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File: EBfLSm1U0AAUjif.jpg (97 KB, 900x1117)
97 KB
Girls' Frontline is a gritty girls with guns mobile Tactical SLG for Android, iOS and emulator where the player takes the role of a newly recruited commander in a Private Military Company named Griffin&Kryuger, commanding a force of highly advanced android girls known as Tactical Dolls. You, the commander, are represented by a customisable male or female sprite that can interact with the girls in their dorms.

Self-insert/waifu elements aside, the all girls cast inevitably lends to a range of /u/ elements from cute interactions to unhealthy obsessions. It also has a manga featuring a female commander protagonist and a series of anime shorts, primarily Chinese dubbed with Japanese broadcast following.

Beginner FAQ: https://pastebin.com/BMrzudfQ
Resources: https://pastebin.com/SHn3ztTt

Manga: https://mangadex.org/title/32154/girls-frontline
Materials (het-free version, courtesy of Anon): https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1qmrJA3ILKDUD_MjMEya_EEVgZf3nV8bp

List of /u/sers: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1syw8ZtQG5r6vw4z-CJL9aLODxxu-S7q9HMBGheuqqHE/edit#gid=1211261030
Add your UID here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdCGLBh2gL4WY-uVXPE1FigOiLusCKiYaolwCQJ35TU_6L-Hg/viewform

Previous: >>3577672
Casual here, can I still make it proper (get event dolls + shop) if I start the rerun now? Haven't played in a long time but since I missed the original run I now want to get back to the game.
Yes. Just focus on the characters and equips first and you'll most likely get everything.
Yeah and it won't even be hard.
>come back after more than a year
>like 3 people in the friend list still active, other 50 last online 99days ago
>ui is still agonisingly slow
>next update is costume milking and nothing else
>your active friends deleted you when you left, leaving only the inactive ones
>the UI is fine if you decompress the obb
>updates are weekly and this one is an anniversary, also there is a points event as well as the new gacha and we have a current Collab event running
Doing this >>3660882 is recommended for UI lag issues

We're about to head into the 4th anniversary so you might as well stick around for the True Core Mask.

We had an extremely long content drought last year where the game went 8 months without a major event or new story chapter but things have been picking back up to a better pace. There have been a fair number of QoL improvements (13-4 dragging, improved logistics (also chapter 13), anchored construction, braindead farming routes on all event maps after the first clear, monthly SPEQs that give minor skill upgrades instead of worthless 3* dolls, prototype fairies etc.).
You're about two months late.

but muh doomposting
>improved logistics
Why do you lie?
Two 6 hour logistics in the top 4 for resource/hour efficiency is a huge QoL improvement. With 13-1 thrown in, there's literally no need to ever run 9-1 again.
>put together an echelon based solely on your preferences and not what's meta
>it actually works
As someone who can't into math, this feels too good to be true.
A lot of comps work in medium to semi-hard difficulty. It's mostly high level stuff, especially ranking, where the meta really matters.
>A lot of comps work in medium to semi-hard difficulty
Not if you're retarded like me
File: FSolgabXoAAXy-1.jpg (96 KB, 1336x753)
96 KB
>GFL x Zombieland Saga
Is your body ready?
>STAR is back
>Kalina in a suit
Yes please.
Ok. Not a big fan of ZS but I do hope it at least gives us some shipping material.

It matters more to me that these two are still together. Shame we'll never get the collab that shipped them together in the first place.
>Franchouchou are ELIDS
>it's not cute at all
>it's all just pure suffering
File: 1626453423670.png (3.85 MB, 1920x1080)
3.85 MB
3.85 MB PNG
Lots of returning girls under new names and lots of new girls as well which means new opportunities for subtext and shipping
The only thing worrying me is how long this is taking, they've been in closed beta for like, 2 years now?
Not that I want a rushed product but then why reveal it so early if it still needed a lot of time in the oven?
Awaiting word on Saiga.
Which is what collab? Guilty gear? gunslinger girl?
Who's the heli door gunner, vsk?
Neither. It was a collab with the game that preceded Honkai 3rd and was only released on CN. None of the other servers ever got it.
Oh, honkai 2 zombie schoolgirls thing?
That's the one. Pretty sure it's a dead game now.
File: rlkbg25puh021.jpg (197 KB, 1600x1200)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
>haven't played in like, maybe two or so years aside from logging on for like a day or two
>a metric fuckton of random crap added to the base
did they just copy arknights or something like jesus how am I supposed to have enough batteries to do any of this
File: 40x4evn3yjx11.jpg (270 KB, 1638x2048)
270 KB
270 KB JPG
By playing the game, or at least logging in semi-regularly? Are you seriously complaining you're behind on upgrades, when you haven't touched the game in 2 years?
File: aothronv8ep11.jpg (102 KB, 896x1194)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
Not really complaining, just saying they added a bunch of crap that just uses batteries. I'm having fun with the game again at least.
>they added a bunch of crap that just uses batteries.
As opposed to having no uses for batteries, and everyone being forced to buy 50th copy of the same animal just to avoid over-capping them? Which is something you'll start to do in about a month anyway, as the updates are finite and batteries are infinite.
Arknights has never added anything to the base though...
File: EZLrXCSVcAAAPfH.jpg (281 KB, 2000x1350)
281 KB
281 KB JPG
I only played arknights like once when it came out but I thought it had a bunch of base things to passively do and that's why I mentioned it
That is right, huh? I just always needed more combat reports and only ever had 3 dorms so I just always felt like I didn't have enough batteries to level all my dolls
>3 dorms
That would explain it. The max is now 14 and when you have all upgrades it feels like you are getting flooded with batteries.

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