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Project Neural Cloud welcome too.

Previous thread:
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1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG
Fixed Point on the Tuesday after next. 2.5 months from the previous major event is pretty nuts pacing. Might take things easy with ranking this time and just aim for top 5%.

Kinda wasted the New Year's rate up 'cause I'd been constantly fairy crafting since the new client dropped while also not stocking up equip contracts due to using lazy long logistics. Only had ~500 contracts, so I put them all into Shotgun Chokes and the new RoF Chips (got 5 each). Will be better prepared when the next rate up comes around.

On the PNC front, unfortunate that Hatsuchiri didn't have much subtext with De Lacey despite them being fairly compatible mechanically. I still went and pulled for both of them because the next 2 gacha banners will probably be male (based on the CN schedule; no guarantees though considering they already switched up the order with Kuro). If you can only afford one of them, Hatsuchiri is much more individually useful than De Lacey.

Incidentally, I rehauled my PNC pastebin after an extra month of play and with the introduction of Level 70 + new supply shop items, etc.

Although everything has been updated, there are completely new sections about Breakthrough (Level 70) and Enigma Black Hole. About the latter, I want to mention that Rise (who is recommended there) is also extremely useful for Vulnerability Check, which also has a time limit. Rise is very similar to Angela, with the difference that she specializes in massive DPS boosts in exchange for Angela's defensive component from delaying enemy skills. This means Rise can be just as OP as Angela in situations where you already have enough survivability.
>the next 2 gacha banners will probably be male
I hope so, as that would give me time to save up for Clucky Duck.
Any g/u/rlz to expect in the future banners? I heard something about Vee + Maghilda, wonder how far that would go.
And while we are at it. Does anyone have a specific short comics. I remember it was about SOPMOD and RO living together. RO tries to buy what I believe a Camen Rider full-sized figurine, but shopkeeper tells her it's not for sale. SOPMOD notices this and makes a surprise for RO later on.

I remember that it was old, I somehow lost it and when I tried to search for it year ago, it was nowhere to be found.
I missed this thread, my browser felt empty in its absence.
I've been out of the loop for so long when does this started being referred to as Project Neural Cloud and why
It's a separate game by the same company in the same universe.
>next 2 gacha banners will probably be male
Looks like this was fake news, next doll is Daiyan AKA Type 95. She pairs very well with Kuro/Snipers in general so she might be a better investment for current players than Warriors like Hatsuchiri.

On the >>3864571 front, I can't navigate CN social media well enough to scope out ships regarding PNC's new characters but it turns out Jiangyu AKA Type 97 just got announced on CN. Type 95 and 97 have pretty decent siscon subtext in GFL so her release should be something to look forward to.
Daiyan is still a while off though isn't she? There were like 6 more non-new character banners first in CN.
They switched up the order again; the next banner is technically Gin but the next new Doll will be Daiyan on the 25th. She'll be dropping along with a Chinese New Years event so it might be based on that.

Regarding the other banners that were supposed to come before her, I think Sueyoi (male)'s timing is non-negotiable because it should be tied to the story (Chapter 7?). So in terms of overall order, the only major change has been that Python (male) has been pushed back twice. Pacing-wise, we've been accelerated by one banner so f2p gacha income is admittedly a bit tight. There'll be a new mode (Exception Protocol) next week that'll add f2p income of 24 pulls/month, so that should help a bit combined with event rewards.
Wise skk, give us the analysis of the new MOD3 batch and the Fixed Point dolls onegai.
I'm assuming that the two slavs are broken as hell.
I didn't even know we had new EQs again, what's good?
I just like guns
About MODs: only AK-15 is a must-MOD because it gives her the ability to tank. A large part of AN-94's MOD involves synergy with AK-12, but since AK-12 hasn't got her MOD yet she still can't compete with monsters like G11 MOD.
XM8 MOD is decent but worse than 416 MOD. PPSH's MOD is bad.

About the limited dolls: QBZ-191 is extremely good, both for DPS and for countering enemy skills. She was commonly used for Fixed Point ranking on foreign servers.
PPQ is also notable for comboing with Zip.22 to buff the hell out of RO MOD's survivability.
The others have a few neat gimmicks but aren't high priority.

This page covers the new equips in detail (there are 5 total):

In terms of priority, Choke > Tripod > Focus Chip > Light > Rangefinder.
- Chokes are universally good (for Shotguns), granting 5 more ammo capacity.
- Tripods are good for long MGSG battles, shortening MG reload time (but replacing Ammo Boxes, meaning less clip size). They are bad for short battles and some MGs.
- Focus Chips give extra Dmg/Crit Dmg in exchange for reducing RoF. They make RoF buffing ARs competitive again and are basically always better than the old chips for day battles. Only problem is that they still don't make ARSMG echelons meta for ranking, etc.
- Tactical Lights replace PEQs and give 5% night vision to the team instead of 100% night vision to yourself. They're decent for HGs/SMGs/SGs that are paired with RFs/MGs at night. The next ranking after Fixed Point will be a night map, so you might want some by that point.
- Rangefinders reduce ICD for Bamboo RF skills. They replace capes, so that means less Crit Dmg. Only wanted for a few specific dolls, like NTW-20 Mod.
Appreciated as always.
How to get more diggcoin? Even when I prioritise running the level I'm always at none.
Assuming you've maxed out your Oasis, run algorithms every day instead and sell the useless ones (purple and one-block orange) for extra Diggcoin.

If you're already doing both of those, excessive spending might be the issue instead. In particular, several of the new items in the Supply Shop are scams (the Rainbow Widgets, Skill Samples, and Algorithm Fragments). You should also avoid crafting anything that costs Diggcoin in the Factory (e.g. Skill/Algorithm Material Boxes) when you're trying to save.
Ah I haven't been selling algorithms, and I've been buying everything in the Supply Shop. I've bought enough of the Rainbow Widgets to Breakthrough 3 different classes of doll and I'm getting there for another 3 dolls, but I don't have the diggcoin to actually break them through. Thanks anon.
To get the Rainbow Widgets for level 70 breakthrough, you should build them in the Factory instead. The total cost is 6000 DGC + 3 Orange Widgets = 13500 DGC each (based on the price of 5000 DGC for 2 Orange Widgets in the store). By comparison, the store sells Rainbow Widgets for 45000 per 2, or 22500 DGC each => 9000 DGC more than the Factory.

Since you also get tons of Grey/Blue/Green/Purple Widgets from Basic Search and Events, there's no reason to buy those either. So passing on everything from the shop except for Gifts and Orange Widgets is a good way to save Diggcoin.
Should I be buying Rainbow Widgets with Protocol and Vulnerability income? Or should I just buy IDW frags...
Whoops, forgot about the existance of Combat EXP and Algorithm Boosters in the shop. Those are also decent value.

Fragments are usually more valuable just because they're much more hard to get. There's an incentive to get all or at least many dolls to 4 star rarity (plus level 45 and Skill Level 5) because the available roster in Exception Protocol will change every 2 weeks. A lot of the fragments offered in the Vulnerability/Protocol shops are for Dolls that are pretty decent too.

You can buy Rainbow Widgets if you want to, but even if you have them Level 70 costs so much EXP and Diggcoin that you probably won't be able to use them all. That's why I think occasionally building the Widgets in the Factory is a reasonable pace.
Why 45 and not 50, why SL5 and not 7, and what about intimacy?
Also what is going on here? Some maintenance patch...
Exception Protocol advanced mode auto-scales units down to level 45, 4-star rarity, and skill level 5 of your Dolls are above those thresholds. (It will also scale Dolls up to 3-star rarity and level 35 if you're below them.)

Since Level 50 is required to raise skills beyond level 4, there is some merit to going up to 50. However, 4 is already close to the skill level cap so it's optional.

On the other hand, these thresholds only apply to EP Advanced mode. I've seen speculation that a third tier of EP might be implemented eventually (AFAIK, CN still doesn't have it however), which would presumably come with higher thresholds.

Intimacy stat bonuses don't have any effect in EP (tested it just now). Algorithms also don't matter. There's still a minor benefit to leveling intimacy due to providing Neural Fragments, however.

I got this issue too; restarting the game fixed it for me.
I'm always capped on Prefab Units, should I build blue shapes to make Skill Pivots or just let it cap and keep building green shapes for Basic Searches?
I've been making skill pivots as they are pretty valuable. I'm not an expert though.
You can make 3 Skill Pivots (consuming 900 Prefabs) everyday without crafting blue materials. The green materials for Basic Search Commands are more valuable, yes.

To use up your extra prefabs, sell Purple and one-block Orange Algorithms to make Algorithm Boosters (under Supplies Workshop) instead. Orange Algorithm Boosters use up 100 Prefabs each and can be easily spammed with Energizer because they use no other Factory resources.

You need to sell 5 Purple Algorithms to make one Algorithm Booster. If you spend most of your daily Keys on Algorithm farming, you'll easily get to the point where you never have trouble with too many Prefabs.
Do you mean you have a daily income of blue materials sufficient for 3 Skill Pivots?

>If you spend most of your daily Keys on Algorithm farming, you'll easily get to the point where you never have trouble with too many Prefabs.
Only 3 days a week are good for Algorithm farming though.
The factory will craft Blue materials automatically as part of the Skill Pivot order if you don't have enough. So there's no need to intentionally craft blue mats.

The cost of blue mats for each Skill Pivot is equivalent to 4 hours of crafting time. Skill Pivots also inherently have a 4 hour crafting cost. So not counting Prefabs, each Pivot takes 8 hours. If you crafted Blue mats separately, the 4 hour cost for those would disappear, so each pivot would just be 4 hours resulting in a maximum of 6 per day (theoretically).

>Only 3 days a week are good for Algorithm farming though.
Every day of the week has some useful Algorithms, even the low priority ones. Algorithm Farming is still pretty much the best use of keys (aside from 2X Resource Collection) even on low-priority days considering the side benefits of Diggcoin and Algorithm Boosters. For EXP and Skill Samples, event shops like the third Kuro Event Shop offer better rates than 1X Resource Collection, so it's more efficient to aggressively stock up when those events come around.

Even with low Algorithm farming though, aggressively selling your Purple and one-block Orange Algorithms should provide enough Algorithm Fragments to manage your Prefab stock. The thing about Pivot crafting is that you can only spend at most 1800 Prefabs per day. With Algorithm Boosters, the theoretical max is 48000.
>The thing about Pivot crafting is that you can only spend at most 1800 Prefabs per day
Forgot to add, daily Prefab income is 1500 with a maxed Oasis. So if you're already at Prefab cap, you can only clear up 300 Prefabs per day even if you crafted Blue materials. Algorithm Boosters are basically the only practical way to get rid of excess Prefabs.
Is it possible to get 3k points in Protocol without having or leveling everyone? The difficulty jump and hardcap on grinding is a pain in the ass.
3000 shouldn't be too out of reach if you abuse the scoring system. Note that in EP, part of your score is based on how many function cards you have at the end of the run, with Orange functions being worth extra (also ultimate cards from Purple areas). Thus, the basic strategy in EP is to increase your function card limit by levelling the shop/stepping on Anomaly tiles on Layer 1&2 and get as many Orange cards as possible.

Since you get interest on your current cachecoins for every step taken, one important thing is to get to 250+ cache coins as soon as possible. On layer 1, this can mean not buying functions as long as you can still clear battles.

If you avoid increasing the difficulty too much by taking excessive negative protocols, I think 3k should be pretty doable. The score maximum is >7k.

Getting at least 5 dolls with 3.5-4 star rarity and level 5 skills is a definite way to make your team stronger, for sure. The difference between an unlevelled EP unit and a maxed out EP unit is about ~2.5x in terms of Combat Power.
I must admit that I lacked the interest in the story for every event past Polarized Light (or was it Shattered Connections?) and only finished the combat stages. Anyway can I please get a tl;dr rundown of like the past two events?
I feel the same, and the lacklustre localisation doesn't help matters.
I can barely follow what the hell is happening half the time now, let alone keep up with all the subplots and factions.
This is an online reader for all of GFL's story content. You can go back to it at any time, so don't worry about skipping the story.

In the past few events the Commander and Ange went to Germany where they met Griffin (English dude responsible for founding Griffin & Khruger) and saw Oberstein begin to make his move (top official in the German government, leader of 42Wish when Lyco + Persica escaped it, father of William, etc.). Paradeus Nytos have evolved to the point where they can impersonate regular people so they've infiltrated into high positions in German society; a large part of the conflict in Poincare Recurrance was about preventing a massacre perpetrated by a massive pharmaceutical company with a Paradeus agent at the head which claimed to be making a vaccine for zombification.

Since the Commander was sent to Germany to support Ange/do Griffin (the person)'s bidding, Griffin HQ was understaffed when Carter pulled a coup and used the military to attack Griffin/other PMCs. Khruyger/Helian were able to hold out and escape with the dolls' backup data but the base has been destroyed. Also Kalina got radiation sickness and is in the hospital so the Commander's has been trying to find a vaccine for her.

M4 came back briefly by possessing Dandelion's body after her disappearance at the end of Polarized Light. M16 also showed up briefly to help out the Commander. Meanwhile, RPK-16 backstabbed Ange and defected to the Paradeus side because the latter said they could make her a human.
>Oberstein is William's father
This is the first I've heard of this and I read everything in the game.
File: 1655880110119.jpg (100 KB, 1000x800)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
It was a short event relative to the last couple, but that's not a bad thing. Poor Grig. Mica seem to have done a 180 from Nytos having no personality to having so much personality they fight each other for William's favor. I think it's silly to turn Nytos into grunts, it would make more sense for Paradeus to arm and augment discarded isomers. The ending of this event and the last one feel more like advertising for GFL2 than a natural setup for the next event.

RPK was right about M16. STAR changed her base layer and it didn't affect her loyalty to M4 at all, M16 not wanting to do it isn't loyalty, it's a refusal to take responsibility. It's weird that William is so young, although he's probably using anti-aging tech. The inevitable betrayal of Griffin happened and it will probably be revealed that he provided seed money and tech for Paradeus later. SOP2 is obviously not going to die and it's lame bait, she would be a better fit for the scenes that RO has later and RO can be revived from a backup so it makes sense for her to stay.
thanks for this, I ended up losing interest in the game back around the time the gunslinger girls collab happened, so i've missed a lot and this will help.
>The ending of this event and the last one feel more like advertising for GFL2 than a natural setup for the next event.
I feel this is going to be the case more and more with mostly minor threads being tied up so that something major will just be: To be Continued in Exilium.
>mod story
No wonder AN94 has issues.
File: 20220524_223148.jpg (270 KB, 1200x1697)
270 KB
270 KB JPG
The lack of M415 in this thread makes me sad
AK15's mod 3 SPEQ giving evasion instead of armor is annoying. Even strelets will chip her to death across multiple battles if you try a defy gimmick team.
>event stories now 60-70% light novel stages
>MOD stories
>cafe stories and costume stories
its...too much to read...
Is Daiyan worth rolling for?
Daiyan buffs units with strong skills that don't crit (such as Kuro or Sockdolanger) by allowing them to crit, massively improving their damage. She's a good investment for Sniper teams.

All Sniper units are eventually powercrept by Clukay though so ultimately she's still optional.

Her profile and the event dialogue has a lot of detail about her relationship with Jiangyu/Type 97, her sister. The final event stage went super hard on the self-insert pandering though which is pretty unfortunate.
How far away is Clukay or other dolls that are more important to roll on?
I will never get over the fact that they named her that.
Clukay should be released at the 1 yr anniversary so she's super far away.

Aside from Daiyan, the upcoming high-priority dolls are all for Warrior-oriented teams, so if you have Kuro + Nanaka I would just go and roll for Daiyan. New players can also roll Daiyan to pair with Sockdolanger, who's a free 5-star that will come with an upcoming event. These teams will remain the top-tier for Sniper comps all the way until Clukay.

Regarding Warriors, the "meta" optimal team is Hatsuchiri, Nora, Magnhilda, Helix, Nascita. Nora is an AOE Specialist and Helix is an AOE Medic; both also very good even outside of Warrior teams. Magnhilda is a Warrior with good DPS but also self-revive meaning she can replace a Guard. Nascita has the highest single-target Warrior DPS in the game.

The problem with aiming for Warriors as f2p is that on CN the 4 upcoming dolls were all released back-to-back, sometimes with overlapping banners. On global their banners should start dropping in about 2-3 months and last for 3-4 months. If you miss any units, based on the CN schedule you can probably expect banner reruns after ~6 months.

Aside from Clukay and Warrior teams, the second "God-tier" unit who came after Clukay is Undine, who arrived 3 months after the 1st anniversary. Undine is a summon-based Specialist who does more DPS the more allies are on the board. Undine has very good synergy with Puzzle, a summon-based Specialist tank who released right after the Warrior rush, and Turing, who dropped 3 months after Puzzle.

Because Daiyan is an important part of most top-tier Sniper comps, I would recommend most people roll for her unless they're sure they want to go Warrior.

We'll have to see how they officially romanize the name. It's pretty unique, to say the least.
Thanks neesan, couldn't get 3k but the key points were real helpful.

What will it take to auto everything? These damn stun gimmicks and DoT wipe my party and 9k support when I try to clear chapter 6. I was hoping I wouldn't need all 8 units at 5 stars and skill 10 and just play casually.
About the stage gimmicks of chapter 6, levelling your command perks in Explore -> Strategic Overview -> Procedural Efficiency goes a long way for mitigation.

For example, "Entropization Blocker" from the Pierides layer allows you to reduce DoT from Entropy tiles up to 30%. The "Churning Waves" perk from Copley will make the waves from Ch.6 heal 10% Max HP each time they hit you.

Those perks are still lower priority than some of the earlier ones though, like Recharge Rate Boost which increases Ult charging speed, Function Compatibilization, or Free Overclock/Overclock Function.

In order to unlock those perks you need "Blueprints" from clearing Endless Exploration. Since it's part of the dailies, I'd recommend doing one 500m run of Endless Exploration per day. The early layers which are below your current power level can easily be auto'd.

(The upgrades will also often cost a ton of Diggcoin, but I think that shouldn't be a problem with the recent 2X Resource Collection boosts.)

Aside from that, you do want to get your 5 main units to Skill level 10/10. Any player should be able to reach that in ~2 months maximum. It costs 24 skill pivots to max out one skill -- with 3 pivots/day from the Factory and 3 pivots/week from the friend point shop, that's exactly enough pivots for 1 skill per week. With 2 skills per unit and 5 combat units total, that's 10 weeks to max out skills with just passive income. Add in extra pivots from events etc, and maxing out skills isn't farfetched at all.
I take it that Pesc and the Shield girl are ok to max based on the supports? What about the other free units?

I'm aiming for a lazy clearing team using the basic/shop 1-2 star units/free Willow before I can start building random units I like. So far I have the 5 free units at 60 but do I need synergy like three warriors or three snipers? I'm working on Earhart since I can get her fragments daily and then Chelsea, probably, for the same reason. I heard GFL has a high difficulty curve so I can't be sloppy about training everyone.

Seems like I can only get the waves command perk for chapter 6 after I clear it first.
This is a tierlist for current EN units:

I wouldn't particularly recommend limiting yourself to free units. There are some big differences in strength between individual units so if you want to go for maximum laziness focusing on at least some "OP" meta units is the easiest path, even if some of them need to be rolled for.

Since all banner units start from 3-star, which costs 65 fragments to get to from 2-star or 80 fragments to get to from 1-star, there's no particular benefit to limiting yourself to "free" units since raising a 1 or 2 star unit means at least 9-12 (by Fragment Search) or 13-16 (by Vulnerability Shop) extra days of farming anyway.

If you want concrete suggestions about making a low effort clearing team for getting through story content, then my recommendation would be to actually roll for Daiyan to pair with Sockdolanger (who will come with enough fragments for a free 5-star, like Persica) after probably about a month.

About team synergy, it's important but not an absolute requirement. There are currently three viable archetypes: Hashrate Sniper, Attack Sniper, and Attack Warrior. However, some top-tier comps (like Kuro + Daiyan) step outside those boundaries.

Basically the only REQUIRED class is a Medic. OP-tier Specialists are very useful, but other Specialists are somewhat questionable desu. Warrior teams can skip using a Guard to instead go 3-Warrior, but can have melee crowding problems so Hatsuchiri (who has auto backline teleport) is desirable. Sniper teams don't usually go 3-Sniper due to survivability issues, so they take a Specialist or second Medic instead.
Coming back to the question of who to focus on from the shop after Croque is maxed out, Earhart is indeed good but is dependent on Algorithm tuning due to her need for Crit Rate, which might be a limitation for a low-effort playstyle.

Betty and Chelsea are high tier Warriors (the second and third best amongst Warriors currently available) so they would be easier to use than Earhart. However, you can't raise both at the same time so without Hatsuchiri it'd be fairly difficult to set up a "no brain/effort" Warrior team. Also, the 13-16 day handicap from being 1-star units means a Daiyan-based Sniper team is still your best bet, in which case nobody from the Vulnerability Shop is high priority so you might as well keep raising Earhart.

(Earhart doesn't gain anything from being paired with Daiyan, because her skill can already crit. Earhart could be a good partner for Kuro, but other viable partners (Hubble, Max, Fresnel) would indeed require effort to use.)

About the Exception Protocol shop, Rise and Lam are the best investments, followed by Max. Rise only requires ~3.5 stars to reach OP tier. Lam can be extremely powerful at higher rarities (although again, with Algorithm tuning for Crit Damage) so refreshing the shop to buy her fragments faster is reasonable/recommended.
What am I supposed to get from this event shop?
It has the same contents as the shop from the Kuro event. For detailed explanations, check the wiki:

In summary:
>Buy everything from shop 2
>For shop 1, don't buy the last tier of anything with multiple tiers (Fragments, Algorithm Sets, Reconfiguration Generators). Also don't buy Neural Kits.
>Shop 3 prices are slightly better than Resource Collection. Feel free to buy stuff from there if you need it right now, or after you've cleared everything you want from Shop 2 and 1.
>G36c, MP443, Gepard and Ribey MOD3 coming
Wise skk, I once again request your knowledge.
I just finished the event, when the hell was this mentioned?
I fell like a moron playing this game, I can never understand what's going on.
>Algorithm Farming is still pretty much the best use of keys
The website says don't farm Algorithms on weekends and to not farm when the 1 and 2 event shops are emptied. Polite and knowledgeable Oneesama, What do?
G36c and Ribey MOD are extremely good. G36c's skill 2 makes her basically invincible for 8-20s at the cost of taking 50 damage, which can be cancelled by shields. Ribey grants ARs an additional 30% Damage on top of Skill 1, but also grants 45% Damage Reduction to SMGs.

Gepard is fairly good, granting automatic death on non-elite enemies as soon as they reach less than 30% HP. She depends on a strong second RF to finish off enemies due to the skill now making her shoot a different enemy with each attack. All this is separate from her skill 1, which is a (now buffed) bamboo skillshot.

MP-443 is a pretty plain upgrade very similar to Viking MOD. Her Skill 1, which gives 28% Damage Reduction, is decently relevant in the current SG meta. However, because her Skill2 damage buff activates together with her Skill1 instead of the start of battle she's a better fit for RFSG instead of MGSG (unlike Nagant).

I don't recall when it was first revealed in the story but stuff like the FP dinner scene indicates that Lunasia was William's sister. The scene where Griffin and Oberstein talked in Poincare Reccurance also referred to Lunasia as Oberstein's daughter. I guess "Oberstein is William's father" hasn't been directly stated in the story yet but it has been implied and e.g. William's line about "showing the old men" at the end of FP is now making it more obvious.

Farming algorithms on weekends is fine. Although Thursday/Friday are the most important days for algorithms, all 2-block Orange algorithms are potentially useful and the fact that Saturday/Sunday have access to Thursday/Friday algorithms technically makes the weekend better than Monday-Wednesday.

But actually, farming event shop 3 is also fine. The prices are better than (non-2X) Resource Collection and EXP, Skill Samples or Diggcoin are all high-demand resources.

Personally, I'm going for algorithm farming on weekends after clearing out my event shops but either choice is fine.
Also, reminder that Fixed Point is ending on Monday and that there's an extremely simple point farm for ranking rewards.


Just spam Restart Mission on the first or second ranking map for 40k-50k points. 30-40 runs will get you the fairy and SPEQ and on emulator you don't even need to do this manually.
I got ribbed and Imouto36 to mod2, are they worth going to mod3?
G36c's SPEQ gives her +5 evasion and +3 mobility, letting her move as fast as a Handgun. The evasion isn't super important due to most of her usefulness coming from skill-based invincibility.

Ribeyrolles SPEQ gives her +10 Damage and +30 Accuracy. It's basically a better EOT/ITI without the RoF penalty. It's the best equipment for Ribey if you give her a Chip, but because Ribey doesn't do much to buff her own damage it's impact is pretty minimal.

You can leave both of them at Mod2 if you don't have enough neural frags, I guess.

Gepard would want Mod3 if you get around to her due to the extra damage from Mod3 increasing the affection cap.
File: 9922e6527f[1].png (12 KB, 238x133)
12 KB
It's done, skks.
Now to work on the MODs.
Now we wait for the new shotguns to ruin our collections.
So it's Theatre time again...

As usual, I'll be tracking betting results in my CE stacking spreadsheet.

There's also this more informational spreadsheet that was based on Theatre 9 in CN.

Unfortunately, Day 1 has already invalidated some of the calculations there due to EN's advantaged dolls looking to be almost unchanged from Theatre 8, unlike CN. For example, advantaged dolls might be completely irrelevent for Intermediate boss stages if we keep the RF focus from CN.

Since the CN info has questionable applicability, I'll be updating the Advantaged Dolls and CE stacking weights in my spreadsheet as the stages get unlocked.
How did nes Theatre work again? I'm still stuck on old Theatre mindset but I remember there were some important changes.
In the old theatre you had backup echelons. In the new (8+) theatre, you have backup dolls and fairies instead, meaning you can swap them in and modify your echelon at any time.

The scoring system has also changed -- Advantaged Dolls don't give a bonus, they just get a 20% boost to stats and CE. CE only matters on boss stages, where the total CE of all your dolls (including backup dolls) directly translates into your stage score (with multipliers based on unit type e.g. AR, HG, RF etc.).

There's also now a buff/debuff/objective/mode system where each stage has different conditions. All the points on non-boss stages come purely from objectives, which will sometimes ask you to do stuff like make your combat echelon have 3 RFs. On the other hand, the mode system provides different "rules" for each stage. In practice the only mode that makes a difference is "Electronic Warfare" mode, which applies to all boss stages and some others, in which damage doesn't carry over between battles so you don't have to worry about scratch damage.

CE is also measured separately from Fairy bonuses, where every 5* Fairy you bring just gives a stackable 20% bonus to your score (maximum 4) and the specific fairy makes no difference. This means you can just choose your most useful fairies that have the highest rarity.

That should cover all the major changes.
>CE only matters on boss stages
That's the one I was trying to remember, it means I can basically ignore Theatre except when there are boss stages. Thanks anon.
Question: if I have dolls with higher CE than the advantage dolls, which should I use?
You ignore the advantaged dolls in that case.

Since the advantaged dolls for Intermediate are currently mismatched with the expected type weights for Intermediate 4 (the advantaged dolls are ARSMG, which have an expected multiplier of 3, while RFs have a expected multiplier of 9 based on CN), it's currently looking possible that for Intermediate boss stages we shouldn't use any advantaged dolls at all.

Also, currently advantaged dolls are only known for the first boss in Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced respectively. Since the lists are very different from CN and slightly different from EN 8, we'll only know what they are for later stages when they arrive.
Does anyone know if the old beta of girls frontline 2 had an explicit male self insert or not?
Why is Adv3 empty on the spreadsheet?
File: Capture.png (125 KB, 1018x709)
125 KB
125 KB PNG
It's showing up for me, maybe try refreshing?
Mine doesn't show that all. It just has a screenshot of some dolls in Theatre setup, but no list. 933 Adv 3 tab right?
Oh, you're looking at the other spreadsheet. I guess they threw out some of the data due to the changes from CN so that screenshot is a placeholder.

After investigating yesterday I found out that GFAlarm has reliable data for EN by data mining the game files, so all the CE recommendations in my spreadsheet are now up to date. You could also install GFAlarm and directly use the CE stack recommendations they calculate for you.
>spend the time getting all the best CE dolls
>forgot to put equips on my dolls
Fuck these easy levels and the fact I can't reset the level once I've beaten the boss
FWIW, you can still press retreat on the final page after beating the boss. But one day's worth of results probably won't be a big deal in the long run.
>no RFs allowed in intermediate
>every good CE doll is a RF
Okay I think the spreadsheet is bullshit. I loaded the best CE dolls from it, except with the 5 best CE non-rifles because of the quest, and this was my score.
File: neet_feet.png (3.31 MB, 2552x960)
3.31 MB
3.31 MB PNG
Meanwhile, this /gfg/ anon got significantly more and he has SMG and AR that are miles down the spreadsheet. Not to mention he did Int + Adv which is against the community recommendations. I also found that the spreadsheet recommended generic ammo for MG4 but I had better CE with her SPEQ.
Oh scratch the thing about Adv, I misread.
The CN-based spreadsheet is wrong, yes. Apparently EN changed the CE stacking weights for to be mostly based on theatre 8 due to the CN theatre featuring enemies from future content.

As I mentioned above, GFAlarm or my spreadsheet have the proper CE weights.
Could you please relink your spreadsheet?
It's the first one in >>3895306
Where is the CE stack list in it? The Theatre specific tabs just have betting, and the CE stack tab has only one stage.
The CE Stack tab has all stages; you need to scroll down to see the others.

You can apply a temporary Filter View via Data -> Filter Views to make viewing different stages easier.
Huh, the Docs app wasn't loading past ele 4, I loaded it on browser and it's fine though thanks.
File: MuMu20230224104734.png (833 KB, 960x540)
833 KB
833 KB PNG
>Double Intermediate8 day (for 24k + CE)
>Wave 6 is armored deathstack
>Only HGs, SMGs, or SGs for CE stack
Surprisingly doable with Contender, CMS and SR2 equipping AP ammo
Sure is frustrating when 5-star 10-skill dolls take so long to prepare and all the stages are a hard stat check.
Don't mind me, just sad my units stop doing damage halfway though a layer.
Is this about chapter 6 dark/endless, the valentine challenge stages, etc? I have found the highest tier content to be challenging even with level 70 5-star meta units.

Some of the difficulty comes down to mastering in-battle micro, but some of it is also just team composition. For me the issue is typically stacking DPS too hard and getting melted by piercing enemies/backline targeters.

For damage issues, you typically want your DPS units to be compatible (same class, same offensive stat) so you can stack functions/protocols. E.g. the ones that give +50% Hashrate for -50% Attack, or +30% damage for -10% HP at the start of battle. The game certainly has some content that is just hard stat checks but you can get quite far with appropriate strategies.

My f2p account (which, to be fair, does have multiple level 70 5-star meta units by now) has been able to clear all new content as soon as it comes out for a while now with the only uncleared stuff left being Black Hole 140+.
What average power per doll does it take to clear chapter 6? The recommended team power are lies. I would love to experiment with different comps and play with my favorites but 3-4k is locked behind skill pivots and fragments, it's crazy.
Chapter 6 can definitely be challenging to clear the first time. Part of the issue is the limited functions available. There's only one set per class -- for Warriors, it's Hashrate focused, which is pretty much a dead end, while for Snipers, it's Crit focused, which means many of the top-end Snipers (e.g. Kuro) can't scale like they usually do.

Basically, in terms of team composition, you're forced to lean into Crit damage. Aside from the Sniper function set, there are 2 "Other" function sets (which effect multiple classes/your whole team) that also buff crits, so the difference is pretty night-and-day.

Daiyan is one answer to this, since she lets units who can't typically crit do so. That means for example, Daiyan + Kuro should be a viable DPS pair (but you need to set Kuro's algorithms to take advantage of this, by using algorithm sets that buff crit rate/crit damage and choosing crit-related main/sub stats).

Alternatively, Lam, Changzi or possibly Earhart are strong DPS units who can inherently crit. Lam and Earhart also benefit tremendously from proper algorithm tuning.

I think, combined with liberal use of friend support, it is possible to squeeze through chapter 6 with 4-star dolls if everything else is well optimized. Having your main DPS at 4.5-star is definitely preferable though.

It takes ~1 month to take a single unit from 3-star to 4.5 (without using alternative fragment sources besides the daily farm), even giving it maximum priority. PNC's timegating is indeed pretty bad, with part of the reason being that selling fragment packs to whales is one of the main ways the game makes money. Being f2p does mean you need to do a decent amount of planning to get strong dolls up and running as soon as possible, but once you have some units up with proper synergies (there are three archetypes you need to cover -- Hashrate Sniper, Attack/Crit Sniper, and Attack/Crit Warrior), they will carry you through the game.
important content
Why is the first wave so fucking brutal?
And then everything after the third wave is a freebie.
Should we sink keys to all 8 daily 2x algorithm drops? Unless I'm reading this wrong.

Missed some event posters, do they rerun events so people can get dupe event furniture?
Paradeus dogs have a gimmick whereby they reduce 90% of the damage taken by units behind. It also has a general damage reduction buff for allies within 2 units of itself. Both of these buffs also apply to each other, meaning when you have multiple dogs they buff each other.

Since the first fight has 3 dogs, you need to control their positioning so that the dog your ARs are shooting at is always at the front. This means you either need to have a second tank in the top row or else you need to temporarily move your tank from the middle row to the top at the start of the fight.

The fight isn't too bad if you just go with two tanks.

All the 2x algorithm drops are worth it, yeah. Incidentally the Redemption Code from discord is X2DROP; it was just 60 keys though, which is barely anything.

The new algorithms don't really reduce the importance of old algorithm days in any way, since all the previous algorithms are still there. They just make previously bad days better (Tuesday and Wednesday are high-priority now, along with Thursday and Friday). Weekend farming is also very good value now. Basically, only Monday is still somewhat bad/low priority (but 2x days are definitely worth it).

About event reruns, they don't seem to have done any on CN. The CN server is only 14 months older than global though (they haven't even hit their 2nd anniversary yet); since they use e.g. the Forward Basecamp to provide past cosmetics etc. in GFL, it doesn't seem impossible that they'll make a similar system for PNC.
File: buLSOWb.png (1.63 MB, 1600x720)
1.63 MB
1.63 MB PNG
So we apparently got chapter 8 before chapter 7. Appreciate that they had this line but jumping around hurts the plot development. The implication seems to be that Eos is (a somehow genderbent) Eosphorus so the ship doesn't work very well even as a joke.

About Nascita -- she's the highest single-target DPS Warrior until Linde, who's the second limited unit after Clukay who just came out in CN this month (1.5 yr anniversary or something?). In that sense Nascita-Linde are in a somewhat similar situation to Kuro-Clukay.
Although Nascita has strong DPS she has less survivability than other Warriors.

About the event: the story stages (Theatre Program) are locked behind progression levels (Crowd's Fervor) that have a separate stamina (Festival Ticket) and farming (Main Event) systems. As far as I can tell, although Crowds Fervor levels can go up to 70, the last actually useful award comes from lvl 50 (meanwhile the story finishes at lvl 22).

Some hints:
- The quest system, "Limited Time Event", allows you to reroll quests indefinitely for free. So if you want to speed up progression feel free to reroll the quests for easy ones.
- There's a skill tree section (Survival Strategies) which makes farming Main Event easier. It uses two types of currency: 'Tactical' and 'Core' Technology Points (TTP and CTP). Any Keys you spend during the event gives you Festival Tickets and TTP.
- Festival Tickets are used to farm Main Event. Main Event drops Crowd's Fervor Exp, TTP and CTP. The big thing here is that TTP and CTP drops are FREE. So the only thing that costs stamina is the entry fee (10 Festival Tickets) and Crowd's Fervor.
- The cost of Crowd's Fervor Exp in Festival Tickets is 1:1. Each Crowd's Fervor lvl is 500 Exp.
- The story gives 2800 Exp. Quests give 1200 Exp/3 days (12000 total). So the main story (11000 Exp) should be completable in ~1 week with daily play. Meanwhile, lvl 50 (25000 Exp) should be doable in ~3 weeks, with no need to spend extra keys.
File: 64831283_p0.png (677 KB, 1000x1000)
677 KB
677 KB PNG
I have to use up keycards before the pass reset. Should I wait for a better day or do I want to farm MLR Matrix + Resolve in Collection Area 2 or MLR Matrix only from Collection Area 1 (assuming MLR Matrix is important since its mostly on Support Dolls)? Can't see if drop rates are better or get in the way.
Might not reach you on time but doing Area 2 is fine. Resolve is the best defense set for Guards with Taunt and/or HP shields (e.g. Croque) and still new so you probably don't have much of it. Meanwhile, MLR competes with the new Tuesday set Limit Value, which actually outperforms MLR for many types of dolls or game modes.

(MLR and Limit Value are for DPS dolls btw. The support doll sets are Delta V and Exploit, which are both Thursday.)

About MLR and Limit Value -- MLR has higher potential but requires your DPS dolls to kill things for it to activate. Also, it scales off enemy Attack/Hashrate so it's only useful when there are enemies with high stats. This means that MLR is better in exploration modes where enemies are stronger because players have access to functions/protocols; meanwhile, Limit Value is better for dolls who have a harder time getting kills (like AOE dolls who spread out their damage) or functionless content like Enigma Black Hole.

Since exploration modes with functions we currently have aren't super difficult right now, there isn't a huge need to prioritize MLR value right now. Although there will be a new mode with functions in the future where MLR sets will definitely be worth it.

About Limit Value, I previously mentioned that Tuesdays are worth farming now, but really only Limit Value is worth it on Tuesdays -- the old sets are still low priority. This means that Tuesday is actually the perfect day to use the 15 weekly guaranteed drops for the new Area 2 algorithms, since it ensures you'll always get at least one Limit Value piece. 15 runs = 450 keys which still means a lot of farming on Tuesdays, but it's better not to keep going after using up the weekly guaranteed drop chances.
Thanks esteemed Oneesama. Didn't know what sets were actually desirable on the good farming days.
New shotgun batch with rateup and anchored construction up today. Also, Moth/White Day Hunter was also released.

Regarding the SGs, SPAS-15 (5*) can grant a ridiculous 100 Armor buff to all SGs with some teambuilding restrictions (3MG2SG, or 2MG2SG if used with SPAS-12).

UTS-15 (4*) provides a 10 armor buff to ally SGs (passive) as well as 15% damage reduction (active).

The last SG, MK3A1 (5*), has some pretty niche gimmicks with limited synergy. For example, she can do a bit of evasion tanking if she takes Birdshot ammo, or do 5s of piercing linksplash DPS for battles that last at least 12s (which might not mean much with SGs' low damage stats unless you give her Slug ammo). The most consistent thing about her is that her tiles can easily give MGs 100% crit rate.

In summary, SPAS-15 and UTS-15 are highly recommended. UTS-15 might be preferable for anchored construction because 5*s can be guaranteed with True Core Masks. When doing non-anchored construction, splurging on tier 2 or 3 with extra contracts/cores might be worth it due to the resource cost being so limiting (even with capped 300k resources, you can only do ~40 heavy constructions during the rateup).

About Moth Hunter, she specializes in assassinating elite enemies but has some teambuilding limitations. Basically, she debuffs damage from all single-link units (including allies like Manticores or Goliath Factories) by 30% unless the team includes a Corpse Bride mob (which cancels the ally debuff). That makes her pretty expensive to raise, but a decent counter to some of the new Paradeus/KCCP units (not the new Sniper Nytos though, unfortunately).
The one weekend I was forced to leave the house and I miss an SG rate up.
FUCK everything.
It wasn't on the weekend.
Will they ever rerun Night Rapist's SPEQ ranking map so I can finally unHOXY my account?
Waiting on the same. Apparently the first three rankings are so old that they need to complete remake them due to client compatibility issues (I presume) and not having the devs who made them anymore.

Still, 2 weeks is pretty short to make a serious ranking attempt so I'll gladly take it easy during the current ranking rerun. There are prototype fairies etc. in the cumulative rewards so farming it will still be worth it, though.
File: MuMu20230412084937.png (704 KB, 960x540)
704 KB
704 KB PNG
Some oneeloli vibes with the new medic
Shame I don't have either of them.
Helix rundown doko?
Helix is considered basically the best Medic in the game before Arma Inscriptas (MODs). However, she's easiier to use with Warriors than Snipers so she doesn't replace Nanaka.

Helix's unique advantages:
- (lots of) free healing after every battle
- auto-healing for dolls with low HP, once per doll per battle (not a revive however)
- Ult allows a teammate's Ult to be used twice without cooldown
(Nanaka's advantages are her Ult and somewhat better function compatibility.)

About teammate ATK/Hashrate buffs, compared to Nanaka:
- Helix buffs for 25% (vs Nanaka's 20%) but has 7 second uptime. If she's given ~50% skill haste via algorithms her skill cooldown is ~8.5 seconds, which means her buff is just about even with Nanaka's for long battles even without 100% uptime.
- Helix's AOE gradually grows depending on how many units it heals. It is always smaller than Nanaka's AOE for the first two heals but becomes much larger afterwards. Helix's AOE centers on units that are taking damage (thus her preference for Warriors/frontline units) but will typically cover the whole team by/after the 4th heal.
- As noted above, Helix's cooldown is ~8.5s with proper algorithms. This means that if Helix needs to heal 4x for her AOE to cover the whole team, it can take up to 30+ seconds before the backline gets consistent healing or ATK/Hashrate buffs. Nanaka's AOE buff is consistent and always available which is why she's often still prefered for Sniper teams.

About future Arma Inscriptas: the top tier medics in CN are currently Imhotep MOD and Florence MOD. Imhotep is a "DPS medic" while Florence provides damage reduction. Since Helix and Nanaka's biggest strength is adding DPS by buffing teammates, their main competition is Imhotep. MODs might start appearing in ~4-6 months based on the CN schedule.

IMO Helix is second highest priority among upcoming dolls in the near future, behind Nora (a debuff + DPS Specialist).
So it seems that global will be getting Arma Inscripta early with the first batch dropping later today. Imhotep (mentioned previously) was in the second CN batch so it seems her AI could arrive in as little as two months.

Fully modding a doll to Arma Inscripta III costs 250 fragments so unlike GFL it doesn't seem feasible to MOD3 all released dolls (for non-whale accounts, anyway). Luckily, 5* rarity is not a requirement to start AI (only 4* is needed).

For the first AI batch (Evelyn, Delacey, Fern) only Delacey is considered decently high-return. Her AI1 expands her tether to a second unit while her AI3 increases her ATK/Hashrate buff from 40% to 70%. A 70% DPS boost is pretty huge for already OP units like Clukay but doesn't get around the issue that Delacey is really hard to use as a solo medic, so her value is highly dependent on such OP carry units to justify her spot on the team.

The expected second AI batch (Centeraussi, Imhotep, Souchun) are all excellent and considered Tier 0 or 0.5 units. Souchun (and Fern) have alternative fragment sources (Exception Protocol), but the others don't. Based on that, it might be good to start stocking Imhotep or to a lesser degree Centauressi fragments soon (Centauressi only becomes high tier after the introduction of a future defense-break mechanic called "poise" which makes crowd control effects like Stun valuable, so she's more of a long-term investment).
176 searches and no Helix. Should've just shilled out the couple bucks and get the guaranteed exchange
Reminder to claim the 70 free Svarog tickets (10 daily) for the GFL 5th anniversary. If you clear out up to 30 one star SF units during the open period you can guarantee a petal/dupe of a random ringleader.

New doll in PNC is Magnhilda, who has some pretty solid subtext with Vee. Meta-wise, Magnhilda is a Warrior tank with unlimited auto-revive based on stacks from her skill. Since Magnhilda allows you to use 3 Warriors instead of 2 Warriors + Guard, she lets Warrior teams get a lot more mileage from Warrior functions, trading some durability for a lot of DPS.

In terms of future relevance, Magnhilda overlaps a fair bit with Lind, the second Limited doll (after Clukay) who's expected to come around the 1.5 anniversary (1 year away). Lind has tanking capabilities equal or better than Magnhilda but also does a ton of crowd-control (desirable for removing blue bar shields in a new defense-break mechanic; the second last boss in the recent Pseudosphere Operations mini-mode had a preview of it).

I wasn't personally planning to roll for Magnhilda because my quartz sand stocks have barely recovered after rolling for Helix. However, we've just received confirmation that Chapter 7 (featuring Sueyoi, a male doll) is going to be the next event. This means there might be a bit of leeway before Nora arrives. Still not sure though.
That's really unfortunate; I'd also mention stuff like Enigma Black Hole, dorm comfort levels, breakthrough bonuses for raising dolls, achievements etc. as places to scrounge up a few extra search commands/Quartz Sand. There's also the Points Redemption Center in the shop under Permanent Supplies, but that place only refunds you one advanced search command for every 200 you spend.

For spending options, the monthly pass or battle pass could've been quite cost effective. The monthly pass is just $5 and has the best value (aside from the one-off Cognitive Improvement Fund) in the store but would need a few days to convert to actual search commands.
yeah I tried most of those methods to scrap together those last few remaining tickets but to no avail. The fact that 200 signals equals one single advanced ticket has to be one of the worst conversion rates I've ever seen.
Bought the first two passes and honestly with the fun I'm having it wouldn't be a problem to keep purchasing, however the conversion rate to eurobucks kinda sucks. The monthly pass is 1,50€ more while the battle pass is 2,00€ increased in price when compared to burger currency. Guess I'll save up tickets a bit for now!
So, Zombie Land Saga collab is out. In terms of full-clearing, the collab uses a system with 5 stats that you raise over 7 in-game days in order to reach up to 10 possible endings.

Each minigame rewards either +25 or +10 of a stat (depending on success/failure), and you can run minigames twice per day except the last day (so 13 runs total). After clearing the game once, you're able to go back and play the minigames infinitely, but stats can only be raised, not lowered. If you want to lower stats, you need to do a full "Reset" which means going through the story again.

In order to get all the endings in the most efficient way, at least 3 resets are required. Here are my recommended routes (can be done in any order):

Bathhouse route: (Inspiration 100, 0 others)
> Bathhouse x13

Fastfood Restaurant route: (Vigor 100, 0 others)
> Fastfood x 13

Convenience Store route (Savings 100, 0 others)
> Convenience Store x 13

The above 3 routes also get the (Intonation < 50, Rhythm < 50) ending. Note that you don't need to actually beat minigames in these routes because even if you immediately quit out of them you still get +10 stats for failure.

The remaining 6 endings can all be obtained in one go as long as you follow the correct order.

First, complete the story once with the following stats:
> 100 Rhythm, 75 Intonation, 25 everything else

That means the following minigame distribution in any order:
>Bathhouse/Fastfood/Convenience x1, Karaoke x3, Dance Studio x7

This gets the "A Night of Laughter and Tears" ending.

Next, beating the minigames sets below in exact order should each unlock a new ending (use the bottom left bar to navigate).
> Fastfood x1
> Convenience x1
> Bathhouse x1
> Karaoke x1
> Bathhouse x2

Individual character routes can be freely farmed after clearing the story.

Bathhouse and Fastfood Restaurant are the daily farming maps.

There are also cumulative point rewards similar to ranking
Thank you for the info.
Is there any in-game benefit to getting more than one ending?
Based on the endings I've unlocked thus far, the clear rewards are just 100 of each resource. I've only done the 6 endings associated with 1 route/reset though so I'll report if the other endings have anything different.

Some clarification about the individual character stories: these reward furniture, Skill Data etc. and are unlocked by raising all of your event stats to MAX (100).

Each character has 3 stories as shown on the right hand side of the collab screen. The third story is gated by the first 2 stories. So once you've unlocked the first 2 stories for a character, go ahead and read them to unlock the 3rd.
Thank you! Not sure how I am supposed to farm coins every day though. Does a dedicated farming stage appear after finishing one ending or will I have to skip forward every time after completing a story stage?
The Bathhouse and Fastfood stages are combat stages that get farming routes added after clearing them the first time (see the youtube links in the previous post). After you complete the story once, it becomes possible to go back and repeat any stage without any story progression involved.
File: 72114278_p0.jpg (1.12 MB, 1608x1400)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB JPG
File: 72114278_p1.jpg (462 KB, 937x1200)
462 KB
462 KB JPG
File: EGvq_-SU0AAjh94.jpg (199 KB, 1000x1414)
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>that new PNC wallpaper
sooo we're getting (totally not) 416 really early then?
Yeah, Clukay is confirmed for half-anniversary. Might make Nora harder to roll for if she comes right after but welp, Clukay's not really negotiable.

Incidentally, this week (while Magnhilda's event is still up) is a good week to spend keys, because you get to double-dip with the Chapter 7 event shop currency. Magnhilda's third event shop already has better prices than Resource Collection so feel free to do extra farming runs for Combat EXP/Skill Samples.

Alternatively, you could spend keys on algo farming instead, in which case it wouldn't matter if Magh's event ends. Note that it has been confirmed from data collection a while back that 3-pc algorithm rates are WORSE for beta algos than alpha algos. This means that Collection Area 2 has pretty bad efficiency and is somewhat only worth it on weekends or if you use the guaranteed pity drops. If you're in a position where you need the alpha algorithms more than the beta ones (e.g. Wednesdays/Thursdays/maybe Fridays) then Collection Area 1 is better.
So, with the new BattlePass cap you now can get a Pass Overflow Data Pack for every 500 Activity you gain beyond the standard rewards for the first 50 levels/5000 Activity.

The Pass Overflow Data Pack can drop 50 Quartz Sand, 1 Reconfiguration Generator, 1 Skill Pivot etc. However it can also just drop 50 EXP or 5000 DGC.

With the Weekly Activity Cap raised to 2250, you can theoretically get 9000 total Activity for 8 Overflow Packs. However, in order to actually reach 2250 weekly Activity, you have to literally complete almost all the Daily and Weekly Quests with only 50 Activity to spare. Since this means you're forced to Purchase Keys, it's guaranteed to be Quartz Sand negative.

Here are some numbers:
Daily Activity:
- Base: 100
- Endless Exploration: 20
- Exception Protocol: 20
- Purchase Keys: 10
Weekly Activity:
- Base: 750
- Exception Protocol x2: 300
- Spend 3000 Keys: 150 (natural regen + quests gives 2716 Keys/week, need 300 from other sources)
- 20 Support Battles: 50

- 2250 (8 packs): Purchase Keys daily 2/7, Everything else
- 2125 (7 packs): Endless Exploration 7/7, Exception Protocol daily 2/7, All Weeklies
- 2000 (6 packs): Endless Exploration 3/7, Exception Protocol daily 2/7, can skip 20 Support Battle weekly.
- 1875 (5 packs): Base + Exception Protocol weekly, Exception Protocol daily 2/7, Endless Exploration 5/7 OR 300 Keys weekly
What's the word on the ZLS girls, wise skk?
They mostly only work in full ZLS echelons, but aren't strong enough to outperform proper meta echelons, which makes them basically only usable as a gimmick.

Two of them have skills which also damage themselves, but are on the high end for DPS, so some form of HP shielding is basically mandatory. This means Shield Fairy or the Fried Chicken fairy are the best Fairy options, with Fried Chicken actually possibly winning because Shield Fairy buffs only last 20s. Fried Chicken is pretty much universally bad for other echelons.

Since there are 7 members but only 5 echelon slots, 2 of the members can't be deployed. IMO Sakura and Saki have a bit of anti-synergy so they probably shouldn't be used together. Tae seems to be the best candidate for the other drop. In terms of echelon leader, Yugiri has the best stats by far so I think she should always be chosen.

Note that the newest client on CN has released a new feature where dolls automatically repair a bit of HP at the end of each turn (based on a new stat for each doll). This makes the scratch damage issues from the units that self-damage a bit less of an issue, but HP shielding is still needed.
hi, i have 569 cores but i have no idea how to spend it?
my most strong echelon is:
ST AR-15(x5)
strenght: 22776

so.. I have no idea how to spend my cores...
You need to have more than 1 echelon for later chapters, so start building a second ARSMG and a RFHG.

You have enough resources to start raising some 5-star units now. Try to do AR construction in order to get really good units like AK-15, 416, G11, AN-94, etc.

Advance the story as far as you can so that you can unlock the Neural Upgrade option. After neural upgrade, M4A1 becomes pretty much the strongest unit in the game, which costs both cores and a resource called Memory Fragments.
So, Clukay's event and banner are dropping tomorrow afternoon/evening (when the Daiyan and Chanzi search banners close). Clukay's event gives currency for spending keys, so if you usually do algorithm farming with the Area-2 pity on Tuesdays it might be good to hold off until the event unlocks.

Clukay's banner will apparently be introducing a different optional search mode, where instead of Neural Kits, you get actual Neural Fragments for dupe dolls. In general, the Neural Fragment search mode provides much better resource efficiency than the traditional mode, assuming you are interested in gradually raising all your 1/2-star units over time.

The following twitter post provides a detailed breakdown:
I've got over 200 search tickets stocked up so I'm ready.
And they're really sticking to Clucky Duck as her name?
Help me, anons.

My 5 stars ARSMG t-dolls:
Gr G36c

Which ones I use to build a strong echelon
416, Suomi, and G36c are good and become very good with Neural Upgrade (however Neural Upgrade is very expensive for them because they are 5 stars. I recommend doing M4A1 -> 416 -> Suomi).

For Suomi and G36c, they are strong against powerful enemies but not that useful for normal battles. Until you get their neural upgrades, usually you should use UMP45 or RO635 (free SMG) for normal battles instead.

AmRFB is quite strong in many situations because she has aiming like an RF (shoot the dangerous backline enemies first). However, her damage numbers are not as high as the very best ARs so she will usually be replaced eventually.

You can start with those 4 but I recommend to continue doing AR construction until you also get G11 and AR-15. Especially for AR-15, because her construction rate is very low, you can choose to use the New Recruit Entry Welfare feature to guarantee that you get her in 30 tries.
RF echelons really dominate later chapters and events, only AR doll that can compete are G11 mod3, AK-15 mod3, and M4A1 mod3 in cannon mode (a bit situational), so I'd recommend getting some RFs up to par early. There are enough decent performers even among 3-4* RFs, like M14 (even better with mod), 4-shiki, K31, FN49 mod, SVD, etc. Most ridiculous RFs actually start as 3* (Hanyang 88) and 4* (KSVK).
And then there's GrapeCano that will just delete shit for you.
Make ARSMG great again.
anyone else unable to do Fragment Search for Clukay?
You have to get her frags from either dupes in the gacha or buy them in the shop.
It's recommended to go all the way to hard pity on Fragment Search mode for Clukay because every dupe you get gives 50 + 40 fragments. Also, the 3-star soft pity limit (60 tries) has 50% of dropping Clukay so you're guaranteed at least three 50% rolls at Clukay before you reach hard pity. (If you get one of the other 3-stars, you get 50 fragments for them instead.)

Getting two Clukay dupes in fragment search mode is already enough to basically max her (you need 25 more fragments, which is just the lowest tier in the shop for 125 kits). With only one dupe, you need 115 extra fragments which is 1625 kits which is ~65 pulls on the normal gacha. Since the 60 soft pity for limited units like Clukay doesn't carry over to the next banner, it can actually be pretty worth it to push to soft pity again even past hard pity if you haven't gotten 2 dupes yet.

For example, on my f2p account, I only got one Clukay dupe (rolled Banxi and Centauressi on two of my 50% chances instead), and reached hard pity with 21/60 on soft pity. I pushed the remaining 39 rolls and succeeded in getting a second Clukay dupe, but 39 is about the limit for whether taking the chance is worth it since it's possible to still fail and get a different 3-star.
Clukay/Kuro combo will last quite a while now, right? Still can't beat vulnerability check 5 though...
Clukay/Kuro is a decent compromise for general content if you just want to stick to a single team. Daiyan/Kuro is still better for single-target/bossing, while over-buffing Clukay as a sole DPS is more effective for non-boss battles.

About vulnerability check 5, I think having a proper algorithm setup is basically mandatory for clearing it with one team. You'll also want to breakthrough your DPS units and have all of them at Level 65+ and ideally 5*.

Warrior-based clears are actually easier as long as you have at least 3 ~5* Warriors and Helix (can be borrowed or below 5*). Nascita is mandatory, Hatsuchiri/Betty/Vee are good, Chelsea/Magnhilda should work. You'll want to bias all their algorithms into Crit Damage as much as possible (especially Nascita) and then take the function sets Deadly Blow, Desperate Raze, and Coordinated Crit (for 4 Warriors) or Mental Cage (for 3 Warriors + Specialist). Use your ult gauge on Nascita and Helix, with Helix's ult letting Nascita ult again without cooldown. (Remember that Nascita's ult should be used when her passive's at 4 stacks.)

For Sniper based clears, as mentioned Clukay prefers buffers over other DPS. Delacey Arma III, Nanaka/Helix, Angela, and Rise/Dushevnaya would probably be the best team (borrow Delacey if needed). Only Clukay needs to be 5* if the others have maxed skills. For functions take Structural Embrittlement, Coordinated Crits, and Deadly Blow.

I haven't done Clukay runs so I don't know the ult timings, but you'd either want Helix to let Clukay repeatedly ult, or to combine Angela and Clukay's ults for amplified damage. Batteries can go to Angela or Clukay directly since her cooldown is so long.

The traditional Sniper comp is Kuro, Daiyan, Hubble/Lam, Nanaka, Angela/Rise. Same functions sets as with Clukay. Lam/Hubble ults are for clearing spawns, Kuro ult for damage immediately after the invincibility shield from Demi-urge's spawns go down, two times in total.

Here's a CN vid that uses Clukay/Hubble/Helix/Dushevnaya/Rise. Dush/Rise can be ~3.5* since they just need enough HP to stay alive (aside from skills), and Hubble or Helix can be borrowed so the requirements are very low.

This build takes Structural Embrittlement, Coordinated Crit, and then Malignant Interference because the combination of 5 different debuff types gives a 50% decrease in Operand DEF.
New doll batch is out along with the event. Anchored construction is available today and tomorrow, while the rate up for the new dolls will be on the weekend.

In terms of ratings:
- SCAR sisters (AR and RF) are both highly recommended
- Colt Walker (HG): ridiculously good buff tiles that are the highest in the game. Her skill has no downsides for MGs and can benefit SGs.
- Erma (SMG): gimmicky with no real use

It's recommended to use anchored construction on SCAR-H (the RF) and then build SCAR-L and Colt Walker on the weekend.
Wait, is there a rate-up on the weekend? I thought the anchor replaced that.
File: Spoiler Image (807 KB, 1040x480)
807 KB
807 KB PNG
Story for the new PNC minigame event is kinda sorta Nanaka x Kuro oneeloli. Good to see them still getting focus although the writing keeps going really hard on the self-insert "everyone loves the professor" fanservice.

Meanwhile the GFL event's story seems to set up a few interesting ships but only SCAR-L x SCR really survives. In particular SCAR-L and SCAR-H have an antagonistic relationship and end up separated which is a bit weird/disappointing considering their extremely high in-game synergy.

The anchor only works for one doll, so yeah they still need a rate up. For some reason they de-synced the anchor with the rate up this time. Still, not really a big deal for established accounts I guess since basic resources tend to be overflowing nowadays after the switch to the new fairy crafting system.
I managed to burn 300k down to 0 and only rolled the RF plus anchor. Now I only have a few days to get enough to roll again. My fault for not looking but I thought the anchor meant rate-up too.
I went for the HG because she looked so fucking cool, did I mess up
HGs are extremely cheap to produce (up to 130 of each resource per roll, vs 400 for AR/RF/SMG), which basically means that you can do ~3 HG constructions for every AR/RF/SMG construction you do. That is why it's usually better to use the guaranteed anchor on a more expensive doll and pick up HGs by spamming rolls on rate up.

As long as you still have enough resources to spam for the other dolls during the rate up though, it doesn't really matter who you anchor. Particularly in this case because there aren't any super expensive recipes/dolls (MG or SG). You can even just roll for the dolls after the rate-up if you run out of resources.

Something to keep in mind for this particular rate-up is that the AR can drop from RF recipes, and the HG can drop from AR recipes. So start with rolling for the doll that gives you more coverage.
Is it safe to read this event story? I heard it was out of order.
EN has already had Fixed Point unlike JP so I don't think it should be an issue. In terms of comprehensibility, I didn't personally perceive any issue. In terms of spoilers for Longeitudinal Strain, I'm guessing there shouldn't be many if at all but only someone who's read it could say for sure.
This story was really nice but I'm a little fuzzy on what actually happened.
truly the most canon GFL ship
What's the verdict on the new neural upgrade dolls?
Is Suomi finally good?
Suomi MOD is really good, basically the best SMG in the game now. There's 4 parts to it:
- HP Shields. +150 per skill use and +4 per attack.
- 35% damage reduction when her shield is up
- Debuff purge + immunity upon using Skill1 (great for Parachute + some Paradeus enemies, etc.)
- Max HP% based damage -- 10% every 4 seconds. This lets Suomi contribute ridiculous amounts of damage against bosses etc. as long as there are few enough enemies for her to focus her attacks

Suomi MOD is basically Alchemist in t-doll form or aguably better. She can be freely used in t-doll teams without worrying about buff tile compatibility.

Regarding the other upgrades:

OBS MOD is also quite good due to acquiring highest-Damage targetting. This lets her take down priority units like Murats, Quills, etc. She plays a similar role to Type56R MOD but is somewhat more reliable.

PPK MOD is cheap and good. Her effect isn't game-changing but she becomes a high-tier buffer, beating out 5-stars against swarms with many enemies

MG3 MOD is decent. She's able to function as a night MG without support, but there are several options for that nowadays (e.g. Nova or flare HGs). However, her attacks now also completely ignore HP shields which can come into play fairly often
What dolls have non-standard targeting aside from OBS and RFB?
In terms of useful targeting (e.g. not random or spread-out targeting that prevents dolls from finishing off an enemy) and referring only to normal attacks (in or out of skill):

AR-18 (Longitudinal Strain): Lowest dummy-link enemy
QBZ-191: High Threat enemies
A-545: Elite enemies
RFB: Farthest enemy

OBR MOD: Highest damage enemy
XM3 MOD: Lowest HP enemy
HS.50: Armored enemies
Type56R MOD: Lowest dummy-link enemy
General Liu: Farthest/Closest enemies (toggleable)
Pekola: Lowest HP enemy
KSVK MOD: Closest enemy

M240L (Longitudinal Strain): High Threat enemies
MG338: Highest damage enemy
RPK-203: Highest HP enemy
I fucked up, how long until the SCAR accessories return?
Not sure they've even come back on CN yet since it's been only about a year since EoS was released anywhere. There's a decent chance they'll come back eventually since CN added a new game mode which specifically rewards older unobtainable SPEQs.

In terms of usefulness, the SPEQs aren't a HUGE deal. SCAR-L only gets +4 damage. SCAR-H gets +5 damage and +20 AP compared to AP ammo, but Sniper Ammo is actually generally preferred and better since most enemies have less than ~140 Armor.
Thank you for the quick response, and sounds good
After my disappointment of finding out that snowbreak has a male mc only, what's the status on the gender of girls frontline 2's self insert?
It's the same commander as Girls Frontline, same as Neural Cloud, so gender is selectable yes. The VAs for both genders (along with some voice lines) have apparently already been datamined/confirmed since Closed Beta 2 (back in 2021; incidentally, CBT3 is starting next Thursday and the game entered pre-registration in April for CN).

The bigger concern though is Reverse Collapse: Code Name Bakery which is a non-gacha remake of Mica's first game set in the future/with a different cast which (judging from previews on Steam etc.) looks to be compulsarily het. Might be best to just give up on that one.
>decide the new HOC is a good chance to go through all my old HOCs and make sure everyone has optimal chips
>spend hours doing this
>go to enhance the new chips
>suddenly totally bankrupt
Please tell me this new event doesn't have new production dolls
I can't get the chip calculator working right on bluestacks.
New event?
Next major story event Longitudinal Strain was announced earlier this week and has a login event running now. Actual date is still TBA.

Longitudinal Strain dolls are either drop or clear rewards like previous main story events. EoS was kinda weird but it was more of a side-story; later production batches in CN didn't come with an associated story event.

AFAIK the Android version of the chip calculator isn't being maintained and broke quite a while ago with a GFL client update. There's an up-to-date PC version here (link below) where you can either import your chip data from GFAlarm or input your chips manually.
Wise skk, your sage advice is needed once again; events dolls and new MODs are upon us...

>There's an up-to-date PC version here (link below) where you can either import your chip data from GFAlarm or input your chips manually.
Amazing, thank you.
New MOD Batch:

Kar98k MOD is the new meta RF, replacing Grape for her ability to take out elite targets (recall that Grape's skillshot isn't effective against elites). Kar98k's multiplier isn't as high as Grape's and she takes some setup to get going (she needs to win 4 battles before getting max charges for her first skillshot for free), but she's basically now considered the most important RF for ranking.

Lee MOD is also excellent. She can grant allies on her buff tiles a between 34%-57% damage buff if she's the echelon leader and there are 3 allies on her tiles. That's pretty insane and better than many HG buffers. However, her tile buff positioning can be pretty restrictive and she's still pretty much just a regular RF but stronger so she isn't a game changer like Kar98k.

Type56-1 MOD is a meme which can do decent damage but requires excessive setup.

Type92 MOD is pretty bad; it doesn't fix her fundamental problems.

New Longitudinal Strain dolls:

M240L is amazing and possibly the best MG in the game. Aside from having useful targetting as mentioned here >>3999456, she provides a team-wide debuff cleanse on her first skill usage. This means she can totally negate the debuff from Parachute fairy (MG and SG only).

AR-18 is okay, also having useful targetting, but can't compete with meta MOD AR's.

M327 is an unremarkable new DPS HG.

For the 4-star units, P290 and Saiga 308 aren't meta but seem to be viable for niche usages. CMR-30 conversely doesn't seem particularly useful in any situation.
Do het dolls exist? Also nice to see MP41 back.
>this time I'll read everything for sure!!
>120 chapters
fuck...oh well, time for some eye strain
Watch it on youtube afterwards on 3x speed. No one has the time to sit through the story any other way.
>not reading it on the Cutscene Interpreter
>first combat stage is another "use your brain" scenario instead of sending out your echelons
back to Neural Cloud we go
I'm ~40 chapters in and just want to know when a good farm map comes up.
Need to get to a good daily before BG3...
The worst one is "9 ghost"
Fuck that map and fuck this event.
>lee went from dashing to cute after MOD
I don't know how to feel about this. Does Lee MOD work best in a 3 RF echelon due to her tiles?
Just mentioning that matsuda has text + video guides up in case anybody needs them.

I'm still behind on clearing the event myself even with skipping story though.

3RF is probably fine for easier scenarios but the advice apparently is to stick with 2RF and use a HG on 1 or 7 instead. The main issue with 3RF is that your backline is full of targets and you have 1 less tank so you're pretty screwed if you need to do any kiting.
File: 20230803_142149.jpg (314 KB, 1600x1600)
314 KB
314 KB JPG
I wasn't initially gonna buy more GFL figures but damn
I seem to have all dolls except the supply box one. Did they get rid of farming for new dolls? Why?
Love these two
Who actually enjoys puzzle maps? Clearly SOMEONE has to, since recently the majority of maps are retarded gimmick puzzle maps that you can't get through without using a guide or banging your head against the wall for 2 hours.
It's so fucking retarded, no one wants this garbage.
Hard agree, been wondering this for a long time now. I'd get it if they included these stages once or maximum twice, just for immersion sake. But the constant use of puzzle maps, endless cutscenes that outnumber combat stages 4:1 and unbeatable enemies with 99999999 CE just ruin the fun. They clearly wanted to go this route for a longer time now but I don't understand why they would shove this stuff into their FLAGSHIP game instead of putting it into Bakery Girl or some other of their 10 games. The old events like AW, DD or Singularity series up to PL were fucking perfect. What's the point of rolling and growing all those better and stronger dolls if I can barely use them. Not sure what the general consensus on theses decisions is though, I don't really use any other communities for the series. Maybe the chinks love it.
Also agree. It's not like the old events weren't challenging. You handled them by understanding the games mechanics. Granted, that meant realizing this game has a clear RF/HG supremacy and only using AR/SMGs to mop up weaker mobs. If they wanted to fix that, they should have designed enemies that needed ARs or MGs.

Instead, the new shit demands you to understand throwaway mechanics that are often mostly RNG anyway. I decided to retry >>4025304 and I did exactly the same thing I did last time. It made me feel insane because it actually gave me a different result. I won, but only because of RNG. That's not satisfying, that's irritating.

On top of all of that, what the fuck is the point of having hundreds of units and not being allowed to use any of them? Or sometimes only one or two echelons, IF we're lucky.
The puzzle maps so far in the event aren't particularly challenging mentally even on the hardest mode. Not sure what you mean.
IMO, having an easy diff that lets you play out the same puzzle using some blue echelons instead of needing to whip out your max level coalition echelon means new players and day one players are on equal footing in regards to reading the event, and I see that as a good thing, even though this game probably doesn't get any new players (and is probably going to close down after 2 comes out)
>aren't particularly challenging mentally even on the hardest mode.
I wouldn't know. The moment I see a gimmick map with teleports all around the field, I nope the fuck out and open a youtube guide.
I guess you could make the argument it attracts new players, but on the other hand, if I were a new player and saw 5 gimmick puzzle maps in a row I would uninstall right away. As things are, we don't get a lot of new players like you mentioned, and all the veteran players are tired of the gimmicks. Why am I farming MOD fragments every day if I can't use the newly raised dolls for 90% of the event?
File: Screenshot.png (858 KB, 1531x689)
858 KB
858 KB PNG
Gray? More like Gay.
File: Screenshot.png (908 KB, 1531x689)
908 KB
908 KB PNG
File: Screenshot.png (857 KB, 1531x689)
857 KB
857 KB PNG
It sucks that Gray is a lesbo and the hottest nyto and dead.
File: 69896901_p0.jpg (3.85 MB, 2894x4093)
3.85 MB
3.85 MB JPG
>If they wanted to fix that, they should have designed enemies that needed ARs or MGs.
To be fair, MGSG is making a bit of a comeback with armour stacking becoming increasingly meta against many new enemies.

>On top of all of that, what the fuck is the point of having hundreds of units and not being allowed to use any of them? Or sometimes only one or two echelons, IF we're lucky.
This is annoying, yeah. We have this whole panoply of Dolls, then ranking comes and it turns out you're only allowed 6 teams or so, with the rest of the missions limited to 1-2. I get that we're doing sneaky glowie shit these days instead of waging open war on Sangvis, but still. I'm a little tired of playing "dodge the deathstack" too.

>The worst one is "9 ghost"
I ended up cheesing it with Ouroboros. I don't really have the time to try and find a proper solution these days.
>that chapter 20 boss fight in NC
turns out functions DO make a difference
File: MuMu20230809214112.png (424 KB, 1040x480)
424 KB
424 KB PNG
If you turn on Challenge mode (available on any story stage with the three double downward arrow icons below or beside the mission label) most of the newer events turn into fairly difficult endgame content. Clearing Challenge Mode objectives gives you up to 3x30 Key Cards per stage, and it's possible to split the objectives up into multiple runs if clearing them all in one go is too hard.

Even WITH challenge mode on I was able to use Clukay/Puzzle/Angela to coast through most of the battles for at least one of my matrix echelons. Odile and Odette are indeed pretty ridiculous bosses though so in the final stages I needed to switch to dedicated bossing echelons.
More Neural Cloud yuri when?
Ideally with Magnhilda
Is there no insta-settle method for this ranking map?
Am I going to have to actually put effort in?
For point farming just hit restart repeatedly. You get 70k+ points each time, 48 runs for all cumulative awards.
So are the only dolls EN is missing now the M110 batch and Slow Shock? And no MODs?
There have been two production batches since Slow Shock actually, involving 7 dolls. One back in June involving QBU-191, and another just recently (this month) with Type 82.

As for MODs, CN is one batch ahead that includes DP12, 100 Shiki, K5, and M1919A4. All of them are good except for 100 Shiki MOD.
Sounds like we're pretty close to CN now if we're just one MOD batch and one event behind.
so uhm are we ever getting a new story chapter or just events
I highly doubt we'll reach the promised 22 chapters before GFL2 releases. Imagine being a new player at this point, the confusion must be through the roof
I doubt it. At this point more than half of the story is in events and there is no clear chronology if you didn't play through them as released.
I've been playing since launch and I have no fucking idea what the hell is going on any more.
What was this entire event meant to be?
I still haven't read a word of the story for Longitudinal Strain but it's supposedly meant to be a side-story/flashback that only links up with the main story after Eclipse & Saros (and/or Slow Shock???).

You've got Grey doing stuff despite dying in FP, and Griffin only showing up with Kar98k at the end, so yeah most of the story is barely related to what's come before.
It had some cool moments and I appreciate the number of CGs and the great music, but the translation feels even worse than usual.
The chronology is listed in the index.
File: 111226163_p3.jpg (2.14 MB, 800x4882)
2.14 MB
2.14 MB JPG
I just wanna play video games
>and the hottest nyto
That's Tareus. Uoooh. But yeah I really enjoyed the innuendo when Grey had Angie on the operating table, like, three events ago. RIP.
How many of /u/ play PNC?
>read lee mod story
>lee is good with kids
My wife!
File: FxyhO8oaMAA8VoP.jpg (394 KB, 2000x2000)
394 KB
394 KB JPG
>STUR not BSODing from having 2 M4s
fake news
Is there a better/faster way to farm this shitty minigame event that 4x witch's cardflip map on hard?
I'm burned out already.
Just do the farm map with some HGs
>PNC is full of male dolls
Yeah. I'm hoping they don't make that mistake again with 2.
It sucks because GFL's all female roster worked since
>PMC arms limits means G&K mostly recruits from service industry dolls
>military designs are utilitarian and genderless
>paradeus is either ELIDs or lunasia clones
SF is kinda silly but they're glorified abyssals anyway.
>I'm hoping they don't make that mistake again with 2.
Guys are just boring. Their costumes are always one of
>lol take his shirt off
and they have to be passive in the narrative too since in a gacha game they can't "threaten" any self insert relationship.
Persicaria is too into SKK for my tastes. The real one is cuter and more cat like.
File: 1628007806321.png (3.25 MB, 3097x2316)
3.25 MB
3.25 MB PNG
>catching up on magnhilda's character event and reading IMR.
Very gay.
what's the new "package exchange" in GFL? Just some items via promo codes?
Nekomimi girls and no persicaria?
Pizza yuri with Sabrina

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