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File: 1677166896600570.jpg (399 KB, 840x1200)
399 KB
399 KB JPG
Previous Thread: >>3874921

Upcoming English Releases
Shoukei Shoujo 6 - March 21st
Majo no Tabitabi 10 - March 21st
VTuber Legend 4 - March 27th
Hikikomari 4 - April 18th
MagiRevo 4 - April 18th
Watanare 1 - May 9th
Slime Taoshite - May 24th

Recent English Releases
VTuber Legend 3

Upcoming Japanese Releases (via Tsuzuri: Releases for March https://twitter.com/TsuzuriYuri/status/1630583614332100609)
魔女のふろーらいふ - March 3rd
わたしの百合も、営業だと思った? - March 3rd
処刑少女の生きる道 8巻 - March 14th
ナナがやらかす五秒前 - March 14th
魔女の旅々 20巻 - March 14th
海鳥東月の『でたらめ」』な事情 4巻 - March 25th

Recent Japanese Releases (via Tsuzuri, comments linked when available)
裏世界ピクニック 8巻 (>>3875715)
ステラ・ステップ (>>3878749)
百合小説コレクション wiz (>>3893907)
百合総合文芸誌 零合 (>>3893907)
週に一度クラスメイトを買う話 (>>3894782)
わたしが恋人になれるわけないじゃん、ムリムリ! (※ムリじゃなかった!?) 5巻 (>>3897438)
君と漕ぐ 5巻
水星の魔女 1巻
List of light novels with official translation and ongoing fan translation

Sneikkimies (AdaShima PDFs and R18 oneshots)

Omae Gotoki PDFs
Vol 1 - https://www.dropbox.com/s/gtlb99v5urdn2yv/Omae%20Gotoki%20ga%20Maou%20ni%20Kateru%20to%20Omou%20na%20Volume%2001.pdf?dl=0
Vol 1 extra - https://archive.is/CqI8E
Vol 2 - https://www.dropbox.com/s/6ljhp3dy2d85ica/Omae%20Gotoki%20ga%20Maou%20ni%20Kateru%20to%20Omou%20na%20Volume%2002.pdf?dl=0
Vol 2 extra - https://archive.is/qEIWF
Vol 3 - https://www.dropbox.com/s/yfbxtksjsph2wdc/Omae%20Gotoki%20ga%20Maou%20ni%20Kateru%20to%20Omou%20na%20Volume%2003.pdf?dl=0
Vol 3 extra - https://archive.is/Qh3l1

Completed unofficial English translations:
Clash of Hexennacht : https://www.baka-tsuki.org/project/index.php?title=Clash_of_Hexennacht
Puppetmaster : https://www.oolongmochi.ca/puppetmaster/
Other news:
Magical Revolution anime currently airing!

I Favor the Villainess/I'm in Love with the Villainess anime adaptation confirmed for 2023

Hikikomari anime adaptation confirmed for 2023

Seiyuu Radio no Uraomote/The Two Sides of Seiyuu Radio anime confirmed

VTuber Legend anime confirmed
>Eldest Martial sister wants to stop treatment
>Chinese isekai cultivation story
>Mc was a girl before and after isekai
>Yuri harem but there is a clear favorite to win
The website gives free chapters regularly and is currently up to vol 5 but if you want to read ahead of that they have volumes 1-10 on Amazon for free for Kindle unlimited users
File: 1672351934370381.png (94 KB, 300x300)
94 KB
I don't know if it will be full yuri but it looks like it will at least have a few yuri gags at least. It's being described as "ガール・ミーツ・ガール" though which might be a good sign.
After reading the KU version last year I read the rest with an MTL and I really liked it. It's repetitive as hell and a one note joke but its so long that if you reach that far you can't help but be invested. Tsundere love interest is the 'main girl'.
File: EP_vover.png (1.58 MB, 1059x1500)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB PNG
I am halfway through this one
Kinda good
It's like the only R18 yuri light novel that's ever been translated so at least it's good.
>Sneikkimies (AdaShima PDFs and R18 oneshots)
I've complained about this before but this makes it sound like the link contains R18 AdaShima content which unfortunately it does not.
File: FqeCvgaagAcLQkx.jpg (205 KB, 1358x1500)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
File: syokei_8.png (654 KB, 497x710)
654 KB
654 KB PNG
File: FqeBcvvaAAEaleo.jpg (120 KB, 641x1199)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
File: FqR6SJZaMAEolQs.jpg (132 KB, 1199x641)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
Wait, is Momo going to abandon Menou and join Ivory's side? Damn.
Menou doesn't even know the character known as Momo so I don't know what you are talking about anon
"AdaShima PDFs and Lesbian Elf and Cursed Princess oneshot"
Sneikkimies translated one chapter of Scarlet Lily Bond and then dropped it, I guess.
File: 1656834961851794.jpg (435 KB, 1548x2257)
435 KB
435 KB JPG
Has anyone read Butterfly and Empire (蝶と帝国)? It's getting a manga serialization later this month and I was curious since it's a fairly unique setting for a yuri series.

mean to reply to >>3902542
It doesn't look like there is any yuri.

This is a sure purchase but I see Chigusa Minori once again failed to draw two girls looking at each other, I hope the illustrations inside will be better.

>Shokei shoujo
I asked before but I didn't get any answer, I only watched the anime and I didn't like how the girl from the future keeps referring to the MC as tomodachi, considering she comes from the future it doesn't make me look forward to what will happen next, unless in this particular timeline something changes, so, has there been any development regarding the yuri?

I saw this some days ago posted by yurinavi but there isn't anything saying it's yuri, like the illustrations suggest and >>3901456 says it looks like it's just some standalone gags, or am I missing something?

Waiting for spoilers from the anon who's reading it, I'm not going to buy it until it'll have any real romantic development.

Btw, WataNare 5 didn't rank on Oricon, but it was released on the 24th and the ranking is until the 26th while the 10th place sold over 5000 copies. I'm waiting for some sites to report the ranking under the 10th place but I doubt it will make it, maybe next week.
Meanwhile Suisei no majo that was released on the 25th sold 11k.
File: file.png (249 KB, 550x625)
249 KB
249 KB PNG
It's written by the author of Tabitabi so it could feature everything from yuri gags to full blown lesbian marriage.
It's good, but the title is just ridiculous. Only a small niche would buy a book with that title. It seems that the author doesn't want his own book to be sold.
Also, I think it's good because seikiness did a great job. Very worth reading.
Menou use shorts, based
File: FqnXAF3aUAAcVFK.jpg (304 KB, 1200x2200)
304 KB
304 KB JPG
The real question is, is Momo going to try to get it on with 'Ivory'?
>>Shokei shoujo
Nothing overtly explicit as of volume 4 (where I’m at now), but it’s fairly good subtext.
Your tastes are fairly similar to mine from what I’ve seen of your posts, so I’d recommend it.
How else do you think she got her promotion? Momo is going to sleep her way to the top.
>author of Tabitabi
I'm going to let it sit for now and wait some opinions about it.

I don't have a problem with subtext, but subtext is about a relationship that's open to interpretation, and in this case they explicitly call it friendship, so it's not romantic. It can develop and change later and I'm willing to go back and pick it up if something happens in volumes 5-8. LN takes more effort than manga since it's 200/300 pages of wall of text of kanji, so if there is nothing yuri for too long to hold my attention I may fall asleep or end up disliking the series. It'd be different if it had an interesting story that caught my attention, but for what I saw from the anime it's not the case for Shokei shoujo. And I absolutely hated MC pushing her boobs on the guy in the first ep, I don't know if it's anime original or not.
A happy Toriko.
File: reading WataNare like.png (192 KB, 815x344)
192 KB
192 KB PNG
I have to complain once again about illustrations in LN. WataNare 5 introduced 5 new girls (or 7 if we count the two classmates) and there isn't any illustrations about them, they could have made a group illustrations with them looking like a group of villains in a shounen series like >>3902453 at least we'd know their character design.
As for the story, I will never understand how one can be fine with sharing the person she loves with someone else, so I can't enjoy it (not that I liked it before either since Renako, Mai and Satsuki are totally unlikeable characters). It feels like Teren is fighting with the author of YuriTama "Oh, you made Yotsuba go on a date with another girl while she is two-timing after she rejected her younger sisters? Well then, I'll make Renako flirting with Kaho, being attacked by Satsuki, having a thing with one of her girlfriends' female butler in the bath, implying something with her younger sister that I will develop more in the next volume, having two female classmates falling for her and adding a new girl that will try to seduce her". Like, seriously, calm down.
The only thing that could save this mess is having the 5 main girls all dating each other together. I hope this is the direction it's going rather than make everyone date Renako.

>sees a photo of two girls next to each other
>they are dating!
Does Mai's mother shitpost on /u/?

Best phrases taken out of context.
>"An older sister and a younger sister can be lovers too!"
>"Rena-chan, do you like little girls?"
>"Onee-chan, are you a siscon?"
>"Do you still have time?" "Yes, what are you going to do? Kiss me?" "No, we're ex-girlfriends!" "Doesn't that make it acceptable?"
>"I'll train you to get used to the female body"
>"This feels good... S-stop, Hanatori-san, you can't... Haa... Haa... Auuu"
I was only meme-ing about the incest route. Why is it having more than an odd chance of happening now?
File: _0045.jpg (119 KB, 485x602)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
Renako was talking on the phone with Ajisai and said she wanted to do more of the sisters play they did in volume 3 but Ajisai didn't want because sisters is less then lovers so Renako shouted that sisters can be lovers too. Haruna was on the door and heard that and misunderstood but Renako also misunderstood that Haruna heard about her play with Ajisai so she starts avoiding her at home while Haruna starts to be conscious about her sister. In the afterword Teren said Haruna will be the main girl in the next volume.
>explicitly call it friendship
>"leash and blindfold me, Menou" Akari
>one of the most interesting series around is not interesting
Dumb animeonly
>>Heroine na Imouto, Akuyaku Reijo na Watashi
It just didn’t sit right with me so I took a look at the last volume. Seems like there’s a male love interest/arranged marriage thing, and he’s still around at the end and uses the word ‘wife’, so I’ve dropped it. Please correct me if I was mistaken about any of the above.
Hopefully this will serve as a reference for anyone in the future.

Kiki's contract with novelism has ended so everyone can read senketsu oujo for free.
I hope this leads to translations starting
I agree it's dumb to call it friendship, but you should say that to dumb authors making their characters do any kind of gay shit and then say they're just super friends.
I don't even remember characters saying F word in the novels, all girls were pretty clear about their interests in that one iirc
Volume 2 announced.
That was fast, must have sold pretty well.
File: FqsAAYCakAATfl5.jpg (249 KB, 1107x720)
249 KB
249 KB JPG
Anyone read the first volume? I saw it described as "AdaShima crossed with AriOto" but not sure if that's true or just someone judging a book my its cover.
It's a fair description, it marries a premise and some situations like Arioto with a similar approach to building the relationship as Adashima. It even has the switching POVs per chapter like Adashima.
>a premise and some situations like Arioto
Like what, compensated dating or something? I don't want sluts sullying my precious AdaShima.
I am calling you dumb in this case
> It even has the switching POVs per chapter like Adashima
This is my favorite thing about Adashima, I'll need to buy and read it now.
I miss Arioto
You can also try the web version to see if you like it, but if you like AdaShima, then a slow development between two people who can't be honest with their feelings shouldn't sound too bad for you.
It was used plenty of times in the anime, are you telling me it's all anime original?

I'm reading it now, I'm at chapter 5 out of 10, for now it's nothing like AdaShima other than the POVs, they're both fucked up in the head. I guess it will make a 180 considering the positive comments about it so I'll wait to finish it before of expressing my opinion on it.
Tell me this kind of shit is not dumb.
That "best friend" is not Menou.
>literal aspect of evil trolling one of the mc
I already know you are dumb, no need to continue
>Virgin road autism of all thing here
Bruh just read it.
It's one of the best series around for a reason.
Now I am confused.

I know better than keep replying to a troll that does nothing but throw insults without contributing anything to the discussion, take your last (You).

I just asked the current state of their relationship.
>one of the best series around
For /u/ reasons?
>Now I am confused
Akari is also confused, after combusting so many memories. If you remain anime-only, you'll start to have an inkling of why by the mid point of S3, so enjoy your wait.

Also at that point of the story Akari still refers to her as Best Friend because as much as Akari wants to fuck Menou so hard, Menou isn't on board with that, and Akari isn't going to delude herself, nor is she going to stop coming on to Menou. Akari is not going to delude herself into thinking that she's already more than friends with Menou at that point.

Keep in mind that her love for Menou became deeper and deeper while she rewinds time, while Menou has her feelings for Akari reset, as one would expect.

Also she knows she has to tread carefully
(when she is in her awakened form - her sealed form doesn't know any better) because from her memories of previous iterations, she learnt that having Menou reciprocate always results in Menou losing the determination to end her life, and that it always results in Menou's death.

>For /u/ reasons?
And the great story, it has both.
Thank you for the answer.
>as much as Akari wants to fuck Menou so hard
Did she acknowledge it herself? Like, in her thoughts?
Sealed Akari is saying everything she really feels, because that's how she is.
File: FqiZJmqacAMFhN0.png (296 KB, 800x600)
296 KB
296 KB PNG
I missed your last post and couldn't warn you, but fortunately you've already realized it.
It's pure hetshit that wears the facade of yuri at first, which breaks as soon as the arranged marriage crap happens in the first volume, and despite black hair saying she'll always love her sister the most, it ends with her having a kid from the marriage.
File: Disgust.png (297 KB, 421x745)
297 KB
297 KB PNG
So I really enjoyed what I was able to read of Arioto, could I get some LN recommendations? Have some OC as compensation.
Iruma Hitoma announced on his blog that 私の初恋相手がキスしてた has been licensed overseas, but I can't find any info about it or what's the publisher. Well, anyway that's good news at least.
>Iruma Hitoma announced
You got me very excited for a second making me think it was about a new series.
I hope it will all be translated to English one day.
File: FqswI_4aIAAenPN.jpg (3.71 MB, 2413x3400)
3.71 MB
3.71 MB JPG
File: 71E+-UCz6nL.jpg (188 KB, 1056x1500)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
Considering the comments in this pic >>3893907 I expected something completely different. I don't know how can anyone consider it toutoi when it's a very abusive relationship. It's nothing like AdaShima, the characters, their personality, their actions, their emotions, the situations are a totally different thing.
They bite each other, pull each other's hair, show a deep disinterest in each other.
The setting is very forced, in AriOto Marika needed money and Aya was in love with her so their interests could meet and develop the setting of the first volume, but here one (Sendai) says she doesn't need money, yet she accepts to be treated like shit for 5000 yen a week, just because she doesn't want to be at home, the other one (Miyagi) doesn't really have a reason to keep having her around, if not for venting her frustration and feeling superior to a girl that in class is part of a higher caste than her.
They meet in a book shop when Sendai forgot her wallet and couldn't pay so Miyagi paid for her and didn't want to get paid back but Sendai didn't want to be in debt so Miyagi told her to "work" in exchange of the money. This is already weird, why not accepting to get paid back? Why telling her to work for her when she isn't interested in her?
Anyway they made a contract saying that Miyagi will call Sendai once a week and for 5000 yen Sendai had to listen to every Miyagi's order. The orders are things like making Sendai do Miyagi's homeworks and making Sendai read out het porn manga loud.
Until Miyagi told Sendai to lick her feet. This is weird again, Miyagi may do it to feel superior to a girl in a higher caste than her, but why would Sendai accept to lick her (unwashed after a school day) feet?
The author wanted them to have this kind of relationship but they couldn't come up with a realistic, natural development, I guess you can only play the suspension-of-disbelief card to accept this beginning.
File: 71AjtU4TvEL.jpg (151 KB, 1500x1176)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
However Sendai didn't simply play along but started to rebel by biting Miyagi's feet while she was licking it, making Miyagi mad. After that there is more feet licking, finger biting and kissing marks on each other's arm.
One day Sendai decided to cook dinner for Miyagi that always eats cup ramen, Miyagi told Sendai to never do it again and her mood kept getting worse until she emptied a bag of popcorn and a drink on Sendai's head. Sendai obviously got mad but then she went back to Miyagi's home again.
This is the top scene of "these two are fucked up in the head". Miyagi reacting like that because Sendai can cook and cooked dinner for her, Sendai continuing their relationship despite being treated like shit.
But at this point their relarionship started to change. There is more body touching and they keep thinking about each other like "I don't know what she's thinking" and "I want to meet her".
One day they fell asleep together, Miyagi woke up before of Sendai and, having her asleep in front of her, was naturally brought to touch her, going as far as putting her lips on Sendai's neck. But Sendai was half awake and could feel Miyagi touching her and there is a new emotional crescendo that brought Miyagi to order Sendai to close her eyes and got close to kiss her but in the end stopped and threw Sendai out of her home and stopped calling her.
It's only in the last 20 pages that they finally started to be a bit honest with themselves. Sendai forced herself in Miyagi's room again and told her to just order her to do what she wants so Miyagi ordered Sendai to kiss her.

The best part of the volume is when after the first kiss, instead of simply going for a second one, instead of Miyagi ordering Sendai to kiss her again, it's "order me to do it again" "do it again". Marvelous.
While the worst part is (other than the pop-corn scene) eating potato chips while reading manga. Absolutely barbarian.
File: 719gTtZyVwL.jpg (194 KB, 1500x1176)
194 KB
194 KB JPG
The setting is a bit forced, their relationship is not as fluffy as AdaShima nor as sexual as AriOto (but there is some body touching), the MCs' actions and reasoning are sometimes exaggerated (in a bad way) but in the second part of the volume it gets better and their relationship starts to properly develop and it becomes very good.
The volume ends at the best part so I can't wait for the second one.
sounds like a skip untl vol2
>flirting with kaho, attacked by satsuki
elaborate please
After the message at the end of the 4th volume when she asked Renako to date her too, she pressured Renako in an empty room but Renako still refused. She then when to Renako's home to apologize and insisting she is her ex-girlfriend and they kissed in the past.

There are various moments between her and Renako but there are two main ones.
In this volume they have to play a basketball match against another class and Ajisai told Renako she will kiss her if they'll win and Renako was worrying if accepting a kiss from Ajisai for something like a basketball match so she asked Kaho what she would think if she could kiss Mai if she won the match. At the beginning Kaho thought Renako was offering her to kiss Mai and asked her if she had that kind (NTR) of fetish, then she said she'd rather kiss Renako because she has more value because she is dating both Mai and Ajisai.
Then, when they went to spy the other class, Kaho suggested to use fake names so they won't be found out and chose to be called kanopi (a gyaru way to say girlfriend) and forced Renako to call herself like that too. When they were discovered they shouted stuff like "let's split, kanopi" "let's see later, kanopi" and they were heard by a girl of the other class that got convinced they are dating since they were calling each other "girlfriend".
Holy based. Renako cannot be stopped.
File: Spoiler Image (3 KB, 266x37)
3 KB
which vol is this?
11, from the new chapters
Adachi is about to channel takeshi and run at extremely high speeds through the highway screaming
snaaaaaaikeeeee thanks, will read later.
btw am I the only that thought the last chapter with shimamura was forced? Seems weird that she never thought about it later.
I think it makes sense given what we know about how apathetic shimamura naturally is. It just seems forced cause shimamura is an anime character and the trait is unrealistic
As expected, it does not look to be anything serious
Might as well as stop reading it if you can't enjoy it that far in, it is obviously not made for you
>you should stop reading yuri
I just find your habit of hate reading series and constantly whining about what you dislike weird
Man, I wonder what the hold up is at JNC for Urasekai vol 8. Is this a licensing issue again?

I couldn't wait anymore and resorted to using MTL to read the second half... it was pretty good. The ultrablue part was trippy but I have to wonder how much of it was DeepL being derpy.
I don't get that mind set either desu, really, why continue when you reach the point of disliking basically all main characters and their plots in a series. That just looks like self harm at that point.

Well it was also trippy in chink
Why the hell was this deleted?
I just want to know a date, even if it's not for a while, so that I can start re-reading all the previous volumes.
Finished わたしの百合も、営業だと思った, the latest by the author of 彼なんかより、わたしのほうがいいでしょ

Funnily enough they mention they were strictly banned from ecchi stuff and this one is indeed purely sfw
File: pasted image 2.png (632 KB, 605x867)
632 KB
632 KB PNG
Caught up with the most recent translated chapter, the angst was intense. Time to play the waiting game again.
File: FraM2dDaAAE7bX8.jpg (245 KB, 1280x720)
245 KB
245 KB JPG
Got teased with some "really awesome" Watanare announcement but in the end it was just a PV for the release of the manga Volume 5.
I assume an anime adaptation has to be coming eventually.
If they're gonna announce it probably shortly before and not after a new release. My bet is on the next volume.
Also reprints again. https://twitter.com/honyasannohito/status/1636341699176968194
Still waiting for volume 3.
I read the WN version for a little bit, the translation is shitty but it never made sense to me. There was zero reason or motivation for either MC to do the things they do other than some divine force (the writer) pushing them along.
that's Renako's voice? I get that she's a gamer, but did they have to make her sound this dweeby?
Forget that, Ajisai is voiced by the same VA of Euphie. She's also doing the voice of Sakuna in the Hikkikomari anime.
>(other than the pop-corn scene) eating potato chips while reading manga. Absolutely barbarian.

Fucking hell. Straight to the guillotine.
I'm still very happy with AdaShima, and it'll still be one of my favorites regardless, but I'll be sad if we don't get a kiss of some kind of thing more physical than a hug shown before this ends next volume. I just want to hear their thoughts while something like that is happening. Doubly so after the recent chapter translated was so good. Their love for each other is awesome to read with their internalized thoughts written out like they are.
I didn't know Detarame had a manga adaption.
>tagged as ren'ai but not as yuri
File: BkBN0rqCIAEeFnz.jpg (43 KB, 538x696)
43 KB
'Hidden Lenses, Entwined Hearts' is a newly published English language web novella about two Tokyo girls named Reina and Sora who bond over their shared passion for upskirt photography. It's a pretty WAFFy story without much real conflict.

You can read it here: https://mnasidikablooie.tiiny.site/

It's public domain, so I'd love to see it get a Librivox audiobook recording eventually.
>secret hobby
>is in the uni's photo club
thanks for the rec, even it if seems pretty mid the novelty of the whole thing is kinda fun
The secret isn't that she's a photographer, it's that she takes upskirt photos. The photography club is strangely never mentioned again, though.
Alright I just read Adachi 11, What's the deal with lesbo predator oneesan?
Read Hatsukoi aite and lurk more.
I think she's from one of his other series, 私の初恋相手がキスしてた. I wish there was more Adashima in Adashima... the recent volumes have been 50% random barely related stuff.
I had a feeling she was from there, she's too interesting to just be a one off character.
Thought I was the only one with his feeling, heck, there's barely Adachi pov. I guess Iruma is saving stuff for the final volume 12.

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