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File: tamago-sando-194775-2.jpg (209 KB, 1500x1000)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
Does anybody feel like going to a grocery store of a country you're visiting is one of the best cultural experiences and highlight of the trip? Y'know trying their local delicacies and snacks and such.
Half my Japanese trips have been spent in convivence stores contemplating what I'm looking at and how so many things exist
I make a point of it wherever we go. When I was in Holland I went to so many small town grocery stores as well as some bigger chain stores, I loved all the cheese and wine that I found. So many types of cheese I had never even heard of and wines that you don't see here in a North America. Also loved exploring the small towns in Panama, we found some great coffee for way cheaper than the tourist areas sell it for. It's a great way to see what locals actually eat.
As an amerilard other countries' grocery stores are too cramped and they make me anxious
Walmart was like any other hypermarket we have in finland.
Foreign supermarkets are a definite highlight. The contrast between mundane everyday reality for locals and what counts as exotic always gets me. Why some places have excellent seafood or bakery selections but terrible produce for example. Why wouldn’t you be good at that if you can get such a range of shellfish in??

Always wonder what overseas people make of Tesco. It’s just normal to me but maybe some random scandi guy finds the range of frozen pizza we have interesting
bong in malaysia here
>Always wonder what overseas people make of Tesco
i'm still kind of sad that tesco sold off all of its stores in the whole of south east asia a few years ago. the business was taken over by a thai company that runs a chain called lotus. after the takeover they still had quite a lot of tesco products for a while, i guess selling off the stocks the store already had in the supply chain
malaysia has kind of a love/hate relationship with british stuff. they will talk shit about their former colonial masters while munching on marks and spencer biscuits and drinking waitrose drinks. british brands pop up in random places. for example the 7-11 near me sells stuff from boots.

the big local brand place near me is jaya grocer which is clearly modelled on waitrose. they are slightly more upmarket than the other major chains, for example they sell more imported stuff from europe/usa. the customers are generally more middle class chinese. poorer malays and indians are more likely to shop at lotus or another chain called hero market which is more like the asda end of the scale
They have Boots in Thailand, which surprised me
>Walmart was like any other hypermarket we have in finland.

American malls are very disappointing indeed.
Most of our Carrefour/Leclerc/Auchan here in France are bigger than the Walmarts and Targets i've seen.
Carrefour is like 1/4th the size of a Costco.
Yes, going to foreign grocery stores is something I go out of my way to enjoy anywhere I go. I used to travel to Asia frequently for work, and on a couple of my first trips I forgot some essential toiletry items— something like deodorant or toothpaste. So heading to a supermarket, drug store, or convenience store would be a necessary first stop. I enjoyed it so much that I made a point of doing it everywhere. The combination of the mundane and the exotic, the similar and the profoundly alien, is really interesting.
Absolutely, as your OP was jap, I know remember that one of my culinary experiences was trying all the karage combini options (7/11 vs family mart vs lawson) it was so silly but I enjoyed it way more than other restaurant experiences.

>For anyone that cares the tier is 1- Lawson 2- Family mart 3- 7/11
Europeon here, 7/11 in HK was disappointing, even CircleK looked better to me after it. I hope the US ones aren't as bad.
>I hope the US ones aren't as bad.
Lol. Lmao.
my most nearby 7-11 in malaysia has a bookstore and a cafe inside
it is two storeys high and is open 24 hours
it is the god of all 7-11s
>travels to get away from the West
>patronizes Western-style corporate franchise businesses
>"travel is pointless in 2024, the whole world is the same"
dumb motherfuckers
No, but I do enjoy poking around foreign grocers and shops. Just don't think of it as the highlight of a trip.
Nah man gotta admit when it comes to food i want a brand i know. You can take the frozen squid if you want, i want Lidl or MCdonalds just to be sure i dont get food poisoning overseas.
Yes i like women. No i dont like bitchy disrespectful asshole karens.
japanese convenience stores are something else
truly world class
japan's greatest gift to the world is Daiso
it's utterly incredible. a colourful wonderland of cheap junk that you never knew you wanted
i can go in there specifically to buy one thing and come out with a sack of stuff that i will almost certainly never use
yeah I can go into a japanese grocery store and immediately feel depressed when returning to canada.
>wow, everything is so cheap
>wow, they have alcohol (to be fair even the US has this figured out
>wow, decent quality premade meals for cheap
>wow, all the produce and meat and fish is high quality
>wow everything is clean and fully stocked and the clerk actually helps you
File: rUWY1RR.jpg (590 KB, 2448x3264)
590 KB
590 KB JPG
Food of the Gods.

You arrive in some backstreet in Bangkok after a long haul flight. You wander into a packed 7-Eleven, grab a big water and a couple of these babies. You retreat to your room and savour the first sweet, squishy bite. The good times have begun...
>processed goyslop
>food of the gods
mate, you've had a corpotrain run through your brain.
>visiting UK, go to knightsbridge to scope out supercars
>check out supermarket expecting LA levels of absurd $50 salads
>rotten fruit, half the place is liquor, good section dedicated to bread, barely any snacks or prepped meals
>guy outside with a free palestine flag
>coked out backpackers loitering around the bread aisle
How's Puchong?
File: 1695547030680728.jpg (117 KB, 1024x639)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
the yuropoor yearns for the american grocery store
that's not a yuropoor, that's a r*ssian
it is an urban sprawl indistinguishable from any other place in malaysia
it was once a separate town, but is now basically a distant suburb of kuala lumpur
it does have one "green lung" in the form of wawasan hill which has a waterfall that is popular with hikers but the trails are poorly maintained and prone to flooding and a lot of rubbish gets dumped there
pic related, the street where the big 7-11 is
Yes I fucking love doing it.
Literally everywhere I go I'm interested in it. I was thinking about some of the little nowhere towns and grocery stores I've been to earlier today. Everywhere has some things that are interesting.
What do you mean by mall? In the US when you say mall it refers to big enclosed (air conditioned) shopping centers with several hundred stores, multiple wings, food court, movie theater and big department stores as the anchors

If you mean Walmarts we call those big box stores

You're going to have a wide variety of both malls and big box stores. With Walmart alone I can show you nice ones and shitty ones.

Same with all of the above
KL 7-11s are dogshit compared to Thailand
Too busy sowing my seed in prime jap pussy to care about some fucking shop layout. Keep doing you my man, but some of us have to fulfill womens needs
these heated shelves they have in japan are truly a marvel
never seen that before anywhere in the world
technology unknown to the west
even more impressive that they're mixed in with the chilled shelves
I always get the rare haribo flavours they have in other countries but not my own
File: 1278463639384.jpg (3 KB, 113x126)
3 KB
Convienence store :/
Convienence store Japan :D

My local Co Op in the UK has 100x more stuff than what a conbini has. No idea why everyone jerks over the conbinis. I've been 3 times and they're tiny with a few drinks, sandwiches and chocolate bars in lol
better choice of sandwiches, more consistent quality. so many times i buy a sandwich here (also UK) and the bread is soggy or even basically stale. also co-op and "local" stores are kinda expensive here compared to supermarkets
>also co-op and "local" stores are kinda expensive here compared to supermarkets
this is true almost everywhere in the world
>better choice of sandwiches
Citation needed.
File: maxresdefault[1].jpg (156 KB, 1280x720)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
while I think UK has a better overall sandwich selection for the general sandwich eater (most likely the best supermarket sandwich selection in the world), japanese conbinis have lots of interesting and whimsical novelty sandwiches you won't find anywhere else
>milk sandwich
>chocolate and cream sandwich
>fruit salad sandwich
just wonderful innovators in the sandwich game
they can do that because bread in most of asia is almost always awful and full of sugar
"almost" because there are speciality artisan bakers that make decent bread but they are expensive and far between
the kind of bread that most people buy from supermarkets etc is just sickly sweet and squishy
I agree with this, but in major cities it can be depressing a little bit. Was in Santiago and the first place we went to was pretty much the Chilean form of a Wal-Mart supermarket. The people were noticeably thinner but wasn't at all much different than what you would find back in the States. Semi-depressing.
back in 2019 I fell in love with some chilean chick online (like a moron) and went down to santiago.. I forget what neighbourhood specfically, but I ended up staying in a venezualan migrant area. I stuck out like a sore thumb.. never realized it til this thread but the convenience store I went had some pivotal moments for the whole trip.

>shop is basically a destitute hole in the wall except the products themselves, hanging lightbubls, things like that
>everyone staring at me but shy at the same time
>venezualans that look like POWs at the counter
>don't speak much spanish, but gather that the cashier, with a stone cold face, asks if I support Maduro
>don't take the bait, tell him I'm unfamiliar with the politics in broken spanish
>He starts singing some kind of song about maduro probably making fun of him (with the same dead eyed look)
>just sort of laugh uncomfortably and go out of the store
>my first experience that Latams are kind of volatile weird people

>by the end of the trip realize this Chilean woman is a wild card
>same store
>chilean girl had some kind of shoplifting problem, but swears she only steals from big stores
>go to same small shop to pick of necessities
>The Chilean Psycho starts putting small items, under her armpit to "Hold it" there, but also out of sight of the shop owners
>put all items on the counter
>she doesn't put the stuff she thinks I didn't see on the counter..
>This is the line for me, bitch is stealing from poor people
>Turn to her "and the other stuff?"
>"Oh I forgot!" says in a fake sweet voice puts the stuff on the counter with a forced body language
>venezualan dude says nothing but gives me a quick glance
File: C_XxY3EXgAACw9Z.jpg (162 KB, 640x1136)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
Sandwiches in the UK are depressing (which is strange since they invented it). UK sandwiches are a piece of dry meat served on plain bread. Condiments are served on the side.
you've never actually been to the uk have you anon
I have, and though it wasn't quite as bad as the shop pic of unrefrigerated food from the 70s suggests (seriously was the UK this backwards) eating in the UK is a depressing experience. Food tends to be bland. Things tend to be overcooked (except eggs, strangely, which aren't cooked enough) meat is usually well done and very dry. Sandwiches are quite lame. There's a lot of chinese and poojeet shit but you get tired of that after a couple times.
Conbini. N, not m. It's just a shortening+transliteration of Convenience
the only country that even competes with the UK on the supermarket sandwich scene is the Netherlands
rest of europe are all abysmal and they don't really exist in other parts of the world, Japan is the notable exception
pic related is a french "sandwich", a simply pathetic offering
forgot pic
lol i got something like that in a hotel in greece once
it was supposed to be a mozzarella sandwich
you know those little mozzarella balls? it was basically two of those, cut in half and placed along the diagonal of the slice of bread. no other fillings present
meanwhile today in the uk i had a cheese and pickle sandwich that contained a thick slab of cheese smothered with chunky tangy pickle. it was awesome
File: 8n3tjwjfu6m31.jpg (1.29 MB, 3024x4032)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB JPG
Frogs can go outside and get a god tier sandwich any time they want. Seethe, bongoloid.
Damn, anon's making me self-reflect n shiet

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