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File: 1619574301001.png (375 KB, 987x651)
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Yuri that includes any of [s4s]'s original characters like bury pink gril, bury ebil gril, Keksandra, and associated animes like le millenom girl, Tomoko, Akko, and Ebola-chan.
File: 1562947293014.png (126 KB, 640x553)
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File: tomoko.jpg (217 KB, 1471x1920)
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le millenom girl doesn't have much yuri and that's sad
File: 1466820135449.png (227 KB, 542x563)
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Lmao, it's /s4s/ now.
File: ee.png (161 KB, 658x849)
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161 KB PNG
anon suggested me to post this here too
File: 1600937368739.gif (1.89 MB, 500x313)
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1.89 MB GIF
Madoka is the best!
This thread would have been better if you made it about board-tans plus original characters and memes from 4chan
We had those recently but the last thread died early
File: nice comic.png (271 KB, 1109x775)
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271 KB PNG
File: akkosandra.png (37 KB, 928x889)
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remember that a believing heart is your dubs
File: 1619501271212.png (191 KB, 653x723)
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191 KB PNG
the smelly
homura is lucky ;_;
File: 1614700037491.png (599 KB, 1386x1246)
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599 KB PNG
>s4s thread
>can't post doremi cause "muh lolicon bad"
useless thread
File: dab.png (319 KB, 676x347)
319 KB
319 KB PNG
>b-but doremi is [s4s]
no :^)
this is /u/
lolicon stays up unmoderated most of the time
File: 1611455303387.png (86 KB, 545x817)
86 KB
this is nice thread
File: 1621790167214.png (166 KB, 610x868)
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166 KB PNG
File: waifu steal.png (43 KB, 900x700)
43 KB
that's hot, wish there was a sequel or something
What would a sequel entail? Something in bed?
>Ah yes. Me. My twin. Our favorite Argentinian waifu snogging her. And her young wife burying her face into my breasts.
File: hehe.jpg (159 KB, 800x1000)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
what a blessed thread with so many digits!
what nice frens they are
>the /u/ twins host a sleepover
>they invite some girls
>no one is interested, as usual
>when they're about to give up, /s4s/ and /int/ show up
>time to have fun
>they eat snacks, they play adult games (whoa /s4s/, you shouldn't be playing these!), they try on some clothes, they watch some movies or series
>and finally time to go to bed
>the 4 girls will obviously sleep on the same bed
>but, are they really going to sleep that night?
>hey girls ever heard of wife swap
>lily flips a coin
>heads, she gets /s4s/. tails, she gets /int/
>the coin lands heads up
>shizuka and lily take their new wives away for the week
>shizuka and /int/ immediately start to pork like animals, leading to intense scissoring, as shizuka groans with every hump while /int/ whispers dirty words in every language other than english into her ear
>lily treats keksandra to a fancy dinner at a scenic restaurant and then they spend the night passionately making out on the couch while a sappy lesbian romcom plays on the television
Hello /u/! I didn't know we had freinds here!
>/s4s/ is the craziest one, ends up snuggling and some kisses
>/int/ is the one that doesn't care that much, ends up having rough wild sex
Nice. It also reminds me even though Lily and Shizuka are twins, they obviously have different personalities, there should be more exploring this
>Lily holds /s4s/'s hand as she takes her to their apartment
>/s4s/ is giddy and can't wait to play with her new wife
>she smooches her fingers and does silly wife things
>Lily tells her young partner that they're going to eat at a fancy restaurant, so she will get her dressed up in a pretty outfit
>/s4s/ squeals since she loves dressing up in other girls' clothes
>they spend an hour trying out some of Lily's small dresses (heaven knows why Lily has so many of those) before /s4s/ settles on a frilly pink gown
>after Lily gets changed, they go to the restaurant (Lily had booked before the coin flip)
>Lily orders a strawberry and vanilla cake with caramel drizzle, dotted with kiwifruit and guava, with a bowl of heavenly neapolitan ice cream on the side, and for her drink she orders a five dollar milkshake
>/s4s/ orders a burger and french fries with a glass of coke
>of course, they feed each other parts of their meal on /s4s/'s suggestion, "because that's what wives do and it's cool!"
>Lily makes sure to use the same fork for herself after feeding /s4s/, and also licks /s4s/'s finger clean after she feeds her a fry or two
>after the delicious dinner, they go back to their apartment
>Lily finds a lesbian romcom on Netflix and she watches it with /s4s/
>/s4s/ cuddles up with Lily and smells her wonderful scent
>about halfway through the film, Lily relents and lies on her back
>/s4s/ takes her chance and scrambles on top of her, and they start making out passionately
>tongues tussle in between their lips, exchanging the aftertastes of their dinners, lips mash together gently, delightful hums are breathed into each other's mouths
>/s4s/ tastes the sugary flavor of macarons on Lily's lips, and vice-versa, the unmistakeable taste of topkek muffins
>even as the credits roll, they remain inseparable, chest to chest, tugging at each other's hair
File: 1600484926194.png (206 KB, 1750x989)
206 KB
206 KB PNG
Perhaps. Any ideas?
I require Watchyuri
thought you were going to continue with Shizuka and expand the story with Lily, or do you want more ideas with /s4s/ and other boards?
Well I do like /s4s/ and Lily.
I would also like to try /s4s/ and other boards.
Yeah I think the same. Imo after reading the wife swap and that other pic, Lily goes well with /s4s/, the same with Shizuka and /int/, I don't see the same chemistry with Shizuka and /s4s/ for example, I don't know why
Lily has that gentler, sweeter, maternal vibe who can treat a girl to fancy outings while being no stranger to a kinky evening.
>after wearing out their tongues, the lovebirds decide to just sleep on the sofa
>Lily gets a warm blanket and throws it over her body, and holds /s4s/ in her arms
>/s4s/ buried her face in Lily’s squishy breasts and giggles as the latter sniffs at her fruity hair
>”You taste like yummy sugary treats, Lilyyyy.”
>the next day, they don’t leave the sofa and go back to kissing deeply
>by noon, there is not one inch of mouth that hasn’t been explored by each other’s tongues
>Lily picks up the crumpled purple dress that /s4s/ always wore, buries her nose into it, and inhales
>/s4s/ giggles. “Do I smell really nice?”
>Lily’s face reddens, but she doesn’t let the dress go. “It’s blissful.”
>”Can I smell you?”
>”I know what you want.”
>Lily scoots back until she’s sitting up on the sofa, and she puts her socked feet in her new wife’s lap
>now, it was /s4s/‘s turn to redden. She hesitantly lifts up one of Lily’s feet.
>”You didn’t think we’d spend a week together without me letting you indulge in your biggest desires, did you, you silly girl?”
>Lily thought she could see her eyes sparkling.
>”Can you play with mine too?”
>”Of course.”
>the older girl can’t resist giggling at the sensation of /s4s/ planting gentle kisses all over her sole, pecking each toe and smooching her ball and heel
>they had six more days to make the most of this
>who knows what Shizuka was doing to that white booty?
>Lily holds /s4s/‘s bare foot in her hands
>she leans in, breath hitched, and plants her first kiss right on top of her big toe
>as her fingers trace the soft, smooth sole, a feeling that makes the ticklish girl laugh, Lily very slowly kisses her way up the foot
>the kisses form a straight line, working their way up towards /s4s/‘s leg, until she stops right at the point where her foot meets her shin
>Lily moves all the way back down the foot and plants another smooch on the toes
>she lifts her foot up, revealing the plump and pudgy underside that reacted to even the slightest graze from her fingers
>”Lilyyyyy,” she hears /s4s/ giggle
>the blonde presses her lips on the bottom of her big toe and smooches passionately, allowing her tongue to just barely tap the skin for the briefest of moments
>”Heeey, I felt that,” /s4s/ whines playfully
>Lily looks up at her cutie, her half-lidded eyes and knowing smile telling all that the girl needed to know
>she resumes kissing her way up the girl’s leg
>every inch of the way, she marks her progress with another gentle kiss, stopping briefly at her knee to kiss multiple times
>as soon as her lips touch the fabric of /s4s/‘s compression shorts, she stops and stares at her tempwife
>her face, by this point, had flushed a deep crimson
>”C-can I try what y-you did on your leg?” she asked nervously
>”Now, what kind of wife would I be if I said no?”
Isn't pink gril x evil gril just MadoHomu? Like that's literally what they're based on
Ebil isn’t homu afaik, ebil is just bury recolor
File: 1622342707784.png (166 KB, 894x694)
166 KB
166 KB PNG
what else do you want me to write
Can you do something with /c/? Don't know how far you're willing to go. btw now that I think about it, I have never seen stories about /s4s/ and /int/ together. I mean, they have tons of art, but it's curious how no one has wrote something with them, unless I'm missing their stories
File: 1608939501952.png (505 KB, 2000x2000)
505 KB
505 KB PNG
so happy to see [s4s] yuri posted here!!!!!
I would like to do /s4s/ and /c/. What ideas do you have?
After some time together (maybe playing with other kids in the backyard?), /s4s/ and /c/ decide to go outside for an ice cream and of course they share the ice creams with each other
What a cute idea.
How far does it go? Maybe a kiss?
Yeah a kiss is fine
>Out on the small soccer pitch outside the house, the kids played a 5v5 game.
>Team Meme consisted of /s4s/, /c/, /wsr/, /i/, and /qst/ in goal.
>And Team Bantz consisted of /bant/, /out/, /jp/, Vanille, and /cm/ in goal.
>B*ys only play in goal where they belong.
>/c/ passed the ball to /s4s/.
>The meme girl waited patiently as /out/ tried to close in on her.
>As soon as she was one step away, /s4s/ side-footed the ball back to /c/ and wrong-footed /out/.
>/c/ quickly touched it back to /s4s/, who was now running towards /cm/ in a one on one, and she had beaten the offside trap (avoiding the wrath of VARbot 9000)
>/cm/ spread his legs out and prepared to save the ball.
>"Here comes the all time great! She's about to make the crowd go wiiiiild!" /s4s/ cheered, dribbling the ball and getting even closer to goal.
>/jp/ sprinted, trying to catch up and dispossess /s4s/.
>But just before she stuck a foot out, /s4s/ placed the ball perfectly beyond /cm/, banking it in off the post.
>/s4s/ ran away towards the corner flag and started to dance.
>While /wsr/ and /i/ ran to join in with the celebrations, /c/ stood at a distance.
>She admired /s4s/.
>Nothing ever stopped her from smiling, even in the darkest of times.
>She had the energy to power the world for an eternity.
>"Hey, /c/!"
>/c/ turned her head.
>Her teammates were already back in the center circle.
>"Quickly! VARbot might send you off!" /wsr/ called out.
>/c/ jogged back to the middle of the pitch and prepared to play to the whistle.
>VARbot called time after an hour.
>Team Meme had triumphed eight goals to six thanks to their star captain /s4s/, who scored five of the goals.
>Although, in true /s4s/ spirit, she'd scored an own goal because she'd gone the wrong way and forgotten that /qst/ was on her side.
>The others had gone back to the house to take a shower and relax, but /s4s/ decided to stay on the pitch and do some shooting.
>/c/ sat on the sidelines, watching her friend take shots.
>Most balls flew into the empty net.
>Others bounced off the frame.
>And a few flew way off course, so VARbot had to fly over and retrieve the miscued strikes.
>As /s4s/ prepared to take a penalty, she heard /c/ calling her name.
>"/s4s/! Can I ask you something?" the girl shouted.
>She left the ball on the spot for VARbot to attend to and skipped over to /c/.
>"What's up?" /s4s/ asked.
>/c/ hugged her knees and smiled. "Wanna go get ice creams?" she asked.
>The girl grinned. "Yeah! I love ice creams!" she giggled, holding out her hand. "Let's go!"
>/c/ took the girl's hand and she felt her pull her up to her feet.
>/s4s/ took off running while holding /c/'s hand, surprising her, but she didn't trip over and eventually ran at the same pace.
>As they neared the ice cream shop, /c/ blushed as she embraced the comforting feeling of /s4s/'s gloved hand squeezing her own.
>But as nice as it was, it made /c/ realize that, well, she'd never held her hand without the glove on.
>"I'll take a, uhhhhh...double scoop of double chocolate with double sprinkles, please!" /s4s/ politely asked the girl at the counter.
>/c/ looked at the range of flavors and immediately made her choice.
>"May I please have a scoop of rainbow and a scoop of strawberry?" she asked.
>/s4s/ paid the nice lady for the ice creams and the two sat at one of the tables, excited to taste their orders.
>The meme girl absent-mindedly drummed on the table and blew raspberries with her tongue.
>/c/ enjoyed the cute melody, recognizing it as one of the girl's 'meme songs', although she couldn't exactly remember the name of it.
>The lingering thought of those gloved hands threw her off.
>It wasn't enough that she'd never held her hands without gloves, but now that she thought about it, she'd never seen those hands without gloves at all.
>"Hey, /s4s/, can I ask you something?" /c/ said.
>"Sure, what's up?"
>/c/ reached out and picked up the fingers on one of /s4s/'s hands.
>"Can I see your hands?" she asked nicely.
>The girl flipped her palms up. "Here you go!" /s4s/ giggled.
>"Without the gloves, silly girl!" /c/ laughed.
>As /s4s/ immediately pulled her gloves off, any belief that /s4s/ would try to resist doing so (perhaps there was something about her hands that was the reason she wore them?) disappeared quickly.
>/c/ saw the girl's bare hands for the first time.
>They weren't scarred, burned, tattooed, disfigured...nope. They were just normal hands.
>Cute hands.
>/c/ reached out again and held one of /s4s/'s hands.
>Soft hands.
>She played with it, moving her fingers and pressing the pudgy, soft skin.
>Very soft hands.
>"Do you like my hands?" /s4s/ asked curiously.
>/c/ beamed. "Yeah. I love them. They're so soft!" she said happily. "You always wear those gloves, /s4s/. Why?"
>The girl at the counter came to the table, delivering the two girls their ice creams in plastic cups. Both girls thanked her.
>/s4s/ put her gloves under her hat.
>"I...oh. I don't know," /s4s/ answered honestly.
>"You don't?"
>The girl shook her head. "No, I don't," she replied, scooping some ice cream up onto her spoon. "I just put them on every day and don't think about 'em."
>/c/ started eating her ice cream, taking time to embrace the delicious rainbow-strawberry fusion. She mmmed, delighted by the creaminess of the dessert.
>"Hey, /s4s/," /c/ nervously asked, "can I hold your hand when we go back? No gloves."
>/c/ felt her face burn as she tried to hide her elated smile. She quickly shoved some more ice cream into her mouth to cool herself down.
>They ate their desserts in silence, eventually cleaning out the plastic cups and licking their spoons.
>"This place has the best ice creams," /s4s/ dreamily sighed, full and content.
>"Yeah," /c/ sighed in response. She looked at the empty cup in front of /s4s/. "I should've asked for some of yours," she lamented sadly.
>"Awww, same! Yours looked so yummy!" /s4s/ agreed. "I don't have any more money..."
>Both of them noticed that the other hadn't cleaned their face yet.
>And they both got on the same wavelength.
>"/c/, we could..." /s4s/ started.
>"On the way back?"
>The two girls jumped off their seats. /c/ held out her hand, which /s4s/ accepted happily, and the two left the ice cream parlor hand in hand.
>/c/ side-eyed /s4s/'s cheek and lips, still messy with double chocolate ice cream.
>She made the first move.
>/c/ pursed her lips and planted them on the corner of /s4s/'s mouth.
>Carefully, she took in some of the melted treat, then pulled back and smacked her lips.
>The chocolate was intensely flavored, like dark chocolate. It was amazing.
>"Wow," /c/ exhaled, unable to hide her reddening face. "That tastes great."
>Right as she finished talking, /s4s/'s lips smooched at the corner of her mouth, lingering a little longer, before they retreated.
>/c/ glanced at her, watching her lips scrunch and her tongue move around.
>"This is nice flavor," /s4s/ spoke with a smile. "I like the strawberry."
>Without thinking, /c/ offered up a suggestion.
>"What if we mixed our flavors together?"
>/c/'s heart stopped as her face turned a deep crimson.
>"You mean, like...kissing on the lips?" /s4s/ asked, curiosity piqued.
>"I-I guess?"
>/s4s/ swallowed audibly. "Um, okay. Let's try," she agreed.
>Looking around to make sure no people were watching, /s4s/ backed up against a brick wall, closed her eyes, and pursed her lips.
>/c/ wasn't sure if there was any deeper shade her face could transition into at this point.
>Steeling her nerves, /c/ pursed her lips, closed her eyes, and leaned forward, bracing for impact.
>Their lips met in the middle.
>It was a very, very awkward sort of kiss.
>Both girls didn't know what to do.
>They tried rotating their heads to better position their lips.
>/c/ cautiously tried to nibble some of the flavor out.
>/s4s/ trembled as the slickness of /c/'s lips glided over her own.
>Neither knew now if they were mixing ice cream or if they were having their first kisses at this point.
>/c/ retreated after twenty seconds, licking her lips and thinking about what she tasted.
>"Um, /c/?" /s4s/ asked quietly. "Does it taste...nice?"
>/c/ brought her knuckles up to her lips and looked down. "It's...it's unique. It's good, I think," she whispered.
>They stood there in silence, unsure of what to say or do next.
>"A-are we, um, a thing, maybe?" /s4s/ offered.
>"A thing? What's a thing?"
>"L-like...more than frens."
>The blonde took /s4s/'s hand with her own and stared into her palm, tracing the lines with her finger.
>"I don't know," /c/ admitted. "I-I guess if we did some more stuff, perhaps we'd know for sure?"
>/s4s/ giggled slightly at the ticklish feeling in her palm. "Do you wanna, um, sleep over in my room?" she suggested. "We can watch a movie and...I'llletyousleepinmybedtoo?"
>/c/ caught that last part, despite how fast /s4s/ had spoken it.
>"Sure thing."
>Nothing else was said as the two walked hand in hand back to the house.
>/c/ relished the warmth and softness of /s4s/'s hand for the entire journey, and she looked forward to sleeping over with her friend that night.
>Only the pink beary doll in /s4s/'s room knew what happened then.
I’m taking more writing requests. /s4s/ can be a child or an adult so if you want me to write adult /s4s/, I can do a whole lot more beyond kissing.
Very cute, very nice
Do you think you can do the other request about /s4s/ and /int/? Or is the age gap a problem for you?
Age gap is no problem but it’ll still operate under child /s4s/ rules.
>/s4s/ ruffled through /int/‘s closet until she found the dress she was looking for.
>”This one!” she declared, holding up a classic little black dress.
>/int/ took the coat hanger out of the dress and looked it over.
>”Ah, is quite of the selection,” she spoke, peering at the neck line and smiling. “I seeing why you make the choice.”
>Subtlety was not exactly /s4s/‘s strongest suit.
>/int/ liked the choice that her wife had picked out for her, but it was plainly obvious why she’s chosen this particular dress: it had a low scoop neck line.
>Heaven knows just how such a dress could hold /int/‘s gigantic breasts.
>The Aryan woman looked at her wife, her face now caked in a red hue.
>”Boobs,” /s4s/ said quietly, unable to hide the askew smile she wore.
>/int/ maintained her knowing smile. “Do not be the so nervous, frau, for be it perfectly wonderful of you to admiration of my assets,” she told her. “I make no hidden; voluptuous and attractive I am.”
>/int/ had indeed hit the body jackpot. On top of her pristine Argentinian genes, she possessed not only a glorious and huge rack, but one hell of an enormous ass to boot and two pristine, smooth legs.
>”But tellings truthfully, you did nots only marriage of me for mine assets, correct?”
>/s4s/ barely thought about it. “99% of it was for your boobs and butt!” she laughed.
>/int/ stared at her wife, poker-faced, processing the girl’s response.
>Then, she smiled.
>”Ja, that is right. You rascal, you,” she chuckled, tousling /s4s/‘s hair.
>The perks of having a rampaging lesbian for a wife while being utterly smoking hot was that she’d never ever leave you.
>And /s4s/ was brutally honest about it.
>”Now, dear, I must change dressing. Make wait outside,” /int/ ordered.
I was thinking about something a bit lewd involving boobs of course lol. But apparently you knew exactly what to do >>3480958
Very good, please keep up the good work
Keep your disgusting foot fetish to yourself.
I love this shit, lol.
>/s4s/ heard the click of the door opening.
>She turned around, eagerly awaiting the arrival of her beautiful wife and her enormous honkers.
>As /int/ stepped out in her knee boots, she saw /s4s/ drooling.
>The black dress did all of her curves justice.
>And most important of all, the neckline showed every inch of her mouthwatering cleavage, stopping just short of exposing her nipples.
>/s4s/‘s felt as if she were on the verge of getting a classic case of anime nosebleeds.
>/int/‘s eyelids drooped as her lips upturned into a cheeky smile, and she leaned forward, letting gravity tug her rack down just a little bit more.
>The instant /s4s/ stared into the abyss of her cleavage, her nose exploded.
>”Ah! Mein dearest!” /int/ reacted with great concern, rushing to the kitchen to grab some tissues.
>/s4s/ hadn’t moved an inch. Despite the blood dripping down her lips, all she saw was that heavenly cleavage.
>Her wife broke her free from the trance as she stuffed tissues into her nostrils and began dabbing her lips with another one.
>”Overloading you with mine beauty, I did?” /int/ fretted. “Many apologies!”
>”I need boooooooooobs.”
>/int/ couldn’t help but smile, even if she’d short-circuited her own wife’s brain and given her a big nosebleed.
>She treated it as a testament to how hot she was.
>”Perhaps rest you need, darling,” /int/ calmly instructed, ushering her to the sofa to rest.

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