? All the fun of masturbation, with added mind candy for the audience.

EDGING--Masturbating as close to getting off without getting off as you can. Some like to rinse/repeat and do this over the span of a few days or weeks until they can't take it anymore, others just do once in a single session leaving themselves unfulfilled, and some do it repeatedly in a single session until they get off.- Why try this? For some it's about willpower, for some masochism, others it's just about the fun of driving themselves out of their mind with sexual frustration until they can't take it anymore which listeners usually quite enjoy.
Random Losing Virginity Story

Alright so yeah, last night I had sex finally! he drove to my house and we went to my back room and it’s silly…we awkwardly shoot the shit for awhile…and he was cold from being outside with no jacket so he snuggled up to me while I put my arms around him, and then we started to make out and he got me on my back, on the couch as we were still making out and he felt down my side and slid his hand down my pants. mmm…I had been wanting to be touched for so long, it gave me the chills when he touched me. then after more making out I put my hand down his pants and as I get getting him hard he found my clit and it took my breath away. when that happens, I just can’t move. I stopped kissing him and just held my breath and closed my eyes. It felt SO good. then we moved to the floor and fucked for an hour haha. he has a really nice body, and I loved grabbing a hold of his muscular arms as he was on top of me, and grabbing his hair. He had me go on top at one point which isn’t my favorite but I wanted to please him. he told me that he really liked making out with me for some reason and how I felt so good lol. That’s good to know for sure. I wished that we didn’t have to worry about anyone waking up. I wanted to do so much other stuff with him. At one point he lifted up my shirt and started kissing my chest and…I love when this happens…he was happily surprised that I had one of my nipples pierced. I love having sex. We didn’t use a condom, and when he was finished he came on me. I got off when he was touching me, after cause I’m tricky and it’s hard for me too during sex lol even though no lie, before he came over I was masturbating and came so close to orgasm without touching my clit. I wish me and him could just fuck every night. I promised him that I would wear my thigh highs another time. I was in leggings and a band t-shirt this time. and that was my night!
File: FuckMeLikeYouUsedTo.jpg (398 KB, 640x960)
398 KB
398 KB JPG
File: Awesomsauce.jpg (227 KB, 1800x1584)
227 KB
227 KB JPG
File: vkhao8akkj751.jpg (173 KB, 1080x1080)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
I'm knackered. And I only moved three scripts out of a lot more .


Rosemary? Jaxy? Echo?

Can we get some cool establishing posts?

Setup will finish, later

It's a decent scenario, I'm just not sure how to do it in audio form. I'll think about it though. Maybe I'll come up with something tomorrow.
Could do it like a JOI video letter to her father. Imagine him looking for something new to get off to when he runs across her video on one of his secret fucked up sites. Or maybe she gets a friend of his to email him a video of her getting abused

"Isn't this what you wanted, Daddy? Your daughter is getting passed around like a piece or meat, just like all those fucked up videos you watch. You don't have to fantasize anymore, watch all these old men turn me into their toy. Your princess wants to be a good little girl for her Daddy... or should I say Daddies? Watch all these old pedos abuse and rape me just like in your fantasies daddy. Your daughter will take it. Because that's what little girls like me deserve. To be screwed and violated by perverts like you."
You wanna know what I love? Those old, dirty truck stop bathrooms. The ones that are really inconvenient to stop at, where there's nothing around. No convenience stores or food, just some gas and somewhere for drivers to relieve themselves.

I think about the kind of men who stop by places like that. Those who don't care enough to find someplace that's cleaner, somewhere decent. They just want to relieve themselves and get on the road again. Taking their cocks out and letting it all out. Spraying their piss and not caring about keeping it clean for the next guy.

But that's not all. I know some of them stop by to do more than just piss. Hours and hours of driving all day, how do they find the time to jerk off? I can tell that they jerk off in there. How could I not? Seeing those stains on the wall, the smell of dried cum, tasting it...

That's why I love visiting bathrooms like this and thinking about them. Hoping that maybe they'll stop by and use me instead. I just know they could use a good little mouth toilet like me. Those old, out of shape perverts with their wrinkly cocks. I wanna be a good little mouthslave for all those daddies.

I want to chain myself up with nothing but a bikini, with a little collar saying "rapemeat". Just see the surprise turn into excitement as they figure out that I'm here for them. I just want to be a good little girl. Feed me your cum. Make me lick up your piss. Take it all out on me.

Every time I come by, I lick up toilet seats, tasting the piss and savoring it. Hoping to find a hint of cum from some frustrated daddy, thinking about him jerking it off on this toilet. Wishing how I was here to relieve him instead. Thinking about him fucking me in this dirty bathroom where I can scream and moan all I want.

"Hit me, Daddy. Harder please. I'll be a good slut, do what you want. Go as hard as you want, I'll take it."

Let me be your little public mouthmeat.
Find me and rape me.
Leave your cum so I can taste it.
Please daddy.
not gonna lie I kind of struggled with understanding what I was reading towards the end (sleep deprivation) but here https://voca.ro/1TEyle5q8x94
https://voca.ro/14azgdXQqulj woopsies
I can imagine the scenario, but I don't have any way to establish it via audio. If Daddy is alone on a computer, there's no one there to describe what he's doing, ya know? There's not really an audio equivalent to an establishing shot.

The best I could do is use the title/description to establish this is his daughter's video to him, and then have the entire script be the audio portion of her video.

The problem then becomes the same problem you get with any gangbang scenario, which is that a girl can't really narrate her own gangbang very well. You posted a decent start to the video, but once the men move in the scene just devolves into muffled moaning and cocksucking noises. Either that, or she gets gangbanged without using her mouth, which doesn't sound like a very exciting gangbang to me.

Gangbangs kind of necessitate an outside observer. We'd need the girl to describe what's happening in her own video or something, which requires a more complicated setup than a simple JOI video.
Now I wanna go use one of those restrooms
I tried one of the sweet talk ones but I really wanna try the teacher one next!!
Hehhehe okay okay I did another one
Also my establishing post
Hi I’m a lewd reader! I like to read extra dirty things for perverts. I’m very new and I’ve only done a couple of age play scripts but I can’t wait to do more! If you have any suggestions or request pls just ask hehhe.
I don’t have any place I really post these yet and I’m very sorry about that.
I won’t do beastality/scat/I guess I’m pretty open to most things
how about a forced bi JOI script?
I mean I got one written but wanted to ask first
I wouldn’t mind trying it out
Can you post some of the ageplay ones?
uhm. It's a bit extreme, if you don't feel comfortable doing it then it's cool

That... is A LOT of using the word "faggot" lol.

I just want us to keep collectively funneling ageplay scripts and such to sluttercup so she can keep producing delicious audios for us.

Someone dig up Dubya and see if he's still writing. He was always great for extreme age scripts.
lol well I won't pressure anyone for anything, it'd be great to get it done but if she doesn't want to then no biggie
Depends on how comfortable the performer in question is with saying such stuff, but good on you for not trying to pressure people. And it's not bad, it's just that some variety can go a long way.

Like extreme age audios which use the word pedophile since that's the in thing right now. You can bounce between pedophile and pedo but throw in "child molestor" or "kid rapist" or "brat fucker" so the word pedophile doesn't get too stale too quick.
I though I did....oh heck.... which one would you like though ??
Yes yes yes more ageplayyyy pls!!!
Did these ones sound okay....?
Anything! I just like ageplay :3

There used to be this script called "Accidental Jailbait Girlfriend" which was really hot and fun. Can't seem to find the script anywhere though. If anyone else has a copy and would share, I'd love to hear Sluttercup give it a shot.
>Yes yes yes more ageplayyyy pls!!!
I can't seem to find a functioning link for the scripts but there's a great extreme ageplay series called Daddy Material that comes in I think 4 parts.

You seem to be very fond of ageplay so it will be right up your alley.
[F4M]Girlfriends outing. [Cuckold][Fdom][Mommy][Mommy dom][Good boy][Handjob][cunnilingus]
Synopsis: Girlfriend comes home after finding your porn stash. She is apparently very happy to share in your fantasies.

This is my first script, and would love feedback, to make it appealing for someone to read.
Change what ever small thing, to make you want to read it. If you like the "vision" or taste, but there is something major, give me feedback.

There is some sound FX, but i am pretty sure it can easily be done without.

Breaking the pedo
I know I'm not cutting edge anymore, but I'm not even sure what you're trying to do here.
File: 1581836411239.jpg (79 KB, 462x462)
79 KB
>open thread
>0 results
>close thread
hope she gets to feelin better. im bi, tend to lean towards guys most of the time but she reeeeally scratches that lesbo itch for me
File: avatar.png (6 KB, 427x430)
6 KB
Echo establishing, but not taking requests.

>mute for all intents and purposes due to throat cancer

>BDSM, sub
>Also enjoy recording myself peeing and pooping, finished poop sounds on request

>racism and sexism without sexual context
>scat, but I can fake it (except for the above)



>Handjob (apparently ASMR material)

>Blowjob with facial

>Facesitting on brother


>Breaking and Entering

>Sloppy blowjob with swallowing, with example for whispering.


>Anal fingering

>Messy pissing in swimsuit

FSA's Authors*
AMI's Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/u/GhostAmi
ANONCHAN 781 http://pastebin.com/u/anonchan781
ANONYMOUS http://pastebin.com/z9eVcD1b
AZULA'S SCRIPTS http://pastebin.com/r6CXDL15
BO Lover's Scripts: http://pastebin.com/saJJhAqK
BONAROBA http://pastebin.com/Wa9sVes6
COVERMEINPEARLS' SCRIPTS: http://pastebin.com/u/covermeinpearls
DUBYADEE list of scripts https://pastebin.com/XTfVZJ4P
EL PRESO http://pastebin.com/u/el_preso
Enno_Zalenno https://pastebin.com/GS5Mz3qu
ENTRECHAT Scripts http://pastebin.com/UbEc1dyz
HITMONSAUCE http://pastebin.com/u/hitmonsauce
ITTY Scripts http://pastebin.com/u/Itty
HOMER http://pastebin.com/u/HomerSOC
HORNYGOOD BOY http://pastebin.com/u/hornygoodboy
HUGH http://pastebin.com/u/hughjames89
KASTYRIASIS http://pastebin.com/eZgBU0cF
LEWD LITERATE https://psstaudio.com/u/lewd_literate
MEGARCHON http://pastebin.com/u/lords_megarchon
NERO http://pastebin.com/u/socNemo
ORANGE PROSE http://pastebin.com/u/Apocalyptore
SERA http://pastebin.com/u/Sera13
SMUTOMANCER http://pastebin.com/u/Smutomancer
SKETCHER Pastebin http://pastebin.com/pSUbMuJ5
SOKOLOV http://pastebin.com/u/sokolov
SS http://pastebin.com/VL7751NF
SQUEE’S SCRIPTS http://pastebin.com/u/squeesex
THIS MAGIC BURNER http://pastebin.com/u/Thismagicburner
TIARA'S Somewhat Kinky Script http://pastebin.com/AufHw26b
TREE https://pastebin.com/u/tree_fsa
TREMOR'S SCRIPTS http://pastebin.com/u/tremor
VK https://pastes.psstaudio.com/post/958ccab2acb34a778b576e8f506a22a6
XIOMBARG'S STORYTELLER http://1d4chan.org/wiki//tg/%27s_Smut_Index#Xiombarg.27s_Storyteller.27s_fics
VILMON http://pastebin.com/ihcAPmkG
*Not by any means a complete list
(If you aren't here or your link has changed and you think you should be. let me know. )
She's been dropping one or two audios a thread, which is not her practice when she's feeling 100% but keep the faith. She hasn't forgotten us.

Ageplay writers are dropping like flies, but DD's bin is in the author post. >>29844649

Ollie/ vocawriter12 does not want any of us to go to extreme measures to recover his stuff.

You have a great title there
; "Accidental Jail bait Girlfriend" what do you want it to be about? Write a new version
>Loved your pf
>Femboy Crossd, into BDSM
White won't bite#7501
Yeah, you make no sense at all.
Many of those are dead.
I know. This list hasn't been updated since the pastebin debacle.

Checking it is on my list, but I'm way busy.
What the flying fuck?
I think a spambot AI got in a loop or something.
I wanna buy all your candy! I really served so many of my own kinks in this. The whole thing was inspired by a random comment by a performer (Gigglechan) that she used to cheer.
VK Establishing

Contact: Zcreenburn@gmail.com
Kik: copaxtopa (which works again)
Three things to understand before contacting me
1. I don't fulfill archive requests, 2. I'm not gay, and 3. I'm not female.

My scripts (Tagged and described)
My Scripts https://pastes.psstaudio.com/post/958ccab2acb34a778b576e8f506a22a6

Featuring: The Scripts Pastebin Hates

Middle School Slut Contest Trial https://pastes.psstaudio.com/post/c1366a5bae5441438791dd32009f9da4

The Key to Her Obedience https://pastes.psstaudio.com/post/c7b974aa69d94884b61c0462e91c234f

The Good Little Wife https://pastes.psstaudio.com/post/370c4224ff3b4d9eb36ae74e29d5ed12

The Night We Explored https://pastes.psstaudio.com/post/2e5c9d69c0504dc0a65418ab9d85aa95

Intermission-Session with Aftercare https://pastes.psstaudio.com/post/113f629994ee46a7bac6aa3dd7fc542e

Carina Roleplay's her character "Jailbait" https://pastes.psstaudio.com/post/62ac02ab5e5d4c07b84fb8ce83cc938d

Shenanigans https://pastes.psstaudio.com/post/82b2cf36a05b414eb61543141106f4fe

Harley's Strip-Tease https://pastes.psstaudio.com/post/b90c9a1a8abe496c9348ceea2372a032

30 Minutes in Heaven with the Babysitter https://pastes.psstaudio.com/post/bd9e9ee30fdf4bb8a29e028606c17a5b

The Beast in You https://pastes.psstaudio.com/post/836209d6d49a4e0aa0df80e1d898a93f
The T/s one I think you'll enjoy is this bit that SS and I put together back in the day.

Contraband Detention by VK with SS
Caught with her vibrator in school, she accepts punishment.

Which Pastebin still tolerates.
File: e549f95.jpg (78 KB, 844x1056)
78 KB
Sunshine establishing!

Email! Lollipopssunshine6@gmail.com
(Requests are getting filled a littke more than a month out I'm sorry :(

This has a link to all of the audios I've done so far. I update it some time after each thread is archived (more or less)
Its also poorly organized~

My new roommates are homedodies and the walls are thin, so sfw, or whispery scripts are my best friend right now until I can get my schedual changed to only be home when they aren't <3

I like age play! I like GFD! I like SFW stuff, love, care, and cuddles! I like cute moments and wholsome content, and I like Rape <3.

Recently I have also been really interested in blood play. I havent fully made up my mind about it but I would be really interesting in at least reading if not prefoming scripts about blood play, cutting, self harm, being cut, the shame and pain and all else that goes along with it. So if anyone knows of any material like that with either person in eaither role please share!

I dont like water sports or scat but I can work with small amounts.
I'll do just about anything else.

And then there is this preformance from the last thread a little before it died

Breaking the Pedo [audio] Extreme Age] [Rape] [Daddy] [Incest] [anal][creampie][breading][rough and forceful] [Too Many Triggers] [Not for the faint of heart]
Sure seems like it. Train to Nobumpington leaves soon, don't die on me.
That last one was absolutely incredible Sunshine, you are the best. Love the over the top stuff like that with all the dirty talk.
Thank you i try my very best. It definitely helps to make impressive content when the script is also so well writen.

Example A) improv attempt with so much potential but I'm awkward and not so good


If any one wants to take this idea and make something well written with it please feel free to : ) the prompt was sneaking into big brothers room
Hi, I'm looking to commission an actress with a mature, sultry voice

I'm looking for something like this https://soundgasm.net/u/crocatacos/Rivals
Very cute Sunshine. You're pretty good at improv.
File: FollowMeDaddy.jpg (289 KB, 623x925)
289 KB
289 KB JPG
File: SillyUncleV.jpg (399 KB, 828x608)
399 KB
399 KB JPG
We don't do money related content here.
I'm pretty sure that' s not this anon's actual goal. Statistically, he surely must have had his request filled at least once in as long as he's been posting here.
File: TwoForDaddysPlaytime.jpg (796 KB, 1064x1524)
796 KB
796 KB JPG
And where we are now....

Hi hun buns!
I did another little audio
Ageplay/Bad babysitter good girlfriend
File: be5ysx75evi61.jpg (454 KB, 2048x1366)
454 KB
454 KB JPG
And who may you be?

I'm gonna sleep now. I hope.


My new bin has been hopping with hits, but it's been real quiet here.

Let's have a busier week.

Featured Links should appear in a day or so. (If I can get Louise off of Netflix) Anyway.
Oooopsie this is sluttercup
Thank you for reading that little blurb, Sluttercup. You sounded amazing. I will think of you when I jerk off in a bathroom like that next time.
Hehehe I hope I made your big daddy cock nice and hard
Stay bumped & stay sexy
I want a smoll cute femdom to berate me

I weight 141kg & 183cm tall
We are truly blessed to have Sunshine, Rosemary and now Sluttercup all fairly recently active and posting on here. The fact that all 3 have voices to die for makes it even more of a bonus. Happy days!!
File: DearDiary.jpg (190 KB, 722x518)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
For real. This has been some of the best content FSA has had in a loooong time. It's been wonderful coming to FSA these past few days.

Here you go girls. Put on your best loli voices and have at it.
File: BunnyWantsYou.jpg (873 KB, 1152x1334)
873 KB
873 KB JPG
Intimate sex is best sex
Do we know if Miz is planning a return?
You'll find out something about that when I post the Featured links.
File: s-l400.jpg (7 KB, 400x265)
7 KB
Folding Laundry by VK

"Yep, I sure do have 'Daddy's Good Girl Panties' I haven't called the man who birthed me that in ages, but I wouldn't mind calling you Daddy, sometimes. Prove it? Oh, sir. Let me just put my hair in ponytails for you and look at you with my doe eyes. I'll do anything you want, Daddy. Oh, Daddy, is your cock all hard because of me? Do you want your babygirl to suck your cock? Just order me to. Let me get on my knees so I can look up at you. <cock licking> It' so big, Daddy. I hope I can get it all in my mouth. <BJ sounds> See how my hair bobs as I suck your cock, Daddy? <BJ sounds> Oohh, Daddys cum! I got someo of it on my chin. Do you want me to eat it, Daddy? <swallow> Hmmmm. So, I can wear these, right, Daddy?"
File: PracticeModelNiece.jpg (641 KB, 1080x1349)
641 KB
641 KB JPG
This one is broken
File: 1607217596589.jpg (52 KB, 1024x768)
52 KB
Off I go to Lessernowifiton

Stay bumped.

I will be watching.

Hey Sluttercup, have you thought about creating a PsstAudio account? You're producing some many amazing performances, it would be a shame for them to get lost in the mix. Using psstaudio, all of your performances are centrally located and easy to find, also, we can follow your account.
that. was. amazing. you do improv with competence if you ask me. i could listen to you going on about big brother for hours.

i'm starved for little sister content like this. if i find the time and endurance i'll pump out some script in that vein for you. i remember you did that three-part coercive sister script and it was beautiful.

Love that you do Ageplay. Here are two scripts ive seen that haven’t been done. Not written by me. There’s a few more on psstaudios. Both are extreme ageplay. Thanks!


I've never quite understood the voice thing, but more power to people.
I used to date a girl that loved my voice (no idea why besides deep) but she would have me record bedtime stories for her.
Very rarely was it a sex related thing, although she was into roleplay.

Some of the girls here have pleasant voices.
Sluttercup, I don’t think you did the last part of lewdliterare’s seducing the janitor? Was browsing last thread trying to find it. If so, apologies, but if now would love to hear you finish it :)
god I hope so... it'd be kickass hearing you and Sunshine do a threesome audio haha
>My new roommates are homedodies and the walls are thin

I always recorded on my cell in the car for that exact reason : )

I'm being honest Sunshine: if you didn't tell me this was improv I never would've guessed that it was. That line "I wouldn't make you use a condom with me" sent me over the edge!
You actually do understand us. You had a person who enjoyed your voice, and asked to hear it. I had girlfriend who could read me nearly anything that I enjoyed hearing. We used to joke about menus from restaurants, so I sent her one to read. Yep. I loved it. It's another sense in sensuality and there are those who believe that voice tickles particular parts of our brains.

Off-topic question: VK do you know who the model in this photo is by any chance?
I do not. But google image search still works. I try to use people in the biz, but sometimes, my letch guides me.
It's definitely one of the more intimate forms of porn. It lets your brain fill in blanks in the best way. I think to fully enjoy it you have strong auditory-body responses in your brain (see ASMR) and also an active imagination. Probably not true for everyone, but I feel like you'd "get it" if hearing was one of your more sensitive senses
File: 7fcazafk74j61.jpg (46 KB, 1125x1405)
46 KB
Warmer today finally


Rosemary! If it's school, keep at it
Jaxy! If it's motivation. find it
YOU! This is your call to action. Heed it!
Finished a new script for any girls who are interested: https://psstaudio.com/post/dadf26aa219549f78a8f007e28220874

[F4M] Your Little Girl Is Addicted To Cock – [Dub-Con?][Extreme-Age][Oral][Anal][Complete Smut]

Synopsis: Every night for the past few months you've snuck into your daughter's room to rape and molest her. One night you decide to give her a break, only for her to come into your room instead.
fat fuck
Good Morning
Got Some feed back so releasing.
Scripts offer:

[F4M]Girlfriend enjoys your fetish.[Cuckold][Fdom][Mommy dom][Good boy][Handjob][cunnilingus][Face sitting]

File: 447 Performer.png (17 KB, 623x498)
17 KB

Thread 447
13 days and 20 hours 72 Fresh Audios
No.29797354 02/07/21(Sun)03:08-- 02/20/21(Sat)23:39

Thread 447 The "The Cold Stormy Winter" Edition came at the time when the American Midwest was facing two weeks of bitter cold temperatures, the Northeast got a blizzard and Texas was faced with so much unexpected, unplanned for, unprepared for snow that the electric grid shut down. This made it very hard for anybody to record since going outside became so unpleasant. However we were warmed by Rosemary, Sunshine, a surprise visit by Spaz, a nameless sweet talker, and the debut of ageplay ace Sluttercup-saving Angels all! And we ended up with 72 recordings! In terms of content, this is the third thread in a row where I have posted Masturbation challenges and gotten no takers, and there is no singing, either. Script are at an all-time high and sweet talk exploded this thread with a new sweet talker with good taste and Sunshine! We need a schlicker, a singer, and more sweet talkers. Improvs will improve. Lastly, I have some news to share from Miz; She's a Mrs. now! She got married! She's still going to do audio, though,and she's not changing her name.


Rosemary is "Gangbanged by monsters!"

Rosemary does "Initiative" by VK.

Rosemary does "Semen Demon 2: Sex Magic Crisis."

VK played with reverb and the SFX library for Rosemary's recording.
Semen Demon 2 performed by Rosemary with SFX
Spaz Snuck in
Do you like when I dominate you?.

You are the worst.

Rosemary does Mommydom Little Boy Milking Script.

Rosemary does a sneezing fetish script.

Sunshine doing "Big Sister Indulges Your Fart Fetish."
[Incest] [Teasing] [Intimate] [Loving] [Face-sitting] [Farts] [Fart-Fetish] [Mentions/teasing of Scat/Poop, but none actually featured] [Handjob]

Anon did some Eliot Rodgers thing.

Rosemary does a short bit on the thread.

Rosemary does another short bit on the thread.

Rosemary does a mommy script on Xanax.

Rosemary does a caption.

Rosemary doing "Cum with me Mr. Pedophile."

Anon did Florence King's "Eating a Boiled Egg."

Spaz doing another scriptlet.

Spaz is sorry for touching herself in class.

Anon debuted with the "Cum with me Mr. Pedophile" thing non Loli.

Spaz does the pedal pushing script.

Sunshine does "Breeding confession."
[ F4M] [audio] [Breeding] [forced but I want it] [impregnation][fantasy] [Begging]

Sunshine does a new caption.

Sunshine does another caption.

Spaz does a femsub raceplay scriptlet/improv.
File: 447 Content.png (21 KB, 413x394)
21 KB
Sunshine does "Mommy Helps Control Your Urges."
[F4M [audio] [quiet/whispering] [Fdom][Bondage][Extreme-Age Fantasy][Panties][Pantyjob][Complete Smut]

Sunshine does a bro/sis incest caption.

Sultry Sunshine does a script on the thread [Femdom][Latex][Pegging]
Sultry sunshine

Sunshine with an extreme one for those with really dark fantasies.
[F4M] Your Daughter the Cutter [depression][ageplay][dd/lg][trigger warnings] [blood play] [suicide][cutting][a lot]

Sluttercup does a bit of a script.

Sluttercup does another take

Sluttercup does still another take

Sluttercup continues

Sluttercup does VK's "Warmed up for Daddy."

Sluttercup does "Lil Loli Throat-Doll."

Sluttercup present a redo of [F4M] Seducing the Janitor After School [Extreme-Age][MM/f][Student/Teacher][Panties][Oral][Anal][Double Penetration][Daddy][Very Slutty][Complete Smut] in two parts.

Sluttercup says,"You know, Daddy, If I was your girlfriend,I'd make sure you never had to masturbate at all."

Sluttercup does "Breaking the Pedo" [Extreme-Age][triggers][non-con][fucked-up][four parts]
File: Archiveteam.jpg (56 KB, 600x600)
56 KB

The guy who gets off on posting samples left this

Sweet Talk Hand BUMP.
A new Sweet Talker Emerged.

"Asked Out" by IG.
[a shy girl that you've seen around musters up the courage to ask you out on a date, with a stuttering mess as a result]

Sweet Nothings at Bedtime by Anonymous.
[I whisper sweet nothings to your ear, my dear sweet anon]

Affirmation by Rangerette
[short and sweet ramble of my love for you]

Advice for Hard Times by Pumpkin.
[a nice little pep talk for my dear anon]
Sunshine does an inspirational quote.

Sunshine does a sweet talk panel.

Sunshine does a second sweet talk panel.

Sunshine does the hand pic sweet talk.

Sunshine does sun and moon sweet talk.

Sunshine did a reading of a selection of popular r9k copy pastas.

Here they are in order:








Anon demos her Normal voice.

New Performer starts with Questions.

Sunshine on ear nibbling and biting.

Anon offers to fuck us perverts. Ain't she sweet?


Spaz tries a whispery, ASMR-style BBC Raceplay breeding improv? With lots of cumbegging.

New Performer does a very sex improv.

Sluttercup appears and debuts with a little improv.

Off to where I can't


Where should I go to request a script?
Free bump

Why not here?
Hello, i have a question: are SFW only voices welcome? I'd rather not do NSFW stuff but i like saying encouragements, quotes, reading, etc. I know a lot of people who come here through mutual friends and I'd pretty much die if i did NSFW and they found out.

Im... Okay? At accents. My biggest strength is literature. Um. I dunno what else may be relevant. Oh I'm new here too.
Of course that is fine. This thread literally has one poster that only comes in to make fun of anons for being degenerate coomers. In reality the thread exists for femanons to voice what they like and enjoy, be it sexual or otherwise.
I'd like to ask for someone for encouragement to stay locked in chastity for a few days. I've had trouble working myself up to it.
Hello all, I'm new in town. I go by Thoughts, I think. I have very little experience but a lot of passion for, strangely enough, speaking to others. For privacy reasons (as well as many others that pale in comparison) I will be doing non-lewd recordings. Lovely as though it may be to hear my voice at the moment, I am a busy little bee and am rather tied up at times. My availability is such that I will only be able to record on certain days and post on others. I hope that this could be a regular schedule though.

I would like to take some suggestions if you'd have me. I'll be going through the archive and selecting a few prompts. If there's something in particular you think would be enjoyable please do send it my way. Keep in mind that I'm trying to help you feel good but I will not be doing sexual prompts.

Also one last reminder that I am an amateur. I hope to bring you high quality, and I will work to bring you high quality, but my inexperience cannot be banked on.

Hope I'm doing this right. Hello once again, community :) Hope to hear from you soon.
Start here dear.
>SFW Questions for New (And returning) girls
Welcome Thought and anon!
I hope you have seen The Not So Sexual stuff here>>29843173

Things SFW recorders have done for FSA
-Sweet talk, encouragement, suicide prevention,
--Just read stories, bedtime stories, fairy tales, whatever writing is important to you.

And if you sing or play an instrument, all the better.

We love you!
What are you looking for?

What's the situation?
What are the kinks
What particular words or phrases do you want to hear
What do you want to hear her say to you?
I do also want you to understand that it's very hard to figure out who someone is just by voice. Your recorded voice is very different from your spoken voice, and you've only heard that in the resonating body you have. The microphone cuts out a lot of the low tones.
File: slb5cyvck8g61.jpg (42 KB, 608x850)
42 KB
I'll transcribe this for the sweet talk someday, but i kind of like it how it is
File: 1546847142766.jpg (141 KB, 864x751)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
File: e8vozye5wv551.jpg (68 KB, 1241x711)
68 KB
Knackered me


I hope these two sweet talkers aren't spamming us. Let's hear y'all tomorrow
Morning. Echo front and center, reporting for bumping duty!
Also, mobile phone ID. That was indeed me.
I am this anon just to be clear >>29852486

Thank you! I'll definitely answer those questions when i have a free moment to record.
>Suicide prevention
That's very important to me. I would love to do stuff that helps. Also thank you for the reference link-quote thing!
Some of the people i know only know me by my "recorded" voice. It's pretty risky.
I think in this covid and shit weather ravaged time maybe I could ask you to make an audio about keeping safe? Maybe focus on how personal care and taking precautions should be more of a priority nowadays than ever before.

It doesn't have to be 10 minutes of anything. Even just a minute of general encouragement in that flavor would be nice.

Dear lord this place slowed waaaaay down the past day or so. Someone summon all the ageplayers since that was working out incredibly well for us.

Hi there, This is my first script i'm posting. please let me know if you guys like it. I'm a bit dyslectic...

Would love one of the performers did this one <3
It's a lil extreme but i thought you guys wouldn't mind that ;)

Sorry if I offended you tho.

Also I have no idea if im doing it right. With the link and all. never used pastes.
Should I also add tags?
[Race-Play (Black girl) - F/Submission - Confession]
Does Skitty still lurk these threads?
I have a request for you Skitty! ...i'm just not sure if it's your sort of thing..:
[MD/lb] [Sneeze Fetish]
poetry bump RIP
decided to recorded some content. i'll leave the content a suprise :c enjoy!
I like your voice it's pretty and soft :)
>Lastly, I have some news to share from Miz; She's a Mrs. now! She got married! She's still going to do audio, though,and she's not changing her name.
Mazel tav!
Heres my Q+A recording

I hope this is up to snuff
Made my own paste. https://pastes.psstaudio.com/post/ef11aaae3047486788c699182bdb6e52
This is a beastiailty improv paste, It has a link to an image (It's a 3d image) and I've listed mutiple general themes in the pastebin. Can be any length, any voice, whatever.
File: Edmund Vance Cook.jpg (77 KB, 616x974)
77 KB
Here's a poem you might like.
Oooh i do certainly like that poem.
I couldn't get this quite right! Hope it sounds okay.
I'm glad you liked it. Cook made a lot of nice poems, but that's his most famous.
Beat Poetry is it's own thing. So any way you do it is fine, baby, fine!
Skitty was taking a break last time she stopped by.
Literature BUMP

“Beware the man who considers kissing as nothing more than duty, a sop to the “weaker” sex, an annoyingly necessary component of foreplay. That man has penis plaque in his arteries and will collapse under the weight of intimacy. Send him off to the nearest golf course while those of us who are more evolved celebrate the unique graces of the kiss.”
— Tom Robbins
My favorite Poem

Variation On The Word Sleep
by Margaret Atwood

I would like to watch you sleeping,
which may not happen.
I would like to watch you,
sleeping. I would like to sleep
with you, to enter
your sleep as its smooth dark wave
slides over my head

and walk with you through that lucent
wavering forest of bluegreen leaves
with its watery sun & three moons
towards the cave where you must descend,
towards your worst fear

I would like to give you the silver
branch, the small white flower, the one
word that will protect you
from the grief at the center
of your dream, from the grief
at the center I would like to follow
you up the long stairway
again & become
the boat that would row you back
carefully, a flame
in two cupped hands
to where your body lies
beside me, and as you enter
it as easily as breathing in

I would like to be the air
that inhabits you for a moment
only. I would like to be that unnoticed
& that necessary.

--Margaret Atwood
And good night, thread


Lots to listen to tomorrow. Thank you, Thought.
Morning FSA, have a Sunshine bump. This is one of my favs, both the writing and acting are superb:

*crawls out of /d/*
*grunts* Holy fuck, just. Get. In!
*grunts, then sighs in relief* Finally. I knew I'd have problems managing a rack this huge, but this is just ridiculous. I need to buy a new bra before this one explodes. I didn't expect them to actually turn out almost twice the size of my head.

At least money won't be a problem. The boss was really set on giving me that raise after I walked into the store with all this plastic stuffed inside my chest... Something tells me they won't mind me putting a little less effort in, now that I have all this extra "personality".

And judging by how much they have been staring during class, I'm preeetty sure most of my professors are also feeling compelled to considerably boost my grades... Studying is for flatties anyway.

Mh, I should just skip a class or two tomorrow and go get myself a new pair of shoes. Granted, I will almost never see them with a balcony this huge in the way, and I'm certain they'll go unnoticed to other people too due to a couple of reasons. But hey, these girls will get me a discount almost as massive as them, so why not?
I actually prefer smaller busts when I'm not horny. But my kinks and masturbation fantasies are a hellish spawn.
Been culling in the 200's and found this.

Scenario: You and I are in a BDSM relationship, and we just completed a session. I'm dom, you're sub. We've caught our breath, and while you're okay, I'm not so much. Being that publicly sadistic can be draining, and I feel like a bad boyfriend right now. I need you to help me get to normal, get me some water, words of encouragement. Describe the situation (whatever it was) talk about what you liked, and how you enjoyed being dominated like that. Reassure me that what we did was fun for all of us, and that I'm not a bad guy.In short, give some dom aftercare. You don't have to have us have sex or something, just talk down the self-hate and give me a pickup.
File: images.jpg (13 KB, 190x266)
13 KB
>Bathroom Slut

>Big Tits


>Raceplay [black girl] F/Sub Confession

I gave these a try, hope they are ok!
Spaz establishing!! I hope everyone is having a pleasant day. I was able to record a few things and I'm editing one more thing right now.

At the moment my free time and alone time are very limited but I'm always open for requests.

My previous recordings can be found on here: https://soundgasm.net/u/spazgirl

I know you asked this of me last thread, so I gave it a try. Hope it's alright.

>Would You Like To Help Mommy?
[MD/LB][Sneeze Fetish][Ageplay][Cummies][Good Boy][Lots of Encouragement]
Wow! Ok I'm requesting >>29857171

And this for the long term

One thing I've never counted is how many scripts I've written in 9 years. Not doing it now. I'm still moving them an rebuilding my script list with all the new links. It's taking all my tiime.

Off to work.


I love you all
Your voice is amazing! The chastity encouragement in particular was much appreciated :)
Did you ever do this one, or have I just missed it? https://pastebin.com/tkRN8BkN
File: images (2).jpg (15 KB, 268x188)
15 KB
Hey Lewd Literate! I gave one of your scripts a try :3
>Mommy Helps Control Your Urges
[F4M][Fdom][Bondage][Incest][Extreme Ageplay Fantasy][Panties][Pantyjob][Complete Smut][MD/LB] Script by Lewd Literate

Who doesn't love some aftercare? How's this for ya?
>Dom Aftercare

Thank you!! I love chastity things ;)
Hey Spaz! God your voice is so *good!*
And thank you for this too:
I really appreciate it! Super sexy intimate and cute! Especially since its a pretty niche fetish.

Do you like improvs? (like in 5 minute length)? And if so, do you prefer a very very rough outline so you can say whatever you like, or do you prefer a really detailed play-by-play to help you with the flow?
No worries if you don't :)
>Big Tits

*tears of joy*
Thank you so much for fulfilling my weird request, that was AMAZING.

Bless you.
I think I have but I couldn't find it. I gave it another shot!
>Please Let Me Cum
I'd love for you to do this script if you have the time :)
File: 451593-023.jpg (137 KB, 500x675)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
Yep too tired to post anything useful
File: kbs1egia9ge61.jpg (46 KB, 728x486)
46 KB
In Fact, it's bedtime.

Thanks, Spaz!


(pic related) Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......
I want to hear an audio where while sucking me off, the girl tells me that as a White man, it is not only my right, but my duty to put women of color into their rightful place.
That they desperately need the control of the White man: they are but objects for me that I should rule over. And if they act bratty and defiant, that is simply because they want me to force them into submission.
Encourage using any of my God given rights as a man — especially my strength, looks, and my manhood — to show them who really owns them.
Tell me you bet my cock will only get more and more obsessed with race mixing the more yellows, browns, and arabs I conquer.
You are allowed to improvise.
Thank you Spaz! Your whispering Mommy voice was absolutely perfect on this. So smooth and sexy.

Do you mind if I post a link to your performance over on Psstaudio? I like to share performances in the comments of my scripts, so the perverts who stumble upon them can enjoy.
Cant wait to listen to this. Keep rocking.
File: 1358214941838.jpg (12 KB, 493x402)
12 KB
Oh that was very nice! Brought some nice memories, as it was based on real events. Although the original writer was a dude.
Yo Spaz! That rocked!
friggin incredible Spaz, thanks for that and thanks to lewd_l for the great scripts

Yes Spaz! Amazing! I've been looking for audios like this. It's hard to find that brand of raceplay. It's usually all about black dudes and cuckolding and stuff.

Got anymore?
Any straight shota/older woman audios around? That's what I like. Thanks

I have one and I happen to know a performer who likes it too.
Time to do that last shift


off to no bumpland
oh yeah they are around....
we went through a surplus of SS audios
and now the ranks grow thin...
Don't worry, sunshine has my script and said she will voice it when she gets time.
Thank you!
I'm not the best with improvs but I try. I have a bunch on my list to do. I can honestly work with both, so whatever you'd like just let me know.

Glad you enjoyed! :3

Oh, I like this script! Maybe if my roommates leave tonight or tomorrow I can squeeze it in. :)

Thank you!! I don't mind at all, you can just credit me and you of course!

I've got a few on my to-record-list but I don't think they are from this same perspective.

>Girlfriend Enjoys Your Fetish
[F4M][Cuckold][FDom][Mommy Dom][Good Boy][Cunnilingus][Face Sitting][Cum Eating][Lots of I Love You][Kisses][18:32]
Script by Theekaffe
>>Bathroom Slut

Thank you for this lovely reading, Spaz. I was so turned on by the audible smile in your voice, especially the parts about licking and tasting cum from the toilet seats. I will revisit this many times, I came so hard last night listening to you delightfully tease me with this. Thank you for lending your voice to my dirty fantasies
Where are you?

You don't have to establish, but please let us know you are OK
Hey Spaz, since you did so well with my last script, I was wondering if you'd be interested in looking at this one: https://psstaudio.com/post/85992b5a264a4faf99edc66fd652d1ca

It's the only script I have, (aside from my newest one) which hasn't been done yet. It's more extreme, and it's pretty gay, but if that doesn't bother you I'd love to hear it.
File: bjk7hle0o4351.jpg (193 KB, 1080x1350)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
Finished the script move.


I will listen to everything tomorrow

Must sleep nao
my kik bellahaid818
File: 1547276555250.jpg (88 KB, 1920x1080)
88 KB
You forgot to say it, so I will:


Why should we care?
Bumping from page 8

>Sunshine, rosemary, Jaxy. My ageplay gods, return the goddesses to me.
Could you just make a clip of you saying something nice?

Oh alright. Maybe I'll write a WM/BW raceplay script for ya!
Walls by VK

I've seen that picture of Marilyn Monroe reclining against a white wall and I always wondered...what did that wall think? And you, my bedroom wall. What do you think? Do you watch me? Do you want me? Do you want me to rub up against your strong, steady flatness, with my warm and rounded body? Can you suddenly sprout chains and pull me to you? <moan> Display me like art...Oh, don't hold back. Don't make me get Jericho's horn. Wall, please fall for me.<improvise to orgasm or not>

come on guys, don't act like cucks. They will return when they have time and feel like it. Doing audios non-stop can lead to burn out and then they truly never will come back.
Fuck cucks and fuck you who think in those terms. I saw a pattern change and since we are still in a deadly pandemic, just wanted to know how they were and whether I should start archive posting.
>Who doesn't love some aftercare? How's this for ya?
That was so sweet and good -hearted. And I like that you said and reinforced that you felt safe in session.

My issues go farther into the dark places role plays go sometimes. As much as I enjoy being the creepy kidnapper, I need to come down from that role and self-talk and smoothies to fight domdrop. I think I'll write something more custom for myself, now that my huge task is done.

And thanks for finding time for us.

You are truly owning these poems. And even with the Ferlinghetti, you found the humor as well as the darkness. Very well done!
:3 Glad you enjoyed it!

It does look pretty extreme at just a glance but I'll take a look at it.

Yay! Scripts are better for me :)

Awe I'm sorry VK, I'd love to better reinforce the dom aftercare for you! Let me know :3

>When He Calls
[F4M][Phone Sex][Loving girlfriend][Long Distance][Mutual Masturbation]

>Fapping Session?
Sooo... I tried to have a quick little schlick but of course it didn't go as planned and now it's a denial. Didn't want to waste the audio so have it instead!
Spaz, can we get some harsh BBC raceplay improv? Maybe where you're a scientist and your husband can't knock you up, so you get BBC bred while your husband watches? The whole time you're throwing around slurs and stereotypes so the bull fucks you harder?
>Let me know :3
I will, but I have this Evil Squishy rape thing I'm working on now. Probably turn to the aftercare after I work out my horny pervert spirit inhabiting the teenage girl gift of the moment.
Can anyone make me a JOI?
<Fairy Magic Sound> "Now you are a JOI!"

Serious,though, we have a bin of those. Pick one.
I dont know how the links work, could you help me?
Like I know how a link works I dont know how to find JOI
Follow this link
Ok let's say I want the home alone JOI, what should I do next?
Request it.
How do I do that? Like "Can someone please do the https://pastes.psstaudio.com/post/4be7a5a4d1dc47e382089d0ea2891030 home alone JOI?
Yep or say "Please do the "Home Alone JOI" In FSA's JOI bin.
Where's that
In this list at the top of the thread.
DomDrop Care by VK

"Slow your roll, sir. I'm not so in the need of aftercare but you are. Listen to me, sir. You are not that guy. You are not that guy. You are my dom, my love and my friend. I love you for going to the dark places I need to go. But you are not that guy...okay? I never ever feel anything but safe and content with you. Ever. Here. I prepped these smoothies before we started. Yeah, I knew we might need them. This has been a long quarantine. Not that guy, right? And we know you haven't lost your taste, sir! Yes, it's the refuel one that's two ingredients away from what I use on my heavy monthly days that you designed. Drinking it replaces lots of the endorphins we spent. Oh, psshaw. I'm just copying what you do for me when I get too lost in character or get subdrop. Well, of course I turned the cameras on, sir. If you don't want me to put this take together....okay, okay. I agree, the days we work like this, often do make the best performances. But I don't have to do that now. Now, I think we should take a long bath together. Would you like that, sir? Yes, we should eat. What I made should be okay for bathtime. Let's get that started, and I'll get the tray and bring it up. Hey! I love you. <kiss>"
File: WeNeedToTalkCuz.jpg (620 KB, 960x960)
620 KB
620 KB JPG
Hii. I’ve never done one. Can I try a request? Idk if I’m establishing right lol but I’m here for a lil bit
I made a sample of my voice..

>I saw you looking down my blouse.

>Look, whatever, don't pretend you weren't

>I just had a question...Would you like to touch them?

>I mean why else would you look silly.

>Don't worry I won't tell anybody.

>Mmm...Don't they feel great?

Nice voice. Welcome! There's always the questions if you'd like to talk about yourself a little and maybe set some expectations. But other than that, there are requests all over the thread, so maybe browse around a bit and see if anything particularly strikes your fancy and have at it.

>SFW Questions for New (And returning) girls

>NSFW Questions for New Girls
Hope it’s ok I changed some words xx

Ty! I’ll give them a try
Thank you. I support changing words as you adapt the prompt. It shows that you made it your own.
Mmm more self denial sessions, please hehe
I tried answering some questions, def got nervous lol.
Pls lmk if any requests while I’m still up. These scripts seem like a lot to choose on their own
How about an improv begging for big cock?
Ahh I rly don’t feel like I can do improvs sorry. I don’t want to think
I did the first part of this silly hypnocream one tho lol
You sound great! Really sleepy tho. I think your voice is very comfy sounding. Paradoxically that makes it very hot. And I forgive you for referring to one of my finest productions as 'silly' I'd let you in the ice cream van any time.
I didn’t like how the others turned out but I might give them another try

It was def fun lol. I wanted to sound intoxicated lol but it is getting pretty late here
File: zf4feyw64xi61.jpg (121 KB, 1080x1350)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
Yeah, I'm knackered. Wrote two new things today, redid the script post, edited the FAQ, started filling a drive for my brother, and pollen is kicking my ass. Though I've been promised a snowstorm.

Someone escort this beta male out before his knuckle dragging ruins the flooring.
>[F4M][Phone Sex][Loving girlfriend][Long Distance][Mutual Masturbation]
https://vocaroo.com/1mt7FOjIi7tZ (embed)
Now that's some good stuff.

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