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File: BST000.jpg (550 KB, 3174x1587)
550 KB
550 KB JPG

Read the rules in the image (ESPECIALLY 3 and 4 - have your E-MAILS and PRICES, COMMUNICATE accordingly), ignore the trolls. No "feeler" posts, please.
Remember! You can click the ▶ and hide irrelevant posts!

Previous thread: >>7026778
File: IMG_20180709_000402.jpg (418 KB, 972x1296)
418 KB
418 KB JPG
Super Robot Chogokin Gurren Lagann- $90
Super Robot Chogokin GaoGaiGar V2- $60
SH Figuarts Kinnikuman OC- $35
SH Figuarts Robin Mask OC- $45
SH Figuarts Kinnikuman Super Phoenix- $45
SH Figuarts Akuma Shogun OC- $50
SH Figuarts Ashuraman OC- $50
Figma 324 Yuusha Yoshihiko- $40

All pirces are shipped, ConUS only. Discount for purchase of more than one item. Pics- https://imgur.com/a/uLZ6KYQ
figma Gilgamesh (loose and complete) - $60 shipped within the USA
File: IMG_20180705_214945.jpg (3.25 MB, 4640x3480)
3.25 MB
3.25 MB JPG
Still trying to unload this lot. $150 shipped to the US
File: DSC06985.jpg (182 KB, 1091x726)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
Big thanks to >>7035683 for the android 17.
How much did you pay
Do the Astrobots have all the tiny covers for the hinges?
File: ZorgSalesJuly2018.jpg (2.38 MB, 2448x3264)
2.38 MB
2.38 MB JPG
Continental USA Only, Shipping Not Included.
Trades: Walgreens Thing, Walgreens Silver Surfer, Apocalypse BAF Pieces, Sauron BAF Pieces / Figures
Basic Doctor Strange - $12
Basic Spider-Man - $12
Malekith - $15
Headless Thor and Ragnarok Thor with Sword - $14
Ragnarok Thor with Sword - $10
Classic Thor with Mjolnir - $18
Beetle - $12
Red Guardian - $10
Captain America - $14
Thundra - $8
Scarlet Witch - $18
3.75 Vulture - $6
3.75 Living Laser - $10
3.75 Blue Iron Man - $6
3.75 Classic Iron Man - $6
3.75 Deathlok - $10
3.75 Doc Ock - $14
Hulkbuster Right Arm - $10
Mandroid Left Arm - $6
Warlock Right Arm - $6
Man Thing Left Arm - $7
Sasquatch Left Leg - $7
Red Onslaught Red Skull Head - $8
File: 1531250353845.jpg (633 KB, 1512x2016)
633 KB
633 KB JPG
WTB S.H.Figuart Iron Man Mark 45
i love the bants on this fucking board
Absolutely disgusting
Absolutely DUSTgusting.
Y'all are autistic as fuck, nobody here actually buys or sells toys prove me wrong.
ABdustely DirtyFingerNailgusting.
Reeks of samefagging
File: IMG_9347.jpg (156 KB, 636x789)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
File: checkEmDabs.png (5 KB, 350x240)
5 KB
> :^)
Sellin' some guys.

Ascending Knight - $75
Black Adam - $75
Daredevil PX - $65
Deadpool - $75
Deadpool (with Headpool) - $100
Deadpool PX - $75
Deathstroke - $100
Judge Dredd - $75
Mirror Spock - $25
Space Ghost PX - $65
Wolverine - $75
Wolverine PX - $75
Old Logan - $75

Everything is complete with the box. Prices are shipped. If you buy more than one figure take $5 off the price of each figure. If you think my prices are terribly high compared to somewhere else feel free to email me and I will try to beat their prices as long as it doesn't cause me to lose more than I am willing to lose.
File: 1531172244688.jpg (926 KB, 1791x1465)
926 KB
926 KB JPG
Changin' up some prices.

Every figure is complete and in good condition unless stated otherwise.
Feel free to e-mail me for any questions or concerns.

Skyward Sword Link - $25 Shipped (Used)

Mami Tomoe $30 Shipped (Used) (Missing instructions, slight discoloration on her right (left side) shoulder joint, will post pics.) >>7038479

Armin Arlert - $58 Shipped (Used) (Symbol on the back of his coat is slightly chipped) >>7038482

SH Figuarts
Obi Wan Episode I - $38 Shipped (Used)

Luke Skywalker ANH - $44 Shipped (Used)
Photoshopped picture looks photoshopped
Which dredd? Black or blue?
Picture ? Guessing these are Mezco one12?
Playmates 84 Voltron lions
I need Green, Blue, and Yellow
Plz help a fella out
File: YouKnowIHadToDoItTien.jpg (145 KB, 1000x1000)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
Nice, real dope seller then.
File: FinalSummerSale.jpg (2.17 MB, 2944x3288)
2.17 MB
2.17 MB JPG
Selling in the US only. All items are complete, and in great condition, unless otherwise stated. Shipping is covered on my end via Priority Mail.

Kamen Bujin Gaim UNOPENED $50
Golden Frieza UNOPENED $55

Motoko (New Movie/Black Suit) OPENED $59

Ash and Pikachu OPENED $44

Fiery Dragon OPENED $40

ThreeA ActionPortable (1/12) Light and Dark Oya 2 Pack (Opened, Complete w/Box) $188
[I got this set off eBay, hoping that I'd either like the set for what it is, or that I'd be able to use the clothes for some BodyKuns... turns out that I'm not really a fan of the ThreeA designs-- and the clothes are a bit too big for the BodyKuns]

Questions? Comments?
Shoot me an email: poetiq.lua@gmail.com
We can hash out things through there.
**Discounts will be given for multiple items purchased.
I'm looking to buy

Rio Bone Panty and Stocking

Old Joseph
Part 5 Polneraff and his Stand
Green Gold Experience R
Green Joseph Joestar
Just drop it dude that guys gonna keep sayng you photoshopped it
WTB Great Toys Phoenix Ikki V3
You dusty crusty ass
File: PicsArt_07-12-10.42.00.png (2.36 MB, 2048x1536)
2.36 MB
2.36 MB PNG
$45 shipped with box. Complete minus tiny stand part. Extras include two blonde heads and extra bubble
Start including shipping in your prices and maybe you’ll move some shit for once
All the samefagging and “bants” is really pathetic, guy took a pic that had dust, move on autistic idiots. Can we all go back to buying and selling toys.
t.dusty iron man owner
>buyer asks for price
>give him price
>buyer never responds again instead of haggling
Are those legit or knock offs?

Legit. Got them off here over the last few months and I'm having to put an engine in my car. So trying to move them quickly

>>Remember! You can click the ▶ and hide irrelevant posts!

There's like 13 or so of the same shit from the last post. Hiding them works, but there's still a larger number of crap than there should be.
Maybe he felt the price wasn't even worth trying to haggle down.
Ah so I can hide you bitching about posts you could just ignore.

Ruler $80
Astrobots $75 each

Prices are shipped.
No trades no holds.
Everything is complete and in perfect condition.

Serious buyers message me for more pictures.
File: 1465176939904.jpg (103 KB, 800x1000)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
QanT - $20

SHFSS Rising Kuuga - $40
SHF Chaser Mach - $40

Statueshit -
Alter Infinite Stratos Charlotte and Cecilia (Swimsuit Ver.) - $90 (please note that there is a bit of box indentation, but the figures inside are undamaged)

Shipping is included with the prices for everything, and if I can, I'll toss in a small extra or two! I'll also probably be adding stuff later on, since I'm trying to thin my stuff out. Just email me for pics or questions!

Will you split?
Awaiting payment from a buyer for the lot
File: download.jpg (6 KB, 194x259)
6 KB
looking to acquire a figma Majima Goro (from Yakuza/Ryu ga Gotoku)
Free shipping within the continental US. Figures are complete and in good condition.

Vulcanlog Venom Snake - $40
Figma Nero Claudius with GSC bonus face - $65
Figma Archer Altria (swimsuit saber) - $60
S.h. figuarts battle damaged Gohan - $35

Message me for pictures and questions. Open to offers.
How much dust would you like on that?
Sold the lot. Thanks anon!
enough for you to choke on.
Capped for future use
Don’t buy or sell to governorsloan@reborn.com guys sketchy as fuck
At least give some background to why.
Include the full size image of Iron Man into that image m8.
I can’t wait for summer to end so we can get back to buying and selling toys. You wanna talk about this? Cool make a thread and you can talk about this the Mikasa Figma anon, Saber 2.0 anon and anything else. But fuck can we use the BST to sell toys!
i've been selling toys all month, what you talking about
Nobody's stopping you anon, go ahead, sell some toys.
Why tho
Anyone want to take an amiami order of Bring Arts Riku off my hands? 50 + 10 shipping usd.

Fuck me: adamgnome1@gmail.com
File: 1523050103882.jpg (23 KB, 390x365)
23 KB
Bought a Captain America from this guy and it arrived super fast and in great shape
Adding a bunch of stuff to this.

Everything is complete. nothing is broken.
All prices are shipped.
I am moving. Some of the stuff listed is already packed.
I will provided additional pictures for SERIOUS buyers.
No holds, no trades, no stupid questions.

Maketoys utopia $270
Maketoys Striker Manus $65
Maketoys Rioter Despotron $65
Master Made Apollo (omega supreme) + accessory pack $120
Master Made Titan (metroplex) + accessory pack $100
Master Made Destruction scorpion (scoponok) + Accessory pack $120
MMC Anarchus $70
Planet X fire blast grimlock $85
Planet X Mors $50
Unrustable Bastards Hopper (TCP exclusive) $80
Generation Toy Beast Ape $80
MMP Barricade $70
Studio Series Grimlock $40
Studio Series Blackout $40
Gcreation Rebel (prowl) $80
TFC Piranaha king (set of 6) $425
Revoltech Ultron $80
Robot Damashii GN-X IV mass production $35
Robot Damashii GN-X Superbia $45
Robot Damashii Aura Battler Dunbine (Todd) $60
Robot Damashii Eva Unit 01 (Night clear purple) $65
Robot Damashii Z'gok (mass) $40
Robot Damashii Acguy $40
Robot Damashii Qubeley $35
Figuarts Kylo Ren (with cloth cloak) $40
Astrobots Apollo and Argus $75 each $130 for the pair.
ruler sold. forgot to take that one out.
Kiss my ass you stuck-up bitch.
Newfag here and what's the story behind Mikasa anon and saber 2.0 anon?
go back to plebbit
Obvious shitpost is obvious
Care to explain why I'm sketch? I've bought tons of figures off BST from tons of people so what did I do to rustle your jimmys?
Figma Saber from Fate/Zero or Figma Saber 2.0.

That fist part you could've worded a bit better.
Astrobots sold
Adding Figma Caster - $100
File: 20180713_100900.jpg (81 KB, 404x303)
81 KB
Prices include shipping within the US.

S.H. Figuarts Garo Ryuga Ver. $45
S.H. Figuarts Garo Ryuga Konjiki Ver. $45
File: PA280545 new 5.1.jpg (2.71 MB, 4288x3216)
2.71 MB
2.71 MB JPG
Selling some toku stuff and a few other gubbins to feed my plastic addiction

Additional pictures available under each category, and by request. Prices listed are for single item. Prices can be negotiated if you buy more at once. I should mention that I'm shipping these from finland, which can be a little costly. If you're itnerested in something, please contact by e-mail, and have at least something written in the subject field.
e-mail: hamalainen.j.91@gmail.com

Additional images:

roleplay toys (all electronics work):
Wizard Driver (no slack holder, worn chrome) - $25
Wizarswordgun - $22
Axcalibur and Infinity style ring (paint wear on the red “gems”) - $27

Flame style - $4
Water style - $4
Hurricane style - $4
Land style – $4
Extend - $3
Liquid - $3
Smell - $3
Copy - $3
Fourze (no LED) - $2,5
X - $3
ZX - $3
LL sized replacement ring loops(20 mm inner diameter) x12 - $0,5

Additional images:

Full list of ghost eyecons: https://pastebin.com/LEVyd8dN

Additional images:

gashapon Tokimeki Crisis gashat (sealed bag) - $7
Gashapon Kamen Rider Chronicle gashat (sealed bag) - $7
Gashapon Kamen Rider Chronicle gashat and little ex-aid figurine(opened, no capsule) - $6

Build and Other:
Additional images:

Ooguma kyutama x4 - $8
Hissatsu! Chou Henkei Ryuki figure (opened, stickered) - $4
DX Shoubousha(fire engine) Fullbottle - $5,5
Candy toy Bat Fullbottle - $4
Candy toy Cobra Fullbottle x2 - $4
Candy toy Cake Fullbottle - $4
Candy toy Mahotsukai Fullbottle x2 - $4
What crawled up your ass and died?
A serious buyer.
File: 102283881.jpg (35 KB, 386x611)
35 KB
SHF Kakashi sold!
Email for any relevant pictures at klonoajrdn3@aol.com whether you need a few or many.
Shipping included. I accept haggling over email.. Save on shipping with multiple buys. Some purchases may include freebie extras.
(If you need international ship, ask and maybe we can work something out, no promises tho.)

((LOOSE-complete unless otherwise stated))
Play Arts Sephiroth- 35 * Old Game version
PAK Red XIII - $75
Takara Rockman Starforce figure(the one bigger than the 4inchNel, more in the 5' range) $10
D-Arts Charizard $65
Rockman/Megaman Rockin' Action Aquastyle- $20(or best offer), missing battle-masked head and right forearm+fist. But has two Aquaswords! See boxed section for the complete Normal style.

ADDING* Figma Yami Yugi $45 shipped
ADDING* Figma Dark Magician Girl $65 shipped
SHF Sora $40 shipped
ES Gokin Tekkaman Blade $40
GN-DOU Gran Kaiser $20 shipped
Old Takara Magnetic Kirbys(2002 anime)-
Fire/Sword Kirby for 40
Two other colored ‘prototypes’- 1 for 35 both for 60!(All three Kirbys for $100!)
RAH Link SS 150
SHF Minato 40
SHF the rock 22 shipped
Rockman/Megaman Rockin' Action Normalstyle- $40 shipped, add on the loose Aquastyle for $55 total.

I also am on the fence about letting go of a Clear 1/12 Synthetic Human, if you're interested shoot an email!
Lookin to Buy:
-Sentinel X T-Rex Black Getter (or any spare fist pieces from this figure, as I've lost the spiked from the right hand of mine :'( )
Looking to buy:
Kamen Rider Build Sclash Driver
Kamen Rider Build Transteam Gun
Kamen Rider Build Steam Blade

If anyone isn't feeling these DX Items I'm looking to build my own Stalk/Night/Rogue Collection
Suguru sold
WTB SHF Kamen Rider Mach Chaser for around $30 if possible
>Mach Chaser
Someone was actually selling him last thread.
File: IMG_20180629_212925.jpg (134 KB, 1000x750)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
Figuarts Amazon Alpha -$50
Figuarts Amazon Omega -$50
$80 for both.
Free Shipping.

US only.
I got in touch with them and as we were about to settle on a price, the photos they sent made me realize it was Chaser Mach instead. They corrected the name in a repost earlier in this thread. They really needed more unique names for these two forms...
At leas the form you want is the better one

SS Vegeta 2.0

Even if for some reason you only had the body, that and the hands are all I technically need.
WTB: SAS Pink Giorno's heads (Would also buy the entire figure or trade WF Gio heads for them)
SAS Awakened Giorno head
WTB 1000 toys carb
Repost from the last thread, now with some updated prices.

Gunpla:(all unbuilt)
-MG Nu ver Ka $50
-MG Unicorn ver anime $30
-Doala $12
-Guts (the new release version) $70
-A Link Between Worlds...Link $25
-Ultraman (manga) $35
-Apocalypse Zero MC $15
-Arbalest $25
-Ingram 2 $15 (missing a gun)
-LOR Optimus (convoy) $20
-LOR Kenshiro $25
Robot Damashii:
-Hyaku Shiki $40
-Dom A.N.I.M.E $35
-G-Self w/booster $30
-Crossbone X-2 $25
-Bring Arts NieR 2B w/ Machine $90
-SAS Star Platinum (purple) with one missing kneecap $70
-Sentinel Tekkaman (first release) $80
-SRC Mazinkaiser SKL Final Battle ver $80

All prices negotiable, shipping is gonna probably range from 8-15 bucks depending on the order, and I'll throw free shipping on big orders. I also got some more stuff that I'm not really ready to part with, but will if it comes down to it. Taking offers on:
Figuarts MMPR Red, Blue, Black, White, Pink, Yellow, Green. Taking offers on whole lot.
SRC Dendo, Mazinkaiser Shiny ver (wrist is chipped), God Sigma, Gunbuster, Hyoryu/Enryu, Volfogg, Gaogaigar+Jetpack, individual.

Thanks for taking a peak at my big post
Selling us only! Don’t have pics of the rest right now but I’ll send upon request

SHF AOU Captain America -$80
SHF JL Batman $45

Figma Eren $30(missing exhaust piece)
Figma Mikasa $45

Mafex Catwoman 1.0 - $30
Digivolving Spirits Angewomon $50

Marvel Legends:
Thanos BAF Comic $30
Heroic Age Iron Man $20
Extremis Iron Man $16
Bucky Cap $18
Wasp $15
Marvel Select Red Hulk $35
WTS- lego hero factory furno 3.0 sealed NIP- $33 shipped
File: wave7.png (1.91 MB, 1125x771)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB PNG
New stuff is going up, and Yugi is back on sale since the buyer never paid and dropped contact. Still doing US only, and shipping is still

Nendoroid Red $37

Nendoroid Teddy $33

Figma Yugi $37

Shinki Maochao $30

Figma Koyoki Araragi $30

Figma Link Between Worlds $30

Revoltech Raiden $70

Polynian Vania $55

ROTJ Luke $55

Rey $30

R2 $40
C-3PO $30 (Missing Communicator)
($60 Together)

Baton Trooper $45

First order trooper $30

vader $40

Shadow Trooper $45

Darth Maul $70

Shore Trooper $30

Kylo $35

Luke ANH $35
Can I sell vidya here? There's not exactly any other place on 4chan that does this sort of thing.
Generations metroplex shoulder guns
Broken/scrap CW/UW Devastator - i only need the heads from the bots

any built MG/RE100 and RG gunpla -

Some people mix a little in with their toys but I can't vouch for how successful you will be moving it here.
File: 20180715_114625.jpg (3.17 MB, 3264x1836)
3.17 MB
3.17 MB JPG

WTS: A used Nintendo Switch. Runs just like it did out of the box. Everything is pristine with the exception of the power adapter, which my pet rats nibbled on for all of 5 seconds. It's been covered with electrical tape and still works just fine.

Comes with
>The Switch itself, it's dock, the power adapter, and the HDMI
>4 Joycons. 2 left and 2 right, including their little bar-things that attach to them individually
>A pro controller
>A 64 GB Sandisk MicroSD and MicroSD to SD adaptor

Doesn't come with any games, and I'll factory reset it before shipping it out. Right now it's on 5.0.2 firmware, so with a bit of patience you can downgrade it and install homebrew.

Ideally I'd like $220 + shipping, but if you've got some Toku Figuarts lying around I'd be willing to negotiate the price.

Eh, I guess it won't hurt to try.
Shit, I meant $200 + shipping.
>My pet rats
I hate to say it, but that's where you lost me
That's literally the only thing they've been near. They're domesticated and don't carry any disease / leave fur lying around.
Please stop domesticating rats.
Take that crusade to /an/, no one cares here, not even Ratman, I'm sure.

Also: everyone did nothing wrong, so don't @ him/her/it.
selling some robot damashii

Nu Gundam psychoframe version - $50 shipped
Zaku II Hardpoint - $35
Zaku Desert Type ANIME - offer
Gundam RX-78 hardpoint - 30
Guncannon Ver. Ka Red. Decals applied. $70

email - vetelamour@hotmail.com
File: 9a6.jpg (22 KB, 398x500)
22 KB
godspeed ratman
Dropping Gil's price to $55
Vania is on hold, C-3PO, R2, and Shadow Trooper have sold!
Maul has sold!
Glad you could do it. Feed those rats something good tonight.
they'll be getting peanuts and yogurt chips tonight, lads

happy for that anon he got a fucking deal really annoyed i couldnt have been the one to pay ya
adding on!

Selling two banshee GFF Metal Composite figures.
Regular - 190
Final Battle - 190
>Gundam RX-78 hardpoint
Why were the hands so bad in this line
>4 joyscons and a pro controller
That alone is worth 200USD retail. Holy fuck.
I mean, i got a free switch before, but that dude just got a free switch.
Money's nice, but I don't think it would be fair for me to charge so much on a used item, especially one I'm willing to sell off. I'd like to think whatever the buyer saved getting it from me rather than an eBay listing will get them more games and toys to enjoy.

Sorry to hear that anon! I might have some more games (and hopefully toys) in the future, but for the time being I'll just keep lurking for more Toku Figuarts.
Red has sold!
You're the right kind of anon.
Buyer here. I had been holding out on buying a switch because I got burned on the 3DS price drop. I was waiting either for an opportunity like this or the price on a new switch to inevitably drop. You saved me from having to wait about another year or paying significantly more.
Also I didn't mind the rat bite because I've had a couple pet rats myself. They're good little critters, they just assume almost everything is edible until you tell them off for it.
Yugi has sold!
Selling the following

None have been posed, all are complete and in-box. First come first serve, no holds. US only.


Kamen Rider Ex Aid lvl 2 Brave $50 shipped
Kamen Rider Ex Aid lvl 2 Action $50 shipped
Kamen Rider Ex Aid lvl 2 Laser $150 shipped
Kamen Rider Ex Aid lvl 0 Laser $60 shipped
Kamen Rider Ex Aid lvl 2 Genm Exclusive $130 shipped
Kamen Rider Ex Aid lvl XX Double Action $160 shipped
Kamen Rider Shinkocchou Seihou Decade $120 shipped
Kamen Rider Shinkocchou Seihou Eternal $90 shipped
Kamen Rider Shinkocchou Seihou Fang Joker $80 shipped
Kamen Rider Shinkocchou Seihou Kuuga $45 shipped
Kamen Rider Shinkocchou Seihou Kuuga Ultimate $85 shipped
Kamen Rider Shinkocchou Seihou Zombie Gamer lvl X $110 shipped
Kamen Rider Amazons Alpha $80 shipped
Kamen Rider Amazons Sigma $100 shipped
No Snipe?
>Kamen Rider Shinkocchou Seihou Fang Joker $80 shipped
>it's $55 on Mandrake new
How about you go fuck yourself?
Choose one
Be my guest to get him “NEW” for $55, boyo

Oh wait
File: that was so hard.png (610 KB, 1301x606)
610 KB
610 KB PNG
Good thing you both are stupid cunts.
Not him but used in Mandy is usually a tiny dent on the box usually unopened.
File: 1531696746396.jpg (53 KB, 563x624)
53 KB
Howabout you buy from Mandarake and go through the hassle of importing it.

Yeah, I get that, but that's probably the same condition as the guy here shipping stateside. So not only are you getting it for the same price (55+shipping will be about 80), you'll get it faster.
It's "new in-the-box" sold by a second hand seller. If it's not considered new then >>7052104 sure as shit isn't selling it new either.

>pay $10
Wow that was so hard.
>Pay an individual on BST
>Get it quickly
Was that so hard
>Get fucked on a $20 price gouge
How about "no"? What are you? A cancer patient? Do you not have the extra week of time to wait?
>price gouge
He's not advertising it as new at all.
You’re not going to sell that shit and you know it with that attitude.

>when BBTS sells Fang/Joker cheaper new than some skeevy faggot who thinks he can gouge
>$4 flat rate shipping
That's actually pretty good.

Adjust your prices, anon.
I can always lower prices, if asked, but you decided to sperg out instead as if you’ve never bought from anyone before

Asking me to lower my prices isn’t difficult at all.
That’s not me, stop crying.
You're implying as if I'd ever consider shopping from a retard who can't even price check before posting. I'd be worried you couldn't even spell my address right on the shipping label let alone get me a good deal.
Right, so you’re that kinda person in BST that doesn’t actually buy and just soapboxes around all the time.

I listed a bad price, I can change it, stop acting like it’s the end of the fucking world.
>waaah he caught me so I gotta strawman waaaaaa!
Pathetic. Good luck trying to sell your stuff, you overgrown child.

Are you okay, anon?
Talking to you is giving us all cancer

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