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File: basedv.jpg (1.73 MB, 2624x3508)
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1.73 MB JPG
I am a black genderqueer, borderline trans, person and have been undergoing cross sex hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for almost two years now.

Ask me anything.
You're just a faggot, man.
Small vocabulary
Why not stay a man? Transwomen (with very few exceptions) will never be seen as men. Life would be easier if you just identified with your biological sex.
File: bodyprogress.jpg (237 KB, 1093x1031)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
>Why not stay a man?

I felt unhappy being a man and was completely miserable trying to fulfill society's expectations of what a man should be.

>Transwomen (with very few exceptions) will never be seen as men.

This is probably true, but of the few people who know what I am, they've been very supportive. As long as I build a network of these people and the laws continue to improve in recognizing that gender can be chosen, I'll get by.

>Life would be easier if you just identified with your biological sex.

It probably would, in the sense of having to constantly explain myself in certain situations in order to be accommodated, but overall, I am immensely happier now compared to how I felt back then.

Ever since I started transitioning, my life and luck has drastically improved.
How many synonyms of faggot would you prefer? You are what you are.
Have you been diagnosed with HIV yet? You most likely had aids.
>"The rate was even higher among Black transgender women, with 61.9% of respondents HIV-positive. "

>Have you been diagnosed with HIV yet?

No, I have not.

I was tested last month when I went in for my tri-monthly checkup and result was negative.

>You most likely had aids.

Unlikely. Since beginning my transition in November of 2019, I've only been with two women. I don't engage in risky behavior such as promiscuous sex or drug use.

picrel: I love ramen.
You seem cool. I would be friends with you.

What are your interests?
Where are you form?
What has been the most unexpected change you've seen since you started with the HRT?
File: bike.jpg (951 KB, 2646x1286)
951 KB
951 KB JPG
>What are your interests?

Video games, computer games, building gaming PCs, movies (Just about every genre. I really love Lynch and Kubrick.), music (nearly all genres, but I really like electronic music and music from the 1980s. Depeche Mode is probably my favorite group.), horticulture, books (mostly fantasy novels), and watching the value of my cryptocurrency portfolio go up and down.

I don't drive and rely on public transportation, but this pandemic forced me to seek other means for commuting to and from work. So I ended up buying a single-speed bicycle last year and it's been so much fun, I ride it every chance I get. I've been swapping out the stock parts myself gradually for better ones by following YouTube videos. I replaced the original drive train with a SRAM Ominium, but the bottom bracket crapped out on me. I'm going to be replacing it with a Sugino 75 once FedEx delivers it. Anyway, I guess that makes me a cyclist.

>Where are you form?

NYC. My parents are originally from Scotland (mom) and Barbados (dad).

>What has been the most unexpected change you've seen since you started with the HRT?

I had practically zero luck with women back when I was trying to be a man, probably mostly because I wasn't a looker and I'm short (5'6"). Dating was an uphill battle.

Now that my face has this weird androgyny to it? I occasionally get hit on by both men and women, and everything in between, in real life. I also get flooded with likes and messages from all genders on dating apps.

In the beginning of that Rick James sketch on Chappelle's Show, Charlie Murphy says "The guy who looked the most like a bitch was getting all the women.".

I now believe there's some truth to this.
be honest. did you use filters on the last 3 pics? how did your face lines go away?
Anon I really like your Cinelli bike! Any plans on changing to a fixed cog soon?

>keep the brakes on for now
File: month_0_vs_month_9.jpg (703 KB, 2064x1352)
703 KB
703 KB JPG
>did you use filters on the last 3 pics?

No. The last two look like that because I was in front of my computer screen at night.

Picrel is a larger version of picture 4 (first day of HRT), vs. picture 5 (9 months of HRT). No filters on those two.

>how did your face lines go away?

HRT makes you look younger. I don't know the exact science behind it, but my doctors even told me as much commenting that I don't look my age given I'm 40 years old. I had some deep lines carved into my face, especially my forehead, and for the most part, they filled in.

I also use Retin-A, moisturize, and wear sunblock even though I rarely come in contact with the sun these days given I work the graveyard shift (hopefully I can change to a day schedule soon).

>Any plans on changing to a fixed cog soon?

I probably won't go fixed for a number of reasons. I would have to learn to become comfortable in traffic again if I went no brakes. I would also have to worry about getting a ticket and having my bicycle confiscated since riding without brakes is against the law here technically. I see a lot of people with no brakes flying right by cops, but you never know.

Oh yeah. Forgot to mention. I was plagued with adult acne and experienced frequent breakouts up until the day I started hrt. After about the first week, I haven't had a pimple since.
I'd take hrt if it wasn't for the chest growth honestly.
No question but I hope you have a nice day
Why are you black?
no offense but you need a nosejob bad if you ever want a chance to pass as a woman and some thinner eyebrows. But for a 39 year old you look pretty young so thats good, dont what was doing at 38 where your skin looked like that
I don't like most trans people but seem genuinely cool. Good luck on your journey. Also, good for you for coming here instead of reddit.

What has been the most difficult part of being who you are?
Why no just call yourself a feminine man and enjoy life as a feminine man? Cause that's what you are. I just don't get it
>European beauty standards
>Why no just call yourself a feminine man and enjoy life as a feminine man?

Because I don't feel like a "feminine man".

>Cause that's what you are.
>I just don't get it

My brain tells me I'm something else; that when I look in the mirror, I should being seeing a woman.

Taking hormones, growing my hair out long, getting my ears pierced, and getting laser hair removal (still a ways to go) has feminized my face to the point where I'm beginning to look like an approximation of what I would have looked like if I was born in a woman's body. This has greatly improved how I feel about myself, to the point where I wouldn't want things to go back how they were. It's just as much about my physical appearance as it is my mental health and well-being.

>What has been the most difficult part of being who you are?

Being who I am now? The fact that I'm not out to my family and still have to present as a cishet male in most situations.
It took you 9 months to pull your hair back? I hope you aren't paying for those hormones out of your own pocket. You delusional faggots seem to get it on your head that estrogen injections will eventually alter your entire skeletal structure and skin It won't. Not only will you never be a woman. you'll never even look like one.
Why cope instead of just accepting yourself?

>b-but I did accept myself by being trans
nah, that's artificial reality.
File: puke.png (161 KB, 460x460)
161 KB
161 KB PNG
File: download (8).jpg (6 KB, 300x168)
6 KB
They've convinced themselves that optics = reality. What's worse is they refuse to apply the same logic to any other identity except their own. Next black history month deny that Michael Jackson was a black man of African decent. That the man generally accepted as the best dancer ever who popularized the moonwalk and who holds the record for most successful artist of all time with over a billion records sold is in fact a white man because his hair was straightened, his skin bleached and his nose thinned. Say all this in broken English with scotch tape pulling your eyes sideways and skin tinted yellow with highlighter ink and see if they start sounding hypocritical real quick.
>I hope you aren't paying for those hormones out of your own pocket.

I'm not. I have ridiculously good healthcare through my unionized federal job that pretty much pays for everything.

>You delusional faggots

I think this sort of language kinda invalidates your arguments as it shows bias.


My skin already changed. It's super soft and smooth now and about 95% of my body hair went away.

>you never be a woman

It depends on who you ask. There are people who don't believe birth sex determines gender. With the changes I've experienced thus far, I could probably be satisfied with calling myself non-binary or genderqueer.

>you'll never even look like one.

Depends on who you ask. I occasionally get gendered as female by people and even more people are sometimes confused about my gender when meeting. I've even been catcalled before by men. All of this, mind you, without wearing makeup or women's clothing, and being relatively early in HRT and not having any surgeries yet. I think I have plenty of room for growth.


The reality is that I am trans. For some science has to yet explain, people are born feeling like they are the opposite gender or no gender. This has been going on since ancient times. It's a very real phenomenon.

I've grown immune to people calling me ugly on this site because of how many more other people have shown interest in me.

Picrel: I went with the M&Ms.
nice tits, cute and perky. Bet they look nice bouncing up and down
I was going to ask when you'll give up on this genderqueer stuff but it looks like HRT has made you more attractive as a man than you were before. So I can see how it's improvement. I honestly don't think you'll pass though...

>For some science has to yet explain, people are born feeling like they are the opposite gender or no gender
Humans are definitely not born feeling like they're the opposite gender or no gender. Babies do not pop out of vaginas with a concept of gender. Genes and hormones do play a role but feeling like that likely has more to do with environmental factors and not relating to what's considered normal for your biological sex.
Why is anyone entertaining this clearly autistic very ugly man who is pretending to be a woman?
why would you waste a perfectly good life like this?
what is wrong with your nipples
File: 521_1000.jpg (42 KB, 460x692)
42 KB
>Skin is softer
Lotion would be more effective. Thats why real women just use it instead of excess estrogen injections.
>less body hair
Lasering/waxing would be more effective. Real women rarely feel the need to resort to them though because they don't grow body/facial hair where you will again if you miss your next injection. Personally am naturally hairless. Chest stays smooth as a bar of soap and i only have to shave my face once a month or so. Having more or less hair doesn't sway your actual sex one way or the other though.
>Objective reality regarding sex/gender depends on who you ask
Let's see what the man who literally coined the phrase "Gender roles" and started the "gender theory you base your entire life around:

"Money introduced the termsgender identity,gender roleandsexual orientationand popularized the termparaphilia."
>"During subsequent appointments with Reimer and Reimer's twin brother Brian, Money forced the two to rehearse sexual acts, with David playing the bottom role as his brother "[pressed] his crotch against" David's buttocks. Money also forced the two children to strip for "genital inspections", occasionally taking photos. Money justified these criminal acts by claiming that "childhood 'sexual rehearsal play'" was important for a "healthy adult gender identity."
Both of the boys committed suicide as adults by the way.
His views on pedophilia:
>"If I were to see the case of a boy aged ten or eleven who's intensely erotically attracted toward a man in his twenties or thirties, if the relationship is totally mutual, and the bonding is genuinely totally mutual [...] then I would not call it pathological in any way."
I do not find the methods that man pioneered your worldview with to be trustworthy, safe, nor acceptable.


>very ugly

Ugly to you, but not the people sliding into my DMs wanting to hookup or the people who try to chat me up when I'm out on the street.


I don't think I'm pretending. I'm just doing what feels natural to me.
>why would you waste a perfectly good life like this?

My life isn't wasted. Before I was moody and depressed and was mostly a shut-in who did nothing but play video games and browse the Internet, reading news stories in hope of finding some sign the world was going to end. Now I'm no longer like that. I have hobbies, I have friends, I have a job, I leave the house and do stuff, and I plan for the future.

>what is wrong with your nipples

Nothing. Breasts come in different shapes and sizes and minebare still changing and will be for the next 7 years.


I've been using lotion for years and it doesn't compare. My skin is ridiculously soft and supple. It has like this layer of fat underneath it. Several people have complimented me on my complexion and have said that I'm "glowing".


Not necessary in my case as most of it no longer grows in and what does grow in is so fine, I can just use my epilator and it won't start growing back until about 5 weeks later.


I don't take injections. I take pills.

>Let's see what the man who literally coined the phrase "Gender roles" and started the "gender theory you base your entire life around:

This and everything below it doesn't have anything to do with me. Trans people have existed in nature way before anyone decided to try and make sense of them.
tf is that nose lmao
doesnt look like nothing lol

>Before I was moody and depressed and was mostly...
ruining your image isnt the solution. you can fix your life without becoming whatever tf you are. this kinda reminds me of those people who amputate their own limbs to make themselves feel better. treat the cause not the symptoms. youre probably too far gone anyway idk why im wasting your time, just best of luck to you, shame you wasted such a good beard
>ruining your image

In your eyes and opinion.

>you can fix your life without becoming whatever tf you are

This how I chose to fix it and this is what works for me.

This is how medicinal Marijuana came about. Some sufferers of chronic pain and cancer patients felt better relief when smoking weed than taking the pharmaceuticals they were prescribed. Know-it-all politicians didn't want them using Marijuana for their pain, despite it not affecting them personally. But in the end, the right thing was done and they won the right to be prescribed weed.

If someone is in pain and they find a way to to cope with it that doesn't hurt anyone and dramatically improves their quality of life, who are we to tell them how they can cope?

>shame you wasted such a good beard

Thus proving you are looking at this with the bias of a cishet male. This is not something you are capable of understanding.
>Trans people have existed in nature way before anyone decided to try and make sense of them
1. So has cannibalism, pedophilia, beastiality and slavery. People engaging in an act at some place and some time in the past does not justify it here and now but that's irrelevant because
2 ."Transgenderism" has NEVER been recognized as valid as you define it. While true there was a handful of tribespeople in a jungle somewhere that had more than 2 pronouns to describe people they were used in an entirely different context. For example "a woman who hunts like a man" had a term that distinguished them from the typical women that were home makers and even they were given shit with the classic "get back in the hut and make me some maize, bitch" line. No culture on earth in human history has condoned people just renouncing their immutable characteristics in exchange for ones they like the idea of more. That crosses the line between an unpopular individual choice and demanding everyone else sacrifice their common sense and submit themselves to your delusions to spare your feelings. The response to such a retarded demand will always be "no". Kill yourself, faggot.

None of those things are like being trans. They all cause human suffering or animal exploitation of other people.

Who exactly am I hurting by taking female hormones to alter my male body and make it appear more feminine? The guy on the street corner who called me a fag after I walked by him because some part of him was attracted to my femininity and he didn't know how to deal with it? That's his problem, not mine.


Convoluted word salad that makes no sense.

>Kill yourself, faggot.

No. My trans sisters and I exist and we will not be ignored.
>In your eyes and opinion.
in sane eyes and opinion
>who are we to tell them how they can cope?
somebody that is not delusional
>looking at this with the bias of a cishet male
Thus proving you are looking at this with the bias of a weirdo
>This is not something you are capable of understanding.
>i am better than you because i mutilate my body
>No. My trans sisters and I exist and we will not be ignored.

PFFFFAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA okay thanks i needed a good laugh, with the chris chan trial postponed this made my day
>in sane eyes and opinion

In biased bigoted eyes and opinion.


Your opinion.

Basically, what this boils down to, not with just you, but all of the transphobes, we make you uncomfortable so you're going to try to bring up all sorts of illogical reasons why what we're doing is wrong/bad and when you get backed into a corner, you fall back to the old tried and true "it's against my religion", when curiously, if you examine the lives of the people who claim they are against trans people because of religious beliefs, you will find they themselves are committing sins against their own religion in some way, but want to conspicuously bring up being pious when it suits them.

Trans people are here to stay. Our rights and our visibility are only going to increase. If you keep up these attitudes, you are going to quickly find yourself being ostracized as bigots.
>Transwomen will never be seen as men
Why lie? They will never be women
Why u so ugly
>ur a bigot
typical lmao
>transphobes, we make you uncomfortable, religious beliefs, blah blah blah
again, typical. where tf did i mention religion lmao why are you guys always in defense mode
>you will find they themselves are committing sins against their own religion in some way
you say this as if its something they hide. humans are sinful by nature
>Trans people are here to stay.
then why do you people keep offing yourselves lmoa
>you are going to quickly find yourself being ostracized as bigots.
genuinely dont care, just be aware that the most accepting "allies" will never see you as a woman. im not saying this for the sake of being mean, its just the way it is. they more than likely wont tell you, but its true.
oh i forgot to address
>Your opinion.
the norm is not you. you are weird
you look 100% like a man despite claiming to be a woman. biologically speaking this will always be strange no matter how you cut it. you cannot normalize what is the exact inverse of normal lmao

>you look 100% like a man

Based on how many times I've been gendered female on first glance and how many people have been confused about my gender when first meeting me, that's your opinion and I've discarded it because I've experienced too much evidence that contradicts it.

>>all that other stuff

I don't know what you guys are attempting to do by insulting me, but you should know my skin is way too thick for it to even be scratched by words from anonymous people on the internet. I guess because I hit those two checkboxes (black AND trans) for you racist bigots, you can't help yourselves, but it really is pointless. You're never going to be able to make me feel bad about myself. So continue wasting your time if you'd like. I actually find it kinda amusing.

Shields up!
Good on you for doing what makes you happy, anon. I turned 30 this year and it kinda had me a little antsy about the future. Feels better seeing people almost ten years older than me still deciding to say fuck it and change their life up.

That looks super tasty.
Lol faggot
>Based on how many times I've been gendered female on first glance
i am calling HEAVY bullshit lol. at least that people think that youre cis
you dont pass at all and whats probably happening is people see that you look weird and assume youre trans
>I don't know what you guys are attempting to do by insulting me
im wasting my time trying to help you realize that youre making a mistake, i couldnt care less about your feelings, whether it makes you feel better or worse. if it makes you feel insulted i guess your skin isnt that thick
>you racist bigots
>I actually find it kinda amusing.
and i find you vomiting buzzwords pretty amusing. glad we're entertaining each other
File: TONIGHTS_DINNER.jpg (1.04 MB, 1676x2104)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB JPG

You only get about 65 years on this planet then you turn to dust and who knows if your consciousness continues on in some otherworldly plane of existence or if it's just a blank like before you were born.

It's your life. You have to stop trying to live up to other people's expectations and try to be your own person and do what makes you happy.

>i am calling HEAVY bullshit

I don't care what you're calling it or if you don't believe it or not. It really does happen and it puts a grin on my face every time.

I didn't read the rest of your post.
>I didn't read the rest of your post.
i am clearly getting under your skin, mister "my skin is way too thick" lmao
>i am clearly getting under your skin, mister "my skin is way too thick" lmao

No. I just decided this one troll has been fed enough for this thread.
the words of a thin skinned man
it takes more effort to write out a reply to my post than to just ignore it, which is what you would do if you werent fragile. stop feeding the "troll" lmao



chicken butt!

Trans as well but boy moding currently because I would get disowned or killed probably. Not everyone has the luxury to transition in public. It sucks. I don't have a question I just wanted to vent.
Anyway, congrats on finally being happy.
What’s ur favorite game

The Secret of Evermore for SNES.

A lot of people shit on this game because it was quite the departure from what Squaresoft normally produced, but everything about this game is magical. From the artwork, to the soundtrack created by Jeremy Soule; it's just magical.
Why you so ugly lmao
>ctrl-f "nigger"
>ctrl-f "faggot"

Reddit tier board

Be a tranny all you want but if you insist on being a nigger I'm going to have to ask you to leave.
Lol they can tell you’re a faggot tranny and are doing it to virtue signal
You’re in New York so that makes sense
OP you're seriously not even close to passing. Virtue signaling is the only explanation. Btw what's your voice like? Would like to hear a vocaroo of it.

>virtue signaling

Not possible.

I present as male. The people who gender me as female on first meeting me are just confused because they apologize and say something like "Oh, I'm sorry, "sir".", after I open my mouth and they hear the deepness in my voice.

There have been multiple situations where I was gendered as female to other people. When I was in the locker room once at work, one guy said to another in a low voice "I thought that was a girl.".

Another example, I get a lot of compliments from girls on my hair. There have been a lot of times when a group of girls would walk by me and one would say to another, "Her hair is nice" or something like that.

There's also the guys who have catcalled me because of my butt, without hearing my voice.

They weren't talking to me, so they weren't virtue signaling.


My voice is weird. I haven't done voice training yet. My natural voice varies like an early teen boy's voice that's changing. When I'm feeling shy or anxious or talking on the phone to someone I don't know, it sounds high because of my social security. Other times it sounds deep.

This is to me as I hear it.

A lot of other people, especially my family, they've described my voice as nasally, like Steve Urkel's. When I play my voice back on a recording, it does sound that way, but who's to say which sound is the true one. No you can't have a recording.
but how you feel doesn't alter reality, that's just extremely selfish
some people mentally matured past the age of 15
Why not just post a better picture then? Because I showed that one full body pic to two other people. I asked "is this person male or female?" And they both instantly said "male". One then proceeded to rip on trannies because he's not a pc-tard.
Post a full body picture OP

I would love to see those “womanly” broad shoulders, beefed calves, and tubular body of yours.

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