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These are collections of science fiction and fantasy literature spanning from 2100 bc to the 2000s that are curated in calibre format.

Check >>>/lit/sffg or some book recommendation site like goodreads for suggestions on what to read before asking ITT.

[Thanks to the creator of the previous two threads from whom I copied and pasted all this, and of course to Book Curator, the original creator of this whole collection!]
1930s 67.5 gb

1940s 67.8

1950s 100.3 gb (those scanned magazines man)
1960s 36.1 gb

1970s 66.2 gb

1980s p1 47.97 gb

1980s p2 47.29 gb

1990s p1 60.3 gb

1990s p2 25.6 gb
2000s P1

2000s P2

2000s P3
A .zip file of all the original torrent files can be downloaded here:

https: // rapidgator net /file/b013109cddf8eb819e1efdcc40ea43a9/Giga_Collection_-Torrents.7z.html

(remove spaces and insert semicolons/dots, I am getting spam filtered with this link)
If you dont have or want a torrent client you can also download the files (except the 2000s) from mega.nz:

1930s P1
1930s P2

1940s P1
1940s P2

1950s P1
1950s P2


1970s P1
1970s P2

1980s P1
1980s P2

1990s P1
1990s P2
A long, long time ago, maybe 15 years, when one click hosters where still the undisputed kings of file sharing and rapidshare.com ruled supreme, a user who called herself Gillian uploaded a large, 5GB collection of scifi and fantasy books on the long defunct rapidshare.org forums.

Rapidshare.com kept taking the files down almost as soon as they were put up and I may be one of only a handful of people on the net who managed to snag the whole collection.

Stupidly I physically removed files from the alphabetically sorted folders and stuffed them into other folders of my collection I had at the time. Only recently was I able to restore the original Gillian Archives collection by means of the very thorough index that was included.

I am am making the Gillian Archives available for the first time here.

You can download the index here:

https:// rapidgator net/file/5186028b28652a1c5bebac1c412b3a0c/Index_Gillian_archive.txt.html

and the torrent file itself here:

https:// rapidgator net/file/c79e2a1fea286fe08006b995f22f2ae5/Gillian_Archives.torrent.html

A word of warning: all files are .txt only, and a good portion of them, maybe 5%, are messed up (very poor OCR conversion with only wingdings/gibberish, or parts missing, or chapter headings or page numbers not edited out). The Archives do include some stuff that you wont find anywhere else on the web though.
It feels like I've been seeding these since the dawn of time.
Good job, OP. Doing a great work.
If anyone has problems with downloading the Gillian Archives with the torrent file I posted then here is a magnet link that works:

Fuck, that's a lotta gigs and I don't have the space which is a shame since I have all the time in the world to seed it all. Fuck.
Any little bit helps. You can download just one decade and seed that. The 1960s and 1970s get leeched a lot, the 1950s is the biggest torrent that would profit from seeders most, the 1990s and 2000s seem to have the fewest seeders.

If you dont have enough storage space I'd recommend you get an external docking station for twenty bucks and one or two used internal HDDs. Friends, family members and acquaintances will often give away old HDDs for almost nothing if you ask them. I have just bought a 250GB HDD with 15k hours on it for like two bucks on ebay because CrystalDiskInfo had thrown up a warning for reallocated sectors for it.

Stuff like that is often the result of a single hard jolt and the disk will otherwise be fine for many years to come. I like to use up old drives completely.
a quick question: If you use the docking station, can you run raid in that?
I suppose you do, why else would you risk old HDDs and the threat of losing the data?
>I suppose you do, why else would you risk old HDDs and the threat of losing the data?

LOL, I can use the crappiest, worn out old hardware you can imagine for seeding for fun because the data I have on there is the fifth backup of that torrent I possess. I have one copy on my laptop, and three other copies on nice and much babied external HDDs of varying age and from different manufacturers.

It took me months to download all that stuff with the crappy internet connection I had back then and the super old and slow netbook. And that one fucking fake """250GB""" thumb drive I had bought on ebay for just that torrent and that caused my Windows XP netbook to crash constantly until I figured out the cause.

Not gonna take chances with that data.
Where is 2010s?
Not out yet, i.e. delayed. Book Curator said in the previous thread he has such a gigantic amount of material to sift through for the 2010s that it will take him quite a while. No firm date given yet. Lets remember that he does that all in his free time, unpaid, and not rush him.
I have downloaded and am seeding the 1980s. I am trying to get the 90s and 2000s but no one is seeding at the moment. I will be leaving them up as I get them, and will continue to seed for at least a couple months. I'm not hurting for space, just might need the bandwidth back if they see a lot of traffic.
File: 1613743876007.jpg (214 KB, 590x1024)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
Someone in the last thread was looking for pic related, I don't know if he found it but here it is anyway.

>Lets remember that he does that all in his free time, unpaid, and not rush him.

Yea the amount of time to select those books must be huge
This is not a torrent, but a giant directory of PDFs and Mobi files for books (yes, real "proper" authors). Thousands of titles. Grab 'em while it's open https://kingauthor.net/books/
Thank you, man. I don't know where i can download books in English. And you helped me.
libgen dot is
b-ok dot org
Adding 1990 and 2000 to my seedbox, gonna seed them till the end of time

Thanks! I am seeding the 80s but can't get any of teh 90s or 00s to DL.
File: IMG_20210407_134213.jpg (1.94 MB, 3264x1836)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB JPG
I am currently seeing leechers for everything except the 1930s, 60s and 70s. Shit is just flying off my HDDs at 1.3Mbps, yo. And of course I will continue seeding, just like I have been doing the last five and a half years. Sooner or later you will get those torrents.
Great, now we get to live with a spelling error in a thread that will hopefully live 4 years.
OP I have a seed box and will be seeding 60s, 70s, and 80s once they download. Great thread and a very worthwhile project. I love sci-fi and I hope to find lots of joys in these collections.
>in a thread that will hopefully live 4 years.
I have all the magnet and mega links saved in a .txt file (and quadruple backed up), so if this thread is finally archived it will take me all of three minutes to make a new one. Post away as you please and dont worry about how long the thread lives.

I'll hopefully find a way to give the new thread better magnet links - so many torrents on so many trackers are dead with the original ones.

But yeah that spelling error shames me.

Brb, committing sudoku now.
The 1980 is stuck since forever, did someone managed to fix the missing books?
File: 1301041716105.jpg (1.7 MB, 3510x2550)
1.7 MB
1.7 MB JPG
I have all torrents up and running, all healthy and complete and am seeding at a steady 1.2Mbps. There may have been some hiccups because apparently my shitty old computer cant handle 20 upload slots at once and kept crashing qbittorrent, usually right after I went to bed and only found out in the morning. I had to reduce the number of global upload slots to 12.

And one of my drives sudddenly suffered two reallocated sectors, so I formatted and refilled it.

Everything has been running smoothly for almost 36 hours now. Just do a full recheck of the 80s and wait for an upload slot and you'll get those books.
File: 1458252540527.jpg (80 KB, 560x760)
80 KB
Btw I am really surprised that you have issues with the 80s, those torrents seem to have the most seeders. Qbittorrent shows me 21 seeders for the larger 80s torrent and 17 for the smaller one. Is the problem maybe on your end? Have you forwarded a port to the router and are you connectable?

You can check for that on canyouseeme.org with the port that your client is using. you can usually find the port in the tools/option ---> connections menu of your client.
Im looking for an archive of Analogs. Im specifically looking for march 2005, but id love a full archive anyways.
I've googled it.
Now I wish that creature did not exist
Fucking Cthulhu, man
The 2000s torrent contains 104 folders with Analog issues, one folder for each month, so 16 monthly issues appear to be missing. Overall I'd say there is avery good chance the March 2005 issue is included. Unfortunately I couldnt find it because the original uploader, Book Curator, did this all in Calibre and apparently Calibre shortened all folder names to "Analog 20" instead of 2001, 2002, 2003 etc. I would have searched 12 files in the 2005 folder to confirm the March 2005 issue for you, but not 104 files. You're gonna have to do that yourself.

>You're gonna have to do that yourself.
You're in luck, I have just done some experimenting because I wanted to try and see how that collection still could be searched and lo and behold I actually happened to stumble across that March 2005 issue you wanted: it is contained in the 2000s torrent and it is in the folder "Analog Science Fiction and Fact 20 (64675)"
>Book Curator
The man is a saint. We are unworthy.
1930s P1 has one 1.8gb file, and one 0mb file - is that right?
No idea tbqh, I have never looked at the megas, I only seed the torrents. It is quite possible that some of the various files are down. That is the reason why I never bothered with uploading the 2000s, because they could be taken down any moment. I am only the OP of this thread, but those links were uploaded by the OPs of the previous threads. I just copied and pasted the links.
Thank you!
I'm currently copying the whole collection to a saccrificial HDD for torrent seeding and for the first time I noticed that there is at least one humonguous audio book included here: Epiphany by Josepha Sherman in the 2000s folder. A whole 1.44 fucking GBs worth. That is something I really, REALLY dont need or want. I hope this can be removed when the 2010s come out and this all hopefully receives a do-over.
Yes! Thanks a ton!
File: fuck.png (460 KB, 1008x720)
460 KB
460 KB PNG
>tfw you were here for the last thread AND the one prior to that one


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