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One of the sites St. Peter checks when you're up at the gates.
>dont use vpn
>go to torrenting site
>they claim " my ip is exposed "
>tell me everyone can see my ip and audaciously post an ip number and claim that it is my ip
>its not my ip
what am i suppose to be worried about ?
just use private trackers
congrats. prove i was the one that downloaded it.
Better get a good lawyer bub
The page doesn't load for me, am I safe?

t. 3rd world anon
File: vpn.jpg (141 KB, 1262x485)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
Interesting to see the habits of other people using the same VPN
I didnt ask
which one you use? the pajeet ones are infested with android apps malware
Actually pretty useful to find good torrent sources, ty OP
File: file.png (40 KB, 1126x249)
40 KB
pretty cool, I also recommend this movie https://iknowwhatyoudownload.com/en/torrent/7338478d06b538370a8b684d26fffe901e3993c4964d968677153378e5fb8cfaf1f7479d39c4a59549e8ce3812bc3091/furious
I saw that the website doesn't give the magnet link, so here u go (base64)
(this might require you to sign up, if you don't understand Russian, get a google translate extension)
If you don't know how to play the file type, just paste the whole folder to VLC
Yep, whenever someone downloads one of my rarer torrents, I go here to check what else they've downloaded. Have found many great albums this way
How do you get a magnet from it?
File: file.png (21 KB, 1127x209)
21 KB
Literally nothing i actually have downloaded is listed, a bunch of shit i wouldn't touch though.
Is this show good?
I check this almost daily since my isp has the same ip for like 20 different people apparently
File: mpv-shot0002.jpg (244 KB, 1920x1080)
244 KB
244 KB JPG
>Use internet connection of other people (Wi Fi, their computers, tablets and smartphones) to know what they download in torrent network, spy on them via special generated link or see other similar IPs
nice now i can find out what some randies torrent.
>i am anomalous
>i am a region
>expecto patronum
yes White Collar is kino. Basically the tv version of Catch Me If You Can
>you can see what your friends have downloaded
is this shit legal?
These friends basically told the entire world themselves what they were downloading by using torrents. This site just connects public torrent trackers and logs what torrents peers are downloading.
This is the exact same thing the big copyright holders like Disney and Sony do (and then they contact the ISPs that own the IP addresses of the torrent peers).
Use a VPN if you torrent on public trackers.
File: He_posted_CP_get_him.jpg (101 KB, 640x461)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
>checks site using vpn
>categorized CP videos show up
this site is fucking bait
how do they categorize this stuff anyways?
someone enlighten me pls
maybe it was Cat Photos ?
I just wanted to watch Signs (2002) please dont waterboard me
which vpn is good? i had use psiphon and i got an email from my ISP literally 3 hours later
i think they use the category the torrent got from another site, my udemy torrents are categorize as porn
File: 1647336894580.gif (364 KB, 285x186)
364 KB
364 KB GIF
>open website
>don't see any downloads
>doesn't use a vpn
Suck it gaylords
its a honeypot, the downloads appear only when you enter the site
NORD vpn. have some respect. proton vpn is fine too.
Mullvad is great
t. brazilian
I know right, my ip is, and they always get it wrong. HURR
File: Screenshot_1447.png (9 KB, 911x75)
9 KB
>TTC Video - Analysis and Critique
>City in the tags is wrong
>I don't use a VPN
Benefit of living in bumfuck nowhere I guess.
File: 1653199238666.jpg (123 KB, 857x545)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
It says my ip is empty
By the looks of their favicon, they are against torrents.
But worst of all... They allow for generating inocuous links (says so on /ru/link on their site), which are only disguised to be inocuous... but in fact are links to the site, allowing the site to log the address of whoever followed the link, and then to redirect silently to the target page!

This is clearly spying! I'd understand them connecting two peers and allowing them to know each other's torrents... Why not? But what they offer is a spying tool! For people, who don't want to torrent and who want to stop torrents. This is not about openness and transparency. This is snooping!
jav isnt tagged as porn im safe
I've just thought: if the site can't connect to you, how can it know what you download/seed?
'course, if public trackers reveal your addresses, because otherwise peers can't find you, then yeah...
But DHT! I think torrenting clients have an option to *block* certain addresses. I know qBittorrent has!
As reported by the "ping" utility:
>iknowwhatyoudownload.com []
For qBittorrent:
open the Settings window;
choose Connection tab (should have such settings, as port number, UPNP/NAT-PMP, max connections etc.);
below is IP filtering -- and a button: "Manually banned addresses", unless text on yours varies;
click the button and in the field below insert the IP address; click button and make sure it appears in the list above the field you typed it;
then OK;
then in the Settings window: Apply and OK.

I suspect, this should do the trick.
With public trackers: probably use the Internet provider that assigns you addresses dynamically, if possible.
And don't announce your seedings with the address change. Only after a timeout.

But, in all honesty, the site should be reported as spyware.
@mongoplectic Handy Ray

Site sees logs of public trackers and lists what those log list for xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx IP
All it shows is a movie in a language I don't understand.

Do I have dynamic ip without knowing it?
using big/popular VPN companies is very kind to the police, they just need to ask in one place and all your browsing history is collected in the same place even if you go somewhere else and get a different IP
Car photos
>all your browsing history is collected in the same place
Can you provide a single piece of evidence that the largest non-free VPNs are (a) keeping user logs and (b) handing them over to the cops? We're waiting.
Yes and no. They don't keep logs for the most part but they can tell the authorities that you do have a subscription. They don't know what you did with them but they can cross-check stuff.

1. They know you have a subscription
2. They know that this or that IP is in the VPN pool
3. They know by the site that said address connected at said time
4. If you used an email or an account with said address, they can check what this address did on said time.
5. Therefore they know it's you.

I don't know what is the policy of those rapidshare-like premium accounts sites are but I'm quite sure they do collect what files you downloaded so imo torrent is still the best thing. Never understood how people could say that DDL was safer.
lol i am home at
honestly a pretty cool website to see what people around the world do for entertainment. but it definitely is not correct. Found out that avengers endgame only had 3000 downloads. Which is incorrect by default because eastern europe exists
protip: you can make yourself invisible to this site if you disable dht in your torrent client
only downside is that it might make obscure torrents take a bit longer to find seeds

that's not the site's real ip, it's cloudflare
and even if you got the site's real address, it's not given that they're doing the torrent stuff on the same server
>But, in all honesty, the site should be reported as spyware.
even if the site was taken down, it wouldn't change the fact that much of your torrenting activity is public information
anyone with the resources could make a clone site that shows the same information (and more)
i think the site is good to have around so people are aware of it

>Site sees logs of public trackers
it doesn't seem to use trackers, just dht
I think the issue with the site is the built in abillity to make a spying link.
>no results for my IP
non-vpnfags btfo

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