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So I use ProtonVPN, the free version, although online it says that the free version of ProtonVPN doesn't support P2P yet when I use it it's fine

So I wondered if it's possible that my IP isn't being hidden, so I decided to check ipleak.net and it showed up as my VPN's IP rather then my IP.

So can someone tell me what's going on?
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They dox you on every torrent swarm.
What the hell is that supposed to mean
it means that don't support port forwarding, which is usually needed for torrenting and p2p, but your client is probably hole-punching or using UPnP
What is hole-punching and UPnP?
make sure you bind the vpn to your client op

also, what is everyone's preferred vpn for seeding?
None, I've seeding without a VPN for decades. If I would move to a country that cared about piracy I would probably pay for Mullvad.
from proton's website, they probably mean access to specific servers
> Proton VPN offers dedicated high-speed P2P servers, enabling you to connect quickly and download files securely.

without port forwarding you'll only be able to download from peers that do have open ports, port forwarding allows you to also connect to people without open ports meaning it's highly recommended but torrents will work without it

mullvad removed port forwarding about a year ago so it's not really an option anymore, so much for "free the internet"
Oh, really? I guess I would pay ProtonVPN then? All the other alternatives seem a little sus.
proton will probably be fine as long as you are on windows (port forwarding support on linux is shit), some other VPN's worth checking would be airvpn and PIA
Didn't PIA get bought by CyberGhost?

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