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Discuss, request, and recommend /u/-related /lit/ works!

Previous Thread: >>3475471


ulit Archives 2020 torrent (10,058 books with release dates up till December 2020):

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Missing something
Friends to Lovers versus Enemies to Lovers

Which do you prefer and why?
Both have their merit. But...
For FtL
>since there's a tendency to make the friend clingy and basically have only a personality based around loving MC it tends to be very milk toast
>Will lead to cringy forced drama that makes them act OOC

For EtL
>Will make the enemy do truly heinous things, but..
>"Tee hee its okay because they said sorry uwu"
>Jump from enemy to lover is usually very rushed and not satisfying

A good compromise is rival to lovers since it can technically be both at the same time.
Queerleaders by M.B. Guel

This book reads like a harem manga, there's even the childhood friend arc. Nerd girl gets outed in front of the whole school by a jock and proceeds to say she will steal their cheeleader girlfriends as a comeback. Short and cute read if you can look past all the cliches that even the protagonist makes fun of as it happens.
File: 1623755281193.png (2.37 MB, 1316x1948)
2.37 MB
2.37 MB PNG
Top /u/ fantasy list

Collection download:
>avatar kyoshi
I'll leave it that way because this thing requires prior knowledge. The description part of the book is pretty flawed, it's kind of obvious that the author already hopes that whoever is reading this already knows what a Gan Jin looks like, point out the locations on the map and so on...

The book is great, but to get the most out of it you need to watch The Last Airbender at least. Feel free to ask me any questions about the plot, I basically follow everything about avatar.
I've been trying to watch ATLA but it's way too kiddie for me. Don't know if I'll ever get to Kyoshi at this rate.
Just keep watching, anon. But if you still don't like it when Azula and Toph show up, just move on to something else, unfortunately this thing is not for you.
Brenda Murphy, Megan Hart, Fiona Zedda - Love, Blood and Sanctuary
Three short (but not too short) urban fantasy romance stories, with the common theme of blood and a shared location of a bar called Sanctuary (so called because you know ... it's not very clever).

I don't have too much to say about them, expect they were all ok. They make good use of the shorter format; helps authors resist temptation of letting their plot or characters wander somewhere where they really shouldn't and you can tease all sorts of interesting things without having to follow through on them, so nobody gets disappointed. The stories aren't super complex or anything; just a bit of romance, blood, sex and the supernatural, but that's okay.

I'd say the 3rd one was the weakest but if you like this sort of human/non-human urban fantasy stuff might as well read the entire book.

Bethany A Perry - Give me Grace
If I remember correctly anon in the previous thread said this needed a better editor (or any editor at all?) and I can only agree. This is about an amnesiac woman living with a weird church order and then getting mixed up in supernatural events with demons and demon hunters and trying to figure out her past and her life ...

... and it does so by happily hopping through the story. There's rarely a sense of development, it's just "this things happens and now the story is elsewhere and something else happens". Lots of ideas and characters and locations and few that get any sort of complexity; or that add much to the story.
I'll add that I didn't find the heroine very enticing (always a threat with amnesiac characters and a possible lack of personality) and the end ... urk. Not very satisfying at all.

It's different and I can respect that; I didn't hate it, but this should have been better.
polite disagreement
I read the book with no prior knowledge of atla and enjoyed it very much. YMMV. obviously watching the show after helped get all the references, but you can definitely manage without.

also the books do have a more "serious" atmosphere than the shows
File: 52516406._SY475_.jpg (32 KB, 310x475)
32 KB
She Drives Me Crazy - Kelly Quindlen

Enemies to lovers.

Basketball player (scottie) wrecks her car and has to start carpooling to school with her nemesis and school queen bee (Irene). They start fake dating so scottie can use Irene's status to get back at her ex. You can guess where it goes from here.

Fun if you like YA. I'm ambivalent towards it but the book was cute enough. 1 very meh and tame sex scene.

3.5 stars
Couldn't find this thing cause I usually search for "meets".
File: proxy-image.jpg (356 KB, 920x920)
356 KB
356 KB JPG
the general understanding is that the quality is in reverse order of the season order, unfortunately: season 1 is alright but flawed, season 2 is rather good, season 3 is phenomenal. It remains a children's show but has excellent characters and character arcs, fun lore, beautiful art and remains enjoyable even after a number of rewatches. probably one of the best western animated shows out there, and I say that as someone who watched lots obscure european animated shows as well.

I still find the sequel to be an absolute trainwreck, but not many people on here would agree.
>but not many people on here would agree.
Indeed. As someone who watched ATLA after LOK, for me the former was inferior in every way to the latter.
OP here, sorry. I was mobilefagging because the old thread was on page 12.
S. Hawk - Buried Draughts Trilogy
> (...) tragedy separates a pair of young friends, Linda comes to work for a research psychiatrist in the isolated old town. Fleeing her past, she is an unwitting subject in a 200 year old experiment in control. Unintentionally, Linda becomes a catalyst for change, reuniting the two old friends with her love, conjuring help she didn't realize she'd need, and awakening ghosts aching for vengeance and transformation. It's a tale of love, conspiracy and revenge...

The "tragedy" this talks about is that one heroine is caught making out with some girls, and she gets beaten, raped, and used as a drugged sex slave by her family. The other heroine gets drugged, raped, and they attempt to ritually sacrifice her by throwing her onto iron poles - she survives minus an eye.

So this starts over-the-top brutal and thematically continues that way. The bad guys are just completely fucked up, and it's all "sex stuff" (they barely bother with anything else; all their motivations are "make sex slaves").

It's really hard "reviewing" something like this in any sensible way. The writing is fine. There's a lot of creative ideas with the ghosts and such. But, uh, the bad guys are "just" sex slavers and especially the first book feels it exists to be some sort of torture porn. The series becomes less graphic as it goes on but the underlaying theme is just what it is.

Now surprisingly - and I don't know what do with that - the tone is actually comparatively light. The heroines aren't too often in a grim mood. Starting from book 2 there's barely any real threat or challenge to them. They just go around murdering the evil people, but not even in any particularly satisfying way; more like "oh yeah tonight we killed a bunch more of them".

I was really annoyed by the forced sense of mystery. "Oh I can't tell you you must trust me" over and over again. It was so incredibly obnoxious. Ending not too satisfying either.

Either way ... this exists.
>The bad guys are just completely fucked up, and it's all "sex stuff" (they barely bother with anything else; all their motivations are "make sex slaves").

This is such an annoying and common thing in any media that has lesbian characters it's ridiculous. It's like the writers are 15 and can't fathom any creative idea on how to make a bad guy, bad or how to make the heroine go through some past struggle without fucking rape. If every fucking male character's backstory was that he got raped as a child then people would eventually lose their shit. This weird fixation that the absolute worst possible thing that can happen to a woman is that she gets raped is so fucking tiring. Fuck that book and any new book that continues this shit trope
Mh, well. I kind of get that but I really disagree for this specific series. It's practically impossible to go into this and not expecting rape; the "point" was clearly about writing about sex slavery and sex torture and sex trauma from the beginning. So going into this and then being surprised or annoyed by rape is just ... I mean. Forget it. It's impossible; it's made clear everywhere what sort of story this is.

I'd agree that there's too many story where it's a lazily misplaced trope, similar to fridged characters and that sort of stuff. But in the grand scheme of things I don't get the impression it's the major issue lesfic has, frankly ...

Also in defense (is it a defense?) of the series: both villains and victims in this series are of either gender. It's more female victims, goes a bit more in what's done to them (clearly the author is more into that) but far from exclusively; and it's not like the male victims or respectively the female villains are treated any different from their counterparts.

Slightly different but somewhat related - while it's again hard to really poke at things in a novel that's thematically like this and features all these fucked-up characters ... how analytical are you going to be about that? But it does seem like the type of author who kinda of ... I guess it's all weirdly "incidental" lesbians? Like it almost felt that the author couldn't have envisioned women being together if not for those outrageous circumstances. So that here or there gave me a bit of weird vibe to the romantic relationships, as far as those go, but then; two of the heroines clearly were into each other before any of it happened so maybe it's more a misunderstanding in how some things are presented from my side ...

I mean ultimately this is a "weird shit" novel that clearly operates outside standard literature norms. It shouldn't be confused with what "regular" books do.
It's not against that book in particular, but damn that description was so bad it made me snap. I guess it's just amplified by the fact that I've been hearing about this type of lame shit for far too long. Especially since it feels like half the books in the torrent has one of the MCs go through some sort of shitty rape trauma.

I really want to challenge all of these shit writers to make a lesbian heroine that has been through some shit without retarded rape drama or pretending to be straight for years. It's 2021, think of something new
File: 51N8hlSVP3S.jpg (43 KB, 333x500)
43 KB
>Tryst Six Venom
Let's talk about it. What did you think of the end? Me:

From 70% of the book onwards, the story was just downhill. The family drama was kind of cool, but what happened after that was shit.

That attempted rape was totally pointless, dammit. I couldn't even read this part fully because it was cringe as fuck. Disgusting. What the hell? Olivia had a weird deal with a bunch of weirdos but decided to give a damn about it and get on with her life. LMAO, that doesn't even make sense. Why didn't she tell her brothers in advance? I was hoping they were already there anticipating Callum's moves, but no, the author decided to go full cringe.
And the rapist wannabes all got out without consequences.
With that shit plot I give the book a 7/10, without it I give it a 9/10. Despite that shit, I still enjoyed reading the book.
Do I have too many books?
Friends to Lovers is shit unless the story starts with them as children. AND NO CHEAT. I hate it when the MC keeps humbling herself throughout the whole story while the other "friend" keeps hurting her feelings over and over until compassion takes her heart and she decides that she should, in fact, be with the MC.

>rival to lovers
I really like that type, but I think this is just a derivative of the Enemies to Lovers theme. They may have a bullying relationship or they may be rivals, but still enemies.
>Friends to Lovers
I'm really in the mood for that, but I have yet to find a good and satisfactory friends to lovers trope.
>rival to lovers
There is a sliding scale of rivals though. kageki revue starlight does a good job at showcasing different kinds of rivalships desu
File: is this flirt.png (3.02 MB, 1160x2314)
3.02 MB
3.02 MB PNG
The Kyoshi's novels have some good friends to lovers.

They meet each other as teens and it's cute how Rangi is always trying to be around Kyoshi, even if it's not part of her duties.

Her tantrums are a lot of fun too. They're not about jealousy, but about concern for Kyoshi's safety. It's pretty cool.
File: books.jpg (70 KB, 1012x1280)
70 KB

By the way, How to Become a Planet is a great book.
Do you even remember half of them?
Clearly better if you don't.
Mostly I don't, some of them will pop up in my mind when someone asks for a recommendation here, but most of them didn't leave a impact.
The ones on the re read collection are the ones I really liked, so I fully remember them.
Anyone else read 'The Jealous and the Free"? It's like the only 60s lesbian pulp fiction (a revolting genre) to escape the publisher mandated bad end somehow.

If nothing else it has value as a curio and it's pretty short.
Interesting, there was series of would it be revisionist? novels based on the 50s and 60s pulps by Monica Nolan i started reading the Maxie Mainwaring novel and it was fun.
File: nurse-kino.jpg (48 KB, 235x400)
48 KB
Some of these pulp covers are absolute kino, apparently a couple of that author lesbian books have good endings, personally i want to read The Heat Of The Day.
mobilism requires login
zlibrary requires login
I need to use throwaways to search?
zlibrary lets you dl 5 per day without login
anyways, i dont think its a big deal
Way better than the generic shitty photo cover we get nowadays, oh how I wish this style would come back.
My favourite is when the cover is an attractive chick which doesn't really fit the description of either of characters.
Lookin at you, person who does the cover for Melissa Brayden books.
File: 51530580[1].png (177 KB, 293x445)
177 KB
177 KB PNG
I read Malice by Heather Walter. The blurb instantly piqued my interest, so much so that I didn't mind the fact that it's 1st person. The book is a part of a duology with the sequel not out yet. I wasn't aware of that so you can imagine my disappointment.
I enjoyed my time with it, I enjoyed the world-building and the MC.
I expected it to end in a sugary sweet fairy tale fashion, but oh boy, was I wrong. I won't spoil it I'll just say that that I respect the author because that shit takes balls. I certainly didn't expect that ending.

I'm very curious how the story gonna end, I hope the second book comes out soon.
You'd think there'd be 2 different couples in this series, right? Nah, it's the same couple that's supposed to be on all the covers.
File: file.png (190 KB, 545x604)
190 KB
190 KB PNG
Forgot pic
File: i see.jpg (41 KB, 480x480)
41 KB
They just started going to sociology college and lesbian pubs in the meantime between book 1 and 2.

Please help.
me and ur mom
Okay so I've never read a book about lesbians or romance in general, I like golden age murder mysteries and comedy fantasy like the Discworld series the most.
So I have a kind of specific request for a book recommendation. I would like a murder mystery where the detective is a lesbian and has a girlfriend or wife. Her relationship and sexuality doesn't really need to be a big deal or a focus but it's just there in the background. Like her wife gives her a shoulder massage while she studies evidence or some shit.
And no bisluts or previous relationships with men from either of the women.
If anyone could recommend something like that, I'd be quite grateful.
Look through the recommendation pics
Erotica - Age gap
Also most from Anna Stone, its also bdsm though
Holy Hell by Elizabeth Sims

Opinion on RUZHUI for those who are still following it? seems like it will end soon. It started out really great but fell off around the end, it's still entertaining but I seriously didn't expect it to end so soon, I feel like there's still could be much more to it.
The chemistry of the main couple is also not as as JWQS but I guess that's mostly because RUZHUI's love interest never flirts with the MC which is pretty disappointing.
Still a great read overall, I'll probably reread it someday.
just read it and fair warning i was and am high on benzos but i found this book suuuper weird
its like a book for young teens that wants to be an adult book, so much of the catholic stuff seemed super over the top and contrived and the book felt an eighth of the length it shouldve been
overall it was a decent hour long read but i really feel it would have been better served as a much longer erotica with the same premise and characters but where she gets all the girls in the end

also filling out captcha on benzos is very difficult :(
Promises, Promises is probably the most discworld-esque /u/ book I've read. If only more books were like Monstrous Regiment.
alright alright alright
made the mistake of looking through goodreads for something interesting, and boy was i wrong. this book is a short novella which i think is supposed to illustrate a relationships descent into something hellish, except there isnt a descent at all. theres a couple of emails in, then boom. a few more chapters of salamander squishing, tapeworm carrying, eye gouging boredom. the only interesting part is that the eye gouging is left *ambiguous", except its not really because they mention it in every email. all in all, its a book trying to be dark which kind of falls flat with subpar edge. also the manipulation sucks. ive been manipulated online. ive manipulated a lot of people online. it doesnt work like this unless youre dealing with an immensely self destructive moron, which not only is barely manipulation because they want to do it anyway its also super fucking boring.
anyway. dont read this book, its boring. find a girl on discord to groom instead.
File: Cinders.jpg (38 KB, 317x475)
38 KB
This seems YA novelkino, i read that one about the lesbian edge-angel, the normie fairy girl and the two gay fairy princes and now i want more of this type of shit.
File: Boneway.jpg (26 KB, 318x458)
26 KB
and the cover reminded me of pic related, that i still have not started...
I was enjoying it but as with all of PDL's works I'm starting to feel like she only enjoys writing the slow burn until the inevitable sex scene and then she loses all interest in finishing the main plot in a satisfying manner. I'll finish it because I like the characters but I don't think I'll be reading any more of her novels.
Also it's terrible her apartment burned down, I'm glad she's safe with her girlfriend and pets.
File: pas de deux.jpg (183 KB, 907x1360)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
Pas de deux by E.J. Noyes

I will give a review with tags.

>adult life drama
>dual pov
>good plot
The book is very funny. Addie is a very charismatic character and full of damn jokes.
>enemies to lovers
Well, they started out as enemies, since they met in their teens. Addie bullied Caitlyn, although Addie disagreed that what she did was harmful. She had that typical teenage personality where you "hurt" the person you care about hoping they'll notice you. Is there logic in that? Hell no, but it's pretty common, I reminded myself now that I've already done it, lol. Poor Addie was trying her best, come on!
When they meet again, there is some resentment on Catlying's part towards Addie, but it lasts very little. I thought this part was cute.

>“The day we saw each other again for the first time since Pony Club, you asked me why I’d pushed you into the water trough.” She smiled. “I realized just now that I never answered you.”
>“You didn’t? Honestly I’d forgotten I’d asked that. So,” I prompted. “Why did you do it?”
>“Because I wanted to see your boobs through your clinging wet shirt.”

I really liked this couple, they're both fun. Honestly, there is little to no drama shit, so I highly recommend it. I liked it so much that I'll take a look at the author's other books.
File: burajiru.png (26 KB, 1287x195)
26 KB
Please don't come to brasil, you will be robbed and your horse may or may not be killed by the army.
Also good luck talking spanish in Hueland...
my sides
>find a girl on discord to groom instead
That was very specific. Is there anything you want to tell us, sis?
"Time to brush up on your Chinese. We're going to Japan"
File: Spoiler Image (20 KB, 297x475)
20 KB
people used to make up a lot of stuff about me doing it and ive been on the other end its kind of a sore topic for me still, i cope with bitter humour (im currently dating a girl 5 years older than me so i dont have to worry about what people think anymore)

i picked up this book off of goodreads enemies to lovers lesbian list, and while its not enemies to lovers its a very nice sci fi novel with similar themes, id recommend it to anyone here. im a little tired to do a full review but i can say that like 85% of the book is good, just the LI is a bit too harsh at the end for me i like when they say i love you...

i also read satisfaction guaranteed which is a contemporary romance about an accountant inheriting a sex shop and falling in love with a girl who works there. its pretty good, reminds me a lot of the one someone wrote about the food truck girl and the investor.
I don't know if articles are also accepted here but I found this one about the peak of Japanese lesbian double suicides in the 30's. It was quite interesting as it forms part of the history of yuri itself. There are also mentions of homosexuality in the Takarazuka Revue and its major competitor at the time and how otokoyaku were turning everyone into lesbians thanks to evil western influence.

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