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Welcome to /aan/ - Adopt-a-NEET

Please note the updated intro template and revised description

This is a thread for poorly housed and cared for NEETs as well as Providers with both room and desire. Also, just compatible roommates if that’s more your speed.
The ultimate goal for all participants is to move in together as flat(room)mates, friends, or something more. Your call.

If you are looking only for "online only" or one night stands, you are in the wrong place. Shoo.

>/aan/ Discord:
Join the discord, it’s fun, and may serve an important role in your search. *Make sure you post in #intro to get full access!*
NEETs: it's especially important you join our Discord so you can benefit from search tools, community support, 'safety nets', and critically, any dubious providers are banned.

About yourself:

>Status: (Please pick one)
Provider – willing and able to support others financially, or by providing living space
Semi-Provider – able or willing to contribute financially to some degree (e.g. to rent/bills via a job, full-time or part-time)
NEET – willing to move in with someone and receive some personal support.
>Sex/Gender, Age, Sexuality:
As much as about you as you are willing to say. Sex and gender matters to some people.
>Location and are you willing too relocate?
General location or as specific as you want. For NEETs, your location and ability to relocate or not is especially important so please let everyone know.
>What you are looking for (pick all that apply)
just a room/flatmate, friend, F/M/T only, gf, bf, fwb, live-in maid, strictly platonic, etc, [insert your own]. It's important to be explicit and upfront about what you're looking for.
>What are you NOT looking for (if applicable)
e.g. sexual relationships
>Anything else you would like to add? Requirements? Expectations? Etc...
Use this space to talk about the kind of person you are, the kind of person you are looking for, and what you've got to offer (skills?)
made the damn thread caus no one else will
Maybe they just all got adopted? Let's celebrate this brief moment of success.
Provide or Semi Provider, depending on financial and non-financial NEET want/need/have
In a full time job for nationnal electric company (can be usefull in this era)

>Sex/Gender, Age, Sexuality :
Male, caucasien, 34, straight, little beerbelly (but I'm working on it)

>Location and are you willing to relocate?
France, close to Germany/Luxembourg, in a small town
I have a free small room you in my current location
Can relocate, depending on my job opportunity in new area

>What you are looking for :
If you're a NEET who doesn't want to change :
Room/flatmate, depending on what you need/want/how broken you are and money you can put on the table
Female GF/FWB with libido, I can provide current needs and some financial support

If you need a shelter for few weeks / month and want a roof and meal :
Tell me more about your situation, I'm open to give you some help

If you want to participate in social activities, quit NEETness, want to share some bond :
You're the kind of person I'm primary looking for, as a roommate, fwb, gf or something else.

I'm open to other proposal, let's keep open minded

>Anything else you would like to add? Requirements? Expectations? Preferences? Needs?
I'm used to have many kind of roommates (friends, gf, fwb, homeless people) for almost all my life because I hate spending too much money for a cheap small place to live in when you can have more space and company at home.
Last roommate was a fwb/semi-gf and moved away 6 weeks ago for a job opportunity we find for her.
I like sharing conversations, activities but it's not necessary. Having an associal non communicative NEET is not a problem if it's the agreement.
I'm a kind of versatile and adaptative human, calm and organised as long as living term and conditions are clear and respected.
I like games in any shape (boardgames, videogames), manga and litterature (from Berserk to V for Vendetta), science, belgium craft beers and more

>What are you looking for?
a life long partner to banter with and be affectionate with.
or someone who just wants to be a positive influence in my life until I'm independent.
I'm open to relocating, even to europe, if the person has the means to make it work.
I'm in college, I graduate in 2 months, and don't have strong career prospects, so i might be neeting up to a year.
>Free form
I like drawing and art, programming, playing music. I want to to fill my brain with as much information as my energy lets me.
I'm kind of a neet because I have executive function issues, but I do better when there's someone in my life I can trust and rely on for guidance.
i'm pretty passable and have a passing voice.
anonny nul#2332
tbank you kind an0n
File: 1455672879063.jpg (49 KB, 958x909)
49 KB
27, mtf, guys + trans only
Iowa, in a boring retirement community.
Would love to relocate.
>What are you looking for?
Long term partnership with sexoo and headpats. Personality>looks. I'd like to play the role of tradwife; cleaning is my specialty and I'm improving my cooking. Want to play vidya with you and watch shitty old B movies ala MST3k. Would be nice to have a tight friend group. I'd also like someone to drive me to appointments to further my transition.
>Anything else?
I like taking walks, reading, watching movies, singing, and playing board+video games. Don't quite pass yet but I'm getting better. I'm NEET cause I basically live in the village from 'Hot Fuzz'. Need: Comfort
I'm a provider in West europe. Will take in any girl provided she is friendly, caring, willing to put in effort into the arrangement and have sex

File: blue-ridge.jpg (367 KB, 1175x620)
367 KB
367 KB JPG
any gay or bi men living in virginia that'd be willing to put up with a mentally ill twink

i have income (from the government) so i won't be completely useless
Friend request sent, come get your headpats.
Are there any NEETs who need a room in Poland? You'd have your own (pretty big) room with small balcony, Internet, kitchen and bathroom would be shared with me. The room is not completely furnished yet (it only has a sofa, bed and a small wardrobe), but I'd be open to going to IKEA together to buy a desk, table, other stuff you might need. I live by myself and I'm so lonely. Not expecting anything sexual/romantic, I can buy groceries and cook sometimes, you'll get a place to live, it would be cool if you were open to cleaning. No addicts or people who steal. I can provide small weekly allowance as well. I'm not rich so don't expect anything fancy.
My contact info:
I'm straight/F
As long as you are willing to spend time with me, go on walks together, go to a zoo, then idc about your gender.
post a discord
nobody uses session
federal agent or future true crime story
i thought finding someone to help me would get me out of this rutt i was in and would help me finally start living life.
but instead looking has just dug me deeper, distracted me more, and
idk what to do. i'd tried to do better for so many years but just ended up isolating myself and pushing myself until i crashed and burned. every direction feels like it leads to a dead end, to more loneliness, more poverty, more pain.
You seem like a perfect match for me except for the trooning part. If you arent on drugs/surgery it could work though
I have posted my looking for bang maid ad.

Now I wait.
I can relate to everything you've said.
Im sorry things are this way.

Im trying to provide for myself so I don't need anyone else, but its so difficult to get motivation and its difficult to doing anything for myself.

It feels dismissive to say "you're not alone in feeling that way" because the way you're feeling is alone. I doubt it helps to share a similar struggle. I don't know what to tell you, friend. I wish you the best.
I have a house that's too big for me and it gets lonely but having some internet stranger living with me sounds like it could go wrong way too easily
File: Nebelige Ferne.jpg (2.45 MB, 4000x2250)
2.45 MB
2.45 MB JPG
<<< ABOUT ME >>>

>ASL Orientation Race
28 / VeryGAY / Male / WestEU
>Your issues
F 84.5, no BF
>Personality description
Eccentric, weird, alien, antisocial, introvert, night stalker, nocturnal, comfy, anomalous, clingy, romantic
>Physical description
1.70m, 68 KG, feminine body and androgynous appearance (long hair)
want to loose more weight
>Style description
Psychonaut / elven boiwife at home, serial killer/hunter outside
>Hobbies and Interests
Gayming, Cuddling, Cooking, Psychedelics, Gardening, Nature (Animals/Plants)
Vermin/Darktide, Battlefield, War Thunder, Warframe, No Mans Sky, ME3/AMP
>Favorite music genres/albums/songs
Oldschool Goa Trance, Industrial/metal, 90s techno, ambient, Bhajans, Medieval/Folk music

<<< ABOUT YOU >>>
>Ages, Genders and Races
20+, androgynous / feminine male, slim or normal weight, long hair is a bonus
good health and bodycare, athletic (good stamina for walking and carrying)
(Willingness to improve selfcare if necessary)
>Issues that you think you can't deal with
Unresolved / dysfunctional mental illness, drug dependance, having 0 free time, gender issues (cutting off dick etc), being insecure about
being romantically with a male in long term, no confidence / willpower (not overcoming your parents because they dont want you to meet
>Personality traits
cute, cuddly, clingy, loyal, introvert, romantic, monogamous
ideally shares some interests with me
>Body Types and Heights
Any, as long as you are not obese. I can drill you if you can endure it.
>Biggest weaknesses (ex for style, personality traits, physical ones anything)
Long haired "elves": Androgynous and natural males, intelligent but free thinking, psychedelic interest, spiritual awareness, being verygay
File: Winterlicher Ausblick.jpg (3.55 MB, 3264x1836)
3.55 MB
3.55 MB JPG
Someone seeking to form an ideally lifelong bond with another young male. Build a life together, surrounded by nature and live out
eccentric hobbies together. All day naked, with no neighbors in the long term. Cuddle and comfort each other, cook and eat surrounded by
animal children. Becoming more self suffient, gain all the knowledge for growing and keeping whatever we need and want. Feed each other with
hallucinogens for breakfast, shower together and trip while being surrounded by nature. Leaving the human reality.

In the short term I can offer you one girly looking male with a comfortable apartment and a holiday. I am a NEET, so I have practically all
day and night. I would chat with you and if you match we may meet. Someone with enough spare time to play/talk/videochat with would be best.
I cannot provide for someone although I can house someone. You will need to be self sustaining finanically, at least have insurance.

If we would match we could live together, spend as much time together as possible and develop future plan to live together permanently. I am
pursueing to improve my living situation in the future, create a beautiful home with a garden and no neighbors for me and a possible Eheelf
to care for each other and stay young eternally.

If you're a NEET who cares only for finding love and seeks a way out of your current depressive reality, you may be offered a way out. My
existance is lonely and empty and I wish to finally end that. You don't need much, I have prepared to house someone if a compatible person would appear.

>>> CONTACT (botcheck)
Because of all the bots out there you should proof that you can at least write 2-3 sentences about why you want to get in contact with me
instead of "hi" or random dickpics. I'm sick of it and you hopefully will be not like them. This e-mail will be
deleted if I ever find a BF again.

(Discord / Telegram / Steam)
its the same for me and i won't look or put myself out there anymore. i hope you find someone.
Yeah I'm okay with this only if there was a warmup period to get to know them and some kind of legal agreement regarding ejection from the house.
Considering the other thread complaining about what happened to the adopt a neet thread got removed i doubt this will last long.
File: HUH.jpg (6 KB, 224x224)
6 KB
>About yourself
23m (twink) NEET, Straight, INTP, in good shape, good listener, love to try new things and generally curious/openminded.
From eastern europe and willing to be relocated to anywhere.

>What are you looking for
Someone feminine (women, trannies, femboys) willing to adopt a NEET and generally chill with them after work etc. Big plus for businesswomen that need a maid/servant. I dont mind cleaning and doing chores but Idk how to cook yet. (Weird and kinky stuff is fine too so dont be shy)

Discord Hadrian#3996
any men from the uk :((
File: IMG_5486.jpg (931 KB, 1242x1435)
931 KB
931 KB JPG
>Status: (Please pick one)
>Sex/Gender, Age, Sexuality:
18 femboy (birthday today!)
>Location and are you willing too relocate?
I am right now stuck in Berlin however given the fact that I just turned 18, the people hosting me want me to find my own thing. I’ve spent most of my savings on a ticket to NYC, so I am on track to moving to America (unless someone in Europe has a good offer). TLDR: I am willing to locate pretty much anywhere
>What you are looking for (pick all that apply)
Really anything and I’m not at all joking. As long as there is a roof over my head, I’m free to do whatever you like, be your live-in maid, personal fucktoy, boywife, etc. Ideally you’d have a nice looking cock too haha
>What are you NOT looking for (if applicable)
Nothing comes to mind
>Anything else you would like to add? Requirements? Expectations? Etc...
Idk what else to put here so I will just give a summary of my situation: I am originally from Donetsk, however with the war I have had to leave the country on my own with an older cousin of mine back in March of last year. I was taken in through a host family that has been keeping me pretty much rent free while my cousin found work in Berlin but since I am now legally an adult, they want me to go find a job too which is pretty hard since I couldn’t finish my university education.
I just need a place to stay and am willing to do quite a lot for my host to keep me there (I can say this online now haha).
Other random facts if anyone cares: I am blonde, blue eyed, 5’1 (puberty pretty much missed me ik), and 90 pounds. Have been a femboy for a few years now so I love to be used by bigger older men. I also learnt English at school (and the internet) but my accent still prevails haha
I also have a wide variety of kinks which you should feel free to ask if anything.
Anyway, enough of the typing, here is my discord: depressedfem#8030
Amazing. There is literally not a single straight poster in this thread.
That was a meta thread, the last proper AAN lasted a long time.
this board is all gays and troons, it fucking sucks
Tell us about yourself anon
yeah, drop discord and ill add you
There’s no women on this board anyways.
I've chatted with a few and been surprised that they were fairly normal.

It's just that they don't post in lewd threads because there are easier ways to get attention.
File: 1653136210275.webm (2.94 MB, 960x540)
2.94 MB
2.94 MB WEBM
straight, not interested in trans

Provider - have a small house, you're free to use the spare room(s) as you'd like. groceries and other necessities provided. We can go shopping on weekends for anything you need within reason, but I'm not a sugar daddy.

Preferring someone close by or willing to take a trip over before settling anything out. Not looking for someone who's not local and not planning on moving any time soon.

>What are you looking for
A girl to cohab with, preferably one open to a relationship or physical contact. But sort of nerdy and would like to hang out at night and over the weekends.
I kind of miss having roommates to hang out with, but it's hard justifying the hassle of one if I'm not in a relationship with them anymore.

If you're not interested in a relationship, I'd be somewhat open if you're interested in other things like being a live in maid/cook, but would still like to be able to hang out together and do things. At the very least I'd like to be able to cuddle and watch TV because I'm just pretty touch starved.

ideally I'd be taking in someone taking online classes or training, or doing work like etsy / art commissions that would just like to save on rent and also just wants some human companionship.

>What are you NOT looking for
sugar babies and the like.
I live a pretty straight life, so I don't want any drug use or illegal activities in my house either.
I'm also not looking to take in any trans or obese people.
cats, I might be able to make an exception but I'm slightly allergic.

And I will not be sending any money to strangers.

>about me
I'm 28 y/o asian guy who lives alone. I work with computers for a living and make decent pay but I just don't get to be social much. most my hobbies are done on the computer so I don't really get to meet people either.
but otherwise afaik I have no real issues or problems, and I'm really just looking for a girl to hang with and be close to.

Damn you must be cute

>Sex/Gender, Age, Sexuality:
Female,18, straight

>Location and are you willing too relocate?
UK, I am only willing to relocate within the uk (not ireland)

>What you are looking for:
Someone loyal to live with, Id like to devote myself to one person for the rest of my life so you would have to be open minded enough to want to do the same. Someone willing to control most things (What i wear etc).

>What are you NOT looking for:
Anyone who would date men/transgenders, someone that would make me work, under 25.

>Anything else you would like to add?
I will cook, clean and have sex with you. Im not sure if i am waiting till marriage or not. Im affectionate i like physical touch.
>Anyone who would date men/transgenders
Insecure huh
i dont want to date a man who would date other men whats wrong with that.
why only in the UK wtf
what a shame
>tfw no gf in europe who devotes her life to me
Lol this has to be bait
Lol seething tranny thinks this makes women insecure. It's pretty common that women don't like bicurious or bisexual men because it makes them seem like effeminate pussies. This applies to MtF trannies too because the world sees you as men.
I am not a tranny but a hating on bi men like that always comes from a toxic view of masculinity or an insecurity of not being able to satisfy their partner, and both of those things are not le based
>Status: NEET - Semi-Provider
>Sex/Gender, Age, Sexuality: 23y/o female, bisexual,
>Location and are you willing to relocate?
Currently in FL, US, but willing to relocate basically anywhere within the country.
>What you are looking for (pick all that apply)
It's hard to say honestly, I want some companion, someone that wants to take care of me the same way I would. My love language is quality time and I like participating in the things you like. I like quirky people with strong interests and opinions, someone with a good debate or conversation. Someone who can be like best friends with me but a bit romantic when needed. I have a very high libido so that would also be in the picture for me. I feel like my sense of purpose has always been driven by taking care of someone else and that's what I'd like to do. I love cooking, painting, making music, reading, biking... I'm a very adventurous person. But I also want to be taken care of and provided everything I need.
>What are you NOT looking for (if applicable)
Not looking for a narcissist or someone that will request devotion with no reciprocity
>Anything else you would like to add? Requirements? Expectations? Etc...
Chat me on discord if you have more specific questions. BravePebble#2901
I was not hating on anyone, be gay or bi or whatever you want i just dont want to date you.
Very similar situation
not if you're a gay or a troon. well, okay, in that case, there's likely still sucking involved, but of a different kind uwu
File: IMG_20230215_133042246.jpg (2.29 MB, 4000x2250)
2.29 MB
2.29 MB JPG
Status: Semi-Neet/provider? (I have a part time-job, I just don't make enough to afford rent.)

Cis-female, bi, 26

Location: Northern California, only willing to relocate in the area, nothing farther south than the bay.

What I'm Looking for: Someone who needs a roommate (and a friend) who can help pay for rent! I'm open to a romantic situation, but kinship in general is my priority.

Me: Stereotypical struggling art student who's sick of living with her parents, but very hard working! I'm a full-time college student working towards getting my BFA, and I also work part-time in education and occasionally take commissions. I'm comfortable contributing for rent, I just can't afford to move out on minimum wage without at least one roomie. I can also contribute through cleaning and cooking. I used to live in a co-operative housing situation, so I have experience with cohabitation. Able-bodied, I have ADHD but I'm medicated, so my symptoms are fairly well managed.

What I'm Looking For: Someone who can help support me financially (STRICTLY in terms of rent) while I work on getting my degree.
Someone outgoing and friendly! Someone who I can hang out with at home.
Preferably someone who has their own interests, passions, and goals as well. I don't want to be the one thing going for you in life, I've been in that situation and it's too much pressure for me, but I would like to have a mutually supportive relationship!
Also preferably someone left leaning of moderate? Otherwise I have a feeling we won't get along very well.

Or it just comes from women naturally being unattracted to men with shit on their dicks.
File: FgE_6oCWAAIStBU.jpg (78 KB, 819x906)
78 KB

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