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File: SideSwipe.png (2.52 MB, 1714x1200)
2.52 MB
2.52 MB PNG
Just found a mostly intact Gen2 Sideswipe in a dilapidated garage at work today. Place was falling to pieces and the property was likely going to be fully bulldozed, so rather than let this old soldier be crushed I brought him home. Apart from some creaky hinges and faded stickers, and the rubber tires that just didn't survive the onslaught of time, he's in relatively good shape. Rest easy, old friend, you've earned it.

How about you guys? Got any toys you've found out in the wild, buried in an abandoned building or back yard? Any you've tried to repair or rehabilitate?
Even busted up like that, those old Diaclone molds ooze class that modern TFs with their unreal/cheap looking alt-modes lack. pulling off looking like a model car just looks special
File: stray cat.jpg (1.12 MB, 1079x1200)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB JPG
I also found an F-14 toy a ways back, damn thing was buried in dirt and it was a real pain in the ass to get it all out of the wing wells. I had to submerge it in water and scrub it and my inexperienced ass ended up taking a chunk or two of paint in the process, much to my chagrin. Here's the before.
File: stray cat 2.jpg (958 KB, 1024x1200)
958 KB
958 KB JPG
And the after. I consider it a success that I can swing the wings without spitting dirt all over my room, but I have to be gentle to not take more of the paint off.
File: Crosswise.png (1 MB, 767x800)
1 MB
Weirdly, it's not even the first transformer I've run across. I also picked up a Crosswise a couple years back. Shame he was mostly transparent plastic, not much I could do about those scratches. Maybe I'll give him another look tomorrow.
It's restorable as long as the clear plastic parts are there and intact, so by all means restore it.
Wow, thats pretty.
File: C003605.jpg (266 KB, 978x730)
266 KB
266 KB JPG
The problem with the modern ones is over-complication. The vehicle modes look totally broken up because of it. You can't have clean lines when everything's gotta bend and fold so there's no "kibble" that pisses off modern collectors.
Self reply cuz im a loser but this guy is fairly cheap. Kinda smaller than i thpught but its so pretty im gonna get one.
Yeah he's a little dude but you can get him in a two-pack with another cool looking dude for something like 14 bucks, or just 10 bucks solo.

Mostly I was just impressed by the fact that, despite how banged up and scratched he was, he was still easy to transform, like functionality is not hindered. Pretty sure the wheels even still spin properly.
I found a random triceratops on a big red ball in front of Target. Wonder if the kid came back for it or just didn't care.
Nothing to contribute on my end but this is based as fuck OP.
Turns out some etsy shop sells custom-made repros of the tires so maybe I can get those replaced at least. Frustrating thing is I can't find any sticker replacements that aren't for the Masterpiece version, or the yellow G2 version or the original G1 version.
File: r_sideburn008.jpg (45 KB, 500x355)
45 KB
The complexity hurts but they just plain lack paint or a nice finish, too. Last really nice vehicle modes at retail were probably the premium movie figures they did in 2008 because of the profits of the 07 line.
File: IMG_4641.jpg (288 KB, 969x1280)
288 KB
288 KB JPG
Only toy I’ve found that wasn’t just a random part of a toy was this pancham plush that the cat took a liking to.
i once heard modern LEGO tires can be used as replacements on old transformers. Never checked the legitimacy of those claims myself however.
File: IMG_4171.jpg (255 KB, 986x1280)
255 KB
255 KB JPG
I don’t know about that, but I replaced this third party dinobot girl’s shitty ankles that snapped immediately with lego ball joints, and they have been great.
The G2 stickers were paper crap. It'll look better with G1 repro stickers.
best figures are the ones that properly mimic real life vehicles, which is why I love the bayverse designs as well as the g-1 designs. The chug aesthetic is almost as good and most of the time it passes well especially if the action figure part is really good but now it's supported the creation of legacy blitzwing which is the utmost extreme of action figure priority
File: gay.png (965 KB, 994x674)
965 KB
965 KB PNG
>The problem with the modern ones is over-complication.
I don't even know if that's it, because older MPs were fairly complex, yet still had clean alt modes. The problem with modern bots isn't the complexity alone, it's just that they don't care about the alt modes, so that's where all the compromises get shoved.

Sideburn is a perfect example. So many recently "updated" bots end up getting completely mogged by their older counterparts just because they have no sense of style. I mean look at this shit. What the fuck even is it? I know it couldn't be a Dodge Viper without a license, but christ, this is barely even a car. The whole point of a Transformer is to be a "robot in disguise", and if the alt mode isn't cool enough to stand on its own, you've already borked 50% of the toy. I feel like this shift is one of the big reasons they don't package Transformers in alt mode anymore. The brand is trying to subsist on pure recognition instead of actually making appealing toys.
I get it now, my cat goes to your place while im at work. That two timing hussy! Comfy looking box so i cant blame her.
File: IMG_20240520_092139 (1).jpg (625 KB, 2560x1440)
625 KB
625 KB JPG
Found this Hot Wheels car some years ago on a bus. I work as a mechanic at a bus company, and I'm really surprised I don't come across more lost toys than I do, but most kids are probably being entertained by a tablet rather than an actual toy these days.

My dad was a diesel mechanic as well, and he used to come home with unclaimed toys from the lost and found box all the time. Once he even came across a few Game Boy games, shit was cash.
Fun fact: toy-makers now have to pay auto-makers royalties and licensing fees to use their vehicle likenesses. It's been that way since the big auto-makers cartel ganged up on and nearly gutted the toy and model kit makers to death in the 1990s.

And that licensing fee is what separates a $1 Hot Wheels car from a $10 one.

So in efforts to try to keep shit affordable, they have a tendency of making up their own car designs.
The problem isn't that the car modes aren't licensed. The problem is that they fucking suck. I even specifically mentioned that I knew it couldn't be a Dodge Viper without paying for a license. But there's a lot of middle ground for a vehicle to have a good design between an official Viper and whatever the fuck that embarrassment is.
>that licensing fee is what separates a $1 Hot Wheels car from a $10 one.
But that's wrong. There's plenty of licensed Hot Wheels that are cost only one or two bucks. Hot Wheels just pays for the licenses and recoups the costs across their entire product range instead of on a per-car basis.
>Once he even came across a few Game Boy games, shit was cash.
That's fucking cool. That reminds me of the time I found a binder full of old CD-ROMs that I've been meaning to appraise, but I don't have a CD drive on my current laptop. Maybe now that I've outlived it I can use the old one to test them out. I'm sure at least some of them were games. That being said, I couldn't ever manage to get my own old CD-ROMs to emulate right on that computer so maybe it wouldn't even be worth the effort.

I actually found a little miniature cabbage patch kid cheerleader toy. It was like, an inch and a half tall, static plastic, but still, interesting to find outside the remains of a century-old husk of a house in desperate need of being put out of its misery. There was a microphone there too for some reason but there was a hole where the switch would have been so I imagine the insides weren't any better and left it where it was. I left the cheerleader on a cabinet at the office where we leave old toys we find on the job. We've got a real collection at this point.
I have that same figure and the ankle totally snapped, thanks for letting me know there is a fix for it
File: IMG_0108.jpg (251 KB, 960x1280)
251 KB
251 KB JPG
If it helps, this is what the inside of the foot looks like. Also carved a + into the shin for the ball part to go into.
So I got some replacement tires for Sideswipe off etsy, they look good on him. I might go for those repro stickers after all, but I'd have to remove the old ones which are mostly still intact. Any advice on the safest way to do that with minimal damage or residue?
File: Swiper and Bootsie.png (1.03 MB, 1000x1065)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
The people who sent the tires sent me a little Jazz with them. Cute. The tires look great, too.
File: Office.png (2.25 MB, 1500x1125)
2.25 MB
2.25 MB PNG
Also, a photo of the collection we've accumulated at the office.
Maybe he's just a bunch of plastic and diecast, but I can't help but imagine this guy being so grateful to you, it warms my heart.
>Any advice on the safest way to do that with minimal damage or residue?
Goo Gone (or any similar adhesive remover) and cotton swabs. The Goo Gone will get rid of the residue, and using cotton swabs will give you better control. Just peel up one corner of the sticker and run a cotton swab soaked in Goo Gone underneath the edge, peeling more as you go.
Once the stickers are off, you can wipe what's left down with some warm water and then dry off with paper towels or tissues.

Good luck with the little dude. This thread is wholesome.
File: dog-retard.jpg (34 KB, 460x359)
34 KB
"Everything has to look like a poorly-drawn 80s cartoon or else" is why most toys are shit now. Vintage toys had lots of detail but the manbabies get triggered if a new toy looks like the original toy. It doesn't help either that 80s kids especially are mentally ill with shit taste. This here is something I have seen stupid people say for real.
Basically. Too many toys are trying too hard to specifically recreate some nostalgia-based aesthetic instead of just being good toys on their own merit, ESPECIALLY among the Transofmers franchise.

The recent Missing Link Convoy is a perfect contrast to modern transformers; by simply giving modern articulation to an old mold, they created a toy that is about a thousand times more fun, interesting, and outright more genuine than all the shit they pump out in the mainline which only exists to get replaced by the next attempt in 2-4 years.
too bad the missing link line is showing to be overpriced because they know nostalgiapiggies will eat it up regardless
Yeah, i really don't mind though. I happily paid 120 for the full package version, and it's definitely been more fun than 120 dollars worth of modern TFs so I'm happy. I used to spend a ton of money on MPs and retail TFs, but both of those toylines have sucked so hard over the past several years that I've saved plenty of money to burn on ML. Even if they start popping out the mid-size car-bots at 70-80 bucks a piece, that's still cheaper than a modern MP for a much better toy. Everything's relative.
I hope this thread doesn't die before those fucking stickers get here. Etsy sure takes its sweet ass time to ship crap.

Maybe it'd be worth a shot to take the screws out and try to get the rust off them. Idk though, the plastic feels a little rickety in some spots and it might not be worth the risk. Maybe I can just scrub the top layer of rust off and call that good? I doubt the internal stuff's rusted too bad.

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