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No way I'm letting this one die before scanlations are complete.
Previous thread: >>2840891
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AriteDrop has taken Sorani of the Land of Yorumori, the first series by Harikamo, has a new translation project.
File: 73562787_p0.jpg (776 KB, 1200x795)
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File: Dr3jr1aU8AAKQzJ.jpg (383 KB, 2000x2000)
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What did Saku say to get Nina all hot and bothered like that?
She's chastising someone and saying she won't allow shameful acts in Meirochou. Nina then teaches her how wrong she is.
Chapter 49:
File: 78238005_p0.jpg (547 KB, 635x860)
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Bonding activity.
File: 62113076_p3.jpg (335 KB, 878x1239)
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File: 56228988_p0.jpg (622 KB, 878x1239)
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A whole year has passed since Harikamo made a tweet for last time.
I wonder if she gave up as professional mangaka or if she is still trying to get serialized again.
Wouldn't be the first person to disappear after their first work.
No, Sorani >>3389837 was her first serialized work with a total of three volumes and then she published the first chapter of Urara just five months after the publication of the last chapter of Sorani.
Well, it will be only a matter of waiting and see what happens, for example, between the last chapter of Yuzumori and the first chapter of Taiari there was 21 months with Ejima publishing like one or two oneshots on anthologies during that time.
>A whole year has passed since Harikamo made a tweet for last time.
This hurts. I check Harikamo's Twitter almost every day, and I'm always let disappointed.
Most people barely remember Urara, but it's my favorite manga by far. I love the setting of Meirochou, this mysterious labyrinthine town with real fortune telling and spirits. I love the characters and how they end up feeling like your friends over time. I love how the art is absurdly detailed for a 4koma manga. Even the jokes are actually really funny in Japanese.
I'm probably the only person who cares about this manga to this extent, but I won't stop checking Harikamo's Twitter.
Well, you can still see a decent amount of tweets abouts Harikamo and Urara, so at least the Japanese fandom have not forget her or her works. And yeah, I also really like Urara, so it is a bit of pain to see nothing new from her. The latest we know about her is that she was part of an exposition celebrated at the begginning of February on Taipei featuring 106 illustrations from 100 Japanese artists giving thanks to the Taiwanese people for their help offered to the Japanese people due the March 2011 Tohoku earthquake. As far as we know, her illustration was brand new and exclusively done for that exposition, so she was still somewhat active until at least two months ago.
Thanks, anon. It's nice to see a new illustration by her, and so is knowing that she was active recently.

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