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It's been two years since we had this thread.
Share your yuri pitches.
Gross bislut fetish.
>fantasy world at just roughly renaissance-era technology but also has magic
>local kingdom's military suffers from an interservice conflict between its knights and its mages for priorities, prestige and command
>one heroine are a young newly commissioned officer from a humble background, a consummate professional in knightly affairs such as swordfighting, horseback cavalry shit, archery and the newly developed muskets/pistols that revolutionized warfare, achieving the rank of lieutenant after a distinguished battlefield performance
>our second girl is a child of a noble house, whose privileged lifestyle has made her a prodigy in the magical arts, and is eager to prove magic's worth in the wake of the fearsome power of firearms and artillery

Anyway some shit happens and they're charged by the powers that be to go on an adventure and solve a bunch of varying problems, and along the way they overcome their professional rivalry, give in to their attraction and blossoming love for each other and eat each others' pussies in the 69 position.
Which studio are you from this time and how uderstaffed is your writing department for you to resort to fishing for ideas on /u/?
>outing yourself as a newfag this badly
>28-30 y/o KHV lesbian finally understand why she has no gf. Namely because she's not presenting herself decently, being too gloomy, and generally too socially dumb to be endearingly dorky. So she decided to change herself for the better, through exercising, fashion, and be more outgoing. Results may vary, but hopefully it's relatable to the readers.

>Perverted JK who always drool at the sight of OLs accidentally got her face squished to someone's boobs during train ride. That awakens a new perverted thinking and now she wants to be involved in "accidentally" ecchi situation with pretty older ladies.
A daughter in the near future has to travel back in time to make sure her mom becomes a lesbian.

And the MC realizes she's going to have to be her mom's first girlfriend.
>trying so hard to fit you pick on an innocent joke
Nobody is more obsessed with looking like an oldfag than newfags.
A story with zero dialogue. Could be with two mute girls, or feral girls, or just silent gals. Just comfy everyday life without speaking a word.
Except maybe moan during sex.
MC is a woman who went through a rough childhood with only her childhood friend on her side. The childhood friend disappears one day; people tell her she moved away. She never forgets her. Fast-forward, she's in her late 40s and doing research at a small town the other side of the world. She finds a plate that bears her childhood friend's likeness. The locals tell her she was a Goddess. The MC tries to uncover the truth even as the townspeople tell her not to. Supernatural stuff happens and things become complicated when she gets to know a woman in her 20s online who looks and acts like her childhood friend (except she claims to not know her).
French revolution, Marie Therese, she's gay. Hilarity ensues.
Reposting my idea, feel free to steal n if you can manage it.
A 4-Koma style about a Japanese school girl obsessed with older ladies in uniform - be the best police, military, OL, train conductor, whatever. Each chapter is her running into and drooling over a different uniformed lady. Eventually she happens into a uniformed lady who is obsessed with school girl uniforms.
>let them eat cunt
No one is gonna steal your garbage idea
Homophobic girl gets mindbroken by old ladies.
It's a good idea if you ask me.
It could be called 'Closing the generation gap' and the cover could be them scissoring
So a Zoomer getting lesbianized by a gen-X lady?
>Low fantasy world in the sense that fae creatures exist and magic is mostly mystical and ritual.
>Regal queen loved by all, specially by the unlikely high concentration of dykes in her court
>Noble lady knight, captain of queens personal guard
>Cold and cynical spymaster, head of an intelligence
>Inattentive sorceress, Court mage
>Caring and doting head maid, Housekeeper of royal household
>Ditzy duchess, Queens oldest friend
>Scare of assassins has left the staff of royal household paranoid for future assassination attempts
>Everyone tires to maneuver themselves closer to the queen leaving them in better position to thwart any potential assassination attempt
>All of them are suspicious of everyone else trying to get closer to their beloved queen
>Everyone lives in a weird delusion that they are the queens forbidden true love just because the queen is always so kind to each of them
If you want actual stakes you can add actual assassins or/and some bullshit prophecy that requires queens death
And the queen is actually competent hot milf because that's my jam[/spoiler
While I staying overnight at the airport in Haneda, I saw a flight attendance lady having a conversation with one of the restaurant workers. It made me want to write a story of two women who worked at a job in a similar location, but due to their positions, cannot see each other often.
A series of yuri adaptations on the archetypal theme of Daphnis and Chloe, (so Daphne and Chloe). This is two young lovers meet, discover sex, get separated, go on perilous adventures, find each other again.
First chapter set in heroic age Aegean island like the original.
Second. Romeo and Juliette is a variation on the theme. So reimagining a tomboy breaking out of her little girls room and discovering her Juliette. Doesn’t even have to end quite so tragically.
Third. The Blue Lagoon. Simple shipwreck marooned island story.
Others easy enough to imagine and play with

>Cute girl gets hit by truck, gets isekai'd
>Meets goddess and her only wish is to be popular with other girls she meets.
>Goddess agrees, but the magic she uses is so strong that she falls for the MC herself and decides to incarnate down with her.
>This triggers the awakening of the Demon Lord because Goddess is no longer keeping watch over the seal, so chaos soon ensues.
>protag feels obligated to save the world because she blames herself for her wish going horribly wrong and wants to take responsibility. Well, save the world while having sex with a lot of cute girls.
>The twist is that the goddess was a dead childhood friend the whole time who regreted dying before being able to confess to the MC, and the reason why the MC was run over a truck was indirectly because of her turning to lesbian hedonism after her childhood friend died.
Language gap story where an East Asian travels to Southeast Asia to attend university but they are only kinda okay at English so they have to DeepL stuff during lectures. She gets to know a similarly mediocre-at-English local, and sparks fly as a courtship in broken English begins! The deepL thing is something I saw irl lol
I'd read this, especially the spoilered part
Girl gets isekai'd into a fantasy world, gets a nice girlfriend/loyal adventure companion, all pretty standard fare for most of the first season until she wakes up one day and realizes she's alone in their shared campfire.

She then proceeds to have her ass whooped by the big bad, and spends the first episodes of season 2 wondering what happened to her girl and looking for her, only to track her down and realize that nothing happened, she just didn't want to be with her anymore.

Then have a quick montage of her downward spiral from that point, show her resolve and bright eyed joy crack with each failed relationship, each adventure that falls apart, while the world goes to hell around her, until we get a grizzled veteran merc with severe abandonment issues.

Enter another cheery isekai girl who latches onto our protagonist at first sight.

Obviously our battered puppy thinks she's going to get burned again and keeps the newbie at arms length, with the rest of season 2 showing how that gets chipped away and accepting the other girl's affections, thinking she can finally be happy again.

Until boom, Miss Sunshine disappears too and the puppy gets kicked even harder.

The last season is spent with the Merc at her lowest, until word comes out that her love got kidnapped by the big bad that has hung over the entire series.
You forgot the part where the Demon Lord is actually another cute girl that ends falling for the MC, so now the war is about who get's the MC attention.
Setting: Steampunk in a European-style continent

The entire continent is at war. protagonist-chan is the daughter of the ruler of her nation. One enemy of her nation invades her kingdiom and kills her entire family, her brother who would have been the next king included. The only reason why she survived is because one general managed to save her. Protagonist-chan vows to end this war. The general trains her how to use the steampunk mecha and how to command armies. Now her goal is to find allies. She always wears a mask (with a device that changes her voice) and pretends to be a young men : One kingdom who also suffers from this war offers help but Protagonist-chan has to marry their daughter.

Later in the story princess-chan finds out that Protagonist-chan is not a man. She is first really angry at the fact that she was deceived but as times go on both becomes close
Terrible twists.
It should resolve with the troublesome seal being brought down with the goddess. Rounding out the cast, a cute mascot for her growing harem to dote on
>Woman, who is the MC, and her childhood friend enter college
>Childhood friend is super cool and upbeat, and MC loves her
>Childhood friend, due to her nature, unfortunately attracts more and more women
>She has a little harem forming
>Big problem, she's fucking stupid. She doesn't recognize any of their advances, anything.
>All of her suitresses compete with each other, including MC. Sometimes trying to be overtly-romantic with her
>CF is such a moron that she doesn't understand it
>This prompts them to get more and more over-the-top with their methods, each try more outlandish than the last
>CF keeps being retarded, even saying shit like that they're great friends
>Harem finally gets fed up with this bs
>Emotionally and sexually-frustrated, they decide that this extremely useless lesbian isn't worth their time, ditch her, and engage in an all-out, massive orgy, some rivals getting together with one another and some just outright hatefucking for the sake of it
Hit me with ideas you made during your chuuni years /u/.
>Post-apocalyptic world where there are no men
>But it's mad max
>With lot of BDSM themes
>Most women act like they've overdosed on testosterone
>Basically sex and violence
>Different groups fight over a pre-apocalyptic tech which enables them to procreate withou men
>Question is how long will they be able to maintain that old tech
>One possible plot device is rumor of another tech which will enable them to recreate men and not worry about procreation
>Some want to get it some want to destroy it
>world where there are no men
Suspension of disbelief shattered.
>world where there are no men
Sounds interest-
>tech which will enable them to recreate men
It’s a good twist, you can have both the women who want that tech and the possible men they create with it as automatic villains
It's the tension from the fear that men will be recrated that makes the plot interesting.
Plot needs villains with motivations that are rational but ultimatively wrong in the eyes of the audience.
Sounds like the same sort of "justifications" bisluts invoke when they make lesbians sleep with men for "tension" or "drama" in their stories.
Ah yes because clearly the world is such an utopia without men. Kinda sounds like the villains in this story are actually the heroes.
Sounds like you’re a retard implying het where it isn’t there. No one said anything about showing het sex scenes retard.
No they're not, they are just pushing their own percieved interests.
If you want to make them more definite villians you can always blame men for apocalypse and their own demise.
Then you will hate my idea.
>Y the last man but in a actually realistic scenario.
>Science babies are achieve two years after it was obvious that there was no way to save men.
>There is a shit time of global peace that is shattered after N. Korea invades S. Korea because they have much more female soldiers and you can't stop geopolitical inertia just by whiping out all men.
>The story is a romance between a enemy soldier and a civilian that rescued her.
Btw you can change it to the whatever part of the world you want.
Souds like you're a male shitposter who can't read.
Yeah, it's trash.
Men are not necessarily appear in the story,
they are just a "evil in the bottle" plot device.
>shit time
*short time
*going to
Having more female soldiers doesn't matter when these days technology is king. Either way it will still probably be a less violent world given everything we know about testosterone and crime statistics.
i have a similar idea but it would be more comedic

Women almost died out and men are using cloning tech to save humanity and female sex robots to satisfy sexual desire.

One day a real women appears and all those men want her either as a trophy or for science to recreate humanity in its original form (lets say the male clones have health issues). It turns out that the woman is a lesbian who falls in love with a female sex robot that gained consciousness
Young woman becomes a manager and gets married to one of the first idols she was in charge of. Time goes on, her wife is a cheater so she gets divorced. She moves back to her hometown and meets a woman while getting drunk at the local izakaya; it's the first idol she was in charge of. She has a daughter from her first marriage, her failed marriage. They have to work through a lot of baggage but they somehow manage to get closer and fall in love.
>Girl 1 is someone with great career, able to enjoy life, looks great on the outside. But she's actually a useless lesbian
>Just wanna cuddle, holding hands, doing anything with a cute girl.
>Decided to use dating apps, because nothing to lose.
>Got a date
>She's a hottie
>Date went great
>Fast forward next week
>Went on a project meeting
>Date partner actually a subcontractor on said project
>Girl 1 is the project manager.
>Now it's hard to act professional or all giddy.
File: PqD9TZ4 (1).png (642 KB, 1018x1384)
642 KB
642 KB PNG
I want to commission one or different artist some short comic stories of my three gobber OCs on adventures and lewd situations.

Ryouri the oni barbarian that loves to cook and travels the land to experience new dishes and learn recipes.

Cilia the drow paladin that travels the world to help however she can the weak. She's shy around other women and hopes to overcome that weakness.

Paz Mixbottles the goblin alchemist, gremlin chaos personified that seeks the next thrill where ever she can. Got a soft spot for cute and naive girls so Cilia is prime bully material for her.
Lesbian couple discover an injured, feral monstergirl in the gutter and in the process of nursing her back to health they form a polygamous relationship with her
replace "maybe" with "definitely" and you got me.
>Delinquent at school does delinquent things, always earning a scolding and talking to from the Class Rep who seems to single her out especially. During one of these lectures, the Delinquent says something that seems to hurt the Class Rep's feelings and she begins running away. Realizing she went to far, Delinquent tries to grab her and get her to stop, Class Rep tries to brush her off and in the scrum both fall down the stairs. They awaken to find out that they've switched bodies. Delinquent is freaked out but Class Rep is oddly calm about it. After all, how hard could it be to be someone who just blows everything off without a care? Delinquent, meanwhile, gets pissed, saying she knows nothing and that it'll be easy being someone like Class Rep who seemingly has it all.

>In each others' homes, they realize the truth. Class Rep's father died so she's been raised solely by an overworked mother in virtual poverty. She thus applies herself incredibly hard to try for a good school and career to raise herself out ofthe poor house and provide a better life for her mother. The result is that she has virtually no life of her own.

>Delinquent comes from a more middle class family. However, her brother is a NEET propped up by her parents who are, in turn, incredibly distant from and cold towards her excusing it as her being able to "take care of herself" while her brother shows no inclination to ever stop being a parasite. Delinquent's delinquency is thus built on a bitter desire to be noticed by others.

>With seemingly no solution on how to switch back, Delinquent and Class Rep must stick together as they live each others' lives, learning to trust one another and growing increasingly closer the more they learn and try to improve their situations.
>magical girl story
>MC is going through puberty but never grew out of her "boys are icky" phase
>her Magical Girl partners and potential love interests are:
>her former childhood friend whom she had a falling out with and got into organized crime
>her shy and what's the word for "highly emotionally vulnerable"? Neurotic? current best friend
>and a mysterious stranger who is, as it turns out, herself from a parallel universe
forgot to mention that selfcest is the endgame
File: 01.jpg (269 KB, 977x1400)
269 KB
269 KB JPG
In the far flung past of 2002, a highschool girl rents a copy of Ocarina of Time from her local Blockbusters.
Upon returning home and excitedly booting up the game, she finds that the second game slot already has a name, which is simply "Hello."
Finding this amusing, the girl names her own slot, "Hi" and plays for a week until it's time to return it.
A few days later, she has enough allowance she can afford to rent another game and decides to get Oot again, in the naive hope that she'll get the same copy and her save file will not have been erased. To her pleasant surprise, she gets her wish!

However when she boots it up, she finds that the file named Hello is gone, replaced with what looks like a phone number. Being a stupid child in the early 2000s, she foolishly calls the number. The voice on the other end is an older woman and they end up chatting a lot about video games. The woman ends up convincing the girl to meet her at her apartment, where they can talk in person and eat tasty snacks, the girl is a moron and agrees to meet her there the next day.

When she arrives at the address and knocks on the door, to her surprise the woman who answers is the clerk at the Blockbuster who rented the game to her. The girl goes inside, the door closes shut with an ominous click...

Hard cut to ten minutes later and the highschool girl is roughly fingering the older woman's pussy at rapid speed while heartily sucking on a large breast. The woman is panting and groaning in ecstasy and has already came 3 times.
The story ends with a flash forward of them at their wedding day.
Sounds personal
In a generic fantasy world with RPG mechanics, our heroine is an uncertain but eager new adventurer just starting out in her goal to become the next big hero(iine). However circumstances of her first day at the guild lead to her having to take the only mission left on the board; a babysitting job of the lowest rank. Distraught but still intending on doing the best she can and resolving to fix her mistakes tomorrow, she takes the job and heads out only to find that the job is at the nicest house in the town and the young girl she has to look out for is in fact the daughter of the current #1 adventurer and is vastly more powerful and knowledgeable than our MC and both of them are very much aware of it. Whilst very discouraging, especially when a trip into town has the MC get her ass kicked by some bandits in a fight that looked like it could have been fair before said bandits are casually defeated by the little girl, our MC goes home certain that she's learned something and can spend the next day doing a real mission and working on her goal.

Only to find out when she gets to guild the next day that the little tyrant she "protected" has taking a real liking to her and that she now has to be on an indefinite "babysitting" mission for a little girl that's a little tyrant whose only apparent redeeming quality is offering to tutor our MC in adventuring like how her famous parent taught her. Cue a series of sadistic training, our poor mc being dragged along on missions too advanced for her level, and sweet character reveals as the two girls fall into something much healthier than their initial relationship. Though the younger one does still very much wear the metaphorical pants in the relationship.
>Later in the story princess-chan finds out that Protagonist-chan is not a man. She is first really angry at the fact
bislut princess-chan
She's not angry because of sexuality but because of concerns around continuing the dynasty.
Yuri monstergirls.

Monster girl ends up in the human world, comes across our heroine about to be sexually assaulted. Monster instincts take over, and she snipes her "prey". In the aftermath, she learns what was actually happening, and is horrified at the state of this world. She either takes out heroine home, or calls for backup to correct this world, either way doesn't really matter, what matters is she ends up "adopted" by some monster girls who want to protect her and make her stronger. Yuri harem shenanigans ensue.

Diverse range of monster girls, girl monsters, and lots of puzzling over lovemaking through unusual and non matching anatomy and physiology.

yep im thinking based
I would like to read both!
Perverted, socially inept gay neet goes to college/high school.
She's never had any romantic or sexual experience whatsoever, and her image of relationships and the behavior or lesbians as a whole is constructed entirely from porn and trashy 80's movies.

She fully believes every single girl is at least bisexual.
She goes to dress in the locker room, fully expecting and wishing to be pushed into the shower by a gang of cheerleader bullies and ravished on the spot.
She flirts with the girl she likes by leaning over and hoping her cleavage shows.
She peeps at other girls in the locker room and bathroom, "accidentally" takes her panties off in the locker room, and tries to use smooth pickup lines, but usually ends up either stuttering through bad porn lines, or flatly delivering poorly contextualized statements of sexual desire or attraction.
And so on.

Maybe for added angst, her acting like a porn lesbian and always trying to flirt with girls, she ends up really popular with boys.
Story idea inspired by these now popular otome game isekais.

>Fantasy world where capability for magic is hereditary. Magic is power so naturally people who can do magic are nobles and elites of the world.
>Magic is very rare among commoners and almost never seen in serfs
>MC is a daughter of powerful noble. Maybe even a niece to a queen
>Main hook for the show is that she is basically a sociopath, “perfect noble” cold and calculating.
>One night before going to bed she overhears her mother talking about some girl born in Serf family who can do light magic
>They speculate that she might be daughter of some high ranking decadent priest who bonked a chicken lady on his travels because nobody has claimed her as his bastard
>Duchess conspires that it might be useful to have someone who can do healing magic in her duchy who is not directly affiliated with the church
>Duchess decides to sponsor her studies in the same posh boarding school where her daughter is being sent next year
>MC being proper haughty snooty noble decides that no commoner and certainly not a serf should be given privileges to study in the same prestigious academy as she.
>She vows to destroy this girl
>Time approaches her to be sent to the academy. MCs mother seeing the intelligence and cunning in her daughter decides to bring her into her plans. Duchess asks her daughter to cover for the “mystery girl”
>She is to help this serf to pretend to be daughter of some rich merchant or something similar
>Naturally she doesn't like the idea
>That is until she sees the girl first time and falls in love at the first sight
>She likes that even less. In attempts to cope with her distasteful feelings she comes up with the new goal
>She wants her as her own, not as friend, not as lover but as her serf, at her feet licking her soles, that's where the surprisingly beautiful girl belongs
>She pretends to be her best friend, help and aid her all the while bidding others against her
>She masterminds everyone else to be against her driving the poor girl lean more and more for her help
>End point for this abuse would be where MC manages to get the principal revoke girls dormitory room privileges in attempt to make the poor girl quite. But thank fully the MC is there to save her by offering her to sleep in her massive royal dormitory room and share her queen size bed.

Might work also as a hentai where you don't have to question morality or happy endings
Or good twist ending could be Girl is actually the isekaid protagonist of otome game but she is the masochist “I'm in Love with the Villainess” type and has decided to go with the “End up as the villaness's bedroom slave” ending. We just witnessed the whole story from wrong perspective. This could even re-contextualize a lot of weirdness seen in the story prior
Genre: fantasy

a dragon shows up and starts destroying fields. The people decide that they will sacrifice 5 maidens so the dragon will stop. Turns out the dragon can turn herself into human form and she did all of this because she wants a harem of beatiful girls
i like this idea
i dont know anon, i like this. care to expand?
I will steal one or two from here
This was painful to read
But where are the lesbians?
A breakaway republic of lesbians forms next to a modern country. The new republic of lesbians is militaristic and frequently raids normal countries next to it for girls/women to use as sex slaves. The United Nations and leaders of nations are reluctant to intervene, because they don't want to seem discriminatory towards homosexuals.

The lesbian country has institutionalized slavery, so that they walk around in public with their slave girls in humiliating bondage. They also post their exploits on social media, so that friends of the enslaved can see them in live bdsm shows over the internet.
lol nice
Can’t remember what I said, but this is a pol fantasy. I don’t think I said to get it off here though.
>Maybe for added angst, her acting like a porn lesbian and always trying to flirt with girls, she ends up really popular with boys.

>MC is a high school senior. She's got good grades and she's great at sport; one would think she'd be popular. She is not.
>Her best friend since childhood is a factor in this; both of them are smart, but her best friend was not only a nerd but a chuuni. MC assumed she'd get over it. She did not.
>Despite this, the two remain close; they've been through too much since they were kids for MC to let the fact her friend is mad cringe come between them. As a result, she has learned far more than she ever really wanted to know about her best friend's fantasy world. MC is worried about what her friend's going to do when they go to different colleges, but thinks this year marks the end of chuuni lore for her. It does not.
>One truck-kun later, MC finds herself reincarnated, hoping she'll end up in a cool world. Instead, she wakes up to find she is now in a setting she recognizes; her best friend's fantasy world, the one she has had to learn things about against her will since she was thirteen. She knows everything about this place, from its haphazardly-researched mythology to its wildly inconsistent tech levels, but she does not herself have any powers.
>Fortunately or unfortunately, she hardly needs them when she accidentally ends up the sidekick of her best friend's insanely overpowered OC, dragged along on her adventures.
>As she starts to resign herself to life in a purgatory of her best friend's design, however, the world starts to change. A lot of plotlines about reincarnation spring up, and OC suddenly has an obnoxiously perfect love interest, some princess OC grew up with and pines for very hard.
>The love story annoys the hell out of MC after a while. Why is the princess like her, but dumb? What sort of dense, oblivious IDIOT doesn't realize her best friend is madly in love with–
>MC has been content to go with the flow up until now, but she suddenly needs OC's help with a quest of her own; getting back to the world she was truck'd out of!
this sounds like fun

how is >>3696777 /pol/
Is my comment up on an archive somewhere?
Some anon >>3696791 didn’t like my observation and reported it. I think I just said something about their economy being slave and porn based.
Donno if I’ll be censored for this before they get back to check on me.
>Generic 4-members party full of female: Knight, Priest, Samurai and Witch together on an adventure to kill the Demon King
>During their adventure, the Knight and the Priest fell in love each others, but the Samurai and Witch can't come into term because of their own personality barrier
>Upon reaching the Demon King it's revealed that Knight was Demon King's daughter, she explained that both factions were used to be living in peace, but it was separated, but for a reason she could not remember, so now they're stucked with two options: Reconnect both sides into a peaceful state or kill the Demon King and call it a day, which is not happening
>They instead worked their way onto the mountain of the Dragon God to find the real answer behind the two factions being separated
>During their way an otherworld portal appeared and they encountered creatures they have never met before that are very aggressive and they keep coming
>The portal was only closed because the Dragon arrived. The Dragon plotdump everything about the Kingdom past and explain that they are the reincarnation of previous heroes (also females) that sealed the giant portal appeared by sacrificing their life, and the fact that "The cohabitation between humans and demons result in the world to accumulates large amount of energy that spawn the said giant portal that allowed ravenous creatures from otherworld invade and consumes everything"
>The Dragon finally revealing the true identity of each person, teaching them on how to unleash the hidden power before he dies
>During this time the Samurai and Witch finally realize their love to each others
>Just before that 3 days, they were given a choice: To inherit his place as "God" and rule over the world and preventing the portal appearing ever again
>They spent the last 3 days with each others and then they decided to inherit his place, reuniting the factions and try their best to protect the world from the creatures invading
Usual yuri, but without useless lesbians. Useful lesbians only.
>Show starts off as your average otome game isekai
>MC is reborn as the villainess, destined bad end, accidentally seduces the male lead, yada yada yada
>Except the MC, in her past life, was head over heels for the heroine, and actually meeting her just makes it worse
>Heroine, for her part, jumps on the MC route real quick, falling in love with this smart, beautiful, surprisingly kind and shy noble woman
>Seems like a quick path to the happy yuri end
>Except for one tiny issue: MC never played the primary male lead's route, seeing him as a generic pretty boy prince that was nowhere near as interesting as the Heroine or even the Villainess
>So she never learned that he's actually a trap option, in that he's both a yandere and also the worst person in the game, to the point where there's an option to team up with (and romance) the Villainess to take him down
>And he does not take the MC going with the commoner Heroine well.
>The Prince has the Heroine's village burned down, and she's seemingly killed, breaking the MC's heart
>Meanwhile, Heroine in fact survives, and like in the Villainess Romance route becomes a masked rebel
>A year or years later, depends on what works best for story, the MC is to be married to the Prince, only to be rescued by the Heroine and her band of rebels (made up of other characters from the Otome game)
>Show is actually about MC and Heroine fighting the Evil Prince in the middle of their romance with each other
>Heroine tries to act cool but is actually a massive fucking dork, something only MC can see, not that she minds because she's a lovable dork
>Princess Bride references aplenty, because MC shared those with Heroine when they were younger, and Heroine fell in love with the story, and she's absolutely using them as another masked hero trying to save her true love from an evil prince
Thirsty bitch.
The classic yuri private school setting in Japan, but everyone is black haired because dye/bleach is against the rules.
All the girls live tense and on edge with their raging hormones unsatisfied because there is no light hair to pair with.
Define ‘useful’
A magical girl ecchi series where the girls' powers come from lesbianism. They must kiss each other in order to activate their transformation, and the lewder their acts, the greater their power. The finale has them doing a daisy chain to fuse together and defeat the final boss.
>The new republic of lesbians is militaristic and frequently raids normal countries
>The lesbian country has institutionalized slavery
How is it /pol/, indeed.
Simoun already did this in a PG-13 way.
Pussy juice or bust.
Lesbian travels around the world to taste different kinds of international pussies.
That's Asumi-chan sequel
Saving bump
This is based on a /clg/ post from about a month ago.
>You follow a THICC girl from South America who signs up for a student exchange program.
>She gets sent to a medium-sized Russian city. She lives in a multi-generational Russian family in a small Soviet apartment.
>Among this family is a weird autistic girl who seems to be weirdly interested in her.
>After about a month she's alone in this apartment with the girl and they start talking
>After much prying she figures out the Russian girl is gay and they start hitting it off
File: wallpaper-313416.jpg (301 KB, 1680x1050)
301 KB
301 KB JPG
>MC is a cyborg gladiator on an outlaw space station
>She's the favourite slave of a powerful crime boss who gifts her with luxuries (alcohol, drugs, new cybernetics)
>She also has complete control over the MC and can shut her down with a word
>The MC knows she's nothing but a toy but can't do anything about it
>Crime boss gifts her a slave girl as a reward for an especially bloody fight
>The slave is young, small and weak
>MC bullies and molests the girl but gradually softens
>Slave proves herself to be useful and provides a gentleness the MC didn't know she needed
>They fall in love
>Both have to keep their relationship secret or else the crime boss will separate them or worse
>Begin to plot their escape
Anime that starts off pretty much like SAO. MC is even a "boy" and is brooding and almost never talks and becomes famous and strong. Gets the harem and everything.

Then in like episode 6 it's revealed that 'his' real body is that of a girl. She never touched the item that forced you to look like you did IRL because at the time she was too busy pretending to be edgy on a corner. She's not actually broody or a loner, she just feels kinda guilty to be the only one hiding her real appearance so she stays away from people.
File: 02.jpg (189 KB, 1280x1842)
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189 KB JPG
raunchy fantasy harem
> A poor girl down on her luck gets picked up by a wealthy lady as a servant for her daughter.
> Turns out the lady and daughter are succubi and the girl is there not just as a servant, but as a way for the daughter to 'practice' her powers.
> The girl is reluctant at the idea, but goes along with it anyway and signs the contract for a year.
> But as soon as their 'practice' sessions start, she really enjoys it.
> Her pride does not allow her to admit this at first; so it turns into this game where they both try to provoke each other.
> She tries tease the daughter into initiating their 'practice' sessions and the daughter tries to make her beg for it.
> One day a clumsy witch shows up, she was close friends with the girl before the witch was forced to move away.
> The witch tries to save her friend from this situation, but the girl can't leave (magic contract) nor does she want to, but can't admit that yet.
> The daughter taunts the witch into signing the contract to protect her friend.
> This makes things complicated, as the girl likes both the daughter and her friend. The witch loves the girl, but doesn't dislike the daughter.
> The daughter hopes to convince them to make this a more permanent arrangement (harems are a big thing for succubi).
> All kinds of shenanigans ensue as they grow closer together. What will the girl and the witch decide once their contract expires?
The basic idea was a goofy harem that shows what it takes to live together like that. Most harems chicken out and I hate that.
and then they fuck like animals whenever the flight attendant happens to be in town
>wholesome, damn it!!!
mmm.... lets see.
>tresomel, no....
>girl meets girl
>in some magical way, the girl knows that the girl she just met is to her liking, romantically and sexually, even though it's the first time she's felt this way
>but in some magical way she also knows that she is no good, that her feelings have no future
>decides to stay away from her due to her intuition
>notices another girl
>gets along with this girl, but there is no special spark that triggers passion or romance
>decides to propose that they be girlfriends, since the other girl also seems to have an interest in Yuri
>her relationship starts this way, without passion or love, but with an expectation that she will bloom at some point
i like it

Genre: Fantasy, Humour, History
MC dies travels back in time during the Nordic Wars. She then finds out this is an alternate reality were only women exist here. She then fights out that magic exist and they fight with Spirits against each other. MC meets Petra the Great of the Russian empire (who is ironically a loli) and decides to help her
cis lesbian general. It's the lesbian thread on /lgbt/
>closeted lesbian/geek christmas cake aged office lady is just trying to live her life and deal with with societally expectations when she notices the most generic as fuck dude she's ever seen on public transport
>she muses to herself that he could be an isekai protagonist and thinks nothing of their routes off public transport being similar until he steps out into the street without looking as a truck comes barreling past a corner
>her body, desperate for a change in her life and knowing the scenario it seems before her mind consciously registers it, and pushes the kid out of the way of truck-kun
>now she's in a generic fantasy world and being set up with her own harem and loving every minute of it.
>Woman gets isekai'd into a Renaissance-era fantasy world.
>Starts off all bubbly and happy to go on an adventure and meets her first companion, a womanizing noblewoman.
>They hit it off and things go well for like the first half of season 1.
>The GF leaves.
>Protagonist doesn't get it until she realizes she was only ever being used.
>Cue downward spiral as the second half ofthe season has her shack up with all manner of women and losing them (whether through death or breakups), slowly dying inside with every lover who leaves her behind, timeskips indicate how long it's been since the last.
>End of season 1 is her at her lowest, from a heroic idealist determined to save the world to a jaded bounty hunter who fights off depression by just getting into the closest fight or job she sees, any quiet moment to think could be what makes her snap.
>Season 2 starts by following another isekai'd girl, powerful magician with low confidence who realizes she can't do this job on her own, so she hires some help.
>Enter the actual protagonist.
>She notices how similar this lady is to who she used to be, and decides she won't let the world break another one.
>As they adventure together, we get a better look at how the relationship develops, seeing the two fall in love with eachother and how the bounty hunter slowly reclaims pieces of her old self while the mage becomes more comfortable with her powers.
>It gets to the point where they seriously start discussing retirement, families, and settling down.
>Our heroine starts going "this is it, I can finally be happy."
>Then the mage inexplicably vanishes while they're in bed together. The normal end credits are replaced with Bounty Hunter's scream of anguish and broken sobs.
Season 3 next.
>Season 3 follows what happened to Mage, who's been kidnapped by a group of antagonists, there isn't much yuri, mostly focusing on action and angst as she fights through enemy territory in a desperate bid to get back to the love of her life.
>Meanwhile, Bounty Hunter has joined another antagonist group as an enforcer, a rabid attack dog who's mind has been totally warped by emotional damage
>The whole season builds up to when the two of them see eachother again, flashbacks of happier days interlaced between action scenes and plot.
>The final battle is a brutal slugfest between two broken people at the peak of their combat prowess. Think of it like Anakin vs Obi Wan but if Obi Wan was Padme and Padme was pleading to get him to stop.
>It ends with Bounty Hunter soundly defeating Mage, she grabs her by the neck and wonders if she still feels anything for her besides how much she hates Mage for leaving her.
>Gloating smooch backfires hard, because yes, she does still love Mage.
>Another breakdown and the two escape the battlefield. Ending credits are just the two of them in a cave, sobbing in eachother's arms.
Yuri but one is a trap
Has this idea been overdone by now? One girl is obsessed with her best friend and wants to be her lover. They get close but not particularly there yet because her best friend is unsure about her own feelings. While the main girl is giving her space and stuff, another girl is trying to get closer to her. The best friend now has to confront her own feelings and has to realize that main girl may not be there forever if she keeps waiting.
Does genderbender count as yuri? I'm thinking dude gets isekaid, reborn as a villainess fiancee of the 2nd prince in a generic otome style game. Waits for the whole scenario to play out without really enterfearing in the game's plot, except is actually good friends with the heroine in secret. At the graduation party when the prince confronts our mc for all her "crimes" againts the og heroine, our mc claims innocence but accepts the broken engagement. Later on, when the Prince tries to get engaged to the commoner heroine, she disappears soon after the confrontation. Leaving behind a letter saying "she never wanted to marry the prince. She never returned his sweet words of love and only ever claimed to be friends." Royal family is forced to accept the broken engagement, as the 2nd prince went out of his way to humiliate the villainess in front of many nobles. However the villainess is vindicated as all the testimonies come from rival noble houses and their is no hard evidence of her "bullying". Villainess's parents can't be bothered to deal with a so called "broken tool" who can't be married to a nobleman anymore. So they plan to quietly marry off the villainess to a merchant. Villainess leaves her noble household with a large amount of consolation money both from the prince and her noble parents. She marries a successful merchant and starts many successful businesses throughout the kingdom thanks to their previous live's knowledge. It is revealed to the readers that the merchant she marries is actually the commoner heroine in disguise. It is also revealed that the commoner heroine is also a reincarnation, and was actually best friends with the Villainess in their previous lives. A relationship that hasn't changed even after nearly 2 decades in different bodies. Now however since both of them are so hot in female form, they start to feel something more for each other. Their marriage while initially just a way to escape their shitty fates in the original story becomes
>does genderbender count
>Does genderbender count as yuri?
File: 1634867419781.jpg (39 KB, 214x340)
39 KB
Yuri whump/suffering porn-with-plot starring an immortal fighty tomboy loli that gets guro'd often and her slightly sadistic but caring doctor mommy (a mortal, of course).
>Does genderbender count as yuri?
I'd say yes as long as the genderbent MC has handled their shit over being gender bent. So rev up that character development engine.
>fantasy because of course
>girl is sold as a slave to cover family gambling debts
>gets bought by a sorceress from the court of the immortal empress
>empress always wears a mask, no one knows who she is
>Sorceress has discovered that the empress is just passed from mother to daughter when the each gets too old
>Also discovers that the current empress is a young woman and a lesbian
>Plans to train slave girl to seduce and assassinate her and then the Sorceress takes over as empress without anyone knowing
>Slave girl discovers the empress is actually a good person who is trying to change the empire for the better
>They fall in love
>Slave girl tells the empress about the sorceress’s plan
>Helps the empress fake her death
>They both join a rebellion that has been growing and help overthrow the sorceress
>Slave girl and empress leave to see the world together
>The End
This just sounds like Handmaiden
Five girls are having a slumber party. They run out of games to play and they're too energetic to sleep. One of them jokingly talks about porn and it starts becoming a conversation about who actually watches porn or not. It leads to them making a bet, they all will watch (lesbian) porn right now. First one who gets wet gets a punishment. Punishment is that she has to give them all cunninlingus.
>Does genderbender count as yuri?
No. Stop this shit and just make it two girls from the start.
This idea relies pretty thoroughly on shenanigans that are probably only entertaining to me so please bear with me.

>mc was a total tomboy as a child, full on boys clothes, short hair, and zero interest in anything feminine if not outright rebelling against anything of the sort
>made a friend with a boy one summer during a trip to the countryside and did the whole childhood marriage promise thing
>timeskip a decade and the MC has developed physically and mentally quite a bit, being too feminine in body (though rather athletics) to pass as a boy easily anymore and being fine with girl stuff in general
>meets up with childhood friend again intent on getting him to fill his promise after some time texting back and forth
>reunion occurs and the friend is shocked to learn she's a girl, having thought she was a boy and had made that offer because he was the sort to figure himself out early
>entire reunion is awkward and embarrassing despite the profuse apologies and the MC understanding
>however MC did talk about her plans to about everyone who would listen and would be embarrassed if she came back home without a partner in tow and confesses this to her newest bff
>bff has a solution
>his sister needs to move to the city for school/work and needs a place to stay
>she's always been a bit of a delinquent so she's probably willing to play along with a scheme to help MC save face in exchange for room and board
>seeing no other option, MC agrees and goes with her bff to meet his sister
>mc is not at all prepared to deal with finding the sister super hot/handsome despite turning out to be more than just a bit of a delinquent.

Not sure if the delinquent girl would end up crossdressing or if the MC would claim she's the childhood friend she promised to marry and was not deterred by the reveal she was a girl but either way it's a full on fake dating SoL comedy type deal as the two try to maintain the image that they're a couple long enough to get their respective goals done before they can fake a breakup, try and fail to not catch feelings, and maybe some b-plots for both girls doing their own things like the MC trying hard to be the perfect overachiever student and the Delinquent girl doing crime shit of various levels of severity.

bout all I got on the general idea though.


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