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Happy 19th Birthday 4chan!

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Germ movies from the good ol' times. See him in all his splendour, get the redpill about (((them))), you know, as /pol/ does. And several are pretty good movies.

Why should you get this pack? Even in this day and age the internet is flooded with shitty 500MB rips that look like shit (and it's worse when movies already don't look their best). Finding untouched A/V is not easy in the wild.

These are all remuxed from DVDs (and one BD). MKV because BDMV and VOB are a shit format, and menus and crap are for fags.


Speed is not great, have patience.
There are two Triumph of the Will. One is HD but has burnt subtitle descriptions (identifying ppl and scenes, dialogue is softsubs, PGS subs). The fag that made the remaster did so because he feared that TotW would become so popular that everyone and his dog would be issuing their own discs with his remaster, as the actual film is public domain (except in Germland). The added descriptions would make it his "own" work thus copyrightable. Guess what, it's here now. He had a point though, it's a pretty significant movie, so I've also included the SD version with completely clean video. Pick your poison.

Jew Suss has a 1 second corruption around the 30 min mark (or somewhere thereabouts, I forgot). I don't know if it was like that in the source DVD or whoever ripped it messed it up, I couldn't find another source. It's slight, it doesn't affect playback or sync, you'll have to live with it.

The Eternal Jew... ah the eternal. This is a VHS rip by the looks of it and it looks bad. I was going to leave it out since it didn't reach the "minimum" of quality I'm after, but so famous work I couldn't leave behind. This is the best I could find, if you know of a better copy don't hesitate to post. The last minutes have a lot of video freezes and parts where it craps out, but the bulk of it is fine (the MPEG2 stream isn't corrupt, it was already as is before it was encoded). At least it's not a dancing block shitshow like those 300MB rips.

It has no subs. Opensubtitles and Subscene have subs but they don't quite match. A shift doesn't cut it, it would need retiming (and fixing some typos). Maybe one day I'll get to it.
Stop reposting this thread. It sucks!!!!!!!!!!!! Take these nazi torrents and fuck off

The Archives

Zundel's Bunker

Nazi Era Cinema
I figured this would be a good place to ask.
Someone on /pol/ started posting Dr. Pierce's internet radio show (podcast) from 1996 on archive.
I was wondering if there was a higher quality version out there or a transcription of his program.
it doesnt have translation file vlc
my bad it does have i just needed to activate it
zundels bunker isnt even a nazi torrent.

Also no I wont stop
Why do you hate the so called nazis? because they so called killed you jewish overlord?
learn english
You mean Seed?
>hurr hurr im a neo nazi heil hitler
hurr hurr kys
god I'm so glad we won't have to listen to yts in a couple more decades
you deserve all the karma that's coming to you, you'll feel what it's like to be on the receiving end of colonization now

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