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File: gf-3.png (5 KB, 512x512)
5 KB
Welcome to the ideal bf/gf thread, where you can design the partner of YOUR dreams.

Things to include in your post:
>their interests
>their "personality"
>their location

Make sure to be creative! the best images will have:
>lots of color
>clear, legible text
>decorations and accessories

Remember to /soc/ialize; Add a contact like:
>any other chat platform

The template is available in the replies; happy posting!
File: ideals.png (3 KB, 284x245)
3 KB
Here's the template; Go forth and make images!
File: Real_Mari.png (769 KB, 720x774)
769 KB
769 KB PNG
My ideal girlfriend:
Mari from omori
File: anyone.png (92 KB, 800x600)
92 KB
Lotsa stuff is going on and I'm rlly stressed at the moment so literally anyone is appreciated.

>About me
Add me if you just wanna watch a TV show on VC, I was thinking old episodes of Family Guy. DESU I'll do literally anything just to distract myself from the stress.

Tag: Heirful#6711
File: fuckssake.png (1011 KB, 800x800)
1011 KB
1011 KB PNG
My ideal is just someone who complements me (like, overall- yin yang type shit) well and is emotionally/intellectually stimulating. I like the premise of only posting yourself because it's vulnerable and real. I don't even think I have a specific type. So. I'm just gonna post myself. Drop your contact if you want, or don't. No biggie.
This is her by the way in the pic, her name is decay on discord and she will slowly ghost you no matter how much effort you put into talking to her.
She has a whole list of fetishes none of them you can actually do with or to her unless in person but she will insist otherwise.
File: 1663932283816728.png (27 KB, 639x573)
27 KB
She doesn't exist :(
File: dsfjkndfs.png (27 KB, 830x676)
27 KB
27/cis f

looking to build something meaningful
with a single cis guy +25 in europe
no real requirements other than honesty and open communication
willingness to show your self be
vulnerable to each other looking for a connection please be looking for same

Thats me, but you didnt leave a contact so i am sad.
Heyyy you're here!
Welcome back drawOP!
I don't think you read the image properly. It mentions the ghosting.

Your inability to perform outside of that has nothing to do with me nor is it my problem.

>Dom, virgin
>That's me!
There's your problem.

Best of luck though anon, seriously. We're just not the right fit.
File: ManicPixieDreamGirl.png (77 KB, 600x600)
77 KB
Tired, and I assume that atleast half of this applies to any woman actually browsing here.
i didnt expect to find anyone
whats your discord lol
My ideal GF
FInds me attractive
is nice
has at least one common interest
>their interests
Programming, moths, spiders, reptiles, chemistry, Music [stuff like GY!BE, Wagner, Thomas Köner, and Drone music in general], language learning, a philosemite.
>their "personality"
I like people who speak with a calm tone of voice, but as clear as they are able to be with their pronunciation and way of paraphrasing things. This is the way I talk too.
The kind of person who wants to live a quiet healthy lifestyle.
>their location
not really sure, but here are some places:
Canada, Taiwan, Germany, Quebec, Spain, Israel, Korea, The Philippines, Mexico, Chile, Hungary, America, Norway, Finland, The British Isles, and France.
>inb4 reeeee why didn't you use my heckin template, I'm about to LOSE IT!!111!
don't really have any social media btw, if you want to contact me then add me on chess.com as "koreamans_kn0b"

Jay Weinrek#1468
Ideal gf:
>Bags under eyes
>Black hair, short is cute
>Hardworking and practically only has time to chat after work
>Doesn’t do drugs, drinking and smoking cigarettes is fine
>Likes old music and games
>Ambitious and willing to be positive
>Loves to laugh
>Likes weebshit
>Likes going out for night drives
>In their 20s
>Lives in U.S.

File: 20220923_194013.jpg (143 KB, 870x1024)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
Ideal gf:
>high functioning autistic
>20-30yr old
>looks and physique don't matter as long as they aren't a whale
>hard-core neet or very shy
>eloquent and intelligent
>highly emotional
>autistically obsessed with something they won't shut up about
>conserved clothing, no makeup
>in UK but wants to leave
File: image0 - Copy.jpg (335 KB, 2292x1251)
335 KB
335 KB JPG

Here's my theoretical ideal gf, who is great. Important to note that you don't have to be a perfect fit, as long as I find you attractive and we mesh well/have enough in common then it works for me.

Discord is: Soldier 69#7042
File: dreamy_chud.jpg (1.91 MB, 2167x2500)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB JPG
I'm looking for the Chud of my dreams. Every day I think about him. Is this realistic male behavior or too much idealizing?
File: 1663932283816728.png (6 KB, 374x245)
6 KB
The impossible search
i fit these. do you fit mine? >>31564202
literally me
Are you the one that added me with based in your name?
Not sure if you really have that kind of personality, DarkNeonNightFantasyxxxshadowWolfEthanyquil#2918
Unironically this guy is fucking good. Very fun to talk to. Tactful. Witty. Funny. Etc.
sure I do lol

The name was from a my wow character from years ago
File: 1663932283816728.png (10 KB, 680x546)
10 KB
hope this bread is still up tommorow bc doing high effort post but I'm fucking exhausted, need sleep.
File: 1661165139339-0.jpg (33 KB, 500x500)
33 KB
Hopefully this isn’t some troll
ideal bf:
>looks young for his age
fit everything but the wealthy part but pretty comfortable in my income for now, got a contact?
ghahahahahaha okay time to wake up now thott
Ideal GF:
>21+ cis/biological female
>Any height, any race. Slim/skinny or fit. Big tits and/or big ass, wide hips, thick lips.
>High sex drive, submissive, size queen, loves dick. Either was, is, or likes to be called and treated like a slut.
>Likes the idea of being a trophy wife shown off in public
>Quirky, eccentric. Not a contrarian or le edgy xd or some fringe extremist, but preferably with some unique interests or tastes. As long as you're passionate and enjoy learning and trying new things.
>Nerdy. Enjoys tech, vidya, these types of things. Not a weeaboo. I don't care if you like anime or japanese media, but acting like a weeb, having anime pfps everywhere, etc is very cringe.
>Clingy, needy, affectionate

I would post my contact but let's be real, I'm not finding this girl here.
File: so me.png (1.07 MB, 632x1016)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB PNG
i want an autistic INTJ boy to my adhd ENTP girl
how about an ISTP
i waffle between INTP and INTJ, is that good with you?
i was mostly generalising i donyt really care thats ok whats your tag

are u a mechanic :E
something like that

Or you could acquire skills either than sucking dick and get a job you bum
Email me here and I'll send my tag


This is me btw I'm on my phone now >>31565571
File: Ideal GF 2022.png (26 KB, 680x547)
26 KB
>their interests
Space, bugs, history, handicrafts, esotericism, biology, rocks/minerals, psychology, videogames, cuddling.
>their "personality"
Considerate, respectful, independent, spiritually and scientifically minded. Morbid humour encouraged.
>their location
South Ontario preferred, anywhere in Canada except Quebec (You know why) is also acceptable though.
Discord: Leonardox#3547
Telegram: @Maple_Cake
Ideal GF:
>18+ cis/biological female
>Preferably shortish, any race, small breasts are cute.
>Shut-in/extreme homebody
>Practically no IRL friends
>Terminally online
>Boring, but doesn't mind if I'm also boring
>Doesn't ghost
>Isn't a scammer
>Gets attached easily
>Likes pretty much any of the following:
anime, literature, astronomy, botany, lofi music

Discord: popseed#5892
File: EeIHdwsXYAAelzW.jpg (242 KB, 956x809)
242 KB
242 KB JPG
>23 MtF Lesbian, Missouri
>6’4” kinda overweight, but working on becoming skinny and pretty
>Kinky as hell, extreme orgasm denial, MD/lg
>Vidya, anime, TTRPGs
>I have an engineering degree. Come get that STEM money
>Addicted to energy drinks
>Enjoys writing
>Loves horror, supernatural, etc.

>Cis female
>into games and/or anime and/or general nerd shit
>Lefty politics
>Skinny goth/punk girl, preferably but not required

Looking for cis women only, sorry to my trans friends.
Nothing more stereotypical than an ogre proportioned tranny being disgusted by their own kind
Snap is chrismck2049
Kik is itssnoops2049
File: drunk-fall.gif (392 KB, 220x175)
392 KB
392 KB GIF
>"Oh shit it's one of these threads, and I'm relatively early, maybe I can finally"
>Before I write my post or work on her traits I decide to scroll down into the thread, as if that'll change anything
Christ in heaven I don't even remember anything in depth anymore.
Please be a tomboy and have a fat ass, that's it I guess, going beyond that is just pointless. Be in northern or eastern USA, you can travel in a straight line across the Canadian border to at least Ohio, or down east without stops probably as far as South Carolina without having to switch transport.
>ENTP girl
I personally think the 16 personalities or whatever are pure bull, but every time I take the tests I always get INTJ-T.
That said I just found out what ENTP's are, you scare me.
This is mine too. I want her to be tall, though, not just fat. I want her to be 5'11" and 300 pounds.

Im literally all those things but what do you bring to the table?

Pic related
Epic photo bro, I never expected anyone to post a timestamped photo of them flexing in front of their gold Bugatti and piles of money, you must get all the bitches, where can I buy your online pick up artist course?
I should probably be concerned that an image is calling me out this directly.
gene_carroton #4477
File: 1662208627651790.png (61 KB, 1000x1000)
61 KB

Cornix Demetrius#9230
That's literally me, except I'm nowhere near the U.S.
File: 1648036563477.png (83 KB, 840x640)
83 KB
30s, male, us, white
ideal gf is a woman version of me so this describes me as well besides the feminine stuff
tag's in pic
File: 360000899072211.png (917 KB, 3464x3464)
917 KB
917 KB PNG
Pic related

I don't believe in strict guidelines, I prefer to have a general idea of what you're like, get to know me too!

File: lol.jpg (196 KB, 865x1204)
196 KB
196 KB JPG
Discord tag changed to CornixDemetrius#9230
Thank you for introducing me to TK.
All I want is a neet girl who wants to be with a neet guy and just collect neetbux together and be happy. I don’t give a fuck about appearances since I have such a low sex drive anyway. I just wanna cuddle and watch shit together and talk about how much we love each other.
File: 0krnalanpn391.jpg (118 KB, 1080x1061)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
I'm a male looking for a female. Reply if you're interested and I'll post contact. This is to avoid being spam added by other males who can't read.

I want a girl who's completely mine. I'm posessesive and that's the level of connection needed or I don't see the point of bothering with a relationship. I'm talking about a mutual bond which forms over time. I'm not an annoying clingy desparate autist retard who's going to unilaterally smother you with attention immediately.

Having similar interests and compatibility/vibe is important but these both take care of themselves. Both of us being on this website most likely takes care of similar interests and if there's imcompatibility, it'll reveal itself within 10 minutes of basic conversation.

Not a political or religious extremist. Not self absorbed.

Location needs to be on the US East Coast. No fat girls. I'd like to think I'm generally approachable and chill. I'm just being blunt here to filter and save us both time.

Bonus points if you're smart and hardworking. Bonus points if you or your parents aren't originally from the USA.
ideal gf:
>porn addict
>older than me
>has hobbies
>has a job

yeah I'm weird and will die alone, I know.
File: cute horny nerd bf.png (192 KB, 1442x592)
192 KB
192 KB PNG
post contact / reply with your own ideal if this is you
I am too lazy to make an image using the template but here we go:
>about me
19 y/o autistic mentally ill college student (depressed and anxious) looking for a stable and comfy relationship with another human person. I am 6'1, 185lbs, and white with green eyes and brown curly hair that I plan on dying black.
>their interests
I'm pretty open when it comes to interests but here are some good places to start: vidya (I would love someone to play cozy games with), music (especially old rock and new wave/post punk), history/geography, nature, night drives, and travel. I love people with interesting/eccentric interests because I have a lot of them myself.
>their "personality"
I love dominant and gentle women (both sexually and non sexually), I kind of have a mommy kink if you can't tell. Also being clingy and affectionate is very important too, outside of that I am pretty open in terms of what your personality is like, just don't be an asshole. As for looks I have a couple of preferences - I really like bbws, older women, and non white women (it isn't a fetishization thing I promise). I'm open to date cis women, femboys, or trans people.
I live in Lansing, Michigan so I would prefer to find somebody who lives in that area. I'm also open to talk to people from foreign countries too, I'm not super into long distance but I like meeting people from around the world.
kik: llio000
discord: lleon000#0491
File: the creature.jpg (54 KB, 494x513)
54 KB
Yeah this is very much like me.
My post: >>31564057

Cool quints by the way.
You dont want a bf you want a sex pest
Ok then
No, but you are either pedo bait or trying to be pedo bait.
You need to be 18 to be here.
I must thank you for this beautiful Kyriakos and wish you luck in your search
1. All camming, 'rate me', meet-up, 'report in', etc, threads welcome.
2. All posters must be 18+.
3. No random porn dumps. Post pictures of yourself!
4. No asking for drug hookups.
5. Don't make duplicate threads. Use the catalog (try the search feature).
6. No contactfagging.
7. No signfagging.
8. No paywhoring, begging, or soliciting.
9. Guys, don't post your pics in girl-only threads (and vice versa).
10. Be respectful to each other.
What's wrong with that?
I only have one restraining order and i dont cum in panties. My cum should only be shot into a girl if it can be helped.
Best of luck.
>t. ENTP
Sounds a lot like me, but not totally sure if there are a few minute differences found here, I have no restraining orders because I never talk to women outside friends or business though, could be worth a shot, instead of me posting my ideal why not add me and erp with me?
Kik: ae813
Add me there and see where it goes.
Why would you need to be here if you're 14?
File: myidealgf.png (360 KB, 590x590)
360 KB
360 KB PNG
Is me.

I luv myself, and am lookin for someone who loves themselves too, and isn't afraid to be themselves, that's the most important part :D

>be me
>generic quiet dude into anime and vidya
>likes drawing
>works in the computer field making pretty decent money
>have my life pretty well together, house + no debt
>but I'm a prude and hate drugs, overuse of alcohol, people sleeping around, tattoos,etc.. tldr raised catholic and while not religious still have all that conservative leaning mindset even if I don't give a fuck about politics
>also extremely introverted and all my hobbies are basically things I do at home (reading, manga, drawing, vidya, etc...) so I never get to meet people. But I'm happy that way.
>realized I was getting overweight during covid shutdowns and got myself back into reasonable shape (closer to healthy bmi than obese)
>1 past long term relationship and a few short 1-2 dates that never went anywhere

I figure it's me but that's really what I look for in a gf. I never cared for looks outside of someone being reasonably sized. Weight is the main appearance criteria for me. And maybe lack of tats/piercings but I feel that's more of a lifestyle thing.
But my idea outside that
>prude like me, no drug use, minor alcohol at worst, doesn't sleep around although a few serious relationships in the past can't really be helped
>introverted and likes staying at home doing things rather than going out all the time
>shares my weebness and has artistic hobbies we can share in
>has her own career that makes money but has plenty of time to spend with me after work.
>enjoys cooking and doesn't mind being lazy in other chores. I can handle cleaning and other chores, I just can't cook so it'd be nice

Idk it's always hard describing an ideal for me. Because it usually comes down to
>me but with a vagina and more feminine

Sorry just wanted to sperg out about things for a sec.
to meet new poeple
The ideal gf: she wants to have sex with me
she is a human (ideally)
tentacles are welcome
she talks my language
I don't like ldr or talking to people from other countries due to things like timezones.
i don't use kik, sorry!
So what do you have? I sound a lot like the kind of guy you want I mean a LOT like down to the pubes with little differences so it should be interesting at least to see if we mix or not.
Dynamic ip btw dont mind the changing id.
well I guess that's something
Alright dynamic ip here again. I'm assuming you use discord so mine is
If you dont I'll give you my email and if you don't have email, after that point this has to be bait.
File: retard gf.png (20 KB, 719x593)
20 KB
cool thread
your art is cute
im a retarded dork girl, what's your discord
I am literally slightly autistic, INTJ and 22,
post ur tag if you find no one else.
woah thanks i didnt expect anyone to even notice i posted. my discord is bjötis#0840
Pretty sure its not their artwork, either that or its eerily similar to the avenue Q comic done YEARS ago.
File: perfectboyfren.png (135 KB, 816x668)
135 KB
135 KB PNG
Probably doesn't exist but gib contact if this is mostly you mayhaps?
i just drew it in ms paint i dunno what avenue q is

File: blow me.png (28 KB, 1152x648)
28 KB
God damn that was fast. Ooo. Emailed.
File: 1656987699330.png (250 KB, 540x648)
250 KB
250 KB PNG
I don't want anybody to find their ideal partner.
File: FdJ1XlyXgAM25RR.jpg (184 KB, 960x974)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
>t. autistic intp girl wanting npd entj boy
enfp here... close enough?
oof sorry the thinking/judging are the two i'm least willing to budge on
File: 1663104212410426.png (75 KB, 216x171)
75 KB

Male /m/


Looking for a bisexual girl (biological female) who is into 2D loli, and wants a relationship with a man. If your idea of a dream boyfriend is someone who has sex with you while you look at loli, contact me at rel587@protonmail.com

Please be 24yo or older. If you are not bisexual but are into me liking loli for whatever reason (maybe you like roleplaying or something), then that is fine as well

I am wealthy, come from a good family and some attractive women have found me good looking. Not larping, I just want to find someone who is like me, but that has been almost impossible.

If you want to contact me anonymously, just make a protonmail. It won't ask you to use a phone number nor alternate email account
(´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`) I emailed you back btw
My ideal gf
>long locks
>cute glasses
>fit but no definition
>taller than 6ft
>not overly shy but can get going once motivated
>enjoys retro games and Mario party
>likes weeb shit
>loves to cuddle
>independent but loves company with me
22 M
File: bf2.png (694 KB, 1845x1041)
694 KB
694 KB PNG
Hello different anon, I have emailed
I don't match everything but I have the look I think. Can I add? Bonus if you're in Canada.
File: ideal.jpg (52 KB, 540x720)
52 KB
21+ female(girl) in SE PA or vicinity
not a whale
quirky and bubbly, kind of autistic. likes to drink, not a total dude weed stoner. cooks and likes to be cooked for- "i cooked, you clean" goes both ways. dont care about your politics, but i like guns and im kind of racist (not /pol/ tier, but its there). camping/backpacking trips, dinner dates, bullshitting in vc for hours, video games, midwest emo music.
File: me.png (73 KB, 750x750)
73 KB
posting me
anonsburner#6710, will be awake in like 10 hours
Hey, hit me up I think we would click really well. Kik: spaugh discord: skillit777#3412
the only thing i like better than entp/intj is entp/entp...

i like your mind, you may scare me back. whats your tag? :)

npd entj? must be insufferable but hey you do you,, healthy entjs are my favorite as a rolemodel desu

i will not post my tag but i hope you post yours, uh take care if u dont tho
My ideal gf?
>in EU
>plays CSGO and isn't that bad
>doesn't care I'm married

there you go. The bar is that low.
That's not low at all and fuck you
>whats your tag? :)
I LOVE PAUL DANO !!!!! hly shit femanon stop hoarding the danons
Thereispeopleinthiscomputer here, can the person who added me for 5 seconds then ditched re add? You got my attention now.
I don't really feel like messing around with editing it into an image
my ideal gf
>just wants to be comfy
>knows what social anxiety is like, just like me
>doesn't care that I'm not tall
>can just sit around and do nothing or something simple like watch anime together, doesn't worry about being exciting but just wants to spend time together more than anything
>likes wool jumpers and sweater vests
>doesn't mind that I'm inexperienced with relationships and being lewd
>asian, though white is okay too
>wears black nail polish sometimes
>not fat
>into sperging about her hobbies, I don't really care that much what those are, just happy to talk about them and show them off, and happy to listen while I do the same about mine
>big on communication, would rather talk about issues than try to hide them, we can just be open with everything we feel no matter what
>okay with LDR, though being closer would be an advantage
>in her 20s
>wants to just cuddle or hold hands sometimes
>kind of a degenerate/shameless when it comes to sex


worst part is I already found her once before
File: result.png (31 KB, 1500x284)
31 KB
I have very limited faith in these personality tests, I never thought of myself as assertive

My ideal is /fit/ (like me), virgin (like me), oldfashioned (like me), bpd (not like me)
File: gf.png (110 KB, 1276x919)
110 KB
110 KB PNG
making this made me feel sad
I am all these but tall, good enough still?
Julius Aurelius Augustus#6588
Also my tag if it is enough.

religious british virgin girl.
If you're christian, email me. I Don't have kik, sorry.
I'll drop my info, discord is AstrologyIsRetarded#4245. INTJ male, strong touch of the autism
File: faggotryRemoved.png (658 KB, 2167x2500)
658 KB
658 KB PNG
fixed to be not gay, who the fuck writes this shit?
>the only thing i like better than entp/intj is entp/entp...
entp 32/m/florida here, are you in the states?
File: 1664108298630918.gif (214 KB, 200x200)
214 KB
214 KB GIF
>ideal gf

Alt Black/Brown girl

"Alt" isnt a necessity

inb4 "colonize" meme, im not white

Access Denied#2157
File: 1661123290696593.jpg (1.88 MB, 2000x2000)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB JPG
Ideal gf
>fits to my INFP-T personality
>spends most of free time on pc or is a NEET
>into vidya, anime or art stuff
>is more on the dom side
>okay with LDR
>fine with vc calls
>likes to tease
>also pic related

I'm just hurting myself fantasizing about this but, my ideal bf would be over 5'9", fit to dad bod type, 27-45 years old. Beard/stubble, tattoos, good hygiene, considers how he dresses. Has a good job and is goal oriented. Financially stable if not wealthy.

>their interests

Don't really mind what his primary interests are as long as there would be some fascination with nature, craft, and some type of physical activity. Listens to a broad range of music, namely old school hip hop, r&b, jazz, funk, punk, hardcore, 80s, dark wave.
Likes watching arthouse, foreign films, cult classics but also lowbrow comedy.
Likes anime but doesn't watch excessive hours of tv.

>their personality

Curious, loves learning, loves teaching me things. Is open to trying almost anything, very easy going. Someone who likes being goofy and doesnt take themselves too seriously.
Likes world cuisines and real food. Enjoys being a provider and caring for others.

Kinky, daddy dom/brat tamer. Likes keeping up a kink dynamic pretty much daily. Into spanking, bondage, orgasm control, cock worship, public, facefucking and aftercare.

Basically someone that will bring me small gifts and flowers, but also uses me like a cocksleeve.

>their location

I don't care, I would relocate instantly if this person exists.

Chances are slim but drop kik or sc to chat. I'm not looking for someone that just wants lewd conversations so dont respond if it's just about my kinks.
No tattoos but I fit most of your post, definitely into good food and wine, not specifically into those kinks but I definitely believe the man is the head of the household so I'm sure we could work something out.
I fit this extremely well. I made a throwaway kik so you can contact me. It's throwawayforsoc
Turns out I misspelled the username and didn't notice lmao. "Throwasayforsoc" is the name
anidealpartner on kik, but you should get a discord
File: meme.gif (779 KB, 320x254)
779 KB
779 KB GIF
gnomechild22 is my Snapchat. I fit a lot of what you’re asking for, but obviously I’d like to get to know you better.
29/m/Canada (southern Ontario)
>laid back
>vidya, anime, netflix, documentaries
>can make fun of everything
>will absolutely remember that thing you said 5 months ago for gift ideas
>10/10 advice
>enjoys brightening your day with little things

Looking for
>bio female
>18 - 30 (I don't expect many 18 year olds to click with me but I don't really need to rule it out)
>I don't expect a super model body but at least be average
>I'm 5'11, so anything equal to or shorter
>into nerd shit, or at least tolerates it
>can watch shows/movies together and talk about it as we watch
>likes traveling once in a while, day trips and weekend trips too
>loves talking about anything and everything with me
>gets excited to show me a dumb meme or tell me a little anecdote about her day
>enjoys telling me about her hobbies even if I don't really partake
>isn't obsessed with social media or being a clout chaser (posting shit about your life is fine, I just don't want someone glued to their phone)
>likes being horny as fuck with me
>enjoys being lewd often, I have a high sex drive
>likes doing cute, loving things for me because she knows I'll do the same
>caring, genuine person
>friend to animals
>likes guys with long hair (spoilers I have long hair)

Bonus points if you're within a few hours of driving, discord dating is fine to start with though.

Add me up, Vulcanore#7646
I want a serious relationship and we have the exact same music taste. Let's go on dates to music festivals and go on hikes.

my kik is commandernine9
Idk if you want but I’m 24 f USA contact me at ViciousScythe#5134 I apply to most of those things.
Is a bad contact. Avoid
I'm sorry, I told you I just wasn't comfortable with the age gap. If you hate me for that, that's ok, but it's not like I ghosted you.
are u ok with other ppl adding u if they're also looking for similar things
Your tag doesn't work not sure if you deleted it or it doesn't do anything.
Check archives on this one, just some catfish or troll. Not mentally stable whoever they are.
I am literally everything you want, but I'm not in my 20's, I'm 19, and I'm terrible at math. Everything else I got though.
A virgin gf that's not fat. Those are my only requirements, it's over.
File: 1624917448640.jpg (109 KB, 1022x1024)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
White/M/19/Connecticut/6 foot
>play games but not very often anymore
>into zoomer music, but also a lot more, my favorite artists are bladee, and playboi carti
>I love to nerd out about a lot of stuff that like, especially music
>love the outdoors, fishing, camping, hiking
>I also love cooking! I'm into a lot of stuff so I'm hoping you'll get to know me better

looking for
>bio female or femboy
>hopefully in the new england area, preferably not too far away from me
>hopefully into the same music that I like, if not thats okay I don't mind.
>likes to talk during movies
>okay with sharing images of themselves, someone who will trust me and vice versa

my discord is RealitySurf#3585
I get that and I totally agree, hope you find someone close by anon best of luck
I want the same things and I'm open to an LDR and willing to fly you out if you you want to talk. What's your contact?
>Their interests
she's a weeb.
>their "personality"
cute and intent on seeking comfort and pleasure. submissive, quiet, shy. but when it's the two of us she turns into umaru-chan with a sexy streak
>their location
She basically dresses in my clothes. She don't really cook and she's averse to leaving the house, but she's chill, fun, shares interests and plays games, and is always dtf.
reach me at kik: soocomfy
Are you real?
>working for a living to afford that nice countryside house
>gun nut
>into cars, fishing, bowling, and pool
>I don't understand how people eat any meat cooked beyond medium

What I'd like
>a female that'll go shooting with me and enjoy the car I'll have built
>someone who'll join me in the countryside house to have a family

Lube for Rube#7221
File: ideal_bf.png (134 KB, 1540x839)
134 KB
134 KB PNG
pic related
fair warning; im fat
>No response at all
I can't believe we've been chudfished, lads.
>tfw tick nearly every single box on this list except for age
well that is heartbreaking; i hope you find this man anon. if he is anything like me, he is fucking awesome and a great person to invest time/conversations in
well since i'm poly i guess i'll just talk about my dream partner to join us!
gender dosen't really matter to us, i guess we're just looking for more chill people to share in the big love <3 someone into games given we're both big nerds, digital or tabletop either is good. maybe someone more dominant than both of us? partner is a total pushover and 90% of the time i'm a "big bad dom" but sometimes i wanna be the lil guy, yknow?
What country?
I was basically just making a question (whether that's realistic male behavior or not). And lately I've been feeling too oversocialized. But fine, since you insist, I'll add the guy whoever sounded more "Chud" like in his reply.

I'll note down you guys contact, but don't expect an add anytime soon. If you're really CHUD you won't be eager to talk to some soc femanon weirdo anyway
you deleted your contact, dumbass. Probably some eager horny bipolar man, risking you out
I am literally all of that besides I'm used to being teased
@Italian Stallion#1650
airhead#0074 but fair warning i'm only into girls so men need not apply
I hit most of that, and you so very sweet, so I think we'd get along really well. Dragox27#7120
You made it gayer, by risking out the parts where the Chud shows his individualistic side. You're probably a faggot with more estrogen in his system than me
what country, please be in europe
>spends entire weekend playing vidya
>would fuck dudes
>being rude to waitstaff
>wastes time talking to 30 women simultaneously
yeah, sounds really high test
>unironically believing in myers brigg pseudoscience shit

You might as well tell them your zodiac sign next time, proto troon fake chud. Never interact with my posts ever again. Go watch a makeup tutorial instead
Wtf this is me like 95% even started working out cause of Bronson kek nice guess there's hope
You got discord or sumn?
on kik?
im in America, sorry ; _ ;
I'd thought the use of "chudfishing" would let on that I was being tongue in cheek, but oh well. You'll add me or not, up to you (I did get you to respond though). I will admit it was interesting to see your post, however. It's rare enough to get a femoid here at all, much less one looking for what you are.
Pic attached is and always has been my settings. Maybe it's because I didn't use caps the first time I posted. Try Gene_Carroton#4477.
Based. You sound like you'd be fun to fight.
No worries. Saves wasting each others' time. If you find an australian version of yourself, let me know.
Just like, sorry
Kik* on mobile
Fucking why
Terrible app
Anyway send it over if you want
Northern DE/ Greater Philly area
> Typical nerd shit like anime/vidya
> Walking/ hiking (not professionally, just local shit)
> Used to run in high school, want to get back in
> I like to have interesting conversations about anything, really, but stuff like history and science are what mainly comes up
> Open to trying other hobbies as well
I am also mainly looking for someone within at most ~2 hours, long distance/ no physical contact isn't really my thing
My Ideal GF:
>Plays vidya casually
>Somewhat of a weeb
>Has her own hobbies
>Is kinda shy but not totally introverted
>Is into cuddling/ talking to each other
>No specific kinks I like, but stuff involving shit/filth is a real turn off
> Northern/Eastern European, Mediterranean (Europe or MENA), or Central/East Asian
> Medium to long hair
>I'm not super tall, but don't mind if a bit taller than me
>Decent health + hygiene
>Likes animals/nature
>Open to/ looking for a long-term relationship

Discord: Blastboy901#9807
This sounds a lot like me but I don't require validation constantly and I have never self harmed.
File: IMG_20220926_230155.jpg (223 KB, 500x717)
223 KB
223 KB JPG
This is a long shot but if you are this, I have already made plans.

how do I use matlab#1234
>I'd thought the use of "chudfishing" would let on that I was being tongue in cheek, but oh well. You'll add me or not, up to you (I did get you to respond though). I will admit it was interesting to see your post, however. It's rare enough to get a femoid here at all, much less one looking for what you are.
that wasnt me that was another person targeting just u lol
anyway no im not in the US sorrie
I think you're responding to the wrong person. Unless you're also the chudseeker and posting with more than one device.
And I never said where I was located.
File: ideal.png (104 KB, 1080x914)
104 KB
104 KB PNG
Jaded INTJ male, just want to meet someone willing to break down my walls and take me out of my comfort zone a little. I never do this, but here goes.
28 m usa

spent a long time being a bad person. i was a drug addict, then i was a nazi. i'm clean now and far, far from a fascist. I spent so many years hating everone and wanting them to hurt worse than me. Growing up a big part of my maturing was accepting that i do care about people, and hurting them hurts me. I am wracked with guilt over the kind of person I used to be and want to find someone I can treat good.

i aint too picky, i dont care about looks. Just don't be a kid, someone closer to my age would be better but like I say, not very picky. i have extreme OCD and collect disablity for it so maybe someone who could relate would be nice as well.

When my ocd gets a bit more manageable i'd be down to do MORE stuff together, but right now I'm mostly restricted to text chat. I could conceivably do some vc depending on the hours though of course. Because I can only touch some of my machines I've been exclusively playing osrs lately as far as vidya goes and we could do stuff on there if you play that. Hell, maybe a girl wanting to spend time with me doing some activity i need to get this illness in check for will help me get better even. Not to say I ain't improving, I think that I am.

Driver Nephandi#0113
Forgot disc
File: oh boy.jpg (113 KB, 872x1024)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
>Someone with a somewhat decent moral compass
>Honest and self-aware
>I find tall women attractive but generally I don't care about height
>Short black hair, long hair is fine too
>Eyebags (Yeah, I know how weird)
>Witty and intelligent
>Understanding and caring
>A general nerd with cool interests to talk about
>Weebs are fine, I like anime too, but don't do that uwu shit around me or I'll kill myself
>Preferably in the U.S. but I don't mind ldr as long as there's some actual spark
>In their 20s or 30s

File: FAZCIlSVcAcaX4o.jpg_large.jpg (500 KB, 2048x1805)
500 KB
500 KB JPG
>Eyebags (Yeah, I know how weird)
Actually that's fairly generic for 4chan, every motherfucker here is at minimum open to pic related even if it's not their ideal choice, including me.
Anyway sorry for replying, hope you didn't get your hopes up for it being a reply from a girl fitting that description telling you they added.
Some shit about me for those who are interested I guess
>6ft and average build
>INTP for you mbti nerds
>I fucking love psychology and astronomy
>Socially anxious and mildly depressed but honestly who isn't
>In the U.S. west coast
>I'd type more but I guess that'd ruin the whole point of this thread
File: me when the.jpg (67 KB, 517x680)
67 KB
Damn, glad to know I'm not the only on with taste like this and don't worry about getting my hopes up, I'm not really expecting any adds
Aye, good luck though friend, hope some femcel does add you though.
Thanks friend. Hoping you get your future tomboy or Kara too
>minor interest in a lot but never deep enough to be have passion.
>ill play vidyas with you even tho im bad

looking for
>mid 20s pref.
>pref NY area
>okay with carrying the conversation

fair warning:
i havent talked to people in so long I have no idea how to talk/have a conversation. teach me how to communicate to other human beans please.

disc: ennui.exe#0732
25/M/IL - but travel all of US for work
>5'6" manlet
>self-employed as a translator with a normal car delivery job, so I travel the US
>unvaxed, fit, and healthy
>decent looking
>have hobbies like photography, pottery, and stained glass, I'm going to start selling some soon
>also pretty serious about being Catholic

Ideal GF
>my age or younger
>cute face & not fat
>more or less white (sorry brown girls)
that's literally it, would be cool if you are in Germany, cause I'd like to move back, but need an excuse, having real hobbies would be nice too instead of just smoking weed and playing video games

Discord: Baron_Burnout#9419
Looking for a monogamous goonnette, basically. Lets watch porn, fap, suck, fuck til we sleep. Irl or online. If you watch anime, that’s a plus. Kik is soocomfy

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