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Can we have a thread for the best yuri mangaka and all her stories?
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The way she draws breasts is extremely pleasing to me.
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Examples required, nee-san.
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I don't know what it is, but I really think she's just the best author.

I find her characters to be unique and appealing, they have problems but not excessively so and even the more annoying(?) types of drama don't feel too excessive or ridiculous.
And despite how bad some of the drama gets, the endings tend to be a nice grounded form of happiness that feels like a nice warmth in your heart rather than an over the top fairy tail. And I like that.

I also like how some of the girls aren't just misunderstood, they're actually just kind of bad people. And its nice and refreshing to have broken people in yuri as opposed to everyone being a misunderstood delinquent or whatever.
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I cannot explain more.
I really enjoy this story: https://dynasty-scans.com/chapters/the_woman_next_door_part_a
I find it very sweet, I love yuri where the people get to know each other also I am a big fan of proper confessions as opposed to kissing out of the blue or something.
I don't recall seeing this on dynasty and I can't see it at a glance so I kinda missed it, but its pretty cute.
Love & Piece is a literary masterpiece. Really shows how Jin is one of the best character writers out there.
Which one is that, I don't recall reading that one.

Wrong thread anon, itou hachi is 4 threads down.
>Best yuri mangaka
Only story I ever liked by Takemiya was Fragments of Love and the ending of that was was basically a big “fuck you”
She’s one of the “old guard” who seem to be inspired a lot by Class S shit
She's openly a lesbian who probably has dealt with real and bitter relationships. When you write a long series you'll feel like wanting to express not only your happiness but also your pain.
I don't know about being the best. I do think she's one of the better yuri writers out there who knows what a compelling plot/characterization looks like. A decent degree of creativeness as well.

However, I think her art is borderline bad. The sameface-ness, the bland character design, non-detailed art, mediocre paneling - I cannot remember what most characters look like after finish reading, and even have trouble telling some in a same story apart. The only saving grace is that the facial expressiveness is adequate.

Conclusion: her writing is good, but not good enough to brush off her bad art. I read her stuff when I'm extremely bored and they always feel decent, but I don't jump on each of her release or purposefully seek them out.

In comparison, Nakatani Nio is an extremely good writer AND artist (both the art itself and paneling technique). Whereas Saburouta is a good artist but terrible writer.
The queen of same face. I like the pointy chins and the way she draws tiddies though.
>the way she draws tiddies
See? I'm not alone in this.
Her latest works have been pretty dull, Chin wise.
File: 1496926845106.png (104 KB, 238x306)
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Have you met her?
The art is horrible but the stories make up for them imo. They're adequate and have a certain charm to them if you can deal with it.
For example compared to momo (I forget the name, the one with the round heads and dark eyes) shes about the same level, but her stories and characters can make me ignore the art. While momo has bad art and bad story and I cant deal with either.

But like with nakatani and some of the better artists, they just dont have the library takemiya has. Nakatani is an excellent writer but her library is one shots, yagakimi, and a few touhou doujins. And while I like her work, she just doesnt have enough for me to consider her as a full yuri writer yet. Like nettaigyo. Great manga, but until they write more I'll only call it a great manga and not a great writer.
File: 1520376368571.png (275 KB, 484x560)
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Takemiya Jin may have mediocre artwork in her manga, but her stories have a certain level of realism to it (that I have a hard time putting a finger on right now). Her stories seem to be in the realm of fantasy to a lesser degree compared to other scanlated yuri authors that don't dabble in the fantasy genre. To be honest, her writings do awaken feelings in me when I read them, something not many mangas do.

Awful pun, nee-san.
File: 1535968849174.jpg (681 KB, 1352x1920)
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This imo, I don't really want to say realistic, but its very grounded in reality. Its obviously still a story, but her stories feel less like fairy tale romances, or full on angst suffering. The girls have their ups and downs and most of it is subtle and natural.

Its something I can connect with, as opposed to feeling like its just some funny ridiculous story.
Mochi au lait?
momono moto, i don't know why but her style really annoys me and I hate looking at it. the stories are also just really unappealing too.

but like while takemiya's art could be better, the style at least works and its not gratingly bad. and that's as an art faggot myself.
Would you meet her?
I would wanna meet her, she seems cool
I don't really dislike Momono's style, but I can't like it either. imo it's just really bland.
but I can certainly say her stories are fukken garbage
File: 1518710993737.png (989 KB, 1356x2000)
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Its weird, I have a pretty high tolerance for art variation and style, but something about momono just bothers me.
I can name a few things, but usually they're not that big of an issue, like the weird eyes or how stiff everything feels. And she tries to show close ups of subtle expressions but is just terrible at portraying it and it comes off funny.
I hate Momono Moto. Bad art (unexpressive and sameface) and flat stories. Takemiya Jin is leagues above her, because I have refused to read a single Momono Moto work in 6 years.

While I appreciate Takemiya's writing, I'm not as dazzled by her like you seem to be. Because there are enough talented mangaka around for me to idolize. Nakatani Nio, Otsu Hiyori, Konno Kita, Morishima Akiko, Arata Iri, Yoshimura Kana, Namori, Heebee, Oigino Jun, Dowman Sayman, etc.

Quality trumps quantity. Some of the above only has 1 yuri work, but it's so well-plotted that it leaves a deep impression. I cannot even remember the plot of any Takemiya stories off the top of my head, while I still can recite every single Otsu Hiyori or Konno Kita works even after years of not rereading, as well as how the characters look like.
File: 1538688674171.jpg (856 KB, 1920x1440)
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I'd also like to meet her, meeting lily writers would be on my bucketlist if I ever go to Japan if not because I'm lonely.
Yeah, there's something really sensual about the way she draws breasts.
Maybe I should make a collage or something.
It's in Fragments of Love. You should be able to see it when you open it up on dynasty.
She fucked guys to save her retarded girlfriend?
Not everything has to be literally what happened.

You take the emotions and things you felt while in a relationship and couple them with story ideas to produce something that feels more real and connected to your emotions.
I've never been cheated on with a guy, but I've been cheated on, and I can take those feelings and fears, and I can very vividly imagine it happening by combining those two elements.
I've never cheated on anyone, but I can take those feelings of being ignored and treated as unimportant, and I can combine them with a cute girl coming into my life and offering those things, and the situation just feels real and natural. Because someone understands the underlying reasons and emotions behind something they can write and create situations that uses those same underlying elements. Someone who's never been in a relationship for example might be able to write a fairy tale idea about a relationship, but anyone who knows what a relationship is actually like isn't going to be able to see those emotions or circumstances as real. It'll come off as completely second hand. Which is why people tend to "put part of themselves" into a story, because it is something they know and understand, and the readers are able to tell that the writer actually understands those things.
And then you have Jin who doesn't put any actual feelings into her work and fills it with either pointless fluff or melodrama trash that isn't any more real. Fucking your crush's cheating boyfriend in a deal to make him break up with her is the epitome of retardation and really summarizes how bad of a writer Jin is. If it isn't fluff it's love triangle trash, if it isn't love triangle trash then it's hetslut/bislut melodrama and all of it done in a terrible art style.
File: 1538022819092.png (77 KB, 317x431)
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Posting pic of her same resting bitch face all her characters have to prove how bad her art is?
File: Marionette.png (498 KB, 1417x2000)
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Look, only Takemiya Jin would write a story about incestuous lesbian cuckoldry. Just like her art, her stories are much better than that generic moe shit.
This is what peak yuri looks like.
>Just like her art, her stories are much better than that generic moe shit.
Did /u/ start a new comedy thread?
>if it isn't one thing its a totally different thing, or maybe something completely different
are you retarded anon? its okay if your IQ is too low to understand takemiya, you have to be quite an experienced yurifag to understand how great she is.
File: 1368583563433.jpg (18 KB, 311x400)
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These two posts are clearly just trying to stir the pot and start some shit.
Sometimes I can't help myself anon, but first anon was being a stupid.
File: 1523229559789.png (294 KB, 494x568)
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File: 1515503835904.png (306 KB, 1077x1600)
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I love Takemiya
File: 44775112.png (2.24 MB, 1206x1242)
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2.24 MB PNG
>4 years
>No Mika x Mayu ending despite them being on all the covers together.
>Still hurts.

Is this what being a Tamaofag feels like?
UGH this. I will never forgive Takemiya for this ;_;
I like how prolific Takemiya is, it's nice to see so many entries on her Dynasty page even if most of them are pretty short. It's kinda depressing when I look up an author and they have like 1 or 2 entries. Of course I am not always accounting for untranslated stuff.
i got the feeling that jin put too much of herself into glasses girl to cuck herself
I just reread some Takemiya. We need more of her stuff scanlated.
Takemiya draws the best breasts. You're crazy.
I thought peak yuri was incest /ll/?
Her sameface and non endings to some of her stories suck but she's still top tier. Great drama unless it involves fucking guys for dumb reasons.
I hate the ending to this. I like stories to end with couples.
Top tier melodrama trash.>>2785259
Surely you jest good sir, that chest look pointy as hell.

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