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Main Story subbed: https://youtu.be/iYgk2QsNu74

Event: https://youtu.be/KUVLZCdk4I0
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What's the top-bottom relationship between these 4
Awakened > Karen = Karerin > Tsukasa?
>English Language not supported
Give it like a year WFS titles have all been localized
Both those girls have split personalities? And both sets love each other?
File: FbPmyexaUAA6e10.jpg (197 KB, 800x1000)
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I don't know if you can say they love each other. It's complicated. If you don't mind spoilers for up to chapter 4 of the main story: Normal Tsukasa is a huge airhead who may or may not like Karerin. It's actually not clear at all how she felt about her before chapter 4, but at least Karerin is the first person she contacts whenever she gets lost on the base. Karen-chan though, Karerin's alternate personality and a bloodthirsty killer, is pretty fond of Tsukasa and probably thought of her as a pet or something.

Awakened Tsukasa appeared in chapter 3. She's not exactly an alternate personality, more like her real personality that she sealed away for reasons along with easily 60 IQ points and Tsukasa can only bring her out for a limited time now. She's got a real arrogant attitude, but she can also back that up with intelligence and skills. In chapter 4 Karerin lost it telling her backstory and Karen-chan tried to kill everyone including Tsukasa. That was the first time she's actually tried to kill anyone in the story. Before this she could keep her bloodlust in check by playing video games and fighting the alien enemies. Tsukasa awakened there, subdued Karen-chan, and now Karerin is head over heels for her. She knows she has a killer inside her, but she'll no longer have to worry about anything as long as Tsukasa is with her. Meanwhile normal Tsukasa is terrified that Karen-chan will try to kill her again without notice at any moment.
>Give it like a year WFS titles have all been localized

I wonder who's going to give it a chance to localize it and not have it die a year after that.
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Maeda please make it happen
Thats insane! Yet I like it! They should have a anime just of their own.
File: 1.jpg (2.64 MB, 1432x2018)
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There's a very similar pairing in Akuma no Riddle, minus the airhead.
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Maria x Irene will be a thing, my yuri gut feels it.
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Ichigo says no to consent
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I really like that Ruka and a couple others openly express their physical attraction towards other girls. Something I feel is missing from other yuri-friendly games of the same nature. Some people might find their dialogue too fanservice-y or vulgar but I think it adds a layer of genuineness.
They even tease the characters involved, reminds me of people having crushes in high school. The no-names in the recent event even gossiped about a pair.
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Okay. I give up. How do I learn japanese? My PC (and myself) are too retarded to use MT tools, so the only option is improving.

I know some basic grammar, katakana, hiragana and around maybe 200 kanji but it isn't nearly enough. Any guides, tips for learning kanji maybe? Would appreciate it.
>My PC (and myself) are too retarded to use MT tools
Which part of using the OCR toolkit or anything else that uses DeepL are you struggling with?
Windows fuckery. Every time I click in-game, both text capture window and window with translation are going to the background. Moreover, alt-tabing takes forever.
Even in regular windowed mode? That fixed it for me.
Yes, in windowed mode too.
>I know some basic grammar, katakana, hiragana and around maybe 200 kanji
Read a lot.
Have you tried other tools, like a different OCR and manually pasting its output into the DeepL app? It takes more effort because you lose the automation, but if you're like me and can't justify learning Japanese then it gets the job done in the short term.
Worst case scenario just look up "Autohotkey always on top" and use a script to pin the relevant windows. Though personally I prefer to just lower the resolution and put the translated text somewhere on the sides, so it doesn't cover up anything.
>Moreover, alt-tabing takes forever.
Sounds like your computer is just lagging. My laptop runs HBR quite well, but it uses almost all resources -- with the translating tool on top of that I often reach 100% CPU usage, if you have a weaker machine like me you might be running into this as well.
File: LotteryBg65000341.png (2.76 MB, 2220x1028)
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2.76 MB PNG
Our resident seductress got her SS
Her memory event is bound to be fun.
File: 20220915203921_1.jpg (212 KB, 1400x785)
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212 KB JPG
Even Shiki knows
I've learned from this event that Tsukasa and Megumin are prone to be abducted and molested by women in unsuspecting white vans.
File: FchL0V2acAAmMFC.jpg (542 KB, 2048x1472)
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Birthday time
File: FcQh3VbacAATXHa.jpg (431 KB, 1448x2048)
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This might be the only gacha where I'm overflowing with so much stamina. At least there's a new event soon so I could just burn some there.
File: FdFlamlacAAs50w.jpg (2.51 MB, 2500x2703)
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2.51 MB JPG
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File: FdhW1EYVQAAoRiR.jpg (1.94 MB, 1232x1549)
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1.94 MB JPG
Yeah, the postgame content is as mindless as it is lacking in purpose right now, but the gameplay isn't what I'm playing this for anyway so I don't mind much. I hope the interlude story we're getting in mid-October will be interesting.
>Magia Recodo
It still hurts. At least this is dealing with actual yuri and not themes of -angst- tm, like Magia.
Guess Yuina senpai event is the next month event.
There is HBR thread here.

The line you want to confirm is from the first meeting event with Yuina senpai, the context is more less half joke.
File: Spoiler Image (3.38 MB, 1920x1080)
3.38 MB
3.38 MB PNG
So you tagging my post actually didnt work at all and it is pure coincidence that I checked the catalogue on my own and figured out this thread exists. Chance is a mysterious thing. Would have been great if I had known this weeks ago.

>The line you want to confirm is from the first meeting event with Yuina senpai, the context is more less half joke.
So first of all, I played all her events and while I know that Ruka saying she loves Yuina back then was just an exaggeration of her overwhelming emotions, it is certainly treated quite differently in this event.

As I said in my first post, the event treats it like Yuina is kind of crushing on Ruka, but it doesn't show any of Yuina's character events outside of a variation on the one where she finds out Ruka is a genius musician. But due to various connections I have come to the conclusion that character episodes and prism events are all canon after all somehow, so they must have happened.

This leaves us with the theme that Yuina thinks Ruka is in love with her, while Ruka only revealed in the Chapter 4 events that she is in fact teasing Yuina on purpose to a degree because she thinks she is cute (due to the same gap moe that Miya is attracted to). Ruka's attraction to Yuina is clearly real and the character episode in Chapter 4 even implies this through clever theming (Yuina: "Happiness is when you find something that makes you feel like time flies by every day" and then at the end Ruka: "Whenever I am with Yuina-senpai times just flies by"). While Yuina always seemed like she cared for Ruka in her events (and blushes when she thinks Ruka loves her) I had never pegged her to be this obssessed.

This event sure lived up to it's title "Oracle and white lillies" (yes, the literal characters for yuri). Giving us two Yuina ships in one go and an emotional scene that sort of explains how Ruka made peace with Aoi's death a lot more convincingly.
You summarized it pretty well for senpai's character and this month event.
Don't think I need to add anything else.

Can't wait for the next event in this mid month. They said the main perspective will be someone unpredictable. People speculated it will be Iroha because of ch 4 stories.DESU I'm not that sure which character.

I'm concerning about the story overall, seems it reached climax already by the flag and the pacing of ch3-4. Can't wait for what Maeda has in store.

Yesteday's luck, weren't coming from rainbow one. Double Upgrade!
File: Yuina x Miya.png (2.86 MB, 1920x1080)
2.86 MB
2.86 MB PNG
Very possible. I am honestly amazed at the level of cohesiveness the background events at the base and the story have too. Every layer of interaction in this game is actually relevant. You can totally miss Iroha's behaviour throughout chapter 4 if you dont pay attention to the background, but it is clear what's going on with her if you connect the dots. Her character episode could be entirely unrelated if you didnt know how she has acted before it.

Flathand is honestly a final boss type of enemy in some ways. I am also curious how they are gonna move forward beyond this arc. When I started the game I thought we would progress from
Recapture Central Japana -> recapture Kyushu and Hokaido (where the two Cancer main hives are) -> go overseas to save the rest of the world
but the truth is that these games rarely go outside Japan, so I figure the war will actually shift completely towards Japan and instead the rest of the world will send support there (new units to explore maybe). The game actually has so much room for more characters due to the fact that even in canon events unknown units always participate and only get mentioned by name (like the surving 30 units outside of G).

否, 否, エロ!
I'm pretty sure they said that either Kyushu or Hokkaido was already captured and the mother Cancer was at the other location
File: Important Choices.png (2.48 MB, 1920x1080)
2.48 MB
2.48 MB PNG
Oh? I must have missed this somehow. You're telling me someone other than 31A can actually complete objectives? Madness!

Well that makes it easier. No dividing attention, all towards one location. That will make recapturing Japan much quicker. More time for important squad bonding.
File: 4t5syduf.jpg (56 KB, 894x526)
56 KB
Wow... I remembered the two main hives, but not the part about Hokkaido already being liberated. My brain is a sieve...
They do always reference Kyushu being the most dangerous enemy territory at least and it is close, so it was obvious that's the main objective long term.
File: Boss Team.png (1.91 MB, 1920x1080)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB PNG
Speaking of Chapter 4.1 I cant seem to beat the final boss. I always make it to phase 2 and get wrecked. Is my team just too weak? (Yes I tried super hard to get SS Shiki but gacha luck isnt on my side)
File: HBR charas.png (613 KB, 684x351)
613 KB
613 KB PNG
Could you show me your roster and your accessories from the cat?
You want to stack 精神 to deal with the damage taken as usual. Use ダズンダム for Booster.
If you don't have Hoshi you'll want Critical Thinking Orb for 100% Crit.
File: SS + Gear.png (3.04 MB, 1761x1719)
3.04 MB
3.04 MB PNG
Trying to get it all in one image was a pain, but here.
I'm using Shiki for the reliable crit, but if by Thinking Orb you mean that shit those elemental enemies drop that cost 2 stamina to fight, then I am not crazy enough to grind out 100% on those damn things. Every time I beat them I only get 0.4% more. I'll be grinding those for 4 weeks to get anywhere.
You don't need to grind it to use the skill, just equip the orbs.

You got a solid Fire Party, why not use that
ATK -> Gacha Mori -> Crit Orbs
Buffer -> Tsukasa for Fire Field
Def, Buff -> Ichiko for Fire Atk Buff
Healer-> Yanagi for Charge
Debuff, Ele Down -> Megumi/Izuzu
Blaster -> A-san

Level your character to max, it should be an easy win.
File: New Team.png (2.78 MB, 1920x1080)
2.78 MB
2.78 MB PNG
So this team (pic)?

Hmm... I did equip the Critical Orb with Ruka and I used the skill, but it is not reliable at all. It doesn't always trigger crits. What else is the percentage meter for if not for a better chance to trigger?

Isuzu's debuffs somehow have a way worse chance to trigger than Megumin's for me. I picked Light Element Megumin because Flathand is weak to all elemental damage, so I thought it was better than standard Megumin. Other than that I havent been using Adelhaid and Yanagi much, so I am not familiar with their strengths.

I'll be honest, I am not really good at the whole stat stuff in this game (doesnt help that my Japense sucks). I mostly just fumbled my way through chapter 4 by abusing Aoi's OP block ability maliciously. As you could see with my main team I mostly relied on her to block and then do burst damage to the point where I didnt even use a healer.
That's a solid team.
I can only give you some tips to play min-max.
- Level your character to max with the SS even boss, so you can get medal at the same time.
- Level your Skill Level with Shuttle Run, best map Ch 3 Day 14 10:30
- Get +4 Element Ring for 10% bonus ele damage.

For 100% Crit you need to stack Crit and Charge status at the same time.
Aoi is only good defender, but you still need to deal damage. So defender for a short battle, healer for a longer one.

Not sure if you understand all of the basic yet but I'll tell everything that you might be missed:
- You could stack the atk buff, and you'll use the best 2 atk buff / atk skill, if you have doping and enhance buffs, you'll use doping first over enhanced (used buff is highlighted).
- Use ele field for 50% more bonus ele damage.
- You can stack debuff up to 2/series by using it first before you trigger Overdrive.
- Crit Orbs buff will be used when you do normal atk, so move that attacker to the back and pray that she won't atk.
Just to double up on the help:
>I did equip the Critical Orb with Ruka and I used the skill, but it is not reliable at all. It doesn't always trigger crits.
The orb ability on its own gives you a 40-70% chance to crit, scaling with 知性, but it stacks (additively I believe) with itself and with the 20-30% chance from Yanagi's ult's charge buff. That gives you a couple of ways to make crits more reliable when you need them.
>What else is the percentage meter for if not for a better chance to trigger?
Are you talking about the meter next to the orb item when equipped? That's for getting the character that has the orb to learn the ability permanently, ie use it without the orb, which you'll be able to do once you get it to 100% for them. It's not important right now as the crit orb is by far the best orb in the game in the absence of Seira, so don't worry about it. The only thing you need to know is that that bar does not affect the strength of the orb ability at all, rather it's affected by your character's 知性 in this case.
>Isuzu's debuffs somehow have a way worse chance to trigger than Megumin's for me.
Are you focusing on the confusion (Isuzu) and stun (Megumi) debuffs? That's not really what you want them for. They both have more important debuffs that trigger 100% of the time, debuffs which help your main DPS (fire Ruka) quite a bit: in Isuzu's case it's fire defense down (from her 8SP AOE) and regular defense down (from her 14SP ult), and in Megumi2's case it's regular defense down (from her 8SP single target ability which you likely have from her S style) and Fragile (weakness damage taken increased, from her 9SP AOE).
>I havent been using Adelhaid and Yanagi much, so I am not familiar with their strengths.
Yanagi has 2 full party heals, one attached to her ult which also gives you that charge buff I mentioned earlier. Adelheid can increase the number of hits she delivers with her attacks and can ramp up the damage taken in the HP phases very rapidly.
File: FeC42dIVQAAC0XF.jpg (101 KB, 1066x950)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
Thanks for the assist.
I'm really sucks at explaining stuff properly.

Now I kinda understand why this game can be very hard if people doesn't understand Japanese, because of the lack of official guides (they will release it later). Had to do a lot of research from other HBR Youtuber(Japanese).

F2P players don't need to worry too much, you can beat the game easily if you do a lil bit grinding on the accessories. Get the free charas from the event up to lvl 110, they are really good.
File: basic guideline.png (104 KB, 1471x1020)
104 KB
104 KB PNG
I've been doing fine with MTL thus far, but I have been steadily learning Japanese recently. It ain't easy, but you do miss a lot without it, no matter how much you know to expect from Maeda and his writing. Thankfully in terms of gameplay there are some good resources out there, like the seraph.day website and this partially outdated image, and the /vmg/ thread is often quite helpful with other gameplay-related matters as well.
You're spot-on though: the details of the gameplay aren't the most intuitive at times, but understanding them goes a long way towards making your life easier. That official guide that they'll be launching soon should be very helpful in that regard.
I was aware of about half of those things (otherwise it woiuld have been very hard to make it through chapter 3 and 4 I think)
Aoi has been getting me through a lot of Boss battles actually, it's just that a multi phase boss that I could barely defeat the first phase of by using all of my ults is a unique case.

Thanks for the advice.

I was aware that Megumi has debuffs that always trigger, but I never quite found a use for her elemental weakness debuff. It didnt seem to make much of a difference no matter the situation. Her stun on the other hand is vital sometimes to save my ass.

I really hate min-maxing, but I guess I'll do my best. Thanks.
They already started capitalizing on the new Kiryu dynamic in her new episode. She acts jealous with Ruka the entire time
File: How dare you.png (3.33 MB, 1920x1080)
3.33 MB
3.33 MB PNG
Miya getting so worked up about Ruka being close to Yuina that her mask just gets blown off her face and never comes back was brilliant.
Which is funny because in previous episodes Ruka has been nothing but supportive of Miya. This jealousy is really sudden
That's kinda surprising to me as well. Seems they add the recollection event together with this oracle event. It's so weird but I like it for YuiMya pairing.
File: Lovely.png (2.37 MB, 1920x1080)
2.37 MB
2.37 MB PNG
They (almost) always add a new prism episode alongside a character's new SS style release. So be cause Miya got her first SS she got a new episode. Now that they have a more interesting new angle for her with the new Event I guess it just made sense to change the focus.

Miya only found out that Yuina was spending so much time with Ruka around the end of story Chapter 2 and the prism episodes are very vague about their actual continuity. So it is entirely possible that this takes place right after she finds out and she calms down afterwards.

Funny thing is that Yuina appears in this episode and thinks Ruka and Miya are really close because the latter talks to Ruka without her mask on. They both marvel at Yuina's beautiful smile and at the end Miya actually smiles when her and Ruka sync up in their goofy exchange. It's the rare subtle moment of HBR where you can tell she enjoys herself with Ruka even if she was mad at her. Kinda like all the Kura moments where she freaks out, but secretly has fun.
File: FeeHjSoVQAAnNIL.jpg (696 KB, 1442x2048)
696 KB
696 KB JPG
Looking for an answer on how military are able to rewrite human.navy memories by removing the unnecessary part such as time before their(real human) death
And what Higumin said in explaining the gacha system on day 0, I think it has a deeper meaning since Maeda really like to integrating all part of the simple things into the story.
I dont know how you expect to get an answer that would require us to predict the future. They handwaved the entire plot point pretty quickly. The military has the tech to do it: The End.

When it comes to stuff Higumin said I think the much more interesting part is her pointing out that Ruka specifically "smells different" from everyone else and that she is completely abnormal at the base (especially because she is the only known twin sword seraph user).

We seriously need an official romanization. This is the first time I have seen someone call them that. It seems more likely to be Nabi/Navi. Actually ナ-ビ is how Japanese people call their Navigation systems, so I guess Navi is the most logical translation. also since chapter 4 revealed that they can create wormholes only they can traverse I guess "navigators" would be the best way to describe them
File: Spoiler Image (3.44 MB, 1920x1080)
3.44 MB
3.44 MB PNG
Good news: I finally beat the final boss of chapter 4.1. Thank you to everyone who gave me advice. It took some grinding, but the team pulled through. Phase 3 was honestly easier than the prior two phases.
Bad news: I can't believe Megumi would break Tama's heart like that. Don't get me wrong, her surviving is the better outcome, but that was just rough to watch. At least I share one braincell with Maeda, because from the start of the chapter I thought it would make sense for Tama to say "You were my savior". It just themed like the perfect line. RIP MeguTama... for now.
Grats. Welcome to the endgame waiting room. I think I recall seeing on one of the datamine sites some values for phase 3 that indicated a pre-release nerf, so it was probably harder originally.
Yeah, it's painful for everyone involved. The stress that Megumi was under is nothing to scoff at. 4.1 is definitely the kind of chapter that gets you thinking from multiple perspectives because even though you and I both know she's gonna come back eventually, that's still a big decision she's just made, one that affects way more than just her. It's hard enough for Tama already for obvious reasons, but Ruka's innocence being shattered yet again along with her squad really got to me. For a moment I legit wondered if Megumi's final bond event was a nonstandard fail state or something.
What do you reckon we'll get in 4.2?
Admittedly the difficulty of Phase 3 is supposed to be the time limit, so it makes sense to me to nerf the boss in all other regards. Reminds me of the fight against RedCrimson a bit. I can tell you that these kinds of time limits make my heart pump like nothing else.
I completely understand Megumi's decision mind you. She's probably in the worst spot mentally out of the entire group, even worse than Karen who was already broken before this whole apocalypse. It just hurts that not even Tama giving her the best excuse to stay possible by turning her savior complex from humankind to just her didnt work. I am also not sure if she will come back in the conventional sense.
>What do you reckon we'll get in 4.2?
Now there are obvious parts and things I cant really predict. Obviously 31A will deal with the fallout of Megumin leaving. From what Tezuka said this could even mean a new party member will appear. Admittedly 31B didnt get one, but Tsukishiro and Aoi were getting integrated from older gens to begin with. So who knows, maybe there will be an addition from one of the veteran 30 groups that lost her uint. If that happens I predict an arc about them not accepting the new member for obvious reasons and having to grow used to the new dynamic.
Other than that there are a lot of questions surrounding what the fuck Flathand No. 2 was actually trying to do. That was not actually concluded at all. What was that energy syphoning about? Why did it keep making trips? My best guess is that it was trying to create a portal or some kind of tunnel so Kuyshu Cancer can invade the mainland. The other possibility is that it was trying to establish a new hive, hence all the eggs.
I think this will lead straight into the next operation. And my guess is that this will lead to liberating the rest of Japan. Probably not in chapter 4.2 though.

I just hope for more RukaYuki and TsukaKaren for now.
File: Savior.png (3.08 MB, 1920x1080)
3.08 MB
3.08 MB PNG
I've been grinding my way through those prism memory events and finished them all now. But I also unlocked the full memories of some girls which revealed their dialogue. This is Megumin's (see pic).
You can see how this relates to Chapter 4. This means that this backstory and raison d'être was planned from the moment they added the prism world already. The meaning only becomes obvious once you actually get to Chapter 4, but this is awesome foreshadowing hidden behind grinding 50 fragments to spend on just one character.

My point is there may be more things we can predict due to these. I also finished Yuki and Karen.
Karen says that one day she will part from her Karen-chan personality and hopes Ruka will be there with her.
Yuki implies she wants to stick with Ruka even after everything is over, but tsunderes out at the end.
100 fragments per character I mean. Shit took ages.
File: 1646501637570.jpg (510 KB, 1935x564)
510 KB
510 KB JPG
Here are some others from half a year ago. I'm sure you could find a complete list somewhere, too.
It's not as fun when you just look them up. They feel less like hidden easter eggs, but anyway...

I'm really glad someone took the time to grind out Baykko's memory. Such important and deep thoughts. Gao.
Tsukishiro's already spelled out beforehand that she put Kura on the same level as her precious comrade that she was doing all this for. Basically telling us that she always valued her that much. Gaaah
Yuina's is actually super relevant to the current event. She doubts if she is really Japanese, which goes along with Miya suspecting her to be Jeanne d'arc reincarnated.
Tsukasa's goes into her dilemma of actually being happier as dumb Tsukasa instead of her superior but lonely original self. In fact this kinda spoils that she does have another personality if you didnt beat chapter 3 yet.
Now I wonder what kind of deeper meaning Aina's comment will have eventually. Somehow that line about returning to the sea is ominous as all hell. That fish girl is scary.

Tenne's silly immortality potion thing is probably not important, but I still cant believe how Waki's latest character episode casually revealed that this wannabe witch actually created a potion that extends Bun-chan's memory reset limit to 10 days. Like, that isnt even told to you in the story, they just tell you in an optional character episode which you can only play if you did Waki's prism episode before. How many people actually saw that? Shows how no detail is irrelevant in this game!
Next event is about Iroha. I guess HBR Youtuber is really good a predicting things.
Kinda curious which chapter cleared needed.
Might be ch4, might be others.

31D is really out of the radar, I don't even remember is there any establish pairing or not.
File: FQjf5laVsAIkvdn.jpg (716 KB, 2048x2048)
716 KB
716 KB JPG
I don't know about pairings, but Gomi unexpectedly stepped up to protect Misarin during her event. That's about all we ever got aside from Risamama being everyone's mom.
New expressions had been datamined for her around the same time as for Miya, and Maeda had previously tweeted about writing a story revolving around her. I'd have been very surprised if it was about anyone but Iroha. Speaking of expressions, you can probably expect Kozue to be an important part of the November event for the same reason.
>Kinda curious which chapter cleared needed.
It's the interlude they talked about a while ago. Unless they've changed something since the announcement, most likely you'll need to have cleared the entire story up til now.
>31D is really out of the radar, I don't even remember is there any establish pairing or not.
In fairness, 31D have received basically no attention since their event, and that event wasn't a very good one to begin with.
Irocchi has been hinted at for all of 4.1 so the question was just whether she will get an event or become central for 4.2. It was a 50/50 gamble. And they might not be mutually exclusive.

Yeah Misarin and Akarin were the only potential ship. Risa-mama has been hanging out with everyone in the group on the base across the game and is the glue for 4.1's 31D event (similar to Shiki for 31F). It's clear that she is the one the devs fall back on to create any group dynamic, but not really romantic sadly.
I think the group is intentionally full of individualistic people without common ground, so they dont feel like a unit. And I doubt Iroha's event is gonna change that, because it is most likely about the twist of chapter 4 which she cant exactly talk to anyone about outside of 31A and Tsukishiro.
Speaking of background hints in chapter 4, has anybody noticed Isuzu getting close to Charlotta and then suspiciously asked Midori to get some secret item? I would honestly welcome anything that lessens Sharo's mindless laser focus on Ruka. Not that I can imagine an IsuSharo ship at all.
File: IsuSharo.png (2.11 MB, 1920x1080)
2.11 MB
2.11 MB PNG
Specifically here. Isuzu is trying to make Sharo tell her her secrets (as usual with her Open the Lock ability) and Sharo acts dismissive. Then on certain days afterwards Sharo sits there alone and Isuzu asks Minori to get her a secret item with a serious tone.
Really hope this goes somewhere.
Irocchi's event is up. Anons were right, it is a bridge between 4.1 and 4.2. It's actually ingenius that they release two events at the same time, one you can play by beating early story segments and one for those who beat chapter 4. If they had just released Irocchi's event that would have been a dead event to a huge chunk of players who couldn't beat chapter 4.1 yet.
It's an intermission for ch4 latter part. What they need is to put more event after ch3, not ch2. Too much event after ch2 make players confused which one to start first.
Finish Iroha event, It's ok-ish, got some KareTsuka interaction at the end, too bad there is no 31D interaction at all, so awkward.
I'm going to bet that the next event will be a halloween theme one. Guessing alt costume for Bungo (her Trick or Treat skill).
Beating Chapter 2 is easy and where a majority of new players will be stuck for a while. If it's stuff like the Summer Event or Carol's movie event it can happen anywhere after chapter 2, so that doesnt exclude chapter 3. They make sure not to mention any plot details post chapter 2 in those events, so its up to your own progress where it fits.
Kura's or Iroha's events are locked to the later chapters, so that's a whole month with an unplayable event for lots of players (chapter 3 has roadblocks and chapter 4 is seriously tough).
I think doing a loose continuity event and a present chapter event makes a lot of sense to cater to all groups.
File: Colorful World.png (2.72 MB, 1920x1080)
2.72 MB
2.72 MB PNG
Hmhm, the Interlude has taken a break from chapter 4's gloom and was more SoL. I dont really agree with how easily they got over Megumin's departure though. The way they just immediately believe she will be back is a bit too shallow. Seems like they want to portray it in a way where helping Irochi get over her depression helped them weaken the shock of all that. So I guess 4.2 won't dwell on them struggling with it as much as I thought.
Really liked the TsuKaren moments too. I didn't expect Karen-chan of all people to go this hard and get more fleshed out. Tsukasashi almost crying after that monologue hammers home why these two (four) characters can relate so well. Also the line about how Asakura believes Tsukasa could have dragged her out of her shut-in lifestyle if they had met before all of this and taken her on a date at the beach was sweet!

Oh and the insert song was wonderful too.
File: Fe04cH5VUAAA_n7.jpg (595 KB, 1600x1667)
595 KB
595 KB JPG
I agree, lack of sadness over Megumin and lack of other 31D interactions make the story a lil bit awkward. In the end Tama said that she was the one that's saved by Iroha presents.
Not sure why Ruka is confident enough that Megumin will come back to the army.

You're right, it still hard enough for light players to progress. Need a minimum accessories grinding and leveling. Since light players are mostly f2p they will need to grind more than paid players.
>Not sure why Ruka is confident enough that Megumin will come back to the army.
Maeda realized that maybe his writing was too subtle for some people to realize that Megumi's departure is the part of her character arc where she hits the rock bottom and not the ending throwing away multiple unfinished plot lines and the entire layer of the world building lore into the trash bin, so he felt the need to directly insert himself.
File: 1658664209181073.jpg (389 KB, 1478x1372)
389 KB
389 KB JPG
To me it was clear from the beginning that this isnt the last we saw of Megumin obviously, but that isn't quite the point. There are many ways she can reappear in the story and I don't feel like returning to the military is necessarily the only option. This just kind of forces players to expect her return exactly like that and cheapens her departure to me. Of course I had ideas like Megumin seeing She Is Legend performing on the screen in the dome or her protecting humans in the dome with her psychic powers even when she cant access her Seraph weapons to boost her confidence and sense of responsibility. The set-up is easy. What I take issue with is Ruka and Tama catching themselves so easily. Ruka in particular claimed in front of Tezuka that their bond is strong enough to keep Megumin in the base, but she utterly failed at stopping her, even with Tama's help. This should actually cause her a major blow imo.

Yuina's event proved to us that the unflappable Ruka who always bounces back is just a mask she wears. She absolutely needs support nets like Yuki or Yuina to keep her going. I think 4.2 needs to get into that a bit more to justify this sudden turn. Tama is even more important, because she is always more emotional.
File: Ruka's mother.png (3.62 MB, 1920x1080)
3.62 MB
3.62 MB PNG
Maybe I am very stupid for not realizing it, but this event made clear to me that this picture from Chapter 1 was actually Ruka with her mother. I somehow entirely missed that. It reminded me that we actually know nothing about Ruka's past outside of her music carreer and that she kind of gave up on humanity before joining the Seraph unit.
File: Fe129WXVsAAPwVP.jpg (331 KB, 1668x2224)
331 KB
331 KB JPG
I thought that one is Tsukasa scene, but turned out to be Ruka's one.

One conclusion that I get from this and Iroha event
Both Tsukasa and Iroha mother are scientist that works to fight Cancer. It might be a coincident but I think that scientist really want to revive their dead kids back alive via human-navi projects. Ruka's mother might be a scientist as well, who knows.
I think Iroha's mother was portrayed as a forerunner who predicted the Cancer invasion sooner than most others, which I find interesting because if Iroha died 29 years ago and was a young child in that flashback, this couldnt have been earlier than like 40 years ago. But the government clearly knew about the Cancer attacks 50 years ago as Tezuka said.
Tsukasa's mother was a bigshot that worked with the government from the start, but Iroha's mother might have been more independent.

This also brings up and issue I have with when everyone allegedly died. Did ALL the 31 units die 29 years ago? Would that imply they turned a batch of Navi into hito-navi based on the year? Would that mean Tsukishiro who was from several units ago may have died longer ago than the rest? And if the Yuina = Jeanne d'arc thing is actually real then we can assume that as long as they have any DNA samples whatsoever they may be able to turn Navi into those people.

The game's mysteries never end.
File: Ffay.jpg (131 KB, 1206x402)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
They finally realized they can do paired merch too. So far seems gacha crane limited though.
I always find it cute how some of these are putting the effort to actually theme the thing.
>Tama is a dwarf
She can just walk forward and be smothered in Megumin's boobs naturally.
File: Ffe8oCnaYAAV02D.jpg (821 KB, 1129x1500)
821 KB
821 KB JPG
I hope Tsukasa gets over her fear of Karen-chan soon. It's pretty obvious she wouldn't be able to resist Karerin's advances. She never even knows how to react whenever Karerin shows how special she is to her. If their internal dynamic allows it, maybe Karerin will need to have a serious talk about her with Karen-chan, but since this is pretty much the crux of their relationship, I bet it'll be resolved some other way in the main story.
File: FfhXa-BUAAAaCoD.jpg (297 KB, 1223x1598)
297 KB
297 KB JPG
If you do Tsukasa's character episode in chapter 4.1 she is already on a better way by starting a gaming rivalry with Karen-chan. It takes out a lot of the tension because she actually thought of Karen-chan as cute for being a salty gamer. And Karen-chan herself has stated multiple times now that airhead Tsukasa isnt on her kill list. It has to be awakened Tsukasa period.
I kinda like that Asakura's affection for Tsukasa did bleed into Karen-chan treating her like a pet before. They honestly have so many dynamics going on at once.
Weird, I did that event but remembered almost none of it. I must have done it too late in the day back then.
File: 2022-10-24_013811.png (314 KB, 964x637)
314 KB
314 KB PNG
So, finaly found a way to make translation work for me. Basically Game2Text+second screen. Pretty enjoyable, but nothing over the top so far. A couple(no) of questions:

1) What these parameters for?(picrel) I assume you get them when picking replies, but there were only gag ones so far.
2) There were LOTS of events in the past, any chances to get a rerun or a way to watch them?
3)In light of that: any signs of english release comming or at least an english translation?
4) Am I gonna learn nihongo well enough if I keep reading HBR for a very-very long time? At the very least to not need a MTL tool any more?
5) Is there non-Ruka point of view later in the story?
1) Parameters are requirements for bond stories
2) You can access previous events by using an Edelweiss which you can buy in the current event store
3) No news yet, best you can hope for is an announcement on the anniversary
4) Yes, not just HBR but yuri in general
5) Yes
Learn kana, finish Tae Kim, start reading the game. In a few months you'll get a lot better.
Thanks alot.
Kanas done long time ago. Tried reading Tae Kim, but its too cumbersome, grasped the basics of grammar (particles, some conjugations, past tense etc.) and was done with it. The biggerst problem is dictionary, I know like 300 kanji and that's not nearly enough. Though some words are kana-only like いっぱい were unfamilliar too. Plus sometimes their sentence constructions blows my mind. Like, isn't there a way to say the same thing simplier?
Just read a lot, every day.
Keep drilling. I'm right where you are and I've slowed down to just 5 new kanji and 5 new words a day and it's still getting me somewhere. Immersion also helps a lot once you get further in.
I like Cure Dolly's channel. Her audio sucks but there are subs. And her model to explain Japanese grammar is a million times better than Kim's or anything else I've seen. If you watch 20 or so videos of the main playlist it'll make you more confident.
1. Ruka's social stats increase both by picking specific options in dialogue (or the sentence combining minigame) and by doing activities later on that unlock a few days into Chapter 1. You just didnt get there yet. Those range from going to the cafeteria in your free time to going to watch movies on Sundays. Think Persona games, except you arent actually limited in how often you do them due to the fact you can always go back to any day you already beat. They just cost stamina (the orange/yellow gems on top of the screen).
These stats affect which character episodes you can play. These are the ones where you see a character's face on the map in Free Time and can talk to them to start an event. Early on the requirements are fairly low, later on they get more extreme. They often also require you to have done post events with them already.
2. Unlike what the other anon said, you can play Events the moment you unlock them by progressing in story mode. No items required. The thing that is locked are the rewards and boss battle/exploration maps tied to the event, which you can unlock with the aforementioned Edelweiss item that you can always grind for in the current event. I suggest doing this, becasue every Event has a ton of good rewards. You can always play the story part and worry about that later though.
Basically after beating a story mode Chapter, just look which ones unlocked. There have been only two events that require you to beat anything more than chapter 2 though.
3. That's up in the air. Allegedly Wright Flyer almost always releases English translations for their gacha and most of Key's VNs have been translated by now.
4. I dont know. That's up to you, wouldn't you say?
5. The story itself very rarely shifts focus from Ruka. Most of it and the character episodes are from her perspective. The Events on the other hand do often have different POVs.
File: Just Sumomo Things.png (2.98 MB, 1920x1080)
2.98 MB
2.98 MB PNG
Continuing (reached the word limit), your set-up seems needlessly complicated. Just download MIngShiba's screen MTL OCR. It has an auto function even and only requires you to own one screen lol
5. Than how do other pairings progress? Other than team 31A's ones?

Other MLT OCRs didn't work for me due to window fuckery. G2T works just fine so far.
Whatever works for you. The most important thing is reading.
>Cure Dolly's channel
Haven't seen it before but "Japanese the Japanese way" sounds promising.
Cure dolly is a meme people use to troll beginners
File: 1660098403537891.jpg (214 KB, 1500x1072)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
>Okay. I give up. How do I learn japanese?
Read Tatsumoto's guide to Japanese. That's where most people start.
Is that from HBR?
>how do pairings other than in 31A progress?
Barely. The biggest ones get their focus in the story and the events at least. Just because Ruka is present doesnt mean the other characters dont have their owb moments. Sometimes she even gives advice/helps out to get characters closer.
No. It's fanart of Noel and Flare from Hololive. No idea why anon randonly posted them.
Wow, that was such an amazing critique, very deep, intelligent and analytical. I'm thoroughly impressed and have now switched preferences.
Ah, I just remembered. Somebody worked on transcripts of Cure Dolly's videos. Good if you prefer reading it:
Pretty sure this isnt the Japanese 101 thread, so please keep the off-topic to a minimum.
Well d*lly has always been a boogeyman of the japanese learning world. Many people never learned Japanese thanks to her. If you think it's good, I'm interested to read from you why you think so.
Maybe different things work for different people.

For me, I tried for years to study with Kim's guide, Tofugu and a million other blogs and teachers. It just led me to frustration. All I wanted was to enjoy yuri more without relying on the kindness of fan translations and I couldn't. Even bought the shitty Heisig kanji book and a Japanese in Mangaland grammar book. Worst waste of money in my life! All those sources made Japanese look like a collection of random phrases with no underlying logic. Like it was a whole country pulling a prank on me.

Then recently I found her channel and holy Madoka, now I'm watching anime with JP subs, I can read some manga and even novels - although it's tiresome because of too much vocabulary and no video/images to help.

Cure Dolly's explanation of particles were the most important step. Then she explains a bunch of things that no blog or even jisho can help with. Ex: https://youtu.be/OoJLexUR_o0 . This really is so well done and makes difficult shit simple, you know. Anyways, that's it from me as I don't wanna get banned for being off topic. I just wanted to help a fellow yuri fan get closer to the dream. Hope it helps.
I disagree, the more people learn Japanese, the better for this thread and board.
Irrelevant. If you flood every single thread with this off-topic nonsense then what's even the point of the on-topic rule? Learning Japanese is not yuri and there are plenty of places to discuss this more appropiately.
Right now you're the one who's flooding this thread with offtop that has nothing to do with the game..
Pathetic deflection... I made two posts not on-topic while you clown made like 10. And mine merely reminded you of the RULES. There won't be a warning next time.
I disagree, it was a cool deflection.
File: FfuRjKdakAA-1og.jpg (100 KB, 500x298)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
I only noticed because I randomly watched old streams of Chapter 2, but they retroactively changed some dialogue after the Yuina event. During the helicopter ride after the final boss Ruka used to call her "Squad leader Shirakawa", but they changed it to "Yuina-senpai". The event made it seem like Ruka and Yuina had already been far closer since Chapter 1 so they actually went and changed it in the actual Chapter 2 scene too. That's pretty neat.
>retconning stuff for the writer's pet character
They better reveal the cute culprit behind the cafeteria's meals
Next month event is about Koju
I guess she has a halloween theme.
Too bad I really want 31C's event.
I love Koju but I was hoping the Halloween event would be about Bungo and Miko, yeah.
> Kim's guide
> Tofugu
> million other blogs
You basically just did a bunch of shit, and then you found d*lly who copies 99% of her ideas from ajatt and then focuses on the 1% she disagrees with it about.
Why don't you just read the original instead? (ajatt site, tatsumoto site)
I think this has been a thing for a while now so it wouldn't be a retcon. I recall someone pointing out that the way Ruka calls certain characters changes depending on whether or not you've done their side events.
File: 1666071992609441.png (296 KB, 1005x369)
296 KB
296 KB PNG
the mods already know you're a ban evader and a spammer, anyone can check recent ban logs
>the way Ruka calls others changes depending on the side-events you did
Neat if true, but I have never experienced it. Quite the oppposite, sometimes Ruka already acts like she knew characters in their first side-events, nickname and all.
I noticed that myself with Monanyan at the start of chapter 3 back when I didn't have her at all. Either I'm misremembering after all or they're not always consistent about it.
Just a random guess, but if there are inconsistencies, it can be because you have to actually finish a complete scene or else it won't be considered completed.
This is the easiest to see with your stat raising events. If you go back home at the line after you got the increase, the choice you took isn't marked as taken. For that to happen you have to advance the time period further.

I can see that being able to cause trouble. But it could also be some weird exceptions exist.
Even if Yuina really was Maeda's darling (I have no Info on this at all and wont assume it's true or false) it's not like she gets preferential treatment. 30G in general gets some favoritism for sure, probably due to popularity. Every 30G member except Tsukishiro got a character episode for example (and Monanyan had some emotional screentime due to the fallout of chapter 3 anyway).
But Yuina? She was a background character in chaper 2 and a side-character in chapter 3. Aside from the fact that Ruka is fairly attached to her and she is respected around the base she isnt elevated much. Most of her own event was about what an actual mess she really is (funny as it may be).
Remember that Carol's event had a lot of focus on characters other than her too. I'm sure that if it's a themed event it will probably be mixing and mashing from different squads.
File: FfO8Bd_agAAwTWD.jpg (399 KB, 1529x2048)
399 KB
399 KB JPG
More details I noticed while playing Chapter 4.1... There are actually secret events. They trigger with a certain probability when you do the stat raising events around both bases.

Ones I got for now were:
-Ichigo at the navi square where she reveals she has been going there regularly since Requiem for the Blue and Ruka thinks to herself that she is probably reporting back to the Aoi-navi. They actually hint at this event by having her go there every day and standing around in the square.
-Tama and Ruka meet in the cafeteria and share sweets.
-There is randomly a rice themed day at the cafeteria and if you pick the riceball option Ruka will reminisce about Kura's nostalgia riceballs and get emotional.
-At the Aegis Tower camp if you do the equipment event and pick the "watch over the equipment" option, Ichigo can appear and Ruka will tell her not to steal any weapons. Ichigo then responds that she has her own gun and has actually been giving the staff at the base gunplay training. She remarks that she didnt expect her assasin skills to find a use outside of combat and Ruka feels ashamed.

The reason I got so many cafeteria events is that I have been grinding it due to Aina going there on a certain day, but I have not been able to get an event with her if she has one. If anyone else got something unique I would love to hear about it. It's very annoying to grind on my own because I have to use up all my stamina points...
File: Spoiler Image (109 KB, 1286x922)
109 KB
109 KB PNG
Yeah, it's not just in 4.1 either. I've been using this from one of the JP spreadsheets as a reference for which events to do if I want to see a certain interaction.
Whoa, really? I never saw a single one before chapter 4! I guess I havent really tried to grind them before I got a literal neon sign pointed at it by the game... This list really is a godsend, thanks. I actually did experience that gym event with the Mua now that I think about it, but I guess it went over my head.

I'll be going through them when I got enough stamina. Will report back if there is something gay.
Oh, I did get that event with Nanamin and Megumi at the fountain in the beta but then I thought they must have taken it out when I didn't get it in the actual game. I never knew there were that many random interactions.
Actually now that I looked through it I already got two events that aren't even listed here as mentioned in >>3810427
, so I guess there is still more to discover or your list isn't up to date.
They all have a reasonably low percent chance of happening, but they're there. Does seem to be missing the 4.1 tower stuff though, you're right about that.
There's also an Aoi one in chapter 3 that seems to have been taken out yet whose voice lines are still in the game files, so there's probably even more like that.
>They all have a reasonably low percent chance of happening
It kinda bothers me that they add a probability factor to it, considering they are already events that only happen under super specific circumstances.

Speaking of her, has anyone here played her prism memory event yet? Because I did and it is really suspicious. Ruka is sad when she sees Aoi and internally remarks that she feels bad somehow, but tells herself that she needs to act normal. I am not quite sure what to make of that. It feels like Ruka knows what's gonna happen, yet doesn't. It's one of the reasons I wondered whether the prism events arent actually real things that happened and that's why they are separated from the main plot. But this has been rectified when Waki's latest episode literally references her prism event. Hmm...
File: FN7q0XrUYAI9Qg1.jpg (64 KB, 960x600)
64 KB
The home world seemingly being called jamais vu in the game files is one of many hints that there's more to the memory events than meets the eye, I'm just not sure what yet. There's more I've found that makes me curious, like an extended version of the opening lines with a couple of lines that I think have never played thus far, but I'm keeping my options open for now since I doubt the main story will be diving into this any time soon.
I dont like relying on datamining because often it's not fully thought out stuff or discarded stuff that conflicts with the real vision by now and will just confuse unecessarily. So I will stick to only stuff that you can access through gameplay when theorizing.

Chapter 2 made very clear that Ruka has some kind of unnatural perception in some form. What confuses me is that it hasnt come up since. I still wonder about that dream where she heard Yuki's voice and a cat meowing... That darn cat.

It's great that the main plot is so engaging that you dont even think much about the upper layer of mysteries most of the time. I sometimes forget to question why there is a talking cat in all menues that clearly has a name we arent allowed to know.
The cat is called "God" in game files
Well heaven apparently burns right now, so even god is hitting low times.
Then again how fitting for a cat to consider itself divine.
Is this an old image or did the artist rise back from the dead?
File: Maximum Chuuni Koju.png (2.09 MB, 1920x1080)
2.09 MB
2.09 MB PNG
Trailer for the Halloween event. Called "That Day's Friend". Look, whether you like the Koju focus or not, this actually looks like it has a lot of effort put into it. There are entirely new 3D section and maps. Also personally I love 31B, so any excuse of seeing them more is a good thing. And unlike Iroha's event, this time her squad is clearly involved.

The only thing that bothers me a bit is that it seems like Ruka will be the main companion yet again.
File: Spoiler Image (3.1 MB, 1920x1080)
3.1 MB
3.1 MB PNG
Played the new event and there were quite a few interesting tidbits in there.

I choose to interpret that final exchange between Kozue and Ayame as something more than mere friendship, but that does kinda go along with the theme of tragic yuri in this game. I just want one confession of love that actually doesn't get followed up by someone dying... or I guess passing on in this case.
Yuki being the only one genuinely worried for Ruka and also believing her without question when they met eyes is such a wife moment (which everyone in 31A immediately teased them about).
Higumin would literally let Ruka sexually molest a sleeping Kozue without interfering... Good to know.
Aside from the main stuff there were also nice background elements. Vrittika and Yotsuha could be seen hanging out the entire time on the base with a really cute dynamic, cementing that the loli unit from Maru-chan's event really has gotten close permanently. It feels like someone saw this fanart >>3773672 and decided to make it canon lol
The epilogue had the KojuRadio segment which nobody would even get if they didnt play her new prism memory event... kind of an odd move.

Well it wasn't super /u/ relevant overall, but it was great to see 31B being this supportive. Ichigo especially was taking this whole deal really hard because it reminded her of Aoi.
Isn't it weird that these navi copies are all getting closure for things that the original girls never got? This is a running theme for almost all events. Mari finds out her mother's true feelings, Misarin reconnect's with her grandpa's last game challenge, ichigo loses another Jasmine, but actually feels like she can do something in her memory this time, Carol gets to be a hero with superpowers, Iroha realizes her mother's actions were out of love, Ichiko gets to protect her sisters instead of letting them die and also gets closure with one of her biggest childhood regrets, Yuina (if you believe her to be Jeanne d'Arc) gets to save humanity without being turned into a villain burned at the stake, Maruyama finally gets to be a leader and show off how much of a worthy successor to her family name she is and of course this new event now gave us Koju making up with her closest childhood friend and letting her move on. The only one who doesnt fit is Kura, because we know nothing about her life prior to the Seraph unit.

Maybe this is just me, but I feel a major dissonance here. We dont know how much of the navi copy's memory gets erased beyond their death, but we can assume the originals didnt get that closure. This Koju event is the first one where I can say so with certainty though. The original Koju lost her esper powers and never spoke to Ayame-chan again. Ayame basically confirms this by also saying that they didnt connect since then. She is literally a direct witness testimony. This is especially concerning because it means Ayame either didnt know Koju died or believes this is the same soul despite wandering the earth for 30 years.

Koju is really the lynchpin here. Tezuka said the copy navi are just using genetic material and copy memories too somehow. No mention of a soul. We know souls exist thanks to Koju. But Koju said she didnt see Aoi's soul. She also never talks about seeing dead Seraph members.
Well, what else would they get closure for? If you're going to make an event about a character's backstory, you can't really use only her time as a narvy because that's only a few months compared to the years they think they had as a human that also formed their personalities. Also Aoi's trauma clearly came from her time as a Seraph.

What makes you think though that the copies were made from a time before the originals died? I always went with the assumption that all the originals died at the age we see them now, preserved after their deaths to be copied by narvy later, and the military removed the memories of their deaths.
Maeda is literally bringing back all of his older works in HBR, he even brought back the Espers from Charlotte lmao
File: violence is the answer.png (3.05 MB, 1920x1080)
3.05 MB
3.05 MB PNG
>the catchphrase is spreading
We must kill it before it infects the entire world.
You seem to be misunderstanding me on several levels here. I said that it is unclear how much of the memories the navi copied from the original were erased by the military aside from the event that led to the original's death. I hope that makes it more clear. Because we don't know just how much they erased it is technically possible that the originals DID get closure on some of these things before their death, but it was inconvenient for the military to keep those memories due to being connected to contradictive events(e.g. most of these girls believe their family to be alive). Koju's event proves this is absolutely not the case this time at least, which caused me to really focus on that aspect.

See, my issue isn't with the concept of the events and closure for memories from the past, but the fact that these are experienced by COPIES. The events feel like they are made for the originals, while the plot steered towards them being fakes with their own path. It sucks out a lot of the power of these closure moments if you know that if these girls knew they arent actually the original that they wouldnt feel the same way anymore. Iroha is the first one to know she is a fake and still decided to live on for those memories of the original Iroha.

I guess thematically I just feel like these moments lose too much meaning if there is no connection. When I first got to the twist that Seraph members are navi I assumed that the military actually implanted the original girls' SOULS into the navi. Thus being more of a reincarnation, which would give these closure moments more meaning. The navi are giving their souls closure. But now I'm not sure they have the originals souls... most likely not. The Koju event is the lynchpin.
File: Everyone is gay.png (2.76 MB, 1920x1080)
2.76 MB
2.76 MB PNG
HBR is intentionally a world where anything is possible. Psychics, espers, historical figures (maybe), ultra rare genetic abilities, actual real ninjutsu, designer babies, split personalities that can be switched at will, revelations by unknown entities, science defying alchemy skils, legit fortune telling, being able to see a bigger color spectrum than normal humans, cooking that turns people high without any drugs, loli who can cut steel with katana(no Seraph powers involved), ability to make people tell any secret via shoulder rubs, math genius of a generation, a fucking sapient tigress, the ability to traverse several hundred meters in seconds to run 10 shops at once, a high school mom aura so powerful it turns people into babies and melts their braincells... Oh and the actual most unbelievable world state of all: Everyone is gay.
>Oh and the actual most unbelievable world state of all: Everyone is gay
The miltiary had free reign over whom to bring back as navi. Some genius decided to only bring back the gay ones.
If you think about it, it makes sense, doesn't it? They don't want some weird alien species to compete with the non-gay human women in the re-population plan, so they can just fuck each other in peace instead. Well, unless they have some sort of iPS cells yuri baby tech which is... a possibility in this setting? They have fucking everything there.
File: FgxxoouUUAAMHs7@naino_2.jpg (440 KB, 1300x1667)
440 KB
440 KB JPG
I'm rooting for Isuzu.
Aren't we all? Out of the entire sister harem she is definitely the most romantically interested in Ichiko. Honestly rooting for her to get any girl, though.
The fuck is this chapter 3?
I barely killed the tentacle thing and then got obliterated by two rhinos on phase 2 of training. And it was lvl 85 party with 5 SS.
The rest of chapter 3 won't be any easier, and they already nerfed the boss at the end of the chapter which used to be the real filter. The idea was that you spend some time in the dungeon to farm better accessories, but now you have a lot more options for those. There's no real need to catch up though since there's no pvp, so take your time. I don't know which SS you have, but there's a chance you can pick up one or more previous event S units and raise their level caps to 110.
Congrats for making it past the plant. That was my original roadblock. Something I learned about the game over time is that levels arent quite as important as gear and skills. Until mid chapter 3 you can push through with sheer stats, but the more time passes the more tactical you need to play.

If I remember right the enemies you are stuck on have a time limit on top of doing strong full party damage. Basically you will have to burst damage them to oblivion while healing to stay standing.
File: 444.png (1.18 MB, 1279x721)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
The problem was not with DPS. I think I was making it in time. Rather than that, Tama was dying to double ram attack from full hp and shield. At the same time I had to use her, because otherwise, the team would die to shield deplition.

Anyway, which dungeon should I farm specifically if that's the case? First B dungeon (1-40) gave me nothing but + starting mana.
File: 555.png (1.12 MB, 1257x559)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB PNG
+All SS that I have. 3 of them are from that obvious bait banner. And now I spent. Gonna save for new Maria or Erika SS when (or rather if) they come out.
Completing all the B floors is essential to unlock more options to upgrade characters, so that is a good start. Doing all accessory dungeons is basically the standard way to go about it. The loot early on sucks, but it gets better steadily.
Also having more SP at the start of the battle/turn is super good for burst damage, so dont underestimate it. There is also the cat to consider. It sells really good gear for the gems you get from the gem bosses. Also remember to unlock your gear's bonus stat slots and get the character specific SS items (you get them either from their memory events or from the Event shops)

You sure are lucky. Getting Seira early is a win button. She has the best buff in the game. Regardless of your current roadblock you should grind her. The crit she gives your team should be useful. That being said S Tama is too squishy if you dont have her grinded to the heavens. Incidetally Seira also has the usual Defender aggro ability, but her's heals the front party. So if you combine that you may live long enough to reach OD. Just learn the pattern and dont let Tama get hit by the AoE.
It looks like you need better equipment, so I would say go through the 5* Accessory Dungeon until you have a full set of 5* accessories for all 6 of your team members, assuming you've cleared B40. Then make sure you've gotten the best boosters and chips you can buy right now.
Since you have Seira, I would actually recommend you use her in your team as her ultimate is absolutely a game changer in terms of damage output, replacing Megumi in my opinion. She's still a vital part my team even as I'm doing some of the harder endgame stuff.

Other Anons might be more knowledgeable than I am, but that's what I would recommend knowing what I currently know about the game.
Trust the others when they say you should find a way to fit Seira in your squad at least until you beat 4.1. Crits are obscenely good in this game and she only starts being rivaled after you're up to date on the content and start diving more heavily into the postgame grind, if you even care about that.
Once you get her level and parameters up, it's just a question of getting decent accessories. Start with 5* ones from the regular dungeons, then once you can at least do the lowest level of each of the elemental prisms, go through the current campaign (80 prisms total/10 of each of the 5 elemental prism bosses) to get yourself a few extra gems and diamonds to craft 6* accessories from the cat. There's an element of RNG to them, but even unoptimized ones will get you quite far.
Thanks everyone! Accesories realy helped out. Now Yukki just deletes anything with her ultimate lol. And Tama is able to survive at least.

Seira was the last one I pulled from that new banner, but I didn't know she was that good. What endgame compositions look like here? Something like 2 DD, 2 Buffers, 1 Debuffer, 1 Healer all from the same Element?

Though I planned to buy chips when at ch4. My current are from 2nd chapter. And changing them often... well they sure aren't cheap.
For the most part you use 3 supports and 3 damage dealers, one of which is a blaster if the enemy isn't just a typical prism battle.

So a simple but effective comp is:
-Healer, skill power Buffer, Support
-Blaster, Attacker, Breaker

The third support can really be anything. Kozue is for example a speedup char that helps everyone do their job faster. Good for almost all content, especially with a max limit broken S Yunyun + SS Yanagi or max LB S Shiki + SS alt Tama. Makes a lot of the new and drawn out 4.1 dungeons much faster as well, as your SP pool is so much stronger, allowing you to spam your ults for OD drive gain, further amplifying your progress.
For generally longer battles another defensive support can be required (second healer, or if available a defender), or a second buffer/debuffer that helps with damage. That said, this is content I don't really do myself, so I can't say much there. The rush team I used works against any and all story bosses, SS prism grind and score attack 91+35. It also works against stronger things, but usually OD drive strategies come in there, making the "being faster" part not useful anymore. It's just worse.

As for Seira, due to crit orbs, people generally don't use her much anymore. She takes a spot and is a 1 trick pony. Works, but Kozue works just as well with crit orbs and supports also your buffer/healer, while those don't really give a crap about a crit buff. Alternatively you can have a field user for elemental teams, drastically increasing damage that way and so on and so forth. You can use her until you can do orb bosses, but if you wanna stay comfy for the future, make sure to put that on your plan.
Note that you probably can't do them right now. The first level was nerfed and is fine, but the second and third are nasty. (either Tama's vanilla revive + another party healer help, or Aoi + party healer, or a very strong party with a field remover being able to do so before turn 5)
File: 102453572_p0.png (501 KB, 1200x900)
501 KB
501 KB PNG
Finished Chapter 3. Wow. HBR is an existential horror like never before. Kafka, Junji, Campbell all just mere amateurs. Chapter 2 somehow gave hope, despite Erika's death , but these revelations turn everything upside down. So much that I needed to invent a coping mechanism to convince myself to move on with the story. currently it looks like this: Prismworld is actually Navi's homeworld and originaly it was empty, desolated. Navis gather souls of the ones they "eat" and eventually they'll bring them back to the Cat so she can recreate them and forge the world around using memories as a material and as such, creating some kind of Afterlife Paradise. And yeah, the souls are genuine. In favor of that speaks that apparently Navis can absorb someone only once + Koju's event doesn't make any sense in the context of the main story if Koju herself is just a fake.

I wonder how much is that all wrong though. After ch2 I thought they are just enhanced humans, that stuck within their cycle of death and reincarnation in the endless war. Much like YoRHa.

Anyway, if you throw all the guessing down the drain, it's beyond fucked. Megumin's reaction is the most natural. Disguist, pointlesness there is nothing more to their existence. Just a temporary mask some mindless alien made of human's identity. Kura's touching last momens look like a mockery now. And somehow Ruka and Yuki finding comfort in each other and focusing on the time they spent together is the only way out of this despair I can accept. The only way to salvation. Otherwise you are just an abomination. But who knows. Maeda loves miracles.
Anyway, It seems I stuck again. Ch4 mobs are... well, team can kill them, but looks like I'll run out of healings and ultimates before I can finish the first plot dungeon. Any tips? What should I prioritize now?

Also, do I get it right, that Breakers are good against shields, Blasters against HP and Attackers are something in the middle?
As good an opportunity as any to go through Kura's monthly event if you have an Edelweiss to spare. It's easily one of the best parts of the game so far, and it lets you both take a break from the 3->4.1 difficulty surge and think more about the implications of what just happened.
What's your squad looking like now, stats/accessories and everything? 4.1 is chock full of health sponges. Continue doing what you did to get yourself through ch3 and you should eventually have enough stats to start getting through the mobs.
>Breakers are good against shields, Blasters against HP and Attackers are something in the middle?
Close. Breakers are good against DP (shields), Attackers are good against HP, while Blasters are secondary DPS that particularly help with ramping up the DR (damage taken when the shields aren't up, ie the % you see when you take them down).
It sounds like you neglected to play any of the Event stories. I recommend doing them. You should have done Requiem for the Blue right after beating chapter 2 and Kura's after beating chapter 3. They are story essential basically.

Someone should put that in the thread header next time for newcomers. Always play the events that are available after beating a chapter.
Once again anon, you have already been corrected on this. You don't need an Edelweiss to play the Event stories. The Edelweiss only unlocks the event shop/missions.
>Always play the events that are available after beating a chapter.
Eh, I'd say just limit the advice to Kura and Ichigo events specifically. Asking people to play all the post ch.1 events(that increase almost every month) before progressing to ch.2 is a bit too much.
Ichigo's and Kura's events are great, but I definitely wouldn't go as far as to say that doing them and especially all the other events as soon as you unlock them is something that everyone should do. It helps with breaking up the monotony of the gameplay grind, but if you're at a level where you have the stats to handle it, then getting through the main story is much more important. That the anon in question talked so much more about the story and its implications than Kura herself only reinforces this here.
File: 666.png (1.18 MB, 1278x720)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
This one. Accesories lvl5. Also eventually switch Megumin to Seira (lvl 79). But there is one problem with her: while she is good at singular battles effectively doubling or even tripling the damage. She is bad at dungeon runs.

Edelweiss from Kozue is spent on Ichigo event, but I haven't touched it yet. Plus as I see, clearing event shops here is a pain. You need to dump lots of stamina to get even basics (gacha currency, tickets, SS fragments, exclusive styles)
If you're catching up, it'll feel like it takes a lot of stamina, yeah. These events ran for weeks though where you could just use 4-5 lives on them every day.
Requiem and the Kura event arent standalone unlike most of the others. They are supplementary material for the actual events in those chapters and in fact improve them. And they are most effective righr after you experienced those chapters. The plot can wait. In the first place when those events came out there was no next chapter, so they were intended to be played first.

Both from a player and /u/ perspective it would be a huge disservice to oneself not to play them right away. You see Ichigo in a different light for chapter 3 and 4. Doing Kura's event nails home way better what Tezuka explains in chapter 4 because you experienced it firsthand.
The /u/ perspective is exactly why I recommended the Kura event and I personally wholeheartedly agree with you, but you could turn the disservice argument around and say that putting off the main story (if you're at a level where you can continue progressing through it gameplay-wise) is the real disservice if that's what's gripping you the most, which certainly seems to be the case for that anon. It's thus much easier for me to instead base the recommendation around breaking up the monotony of the gameplay grind, which can otherwise really burn people out given the immense dungeon spam of chapters 3 and 4.1, and nothing's more immediately relevant in that regard than Kura's event.

You are somewhat lacking in AOE damage, so struggling in dungeons makes sense, not least with how tanky the 4.1 enemies are. It's a shame that the only real attacker SS you have is Misarin - she's one of the worst in the game, but at least she's not a "fake" SS like free Ruka, so you might end up having to bring her along. Have you had any luck with doing the elemental prisms to get gems and diamonds from the campaign to craft yourself some early 6* accessories?
Free SS Ruka? You are better off using Karen-chan. 2 Bastars isnt so bad, at least compared to that.
Started Ichigo's event today, but turns out you need 31 B trained for that. So now 3 of them are watching how Adelheid slaugter cancers. Over and over and over again. The story is super sweet though, Ichigo x Erika is top pairing.

Tried gem farming, lvl1 is cleared with no problems, but lvl 2 is tricky. Golem is beatable, but horses aren't for example. And this will take awhile. Plus I need to manage stamina between this and event prism to clear the necessary minimum of the shop. Crafted two necklaces. Fire 31/29/150 and water 40/31/200. But turns out they rend autoattacks into elements and in some cases it gives disadvantage , now Yuki can't get overdrive from the golem for example. Plus it looks like the most usefull earrings are the ones which give additional overdrive, others seems obsolete...

Fashionista is bottom tier attacker? How so?

Isn't Ruka supposed to be usefull with her statstick due to guaranteed lvl110? It's like +15 to everything and limitbreak bonus. Though yeah, her passives suck.
File: Fg2_bKAagAADOCe.jpg (1.06 MB, 900x1186)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB JPG
>turns out you need 31 B trained for that
Thankfully for the most part they learned their lesson after this. I love 31B, but being made to use them sucks if they're still at level 1.
>lvl1 is cleared with no problems
That's all you need for the campaign. Balancing your life expenditure between event prisms, gem prisms and dungeons is rough when you're still progressing through the game, but the lifestone login campaign and the 10 prism and dungeon tickets from getting 1m cumulative score from score attack (which costs no life to attempt) should help with that. Continue the grind, get some of your other SSes up to speed and, if the anon who said you don't need Edelweiss to do the monthly event stories is right, tide yourself over with them until you're strong enough to keep going through 4.1.
>Isn't Ruka supposed to be usefull with her statstick due to guaranteed lvl110?
Free Ruka is a glorified S and just there to tide you over until you can get someone better. She gets levels, but she's otherwise not as good as actual SSes. If you had fire Ruka, her actual SS1, it would be an entirely different story.
You can see it directly in the stats if you had boht Free and Flame Ruka. Even when I just got flame Ruka her stats were already better than Free Ruka's despite her being halfway grinded out... The only good thing about Free SS Ruka is her ult, which I actually leveld up so it can be transfered to flame Ruka. That multihit thing without elemental damage is sometimes useful to fill OD fast or damage enemies that are resistant to fire.
Currently I have all three Ruka SS and I put all three of her ults on Goth lolita Ruka. It's honestly nuts having 3 different ults. Very useful.

And then there is Yuina's second SS which just HAS two different ults with two different elements from the get go, because why not...

>being forced to use 31B
It's hard because the have no healer. It drives home the point how dangerously close to the edge of death the unit operates and how Aoi was the only thing keeping them alive due to her shields. I love that kind of gameplay storytelling.

I had enough exp items lying around to level them all to 40, but I heard level 30 is more than enough to beat it even with just A tier characters.

And yeah... Ichigo became a fan favorite for a reason. Her VA went all out during that ending.
Grinding out event tokens can be tedious especially if your team is too weak to beat the S+ or SS version of the event boss. Ever since the swimsuit event they took out the dungeon event maps in favor of giving you tokens from score attack, which was a bad change imo. Now it is even harder grinding tokens in the newer events, because score attack exclusively gives you tokens for the current event.
File: Ooshima family tradition.png (3.08 MB, 1920x1080)
3.08 MB
3.08 MB PNG
The new HBR official stream revealed some neat stuff. The new banner is Oshima family themed. Nina and Minori get SS and there will finally be a Isuzu S! Why is the entire Oshima family fire element though? Add Yanagi and flame Ruka and this is the inferno team.
>Why is the entire Oshima family fire element though?
Well, it's just their squad element, they're actually one of the most normal squads with everyone seemingly getting it. 31A is more wild in that regard, they have Megumi who got light on her alt, but no fire at all.
It's been said before, but there is seriously too much fire in the game. I like how 31B was more or less lightning themed at least.
>only Megumin got Light
Hmm... that is actually good theming she is the odd one out. The only one who doesnt fit in. Aoi wont be getting a second SS I assume, so her having no element probably also symbolizes that she didnt get to the point where she took on her squad element.

This game... I swear every little detail feeds into each other.
She's not the only one with light, Ruka also got it on her alt. She's the only one without fire. To be honest, I do think that light is some sort of a plot/lore-relevant element because most of its users are special snowflakes so far.
Ruka(main hero)
Megumi(the savior)
Yuina (Jeanne d'Arc?)

I realized I'm retarded for not initially spoiling that part, sorry if everyone got it.
Considering there is room for 5 SS for each character and the story is just getting started there are many opportunities to get multiple elements for each character. 31B is now both Water and Lighting alligned now.
>Aoi wont be getting a second SS I assume
It's an interesting question. Thematically you probably don't wont that, but they think about money they can get from that and like hmmm.....
They will introduce more gameplay mechanics later to make them stand out because it will probably get old at some point.
Sorry, I know Ruka got an alt SS with Light (I have her for crying out loud), but the point was that the first alt SS everyone got was fire except Megumin's. Unless you see flame Ruka as her real first SS and take Free Ruka as the glorified S it is.
I actually think that contradicts your point. She isnt particularly special. It's more like 30G has a light theme going on. In fact it's Monanyan who is the odd one out (which makes complete thematic sense).
30G is an interesting case because Hisame got an unique Light&Dark duo element debuff instead of the normal light one, so Monaka isn't really left out, their squad setup accounts for her being like that too.
Well they work around her "darkness" and use it as a special weapon for desperate situations. It's not like Monanyan isnt integrated into the squad, but she is for sure the odd one out due to her special ability. Not to mention she is the only one who wasnt originally part of the 30 units, making her their actual senpai in theory. Maybe her original unit were all darkness users and that is why she has a different style from 30G.
File: FhQrcloUUAADWg8.jpg (262 KB, 1377x2039)
262 KB
262 KB JPG
I wish we had more fanart
File: Ffvnz-ZVIAAqMN7.jpg (354 KB, 1859x1663)
354 KB
354 KB JPG
File: Fgpgg-UVEAI78CB.jpg (811 KB, 2900x4096)
811 KB
811 KB JPG
Yeah... for a semi-popular gacha the amount of decent fanart is incredibly low.
Well, you can find a bunch of popular and semi-popular mobage without much art, becoming a fanart meme is kind of a luck roll, especially if you're not a *oomer heaven kind of a franchise. The second luck roll is when this gets an anime and it airs, we'll have to wait until that one.
File: Ffj3kFJUUAE7cpz.jpg (139 KB, 1280x1280)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
It's a story-heavy Key yuri gacha and most people are waiting on 4.2. I'm not surprised in the slightest. I'll just take what little I can get.
Well... I dont think the wait for the next chapter is at fault though. HBR always had very little fanart. The points you brought up make it out to be niche, but at the same time it is allegedly very succssful. I wonder if it really is just a a couple of whales that keep this game going.
File: 101491797_p2.jpg (768 KB, 1320x1000)
768 KB
768 KB JPG
I always assumed that last bit is indeed the case. It can't be that niche if it regularly soars through the rankings every banner or so, but it's definitely getting less attention than you'd expect from a gacha like this. Among the few people I'm seeing discuss the game at the moment, most are those who have not gotten through 4.1 yet, like the artist who drew this, and if anything they've been drawing less while making progress through the game.
File: 102656936_p8.png (1.7 MB, 2708x2091)
1.7 MB
1.7 MB PNG
I assume it's a double-edged sword. If it becomes too popular, expect hetshit fanart influx.
At least the most they could draw is porn with faceless males which no series is immune to. Tojis also had a healthy supply of fanart and the overwhelming majority I've ever seen was still yuri or just a single character.
File: FgAT-uFaMAAlx1P.jpg (214 KB, 900x1200)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
Does Karen realy have split personality? I mean, from the look of it, the way they both act is oddly convenient. They just change on the fly, "when needed" Karerin knows what Karen-chan was talking about or doing and vice versa. And sometimes when it isn't needed they just don't. Not to mention Karen-chan can perfectly imitate Karerin and is very protective of her. Also, she is more of a troll than a serial killer, really. From my point of view Karen-chan is a defencive trick for Karerin.
Actually that is very much accurate to real split personality cases. They are often created as a defensive mechanism by someone who went through trauma. I don't know if you have played chapter 4.1, so I will be careful what I say, but Karirin explained pretty clearly what happened to give rise to Karen-chan. And the recent Iroha event really gave us strong insight about how karen-chan actually feels about the whole matter... it was pretty emotional.

The part where they communicate and switch at will is clearly an exaggerate feature that isn't super realistic, but the story is full of supernatural stuff, no reason to get hung up on every detail, eh?

Tsukasashi is the one that doesnt really have split personalities by a strict definition and the game also doesnt treat it like she does, despite the fact that it feels very similar.
File: FhckMUdVUAA_cMd.jpg (178 KB, 1015x856)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
The game calls it split personality, but I think I prefer to treat them both as separate characters. This is my first time seeing a 2 person foursome couple and I need more of them.
No offense, but DID is like that. Treating them as different people is generally a mistake from a psychiaric standpoint. And even in-game Karen-chan has been very clear that she is all the dirty parts of Asakura, the things she doesnt want to deal with and expose of herself. Her bloodlost, her ugly unhidden thoughts etc. Karen-chan was created as a defense mechanism against the clique at her school that tried to force her and other girls into sexual favors. She became a serial killer to eliminate things she hates, but it escalated into complete split personalities, because Asakura completetely disassociated with those events. So Karen-chan had to base her entire idenitty around enjoying/taking pride in killing and calling herself and artist to justify her horrible existence. I think it's especially evident that she is takiing parts of Asakura's brain that are rejected because of the little things, like her being really bad at video-games despite Asakura being a skilled gamer. She is straight up rejected by the brain.
Karen-chan has become a really fascinating character post chapter 3. The fact that she clashed with Megumin in chapter 4 makes so much sense in retrospect. She called her out on her making her savior complex her identity, because she is the exact same way. Megumin couldnt handle being a fake who was unable to rely on her identity she made for herself anymore. Karen-chan was literally born as an ugly copy of Asakura and she struggles with the identity she created for herself especially now that she isnt even allowed to kill anymore. Her existence doomed her to loneliness and she cant even be the thing she was made to for.
A weak-hearted savior and a kind-hearted killer. I honestly would have loved if they had explored that dynamic a lot more. This game has just way too much interesting stuff and characters but never enough screen time to explore it all.
Problem is, with all of this Yukki and MC end up the most boring of 31a. MC could be forgiven, she is obviously kinda busy being everywhere. Yukki though?
Even Tama has a lot to herself that we'll sooner or later get to see. 4.1. did it a little. There's room for so much more.

HBR falls a little into the "start too many things" trap. We have so damn many characters, and it's not gonna work giving them all the same. On the flipside, provided we don't get entirely new characters, we have room for content for the next 5 years. If we do get those eventually (I'm next to 100% sure we will)... WELL. It's gonna be a journey, that looks so far like it can be realized.. unless Maeda ends in hospital again. (please no)
Wow, someone actually calling Ruka "MC" instead of using her name feels so surpremely wrong. it's almost a slur reserved for self-inserts imo.
I just completely disagree on both accounts. Ruka is certainly all over the place and perhaps a bit TOO malleable when the writing needs her to be, but she had tons of strong moments. I think she shined the most in chapter 3 and 4 actually where she strayed from the standard goofy always positive protag she was in chapter 1 and 2. What makes her stand out is that most of her erratic actions and flippant personality are obviously a mask. She lets it slip only very rarely, but Ruka is actually a deeply sad person. Music is her main outlet, but something that becomes clear over time is that she initially just went through the motions with everyone. She was using the social skills she gained as a famous person to make good with every girl she came across, but what she actually needed and sought out are connections, something she didn't have many of before the Seraph unit. There is a reason that a lot of early choices let her say pretty negative things about humanity. The Yuina character episodes are some of the few where Ruka is more vulnerable and asks for genuine advice on things and it's mostly Ruka having negative impressions of society and its machinations (issues with sexuality, institutions like marriage, not understanding what happiness really is etc.). Her struggle with identity in chapter 4.1 is the culmination of all that. The girl who doesnt care about humanity, but grew close to the girls at the base uses those new connections as a crutch to keep going. Because she has to. At the same time she still fails to connect and understand the needs of her team a lot She fails to level with Yuki in chapter 3, causing a rift and she fails to truly understand Megumin's problem in chapter 4 and gives her the wrong kind of support which leaves her more room to grow.
Yuki is a bit more straightforward really. She is the glue that keeps the team together. She is also the brains of the team (Tsukasa is not reliable most of the time). She has some of the most interesting exchanges and realizations when it comes to the plot, almost as a replacement for Ruka who tends to be too detached or stupid to get the implications. Yuki reveals less of herself, granted. But behind the sarcastic calculating girl is a lot of emotional depth. The fact that Kura could convince her to go against 31A's plan to go to Aegis tower based on purely emotional manipulation is a good indicator. It's also worth mentioning that Yuki is intentionally written as arrogant and dismissive, which bites her in the ass a lot. But it's because she built her identity on being intelligent. Her emotional nature always comes in conflict with her need to be in control and the smartest in the room. That#s why the reveal that she is a navi who would become mindless once she returned to her original state was crushing for her and why she clings to being Izumi Yuki so strongly. Yet she is the one who brings up that Ruka's music has soul and that she is a real person to her. Yuki has a great duality, is what I'm trying to say.
Nah Yuki is cool, the most boring character in the game is out of the picture though.
Hi. I'm that anon, who started recently and haven't finished ch4 yet. You previously was talking about Kura's event and implications it suggests about the situation everyone is in. But really there was not that much new information just that memories degrade gradualy and not instantly. Aoi was just an anomaly due to her "superpower" probably and the feels... So, what did I miss? Tezuka's explanation was rather comprehensive on that matter, no?

>Her struggle with identity in chapter 4.1

Isn't it the most natural thing after all that happened? I'm more surprised that Karen and Yuki can just wave away it. I'll probably enter the schizo territory here, but: their nature as a pequliar mechanism of some alien completely devaluates everything their feelings amount for. It's like the show put on. An appearence so perfect that the sustenance doesn't get questioned. And it leads to the stupid situation where Descartes principle: "I think therefore I am" doesn't work. (It usually means that you can confirm existence of your own consciousness or soul if you want, but you can't do the same for others, so you just assume they have it and act accordingly). And it flips. Rather than that Yuki gives Ruka a solution when she says "I feel there is soul in your song" and Ruka decides to cling to the memories they made together . In their situation soul is something attributed by the others.

And you can honestly abstract from all of that. Just say "so what" and move on. Probably like humans do. From their point its just a usefull tool that act like human while it works. It's not even inhumane towards Navi. They are immortal and don't have any desires, they can't get hurt. The worst that is is a corpse desecration.

But HBR isn't that kind of work. We follow Seraphs in their everyday life, with all their troubles and happy moments. And that's precisely the reason that revelation hurts. I want their feelings and dreams to be true, dammit!
And does their past even matter at that point? After all, it is memories of the people long gone.
>Kura event
When Tezuka says that she doesnt believe there is anything of Kura left and Ruka asks all her questions about the possibilities, people who only played the story would cling to the Aoi navi. It's the only one we actually had insight on in the story and she clearly remembered SOME stuff even over 2 days after her death. If you dont play Kura's event you cant understand how absolutely 100% zero chance for any remnants of the copied person can persist and that Aoi was a total anomaly. In Kura's even you experienced the degradation yourself, you witnessed her final moments as a person. Nobody who beat Kura's even has any hope whatsoever that this navi is still Kura in any way or can be brought back.
And yeah, the feels are the most important. That event is still the best part of the entire game, no question in my mind.

>isn't struggle with identity natural?
Yes of course it is, that wasn't the point. Everyone in 31A sturggles with identity, but they all have different foundations and reasons to question and catch themselves.
Yuki is way more unstable than she lets on. Buit she managed to force herself into a binary where as long as Ruka who she believes has a soul is the one who believes she is Izumi Yuki, she will continue to be Yuki. The fact that she clings to her intelligence makes it obvious why she would refuse to return to navi and prefer to stay this copy of a person.
Karen was a broken person to begin with. She always shifts between identities and self-control. Unlike the rest her sense of self was never strong, so it makes sense why being a navi is less important for her than the rest.

I cant really go any deeper into it, because a lot of this is addressed in chapter 4.
Also about that last part, this is what I myself hae struggled with in these posts >>3815827
The Koju event is ironically the one that drove it home for me the most. It's the biggest struggle for the player imo. Something that transcends the characters as only we can know and ponder it for now.
File: 777.png (894 KB, 1280x717)
894 KB
894 KB PNG
So, considering the Koju event what are the possibilities do we have?

The Best: Navi extract the soul of the person they reproduce and it is a full-fledged reincarnation. Since there is not a soul of a single dead Seraph at their base, they either A) All find their peace before their death and shed all regrets, so no ghosts left. B) Still trapped within Navi, but Navis can't sustain their form and act any more and are turned into storage.

The Worst: Navi just mimic the dead humans for the time being. No sustenance, only form. Koju's event was not written by Maeda and is probably outsourced.

There is also other thing that may or may not be related. Megumi in her hang-out talks about the connection to the Higher Self. Like beyond the sansara wheel there is somewhere their true self resides. And the people who are "there" are mere projections of their Higher Self who decides where and when the soul reincarnates. (picrelated)

I wouldn't highlight it among many-many other fun or suspicious small details HBR is full on, if not for:
1) Clannad was full on Buddhism.
2) The description is eerily reminiscent of what we actually seen. It's way too simmilar to Ruka in the Prismworld who just watches/remembers her war against Cancers.
Her entire role just screams MC. Has nothing to do with self insert. If it wasn't obvious enough already, the Yuina thingy should've done that.
I feel like you got it upside down. Obviously Ruka is special, nobody even questions that. She is the protagonist, we follow her POV and make her choose.
I was just saying that she is a defined character, so most actually use her name. It's not like those personality void self-insert protags, which are always addressed by their role. Because they usually have your name. They are supposed to be you. Ruka is just Ruka.

Maybe I'm making no sense. Oh well.
>what are the possibilities we do have?
I can't really make any sort of call in that regard yet, but your worst case scenario is my current fear as well, as much as I loved the event. I'm just hoping that we'll get 4.2 before the anniversary so we can get some more story-relevant bits to think about.
Nah, I get you. I don't feel as strongly about Ruka or Yuki, but they're very strong characters both individually and together, so just referencing them by their roles feels somewhat reductive. I don't think that was necessarily their intention though.
Ok lots of important points here. Firstly all major events are written by Maeda, no exception. They dont get outsourced. So whatever the implications are, Maeda at least was the one who put them out there.

Now in regards to how navi copy a person. It is hard to justify that they take the soul for a couple of reasons. One is that according to Tezuka they copy dead people and if the implications of the Yuina event are going where many think, it doesnt have to be recent deaths either. It is hard to believe the soul would stay around long enough every time. That being said, navi copying memories without an intact brain being present is also highly confounding. One thing that makes it all even more confusing are the vague explanations for what happened in the summer event. I really dont like the second half of that event for several reasons, but its plot device especially muddles what is real and affects reality. Was that really Aoi's "soul"? If yes this would imply that the Aoi navi indeed housed her soul as she remembers all of the events of the game, not just the original Aoi's life. On the other hand the navi still retained some of Aoi's personality and memories, meaning there would have been two Aoi-likes around at once. But because the plot device was so stupid (cursed clothes granting any wish, but twisting it) it could also have been a conjured up Aoi, not the real one. Or it was the real one, but it all got undone.
Finally someome brings up the higher self thing! It's all I could think about in chapter 4. The concept is that Megumin can connect to her past selves. If she succeeds that could potentially allow her to communicate with the original Megumi! It would also prove she has a soul that can even connect to that space in the first place. But Megumin's failure to connect across the game could indicate she doesnt have a soul to do it. It would be an interesting way to follow up on the savior thing though. both Megumi Aikawa and the copied navi version are the savior of the prophecy. The original could help the copy. Interesting stuff.
I`ve played only 3 events so far, but the state of the body is the least of the problems. As I see it, bodies deliberately kept for a long time so that the new Seraph didn't have any connections to real people of this world left. As for memories (and possibly soul) it is easy to asspull, but I`ll even give you the explanation that fits within the setting. Humans can only operate within 3 dimensions. When Tsukasa asked how they managed to create a weapon that cuts in 4th, Tezuka's answer was a non-answer "don't underestimate our scientists". But the key is one of the conversations with the redhead cyclopus. She talked about how living in higher dimensions can allow you to manipulate lesser ones more freely. Living in 4th allows you to manipulate space and living in 5th apparently allows you to manipulate time. And Navis obviously live at least in 4th, so they can create wormholes and that's also the reason why their weapon can damage Cancers. And if they live in 5th time becomes a non issue, so they can for example work with the dead body as if it was in its best shape.

Good points. Only issue: I don't think the Higher Self is the original self. Higher Self probably exist a a timeless being. BUT otherwise you are right the failure to connect means she has no soul and success would allow her to connect to original self. One more interesting point: her failures doesn't mean she has no soul instantly, she needs to succeed only once. So she can keep failing.
It would probably be best to wait with further speculation on your end until you played all the events. You are missing some key pieces.
Does anyone know where this version of the song plays? I only know the Lost Color version from the Iroha event and an instrumental version that was used on Day 0 of chapter 4.1. The version in the video sounds vastly different, but I don't remember hearing it anywhere.
Soundtrack releases for games often have a bit more polished versions of the songs that play in the game, probably because it's only meant to have a supporting role there. None of the game files match this version at least.
I don't imagine this is a "more polished" version, as the variation used in the Iroha event is just as quality. They evoke very different feelings too, clearly composed for different scenarios. Maeda's orchestrations are almost always directly tied into the emotion of the story, so I can't imagine this was just a random variation. If not in the game already, I assume it will be used down the line then.
HBR also has a lot of instances where instrumental versions appear first for general events and then get turned into vocal tracks for specific ones (Light Years being one of the best examples).
Gotta keep an ear out for it.
It's just a special version for the digital platforms release, some of them have rearrangements or the instruments being re-recorded. Zeitaku na Kanjou is also different, for example.
I assume the actual game versions will be in the soundtrack collection instead.
There's Maeda comment about it
>アルバムもう明後日発売なのか…。「夏気球」はLost Color Ver.とはアレンジも歌も違うので、新曲みたいな気持ちで聴いてください
Basically just saying it sounds different and people should listen to it. Not much to go by.
File: FhQU046aEAEeTAc.jpg (418 KB, 2039x1378)
418 KB
418 KB JPG
Maeda is my favorite redemption story this year
It's not like he had done anything wrong before.
Well... It isnt relevant to /u/ but his last anime project was so bad and the backlash so hard that he almost quit the industry (and life). There is a reason some people are sure he is still spiteful about how everyone suddenly praises hin again now.

To conmect it to HBR again, during the Carol event, Carol's sister who is a filmmaker talks about the absurdly harsh critics and I'm convinced that monologue came straight from Maeda's heart.

Personally I'm obviously all about yuri, but even I liked Clannad and Little Busters. They are milestones in the VN industry that cant be ignored. They are just good stories and games with a lot of things that I now see return in HBR and I am just happy Maeda turned to yuri during his mental breakdown.
>There is a reason some people are sure he is still spiteful about how everyone suddenly praises hin again now.
He tweeted about it a few months ago. I still find it odd that he didn't understand why his anime projects failed, but I can't be too harsh when he was in such a dark place for so long.
What was bad? Angel Beats? Charlotte? If I remember right, they were quite successful.
Jeez anon, Angel Beats? Really? That anime is older than dinosaur fossils. Obvioulsy that doesnt count as recent. And Charlotte was pretty bad, though not unpopular among het viewers. Don't gow down this road. It's not relevant to /u/ and we can leave it at that.
I think he may know. One of the main reasons is that he isnt good at short term story telling for seasonal anime. But anyway, the spite probably comes more due to the perceived hypicrisy. People really railed on him like he lost all his talent and is a bad writer in general and has always been a hack. Then suddenly a lot of those people praise him as a great writer now. It feels really trashy how easily people flip on those things. Anons on /u/ are no strangers to hyperbole and autistic levels of antagonism, so we all know how that goes. People lack nuance on thee internet.
File: img_05.png (105 KB, 254x624)
105 KB
105 KB PNG
>It's not relevant to /u/ and we can leave it at that.
Wait until inevitable collabs with other Key works.
>het viewers
It wasn't even particularly het.
>Wait until inevitable collabs with other Key works.

Plz no. Unless you are talking about a couple of background musical club probably-dykes from Clannad that were most likely added by KyoAni anyway.
Sorry but I want my Rewrite girls.
Were there times when Key made lesbian characters and did not treat affection between girls as a joke?
He literally wrote a yuri novel before HBR and one of the MC is his self insert (very popular music composer who tries to kill herself until a 19yo girl find her, and they fall in love).
I don't understand the question, elaborate on the second part.
Was there ever in Key works a girl who liked other girls and it was taken seriously? And no, boob gropping between haremettes do not count.
I don't think there were lesbians before at all.
I think there might have been a side couple in Clannad but it was only hinted at?
Yeah, I mentioned them.

>Unless you are talking about a couple of background musical club probably-dykes from Clannad that were most likely added by KyoAni anyway.
If you're talking about Nishina and Sugisaka, they were in the VN too.
Lesbians? Probably not. But some bisexual girls for sure. Didn't go anywhere on screen though. It has been mentioned before, but a lot of Key works have yuri undertones for some of the romancable girls or side-characters (Clannad had Nishina and Sugisaka, Little Busters had Kurugaya who straight up likes girls and Komari who was heavily implied to like Rin more than a friend). And almost none of them have harems in them (didnt play Rewrite and dont care to), so dont treat it like a harem please. Routes are seaparated for a reason. Let's give them credit where its due.

The good thing about most Key works is that romance is just a part of it, but what truly matters are the connections, friendships and family. That's why they are bearable despite being het. I still cant get over how Clannad has an entire sub-route/ending that just revolves around making an old man happy or how Little Busters straight up makes all romance irrelevant in its true final chapter, because that was never what actually mattered.
File: Fh0PnjPUAAEzojA.jpg (196 KB, 1180x1113)
196 KB
196 KB JPG
Some Yukki crack
File: FhwEu4BaEAExo9b.jpg (379 KB, 1554x2174)
379 KB
379 KB JPG
Wishful thinking too
This is good. Love the representation of Yuina's clusterfuck of an inner mind.
>dont treat it like a harem please. Routes are seaparated for a reason

This. For a long time western audiences only knowledge of Key works only came from anime adaptation where the anime creators adapted multiple routes to fill out the runtime and wound up turning it into a harem. Reality is in the VN you could go though a route without even meeting one of the girls.
Yes, routes are usually very distinct and if other heroines are involved its in a platonic role. Again, I dont know about Rewrite, but as far as I know HBR is the first Maeda led Key thing where the protag really goes around hitting in multiple girls. Ruka is like way more aggressive than any of the dudes.
The thing with Ruka is it is hard to tell when she is just fooling around and when she is serious. Like, in her hang outs with other girls her IQ visualy drops for at least 20 points compared to when she is in the main story. The best example is her hang-outs with Karen. When Karen-chan shows up and tries to troll her, Ruka pretends she fell for it just to make Karen-chan feel good. So, when after kodomo-like antics with A-san she suddenly talks to Yuina about girls attracted to the same sex, I was wondering if she is serious or just trolling Yuina.

Or maybe her hitting on other girls is just a smart play. Think Yokoe from School Zone. If she build that kind of reputation, noone would think of her actions as weird and maybe someday, she can, you know, take it to the next level with someone. Another level of this joke is girls in HBR usually have someone they are closer to anyway.
Ruka is very different from other Key protagonist because since she's a girl she doesn't have to be relatable and go with the flows so that her character is vague enough to make her end up with any girl.

Ruka's personality is closer to secondary male characters you see in Maeda's stories (all of them are very good btw).

The "harem" feeling just comes from the fact that since we're following Ruka's PoV she obviously will interact with every other characters and built some kind of bound with them but Yuki is literally the only love interest.
SP also added Umi route with RB which is the best one out of the main routes and is the one where Hairi really gets to shine because he's not restricted to be only girls love interest.
>Ruka's personality is closer to secondary male characters you see in Maeda's stories

Only the boke aspect. In contrast to male MCs who were tsukkomi.

>(all of them are very good btw)

No, they arent. They are specificaly designed to be as "harmless" as possible, and they shine only in very specific routes (Sunohara in his sister's and teacher's for example). But otherwise they are a joke. Take even Kappei's route. Sunohara plays a big part here too, but no, he is just a butt of a very overused trope here.

Among the Key things I read/watched only Angel Beats have decent male cast.
But if you are talking about for example Akio or the ex-rocker, then yes, they are good.
I feel like this is kind of wrong on all accounts. Ruka acs very stupid during the story plenty and its almost the reverse in most character episodes and events where she tends to play the tsukkomi way more often (because Yukki isnt around to do it). I think some commenter described her as "malleable" before and that's pretty much it. Ruka can flip a switch and go from silly to ultra genuine in a second. Sometimes its just inconsistent writing though. For example Ruka says the most embarrassingly stupid things to get reactions out of Tezuka or the like, but in the Koju event she was embarrassed to shout Chuuni-esque lines to activate ghost repellant seals for Koju. When Kura stole her panties she wasnt fazed and told her its fine because the base only has girls, but in the new Minori event when she tells Minori to take off her spats so she would be embarrassed to show her panties while skateboarding she suddenly acted like its weird when Minori gave her the exact same answer about there being only girls.

>its all to make them used to it
Funny enough during Ichiko's episode in chapter 4 Ruka kept hugging Ichiko into corners to hide that they were stalking the other Oshima sisters... And every single one was completely unfazed saying "Oh Kayamori is just flirting/dating/making out with some girl again." Her reputation as a super lesbian is almost as unshakable as Shikis. Good thing they didnt know it was Ichii getting kabeoned/embraced or Ruka would have been dead.

The entire male cast of Little Busters is great. Riki has more romantic chemistry with all of them than with any of the girls. I swear Maeda just wanted to write same sex romance for years.
>For example Ruka says the most embarrassingly stupid things to get reactions out of Tezuka or the like, but in the Koju event she was embarrassed to shout Chuuni-esque lines to activate ghost repellant seals for Koju.
I think that's intended, she seemingly draws a line between "haha I was merely pretending to be retarded, now react" and something she genuinely considers cringy to do.
Dunno, Ruka has genuinely reached a level of mind of steel that makes me doubt she can be embarrassed by anything a normal gets ashamed of. Freak out? Sure, she does it a lot. But shame seems beyond her at this point.
It's probably just that she's fine with doing anything that's her idea and fits with the image she's trying to put forth. She was also embarrassed to try Yamawaki's catch phrases upon killing cancer.
File: Higumin is Higaymin.png (2.37 MB, 1908x1077)
2.37 MB
2.37 MB PNG
I know this moment isnt particularly special for Higumin because she doesnt care about ANYTHING other than her research, but it still was great to hear her say it. As long as she doesnt say the same about girls there is always hope.

Playing those two prism memory events was a rollercoaster. I really didnt like how in the first one Ruka was pushing so hard for Higumin to improve her appeal for the sake of being attractive to the opposite sex. But then she admitted in the second episode that she actually wanted Higumin to be cuter for her own satisfaction. Nice course correction there Maeda... only took until Higumin's second SS for us to get that follow-up.

I have actually noticed that a lot of events revolve around Ruka trying to bring out other girls charms so she can enjoy it. What a hero.
Top 5 gayest HBR girls. I really wanna know if my impression is common sense.
1. Shiki
2. Ruka
3. Isuzu
4. Ichiko
5. Ichigo
My criteria was who seems most gay in general, not just hyperfocused on one character (sorry Sharo). I almost included Vrittika for the simple fact that in one event she said the female shape is the most mathematically pleasing and loves looking at naked girls.
>4. Ichiko
Why her? Isn't she the dense harem protag type?
She's a quintuple siscon and while Isuzu is the only one who can bring out her impure thoughts, she still has them.
File: Siscon Harem.png (3.6 MB, 1920x1080)
3.6 MB
3.6 MB PNG
The "A Little Tear, Forgotten Memories" Event was kind of misleading because Ichii had memory loss. It made her look like a clueless harem protag. But in fact she is all in. ALL IN. In her character episodes she goes full ultra siscon all the time. You know she is a mangaka as a hobby? And she straight up wrote a harem manga with herself as the protagonist and her sisters as the love interests. And even when she was told to write a horror story where her sisters investigate her murder, it turns out they killed her out of jealousy because they didnt want her to get together with any other girl. She doesnt just know that her sisters are into her, she revels in it.
Ruka can encourage Ichii to shout out her pent up feelings so she wont brain freeze anymore and one of the things she shouts is this completely brain fried "dai-chukiiii~~" to all her sisters. And in chapter 3 you can actually see her shout it in the base in the background all the time. It's made pretty clear that her feelings are anything but platonic or normal.
Alright then. Good to know.
Next event is about Inori (and sword users in general). To be fair, she got shafted the most out of anyone in the entire game until now. She deserves some spotlight.

Maki and Inori getting an SS next. Seems like the tomboy squad finally is all leveled up. Inori has talked more in her ultimate than she did in the entire game I swear.
>Maruyama foot fetish S art
Well... it was bound to happen one of these days. Yanagi probably gives her pedicure every single day.

Oh and they will add a model viewer. Some neat details might be found.
File: 2022-11-24_202712.png (1.2 MB, 1277x716)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB PNG
I think I've seen the sword from the emblem somewhere. (picrelated). Also she looks like Ruka with long hair. Probably because the uniform looks almost identical, aside from skirt.
Yes, we have already discussed that mysterious pic from the prologue that never actually appeared in the prologue before (back when this thread didnt exist, in the yuri game thread). Hard to say what's really going on there, but it does appear to be a time skipped Ruka. As for why she has one big sword instead of twin swords, some people have made the theory that it is the evolved form of her Seraph. It's a vague concept we dont have direct confirmation of yet, but on the JP side I have seen people call Aoi's Invincible and Tsukishiro's Mugamuchu the second stage of Seraphs.
The fact that it is inside the prologue section of the gallery and looks similar to the pictures of navi using wormholes to summon seraphs makes it really seem like there is either some time travel or other time fuckery involved.

That aside, I think the sword in the emblem is just one of Ruks normal twin swords.
I genuinely have no idea why people think they would tease some ultra late game stuff as a random example picture of seraph when you talk to Higuchi.
I think you are underselling that entire exchange a lot. That is still the most bizarre moment in the entire game and it happens so early on. Higumin is talking AT you, not WITH Ruka like she does any other event, even doing the usual gacha thing of replying to something that wasnt said. Additionally she introduces the gacha mechanic, which has nothing to do with Seraph research. And everything she says there is bizarre and full of hidden meaning. Why does she speak about you "remembering" things from your subconscious or seeing the future? It makes absolutely no sense in context. Add to this that in the actual story she claims Ruka is different from everyone else and it is clear that Higumin knows something about Ruka we dont. Yet in the actual events she appears in she doesnt seem to know the spoilers you find out in chapter 4.
Frankly I think saying it's just a random image that means nothing is completely impossible when everything about that scene was clearly foreshadowing. I believe that was not the real Higumin, but rather a projection that is used as an interface for the gacha mechanic, which seems to be a representation of Ruka's memories in the prism world

In the first place why would you think it is weird for long term foreshadowing to appear at early moments when the very beginnng of the game has Ruka wake up at the entrance ceremony from a dream where she literally saw the endings of Chapter 2 and 3?
I see they even let Fubuki and YunYun do something this time. Looks nice.
>Higumin is talking AT you
This reminds me of that scene in Assassin's Creed 2, so I guess that, kinda like in that game, she is speaking to the future Ruka who is reliving her own memories in the Garden of Memories.
I feel like Ruka isn't only remembering one but multiple timelines which is why there's multiple bound stories happening at the exact same time and day (and ofc the multiple dialogue choices).
I guess it depends on how much of what are usually just game mechanics (gacha, multiple choices, the hub, etc) are actually used in the story and have a real meaning in it.
At this point I think some of them surely are, but are all of them?

Ruka being like a god who can see multiple timelines could be interesting, but I think it'd be kinda wasted in a game linear like this, where the multiple choices are meaningless and don't change the plot itself.
>swordmasters tournament
>not having tensai kenshi herself participate
What a farce.
It's ""seraph sword"" master tournament, so. You can make the case for Ruka though, is having a second sword considered cheating or what.
Oh right Hisame-chi was trolled by the universe and given a gun type seraph. Nearly forgot.
>Ruka has no excuse
I am glad she sits this one out. It's better to not always rely on her in events. Also if they used every sword seraph wielder we would have way too many girls participate (Megumin, Aina, Monanyan etc. are also missing).
It's just an event for single-sword slashing types. The other giant sword users you're thinking of all deal blunt damage. I'm also glad that Ruka won't participate though.
I dont think they have those categories in-universe so it's gotta have a different explanation at least narratively.
Monanyan would wreck everyone anyway and that's no fun.

I saw Yuina being the next score attack boss though.
>Monanyan would wreck everyone anyway
Oh, no! How are we gonna hide all these Navis?
>I dont think they have those categories in-universe
Yes, it's pretty much a gameplay thing, they're still slashing stuff with these. But I don't think it really needs any explanation, you kinda get the difference between an allowed sword/katana and these SWORDS.
File: Fish are tasty.png (1.8 MB, 1578x1047)
1.8 MB
1.8 MB PNG
I can't believe they would discriminate against a two meter long sashimi knife. Aina gets clamjammed yet again.
>the second stage of Seraphs
This is backed by the fact that both examples given are girls who are actually from older gens of the seraph unit and had more time to develop their skills. Also the clear difference and transformation of their weapons can't be denied. Aoi's shield goes from a wall to a encompassing dome and Tsukishiro's broadsword goes to a much slicker white saber that inernalizes her charge skill rather than creating spheres.
This would also be good for the game in the long run, because giving everyone a second stage allows for more SS styles and visible growth. It's a dumb comparison, but this is a bit like the difference between shikai and bankai in Bleach (sorry, the new anime season reminded me of its existence).
Is it normal that I can't see the prism event for Kura? The menu is empty.
How do I obtain her soul?
She doesn't get one. The frying pan is either in the event shop or cat shop
To explain it more clearly, not every character has memory events in the prism world. Most of them do to get their SS specific item, but some of those items can be bought in event shops or from the cat as mentioned above. You can tell whether a character has a memory if they got the grey/pink exclamation mark above their head, Whenever a new SS comes out you should check on those characters.
There is no, uh, "soul getting" involved. You can still throw memory shards at any character to unlock her special dialogue, but I highly doubt Kura will get a new SS event for obvious reasons. She does appear in Waki's at least,
Any chance there will actually be something /u/ relevant in the new event? I just can't see Inori getting a ship. And while Yuina is there Ruka or Miya.aren't. A-san, Fubuki and Yingxia seem pretty unshippable too. 31F will be in some of the event, so maybe we get some Shiki or MaruYanagi...
Outside of a few MaruYanagi interactions, I think it's just gonna be a silly breather event.
Carol's event was also a fun light-hearted event (and actually one of my favorites), so I can see that happening. That event gave us some IchigoMaria crack at least and it was glorious. Guess I shouldn't expect too much and just enjoy it for the character work.
Hear me out: Inori x Hisame. The trailer showed tensai kenshi herself talking about Inori's sword style. She may be acting like a coach or something. Sword gal pals!
File: 7441933432.jpg (168 KB, 850x1202)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
Considering this is probably another "After Chapter 1" event I cant imagine they would make a new ship that's more than background stuff like Vrittika and Yotsuha in Koju's event.
Inori's harem of faceless background girl admirers is as big as Shiki's.
File: 8243749824893.jpg (132 KB, 850x1202)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
I haven't seen any evidence of this and yet she gets a surprising amount of fanart despite her non-existent role in the game until now, so you must be right. Aside from Yuina I think tomboy squad has the best chances of getting female fans anyway. I've seen female streamers/Vtubers rave about Yanagi, Matsushiro and Maru-chan a lot.
We'll need a new thread soon. Don't forget to link the previous thread in the OP.
Nothing to feast on in this event. But at least it doesn't try to make drama when it`s unnecessary.
New thread.

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