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File: 1649629936239.png (5 KB, 1200x600)
5 KB
New one since the last one died.
Drop your A/S/L and what you're looking for fellow britpeeps

Discord, Kik, Telegram, whatever you have, anything goes.
Snap j_bartalby 22 m glasgow
Oh and here's mine, 28, M, and a copy paste of my post in other threads.

>>Basic Description of self
On the quiet side, but willing to put the effort to get past that initial hi stage where you're not sure what to say, I don't like one word replies so I won't do that to the other person either.
The general stuff like anime, reading and writing, going for walks, talking about all kinds of stuff like time travel and multiverse, to stuff like existentialism and all kinds of stuff anything really.
>>Looking for
Anyone willing to try and talk, would like longer term online buddies, don't always have to reply right away as long as you do too, life happens and we can't always be on
>>Not looking for
One word replies or five minute conversation ghosters.
Caps sensitive, AzureBlueSky#2275

Kik & snap: MrMister_uk

Looking to hang, chat, flirt, whatever
Looking for naughty obedient slave boys all ages
Start with asl and who you live with for reply
20 f uk
Naughtyfemmedomme856 - kik
Naughtyfemmed - wickr
24/M/near London. Would be great to find another nerdy/alt bud (around the same age) who loves stroking over dumb looking nn thots and bimbos and is into degrading them (nothing too heavy though). I'm also into talking about how much we love wanking and fantasising about irl wanks together. It'd also be nice to have normal non-horny chats as well and trade memes n shit. I'm a normal, chill dude irl, just with a mega horny side.
Discord: tringle#4941
Anybody near Shropshire/telford?
Kik is socwagering
Want a cute girl/trans/femboy to bend me over and pop my cherry for anal

Kik: Zorngeist
18m higuys645
Sending dick pics / vids / nutshot for porn / hentai / nudes / taboo or whatever desu just hmu :)
also down to trade or talk about whatever ;"

I am f33ding my buds on kjk right now

All I want 2 do is make u jerk off

I am a professional f33der pleasing hundreds of my buds every week

All I need in return 4 a jerk f33d is 2 c ur jerk vids over what I f33ding on a second screen

Second screen and showing off is a requirement

Please let me help u jerk off


Add hertsgirls on kjk
File: splits.jpg (614 KB, 1424x1050)
614 KB
614 KB JPG
29 M Hertfordshire
>Looking for
In general I'm pretty outgoing so if it sounds like a good time I'll probably be down for it with a preference in talking to the opposite sex

I'm in to VR, fitness, painting, currently learning spanish/keyboard/guitar and prefer to be sober
If you like anyone of those im sure we will have something to talk about

Looking for a cute and smooth little twink/femboy/transgirl to have some fun with.

Thirty. Average build. Brown hair. Blue eyes. Bearded. Tattooed. Always smelling good. Hung.

Message me?

kik: edinfuu
>Looking For
Women for lewd and normal chats.
>About Me
Nerd, but also physically fit and athletic.
>Discord Tag
31 m, London

Kik - jamesnoel01

Pan, having a drink, hmu. Bonus points for London area
Looking for nohomo BJ sesh.

Telegram Cup_o_tea
M25 Looking for anyone in Kent, specifically Thanet to share some pics of local girls with. Drop your kik if you're around here
34 m yorkshire
Looking for any f nearby
Kik is teitra87
23 M Southeast

Big masculine guy looking to chat to, tease and maybe meet femboys
Why did you leave me :(
I just wanted to talk about baboons :'(
he didn't deserve you anon, you'll find the baboon lover for you one day
I... I am still sad but I have hope
25 m north west

Just looking to suck some cock

28 ftm London
am just a whore looking to be used desu, choking facefucking, cnc
kik - ksoton
File: 18.png (548 KB, 366x629)
548 KB
548 KB PNG
kik me babysweet26x
File: JcOKwHi.jpg (19 KB, 414x790)
19 KB
29 m Manchester
Dom looking to have some fun
Females only

I'm gay but looking to chat and make friends. I like film and anime

Looking to share and degrade girls I know,
kik me at throwaway158054
24m central Scotlan
32/part time girl (I'm convincing) / leeds area

Looking for muscular good looking guys to chat/flirt with.

If your good looking and give me your discord we can chat.
25/M/East London

Looking to get fucked and sucked.
Tonight if anyones in the area lol

KIK: JC130Above
25 M S.London
Bi guy looking for a ga(y)mer/weeb fwb. A bro on the streets who I could bone in the sheets.
Obviously you'd have to be a bottom. Being fem is a plus. Please don't be older than 30. If you can host that'd be ideal but we can probably work something out.
kik is thtop
Just turned 40 and, as expected, it’s shit. Try and avoid getting older if you can, folks.

Just looking for irreverent company from 4chan ladies if they still exist. Come and try and convince me that music, games, and tv/film aren’t shit. Alternatively come and validate my grumpy old man opinions. If you can draw: I want to see it; if you can’t, I REALLY want to see it.

Come and remind me that good humour isn’t dead.

Probably wise to tell me what thread you add me from so there’s no accidental lewd talk when it’s unwelcome.

Discord: IrishAnon#9585
Telegram: @IrishAnon
Sc: AnonOfIreland
got disc?
File: IMG-20220217-WA0000.jpg (358 KB, 1512x2016)
358 KB
358 KB JPG
31/M/Cambs, UK
I have spacky legs and I'm looking for someone that's ok with moving at the slower pace of people with a chronic illness. Someone I can go for a coffee with.
Discord: Datacrab#4660
Kik: psilu91

Looking to share/trade nudes or meet up with people

Kik: steamednoodles
Not one I'd share on here, sorry!
32 M South Wales
Looking for a Dom/Domme that'll manipulate and belittle me while driving me into being a sissy, dog pony or maid...anything that takes their fancy. Kik me at PigMcpiggy
28 m Liverpool

Snap and discord

Serserp is my snap

Just not bothered about where people are from aslong as it's UK and are opening to hanging out in person and chilling
no homo hanging out?
would you add me if i posted mine?
Going to be in Edinburgh tomorrow until Friday for a bit of tourism, anyone up for a drink or can recommend things to do?
vanderjarm996 25 bi M anyone down for jerking
Honestly would love to have someone I could be close with and go at a slow pace with (I'm a bit shy lol). I love watching movies and drinking is also a plus.
File: Neon.jpg (4.16 MB, 1365x2048)
4.16 MB
4.16 MB JPG
24/M/West Sussex

Suicidal, just need someone to talk to, to notice that I exist. Don't care if you're a guy or a girl, just a good listener would be great.


Kik - bwcscot1
Snap - Bwcscottish

Looking for F/femboy/sissy

Also have a 8” BWC
Dude you need the Samaritans rather than jerks on 4chan - or other good crisis lines if you've specific troubles (switchboard are good for lgbt resources ect)
File: yo.jpg (364 KB, 1037x1462)
364 KB
364 KB JPG

>Basic description of self
Laidback dude I just chill out, smoke weed and play vidya when I'm not working. Generally a nice guy, can carry a conversation if needed. Not judgmental as long as you aren't a nonce.

>Hobbies and interests
Movies - mostly action but anything good.
Music - Eclectic taste, I obviously have preferences but if you name a genre I can probably name a song or artist from it that I enjoy listening to.
Vidya - fighting games, hack and slash games, RPG, FPS, RTS, a bunch of stuff.
Anime/Manga, mostly shonen stuff but again I'm open to trying anything good.
Sports - football, boxing, MMA, pro wrestling. I play sports and work out myself but I'm not a /fit/fag.
I also like military history and classic cartoons.

>Looking for
18+ but other than that basically anything! I'll be friendly with you as long as you're friendly with me (:
Open to lewd stuff but only with females, will happily be bros with just about anybody though lol

>Not looking for
Pedos and time wasters

24 m uk, small cocked pathetic loser here.

Looking for nasty rough older to force me further into my fag fantasies. Most of my fantasies are rough / degrading.

kik is sepho9673 or sc dft9673
moving to the uk in september for grad school from the caribbean computer science major

21 m black

Female 19 UK
bored and lonely.
I like older men, Like ‘real life dad’ vibes.
Hit me up. Also have lots of kinks which I’m happy to explore with the right person. Switch so do with that info what you will lol
Let me know your asl
Kik: roisinchatter

kik mercymainbtw0
I've sent you a message on kik
does anyone in london know how to remove a security tag from something i got the wire cutters but i am physically not strong enough to do it
magnets. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pji33MoJ5Z4
ok fuck i'll order some to give this a try and report back tomorrow
24 m south wales
looking to suck my first cock
kik kelpin42
28 M Sheffield
I'm down in London for work regularly
I'm a switch and tired of always being the dom
Looking for dominant girls to use and peg me
kik olivegreenfun
Got Kik??
Added you
Female I want to voice guys kingsmooch#1254
Only just realised I put the wrong discord fml, hmu if you're still interested:

dubboibitch kik

Kik - AlexB1295

Bi, hung and open to suggestions
26F UK-cambridge
looking for a submissive servant who's looking for a long term ownership, online or irl

kik: Princesstiffany20
29 m sheffield

Looking for kinky peeps I wanna try new kinks. Down for anything let me know what your kink is amd maybe we can try it

Kik sheffieldsub711
m 28 london
bored, hit me up on snap or kik

Snap: frankmcinally
kik: drew.drewster8
tag doesn't work

Experienced daddy Dom, pet owner, bdsm and overall dominant.
Bearded and inked, 5’6, average build. Switch, love lingerie, only exploring that when fully comfortable.
LF - F preferred but open to M. Little space subs, pet players, sissys/traps/cd’s. Starting with getting to know eachother and seeing if we click.
Will switch for the right person.
BigSMandem13 kik
Looking for a boyfriend desu
File: image065436.png (157 KB, 455x625)
157 KB
157 KB PNG
looking for some very masc or very fem peeps to chat to
bonus points if you do shooting, lift, fencing or other tory bollocks
No coomers, zoomers, truma dumpers or fatties.
Looking for F any age to send me pissing pix/videos. Can send dick pix or same back.
Tele - cup_o_tea
30 / NB / Yorkshire
>Describe Yourself
Byronic hero to a fault, very sure of myself for a twink.
Friendly banter is my favourite form of flirting.
/x/ and /tg/ related things, music, a few vidya. I read a lot of fiction and I'm always down to learn new things.
>Looking for
Friends, maybe more? Depends on the vibe.
>Not looking for
Immediate lewd convos, at least buy me dinner first.
would add if I wasn't thoroughly intimidated by the abs of steel and the 20-inch pythons lmao
They typically look cuter around your throat don't worry ;)
username not working
where in the NW?
32 / m / turkish
looking for uk females
Kik: dragondier
File: 1650795193091.jpg (215 KB, 640x960)
215 KB
215 KB JPG

Looking for a foid to go on a date with
I'm Classy /pol/ neet into art

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