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File: mina x maki.jpg (39 KB, 640x480)
39 KB
I'm reading this manga and I wonder if Maki and Mina's relationship goes anywhere by the end. I'm fearing it doesn't since I don't remember ever reading about it in yuri discussions and if it did I guess it would be pretty notorious as a shonen that delivers for once.

Anyway I'm enjoying this side of the series. I wish it wasn't one-sided but for a shounen yuri-sidegag Mina's crush for Maki feels pretty genuine. I wish there were were some doujins and fanart about them, I haven't been able to find anything decent so far...
File: maki x mina - Ch.3-a.png (307 KB, 470x608)
307 KB
307 KB PNG
The art seems to be pretty infamous, but honestly I like it. I actually find it pretty cute, as well as fun.
File: maki x mina - Ch.4-a.png (426 KB, 939x568)
426 KB
426 KB PNG
File: maki x mina - Ch.4-b.png (388 KB, 865x536)
388 KB
388 KB PNG
File deleted.
It looks like legitimately very low-skill art (not but in the usual "weird art = bad" anime/manga fan way) but... still fun. Regardless I'd rather watch the anime for what it covers since it looks equally charming but with the extra drawing ability that comes with key animators by default.
I didn't even know it had this element, I had my eye on it for a while since I like expressive & not overly cutesy female protags.
File: maki x mina - Ch.12-a.png (633 KB, 784x674)
633 KB
633 KB PNG
I think I have a weak spot for artists that aren't technically skilled yet manage to make their works fun and engaging. I was specially impressed by the original One Punch-man webcomic, the art was the worst I've ever seen but I could hardly stop reading.
File: maki x mina - Ch.12-b.png (618 KB, 1035x548)
618 KB
618 KB PNG
File: maki x mina - Ch.12-c.png (547 KB, 716x659)
547 KB
547 KB PNG
File: maki x mina - Ch-19-a.png (654 KB, 821x1200)
654 KB
654 KB PNG
File: 54911455_p21.jpg (193 KB, 800x914)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
I both agree and disagree. I agree that charming unskilled art is great, but I also think ONE was always talented in pretty much every area that makes a manga's art good EXCEPT anatomy, perspective and construction (which just happen to be the ones that make stuff look immediately professional, and the things he sucks shit at). Even in the earliest, goofiest-looking OPM chapters he had a great sense for composition, dynamism, gesture, cinematic angles and paneling.

I haven't seen enough of the Air Master manga to know if it's quite on par, but based on what little I've seen it has the basics of published manga appeal down. Truly shitty art is stuff you just reflexively scroll past on art sites & don't even acknowledge.
File: maki vs miori.png (611 KB, 822x609)
611 KB
611 KB PNG
True, I guess that when we value a comic's artwork it's easy to restrict it to proportion and realism and leave out those the skills that actually make its reading engaging. Interestingly, in this manga the former look more solid in the action sequences, which I always assumed that were more demanding than quiet ones.
File: maki x mina - Ch.20-a.png (446 KB, 613x653)
446 KB
446 KB PNG
File: maki x mina - Ch.4-c.png (851 KB, 932x1184)
851 KB
851 KB PNG
While I'm not optimistic about getting an actual yuri ending, Mina's evolution through the first four volumes is remarkable for a shonen side-yuri.
File: maki x mina - Ch.25-a.png (338 KB, 615x552)
338 KB
338 KB PNG
bump pls.
Quit that shit. You should've known your thread was gonna die since this is basically a poorly thought advert thread.
File: mina-maki blush.png (753 KB, 803x604)
753 KB
753 KB PNG
I'm the one who created the thread and I didn't post that. If a thread I create is unsuccessful I'd rather leave the topic for some other time. As you can see below there are 4 posters in this thread, which I assume are myself, you, the one I talked with about the art and the one you are replying to.

I don't know what you mean by calling an advert thread. I just wanted to: a) share the yuri moments I enjoyed the most, b) know what others thought about this pairing and those scenes, and c) know it they end as a couple or as unrequited love.

Actually, is there any yuri manga or anime where a shy "hime" goes for a fighting badass and succeeds? I'd really enjoy that and I think I've never seen anything like that.
while i haven't read Air Master yet, i'm well familiar with this guys other works. it's pretty fun stuff with crazy angles, weird use of spreads and panel flow, funny dialogue, and a proclivity for including female fighters, not to mention the unique artstyle (both the old charmingly amateurish one as pointed out in this thread (see Tanikamen) but also the later stuff where he's really evolved his style in a unique direction (see late 81 Diver, Youkai Banchou)).

Sadly he also has a proclivity for including a lot of het romance, which kinda hampers the enjoyment for me. i have no idea if Air Master will follow this trend, but in one of his newest works there was a one sided yuri crush that just ended in a lot of cucking :/

All yuri aside though, if you dig this guys style, 81 Diver is a very fun and frenetic ride, fully translated too (and besides being about Shogi it has a ton of fights too)
According to some hetfags there is very persistent guy that, at least, is acknownledged by the MC, a shame if true, I really enjoyed the first episode.
"Hey check out this cute pairing!"
"Fuck off advertiser"
I downloaded the last couple volumes up to 28 and skimmed it and didn't see anything in the way of yuri but I was just looking at the pictures, seemed to be mostly fighting though. I noticed this series has a sequel with the gay tags in mangaupdates as well so there may be more in that although the cover looked like two guys.

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