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File: BZ beefy.jpg (60 KB, 882x469)
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I used to be a Discord Nazi. Every morning when I woke up I'd announce to my server with @everyone, "I hate niggers." When it became trendy to post gay black men and thug hunter memes, I initially tried to forbid this in my rules but this just seemed to make the problem worse and I got so frustrated that I just gave up. Then my e-gf hooked up with a black guy IRL and the thought of his BBC pumping her full of coon seed drove me insane. Suddenly I found myself becoming aroused by the gay black men I was seeing posted. Now I want to make amends for my racist past by inviting blacks into my community.

My tag is Beefy#5668 and my discord server is https://discord.gg/yaYuN7Se7G

I'm giving away nitro to the first 10 blacks who join. It's time for reparations.
It better not be a fucking scam.

If true pls dm opitsjust2am#7913

I wouldn't mind getting bleached by an ex racist lol :)
I'll join your server if you DM me asian female/white male porn. nisem#6693
Thanks in advance
Unban me Voodoo!!!!!!!!
I literally cant stop sucking black dick. DM me if you're into 40 yr old, burned out gamerbros or cp. Bronze Dawn#5012

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