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File: DkHoL-NUYAAl9fh.jpg (118 KB, 850x652)
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Waiting for manga translations.

Previous thread >>2299571
Guess that one Soul Calibur thread remains the undefeated champion of /u/ longevity
How much did that one last?
File: 72805414_p1.png (3.11 MB, 2560x1440)
3.11 MB
3.11 MB PNG
Well, this is an interesting combination.
A crossover of these two series, really work.
2 years and 2 months:
In that case it's still beaten by the Wicked thread.


Just one month shy of 3 years.
File: D1mgqP1UkAE2xPK.jpg (218 KB, 900x1243)
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218 KB JPG
Happy White Day, Koume. Your witch read your letter.
File: dbfx7if.jpg (253 KB, 1024x1522)
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253 KB JPG
RIP old thread. Died just two weeks before its second birthday.
Urara Meirocho thread? You better post loads and loads of bellies
File: 73562787_p0.jpg (1.85 MB, 1922x1272)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB JPG
File: 61106730_p0.jpg (1.14 MB, 1920x1080)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB JPG
I see Chiya has gone for the harem route.
File: 62113076_p0.jpg (267 KB, 878x1239)
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267 KB JPG
Never forget.
File: 73675396_p1.jpg (257 KB, 1920x1080)
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File: DuAQEBEXcAIbYmw.jpg (297 KB, 2048x1198)
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File: 60772467_p0.jpg (494 KB, 878x1239)
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494 KB JPG
File: 60910369_p0.jpg (262 KB, 1310x1764)
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262 KB JPG
File: D4M3PnVU0AAU917.jpg (113 KB, 789x1200)
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113 KB JPG
Chapter 26: https://dynasty-scans.com/chapters/urara_meirochou_ch26
File: D47pfdCUUAIFAy0.jpg (549 KB, 2000x2500)
549 KB
549 KB JPG
File: i-021.jpg (762 KB, 1354x1920)
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762 KB JPG
Just started reading volume 6 and the second chapter is a great one about my favorite pair with lots of handholding. It also reveals their first names and I think Saku's family name.
File: DmvBqclUUAAxc8U.jpg (230 KB, 1180x1846)
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230 KB JPG
File: 011.png (1.62 MB, 1360x1920)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB PNG
They're going to bloom into lilies, obviously.

next chapter (will be released on 6/8) will be final.
NO! Why?
How far has the manga gone in relation to the scanlations?
File: D5jj1qGX4AMUWfh.jpg (1.61 MB, 2332x2852)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB JPG
3 volumes scanlated, 6 volumes out, with a 7th coming.
Did Chiya meet her mom or are they gonna rush that shit in the last chapter on an inconclusive ending?
She's saving her right now, so I guess the ending will be conclusive.
Did Koume ever even meet her witch again? I hope characters other than Chiya get a good conclusion.
File: Spoiler Image (689 KB, 1337x1920)
689 KB
689 KB JPG
A letter barely counts. I want a kiss or at least a hug.
no one cares about koume

Oh fuck, that is a painful for me, I really love the series.
So that means the series ends with a grand total of 62 chapters and seven volumes, so we are still four volumes behind with the English scanlation.
Also, I know that Urara sold pretty low, it did not even break the 1000 sales per volume mark, but still, if they pull a second season that would mean they will have 39 chapters left to adapt and that would be like 3 manga chapters for every episode of a 13 episodes TV series, that would be different to the 2 manga chapters for every episode of the first TV series, so they will need to drop chapters or cram chapters or both things at the same time.
File: 74715600_p0.jpg (817 KB, 928x1291)
817 KB
817 KB JPG
Does anyone know if this was the magazines decision or the mangaka's?
File: D6THuzHUEAIwKF5.jpg (608 KB, 2440x2815)
608 KB
608 KB JPG
I think it's probably harikamo's decision, since everything except chiya's endgame which will be covered in the last chapter is almost completely explained in the recent chapter. she explained everything about past of tokie, setsu, yami, kurou, and chiya and secret of meirocho in volume 6 & 7.
>S2 chances drop below zero
File: 008.png (1.64 MB, 1360x1920)
1.64 MB
1.64 MB PNG
Koume's gayness saves the day. Bless her.
File: R12.png (1.39 MB, 1353x1920)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB PNG
I guess these panels are the ones that started the NonoxOmi ship.
File: R13.png (1.37 MB, 1353x1920)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB PNG
Now the previous thread's OP has an answer, after 2 entire years.
File: D7-ZwZnVsAAghYc.jpg (104 KB, 850x602)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
6/1 and 6/2 are their respective birthdays
Will they date each other to get over their unreachable cap?
File: Spoiler Image (233 KB, 527x807)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
They know they'll always be together. Even in their fantasies Saku is the dad and Nina the mom.
File: 1559870149.jpg (357 KB, 827x1200)
357 KB
357 KB JPG
Urara ending spoilers.

From what I understand:

The epilogue is 7 years after the last events.
Koume is traveling with Mari and visits Meirochou every year.
Nina opens a new store and lives there with Saku, the guards are the captain and vice now.
Kon is the hokage and she and Chiya make a promise to be together forever.
Good ending.
Cute. Take notes, fat Gurea.
>Kon is the hokage
Okay, I chuckled a bit.

Did they ever find Kon's mom and dad?
File: 1486073013365.jpg (583 KB, 1280x720)
583 KB
583 KB JPG
What about Nono and Omi?
So everyone got married at the end?
Nono is the teacher of Natsume-ya, Omi is Tokie's assistant.
File: Spoiler Image (368 KB, 475x370)
368 KB
368 KB PNG
After Kon asks Chiya to always be together forever and Chiya says Yes.
Kon says "It kinda feels like the two of us are now married, doesn't it?"
So yes, but Kon is the smart one, so she points it out and makes it official.
>didn't give Nono a girlfriend
She has her teacher.
I think it's Koume who said that.
File: Spoiler Image (398 KB, 504x360)
398 KB
398 KB PNG
So Slow Start is not the only Kirara series with age gap yuri. But there are no dojins of them having sex like for Slow Start. Why?
File: x3.png (1.31 MB, 1353x1920)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB PNG
Lazy sensei aiming for younger girls.
File: x4.png (1.56 MB, 1353x1920)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB PNG
Kon's wishful thinking and Sensei's phrasing. (I wonder if she did things with Nina back in the day).
File: x5.png (1.41 MB, 1353x1920)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB PNG
Ear stimulation.
File: x13.png (1.69 MB, 1353x1920)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB PNG
Light KoumexNono teasing.
File: 75306778_p0.jpg (796 KB, 1030x1457)
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796 KB JPG
File: 75087312_p0.jpg (625 KB, 1524x1021)
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625 KB JPG
File: 72333813_p7.jpg (603 KB, 878x1239)
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603 KB JPG
File: arrest-kob.jpg (78 KB, 1280x720)
78 KB
File: 75126025_p0.jpg (148 KB, 595x842)
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148 KB JPG
What does Matsuko think of this relationship? And did they ever admit that Matsuko is possessed by Nono and Nina's mothers soul?
File: 67648988_p20.jpg (1.03 MB, 1447x2047)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB JPG
File: D_MJ_p-VUAA7aIw.jpg (292 KB, 1086x1500)
292 KB
292 KB JPG
File: 91H0fCXj5ML.jpg (525 KB, 1748x2481)
525 KB
525 KB JPG
File: 74951613_p0.jpg (294 KB, 1341x1600)
294 KB
294 KB JPG
Full Summary of Volume 7 (and the whole thing)
File: 1487477617565.jpg (388 KB, 1280x720)
388 KB
388 KB JPG
>not one but two age-gap pairs
Nice. I thought for sure Nono would get with Omi when she was introduced.
Chiya and Kon together. That's all I really needed to know. Everything else is just icing on the cake. Can't wait until the rest of this gets scanlated sometime in the year 2036
So the gods hate het and promote healthy lesbian relationships. Sounds like a good pantheon to me.
File: EAZDkBxUcAASsBs.jpg (169 KB, 1000x1172)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
I didn't know it was ending already. Was there any explicit /u/ art from the ending or was it all conversation based?
File: EAbbZ12W4AAxrqM.jpg (99 KB, 377x822)
99 KB
The cover of vol. 7 posted above, and this is chibi art of their wedding.

Also a few more bonus pics of the two of them that I'll use to bump the thread eventually.
>Chiya's destined one
Can somebody translate and tell us what's going on here?
File: 555237.jpg (604 KB, 1354x1920)
604 KB
604 KB JPG
As a concept, Kon was just gonna be Chiya's rival, but when Harikamo actually started writing the story she became Chiya's destined person, better translated as her soulmate.
Thanks, Onee-sama
>Kon is Chiya's soulmate
This is really all I ever wanted out of this manga. Everything else is just icing on the cake.
Good end. Wish there was a season 2 but oh well.

File: 75421799_p0.jpg (295 KB, 1748x1181)
295 KB
295 KB JPG
At least it wasn't canceled, or forced to have a rushed ending. It's nice when the mangaka gets to close things up on their own terms. But if I ever won the lottery, I'd sooner fund a second season than feed the homeless or something.
I'm with you anon, getting rich only to blow it all on funding yuri until I'm poor again is my only dream in life.

And it is frustrating that more magazines don't let authors finish on their own terms. It isn't like they're paying them a lot to write as it is. There are magazines with a ton of pages so I can't imagine it is costly to print an extra 15 pages for a couple months to give closure to the fans. Very happy this series finished the right way.
Poor Omi, everyone got married except for her.
But isn't she in a relationship with Kon's mom?
File: EAkh0nkU4AAwNKK.jpg (595 KB, 906x880)
595 KB
595 KB JPG
File: EBR3QSXVUAAjO6s.jpg (440 KB, 3125x2210)
440 KB
440 KB JPG
I've read the flashback about Yami and Tokie. Why did they have to build the exact same relationship there is between Chiya and Kon? Obviously, more lesbians is always good, but not when we already know they'll both end up with men. What's the fucking point? It's just bait and switch. One page Tokie is feeling love (koi), next page she's talking about omiai to find someone to marry, next page again is a fucking man out of fucking nowhere with Yami, it's like reading Aria's end again. Why bringing up love between them to destroy it literally the page after that? Since they basically have the same relationship Chiya and Kon have it makes you think Chiya and Kon will end in the same way, with men out of fucking nowhere.

I haven't read the end yet but I hope it will be indisputably satisfying for Chiya and Kon's relationship.
Spoilers of the very end, don't read until you're done:
>Why did they have to build the exact same relationship there is between Chiya and Kon?
To show the daughters succeed at what the mothers failed. Mostly because Yami resigned to her fate while Chiya chose her path because that's the meaning of her name "thousand arrows" she can pick what she wants.
>Since they basically have the same relationship Chiya and Kon have it makes you think Chiya and Kon will end in the same way, with men out of fucking nowhere.
No, because Tokie and Yami are failures, Kon and Chiya accomplished their goals, why do you think Tokie never managed to be Rank 1? Kon surpassed her mom too, not just Chiya. She did everything her mother couldn't do, including ending with the girl she loves, staying with her together forever to solve the mysteries of the town.
There is still no need to make Tokie canonically in love with Yami and forget it in the next page and never bring it up again.
The Kurou's and Yami's chapters are even worse. For the yuri you have to read 7 volumes to have a subtext ending (because ChiyaKon, MariKoume, TsubakiNono, SakuNina, not one of them clearly state they're in love) while for het you have one chapter where the girl and the boy meet and immediately declare their love and end up fucking all in the same chapter. This is why I hate het, it has no fucking sense, it's enough they're a boy and a girl and they end up togehter without doing anything, while for two girls it doesn't matter how many romantic scenes they have, they don't end up together.

Also, Chiya ends up replacing her mother as bride of the gods in exchange for the cancellation of the curse on Kon and the others, how is it a solution? An ichiban ura can't stay with the person she loves because she is married to the gods, if she does she ends up cursed like Yami. In the end nothing is resolved. Chiya took Yami's place to save the city while her parents are somewhere together with their cursed bodies but still romantically together, differently from any other couple.

This has been a fucking disappointment and made me really mad. And it was one of my favourite Kirara's series.
They canonically express Tokie's love for Yami, two straight girls, why, god, why not a single one of the couples at the end ever said they're in love.
Seriously, tag spoilers, the reason Yami and Kurou bond is because they have the same eyes, and even if Tokie was in love, she wanted a heir for the Tatsumi-ya, which is ironic because at the end Omi ended taking it over, but if it wasn't for Tokie's hetero sacrifice, Kon wouldn't be born, and it was thanks to Kon Chiya deciced to become Rank 1 and pick her own path.

It's not a complete solution, because of the meaning of her name it makes sense the ending would be kinda open, because there is a thousand paths her future can take them, but if there is something sure is that Kon will be there for her, together forever they promised to search for a solution.
>An ichiban ura can't stay with the person she loves because she is married to the gods, if she does she ends up cursed like Yami
They can't have a baby, but there is nothing stopping them to stay together, especially because both are Rank 1 which means they must live in the same place together.

That's why Koume pointed out they're married at the end, and the notes in the final page say Kon is Chiya's soulmate, she was literally written to be that. It's a yuri end with the restriction to not have babies, no matter how you try to twist it. Easily the most satisfying end of all the Kirara series that have ended so far.
>we have the same eyes
>let's fuck!
Can't you see how stupid it is?

I'm not saying Tokie shouldn't have been straight and Kon shouldn't have been born, I'm saying there was no reason to say once in one page that she loved Yami when we all already knew she was straight.

It's not a solution at all because they don't have any choice. They can either give up on being the brides of the gods and so the urara will lose their powers or they can find another girl as sacrifice to be the bride of the gods in their place. Surely they can't be together as lovers, nor they said they wanted to, this is the problem.
No, "you look like you're married" is not a confirmation, it's just a joke and there is even a "chigau" immediately after, if they were a couple there wouldn't have been a reason to deny it like that.

And one last thing, Yami is the exact copy of Chiya and reading the chapters with her and Kurou looked like it was Chiya herself with a guy and that was really hard to see.

>Easily the most satisfying end of all the Kirara series that have ended so far
There are Kirara's series where the girls explicitly end up together in the end. Here the best you can say is "they're living together". It's subtext. 7 fucking volumes, not a single explicit love confession except Yami with Kurou (het) and Tokie thinking about Yami (bait and switch). They explicitly used the word love for a girl that was planned to be turned straight, I can't see why they couldn't do the same for at least one of the couples at the end.
Since the previous thread people was worried about Tokie and Yami being similar to Chiya and Kon, you're just repeating what was already debunked in the previous thread and the previous thread was there for 2 years.

>Can't you see how stupid it is?
Both have backstories regarding those eyes, so it's not stupid for them.

The point is that in /u/ terms, Tokie was a yaya, she ended straight but not because she wanted it, yayas are pretty common in /u/, there is nothing offensive about her loving Yami and then having a bad end, it's just unfortunate, you can't call it bait and switch if you already knew how it was gonna end.

There is absolutely nothing stopping them being together as lovers, the gods only get mad and curse them if they have kids, which they can't because they're both girls, the fact that a rank 1 urara can only have a bad end if she falls in love with a man is kinda brilliant to me, and you know neither Chiya or Kon will go for any man because they know they would get cursed. But they don't need that excuse, seriously you can't read 7 volumes of this and don't realize by yourself they're in romantic love with each other, the chigau is just Kon being Kon, Chiya, the girl who always has her feelings in the open and it's always honest, didn't deny Koume at all. And everything Koume says is a direct confirmation of the author thoughts because Koume said in one chapter that Kon is Chiya's soulmate and then it's officially confirmed at the end that Kon is Chiya's soulmate, so if Koume says they're married, then they're officially married. Even Japan is celebrating their marriage all over the internet, it's not subtext for them, you can't argue with actual nip speakers, they know what they read.

Yami has a sharper look in her face, just because they have the same hair doesn't mean the daughters are the mothers, they're completely different people, that's the reason Kon and Chiya didn't have a tragic end.
Are you the anon who keeps defending Liz to aoi tori?
Stop treating japanese people like gods, they're normal people with normal idiots among them like in any part of the world, a headcanon doesn't become real just because it's written in japanese.
Urara's end is yuri but it's subtext yuri. There is no confirmation, only jokes. "Fated person" in the ura-cover doesn't mean anything when japanese even put a red thread of fate linking two straight girls. What is important is only what happens in the story.
As 1st rank urraras, Chiya and Kon should create a new divination ritual by bumping clams. It will be the purest form of divination.
No, I don't watch movies, the red string of fate shit was a situation with a dumb novel author and a dumb anime director, it's the exception, not the rule, the red string is used properly by everyone else. Harikamo knows what she's writing, they don't use the words "best friend" a single time in the whole final volume. Even Saku, she uses her harenchi term to describe Koume and Marie, and Nono and Tsubaki relationships, not only they don't deny it but they also call Saku and Nina harenchi now that they live together and she can't counter them. Everyone is purposely clearly paired up in the final, it's not something me and every japanese reader is making up in their heads. We read their marriages because we saw them develop the whole series to reach this point, with hundreds of romantic moments in which it's shown Harikamo knows what a soulmate is and it's using it properly with no contradictions, hell, right there and there they had a romantic moment when they finally met again after a year, it wasn't a "joke" Koume pulled out of nowhere, she was pointing out their current real situation, that's why people are celebrating.
Saku calls everyone "harenchi" since the first volume.

Nobody is denying the couples are formed, what angers people is that, once again, an author goes all the way with het and keeps it subtext for the yuri couples. What did it cost to make that one step and showing an actual romantic relationship?
I'm not the anon that wants tribbing on screen as confirmation, but at least an indisputably romantic moment that would make it impossible for everyone to say they're not in a romantic relationship.
The way things are people could say that Mari and Koume live together because they're working together, Tsubaki and Nono are half-a-month living together because Tsubaki is a lazy ass and just want someone to take care of her, Chiya and Kon are just two friends that worked hard together to become ichiban ura. And you can't prove them wrong because there isn't anything in the actual story that says otherwise.
You missed the point, when Saku did it in the first volume it was a misunderstanding, this time not only they didn't deny it, they also used it back against her and she didn't either.

Your definition of subtext is weird. It's very clearly a romantic relationship, there was nothing saying they're just good friends. That moment you're looking for is at the very end when they meet again. I can prove them wrong about Chiya and Kon because of the words they said in the final chapter, the fact Kon was written to be her soulmate, and the stuff Koume pointed out. All 3 things combined are enough to prove anyone wrong.
The words "best friend" aren't used a single time in the whole final volume. They only have romantic interactions.
File: 1562850137194.jpg (1006 KB, 1748x2481)
1006 KB
1006 KB JPG
The romantic developments happen during the whole story and everything I listed (Being a soulmate, staying together forever, an obvious marriage, living together under the same roof) are all facts that happen and without a doubt romantic, you can't argue that.

But if you want more, I have more, and it ties everything above together.

There is something called the Koibito Tsunagi, it's something that lovers do which involves interlocking their fingers while handholding, it's different to the friendly hand holding that just has them with one hand above the other. And what are they doing in this picture? Interlocked fingers, the lovers Koibito Tsunagi, in the cover of the volume while wearing their wedding outfits. It's screaming to you they're lovers, you probably don't get it because you aren't japanese, but to the intended audience, it's clear and obvious. That's why you won't find a japanese person complaining about subtext, for them a Koibito Tsunagi is text.
>an obvious marriage
You're making things up. There is no marriage, just a "marry me" joke that remains a joke because they never married.
Koibito tsunagi doesn't prove anything, it's like the red threat of fate in Hetphonium, symbolism that doesn't mean shit because the facts are the facts.
You use "living together" as something romantic that can't be argued, are you serious?
It is subtext. Nothing is confirmed.
They had shittons of gay moments together but they mean nothing if the author won't put them together (or show a love confession, or even just a thought about explicit love like in Tokie's flashback). It's just the usual "girls are just more touchy with each other, holding hands is normal, they're just playful, they are super friends".
Hanabana Tsubomi's stuff, Believe Olive, Kyuuketsuki hajimemashita, Shimashima lion and others from Kirara have no lower levels of yuri scenes than Urara, yet they end without couples. Sakuranbocchi even had a kiss and yet it ends without a couple. SwapSwap is all about kisses and gay stuff and look at how it ended.
Scenes that we see as totally gay mean nothing if the author won't deliver in the end.
Neither of them said "marry me" I know you haven't read it, so don't pretend you did. Someone else pointed out they're married now, that's what happened.

The red string was used once in that show by ignorant writers, every single other time it has been used for romantic reasons by people that know what they are doing, you won't find any examples in which it's not, hibike was the exception. Harikamo isn't ignorant and knows the Koibito Tsunagi is romantic.

Yes, by living together forever they will share experiences that is only exclusive to them and no one else, that is romantic in my book.

All of this confirms it.

They are together, none of the other characters had the relationship Chiya and Kon had with each other, so this wasn't the usual thing girls do with every other girl, because they never did it with other girls, the romantic things Chiya did only did with Kon, and the romantic things Kon did only did it with Chiya.

The cover of the volume alone already delivers.

Romantic interactions aren't classified in explicit or non-explicit, they are either romantic or non-romantic, if the interactions aren't explicit then they aren't romantic, and you just called them romantic them yourself, you can't take that back now, so you lost this point forever.

I don't know what early 2000s anime you're referencing, but it's the exception obviously, everywhere else soulmate is romantic.

Best friends don't stay together forever, I haven't talked to mine in 2 years, and probably won't any time soon.

It's extremely rare for best friends to live together, it usually ruins friendships having to take care of a place together if there is no romantic chemistry.

You didn't argue shit.

Yes, Koibito Tsunagi is 100% confirmed yuri, you like it or not, someone even tweeted 9 minutes ago that the final cover has a Koibito Tsunagi in it: https://twitter.com/AGX1000/status/1164315570197553152 They know it's romantic and have been saying since the cover appeared.
Tsubaki said "marry me" to Nono different times. Koume said "you SEEM married" meaning they're actually not.

You can live together with your family, between friends, between coworkers and so on.
Kase-san is living together with her roommate, is she betraying Yamada?

>this wasn't the usual thing girls do with every other girl
Girls holding hands, even with intertwined fingers, is not an uncommon thing between straight girls in Japan. Look at tv shows, idols, seiyuu, youtubers...

>Romantic interactions aren't classified in explicit or non-explicit
They are when yo're arguing if they're text or subtext.
Listen, again, nobody is denying the yuri, we're just saying that it's subtext, because that's what subtext is, you have to go to pick little things (koibito tsunagi on the cover while looking at the viewer, a phrase said by a character as a joke, etc) like you're doing in order to prove something, instead of just saying "it's yuri because they're dating".

>Best friends don't stay together forever
There are way more manga about that than there are yuri manga.

Enough with this koibito tsunagi, I lost the count how many times I saw straight girls doing that with fans saying "yabai! they're holding hands with intertwined fingers" and the day after you see them with guys. It doesn't prove anything. The author could come out any day and say "they're just super duper best friends, that's what girls do during adolescence". I doubt Harikamo is like that, but there is actually people thinking like that, like KyoAni's Yamada or the fucking writer of that shit of Yuri da no kan da no.
Context, Koume said it because they promised to stay together forever with each other, they effectively exchanged vows, hence the comment, it didn't came out of nowhere, she said because they did something romantic. Same reason Koume called them soulmates, and guess what, the author then confirmed they are indeed soulmates, so you can take what Koume says as words from the author.

There is a difference between living together with someone because it's convenient and/or not having a choice, and living together because it was your dream to live together forever with that person. The forever part is important.

Real life people obviously accidentally will do the Koibito Tsunagi, drawings aren't real people, they are drawings, they are purposely drawn to do every action, it wasn't an accidental, Harikamo on purpose drew them doing the Koibito Tsunagi while wearing wedding outfits. You can't discard it as something people usually do because they aren't real, they were drawn to do the romantic action on purpose, no accident.

That's not how good writing works, characters don't need to outright say they are dating, confess or kiss or anything you wanna add, to stop being subtext. When Koume words are the author words it isn't a joke, posing for the cover isn't looking at viewer,it's a cover of a volume in which their faces must be shown to the front. They are still leaning their heads on each other and the interwined fingers cancel any external thoughts because of how romantically explicit the gesture is, something you refuse to acknowledge.

Still missing the point that together forever is something lovers say to each other.

The only person thinking like that is you, since the manga ended you're the only one both in the western and eastern world that thinks like that, every single other person hasn't complained about it, sure they complain about other things in the final, but ChiyaKon are universally acknowledged as romantically together.
The formality of the marriage is the only thing that isn't explicit about it, that's why effectively, they're married in every other sense of the word.
BFF and together forever are different things, just because both have the word forever you can't equal them. I already told you it's rare for friends to stay together, just look at the rest of the Urara cast, as a group of 5 they are all best friends forever and none of them live with Chiya and Kon.
Intertwining fingers is the romantic act and I already know you can't see it that way no matter how much I repeat it, so I recommend you to drop this point, at least I know Japan itself considers it romantic.
No, it doesn't, what the parents got wasn't more explicit than the intertwining fingers, it just looked like that to you because you're not japanese, if you mean that they fucked, of course they did, because Chiya had to be born for plot reasons. Kon's mom is just a yaya, nothing new.
It's not a lie, you're the only one on the internet trying to deny it.
The exchange of vows is the most important part of the ceremony and that's what they did with their promise. They acknowledged it in the same panel Koume remarks it because both react to it, Kon is tsundere, but still both acknowledge it. The only point is the legal one, and that's what makes this an effective marriage.
Yes, they are. Together forever means living together, BFF means not, that's a big difference. Omi, Nono, Kon, Koume and Chiya are BFF as a group of 5. Chiya and Kon are gonna stay together forever. No the same thing.
It's not a fucking internet meme Koibito Tsunagi is part of japanese culture, it predates the internet.
I haven't seen any more posters than you because everyone here is anonymous, if you have proof, bring from other sites from the day the final came out, I don't want you to just post outside and say someone else posted it. And there is absolutely nothing basic of what happens in this series, it's rare for any series at all to reach these levels of romance.
>no legal documentation,
Hahaha oh wow.
>none of them live with Chiya and Kon
Chiya and Kon don't even live together. The couples living together are MariKoume and TsubakiNono (for half a month). Chiya and Kon didn't even see each other for a full year and there is no talk about living together in the future.

You talk about "marriage vow" when they literally just say, after being separated for one year and now Kon has finally reached Chiya:
"We will be together forever"
"Oh wow, you seem married"
They are "together forever" because they are ichiban ura differently from anyone else. And being ichiban ura means being married to the gods because they didn't find a solution about that.

>everyone who disagree with me is one person
>everyone who disagree with me didn't read it
These statements are really embarrassing in any discussion.
>The couples living together are MariKoume and TsubakiNono
And SakuNina too, pardon.
File: 1486671686824.png (418 KB, 745x720)
418 KB
418 KB PNG
>Nono got a gf
>Chiya and Kon are just friends
This is what you get for making fun of her for so long.
Rank 1 Urara live in a district where no other Urara that isn't Rank 1 is allowed to enter, when 2 people live in a place where no one else is allowed to live in, then they live together.
Don't try to simplify their talk, Kon vowed to Chiya she'll stay with her for the rest of her life helping her carry the burden of being a Rank 1 and working together to solve the mysteries in the town. That's a lot more powerful than a simple "We will be together forever" and the real reason Koume pointed out their marriage. Again go back up, the gods thing is symbolical and free of curses as long as they don't have kids and they can't because they're both women, a brilliant loophole for lesbians. You know perfectly well neither of them love any of the gods, Chiya probably hates them because of what they did to her parents.
Say whatever, but you're the odd one that is against accepting their ending as romantic. The manga ended almost a month ago and you showed up pretty late complaining when there was no complains from anyone in Japan or the small fanbase in this side of the world, it's not because you didn't read it, but because you don't understand romance.
What Kon says are vows. They blushed at the comment, if they hadn't acknowledged it they would just ignore completely what Koume said, but they didn't. I could easily not acknowledge you, but I'm still replying to you even though you're trying to stop rain with your hands.
It's not simple hand holding, simple hand holding doesn't involve intertwining fingers, when they do that it's beyond hand holding, it's called a lovers tie, something in japanese culture that is specifically done by lovers and they aren't doing it by accident (while wearing wedding kimonos) because anyone with half a brain over there knows what it means.
>Don't try to simplify their talk
Literally translated word by word.

Every urara rank lives in a district for that particular rank, does it mean every urara of a particular rank is dating every other urara in the same rank?
Do you realize how stupid is what you keep saying? They live in the same district so they're married? Well yes, they're married, to the gods.

>subtextfags on twitter say the same so I'm right
And that's the reason why Kirara (and Japan in general) keeps producing tons of subtext series that end in nothing. It's all in the mind of the readers and the readers are ok with that. It doesn't mean it's not subtext.
Like their ridiculous yuri sousenkyo doesn't magically turn a non-yuri series in yuri just because they voted it. They say Hanigare is the 3rd best yuri despite the author herself said it's not yuri. Posts by retards on twitter or 5ch don't count absolutely anything, the important is what is being said in the story.

>a lovers tie, something in japanese culture that is specifically done by lovers
How many times do we have to tell you? It's not done only by lovers. Straight JK do it all the times in real life. Watch tv, old vine, tiktok, youtube, idols. Inform yourself.

>wedding kimonos
Now you're fucking full of shit. How can you say those kimono are for wedding when they wear kimono because they're urara?

Seriously stop it. It's at least the third time that's been told you: nobody say it's not yuri, just that it's subtext because the author couldn't give them a proper end despite all the scenes between them drawn until now that we took as romantic but we really don't know the intention of the author. The scenes in Hanigare also looked totally romantic to us, but the author explicitly said they're not, that's just how she portrait friendship (and we all agree such "friendship" is bullshit), still that's the intent of the author and stupid posts on twitter won't change anything.
There are no other Rank 1 but the two of them, it's different to any other rank because it's exclusive to them, it's a rank no else has but them. Try actually reading what I'm saying, they exchanged vows and promised to be together forever so they are married. And they live in a district where no one else is allowed to live so they live together. 2 separated things, they aren't married because they live together, they live together because they are married. Read again what the gods did to them, bringing them it's just sad from your side, we're talking about love here.
It's not just twitter, it's not just subtext, people from the imageboards on Japan, equivalent to this site, say the same thing, also yuriblogs agree too. You're the only one who doesn't, everyone else in the internet that read what is said in the story agree the ending isn't subtext.
Real life isn't an argument because real life people do accidental romantic gestures every single day, bring animated characters if you want to have anything backing you up, animated characters can't do romantic gestures accidentally they are purposely drawn doing romantic gestures by people that know what those romantic gestures mean. Specially if they are doing it while wearing wedding kimonos.
The Rank 1 kimonos are the same they wore in episode 5 of the anime, which they specifically said it's for weddings, and considering Chiya hates the gods, she didn't wear it for them.
The author gave them a proper ending, if Harikamo didn't want the ending to be romantic there wouldn't be a whole section dedicated to explain that Kon is Chiya's soulmate
Geh, almost 4 months late but that's fucking sad.
You said it yourself, it's their job, just a formality, and as they described it, it's a burden they will share, the person who they actually love is each other. Chiya has been Rank 1 for a year already while Kon just became one, why would Chiya still be wearing the same wedding outfit? Symbolism, put together with the words of searching a solution to the mystery together and staying together forever, those are vows.
And you still haven't brought a single person from an external japanese website that said it's "subtext".
>people from the imageboards on Japan, equivalent to this site, say the same thing, also yuriblogs agree too
They say the same for any bullshit with two girls like Hanigare, do you want to understand it or not?

>I read it on 5ch, it's confirmed
How can you not realize the kind of bullshit you're saying?

>holding hands is accidental in real life
I give up, I'll let others deal with your crap.

>wedding kimono
Stop with this fucking nonsense. In the same scene Omi, Nono, Nina, Tsubaki, Tokie, the little girl from the 8th rank urara, they're all wearing kimono because that's the fucking normal dress for the urara, they fucking work in those clothes, it's not a fucking wedding.

>Chiya, I found you!!
>Kon, congratulations for becoming ichiban ura!!
>I finally honoured the promise to become ichiban ura together, from now on we'll be together forever
>Doesn't it look like you're marrying?
>N-no, it doesn't

Literally this is the whole scene, this is everything they say from the moment they meet after one year to Koume's comment.
This is a marriage vow in your country?
I don't even know what Hanigare is, at least use a well known example.
It's confirmed because everyone agrees, when something it's a consensus globally in the web and you're the odd one out, don't you think you are the one in the wrong?
Holding hands and intertwining fingers aren't the same thing, holding hands is on purpose, intertwining fingers during it is the accidental romantic thing that happens in real life, but in fiction intertwining fingers, a romantic action, can't be accident.
Tsubaki is wearing a different one. And it's not just the clothes, it's what they do with it, all of them wore the same clothes in episode 5 of the anime but they did nothing with it, this time are wearing them again, but Chiya and Kon exchanged vows.
Chiya doesn't deny it. The promise to solving the mystery of the town together while bearing the burden of being Rank 1 together is equivalent to the phrase "for better, for worse, in sickness and in health." that's the vow part. The together forever is just the cherry on top.
>the confirmed non-yuri series ranked 3rd in the yuri sousenkyo is not a well known example
I thought you were all over twitter and yuri blogs.

>more bullshit about "wedding kimono"
>more bullshit about "vows" after the complete translation of the "vows" is been posted
Some more posts and you will say they totally fucked.
>all over twitter
I am over series I like, I don't pick up everything. Twitter tabs are bad for ram.
I only say what happened in the story, you're the one saying bullshit.
>I only say what happened in the story
Show us the wedding you keep talking about. If it's in the story you should be able to show us. If you can't post it, tell me the number of the page in which it happens, I have the volume, I'll be glad to post it for you, no need to thank me.

>you're the one
This thread is full of deleted posts without apparent reason. You are the only one.
There is a dude ban evading in other threads that gets his posts deleted en masse without anyone reporting him, he's probably posting here too, that's the reason for the deleted posts.
Vows exchanging and acknowledgement of the marriage by someone else that called them soulmates (aka the author) is good enough to be their wedding, and that's what happened. I've repeated this multiple times, just give it a rest already, there is nothing new that can added to this discussion.
Thank you for admitting you can't prove what you keep saying there is in the story.
They are gay and together unless somebody can show me proof that they marry guys.
I like the idea of man-eating gods keeping them pure.
So basically they're just the gods' haremettes having some adolescent fun. Isn't that so gay.
Don't reply to yourself after making an embarrassing typo, just accept they gay and dip out before you make a bigger fool of yourself.
>whom most ate men.

I do not see the problem here.
Please, Read the manga before shitposting. The gods are meirochou itself, and we don't even know they have gender.
Good GOD... Why are you autists arguing this to the nth degree. Why do western people have to have everything explicitly explained to them and even then, when it's explicitly done, they still have issues with it because it wasn't done exactly like they thought it should be done. Hell, I"m just happy that Chiya and Kon will be together forever. Seems like most everybody else is happy about this, too. Being a fantasy world, they don't have all the legal bureaucracies and rules that ours does, so why are we trying to force this on them? I don't know why you guys are even fighting about this. Other than the fact that it's 4chan and we have to fight about tiny insignificant things and not enjoy the ride. Just enjoy the story, sheesh.
I'm not the anon you were talking to before, by the way. I just now joined this thread b/c I saw it on the catalog. I don't care if they're married to the gods or whatever. All I really care about is that they're both together at last and will be so forever. They can be as one anon said above "concubines of the gods in their harem" or whatever. I'm fine with that. Their being together is the only thing I'm interested in. I think it's dumb to split hairs like you guys seem to like doing, but this /is/ 4chan and I know that people get autistic about everything, so whatever, I guess.
Stop already, walls don't have genders. The things you saw in the anime, because you obviously don't read the manga, were cute girls cursed to become those things.
>They can be "concubines of the gods in their harem" or whatever. I'm fine with that
You are the autistic one. Just like japanese "yuri" blogs suggesting hetshit series every month when I search what to buy. This month I saw fucking Dumbbell among the yuri realeases. But yeah, it's "western people" who are the problem with their impossible standards of wanting two girl actually end up together just like the het pairs in the series instead of just some platonic "together forever" bullshit that all the friends always tell to each other.
File: Forbidden_Bait.jpg (49 KB, 647x351)
49 KB
File: Itsuki_You.png (2.25 MB, 1920x1080)
2.25 MB
2.25 MB PNG
File: A5.png (1.78 MB, 1353x1920)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB PNG
Possible lolicon sensei teasing her student.
File: A6.png (1.6 MB, 1353x1920)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB PNG
But Nono is only interested in incest. And Omi is a golddigger.
File: A8.png (1.59 MB, 1353x1920)
1.59 MB
1.59 MB PNG
Bestiality NTR, as if Kon couldn't be more pathetic.
File: A13.png (1.56 MB, 1353x1920)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB PNG
Chiya and Kon are soulmates.
Kissing the flower bud has no deeper meaning at all.
File: 1459565166576.jpg (25 KB, 336x324)
25 KB
I would say try harder, but I don't even want you around the threads anymore, so just go away.
File: Bigger_bait.png (7 KB, 625x626)
7 KB
File: n8.png (1.58 MB, 1353x1920)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB PNG
Nono likes Omi.
File: Chiya_x_Kon.png (2.02 MB, 1354x1920)
2.02 MB
2.02 MB PNG
File: E8.png (1.55 MB, 1353x1920)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB PNG
Trouble in paradise.
File: E9.png (1.53 MB, 1353x1920)
1.53 MB
1.53 MB PNG
File: E12.png (1.4 MB, 1353x1920)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB PNG
File: E13.png (1.48 MB, 1353x1920)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB PNG
Usual marital quarrels.
Idiot Couple
File: 1569556413284.jpg (285 KB, 1920x1080)
285 KB
285 KB JPG
Is that who I think it is on the top shelf toward the right?
From Machikado Mazoku, btw
Same studio, so yes. I wonder if any of the other dolls are also references.
The white doll with teeth is a reference to Kill Me Baby, also same studio.
File: ECLHZ2-UwAAAKRg.jpg (630 KB, 2048x1474)
630 KB
630 KB JPG
So is this series yuri? In terms of gayness, are we looking at Hibike! Euphonium, Symphogear, or YagaKimi?
None of the above.
I'd say it's around gochiusa tier.
File: EGCMZZ1UcAAyrau.jpg (93 KB, 1043x603)
93 KB
Gochiusa is very very low tier, it only has Sharo alone as anything gay. This has ChiyaxKon, NinaSaku, KoumeMari, NonoTsubaki.

So from that list, at least Symphogear level.
Except Sharo shows actual romantic interest. All your stated pairinga don't even have that much. Urara barely hits precure levels and not even the gayest seasons of precure.
File: EB2a3ZCXkAEj-Ba.png (229 KB, 750x593)
229 KB
229 KB PNG
Don't compare with kids shows, Urara is on the same level of Slow Start. All of the ones I mentioned already show some kind of romantic interest in the translated chapters so far, the only one that hasn't yet is Koume, and she will in a future chapter.
t. Never read manga.
Nina in the latest chapter, Kon's panic about Chiya leaving her for another fox, Tsubaki trying to marry Nono every chance, etc and etc, there are tons and tons, you just have to actually read the manga.
File: EABHNxbU4AAZtPS_t.jpg (850 KB, 1300x2044)
850 KB
850 KB JPG
File: EDYntpsUUAA2ZMz.jpg (1.22 MB, 2892x4096)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB JPG

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