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Have you tried Reign? If so what did you think of it? I'm thinking about trying it out with the Nain setting because Harry Potter meets Game of Thrones seems like a lot of fun.
I've travelled back in time. It works! The machine works!
It's good. I like it.
The problem with Reign threads is it will go one of two ways. Either it is a dead thread with most people posting liking it but mostly use it for something else and there is not a lot of discussion or it is a "BULLSHIT! No male knights!" thread because the default setting has a single side bar that says they have a superstition that riding a horse makes you sterile so guys avoid it.

Very underrated as a good generic system. But I don't know what more to say beyond that. It's a great system if you're used to RPGs and enjoy homebrew. I homebrewed out an entire Sword and Planet setting and ruleset for it and had loads of fun running campaigns in it.

As for the existing settings - I think the base one has a lot of good promise, and excellent mood. Did not engage much with Nain.
I did not know that about the default setting. I've mostly been browsing through the enchiridion and the nain articles.

Nain is way more magical in terms of how accessible magic is, but the PCs are supposed to be engaging in wizard politics there anyway.
Yeah that's basically the rules without the fluff. The default setting is called Heluso and Milonda. There's a few others but HM was the first one. That said, anyone who was put off by the fucking horseback sidebar is an uncreative moron. First off all, though it's not true, it's not a superstition without merit. Most men wouldn't sit with crossed legs, so why would they spend hours travelling with their crotches slamming rubbing on leather saddles?
Second, while riding astride is part of the archetypical cavalier, there's no reason you cant make riding sidesaddle look cool. Mounted archery was what allowed the Mongols to conquer the world.
Third, just because it's a superstition doesn't make it true.
Potential character ideas
1. Fake Eunuch. Everyone's assumes you're an infertile eunuch because why else would you ride astride a horse? Secretly you've been smashing royalty and now you have bastards ready to take power
2. Be the best damn sidesaddle knight that's ever been. Everyone knows about the women and eunuchs, but you like horses, and they like you, but you're not losing your fertility to this shit.
3. Just be a damn girl knight. Holy shit you fucking cowards.
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657 KB PNG

I actually liked the idea of the setting where there are three elements (light, water, earth), each of the old races are made of two of the elements and the three younger races are made of one element, and there is a chart to tell you if one mates with the other what the offspring is. (For example, a dwarf and a gnome beget an orc, but a dwarf and an elf beget a goblin, and a gnome and an elf beget a faerie. )

I find the overall mechanic of Reign interesting (the dice pool results being tall versus wide) but I'm not sure how much I would actually like it.
That actually sounds pretty nifty. I might have to check out the core fluff of HM then. Magic seems like it pops off a lot less than in Nain, but Nain is the Harry Potter setting so that's whatever. Girl knights as a default is an interesting idea.

I've seen that setting. It also looked pretty interesting but I wasn't sure that I wanted to play it. The mechanics of ORE seem neat but I haven't messed with them much.

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