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File: mx@2x.png (6 KB, 420x120)
6 KB
Evening ladies and gentlemen. I've decided to get rid of all my porn on my computer. However there's some stuff I have paid for and I don't want to just throw it away, so I'm giving it to you guys. This particular one I'm giving out is from a site called MetArt-X, which is a collection of hot chicks masturbating. So if that gets your rocks off, give this a shot! It's a pretty beefy size, but there's 178 vids, all in 1080p. If everything goes well, I'll start torrenting all my other shit, I'm just testing the waters with this one.
I'm new to this shit so do me a solid and leave me your feedback.
Enjoy and seed!

Come on. 8 hours in, and 0 seeds?
Got any names?
Keep us in the loop what's happening on your end.

Pic related is a chick by the name of Nia Nicce, she does a vid called Black Coffee and holy fuck she's the cutest fucking black chick ever. I'm generally not that attracted to black chicks but my fucking god I couldn't keep my eyes off her. There should be two vids of that chick in this torrent. I hope you enjoy her as well.
Still 0 seeders. This is rip.
Sorry. If you or anyone else can tell me what I can do on my end to get this going, that'd be awesome, otherwise I'm just gonna can this by tomorrow.
Don't do that, we can figure something out, been looking for something just like this!
It looks like there are 4 seeders now. I had it shut down since there were none there earlier.
File: 20201121_154439.jpg (3.94 MB, 4032x3024)
3.94 MB
3.94 MB JPG
Awesome! Thank you guys for sticking it out, hopefully you get this soon enough.

Pic related is what my screen looks like right now. Like I said before I'm new to this so some tips and insight would be appreciated.
You have the same results that I'm having at the moment. Try a different torrent. If it works, then your client is fine. Bad torrents are FAR more likely than bad clients.
have you checked your firewall settings? open ports for torrent?

I am sitting at 1(19) seeds but it hasn't started downloading yet either!
Yooooooo! I think I fixed it, lemme know bros!
I have movement up and down!

I added some trackers so for all the new viewers, click on this!

how do we add trackers if we are already downloading?
Right click the torrent and click edit trackers, this was for qbittorrent, should be similar for whatever client you're using.
Downloading now on seedbox, should complete within an hour. If it does, i'll leave it up seeding for a while
What other stuff like this one do you have? And its slowly speeding up, hopefully more seed boxes come online!
I've got stuff from ifeelmyself, thelifeerotic, x-art, some other stuff. Most of it's girls masturbating, but there's many vids where they're just posing and being erotic, there's some lesbian stuff in there too.
Anything that involves exercise, yoga, or anything of the like?

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