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File: 1639723263466.png (56 KB, 900x900)
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Do NOT post yourself.

Do I have to make that anymore clear, you stupid cunts?
File: gib.gif (555 KB, 498x312)
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555 KB GIF
Posting first cuz Im OP
>The ideal(undebatable)
She has strong political opinions, but wishes she was stronger. She loves animals and the environment. She's stable, but still hurt and reeling. She's plagued with intrusive thoughts and needs a safe enclave more than anything else. She browses thinspo, but she's still overweight. She doesn't think anything is sacred and makes jokes in poor taste. She is mildly racist, but mixed race. She despises obese people, and revels in it by watching Amberlynn compilations. She judges those she sees as degenerates harshly. She likes EGL but is too poor and too self conscious to try it. She spent a good portion of her youth surfing the internet, making ocs, or hunting shiny pokeman. She enjoys anime and co-op video games, but has no one to watch or play with. She'd be excited to have "internet dates" with someone. She values interesting view points, even if it conflicts with her own. She is nurturing, but requires nurturing herself. She's hairy or smelly, but promises herself she'll clean up when she gets a BF. She's liked some guys before learning they watch porn/smoke/party. She hates porn, but is very repressed. Maybe she's literally a pedo(because she wants someone "pure" and doesn't expect it out of adult men). She would never consider having sex outside of a long term relationship. She believes in a romance beyond the dying husks presented to us as "love". She is often misunderstood and wishes to frolic free from incessant judgement. She's modest and still retains respect for herself and what she stands for. She's happy with a loving awkward virgin whose only idea of romance is from otome games
Oh also, she doesn't want kids but wants to be coomed inside lol

Dear Unicorn,
You are my treasure, and my rose.

What did I miss?
Okay, that was longer than I imagined.

Some of the statements I posted were pretty contrived and unimportant. But if you felt something from reading..
21 Male looking for GIRL FREN
he hates everything
except me (his gf) and some other people
but in terms of media he hates everything
and can see through society and its bs
and is very sceptical but also spiritual in some way and has exceptionally good taste in literally everything and feels things deeply i.e. more than others

his mental illness is his personality
likes black mirror
Why do you hate crypto?
It's literally the only option we've ever had to dethrone the banking industry and still have a working currency for exchange. If people weren't so fucking retarded the blockchain could revolutionize how we store records.
t. cryptoretard
There's no gold behind your money.
>learning about emergent technologies makes you a retard

>my money

You two should fuck.
>Hates everything except me
>Can see through society and its bs

Tell me you want someone cynical while also being afraid of having your shit called out without telling me you want an /x/ larper
I match that add me if you want to chat
hmmm I don't think this follows.
one doesn't necessarily cancel the other out
and I definitely don't want larpers how did you get to this conclusion
It's simple, if you didn't want larpers and weren't a milquetoast New Age wiccan you'd already have taken the steps to attract them to you with menstrual blood, mirrors, candles and dog hair
These vibes please
this just tells me you're ignorant and don't know what spiritual means
sorry this happened to you I guess
Ignorant is a polite term for what you didn't understand in the last post. I have a feeling you're attracted to the surface aesthetic of the spiritual and not the parts that matter.
>isn't interested in me
>gives me a baby to raise by myself
>extremely creative
>always trying something new

i want schrodinger's boyfriend
hi can i breed you and then become a lazy husband
no u have to leave
so as an empath your feeling is wrong
I wouldn't even associate wicca w spirituality for me it's just about self-awareness and trusting your inner voice and own reason
the male urge to project baka
So you want a sperm donor but are too cheap to buy some from a bank?
>no u have to leave
sounds like a good deal for me, how do i contact you?
You have no idea what you're talking about, you have no idea what intuition does, is, or how to shape it, you think that gut feeling is spiritually superior to logical thought, you fell for the empath meme and all you really want is for a vaguely gura-like crystal rub-er to make you feel special and better than everyone else because you have yassified jasper, quartz and lapis lazuli to uplift your vibes.
If you wanna do the smart thing, go lurk /x/ to sift the real from the schizophrenic and find legit sources. If you wanna do the lazy thing, then continue to bullshit yourself and let mouth-breathers bullshit you so no one ever calls you out again.
are you ok?
maybe you could read what I say and try to understand at least instead of filling the blanks with what you think
it's a bit odd ngl because these terms are so specific I am honestly not into rocks but if someone is that's good for them and uhm yes the empath thing was an obvious joke sheesh
have fun yall be safe tho not me bestie
you've described me perfectly and I meditate 5 hours a day (seriously). do you have a discord or an email I can contact you on?
yes I am off discord currently more on telegram and signal
we can exchange details via mail if you'd like
File: SQUART.png (473 KB, 800x600)
473 KB
473 KB PNG
absolutely irredeemably cryptarded
File: 1qz9yw0o1.png (267 KB, 640x480)
267 KB
267 KB PNG
>Why do you hate crypto?
>spergs out like an autist
really makes you think
1. crypto wastes energy that would be better used elsewhere
2. crypto wastes resources and technology that would be better used in actual computers.
3. crypto causes the price of technology to inflate, preventing poorer people from owning a computer to help improve their lives.
4. crypto has no actual resource backing it's value
5. crypto is just as fake as the current fiat money made by banks, when giving loans
6. one good EMP and the entire blockchain vanishes in a puff of smoke
7. nobody will be using crypto during an apocalypse
8. only commodities have value
>local (in the GA/SC/NC area)
>short and gets adorably flustered when she has to use me to get high-to-reach things
>very cuddly, neither of us will ever get out of bed ever
>horny as i am
>doesn't play those stupid female games of catch-me-if-you-can
>can currently use discord unlike Nbg5GU59
>doesn't want some rich buff businessman chad faggot and tolerates my imperfections
>shares at least some of my interests (art, music, worldbuilding/writing, languages/linguistics, geography, biology, philosophy, vidya)
This is me

shiki no uta#6233
Not an ounce of testosterone in this one

i don't get it
File: Ev-E83bWQAAVRQV.jpg (29 KB, 360x287)
29 KB
21 lesbian, usa
i want a cis girl to put a collar on me woof woof woof
not posting a contact because moids are all retarded and i am screaming into the void here

picrel, is u after i let you leash me

seems pretty obvious they just want someone to be cute and sleep in call with, no?
>Volunteered for McGovern
>Drives an International Scout
>Has a wine cellar
>Lawyer on the cusp of retirement
>Loves non-fiction
>Extroverted and easy to make laugh
>Raised Mormon but left the church in her 20's
>Probably divorced
>Boobs bigger than my head
>hates everything
>except me

>very skeptical
>but spiritual

>has good taste in everything
>hates media

>feels things more deeply than others
>dealbreaker: mental illness is his personality

You want a walking contradiction. You want Travis Bickle. This type of person either doesn't exist or is very, very stupid.
Or you're beliefs are just dumb and way outdated.
add me if you arent some fat witchtok dumbass
File: images.jpg (14 KB, 186x272)
14 KB
guess ill make a quick something
just looking for another doomer trying to be a bloomer in this harsh reality
aka some one who takes care of themselves both mind body and spirit but isnt some wu wu new ager

send me music so i can judge you
File: 97811942.jpg (36 KB, 397x396)
36 KB
>perfect traits (let's get married)
male, edgy, tall, smart, low body count, blue eyes, into horror, older than 24, big uncut d, good money so i can be a housewife or work part time, right leaning, conservative, high T, patient, extrovert, dominant, ADHD, likes combat sports, somewhat patient because im kind of a baby sometimes, jealous and possessive
>good traits (cool)
green eyes, older than 23, switch, average height
>bad traits (tolerable)
beard, cluster b, centrist, covid vaxxed
>extremely bad traits (dealbreakers)
messy beard, obese, anorexic, poly, lolicon, anime fanatic, bisexual, transsexual, sexually promiscuous, into black women, younger than 22, left leaning, progressist, kpop fan, furry, my little pony fan, very short (under 165 cm), wants our sons to get their peepees mutilated, overly emotional or empathetic, feminine, submissive, doesn't want kids in the next 3 years, vegan...

send me a message with a similar list so i can figure out whether we're compatible or not. or don't. I'm female/20/eu
File: kaneoya original.jpg (77 KB, 450x562)
77 KB
>Do NOT post yourself.
What if myself IS my ideal partner? Hm?
Though, of course, my ideal partner would be somebody who is exactly like myself sans the vices. Somebody less undisciplined and cowardly. They would have to be just as callous and asocial, though, because I would need them to agree with all my off-the-wall ideas about having and rearing kids. A workaholic, too, or just loaded, because my off-the-wall ideas need money.
A man more good-looking than me, ideally, to compensate for my looks. I would not want my sons and daughters to end up posting on /soc/.
>tfw i mostly fit like 80% of the perfect traits but i'm 21, a centrist and a burger
what's your contact?
File: omniman cringing.png (444 KB, 1280x720)
444 KB
444 KB PNG
God I hate coming back to threads like these seriously out of desperation.
>Tomboy or have short hair.
All I ask.
Me, because if this thread tells me anything it's that women are picky and I don't want someone who wouldn't want me to waste their time, sorry OP I must:
>M 19
>Big titty goth bf
>extremely tall
>I can say way more but I've already broken OP's golden rule because I need to.
hey can we be friends? im f as well and i have the same outlook on life and spirituality as you
Desperation is why you fail
You got a stink to you that is instinctively repulsive
Even so I can't help it.
he's right
>what's your contact?
No contact. You do not capitalise properly. Subhuman.

This. His best bet is hoping somebody with a fetish or a complex comes around.
GL. Tomboys are in high demand.
t. tomboy with short hair
You're free to say more about yourself in these threads.
You've already posted what you're looking for, so you're free from judgement tb h

But I agree with >>30836094
You should try to be more descriptive, even if it's entirely contrived. You'll get more success from posting her ideal personality too. Make it as wide-sweeping as possible if you're too worried about missing out on tomboy cuties.
Here, I'll help you
>Tomboy or have short hair
>Loyal and trustworthy
>Light enough for my stronk arms to pick up
If I was a tomboy, I do believe it would spark more synapses than what you just wrote
There are plenty of virgin tomboys that are waiting for a fellow virgin.
Also don't conflate your demand on soc to demand irl.
>Also don't conflate your demand on soc to demand irl.
I live IRL enough to know what demand IRL is like. A more accurate put-down would be to say that tomboy appreciators are mostly pathetic desperate losers, making this high demand of low value, as this is the actual issue.
File: 20.jpg (212 KB, 728x1009)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
>you think that gut feeling is spiritually superior to logical thought

>Beats u at riichi mahjong

To be serious for a moment, play me at rock paper scissors if you don't hold your intuition dear. Maybe you will be a simplistic opponent.
>A more accurate put-down would be to say that tomboy appreciators are mostly pathetic desperate losers, making this high demand of low value, as this is the actual issue.
You're right, this would've been better.
File: 1641338486339.jpg (301 KB, 1449x2048)
301 KB
301 KB JPG
I'm bisexual but I'm mostly attracted to the feminine or the androgynous, I just don't really like masculine types. My ideal partner would be either a trap/femboy, tgirl, tomboy, enby, or a cis girl.
There's a lot of ways to be attractive, most people have a "type" but to me as long as you practice good hygiene and have a decent sense of style I think a lot of things can work.
I think the sweet spot to hit is to have enough in common to have things to enjoy together, enough different that you can still show each other new things. I'd like my partner to be into some of the nerd shit that I am like DnD or comics or RPGs, but if they aren't then that's fine, it just means that we'll both have things to show each other.
It's important to me for my partner to be patient and kind, those are so underrated in my opinion. They should be kind in how they express their feelings, and patient in how they listen to mine. Ideally, they would be down for trying new things together, or going new places.
Yeah whatever OP, I think this matters. You made yourself clear, I just disagree. I'm a 31/M. I work an administrative medical job in western US, and if it matters, I'm 6'2". My discord is AceTrainer#3417
File: o4rowup.jpg (46 KB, 394x370)
46 KB
>GL. Tomboys are in high demand. t. tomboy with short hair
Not a virgin though which is fair that alone already means I have high standards and those are rarer and more high demand than tomboys.
>You should try to be more descriptive, even if it's entirely contrived. You'll get more success from posting her ideal personality too. Make it as wide-sweeping as possible if you're too worried about missing out on tomboy cuties.
Ooooohhhh weee alright dude I mean I just put my most absolute basic ass standards there because if I specified anymore beyond two already rare traits in women then I would be absolutely fucked and just describing a fictional creature, even women coming in here asking for a man with a 3 foot cock who makes billions would be far more realistic than I am but hey now, if I'm living proof that realism can have outliers, then I guess so can a few girls.
>tomboy or at the very least have short hair or androgynous style
>doesn't need to be light enough to pick up because I can probably pick up to 500 pounds, just be 500 pounds of muscle and not fat please
>is interested in visual art like me so we can draw together
>doesn't need to be a goth tomboy but should ideally not have garbage taste in music
>height is negligible but over 5'11 is preferred, over 6'5 is ideal as I'm 6'7 to 6'9ish.
>hair color is negligible but I like blondes like 1% more than brunettes or redheads who have short hair but they're all good
>white, mestizo, or mixed hapa of some sort, light skin dark women are fine too.
>enjoys armor and weaponry
>wants a family
>like a big family like 20 kids. It's her choice if she wants to give birth to all 20 but I want to raise at least 10 in one roof
>enjoys food enough to let me cook for her
>swimming is her favorite cardio because I hail from the tropics
Can't think of much else past that for now.
>There are plenty of virgin tomboys that are waiting for a fellow virgin
Pic rel
>>There are plenty of virgin tomboys that are waiting for a fellow virgin
Sorry, I meant compared to women of other types.
File: god damn it.png (343 KB, 1120x540)
343 KB
343 KB PNG
>Sorry, I meant compared to women of other types
>he believes women being one type over another will mean they have a lower chance of having lost their virginity
Anon I--
Maybe I'm naive, but tomboys generally don't get fucked up at parties and wake up next to a random
There is correlation between how a woman grows up vs when she loses her virginity(Source: My ass). Even if degenerate culture gets in the way sometimes...
oooh i'd love to
girls are also welcome (platonically ofc)

you mean your?

honestly this doesn't make me want to add you
we already talked before and you are just a mean individual
who doesn't allow others to have an opinion differing from yours

I think people can be complex and layered
don't you have any contradictory beliefs?
File: 5hq17v.jpg (45 KB, 671x499)
45 KB
Maybe before but nowadays I doubt it especially in my metropolitan area.
Oh I have also come up with a few more things, you already got me started so let's get real fucking verbose and into the nitty gritty, I want to go balls off the wall at this point because I might as well.
>Has a fat ass like Zahra Elise. Or bigger ideally. Just using her as a jumping point because she has short hair with a fat ass.
>Is predisposed to economic socialism but right wing authoritarianism
>selectively watches television and plays video games but none of the shit one's
>cannot be in any shitty fandoms
>is interested in film like me
>despite enjoying food she enjoys her health and lifestyle more
>must be as reckless as I am.
>is interested in political literature like me
>is interested in art theory like me
>well versed in craftsmanship but doesn't need to necessarily enjoy it like knowing how cigars are made among other things
>has a libido that matches mine, which is around every two days, once.
>can take deep penetration despite being a virgin
>must enjoy memes selectively
>ideally makes more or as much income as I can or will
>is trained in sword fighting, shooting, or martial arts and can kill a man
>must be open to the idea of killing me
My ideal goal is to go so absolutely retardedly ludicrous yet also specific and minute that no matter how hard any woman in history tries they will never be everything I have listed.
File: theworld.png (508 KB, 712x865)
508 KB
508 KB PNG
>Ideal GF
biological woman
not obese
conservative/traditional/religious views
thats literally it lulw

>Do NOT post yourself. Do I have to make that anymore clear, you stupid cunts?
sniff glue OP
that'll do
I like weird homebodies, they are impossible to find irl (because they dont leave their homes)
- bio female
- nice
- gets overly attached
- into creative stuff (painting, writing, music (music the most))
- likes reading or learning, happy to talk about concepts
- 18-25
- likes being protected or held

I'm 25/m/aus
come chat :)
hi im a cis girl with short hair if you're into that kind of thing would love to talk to u :)
File: the dud.jpg (15 KB, 330x330)
15 KB
OP says not to post myself but fuck the government
naturally no, but i guess i can be
unless you're so deluded that 6'4" isn't considered tall
i don't think so but people have told me i am
>low body count
i have had zero (0) experience with women romantically or sexually whatsoever
>blue eyes
>into horror
i don't really like horror but some of the aesthetics associated with it are cool, especially foggy forests and abandoned structures and shit
>older than 24
no i'm a fuckin 21yo infant
>big uncut d
i'm cut, but i'm girthy, i guess?
>good money
0 money but i'm a college student
>right leaning
i just wanna grill for god's sake
please just let me fucking grill
>high T
i want to think so
lol no
yeah i guess
>likes combat sports
>somewhat patient because im kind of a baby sometimes
depends on what you mean by you being a baby
>jealous and possessive
i'm kinda fuckin desperate so i guess, as long as you don't exploit the jealousy

at least i'm unvaxxed and don't fit any of the dealbreakers is guess
Did she respond or are you still waiting?
lol faggot this is literlaly my wife stay losing
nothing in my email yet so still waiting!
Man or woman, doesn't matter. Isn't sex obsessed. Likes (or loves) me for me. Isn't judgmental. Caring and understanding. Good communication skills. Shares their understanding of the world to me. Isn't mean or hateful. Left leaning. Understands technology. Will game and consume media with me. Has dreams and aspirations. Will try to make me happy, and put in effort in our relationship. Most of all, open minded and willing to embrace new ideas.

This person doesn't exist.

That just means you read all of it, faggot
Are you into guys too? I like girls with short hair.
Also my ID may change with this post because I'm in another location, so apologies if that happens, I swear it's me still.
contact dummy?

should probably say that im a woman
You should also mention country/timezone. From the last time I saw you post, we're just too far apart. :(
Tag doesn't work
Never mind, you block me for no reason. Your last post from a month ago said you like tech stuff, but never said you was only looking for a tech person. Afterwards you block me even though I did nothing wrong. Now you are looking again, but changed what you wanted. Which is funny how you say "open minded", but claim we had nothing in common when you didn't try to get to know me. So either avoid or talk to. The choice is yours
>The choice is yours
>not fat
Let's say there existed a workaholic, antisocial callous person with discipline and bravery who likes off-the-wall ideas and working for them. Why would such a person need you?
>Why would such a person need you?
You're right. Perhaps this person should post who they want instead since they're so high value.
Knows irish dancing and can sing and speak in irish
Is younger than me, 22
Doesn't eat with her mouth open
She's good with money
She's nice to people
Likes ducks because I have them. And a small cottage.
Isn't afraid of the odd bit of work
Likes nature

No contacts, because the girl doesn't exist here.
I just want a kindhearted bearded man with long hair who communes with animals. If I'm not engaged to Forestanon by 2023 I'll lose my mind
been growing out all my hair this year and people always say im gifted when it comes to animals
but im guessing youre a guy or live hundreds of miles away
damn you're still into me somehow? alright
That is up for them and their mental illness to decide. This is an Ideal Partner Thread, not a Realistic Expectations Thread.
>this is for them

are you the roger ebert of bitches
But, to give you an actual response, since I said my ideal partner would be somebody exactly like myself, they would also want all the same things, including meeting a person exactly like them, and a person exactly like them would be exactly like me. I do not often meet people exactly like me, and so they would most likely also rarely meet people exactly like them, so neither of us would have a lot of people to pick from.

My realistic expectation, though, is to do what every single woman in my family has done and marry a 6/10 ‘yes, honey’ type who will follow my lead because he does not have it in him to argue.
I know who you are, and you can't call yourself a tomboy. You need to hit the gym, bucko.
I suppose. I do admit I can't seem to maintain a healthy relationship, romantic or otherwise, because people don't seem to understand I'm perfectly honest when I say all my "horrible" opinions and what I do for work.

Thank you for the response, but I think I'd be better served continuing to overwork myself through this lonely bout. Unless if it intensifies, I'm not going to come back to this thread. Good luck in your search.
File: 1632437256995.png (156 KB, 362x259)
156 KB
156 KB PNG
this one HATES white guys who have any kind of interest in black women whatsoever, even in terms of "uh yeah i mean i guess i'd have sex with one if she was the only one around"

seethe. I'm not gonna lower my standards for you. ever.
i am not interested in race mixers, simple as. be a man and stop crying about it
also there's a difference between hating someone and not being interested in them. what a flawless mindset, no wonder you're into trannies.
File: contempt.jpg (92 KB, 1241x891)
92 KB
it's a really fucking weird and extreme requisite to have and, even if we're on 4chan, most men here would find it that way

also >>30839981
cool slander bitch, i only said i was into AFAB NBs who are fine with identifying as female. i fucking despise trannies with every fiber of my being. good fuckin riddance
no it is absolutely not extreme. you are just upset because, like you said, you are desperate. desperate males are not attractive in the slightest btw, i recommend not telling the next woman you bother that you're desperate and would fuck anything. best of luck
Nice insult or compliment???? Don't know who that is nor do I care. If you going to get salty cause someone calls you out. Then that is your fault. I just said what I been through with you and gave people the choice themselves if they still want to add you or not
File: insecure.png (639 KB, 602x537)
639 KB
639 KB PNG
hey, other people in this thread, is it considered weird to be completely disinterested in a guy who would never under any circumstance ever have any sexual or romantic interest in a black girl? also i'm desperate for a girlfriend, not a fuck - the fuck comes after the girlfriend
what a pathetic liar. you said you would. my post explicitly said that i had NO interest in men who are into blacks. its like touching a cactus then crying cause it hurts. either way you have a lot of things i don't like, it wouldn't have worked if it makes you feel better boo.
>weird to be completely disinterested in a guy who would never under any circumstance ever have any sexual or romantic interest in a black girl?
whoops, i mean would*, minus the never. either way, my point stands. you're a nutcase and i hope you fix yourself before you even think of putting yourself back in the dating pool
>Do NOT post yourself.
>Post my ideal
>Get messaged by people looking for someone entirely different to me
What is actually the point of this thread?
this, the whole "don't post yourself" thing was really stupid to begin with
Race mixing is degenerate. The foid is right. I wouldn't consider any white woman who had relations with non-whites.
Based anti miscegenation bro. Keep it up. Don't let the jews win.

it was an observation. i dont get salty because you're mentally ill. have a good 2022 tho.
Based viperbro
>i only said i was into AFAB NBs who are fine with identifying as female
Even if they are ‘fine identifying as female’, that they think ‘nonbinary’ is something to declare themselves as is a sign of brainworms. For long-term relationships, stay away, or those brainworms will crawl out and eat you and your children.

>What is actually the point of this thread?
I think OP just wanted people to share their fantasies. These kinds of ‘post your ideal bf/gf’ pop up on other boards from time to time just for anons to know what others are into.

She had ‘into black women’ under her dealbreakers. I would have assumed she was staunchly opposed to miscegenation. It does not matter whether you consider that to be retarded or not; it is just autistic and pointless to message people if you have traits they consider undesiable. I have some oddly specific preferences and dealbreakers as well, and it is bloody annoying to get messaged by people who ignore them or think I would not be as strict about them as I said I would.

>I'm perfectly honest when I say all my "horrible" opinions and what I do for work.
Even if you do not intend it, phrasing it this way just baits people to enquire about your horrible opinions and what you do for work.
>Good luck in your search.
Good luck to you likewise.

>You need to hit the gym, bucko.
>I know who you are
Is that so? Who I am, and who are you? Let’s play charades.
but i'm not "into" black women, i'd just fuck one if there's no other options. i might be retarded, but i'm not illiterate enough to skim over potentially important bits of posts
File: mqdefault.jpg (5 KB, 320x180)
5 KB
>Biologically female
>comfy in that they're accepting of everyone flaws and all
>Can either be one of the bros or a quiet shy little thing
>Not afraid of PDA
>Is into music either discovering or can play an instrument/sing
>Either fully or socially weeb
>Is into dark stuff for fun (gothic shit as an example)
>Not an SJW but leans left
>Cottagecore shit
>Maybe even plays FFXIV
>Likes space but is a bit clingy when we do stuff together
>Willing to try a LDR if we're not near each other
Just want a comfy gf interested in thrifting and antiques who will play minecraft and listen to music with me
What I'm looking for in a romantic partner:
>Biologically female
>Easy to talk with
>Shares at least some of my nerd hobbies
>Likes to be around me
>Is too online
>No horrible debt/financial situation
>No kids, but might want some with me
File: 20211018_192800.jpg (55 KB, 750x540)
55 KB
You shouldn't make it too obvious that something is wrong with you
File: my man.jpg (28 KB, 828x341)
28 KB
Literally looking for the exact same kind of woman
>but i'm not "into" black women, i'd just fuck one if there's no other options.
To a racist person, that is like saying you would fuck a dog if there were no other options. At that point, it does not matter if you are into or just would tap. You may say that is retarded, but it is what it is.
Idk why this fuss is being made when the girl with the weird requirements is probably intensely undesirable
She is like a /pol/ack’s dream. At least, until he actually has to work hard enough to support a wife and a kid or more. Also, who knows, maybe she is ugly.
Almost guaranteed to be mentally/emotionally deficient, at least
I'm not ugly but I do have mental disorders. im able to maintain a relationship though, so i don't see how it could be a problem. if you're into blacks just don't contact me, is it THAT hard to grasp? holy fuck, the autism.
Nah my point was that I thought there was too much of a fuss around you because I figured people would know to steer clear
idk why this dude is having such a hard time dealing with rejection. don't see anything wrong with my post
File: 20180604_203034.jpg (3.73 MB, 4050x1971)
3.73 MB
3.73 MB JPG
>Technical details
She's born a female, White in the US or Southern Canada already able and willing to live in the US.
Ideal locations Texans, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming.
She’s for the most part healthy of mind and body, but I understand no one's perfect.
>The most paramount thing
Family. She must value it above everything else, and she must not be ashamed to value herself and her people first.
I understand some people truly do have rotten families and it's not good or healthy for them to be around or sacrifice for them, but this must be something that she values and has a drive for.
Simply put family>career/wealth/material things/yourself.
>Love and Hate
She needs to be someone who is not just loving, but lovable and has an abundance of love to give and that one person in a family won't be enough for that love. (I'm not talking about polygamy I'm talking about growing up family)
While hate is in vogue today I understand that it is sometimes impossible to ask people not to hate their enemies, but I ask that she's not motivated by hate but instead motivated by love, love of herself and her kin.
>Material wealth vs. spiritual wealth.
It matters not if she comes from a wealthy or poor background, what matters is her personal outlook on wealth and if wealth is important to her.
She does not wish to live in a palace, a trendy downtown apartment or a suburban mcmansion.
She wishes to live somewhere closer to the Earth and she's fine with getting her hands dirty.
She's either able to or willing to learn to nail a couple of boards, chop some wood, work with plants and animals.
She realizes that family, community and good friendships bring a wealth of happiness that material wealth can never fill.

There are many other things about her, she loves cuddling, picnics, dogs, has an infectious smile/laughter, kind eyes, nurturing spirit, probably out of this last list most importantly of all can stand my ever-present sarcasm.

File: 60rtpt.jpg (51 KB, 956x809)
51 KB
pic is ideal gf
this is me:

21 / M / Brazil

cooking, reading, gaming, piano, sleeping

BDSM (24/7 dom master)
brainwash/psychological control

>describe yourself
6', latino/white, skinny/average, look older(people think im 25+), extreme controller

30m bi
my perfect bf: fit, tall, uncut cock, hairy body, bottom, fun, interested in outdoor activities, goes swimming with me, loves to cuddle and to make out, my age.
perfect gf: petite, small perky tits, big ass, trained, loves outdoor activities, its passionate about something (doesnt matter what) and has hobbies, introvert, age doesnt matter can be older than me, no tattoes, piercings or other degenerate shit, doesnt has her phone in her hand 24/7

kik: mhmatkik
>having such a hard time dealing with rejection
yeah that's definitely what that was about 100%
lul ugly bitch
has both kidneys, preferably all their organs.
really trusting and sweet. able to drive far out.
in good shape, doesn't smoke, drink excessively, do hard drugs.
isn't into guns
O- blood type
File: image0 - Copy.jpg (322 KB, 2292x1251)
322 KB
322 KB JPG

Here's my ideal gf.

Discord: Soldier 69#7042
Kik: Soldier69wastaken
Not a guy. Do you have a beard or live in California?
Wow that's 100% me
why are you kidneyist?
Funny, I know a Scottish chick who's like this kinda she just doesn't do online dating shit. You either live where she does or you're permanently a friend only.

>Funny, I know a Scottish chick who's like this kinda she just doesn't do online dating shit.

Hmm, well I'm only really looking for a relationship where the goal is to get together in person if we hit it off. Relocation is absolutely on the table, although going to another country warrants some consideration.


This is me in case whoever sees my ideal gf wants to see what I'm like too.
early 20s, bio F, USA ideally and can/will relocate (i might relocate, but unlikely)
cute and knows it, short, thin to chubby, doesn't have a flat ass
nice lips and eyes are a bonus
septum piercing and split tongues are appreciated
not terminally online, far-right, /pol/tard, bigot, doomer, etc.
has some kind of interests of her own (can be anything, just be into something)
being some kind of a degenerate (secretly or otherwise) is probably a bonus
not friendless, not being super social is fine but not having friends is a red flag to me
genuinely nice and pleasant
is funny (actually funny)
>with me
can deal with me (bipolar II, can get clingy with distance)
enjoys physical affection, lots of it, like A LOT
enjoys sex, especially foreplay, can endure a lot, sub in bed, kinky
likes watching things together, playing games (video/board) together, sending content back and forth, cooking together, just generally being together and doing things with eachother
pushes me to take us out and go do things where i otherwise wouldn't
likes when i gather friends at my place to hang out and do stuff

Please don't tell me you believed that was real
The kind of person I like would never be in a place like this.
Sorry everyone.
just shaved it last night, and live in oregon
pretty based and i meet 90% of her ideals
too bad shes french
File: cringe ass nae nae baby.jpg (165 KB, 1229x1229)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
My ideal partner: mid-20s awkward nerdy guy who prefers staying inside and watching dumb YouTube videos or listening to music over going out and clubbing. I really like boys with glasses too! Don't mind slightly chubby body shapes although twinky guys are my fave. Living in or around the Raleigh, NC area is a must :)

Discord: slburnham#2798

Pic related is me because why not?
androgynous leaning towards boyish, 5' 7"+, shredded, takes care of skin, cool (blond) hair, great alternative fashion sense, tattoos, competitive, loves to workout at the same time as me, dominant, funny, good with money, speaks more than one language and will help me learn another one, will travel the world with me

non negotiable:
lifts and is decently strong, down to dress up or at least be open to fashion, prioritizes gym time and understands that i do as well, supportive of my hobbies, cannot always be draining me of my money, not a picky eater, likes drinking, loves pets, artistic in some way, likes anime

deal breaker:
NEET addicted to video games, 0 interest in the gym
1. not according to the market, blame markets
2. not according to the market, blame markets
3. sure, but this is also a market problem
4. yup, neither do dollars
5. yup, it's just decentralized
6. this is not how EMPs work, it's not Goldeneye
7. true
8. Crypto is a commodity

good arguments but mostly against markets
Ideal partner:
At least somewhat left leaning, into festivals,bisexual, kinky, not jealous, into open relationship, atheist, shaved pits, not into zodiacs that much or not at all. Ass.
File: rational psychonaut gf.png (375 KB, 2050x1618)
375 KB
375 KB PNG
her pupils are supposed to be blown but it didn't come out well. I think this captures the spirit but it's my first time attempting this.

>NYC/NY/East Coast preferred
>no body type/sex preferences (males should be reasonably femme)
>no age preferences
>don't be mindkilled

about me
>6'2", white, long brown hair, blue eyes
>regressed to dadbod after an injury last year, slowly climbing back
>great career
>lives alone
>usually takes 3 tabs of acid
>high sex drive, dominant, very dark tastes

>slavishly devoted to a political ingroup i.e. mindkilled
>slavishly devoted to covid (a special type of mindkilled)
>won't do drugs and dance until dawn with me
>insecure about their desires/doesn't embrace themselves

They are someone who understands that we can like different things and have different opinions and that's okay. They are open with their needs and feelings, I want us to be able to tell each other if there is a problem so we can compromise and find a solution to it. They understand that a relationship takes the effort of two people to make it lasting. They are compassionate, caring and empathetic. They love learning and are open to trying new things. They have a great sense of humour where we can both act silly and tell each other awful jokes and have fun being together, they don't feel the need to constantly fill the silence; being together sharing a moment can be fine.

You'll like me
holy shit, nice quintuple
You're seated next to me at dinner. As I reach over and luxuriously trace the outline of your spine, you smile, it feels nice. It's not just that you enjoy the sensation, you need to be touched. As my fingers arrive at the base of your neck, I pause and turn to look at you. You pray that I won’t stop. Finally, tortuously, my fingers slip up your neck and into your hair. You shiver. The hungry look that's staring back at you makes you nervous, excited. Unexpectedly, I grab a fistful of your hair and and start to pull your head back. You try to resist. We're in a restaurant, you feel self-conscious. You don't have a choice. Inexorably, I yank your head back one inch at a time, until you're staring at the ceiling and I can easily inspect my property. You should know better than to fight me; I'm big, six foot five and muscular. Despite yourself, and your shame at being so easily overpowered, you feel your panties soaking through. You relent, and let me finish my survey. You can practically feel the shit eating grin that emerges from my bearded, handsome face. You know that I like it when do what you're supposed to. Ever so slowly, I lean over, putting my lips within a hairsbreadth or your upturned ear. You’re starting to panic, you wonder if people in the restaurant are noticing, but you’re completely immobilized. A streak of resistance flashes through your mind, but you think better of it. You know the punishment will be worse tonight if you try. The attempted insurrection earlier has already guaranteed you’ll be tied up, whipped, slapped, teased, used up and left an incoherent mess, so cum drunk you’ll barely remember your own name. You don’t want to find out what else I can conjure up to break your mind and body.
I take my time moving my face closer to yours. My lips brush against your ear. People are looking at us now. You blush, the puddle from earlier feels like a lake, you can feel the wetness dripping down your thighs.
I whisper, not at all quietly “Slut.”, “Remember. Your body belongs to me.”
I pause for a moment, awaiting your response. When none is given my expression hardens. I pull your head back a fraction of inch more. You’re well trained and understand my meaning.
You manage a half-hearted nod and sputter “Ye..Yes.”
“Yes what?” I reply.
“Yes Sir.” you manage, in a perfectly obedient tone.
I put your hand on my lap and you can feel my thick cock throbbing against my pants. You’re my submissive whore, it makes me happy when you understand that.
“Good girl.” I smile and relent, releasing my grip.
I stroke your out of place hair back into position, the couples who were watching go back to their meals, and we continue ours. You smile, and laugh, you can’t help yourself. You love how I make you feel, how I give you everything you want and more. You need me to touch you, and that’s why we were made for each other, because I need to touch you. I need your body. It belongs to me. It’s mine. I will use your holes whenever and however I want.
You think about how if I wanted, I could bend you over the table and fuck you in front of everyone, and no one in the restaurant could do anything about it. You know that if you asked me I would do it. You want everyone to know what a whore you are, how hopelessly devoted you are to having me fill you with cum, but you don’t want to make a scene. At least not today. I notice the mischievous look in your eyes and read your mind. Such a beautiful, precious slut. I caress your cheek and tell you you’re the most perfect woman I’ve ever known.

I will freely use my slut. I expect you to bring home your friends for me to fuck and eat my cum out of them. I will fuck you while you’re sleeping, or when you are doing the dishes. I will use your body whenever, however, and wherever I chose. Your holes make you so valuable to me. You’ll know to suck my cock every night without me asking. If we are entertaining guests, and I give them permission, they may use your body however they like, just as I would. A good cum dump knows how to be a good hostess. When I tell you to dress slutty because I’m taking you to a work function, or want you to be my eye candy when my friends are over, you will do as you are told. My perfect little slut will understand that I own her. You will be my property, but we will be a team. We will work on our bodies and minds together, fuck other people together, travel together, and experience the world together. I will devote myself to you experiencing pleasures that you never thought possible, in return you will deny me nothing. I will encourage, support, and show you love and affection always. We will keep nothing from each other, there will be no secrets between us. I have written this so you will know my mind, and know that this is what you desire more than anything. I will belong to you as much as you belong to me.

If this interests you, kik: iownyourbodyslut
File: autismcouple.png (768 KB, 1200x675)
768 KB
768 KB PNG
Just want someone that could ground the brooding autist part of me with light scolding and silliness, while also being able to be open themselves so I can try and help in return. Wouldn't want them to bottle up their own emotions for my sake.
I already have my ideal gf and I'm her ideal bf :)
My Ideal Bf

My ideal boyfriend would be someone who is
>intellectually well-rounded
>loves nature
>right-leaning (at least)
>loves cooking and food
>interested in self improvement (meditation, fitness, etc etc)
>spontaneous, someone who will go out and get food with me at random times in the night or go stargaze
>interested in philosophy
>listens to metal
>actually holds doors open
>will play video games with me
>understands memes I send and actually finds them funny
>pursuing having a family
>is kinda an asshole but is very sweet on the inside
>has a soft spot for animals
i am all of these things except i am as far left as possible
economically speaking it makes sense to be somewhat left
so a communist then?
File: my-man[1].jpg (76 KB, 400x400)
76 KB
>understands memes I send and actually finds them funny
Post one
Thanks fren
has a pussy and doesn't use discord
i think i match every single one of those
Damn. I fit except I'm not really sure about having a family. I'm pretty sure I'd be a bad father and it wouldn't be fair to make a child who will suffer because of my incompetence.
From your description, all things seem to fit me, but there are a few things that I'm unsure of:
> They have a great sense of humour where...
I can't determine this myself.
> They are compassionate, caring and empathetic.
I assume I am, but I'm biased.
> They love learning and are open to trying new things.
This requires some explanation that I don't want to cram into a 4chan post—to summarize, much has changed for me when it comes to trying new things.

Everything else is also what I'm looking for; it's nice to see somebody like you in a thread like this. My contact information is below. I'm only willing to communicate in a cryptographically secure environment.

XMPP Address:
OMEMO Fingerprint:
D4D72174 A8CC820C EE9A60AC 2FEF039B
76F34F6D 39126A7D 08201A2B 11824364
Bumping this because I'm still lurking and still up to chat with whoever.
my ideal bf

>radical leftist
>creatively inclined
>a little spergy
>will sleep in vc with me
>has a history of self harm
>focused on getting better now
>knows what it's like to truly suffer
>doesn't abuse substances to feel better
>will crawl through hell with me to get to heaven (we can do it if we try)
>tries to understand me
>wants to protect eachother
File: addmenow.jpg (1.43 MB, 2000x2000)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB JPG
Add me

if you're into reading/history/film
if you have had an interest in occult things (not really that important since I'm not into it lately)
if you like to talk about or debate certain topics so that we can both have a better understanding of the world
if you want to improve yourself together with me
if you want to open up and become vulnerable to a nonjudgmental person
if you want to watch or read something interesting with me (book club style)
if you want to take things slow and not be sexual for a while (this is a dating thread, not a lewd thread)
if you want to give me a chance
sorry if this is an aimless post, I feel a bit aimless myself right now
a bit about me: I think that I am a decently attractive person, I would like to think that I am smart or at least logical, I think that I can be interesting, I think that I could make a pretty good boyfriend

tell me you're from this thread if you add me, I'm more interesting when we can have a conversation : )
I’ve tried these threads multiple times but always felt like I’m picking the wrong points. Not that they weren’t something I want in a bf, more like I couldn’t describe the type of personality I’m looking for through text. Here’s another one.

Ideal bf:
>has a deep soul filled with both positive and negative emotions, can truly appreciate different art forms beyond “yeah I kinda like this song”
>interested in real pair bonding, sees their gf as a true partner, romantic
>post-doomer with a strong motivation for self improvement
>adventurous to the point of being occasionally impulsive, curious about the world and everything around him
>aspires for success in life. Has money, doesn’t want to work 9 to 5
>has strong opinions but can be understanding on a personal level and doesn’t shy away from questioning his own beliefs
>has a lot of life experience, went through real struggles
>masculine energy, I feel safe and protected around him
>not shy or awkward but not extremely outgoing either. “I know how to function on a party but I prefer other things nowadays” type
Fits me but prolly also other 100 guys lurking. One thing that helps me conceptualize a better description is thinking about what I would want day to day in a relationship. What makes me feel loved and what I can give, etc
This fits me absolutely, every point fully. If you'd like to get to know each other, I'm >>30836187
wasted quads. kys fag
Interesting, yeah. I omitted a lot of “basics” because I sort of tried to capture a feeling in this spur of the moment desire to post. I do like how it turned out tho, I just need to be a bit more descriptive I guess. Strike a balance between including something that’s ultimately not important and not being overly vague that I get a 100 of (You)‘s
>anglo/celtic or south european
>gothic style or similar
>born within 1997-2000
>thick body but more bottom heavy
>likes metal music mainly black metal

my discord is BMSS#9381 if you match this
A lot of it is also subjective. What one person finds masculine another might not, same with awkward.

Also I highly doubt it fits many guys here. As far as I've heard many of them lie or don't read.
i dont know what that means heres my contact on a honeypot fusebox#3578
If you're in the UK, try adding me? Rosebud#7243
>bio f
>waiting for marriage
>wants kids
That's literally it. May as well be hunting a unicorn. In the meantime I'll work on myself.
File: IMG_8485.jpg (62 KB, 454x598)
62 KB
>Knows irish dancing and can sing and speak in irish
Haven’t danced since I was 10, but still know some dances, singing is debatable but I’m fluent in Irish
>Is younger than me, 22
>Doesn't eat with her mouth open
People with no table manners are disgusting
>She's good with money
Not a lot I need to buy but I don’t spend recklessly
>She's nice to people
>Likes ducks because I have them. And a small cottage.
I love ducks. Used to have some.
>Isn't afraid of the odd bit of work
Grew up on a farm, that says it all
>Likes nature

vapid orbiter whore type. Anyone surprised?
i kinda fit the bill except
>right-leaning (at least)
i'd consider myself a slightly left-leaning libert centrist
>pursuing having a family
not until we're in our 30s, i want to enjoy my 20s without it being ruined by kids

also kinda me but
not quite there but i'm getting there
>adventurous, aspires for success in life
i mean yeah i'm incredibly curious about the world and i want to at least be successful enough to get paid doing what i love, but i don't want to be some crazy sprortual vagabond motherfucker, or at least not in this life
>not shy or awkward but not extremely outgoing either
would a high-functioning autist and a recovering introvert count?
based XMPP anon, holding out against the proprietary chat networks. I salute you brother.
Fat guy myself. Want a twink boyfriend for size contrast, ideally someone 3x smaller than me whose face I can fuck into submission and who does everything I ask because I'm the man between us.
>North America
>wants a lot of kids, relatively soon. Family is important to you
>religious or spiritual, not atheistic nihilistic doomer
>ambitious, has job or near end of school/training
>introverted but not cripplingly so
>not a leftist
>not lgbt
>not wildly over or underweight
>no severe mental or physical illness

A lot of guys I’ve met who fit this want to do the whole homesteading/off grid living mind of thing. I’m fine with that as long as it’s realistic and NOT because you’re schizophrenic. I don’t want to live in poverty. Stability is the most important thing.
Tfw no bf that is:
>straight male
>nordic and handsome
>self aware
>fed up with the (((world))) but has not gone full doomer yet (I can fix him)
>just wants to live innawoods and escape it all
How many guys message you say they're handsome and then look like giganeckbeard or unattractive in generalq? Always wondered this
>enjoys trying new things
>feels safe around me
>doesn't mind me being overprotective
>isn't addicted to social media
>can understand the difference between personal and professional time
>likes to travel
>prefers when I drive
>doesn't chastise me for helping strangers(not with currency)
>likes to learn things from a partner
>likes to share things they know as well
>has a job or some form of responsibility (can be min-wage water bottling, idgaf, anything productive that provides income)
>likes to laugh
>can talk about the bad but looks for the good/lessons learned from shitty situations
>modest as a flower, kinky in the shower
>likes animals

Working on myself everyday, focused on expanding my career, currently body recomping, 28, Male, cares about nutrition but what people put in their bodies is their choice unless it's killing you then I will share my 2 cents either way, loving life despite hardships, FUCKING MOTIVATED, easily makes friends, also easily loses them because I am very distant and focused on self improvement not the average drink/party/smoke/take substance boring shit, open minded, well spoken, adventurous, 5'11(gods plan), sarcastic at the most unexpected times, likes to cook but I fast often so I don't have anyone to cook for besides stray cats

This is too long... If I described you above reply and let's have a conversation about it.
GL, but you can't "fix" other people. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink.
I pretty much meet that and I want 3 kids. But I'm 38. Dang.
He’s got dark hair.
He loves electronic music, something a little edgy or underground but doesn’t think it makes him superior.
Has glasses
Is straight
Prefers women of a different race
Emotionally available
Enjoys chemsex but doesn’t do meth or heroin
Condones and enables drug use
Enjoys kissing and heavy petting
Challenges my beliefs and attitudes
But should share self motivation and similar goals
Likes cats
Disc: SpunchPopIcescreams#9950
Murasaki | 紫#5341
File: 1-9.jpg (350 KB, 864x1776)
350 KB
350 KB JPG
I'm posting myself because fuck you OP

ideal woman: not a bitch, biologically a woman, severely neurotic, from the USA (not travelling to another country for you babe), a weeb, doesn't care that I'm a big dicked NEET who collects welfare benefits and will have hot sex with me
I am a MAN
looking for a BIOLOGICAL WOMAN
I am all about these vibes
>bio female
>18 - 30 (I don't expect many 18 year olds to click with me but I don't really need to rule it out)
>I don't expect a super model body but at least be average
>I'm 5'11, so anything equal to or shorter
>into nerd shit, or at least tolerates it
>can watch shows/movies together and talk about it as we watch
>likes traveling once in a while, day trips and weekend trips too
>loves talking about anything and everything with me
>gets excited to show me a dumb meme or tell me a little anecdote about her day
>enjoys telling me about her hobbies even if I don't really partake
>isn't obsessed with social media or being a clout chaser (posting shit about your life is fine, I just don't want someone glued to their phone)
>likes being horny as fuck with me
>enjoys being lewd often, I have a high sex drive
>likes doing cute, loving things for me because she knows I'll do the same
>caring, genuine person
>friend to animals
>likes guys with long hair (spoilers I have long hair)

Bonus points if you're within a few hours of driving (905 area, Canada), discord dating is fine to start with though.

Add me up, Vulcanore#7646
why do you guys write all this detailed shit. no bitch is going to hit you up lolol.
File: 1555461669359.gif (1.08 MB, 636x298)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB GIF
>Slightly introverted and doesn't mind staying in most of the time
>Shares some nerdy hobbies
>Is gentle but more on the dominant side

That's it. Just wanna get close with someone.
> Discord

I'm not going to contact you, but I hope you find the type of person you're looking for.
All of the above: observational#8609
File: EeIHdwsXYAAelzW.jpg (242 KB, 956x809)
242 KB
242 KB JPG
>23 MtF Lesbian, Missouri
>6’4” kinda overweight, but working on becoming skinny and pretty
>Kinky as hell, extreme orgasm denial, MD/lg
>Vidya, anime, TTRPGs
>Engineering student. Come get that STEM money
>Addicted to energy drinks
>Enjoys writing
>Loves horror, supernatural, etc.

>Cis female
>into games and/or anime and/or general nerd shit
>Lefty politics
>Skinny goth/punk girl, preferably but not required
>Pic related

Looking for cis women only, sorry to my trans friends.
>Cis women only
that sucks. you seem like you'd be perfect for me, too bad I'm enby
File: 1636380606415.gif (2.59 MB, 800x800)
2.59 MB
2.59 MB GIF
Ideal gf:
>biological woman
>into manga or anime (idk if you like the most mainstream anime fotm or underground shit I'm cool with both)
>not right wing
>speaks spanish
>likes drain gang
I can't think of anything more
lmao even the trannies don't wanna date trannies
File: ideal_bf.png (134 KB, 1540x839)
134 KB
134 KB PNG
me: 25, F, fat
wew, this is me except for the angry thing and group of friends. I only get angry on the inside and all of my friends are from different groups.
well don't be shy, post ur discord
That's literally me but we're on different continents and I'm too poor to travel.
I kinda fit in this category, discords skippy#8942 pretty pls
this is almost exactly me, pls add Finch#4988
don't be a dick? woman, not a girl, please. not a sexual thing just, have something to say or be someone.

File: chiyochwan.png (278 KB, 494x496)
278 KB
278 KB PNG
Be a Female/19-20
Be willing to message first, I get worried I'm too needy then don't message first.
Like music please, I enjoy it.
Ideal bf:

>27-37 years old
>Serious temperament
>Conservative values
>Ready to have and provide to a family
>Has sufficient mental and emotional maturity
>Financially independent
>It's not small talk
>Knows how to handle a conversation
>Deep male voice
>He is someone professionally prepared and has remarkable ability in his profession
>Successful in life (esencial)
>Has mathematical intelligence
>Not a normalfag
>Understands the "culture" of the internet
>Likes vidya
>Has not previously been involved in a romantic relationship


>Biologically female
>I consider myself someone who can offer a pleasant conversation, and be able to provoke a feeling of closeness, if we get on with each other. I am a person with an analytical perspective. I am someone calm, affectionate, and understanding, therefore, I hope that you are the same way. I have several of the characteristics that I look for in someone, so all I'm looking for, so am I.
I like psychology, especially psychoanalysis, video games, PlayStation video games, writing, I collect Fumos, but I only have bootlegs (sad), currently I do not watch anime, but I would like to meet someone who likes everything related to that topic.

I just need a man as much as he needs a woman, and I want to feel protected by one.

Discord: ⠠⠛⠁⠇⠊⠇⠑⠁#1200

Get some self respect.
I assume they're arab and don't want to racemix.
-Any height
-Around 130lbs, less is fine
-At least size 28D cup size
-Light olive skin or similar
-Hair at least to hips/ass
-Dominantly wears all black, except on skin pigment
-Eyes brown or dark in general
-Stoic temperament a plus
-Height, ~5'8-5'9
-Weight, 120, otter-mode body type
-Skin, light olive
-Hair, dark brunette, hip/ass length
-Wears all black
-Eyes, very dark brown near black in appearance
-Stoic temperament
-Interests: Science, animals, games, some psychology
Looking to see if I have any clones out of curiosity.
God I just want someone who likes me and would want to be with me
are you in germany ?
Everything but metal, not that I don't enjoy it but it's not all I listen to.
Are you in the US?
I fit all these except metal.
Ideal partner would be
> In to otaku stuff
> In to video and board games
> In to animals and nature
> Love camping, swimming, hiking
> Enjoys cooking
>Introverted and cuddly
>In around Toronto Canada (416, 905)
>Cute and fun to be around

> 6'2"
> 28
>Bi M

Post your Kik if you exist somewhere out there
I won’t lie that’s a pretty huge age gap, not sure I could get over the weirdness factor even if we clicked. We can chat if you want but I wouldn’t be too optimistic :(
You're probably right. Are you under 25? In my experience women under 25 don't have the emotional maturity I'm looking for anyway.
Put a shirt on you whore, and try a facial expression that looks less like a gorilla who's recently been hit in the face with a brick
Hmmm I sense potential.
Are you by any slim chance in Europe or interested in it?
>white male
>in his 20's
>in the usa
>taller than me (i am 5'4")
>long hair
>mentally ill and autistic
>hikikomori, recluse, or neet
>smelly :3c
>clingy and obsessive
>doesn't care about politics
>types in all lowercase
>obscure interests
>willing to deal with my spam texting

>autism, bpd, and ptsd
>reclusive and paranoid
>doesn't take care of herself
>Types in a avvery erratic way Cuz It Feels nnnnice (^___^)
>very dumb
>likes a lot of weird things

Yes im under 25
i'm all of these things
Bymp add me im bore d
No way, it's literally me. Message me? :D
Eh, I'm up to chat and see where it goes. Don't have anything to lose. TheTopmostEbin#5469
bumping for the long shot
>will crawl through hell with me to get to heaven (we can do it if we try)
I fit the bill

add me im not on the left but im sure we can get along
what i mean by this, btw, isnt that i want a toxic relationship. i kinda realize how it sounds now. i just want someone to grow with who doesn't mind that i have autism and we can work together to make the circumstances of the past less burdensome.
not quite there, but send something about yourself
that sort of fits me
which parts?
it doesn't matter because my heart is taken
My ideal partner is a woman or womanlike entity that is capable of cognitive and effective empathy and can keep up with an autistic dude's set of interests (pc games, various kinds of animation, internet bullshit)
Has love languages of touch and affirmations.
Funny but not 'my main language is sarcasm'
I have a thing for lips, an oral fixation helps.
In or somewhere around Middle Tennessee.

I'm 29, male, body is dad (6'2, 270lbs). Auburn mullet, Dirt Stache, hairy arms, hygienic.
Agnostic like 'yeah something could exist out there but I don't think it cares all that much either way.'
Blender 3D Animator & javascript programmer.
Sometimes I compose shit too.

File: 5333-thanksgiving.jpg (495 KB, 1200x627)
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>ideal partner
M or F

Blue Banquet
What a giant loser you are. Go talk to a real girl instead of pathetically reading these threads.

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