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File: IMG_20210502_222104_wm.jpg (101 KB, 1024x576)
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Ask me anything.

Since my last thread not much had happened. I was busy with work and couldnt post as much. I'm still working out, lost some more weight and started to pick up programming for fun. I picked up a book called the ethical slut which is weird but its okay.

If you hadn't encounter my threads, I'm BlackBunneh. I post nudes here and on reddit for fun. I'm college educated and I have a job. My hobbies besides posting nudes are reading, working out, playing video games and watching animal videos.

I'll be more active on discord this month.
Have you ever sat on someone's face? Would you do it if asked?
File: IMG_20210408_144134_wm.jpg (97 KB, 576x1024)
97 KB
Yes I have and I will if you asked nicely
cool balls
File: IMG_20210425_031346_wm.jpg (68 KB, 528x1024)
68 KB
you got kik? I'd eat your butt and suck your cock
Youre so obviously a man. Kill yourself faggot
File: pXodDlg_d_wm.jpg (39 KB, 640x480)
39 KB
Sadly I was born male. But I'm transitioning.
No but I got a discord
You were born as an embodiment of civilisation, a man. And you trade it to become a freak due to your own sexual fetishism. A poor immitation of nature and beauty. Disgusting. All you embody now is everything that's wrong with modern times.
Who molested you as a kid? Couldn't have been your father
File: IMG_20210404_010300.jpg (292 KB, 720x1280)
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292 KB JPG
I just want to happy and I wasnt happy living as a man. Maybe I'm retarded but I'm not hurting anyone. As for beauty I 5hink its subjective in nature. Can you quantify beauty in order to make it objective? I say it because what you said is more on the lines of a qualitative assessment
No and if I did I wouldnt post that shit in public
You're literally posting your faggot ass in public you fucking nigger, get a grip.

You will NEVER be a woman you disgusting troon.


repost link pls for i can join pls
i am a fellow black tran i wanna help you look less like that.

this is isn't a good look ......
WWYD if all white people shrunk to an inch tall?
Have you considered doing BLACKED transbian porn, anon?
File: 3338_Void.png (18 KB, 128x128)
18 KB
im not a dom or anything so nothing. unironically would probably start dating nig nogs and spics again.
the idea of a man of any race being submissive honestly is pretty damn repulsive to me. i'm not into that giantess shit. its cringe.

But I cum
Why did you decide to be black?
File: IMG_20210324_192043_wm.jpg (114 KB, 1024x768)
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114 KB JPG
Who hurt you? I am not a biological woman. Trans already implies that. But its okay just like me you will never be a real man.
I wouldnt step on them unless they asked. If they want to be freaky, I'll piss or cum on them and watch them swirm
I'm open to it
Because I like playing life on hard mode.
File: 5fc973a84de58936542812.gif (186 KB, 132x113)
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you should get off 4chan and focus on your transition.

also pls get a better wig preferably one not from party city.

also also pls start hrt now like sure you have a pretty scuffed starting point but who knows you might be cute someday. also no gay ass shit like pills you are too manly start on injections pls.
Invite expired post nu

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