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Give me all your favorite 40k quotes and art pieces. Warhammer Fantasy is also welcome.

>It is the savage beast of war that drives Mankind on his course and pursues him to his destination. It feeds upon his terror. It grows more hungry with each passing year and soon it shall consume him whole.

>Though the gates that stand between the mortal world and the immortal Realm of Chaos are now closed to me, still I would rather die having glimpsed eternity than never to have stirred from the cold furrow of mortal life. I embrace death without regret as I have embraced life without fear.

>We endeavor in the darkness of battle who cannot win the fight. The time for peace is over and now it is time to die. It is the age of war and our last days must be lived amidst the sound of our own destruction.
>Now the great wheel of human existence turns almost full circle. From the cradle of the Earth it has turned through vast epochs of time. Once in the light of the sun it turned as civilizations rose and fell and were forgotten. In the light of the stars knowledge blossomed and withered whilst the wheel span on. Now the great wheel of human existence, almost complete, turns again as it approaches a time of dying and the moment of inhuman birth.
>Abhor the Night, it is the Light that Endures!
File: Emperor_Upon_Throne.jpg (296 KB, 1115x1386)
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FanArt is allowed.
"You will die as your weakling father died. Soulless. Honourless. Weeping. Ashamed."

Look at this pic, look at Seth's shoulder girl
Source of quote?
File: 1501188762056.jpg (627 KB, 1500x2092)
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Sigismund right before being killed by Abbadon
File: AS_70.jpg (561 KB, 818x1200)
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This is my favorite 40K art piece, and the one I would use if I had to summarize 40K in one image. A scarred man wearing a suit of bulky mechanical armor wields an impossibly large sword to protect the body of his downed ally, while an army of robed cultists close in around him. The odds seem impossible, but he stands fearless and resolute nonetheless, ready to make his enemies pay in blood for each foot of ground gained. A frantic battle is imminent, and with it either the triumph of the Imperium, or righteous end.
File: Land_Raider_Combat.jpg (72 KB, 902x653)
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>An open mind is a fortress with it's gates unbarred and unguarded.
>"We thought we'd need some type of excuse when the local government building was sent hurdling a mile into the planet's crust. Turns out They had been spelling our inquisitor's name wrong in every report for the last 10 years. What started as a simple errand-turned-accidental arson ended up being another success for our travesty of a warband." -Journal of Acoltye Liefel D. Weerd, DDS
Dib Dib Dib
Dob Dob Dob
>What is the terror of death?
>That we die our work incomplete?
>What is the joy of life?
>To die knowing our task is done.
>In darkness, I shall be light
>In times of doubt, I shall keep faith
>In throes of rage, I shall hone my craft
>In vengeance, I shall have no mercy
>In the midst of battle, I shall have no fear
>In the face of death, I shall have no remorse
I need to find that quote of that Ork Mek crawling out of his stompa and shooting a knight after his stompa went offline. (It's from book evil sunz rising).
That was ammusing moment.
File: 1523129178903.jpg (131 KB, 727x725)
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How many actual chaos cultists outside of space marines are ever main characters?
This is some Cormac McCarthy, not 40k, but if you haven’t read it, Blood Meridian is fucking amazing and a lot of the quotes fit perfectly into Warhammer.
File: found and ascended.jpg (60 KB, 650x423)
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Blood Pact? But yeah, there should be a bigger focus on chaos humans.
"There is no enemy. The foe on the battlefield is merely the manifestation of that which we must overcome. He is doubt, and fear, and despair. Every battle is fought within. Conquer the battlefield that lies inside you, and the enemy disappears like the illusion he is."
>"To each of us falls a task. And all the Emperor requires of us Guardsmen is that we stand the line and we die fighting. It is what we do best. We die standing."
-Grit Incarnate.
I always loved these two.
>Thought for the day: Zeal is no excuse.

>Thought for the day: Zeal is its own excuse.
The Ultramarines movie may have been hot garbage but it still has one of my all time favorite 40k quotes.

>Everything has a purpose. The Emperor ordains it so. You may corrupt the souls of men. But I am steel! I am doom! I march for Macragge, and I know no fear!
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