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Haven't seen a backpack thread for a while, I need some advice and I'm sure I'm not the only one with questions about backpacks in general

I used to not care and go traveling with a random sports bag, but I changed my mind. I'll be traveling for a month in China next month so I'm thinking about buying a good backpack, any recommendations ? I'd like to carry with me enough clothes for a week and still have some space for extra stuff + the things I'll be buying during the trip. I won't be hitchhiking, mostly traveling by trains from city to city, so no need for pockets on the outside, water resistance sounds mandatory because of downpours in the south
I just bought an Osprey Farpoint 40 and took a short trip with it. Very impressed with it.

Its got the dimensions of Carry-on luggage and can convert to a shoulder bag. I'm probably going to a packable daypack as well, its slightly too bulky to drag around for daytrips.

Just look at the top picks from the Wirecutter and decide for yourself.

Thoughts on this pack ? Anyone got to try it ?
Osprey 40 looks good, i been considering it for a while.
Before I had the Osprey 55L, which I was using as carry on too and fitted. But I found it to be too heavy for my taste. So I sold it.

Anyone has tried Cabinzero bags? =


They look so light, 44L = 0.78kg to 1 kg

sounds promising
are you looking for a framed pack or unframed? what is your ideal budget

if its framed you should really go to a high end outdoors store (like an REI if a local if have them and try a bunch on) because in the $200-$300 american range- you will have the size you want (prob 40L but see if 55 feels more right); good water resistance; solid materials; and pertty much all the functionalities. Since i carry some heft Mountain Hardware and TNF packs are really comfortable; really tall and skinny people love Osprey; my friend as a marmot Graviton that he loves-- i didnt care for the way it sat top heavy the top heavy weight distro. i have a TNF banshee its so comfortable on my body shape that ill wear it even when a smaller bag will do the job.

If unframed-- marmot is a great brand to look at, REI's label makes some great -30L's but i am yet to find someone who makes more functional bags than burton. they just kill the backpack game.
I'd rather go for an unframed pack under 200€, also since I won't be carrying it for extended periods of time I don't want a hip belt. I once had a pack with a hip belt and it was really unpractical in buses or trains..
Just get the Tortuga.
Tortuga Outbreaker, Minaal Carry-on, or Aer Travel Pack?
lol @ all the fags with their ospray 40 packs. As if 40 is enough space. Listen up OP, be a man and get 80 L minimum not some osprey queer.
lol @ this fag who cant live without his entire kitchen and 10 pairs of polka dot shirts.
>has never been away from mommy for more than 2 weeks, needs her to wipe his ass

>he'd rather carry 40L of extra clothes instead of carrying a zip lock bag, liquid soap and a nylon string
What do you guys think about this type of bag?

looks heavy i.e. trash
I have a Osprey 32L bag and its amazing. Good for a weekend outdoors trip and perfect for travel overseas. More than enough room for clothes and shit and fits into overhead on airplanes. It has a frame and mesh back for airflow which is must for any serious traveler. Maybe if you pack a little heavier get a 40L but I really dont see the need for anything above 45.
Always depends on what you are doing. I see a lot of anons in this thread that go for 40L for 2 weeks.
However i find that insufficient as i went on a 2 week walk in the SW Portugal coast carrying a 55L and had i not a friend with me, we would not be able to carry the basics for survival.
We had to carry a couple pot set, couple pounds of gas, stove, 5L jerrycan, food for the day and the day afterwards, first aid, tent, shelter (that wasn't necessary to take and fuck me it didnt get any use but had to take anyway), TP, shovel, and more random materials for diverse stuff (batteries, tape,2 ounces of tabacco etc).
Point being, we had only 2 changes of clothes and were usually dirty af.

So take that into consideration when buying a bag if later you want to do a more offtrack trip. As long it fits your needs, is light, has nice protection, you should be fine. That backpack I used is already 10 years old with heavy field use and has only some minor holes. Take care of your stuff and it will take care of you.
I think the people recommending a 40l pack are more of the people who stay in hostels and are moving from urban area to urban area, with an occasional daytrip into nature.

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