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Favorite films. Favorite performers. New releases. Discuss.

This is a good one. Only two scenes, but they're both super hot. The acting isn't great, and the story's kinda weak, but the sexual chemistry of all three girls is off the charts. Lacy Lennon's great in everything, and Ana Foxxx might just be the most beautiful woman to ever do porn.

Definitely a worth keeping in mind as a possible date-night watch for those of you who aren't destined to die alone.
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Specifically, I'm looking for Western porno films that actually attempt to be romances rather than just porn. Like you have from a lot of the best JAV releases.
Though I'd love to talk about adult western movies, this is a behemoth of a subject - the only thing I wanted to remark is that the quality of lesbian porn dropped in the last 2 years and many big girl-girl-only performers stopped working... So the only good things that happened was "Slayed", a dedicated lesbian site from the vixen network and MixedX switched to girl/girl only. Oh and Jo/Monica Sweet returned...
On the other side, Girlsway is lacking innovative ideas its just step-whatevers having vanillasex in the bed or, if they feel wild, on a couch, they also started with transporn... it looks like Alan took all the good ideas to his new sites GirlGirl, SheSeducedMe and LesbianSexuality.
We Live Together is dead - after failing to keep up with the quality of their golden era when Malena Morgan was active.
Dyked, MomKnowsBest, MomsLickTeens and GirlsGonePink are dead.
Hot And Mean is bringing nothing but trash to the table, ugly overweight women overly relying on toys and more often than not including het dick sucking.
Viv Thomas and Lesbea appear timid, they dont take risks, every scene feels the same, at least the girls are mostly attractive.
Lezcuties is trying, but rely too much on Toys for my taste.
Sweetheartvideo, Girlfriendfilms, Twistys keep doing what they did for the last 10 years. Making okay movies/scenes and sometimes good ones.
BFFs, FemaleFaketaxi and Fakehostel stopped producing lesbian clips.
Sapphic Erotica and AGirlKnows are bringing 1 Scene per month, though I must say AGirlKnows last few scenes were decent.
and bla bla bla, im afraid things will get worse, with the camsite-hype, getting simps to pay 3 to 4 digits just to show your asshole is much easier than putting effort into eating pussy or licking ass. dire times indeed.
>a thread died for this
Before this thread gets jannied, I'll say that the best western girl/girl scene I've watched is the one between Georgia Jones and Madison Ivy in an otherwise straight Shane's World film, mostly because of how natural it felt. Like two girls just wanted to fuck each other crazy and just decided to film it, plus you see them tearing each others clothes which you don't see enough of in western lesbian porn.
I doubt this thread is gonna get jannied, but the JAV thread occasionally goes into western/euro discussions and everyone's fine with it, really shoulda posted in there.
In response to the doomerism above, onlyfans plus covid really cratered the overall quality of western porn. There are still some good western scenes that come out, but nothing like the previous decade. I find myself watching more JAV/2D/Blender than american/euro nowadays. It's that fuckin dire. It feels like there's only like 5-10 actresses out there that consistently put out good scenes, and hell i think only like 2-3 of them are GG exclusive. Even then it feels like the all the big producers ran out of ideas, and the only really good scenes are the ones where they admit "hey here's two girls who really wanna fuck eachother on camera, here you go." AHL has been doing well with stories and stuff but hopefully they can sustain it both creatively and financially.
I will say that I feel like wowgirls/wowporn/ultrafilms are still putting out good work on the euro front, but then and again I really like Nancy A and she's in like half the lesbo scenes they make so there's that.
My god, get some bitches.
I actually admire their dedication
I don't mind "Lets just fuck"-scenes, when the sex is actually intense - I was talking about golden era WLT, I mean damn that Malena Morgan - she didn't need a plot to make a scene convincing. And other performers were putting much more effort in it back then, Shyla Jennings, Jenna Sativa, Charlotte Stokely, Celeste Star, Sammie Rhodes and so on so on. And then long before Covid or onlyfans (~2016/17), they dropped in quality - at that point Girlsway/Webyoung had their greatest scenes, but I guess some of their more daring projects failed, The "Wastelands" series, Girlcore and that feature film attempt "Teenage Lesbian" had a lot of production value, but didn't sell so well.

Wowfilms has the prettiest performers but the sex itself is rather tame in comparison. I don't know if the girls aren't into it or if the direction tells them to go slow, because slow=art. Sexart has a similar problem, its borderline softcore. But I agree Nancy A is hot.
Hungry Bitches?
Now here's someone who knows his shit.
Sorry if I'm repeating this from the current Lesbian JAV thread but considering the subject matter of this one, Anyone here a fan of old BDSM shoots made by HOM (House of Milan) Studio/London Enterprises Video from the 1990s?

Been watching a couple that starred Ashley Renee:

1. The Contract (a girl named Jessica, who's serving a woman she has to call "Mistress" because she signed a contract where the former has to be a "slave" for the latter for one year, brings a girl to the dungeon and after watching her mistress in a session with another girl who joined as a slave, Jessica and the girl she brought over, Sally, have sex. Jessica's mistress catches them in the act and punishes Jessica for it, giving Sally the idea that being a year-long slave is a good idea... )

2. Felicia's Fantasies (the titular character is forcibly taken by her friends Donna and Sandy to a woman the latter two call "Mistress" and they tell her about the fantasies Felicia has about being tied up and tortured. While the mistress is keen on on making Felicia a slave like Donna and Sandy, she however punishes Donna and Sandy for what they did while making Felicia watch. Over time, Felicia enjoyed watching her friends get punished and accepts being the mistress' new slave)

Nancy said in her film with Sherice that she's only been with girls on camera, but she's clearly gotten really into it. It's just not possible to bang several dozen women without getting into it.

My favorite scene of hers was with Sabrisse. They've done several together, but they really went hot and heavy here:


I really ought to check out more of Sabrisse. She's really good.
Huh? There are plenty of het-scenes with Nancy. So that's a lie. But I agree, she's best with Sabrisse, their Scene on Whiteboxxx is my favourite.

You misunderstood. She meant she'd only had sex with girls on camera, but has yet to off.
File: snap.jpg (75 KB, 1280x720)
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I know it's the trashiest of trash, but Mother-Daughter Thing (especially second one) is basically what made me start watching full-length stuff. The stories are laughably flimsy, but the direction is absolutely superb, there's a lot of palpable fun in every scene, and the way the camera switches from standard full shots to travelling along their bodies is S-tier
I'm a big Molly Stewart fan. She doesn't shoot for the studios anymore, but she's an amazing domme.

Tall girls often have a tendency towards lesbianism, but few of 'em do porn to keep from making the guys look undersized. Happily, Molly's an exception.
Anon, please visit a licensed therapist.

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