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/u/ - Yuri

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A thread to discuss any personal yuri creations you're currently working on or have ideas for, and to get feedback and advice from other anons. Tell us what you're making!

This includes but is not limited to:
>yuri stories (note that fanfiction has it's own dedicated thread)
>yuri video games
>yuri comics
>yuri card games
>yuri 3D modeling and/or printing
>yuri graffiti
>yuri food
>using deep learning to construct two sentient female AI and setting them up on a blind date

Note that all the normal board rules still apply, e.g. no hetshit, etc.
File: tom 2(5) (1).png (3.14 MB, 2560x1440)
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3.14 MB PNG
I'm working on a yuri VN right now

It's about a girl with magic powers who has been tasked with keeping magic a secret. She has forsaken her love of other girls for the sake of her mission, and views herself like a machine.

One day she discovers a magic club ran by three delusional girls who mistakenly believe that they have magic powers of their own.

One of them thinks she can hear ghosts talk, another is an anxiety ridden fortune teller whose predictions always go wrong, and another is a tomboy who insists that she's descended from an ancient clan of magical samurai.

The very idea of the club enrages our hero. She sets out to gain their trust and blacmail each of them into giving up their pursuit of magic, but she slowly falls in love with them as their shenanigans melt her icy heart.


I dropped some steam codes in the games thread and I'll drop a few more around here when we release. Please look forward to it.
What's your dream /u/ project that you will never get around to making?
is anyone here creating a webtoon or something?
Are RPGMaker games still a thing?
Where can I "publish" a manga? I just post it on my twitter/pixiv? Not looking to have it printed but I want it read. I have no idea how this works. I've seen some authors publish as a free kindle book but that might come out as too hassling.
Depends on what you mean, are you doing a more webcomic style where it's published over a couple of days or weeks because Twitter and Pixiv would probably work fine for that. If you want to release it all at once there's itch.io, it's mainly for games but has a comic section as well.
Twitter images are kinda shitty quality and you can only attach four per tweet, so if it's a bunch of pages it's not great.
Yeah but the problem is people never finish making them.
yes, some come out from time to time, but making games is a bitch
Y'all ok with rushed but complete projects? This programming is slowing me down. Just gonna throw in MS paint cgs for maximum entertainment.

Still half-deciding how comfy or explicit thing should get.
I'd struggle to call a project complete if it's all half-assed with zero effort assets.
I just want hand-written letters and items with hidden clues.

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