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File: MXCITY.png (589 KB, 678x459)
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Hows Mexico City? Thinking about going there for two weeks to a month

Hows the mogging scene there?
>Hows Mexico City?
I’ve been there several times and really love the place, apart from the air quality, which is supposedly improving but still not great for much of the year. I was apprehensive about the place at first, but it’s been getting safer for years and has always been at least somewhat safer than its reputation. It’s huge and has some of nearly everything, and it’s more sophisticated than you probably expect for a huge swathe of the city; only a minority of parts of town, at least in the central area, are developing-world sketchy.

>Hows the mogging scene there?
I don’t know WTF this is, but knowing 4chan, I assume it has to do with getting laid. Go out at night in Condesa or Roma Norte and perhaps you can party with fresas (bourgeoise girls) out clubbing. But if you’re not already attractive and stylish in a way that appeals to women with money at home, don’t expect to blow anyone away. At least in the nicer parts of town, nobody is looking for a green card, and half of them have more money than you probably do.
Too many DN BVLLs down there now, JBW doesn't cut it there anymore.
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>I post multiple CDMX threads on /trv/
>no responses
>this CDMX thread gets responses

anyway: what are the essentials for if I'm there for 4 days? I want to do some more unusual stuff like American bookstores, Trotsky's house, etc.
This poster has HIV. Anyone replying to him will catch it.
I know some places that, from my perspective, are little known:
-U.S. Mexico City National Cementery, San Rafael.
-Centro de Estudios de Historia de México, Chimalistac
-Museo Casa de la Bola, Tacubaya
-Biblioteca de México, Centro
-El Cantoral, Xoco
-Instituto Mora, Extremadura Insurgentes
-Zona Arqueológica Cuicuilco
-Parque Cantera
-Bosque de Tlalpan
-Biblioteca Miguel Lerdo de Tejada, Centro
-Parroquia de San Jacinto, San Angel
-Catedral de Xochimilco
-Parroquia de San Agustín de las Cuevas, Tlalpan
-Jardín Botánico, Ciudad Universitaria
-Museo Diego Rivera-Anahuacalli

Outside of Mexico City:
-Desierto de los Leones
-Museo Nacional del Virreinato, Tepotzotlan
-Ex-convento San Agustín de Hipona, Acolman
-Ermita del Silencio, Paso de Cortes
-Museo de Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, Amecameca
-Santuario Mariposas Monarcas, Ecatzingo
-Arcos del Sitio, Tepotzotlan
-Centro Ceremonial Otomí
-Villa del Carbón
-Tepetlaoxtoc de Hidalgo
-Hacienda Real San Miguel Ometusco
-Acueducto del Padre Tembleque
-Santuario del Señor del Sacromonte Amecameca
>The global press recently warned that as early as June 2024, Mexico City, home to 22 million people, could face “Day Zero—the complete loss of fresh water at the taps.
Mexican here.
Busy as fuck.
In general its really cheap, our subway costs 5 pesos (like a quarter of a dollar) and it covers pretty much the whole city.
On that regard the whole city and a great part of the metropolitan area is connected via Subway (metro), Electric Train, Suburban Train and "Metrobus" so you can move kinda freely.
our subway is usually clogged as hell, fast yes, but good luck using Lines 2, 3 and 9 during office/school hours without being crushed to death.
>public bus and similar
something between indian tier and new yorker tier regarding user population. the city's vehicular traffic is an all time issue, no matter where you are.
This is a very interesting topic, before 2020 the city had very well defined detroit-tier areas that, unless you knew exactly where you were going you avoided them at all costs but since pur president let all the sudamerican migrants come in the whole city is full to the brim with homeless venezuelan, bolivian and peruan immigrants that sadly launched the robberies to the skies and nowadays you see beggars everywhere, be careful.
anything else you need to know? i can give you intel about pretty much the whole city
>Hows the mogging scene there?
Not sure if you mean mugging or mogging; both kinda don't make any sense.
places to 100% avoid?
best lesser known touristy places to visit?
I'm >>2658443 this anon
if you stick to tourist areas you'll be fine, but if your intention is to know less known places and/or "hidden gems" stay the fuck away from:
>Tacubaya (we have a saying for this since the late 70s for a reason)
>La Merced
generally this place is kinda quiet since its one of the largest Mercados (and one of the oldest) on one side and one of the largest red districts on the whole country on the other side, as I said lately the area has been a focus of south american immigrants that do not respect the customs of the area that may try to mug you. But if you want a cheap as fuck whore (as low as 15 dollaroodos and even lower) just remember, dont act suspicious and no fucking cameras on the streets or the pimps/locals may get upset.
>Colonia Buenos Aires
>La Vicente Guerrero
Those are some places that I would try to avoid.
Also on top of what this anon here >>2658536 said I strongly recommend you:
El Museo del Chocolate
La Villa
Pantheon Dolores (to check the Rotonda de los Hombres Ilustres)
Palacio de Bellas Artes (my favourite place in the whole damn world)
El Museo del Juguete
Palacio de Mineria
Museo Diego Rivera
Chapultepec Park, our equivalent to NY's Central Park, its spliced in 3 section and houses:
>Castillo de Chapultepec
A must go place.
>Chapultepec Zoo
>Museo de Antropologia e Historia
>Papalote Museo del Niño
A good place to visit in general but its focused on kids
Museo de Electricidad
among a few other things

Mexico City is one of the cities with he most museums on the whole world (i think it hold the record until recently) and they're as varias as you can imagine, there's a Museum Museum.
Let me know if you want a more extensive list of stuff, or even better, what kind of things you like, I may try to list stuff that may be relevant to you.
In general just try to not be that one tourist, otherwise street merchants will try to take advantage of you, or worse, thieves.
this is a great list, thanks man.
Me and my gf like outdoor things, like botanic gardens, so we will definitely be going to Chapultepec.

Is it worth taking a day tour to Teotihuacan? We are looking at a half day guided trip there, including a visit to Guadalupe. We are also looking at maybe doing a day trip to Taxco/Santa Prisca with a group. Is it worth doing a day trip? We are also considering Izta-Popo.
File: intense.png (544 KB, 649x623)
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544 KB PNG
Is there much of an apetite for ESL teacher's in Mexico? And if so is the pay enough to subsist on with a baseline minimum of effort on my part?
My spanish is at a decent enough level that I could basically get by with day to day shit if that makes any odds.

You really trust mexicans enough to work down there. i have lived in that shithole country and around that shitbag people and let me tell you something, they are the worst people in the world.

They will not pay you, they will not respect you and you will be robbed at least once. Dont trust anyone down there, in fact dont even establish any close relationships with mexicans and latinos, they easily thee most untrustworthy people in the world. Boycott that terrible country/people.
Is two days enough?
I only really care about visiting Teotihuacan and the national museum before going off to Cancun region to explore the other ruins.
Are the Tula ruins worth checking out on an extra day?
which latina left you brah?
Same for Argentines
I have a map with the location of all the pre-Hispanic ruins in Mexico.
I think that 2 days in Mexico City are enough if you only care about pre-Hispanic things, but I think there are also interesting places nearby, like Cantona, Teotenango, Xochicalco, Cholula or Tula.
All depends on the rains. I think it rained early this year.
I only got robbed by the police in Mexico, when I foolishly slept in my car on a quiet city street, got woken up by cops, and handed them a bag containing my wallet and other personal items for "inspection" as demanded. My business dealings with Mexicans on the street were often curt, but I never really worried about getting ripped off, overcharged or scammed.
Neat - thanks for the map!
While I got your attention, besides Chichen Itza - what other ruins in the Yucatan region are worth seeing? I have to be somewhat selective.

I have been robbed by the cops twice down there, saw a women get her car stolen at gun point with her children inside, two beaners also tried to rob me at knife point. Fuck mexico and fuck mexicans.
>Wanna go to Mexico City
Mexican here. Why?
>The mogging scene
As in getting mugged or as in getting laid?
Getting your shit stolen is very likely if you walk around flaunting. Getting laid is whatever

But in general, why would you go to CDMX? It's the closest we have to a Hive City in the world. Cyberpunk dystopian with all the shitty parts and no cool bionic upgrades. Food is expensive and shitty. Maybe if you're gonna be on the really really expensive part of the city rubbing elbows with narcos.
Mexico has cool places, beautiful people and good food

Just not in Mexico City, it's a Skaven den piece of shit and every other place detects when their people is nearby because how they speak and walk, always with double intentions. They city is unironically run by narcos, commies and jews, actual jews, and the air is toxic to any human. Not to the DFctuoso, because they already adapted to cholera and food poisoning, so air with lead won't kill them, just drop their IQ levels once again, but won't notice either.

And it's a metropolis, has everything you want from a city, yet you don't really want to go anywhere or can't. 3 hour drives is the norm. Moving through the metro is the best bet.

If you really REALLY have to go you don't walk into the police. Never do contact with them. If you get robbed maybe you could contact somebody but 90% they're not gonna help not because they are corrupt (they are) but because they're dumb asses and the worst kind of people are CDMX police officers.
File: 51011229815_bc33268565_k.jpg (1.1 MB, 2048x1455)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB JPG
It's nice
There are hive cities all over the world, and especially in the third world, but few with a charming character like Mexico.
File: AbovePlazaTorosDF.jpg (89 KB, 500x335)
89 KB
Any opinions on the Plaza de Toros? How do the fights compare to those in Spain?
for Volaris app check in what am i supposed to put for the adress and post code? the actual adress im statying or the airport.

I think we could nuke mexico and the world would be a better place. The Spanish should have finished the job when the had the chance.
Fuck. I'm going to Guadalajara next week as a very obvious gringo 110lb manlet. I'll bring a dummy wallet with old cards and some cash and old phone to carry with me incase this happens
wtf is a DN?
CDMX has become the trendy "it" place to be sort of like Tokyo in some circle in New York, a bunch of artsy people and bankers I know are going. They just released the Michelin star guide in Mexico as well. As for the mogging scene, depends on where you are, some areas you will be around people who basically own a ton of texas, california and new mexico: they are rich as fuck so your ameribucks wont do much.
Bad mindset. Lol you are you an ignorant fool who fell for a foolish trick? Not a reason to hate a whole ethnicity, I fell for scams in various European countries and do hate them for my fault in being naive .
and do not*
Nuke CDMX and Mexico becomes world power. Most tourists don't know this, but CDMX is the biggest, fattest leech in the country. Those cute 5 pesos subway rides? Subsidized with tax money from the north. Entire neighborhoods don't pay utility bills, and if they are pressured into it, they degenerate into a zombie horde (they have taken substations in the past, this never makes it to the news).

Nuke it and make GDL/MTY capital. Half our problems would be gone overnight.
File: cm7r6.jpg (1.04 MB, 960x1280)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB JPG
>Trotsky's house
Nice place and just a few blocks from there is the Freda Kahlo blue house which you would also probably enjoy.
>nuke the one functional city and make two narco shithole states the capital
So Jalisco NG or Sinaloa?
Sinaloa. Jalisco NG should be killed off.
Out with the old. In with the Nueva.
DN-Dumb Negroes
BVLLS- bulls
JBW-just be white
The poster is clearly a pol troll who's life centers upon fascination with black men's genitalia and posting his lust valve release on 4chan
I don't know, according to this it is the part of your country where each inhabitant contributes more fiscally than any other mexican.
Hi anon, im from Guadalajara, i recommend you to not be around mercado San Juan de Dios after 7pm, if you want to be out at night stick to areas like Chapultepec but don't leave the main avenue.
Things you MUST try
Tejuino, torta ahogada, jericalla and carne en su jugo from karnes garibaldi, they have the record guiness to the fastest service, i hope you enjoy my town <3
You got confused, what should be nuke is fucking Oaxaca, i don't even get what people hype so much about that damn place, and since we are at it nuke Guerrero.
>No CDG mentioned
Thank you Guadalajara fren, I heard about torta ahogahada and carne en su jugo but didn't know about the other stuff. How is Americana in terms of safety?
>mogging scene
thats why you come into the country? Sounds like some shit thats for losers
at night it gets a little dangerous the more you leave the Chapultepec area and get close to the street where the train is. But is mostly tourist in that area.

mexicans and "latinos: are not an ethnicity. Stop calling yourselves Latin, you and your garbage can people have nothing to do with Latin Rome. there is a reason these terrible people are fleeing their failed civilizations, its because mesoamericans are a bunch of corrupt, untrustworthy shitbags that will kill you over car parts.

Death to mexico.
Will I get murdered for being English? Or are Americans the only ones Mexicans hate? I don't know what Gringo means tbqh
American, regardless of race. If you're blonde you are downgraded to wero

>Will I get murdered for being English?
Interesting, I may visit
Everything outside of the yucatan should be nuked and repopulated later on
price of democracy
>wtf is a DN?

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